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Week-End Edition, November 27-28, 1920.
Child Players Of St. Clements j
Present Three Charming Playlets I,
Will Have A Part I
In The Elks' Play!
THE child players of Su Clement's
presented three children's plays
In the parish house auditorium
: r- i s afternoon and will repeat them
this evening-.
The -plays were "Princess Tende---
-fart." "A Chinese Ma&iclan and
Fraction Day In Goose land."
The players in "Princess Tender
'..irt' wer- Princess Tenderheart,
Betsy McWIIliama; her pagre. Betty
.Tohpon; the kins, Juanlta Sauls;
Prince Cutandried, Caroline Dixon;
It Sadcase. Catherine Cook, first
ja'ly-in-waiting. Martha Ballard: sec
mi lady-in-w aitiugr. Merle Grifitn.
The seen was a throne room.
A rhinfe Magician" had the fol
'fT.ng cast: Bing Ban? Bun?, Chi
' ore eraoeror. Le Roy Lane: Tan-Hi
hu chancelor of the realm. Pauline
P.-i; Princess Chin Su, only daugh
of the emperor, Mary Duffus;
Prince How-I-Ue, son of a deposed
l Betsy Mc Williams: Demon Rat.
i-ier a curse, and Ah Sin. a Chinese
i Mita Arnold.
The scene was a chamber In the
h pnal palace, Pekln, China, in the
' ear 1C13 A. D., under the Bins dy
nasty. ' Election Day In Gooseland" had a
,t as follows Kins; Cole, ruler of
ill Gooseland Juanlta. Sauls; Mother
;ooe. founder of the kingdom,
Pa-jline Burn, old woman who lived
n a hoe. Caroline Dixon; Bo-Peep.
-i shepherdess. Mary Duffus: Mistress
ry, quite contrary, Betsy McWil
'lara; Jack Spratt, who eats no fat,
harlotte Basford, Mrs. Sprat t, a
suffragette, Eleanor Griffith; Peter
Peter pumpkin eater. Eva Jenkins;
Mr; ppter, a pastry cook, Betty John
son, Miss Muf fet, not fond of ln
it. Angela Whlttlngham: Simple
s.mon, a naughty boy, Helen Johnson;
id Mother Hubbard, who started the
" P. C. A., Catherine Cook; Jack Hor
rT fond of pie, Linetta Robey; Boy
F ue, a sleepy-head, Dorothy Perkins;
.lack, the chore boy. Alio Root: JUL
he kitchen girl, Evelyn Walker;
Man-in-the-Moon, light and gay,
.Tackle Hotchkiss; fiddlers three,
Scrape, Marlon Strickland ; Scratch,
Katharine McWIIliams; Squeak. AJay
:a White; cup bearer to the kins;
Zona be lie Trafton: pipe bearer to the
king. The i ma Trafton.
Children in the shoe Ida Glen
Montgomery, Josephine Onrney, Mar-
caret Hodge, Eleanor Fleming, Faith
whitUngham, Alma Cornwall, Helen I
Jarrabee, Laura Lawson, uarrigoia
, Dunne, Betty Cameron. Martha cusb
Ing. Henrietta Reynaud and Annie
I Blackbirds, Bheep, flowers Doroth
Atkinson. Loia Cameron, Leila March
.ill and Delphine King.
Musical directors were Mrs. Wrr.
i E. Loose and Mrs. Chas. Glover. '
1 The costumes were designed by
Mrt. W. I. McWilllams. The pla
! were directed and staged by LcRov !
iane ana ine orcnestra oy Lena
Pettigrew and Elsie Green.
On Friday afternoon Mrs. F. M
Pratt entertained at her home in the
lower valley to compliment Mrs. Sam
Vaughn of Fort Worth. The color
scheme of decoration was red and
white. Shades were drawn and Japa
nese lanterns suspended from the
ceiling and candles gave the soft
lighting effect. The lace covered
table for refreshment service was
centered with fruits and mistletoe.
A guessing contest was the amus
ing diversion of the afternoon. Mrs
He-nry Meisel won first prize and
Mrs. P. Billedoue second, Mrs. Vaughn
was presented a gtfest prize.
A four course menu was served at
tea time, the hostess assisted by Mrs.
T. N. Williams. Those present were.
Mesdames Vaughn, Williams, Spencer,
V M T jo vaes U U.t.l T-fc C11I.,..
W. t: Duncan. P .HUM George tak part in the Elks play -Ag
Canadian Club To Give Thanksgiving
Dance In Paso Del Norte Ballroom
fHE Canadian club will entertain
X this evening with a Thanksgiving
dance in the ball room of hotel
Paso del Norte. There will be special
music and entertainment numbers.
Favors w til be caps, whistles and
rattles. Several hundred guests will
attend the dnc.
One of the happy Thanksgiving
parties was the fancy dress dance
given at distr'ct Service club No. 1,
at Fort Bliss, on Friday evening.
Prizes were offered f,or the best
costumes, and so celevrly designed
were all of them it was necessary to
draw for the prizes. Mrs. Paden won
j the prize, a box of confections, in the
drawing of maids and matrons. Those
, who drew with Mrs Paden for the
prise were Miss E. Gifford and Miss
W. McCamy.
i Sergt. J. Cassock won men's first
prize. Drawing for It also was CorpL
Ashe J. Groggei. Mrs. Paden repre
sented Liberty and Sergt. Cassock, Co-
I lumblne. a closrn.
Among those present were: miss
Ellen Melendez, Miss Aileen .Baker.
I iVl talented vourg davgnter of Mr.
ana jars. j. u i-ameo. wno win
Spencer, C C Critchet, F. Bandy.
-l-ouib r oix. j. s. -aaen. w. x. uoi
Uns, F. C Luschei. B. R. Rheinemer,
and Mrs. Smith.
Miss .Lena Palmer entertained a
number of her friends at a Thanks
giving party on Thursday evening at
her home. 21ft Wvomlnfi: street. The
evening was spent in playing banco
ana otner games, xne nrst prize zor
ounco was won oy miss Helen Fergu
son. The consolation fell to Mrs. J.
R. Martin. Miss Palmer was assisted
by her mother, Mrs. B. Palmer in
serving an Ice coarse. The guests in-
Good judgment should always tell you to buy
the brands of Gorbam silver, exduMVely shown
at Silberbergt. Now we offer yw aa unusual
opportunity to select one of these pa tt eras at
1 special price, his: '
This "Old London" pattern k oe of the most
attractive of tbe Gorham products. It comes
in a platinum frank and you can select any
ihing from a single spoom to a handsome chest.
The pruaA special prices offer yea aa wwmaL
tpporhuatf to in handsome Gotham shcr
at a nominal cost
A catalog of prices a ad pieces oa sale -win be
found displayed is te Mesa Avesa window.
Prompt attention to mail miiti.
Prompt attention to mail mitti. J
Siiberberg Bros. fi
I On the Onat WUta War sS ' 1
J QSw l th Corner of Xacm Tt
CtIBl Th Xere Ttiongirt of BtiTtnsr a. Diamond
B& Should Bngseat SUberberg's m7V
ALSO the beautiful new BALTIMORE pattern in serai-conventional
decoration of pmk and irory one of the most attractive de
signs brought out this year.
Our car also included a complete line of die famous K. T. & K.
Co. Hotel Ware. Toilet Ware, Hall Boy Jugs. Blue Band and Yel
low Mixing Bowls. Salt Boxes, Porcelain Kitchen Sets, Hall's Deco
rated Teapots, and Children's Ware, consisting of Mush and M3k
Sets, Baby Plates, Megs, Cups and Saucers.
Naw Is The Tine Te Make Yoer SeJecSen Far Cfctttfar i.
107-109 North Stanton Street
the Clock With the Debutantes
which is just now the most inter
esting event of the social calendar
and which is to take place on De
cember S and 3. Miss Carnes is a
graceful dancer and reader and has
taken parts In numerous programs
since she has been in this city. She,
has since a small child taken part in
moving pictures and was phpto
craphed for a number of pictures
taken both in California and New
We have just received a solid car of white and decorated doracr- I
ware patterns, all OPEN STOCK. I
The following decorations are now complete:
vlted were: Misses Helen Ferguson.
Sadie Ponsford. Henrietta and Ruth
Jacobs. Nellie Miller. Sadie Amonett,
Connie Mae Oe Lalney. Ailleen Mor
ris. Isabel Smith. Hllliard Brown. &
T. MIddleton. Floyd Smith. LeKoy
Shnller, V. (X Loose. Bob Mullen. R.
x norp, ueimar Boberts, u. ij. xance.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Martin. Mr. and
nib, nu.Q ivu.j am.
Hiss Esther' Herbert Is entertaining
wun a cmner party wis evening at
the home of her aunt. Mrs. Helen
Cooper Williams, to honor Miss vio
let Armstrong, wno wui leave in a
short time for an extended visit in
Dallas. Violet and cold are the
celor scheme of decoration featured
with flowers In the shades and kew-
pies wiu oe runner nuuxed In dec
oration and as favors. The guests
Invited to, enjoy the courtesy to Miss
Armstrong, beside herself, are: Miss
uatnnrn siausttter. Mhw Grace Mm
tain. Miss Morris Sapp and Miss Mar-
gmret uray.
Mrs. Helen Cooper tviniama is as
sisting ra tne noapiraiity.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Koberson gave
a Thanksgiving dinner at their home
In the lower valley Friday to honor
Rev and Mrs. George W. CcCalL
Autamn flowers decorated the table
for the service and covers were placed
zor str. ana mtl. MCViaiu tneir daugh
ter, Grace, aad son. George, Jr.. Capt.
John R. HuKhes. Mr. dad Mrs. Will
Rothermuad aad their daughters, Ola
anu sverya.
Miss Pauline Nixon. Ml;s Erline
Hoober. Miss Edna Street, Miss Doris
Serwald. Mrs. Cassock. Pvta. Charles
C Diamond. Joe Burnis. ueorge j.
Rlnn. Inthnnv Kntut Serat. H. J.
Thompson. Mrs. Bacon NicolT, hostess.
received tne guests.
The third monthly social and dance
gives ay tne xempie jil ainai win
be held in the community hall gym
nasium Sunday evening. November 28.
at StjO p. m. Harvey West directing
the orchestra and Art Varian at the
drums will furnish the dance music
for the evening. Some of the fea
tures of the evening will be several
special dances by Miss Jeffrey Pow
ell and Prof. Wyadham Bedford; Miss
Ttvette RaveL the charming little
danseuse, in a special Gypsy dance;
and some ssags and Imitations by
Art Varian. A record-breaking at
tendance Is expected and the commit
tee is nuking' special preparations to
accommodate a large crowd. Re
freshments will be'served by a com
mittee of members of the temple sisterhood.
by the bride's slater, Mrs. Oliver Perry
Cobb, and Mr. Cobb, of Oak Park. 111.
Announcement le received of the
wedding of Clifton Bulloch and Mtss
AnnieXaarle Roasell which took
Place Not ember II la Dallas. The
bride, who is a sister of Mrs. Frank
Wlttram. af El Paso, is a daughter
of the late Judge Gordon Rassell. wh'
occupied the federal bench here. 'She
has Tlstted her stater aad has num
bers of friends te this etty. Mr. Bul
loch and his brlds will make their
home la Sherman. Tex. where the
former's bntoees Interests are lo
cated. Announcement comes of the mar
riage of J. Howard BJdgway. of Tam-
pico, Mexico, and Mrs. Caro E Hamll
toa. formerly of this city. The wed
ding took place la Laredo. Texaa.
October 10. Mr. and Mrs. Rldgway
will be at home after December i
la New Orleans-
Very faw Japanese women do not
atry. T"ie majority of them marrv
at a years of ago.
! Two Parties Are Given In Honor
Of Miss Eva Stevenson, Bride-To-Be
Sunday's Calendar
In Local Society
rpHE Junior Jewish Women's Council
Hill nrm M .mt i. m. ui vwu.-
monity hall. Temple Mt. Sinai.
The meeting will be attended by for
mer members aad friends of the conn
ed. "At home" at the central T. W.
C. A. building in. the aftanuMm.
Informal tea at the district service
ataahansfi at Fort Bliaa.
Dance at Community hall. Temole
Mt SlnaL
Mrs. Maud Deane. Mrs. T. M. WaUer
and Miac Karma Deane will entertain
with a tea in the afternoon at the
Deane home, on Arizona street.
Army Affairs.
Mrs. Tt. E. Caaa. hoatezs of Red
Cross house at Feat Bliss, arranged
an eveninga entertainment rmay
with numbers of convalescent pres
ent. The convalescents -were enter
tained by J. W. Peak, who gave an
account of his exnerleacee In a
moose hunting trip is- Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Blackwell served hot
chocolate. Mrs. H. S. Cawlev sana
and Miss Helen Temole aave- read
ings In the hospital wards. Two pro
grams have been arranged for next
week at the Red Cross house: one
will be Tuesday nndar the -direction
of Mrs. Charles J. Andrews, and the
other win be Friday in charge of
Miss Virginia Bean.
Out of Town Visitors.
Mrs. O. A. Lawrence spent a few
nours wren inenas cere on her way
home, in the MeslUa valley, from Co
lumbus, N. K, where she has spent
the past month with her husband. E.
P. & W. atatloa agent at that
Among the affairs of the coming
week which will compliment Mies
Harriot Hawkins, of Washington. D.
C Is a luncheon to be given Tues
day by Mrs. H. E. Neff. Misc Hawkins
is visrang ner sister, Mrs. Robert I
Lodges and Clubs.
EI Paso review No. 43 of the Mac
cabees held a special meeting Friday
evening in L O. O. F. hall, with com
mander Elizabeth Moore presiding.
There were ten initiations and second
degree work was given to a class of
lot. Refreshments were served, with
the committee of arrangements in
cluding Mrs. c. C Crowaover as chair
man and Mrs. King PIttman, Mrs.
Annie Malone. Mrs. Etta Reed and
Mrs. Rose StockwelL There were Its
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stances than those surrounding us
What may seem abeer madneas
to na may be the greatest thing
In another's life.
What may seem so worth while
and comforting to us, may seem
Idiocy from another's viewpoint and
whether or not people see alike, they
at least can be kind and leave their
fellow man alone in Ma beliefs so
long aa they bring not anarchy in
their wake.
Imperfect vision and clear thinking
are incompatible. If you find that
you are "slowing np." perhaps your
eyes are to blame. Our examination
determines accurately your powers of
ision. We do not prescribe glasses
unless they are required. Need
Ulaeses? Ask Be gall.
El I'aso Optical Co.
106 Texas St.. 211 San Antonio SL-Adv
Social Festivities.
There will be many occasions dur
ing the next tew months when it will
te necessary lor you to order en- i
framed social stationery Our shop is
prepart'l to fill your order accord
to n,r rv-ii-t -pi nf jcat :o'ic !
in I'ano Printing: o- I
TWO parties have been added to the
A list of social affairs to honor
Miss Eva Stevenson, whose mar
riage to Charles IJttlepayge Ballard.
Jr.. will take Dlace next week.
Misses Elvira. Elma and Natalia
Galentlne gave a luncheon for her
Saturday at the Galentlne home on
Montana street. Kewples were need
in decoration, with a kewpee bride
in wedding regalia centering the ta
ble, its train held by two kewpie
train bearers. Nut cups were deco
rated with baskets of flowers and
lights were shed from candles. The
Misses Galentlne presented the honor
guest with an opalescent mayonnaise
bowl. The gnests were: Miss Eva
Stveason. Miss Bertha Hilgartaer,
Miss Myrtle Bedlngfteld. Miss Eliza
beth Graham aad Miss Florence Ste
venson. Followina- the luncheon a second
courtesy of the day was given Miss
Stevenson in the nature of a bridge
party and shower of gifts, to which
Miss Elizabeth Graham was hostess,
at her home in the Robinson apart
ments. A Thanksgiving theme of,
decoration, with orange as the pre
dominating color, was employed. The
tally cards picture brides. Ices and
cake were served.' The gnesf s prise
was half a dozen rat glass tumblers.
The prize for high seers -was a framed
motto. Mrs. B. W. Graham assisted
her daughter In "entertaining. The
guest list Included the honor gaest
and Misses Florence Stevenson. Lil
lian Crouehet. Pearl Cronchet. Mar
Jorie Crane, BlUee McKae, Margaret
Htnes, Elvira Galentlne. Natalia Gal
entlne. Ehaa Gatontiae, Bertha HI1
gartner. Myrtle Bedingfield. Mary
H eei-mans, Nell "Boomer. Margaret aad
Fan Dorsey Phillips, Fredericks
Klpp. Sylvia Rivers, Gladys Booth,
La Von Sorrells. Mary Magoffin. Mrs.
Victor Johnson. Mral Ben Swain.
Announcements have arrived of the
wedding of James Steel Mahaa, of
Chicago, and Miss Elizabeth Pittman.
formerly of Memphis, Term. The
bride Is remembered here, having
been the guest of her sister, Mrs
John L. Raid, at her home, "River
way' in- the lower valley, several
years ago. During her stay here, Mrs.
Mahan was prominent In society
events and was extensively enter
tained In army circles here.
The weddins took Dlace in the First
Presbyterian church at Chicago No
vember 22. Announcements are sent
ii mm
II Chriitmas rrflfaW- M
1 I 1 5V TU a tBBIILXn
Have Your
Why use the stereotype Had when you can
have the services of our experienced en
gravers and be assured the highest class
engraving ? We suggest that you have your
cards engraved NOW.
Call and See the Samples We Are Showing.
New Address: 108 Chihaahna St
The Wash Woman Didn't Come
Many of the regular patrons of the Elite Laundry first became
acquainted with us through that familiar washday tragedy
"The wash woman didn't come."
If this ever happens to you, don't worry we are at your service.
Just phone for our wagon. If you once try our popular "rough
dry" service you will realize how much better it is than the wash
woman plan. Your garments will be returned to you with the
heavy piece already aTSed and the rest ready to iron starched
and everything. The low cost of dm service w31 be a surprise
to you.
Phones 2176-2177
and one of our route men will caH.
One day service, no additional charge, at
3 Branches
406 V Oregon
rkone 2178
SOS Mills SI.
Phone 151
15 Mesa
Phone Sisa
Women's Tan Calf Oxfords
Without any reservation we will place on sale for the week ending
Saturday every pair Women's Tan Calf Oxfords with straight tips
which includes Laird Schober's. The price reduction on each line
will be a marked one and every line on sale is Uhs seasons purchase
Laird Schober Oxfords.
Sale Price,
.. Tan Calf Oxfords.
Sale Price,
70i Calf Oxfords
Sale Price,
Tan Calf Oxfords
Sale Price,
Sale Men's New Lace amd Blacker Shoes, valued
at $730 for THIS WEEK ONLY ai the LOW
PRICE of :. . .,. .. .
The Satisfaction of
art V ,r ru would experience tne ntnosc ioy In gtv jpbjgBpl
V B3&a lis, choose your gifts personally and with care. fi9H
I Z Early shopping Is essential t a careful selec- SflWSnVC
It " so we urge that you visit the "(ART 8HOP taSS Hn
jfi S&f Jr NOW while wo can give yes the personal serv- fasff dffi
p(J -Vj ncsa-r3r far selection of Just the right Jum WTu
BEAtmFUI. SPA.MSH SHAWLS Band era- i fl
lMMSWi broidered In bright colon on flae heavy silk. s SUayl
iSBflBy Ground colors In red. groan, blue, yellow, brown ELAl11 .
andbUck. liva sizes with triage at fSTe to OnSSjO:
'V .K. H dainty little .Vanity Boxes Brooches. Shoe SEIhaHTB
HSBWB vflj su?epleaseRaayoniaaua ts 3MS STS TTjI
: LtSJP 11 w'u be a pleasure to show any at these and V nu2fci
"OsJV Mlac the saost aaprepriata 9t 2HH
'ffWyl&X Coeds peeked far maBing at no extra charge. JrVEfcl

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