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Week-End Edition. November 13-14. 1920.
(CMdMd from pace l.
in EoroD which Eulud and her al
lite have freed.' But neither he nor
the prime minister, nor their sap
porters, can admit this bryspse It
gives away their moral case. They
have to pretend that this majority is
bogus, the result (Ilk the RejHibll
can army apparently) of totlinida
tfoa at the hands of a small anS of
Talley ef Reprisals."
"This 'policy of reprisals about
which the peopls of England have
just begun to hear, is carried out be
hind the plea that the forces of law
nnd order in Ireland have suffered
intolerable provocation. We mast
allow the police and soldiers to hit
back says the prime minister. It Is
already paying-, says Mr.. Churchill. It
is bound to succeed, they both say.
"Now the average Englishman, who
does not think politically, taut mor
ally, makes a distinction between
murders and acts of arson which are
done deliberately and those which
are done in cold blood.
Wlamt hmm ssade Mm Baeasy
abeet the sovenBteafs Better Is
that the reports wales, have be
rw t set lute the KaajKsa
press pelst to the fact that many
f these reprisal' are deliberate.
"Warntnss signed by military or
police authorities are seat set or-:
hand, that in the event of barracks
being attacked or of soldiers or the
members of fib Royal Irish coastal' u-
lary Being saott a village, or certain
houses n it, will be burnt down.
"After liquoring ap at the public
oouse, tnese men proceed to destroy
certain houses and btdldlnrs and
shoot particular people, against whom
mere is noming on tne supposition
tl-at they might have approved of the
original outrages.
Badeagers Ixi.il Hatred.
"The young Irish who remember
these things will continue to hate
England, and excusably.
""I have spoken only of the effect
cf this policy on Englishmen who
think morally. Those who think po
litically are shocked in another way
as well. They feel that to suppress
anarchy by anarchy la fatal to all
"Meiers are aware ef tats, aad
perkapa toe ee ef ear IrJaJt
sUey vrhseh atstetrk. flteal asset
is that it leads hievHaMr. to tfce"
deateraUsatlea ef the amy.
"What Englishmen cannot stomach
ire case like those of BsJbrlggan,
whea 'executions have taken place
wimoui any sort or trial, u sdS3t:on
to the destruction of property. Nor
can he condone cases In which the be
havior of the military shows that they
were acting under orders and rs
blood. x
How British Operate.
"An instance of the latter kind oc
curred at Tulla la county Clare, net
many days ago. A party ef military
in charge of an officer visited the
house of a Mrs. McCarthy and pro
duced a document ordering them to
burn her house. The same procedure
.vas gone through at the boose ef
Mr. Italoney. The significant thing is
that, in tha 45 minute allowed, the
soldiers worked bard to help MM. Mc
Carthy get the furniture put ef her
house. Now, this is clearly not a
case of men giving way to hapslae
under provocation greater, te a the
words of the prime minister,
'human nature cam tnjeratr It te
part of a deliberate campaign ef arson
and murder, which Jtas-ttahneii are
asked to excuse because Royal Ir"ja
Constabulary's and soldiers have
been murdered.
"The iadleattea that X a e.
liberate -nqeka ef terrorism
seaexloaed freat above are.
That effJeal eiders either
thieatesdag reprisals or ojderbtc
thees have set beea repaexated
by the ai-raeet eatkerittea.
The sysreesatle destnterlea at
prepertr, the less ef which vrlU
affect the greatest nsmber f
' 1 1
The fact that tmrXpriae minister
and his colleague, defend them by
eZClllinff nmrtula mm '
seK protection.
Soldiers and "Black and Tans' the
auxiliary force and the Koyal 'Irish
Constabulary, know that, in tha past,
none of the 14 or so coroner's ver
dicts, which hare been Drought
against them hare been followed up;
that only punishment inflicted has
been, in the case of the seeking of
Fermoy the stoppage of a few sol
diers leave, a&d that new coronets'
inquest have been suppressed. The
military nuad knows only one remedy.
by McCiure Newspaper Syndicate.
News Brevities
Trssa Bedietta.
All afternoon and night trains were
reported on time Saturday except S3
Paso i Southwestern No. J. fie at
3 4. scheduled to arrive at S:ls:
Southern Pacixle No. let, doe at !
scheduled to arrive at 4:1a- Texas at
Pacific Ne. 1. due at 1;4. echMuled
to arrive at I:2i. and Texas t Petftc
o. te st schedule to ar
rive at 11 ift.
Dentist, W. l Blair, set K&rtrn BMg.
Allee-cd Dry Lew Violators.
J. E. Samon and Amadsi Xobles were
held under bonds ef HCw and HTM
respectively when they ea tared plea
of guilty to viola-don of phfbttiel
acts at arraignment proceedings be
fore United States oonrmisaloeer A.
j. w. Schmld Friday afternoon.
Osteopaths. Dra Bowlby. TJsnnsrfl
in Medicine, 3M Mills Bldg. Tel. 41SX
Farreissaa Info red.
Motorcycle natrokaaa Sam Xaraky
was severely seakA up Friday nlgbt
when his motorcycle skidded at Texas
and Alameda streets, throwing him
tn the pavement.
Steamers in CeUMea.
New York, Nov. 13. The Spanish
steamer afonteserrat with 3 7 J -j aasen
gers and the steamer San Marcos from
Galveston, were In eolliaton off Staten
Island this morning. One person was
Avoid troahleLeavebaggage checks
at Iungw ell's, or telephone No. 1.
CUaatevni Is KaUed.
Plttsbur-c. Pa, Nor. 11. United
States revenue agents, aided by city
detective, conducted a raid ta "Chtna
town" here, confiscating ts, worth
of opium and arresting one Chinese,
Or. Aaaa Beaaa, Bookie. Bldg. Ph. TT.
Aaastta rsH pert Caarge.
Guadalupe Olguln pleaded guilty to
violation of passport laws when ar
raigned before United States commis
sioner A. j. tr. Schmld Saturday
morning and was held under SlpM
Dr. Robert w. Bartee, 72 Grand
Ave. Phone 654!. Adv.
Held Oa Drag Law.
Antonio Almeida, charged with sell
ing morphine to C. C. Collier, soldier
provost guard, was held for federal
court under bond of flOoo when ar
raigned Before United States com
" itsiorer A. T Vf. Schmld Friday af.
30 D
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