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8 Week-End Edition, September 4-5, 1920.
FRESH from seoree or the country's
largest attended and most suc
cessful revival meetings. Rev.
Burks Culpepper, of Memphis, Tenn,
comes to 1 Paso to osen a series of
revival meetings, commencing at 1015
oclock Sunday morning at the Trinity
Methodist church. Mesa avenue and
Mr Culpepper Is reputed to be one
of tte most forceful evangelists in
he Lnlted States, and his name Is
of en i alted with Billys Sunday's in
current evangelical topics.
The pastor, Rev P. R. Knicker
bocker announces that a massed
choir will furnish music and special
songs also will feature the revival.
John L Roblson. who directs all
singing at the Culpepper revivals, will
faa e charge of the singing at Trinity
"Will Attempt Cleanup.
The devil has been having his
vray In El Paso,' said Mr.
RnlclterbocTker. -The crimes com
mitted here almost every week
prove 1U We have organised our
forces and are coins: Into a fla;ht
to clean np this elty. We are not
irolns; to stop until we have the
devil licked to a fraszle and see
htm cro down for the final count.
T have been able to persuade
Itr Culpepper to come and ealst us,
although he was booked tap ter nearly
two e&rs in other leading cities In
the soutn. He is known to me per
sons1 I v ssd I know him to be one
of the strongest evangelists in the
southern Methodist church. He Is a
ver' table dynamo of spiritual and
physical energy. He never drawls nor
May Knock Over Furniture.
"Sometimes he will turn over i
niece of furniture or upset a digni
fied preacher or two; oftentimes be is
in the aisle or elsewhere about the
building in his eagerness to Dress
home some great truth that has
gripped his own heart, but these
movements of his are absolutely
spontaneous and are never invoked
for sensational effect. It would be
marvelous If some did not criticize
conventionality, selfishness, pleasure
loving society desire nothing so much
as to be let alone.
"Crickers chirp their protest
against ihe great plough-share
which breaks up the winter
packed sod In which they live,
but the plow moves on because
the .nation awaits the food which
springs only from the furrowed
"Mr Culpepper is sound in doctrine,
safe in method, and fair to his hear
ers. X regard him as t messenger of
God called to do the work of an
"Industrial Relations anfc Religious
Cooperation, will be the subject of
an address by Rev. H. VanValken
burgh Sunday night at tht. First
Methodist Episcopal church. Montana
and Lee streets, in a "Labor Day"
service. At the morning service he
will preach on "The God of Hope."
Sunday marks the close of the sec
ond year of Mr VanValkenburgh's
pastorate In El Paso Sunday school
win begin at 46 a. m. ana iupwonn
league at 7 p. m.
To Hold Special Services.
A series of services to be carried
iM" wgg
To Own a Prosperous Business
WE want salesmen capable, relia
ble men to sell Willys Light
Our offer includes an exceptional op
portunity for workers with some capital
or sound credit, to build a profitable
business in their own county. Backed
by the national reputation of Willys
products. Assisted by a highly devel
oped sales organization.
The heavy demand forearm electric
plants provides an enormous market
Willys Light, a perfected electric
light and power plant for farms, meets
this need. Its advantages outnumber
those of any similar plant. Thefactory
is in large production. Immediate deliveries-can
be made.
Seixr thit txceptional bpporfvrntj
Cell r crht ier inltmrm tadtf U
Individual Light .Plant.
315 East Missouri. I v
Or WSbZ&, W
Phone 272S.
1 J KfEGLEGT Of Religion Means Loss;
. !-L V (tTT 0 7. 77 TT7- 77 TV T TT3
Frank Smith fyiows how to de
velop and print a Kodak picture
as Well as any man in the cotm
iry. Hi is now at his new Shop,
the FreOa Specially Company,
. 'haoing sold his place in the
Scott While Drug Store in the
Mills BuildingThe new work
shop is one of the best ever de-
' signed. If you wish your work
done in the best way callon
Frank he knows how.
For the convenience of our pa
trons films may be left at the
firms listed below.
Wolf Drug Co., Five Points.
Chadwick's Drug Store, 906
N. Oregon. ,
San ' Jacinto Pharmacy. J 19
through the month of September In
connection with the other churches
in the city and in connection with-
Sunday school work will commence
Sunday at -the Highland Park Metho
dist church, nev w. s. uugpett. pas
tor The theme for Sunday morning
is "The Gospel of Work." for Septem
ber 12, "The Blessings of Home," for
September 19, "Who s on Uie Lord's
Side" for September 26 rally day,
"Loyalty "
"Out of Zoln, the Perfection of
Beauty, God hath Shlned will be the
topic of a sermon by Rev. Hubert M.
Smith at the Anbury Methodist
church, SS01 Hueco street, Sunday
morning "Eve's Apples will be the
subject of the evening sermon. The
choir will render an anthem by R. S.
Ambrose, "One Sweetly Solemn
Thought," at the morning service, and
Thompson's "Lead Me Gently Home,"
will be sung in the evening as a duet
by Mrs. A. A. Lawler and Miss Ruth
Brown. The choir will sing "The
Awakening Chorus" by C H. Gabriel
at the evening service. The Aslftry
orchestra will nlar. Sundav school
Lwill be at 9 30 a-m. The Intermediate
and Senior leagues will meet at 7
p. m A special feature of the day
will be the meeting of the Junior Mis
sionary society at 3 p. m. It will be
conducted by Mrs. M. D. Temple. Of
the 40 new members received during
the protracted services by the pastor,
which closed last Sunday, some have
been received, and the others are to
be announced Sunday, some at each
Rev. George W. Morgan, of Cle
burne, Texas, will begin a series of
evangelistic meetings Sunday at the
Austin Park Christian church. The
meetings will continue all next week.
Mr Morgan's sermon for Sunday
mornlxur at 10 46 oclock. will be. The
Supremacy of the Cause of Christ."
The subjept of the evening service.
beginning at 7 30 oclock will be "The
Parting of the Way." The evangelistic
services win begin at 7.30 p. m. each
Bible school will be held at the
First Christian church at 9.49 oclock
Sunday morning. Communion serv
ice ana sermon oy tne pastor, itev
Milo Atkinson, will be at 1045 a. m.
Christian Endeavor meeting at 6 30
p. m-, will be conducted by G C
Good. In the evening this church
will Join In the evangelistic service
at the Austin Park Christian church.
To Discuss Labor.
Dr. Floyd Poe, pastor of the First
Presbyterian church, will speak at
both services Sunday. His morning
subject wui o -wnat .Must tne
Church do To Be Saved? The eve
ning subject will be. "What Must
Labor do To Be Saved 7" At the eve
ning service, which will be at- 8
oclock, representatives of all the labor
unions of the citywlll be present to
hear Dr Poo's presentation of the
labor subject.
The church Pipe ornan which has
recently been overhauled and put In
condition will be played in the morn
ing by Mrs. James G. McXary and in
the evening by Mrs. W. D Greet. Mrs.
R. L. Holliday. Mrs. A. H. Go M stein.
Charles J Andrews and James G Mc
Karv will sine: the anthem. "StUL
Still With Thee" Arthur Foote) at the
morning service. The offertory solo .
will be "Consider and Hear Me" I
-tWooler) sung by Tom Williams.
Evening music will be furnished by
the quartet. Mrs. Harry M. Long, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles J. Andrews and Tom
Williams. New members will be re
ceived and babies oaptized at the 11
oclock service. Parsons desiring to
unite with the church are asked to
meet the session in the church office
at 10.45 s- m.
J. II. Fleming to Talk.
The Men's Service dub at 9 30 a. ra.
will hear a report by J H. Fleming.
federal prohibition agent here, on
"The Menace of the Drug"
The Women's Guild will be taught
by Mrs. W IL Day and the Phllahea
ciass, by Mrs. Henry T. Bowie. AD of
the teachers and Officers naVe re
turned from their vacations and are
ready for work in their various de
partments. The nursery under the direction ,of
Mrs. Charles L. Pelham wJII be open
Sunday morning for the convenience
of mothers of small children. Mrs.
George Le Baron and Mrs. George
Franklin will direct the nursery dur
ing the month of September.
"The Character of Peter will be
the subject of the sermon at 11
oclock Sunday morning by Rev.
Henry C Schneider at the Altura
Presbyterian church at Idalia and
Russell streets. The subject of the
sermon at the evening service, begin
ning at 8 o'clock will be. "What Will
Ton Do In the Bnd Thereof?" Spe
cial music and singing will be fea-
! Sentence SermonsbyElPaso Ministers
r"0ICT ste"aTi"n!engy on trapping the mosquitoes" but drain tbe
J breeding places, where does crime breed in i.1 Paso? we need moral
drainage. Rev. George W. McCaU, Central Baptist church.
. I copy this from Dr. Frank Crane's Four Minute Essays, vol. x, p. 117!
"The surest, stablest thing in life is heaven. It rests upon the enduring stones
of hope. Its pillars are aU of the alabaster of anticipation. It is a dty of
eternity, not of tune. Therefore it is that its gates are never shut, night or
day." Compare this with the statement in Hebrews vi:14: "Which hope we
have as aii anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast, and which entereth into
that within the veiL" Also Revelations si:25. Rev. W. S. Huggett, Highland
Park Methodist church.
Christianity is a process by which a man becomes a man; it has to do with
the improvement of human society. The process is never complete; the Chris
tian is ever in the making. Christianity stresses growth in the characteristics
which were peculiar to the Hfe of the lowly Kazarene sincerity, selflessness and
service. He was sincere in motive, unselfish in achievement and ever serving
His fellow man. "He went about doing all manner of good." Rev. Wa H.
Elfnng, First Congregational church.
The time is here when Christian men must forego the attitude of extreme
nTinate in meetine the tests and problems of industryor endanger their pres
tige as Christians. Rev. Henry VanYalkenturgh, First Methodist Episcopal
The most powerful microscope cannot detect any difference between the
blood of a neb. man and that of a pauper. The divine judge surely cannot de
tect any difference between the spirit in the heart of the man who charges
mere than his goods are worth, and the laboring man who demands more wages
than his labor is worth. The one may be accomplished by cornering the mar
ket and the other hy the abuse of the labor union. They are but differing
symptoms of the same malignant disease. The .great physician prescribes the
infallible cure for both. "Whatsoever ye would that men should do unto you,
do ye even so to them." Rev. Milo Atkinson, First Christian church.
"Whosoever will confess me before men." Is not church attendance and
a hearty support of the milter's work in the world one way in which you can
consistently show your allegiance to Christ; is not carelessness in regard to
the interests of Christ a denial to the worm that you love the master; Kev.
Watson M. Fairley, Westminster Presbyterian church.'
The baptism by the holy spirit is the springtide when the soul blooms in
beauty. Rev. Hubert M. Smith, Asbury Methodist church;
Many tnocrashies of Christ have been written during the centuries, hut a
mere beautiful summing up of His life could sot be imagined than that of the
apostle Peter, recorded in Acts i:38: "He went about doing good." His was
a Hfe of supreme service, of royal sacrifice. If we would be true followers of
Jesss we must abo seek to serve. Rev. Grover C linn, Government HiH
Baptist caurdi.
By His suffering and death Jesus Christ has overcome sin, death and the
devil; has satisfied the demands of a just God, and earned salvation for all
men. This salvation is offered unto us in the gospel. Yes, .mure, the gospel
works faith in the hearts of men and "he that beheveth the Son hath life."
Rev. Aug. H. Schmidt, Zton's Evangelical Lutheran church.
The trouble about sinful pleasures is they are short lived; demand repeti
tion and the residue is death. The oftener repeated the less vile they seem,
while really they become more vicious. They offer sweets for a day but bit
terness for eternity. Rev. R. W. Zearer, Highland Park Baptist church.
tares of both services. Sunday eehool
will be at 9 10 a. m.
The Christian Sndeavor will meet
at 6 45 p. m. The topic for the evening-
la, "What Christ Does for the
Christian. Mrs. Warren H. Barrett,
the leader, will open the meeting by
navmg tne motto read m concert by
the society The motto for tb meet
Ins; is. "Chriat will .do whatever we
ask It we live In Him and do His
win." The scripture lesson is fonnd
In John 15 1-8 14-16. After the dis
cussion proper, th. Dercus class will
lead In sentence prayers. The pastor
Will be given five minutes for discus
sion before the Information commit
tee's report. The meeting will close
with the Mlzpah benediction.
At the Bethany Presbyterian
church. 160 Pledras street. H. B.
Thomas will give an exposition on
the Sunday school lesson at IS
oclock. At 11 oclock Mr Thomas will
pleach on. "Is It for a Christian?
ana at 7 3d a. m.. ms tneme win De.
"The Power of Faith. Rev. Henry
C Schneider arill preach on Wednes
day evening at 7 45 p m.
itev watson M. irairley win creach
at the 11 oclock service at the West
minster Presbyterian church at Bio
Grande and Florence streets. Mrs J.
W. Christie, accompanied by Miss
Mary Heerman. will sing. "My Task."
The evening services th,at were sus
pended for the summer will be re
sumed. Mr. Fairley preaching at S
Rev R. E. Carson will creach at
Bastmlnster chapel. Clilton and
Crockett streets, at 7 10 p. m.
increaslng as people return from
their summer vacations.
Rev. R. D. Leaser, pastor of the
Highland Park Baptist church, will
preach at 11 a. m. and at 7 45 p m.
"Why I Believe the Bible Is the Word
ofBod. will be his morning theme,
aria "A Heavenly Union on Earth"
will be the eventnj; subject. Sunday
school opens at 9-45 a. m.; Senior and
Junior B. T P. U- at 9.45 p m. A
business meeting will be held at 7 45
p. m. Wednesday at the church.
To Preach on Crime.
"Leadership in the Chnrch" will be
Rev. George W McCalrs subject at
the Central Baptist chnrch Sunday
morning. In the evening he will
preach on "Breeders of Crime in El
Paso The choir at the morning
service will sing. "I Will Lift Mine
Byes" (Adijns) he church orches
tra will play at tne evening service
and Miss Sibley will sing at each
At the Government Hill Baptist
church, the pastor. Rev. Grover C
Linn, win preach morning and night.
At 11 a. m. he wis) preasit ea too
"Rdptnre of the Church" and at 7 4S
d. m. on "What It Means to Be In
Christ-" The Junior and Senlo"
unions will meet at 6 45 p. nx and
the Sunday school at 9 45 a. m.
Services at the St. Clement's Epis
copal church, Montana and Campbell
streets. Rev Fuller Swift, rector, the
services Sunday, the 14th Sunday
after Trinity, will be as follows.
Holy communion, 7.30 a. m.: church
school. 9 SO a. m.; holy communion
and sermon, 11 a. m., processional
hymn, 445: the national anthem.
&yne in a nat. uatuson uaynes
$ JUS, Si ei Paso's g psiif
M WW 1 , Distinctive Specially Store jM M W
B For Choice Feminine Apparel qjm xl7 a
if flu -ff Will Be Closed Monday, l m K
tjs P- Labor Day MjTl si
S)jKiW On Tuesday Be will again be reals "$&im SllplSw
ffliaT wkSBsI Autumn modes in apparcl'm a spec- JP W.cilvs
MraSffllfiW focaar manner. ("fWiffia nlflSPjL
T.Jki-Yh yjflaMisBasBasBSSBEarlvStsssy VLsbbY 3VW5ISPHafJ9 9&rz!xJtj(&?-'f&
ft-rdinf kTJ-LilaanaR'-VaanaW-'Tiaanasaanr 9PW1R.asstt!taB -XaaaMgaMaaaaaPeST Ktf-tL. 5Tl- -TrTT 1 r. V S2 t rfvV'V'V'
i11 i.jmW iP1 is.1!"" "" 'ii "I ' " im'i'iw 'i i "i Hi ii i
Attendance at the Sundsr school Is Gloria Tib! In E flat. Battlion
'How Shall We Escape"? No Way
I Neglect Robs Us of the Best Thines of Life, Causes Us to Postpone Salvation and Pass Up
Last Opportunity to Be Saved; Salvation a Process, Like Unto a Ladder
I Leading to the Glories of Heaven.
1 , -
I By REV. WATSON M. FATRLEY, Paster of the Westminster Presbyterian Church.
Drug Co., 215
gunning and Casteel, 3600
Grayson Drug Co., 417 E,
Frea Specialty Company
122 N. PieJras SU
Heb. 2t3. "Hott Shall We Escape If
ue Aeslect o Great SalTatton."
AT I call roar attention to one
of our commonest -weaknesses T
Reelect, with the bone of stir
ring1 within yon the determination
mat yoo will no longer neglect the
most Tltal Question of life jour per
sonal relitTion.
This habit; or sin, we call neglect.
resaits in a great deal oz non-prodae-tireness,
wasted energy and unused
opportunity There are many nn-
planted fields in onr raliey. which
but for neglect would be waving with
an abundant harvest of golden grain.
Neglect has caused many really great
ideas to be stillborn, many beautiful
dream, never to be realized, and many
well formed plans never to be
Just neglect' Neglect Oh. how it
has robbed us. Not that the things
we thought of were not desirable, not
that the plans we formed were not
practical, not that the goal we sought
was not attainable, but we simply put
off. postponed, and neglected to put
forth the effort necessary to their
accomplishment. Neglect! We neglect
the simpllest things of life which al
ways make trouble.
Think of the invalid that are drag
ging through life as a result of
neglect of the simplest laws of
hygiene. Think of the Inefficiency of
adult life, due to neglect of teeth In
early childhood. Think of the crimes
in eur city due largely to neglect of
enforcing the law, the losses by fire
due to neglect of the proper authori
ties in not providing an adequate fire
Xegleeting Our Religion.
Everywhere we look we can see
lost, perverted, wasted energy, un
productiveness, due to the blightnlng
effect of neglect But nowhere is its
leanness felt so much as in the realm
of religion.
I don't suppose there are many
Psalm TOtl-5.
MAKE haste. O God, to deliver me;
make haste to help me, O Lord.
Let them be ashamed and con
founded that seek after my soul; let
them be turned backward, and put to
confusion, that desire my hurt.
Let them be turned back for a re
ward of their shame that say. Aha,
Let all those that seek thee rejoice
and be glad In thee and let such as
love thy salvation say continually.
Let God be magnified.
But I am poor and needy make
haste unto me O Lord thou art my
help and my denrerer O Lord make
no tarrying
people who have definitely and
finally made up their minds to dis
miss the idea of religion, especially
those who have been brought up in a
Christian atmosphere. They entertain
the fond hope that "I might die the
death of the righteous and than, ray
end should be like his "But many of
them are neglecting tbe means that
are absolutely necessary for salvation.
The word salavation in this text
refers to the process, whereby God,
through Jesus Christ, fits and pre
pares a sinner for his eternal home
in heaven.
Salvation in its broadest sense is a
process rather than an act, whereby
through the Joys and sorrows, the
successes and failures of life Christ
fits us for our inheritance among the
saints. There are many steps in this
process of salvation, faith, repentence.
confession, prayer. Christian service
and final glorification.
"From youth to heavy age
My calling to fulfill I
O, may it nil my poire lV engage
To do my Master! will!
Ton may neglect the whole plan
of salvation, or you may neglect the
means which God hath appointed for
your growth in grace. The question
is, "How shall ye escaper the
natural and necessary end of sin, if
you neglect the means God hath ap
pointed for your salavation.
Reasons for Salvation.
Let us consider a few reasons why
we should not neglect salvation.
TTrsTTy, neglect is not desirable, for
the Christian religion brings real Joy
and peace and happiness. It shields
and protects us from the things that
add sorrow and bitterness to life.
Secondly, neglect brings irrepara
ble loss to ourselves and to others. We
lose the development and opportuni
ties that comes with service. 0 the
good we all may do while the days
are going by"
Thirsty, neglect is dangerous, as a
person grows older and "set In his
ways" it is harder and harder to
give up life to the control of the
Saviour. Again. God's offer of salva-,
tion may close for you, as It did wherf
ne saio. "jspnraim is joinea to xaois.
let him alone." Death might sud
denly overtake you while yet neglect
ing, liod hath said. "Toaay is tne
day of salavation. now Is the ac
cepted time." God's offer is now not
some other time. The picture of a
poor sinner hesitatlfbr? and waiting
and neglecting when God offers him
a blessed salvation and insists that
now is the accepted time. Is enough
to make the angels In heaven weep.
There Is o Escape.
Salvation maybe compared to a
ladder -which God hath erected from
this perishing earth to the homo on
high If ou neglect it how do you
expect, to escape.
There is no escape. Ton say some
day I expect to confess Christ as my
Savior, give up the sins which I know
Ue condemns, connect myself with
his chnrch. and live for His glory and
tbe Good of my fellow man. May I
ask you when? God says. Now. How
shall ye escape if ye neglect?
"The Store of Service"
Hayes hymn. ITS. sermon, the
doxology offentory anthem, "Cheru
bim Sonc" (BortnyanskJ) S&nctns in
E flat, Battison Haynes; communion
hymn, 228, "Gloria in Bmtals," Old
Chant: fivefold amen, kneeling an
them. "Bread of the World (Dudley
Back), raeessioBal hymn. Mt
Re, "WIWua..H-Wrtt the new
pastor at the First Coatregational
chorea. TjFUliams and Bio Grands
streets, win conduct tne services
m. he wlH prea ea Ul!HJ. T&Jf"Jj!?22ctJSi1 2?
X. Long will sing-, "How Lone Witt
Thou Forget Me."
The First Chnrch of Christ Scientist
will hold services at 11 a. m. and
Sunday school at 930 a. m. Testl
monal meatlng- will be held at S
oclock Wednesday evening. The
Christian Science reading- room is at
42S Mills building.
At the Zlon's Svanselieal "Lutheran
church. 100, Bast San Antonio street.
Sunday school will open at 9.M a. ra.
August H- scnmiat, oz xnpp, s. i
will speak in th. German language at
10 5 p. m. from Romans 1:1, "Why
We do Not Have to Be Ashamed of th.
Gospel of Christ Jesss." Henry Wee
will stng "The Lord Is My Shepherd
Rav. J. H. C Sleek is the pastor.
First Baotist Chnrch.
The pastor of the First Baptist
chnrch, Rev M. E. Hudson, will
preach at 11 a. ra. on The Tollers,
a message appropriate to UMr oay.
The tneme for the evening sermon
will be "Voices We Should Heed.
Tbe evening service begins at TM
Instead of 8, as heretofore.
Sunday school is held at :; P. X.
Rlgdon. snpertnfendent. The school
has graded classes and teachers for
an. The Junior B. T. P. U. win meet
at 5 p. m, and the Senior Unions at
permanent quarters. The Methodists
contemplate building on lots they
own on Pledras street, near Alameda
New York. ept -C Was Bdiabeth
McKentry, motion pictnre actress.
former "Florodora" girl and daughter
of a Kansas City grain merchant, died
today from pneumonia, which it was
vMUluil developed 'after a beatinc ac
cident in Long Island sound last
Tuesday while a sea, pictnre was be- t
ufs uiww. fumu Bcma juiers
were rescued.
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Iie Ktrriun, Ph. 4604.
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"OXe (Shin SeaaHGev?
.cc.oac.vafl maims always-
Ierwrt?e7n yoa
iarta tne Mxn.
Is s fftxra protecSan
lBsT ASS Or bj-a-leal
JUVtGl ItbXlB-.
a tfea ikia tlia t1-
TtTlTT bBA&MI Ot YTSatta,
una sexaxv cmss on
lfc -wsmtlT-y- it UaTrti
laoiUo)-. coTTylixtoa.
UK'-Jt -w rya
1 I TWfwiBkMl
Tw ImU U MteM to tw
Rev J 0. Paiterson. pastor of the
East El Paso Methodist church, la
holding revival ecJfieee at the Bast
1 Paso Baptist chnrch on Alameda
avenue until his church locates In
7. Ss
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