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Wesk-End Edition, November 27-28. 1920.
Washington, D. C. Not. 27.
T'nlqne is the Aspen Hill cemetery,
located just beyond the confines of
"Washington, where the Hampered
canine pet of the capital's artetoe
racy are finally laid to rest. Once
this burial pTonpd for fashionable
dogs was established last June, 69
canines have been laid to rest by
their masters.
Lt It be understood that this ceme
tery Is no place for common doers of
the rag -tag: and bob-tall variety. Of
course, such dogs are permitted to
5 tan 5 outside the fence and look In,
but that's all.
It is a regular cemetery. Two
keepers hare pharge of the grounds
and their cottage is located at the
entrance rate. It Is their work to
keep up the gra en. weed them, and
occasionally decorate them with
A walk through the irronnds shows
ven mo'inds in rows with marble
headstones. On some graves plants
-ucn as ieras nae neen piantea, ana
floral offerings have been placcdi by
loung hands. On one headstone
reads the following1 Inscription:
"In memory of Spot. A faithful
-riend. Sept. 190 J -Feb. 1912. M. J.
ird L E.
AHtomoblle Hearse.
On the death bf the pet dog the
keeper is notified. A Ford hearse
automobile is dispatched to the home
of the deceased carrying- a coffin. A
rough box is osed. If there are no
mourners the dog Is brought out for
a quiet burial and placed in a grave
A. number and a wooden headstone Is
furnished as a means for identifier
Such a sight as this la not uncom
mon to the neig-hbors. A procession
i'f automobiles is seen off in the dts
t ance, wending its way slowly and
solemnly toward the cemetery. A
hearse auto leads. As it passes
-h rough the gute. weeping Is frer
ouentiy heard from the occupants In
tn antos.
S'owl y and solemnly the procession
winds its way up the steep narrow
roads between rows of graves. Then
u comes to a standstill. One by one
the mourners file out, and take their
piaces at the grave. It Is a weeping !
and sorrowful party that surrounds j
he grave as the box -coffin is low
ered ard Pido is laid to rest.
m some instances mourners have
ins sted on burying a bone with their
!og. while others rely on their pet
'-earning of bones and dog heaven.
Faaerai Casts 916.
The graveyard stretching- for 1!
miles along Eastern Branch is said
t be one of the best constructed of
:ts kind in the country, and the best
south of New York. It was erected
at a cost of about 910,900. The cost
of a funeral is $10.
Mary Sunday afternoon strollers
have been attracted to the place out
of curiosity, and parties going
through of a Sunday afternoon are
Mourners of the deceased are like
wise frequent visitors. On an after
noon it is not uncommon to see.
silent figure of either a man ot a
woman herding over a grave, placing
a wreath or some other floral offer
ing. Dogs, former playmates of the
deceased, visit the graves. Some
times they lie on the crave for hours
and grieve.
(Continued from pare 11
The bulk of the water In tba sea
s 15 times that of thetand .above sea
With the Lovely Tint of
By the Use of the Popular
Black and .White Beauty
If yon axe dissatisfied with yonr
complexion because of unsightly skin
blemishes such as liver spots, freckles,
roujrh or pimply skin, do this today
go to your nearest drug; store, get a
package of BLACK and WHITE Oint
ment and a bar of BX.ACX and
WHITE Soap. Before retiring, wash
the face, neck, arms or hands with
warn water and Soap and dry
port coal and number of tons mined
goes up. t
'Treasury Gets Surplus.
Not all of the enormous price ob
tained abroad for coal goes to the
owners or miners. The foreign par-
chaser must pay the extra wage of
the miners and the strictly controled
profits of the owners, but most of
the swag goes Into the treasury
help pay for the war. It Is taken
by the government under the
profits act.
"If France and Italy cannot pay us
their debt," remarked a government
official to me, "this is the only way
we can get out of them what they
owe" The treasury is getting It oat
of them at the rate of something like
sj.vo.euv.wv a year.
Most ef the bitterest controversy- in
the coal strike centered about the
question of output. It is Claimed by
tne government ana oy tne mine own
ers, and by the uoner dafM srener-
ally. that the wages of miners have
gone up so maeb during and since the
war tnat tney will not work fan
time, that the output has thus fallen
off and that the whole country suf
fers through the laziness of the over
paid workers.
Americans can understand the argu
ment better If a few .figures are gives
showing the comparative output and
wages here and In the United States.
In England in 1S8S the cost of
wages of mining a ton of eoal was
Jl.ro. In America $1.52. This year the
cost per ton here, at the present rate
oi excaange, la 54.30. in America
Those figures should be considered
In conjunction with the annual out
put of the average miser in the two
countries. In 181C the American miner
produced 4 OS toss, the English lit
tons, which means that the relative
wage paid to American 2nd Baelteh-
men 34 years ago for the work done
was approximately the same. But this
year the American miser Is bringing
up COO tons and the BsgBea miner
only 2vo. in other words the Amen
can is getting loss money; even for
tnree times as mucn work wan the
miner is Wales, if these figures are
correct. I have obtained all of them
from the board of trade. They are
probably right for England. X have
no means of checking- those given for
the united states.
Lloyd George Forced to Quit.
In the year before the war the out
put of coal Is England was 2S7,See.-
oov tons, about uiree-imhs tne Amen
can outsat ot ..
The ISIS Americas figures, the last
available here, show that Americas
nroductioB had Isereased to eie.veo.
000 toss, while the estimated produc
tion In this country for 1SZO is za.-
000,000, tons or H,v0,v(e tons less
than In 1011.
It Is largely upon these figures.
showing decreased output tnat
government refused to give the men
the additional two shillings they
wanted, until the strike situation had
become so desirous that Meyd George
was forced to back down.
There are a million coal miners in
this country. ' With their families
they amount to between, four and five
million neonle. about one-tenth of the
entire nation. Their case, as I have
obtained It Is talks with their lead
ers. In that they are not responsible
for the decline Is output and that
their standard of living is lower than
that which prevailed in 114. The in
crease in wages they have obtained
do not. they claim, make up for the
rise in prices, and the average ot the
miners In Wales is lower than the
recogaized minimum earned by street
sweepers and dustmen In London.
The misers fiercely object to fig
ures put out by the government coor
uiii t hir work with that of Ameri
cas miners. They declare that con63v
tions are altogether awerent ana max
It is not they but the mine owners
who are responsible for the falling;
off In output. There are several rea
sons why the output la less given by
those leaders who contend that the
men are doing aa much work as they
ever did.
Fresh Capital Timid.
Owing to the government control
of the mines and prices and restric
tion of profits, the mine owners are
said to have so Iseestive to put
fresh capital Into development work.
Thev fear, and many of them expect,
nationalization. For the -present they
have to sell their coal at cost to the
public here, the government takes
most of the huge profit on export
tnorougMy Then ml and apply the "d e oifnVS X bTrGfit
creamy Ointment, according to direc- hinKt Mwanteed as he Is a cer
tain percentage on each ton ot coal
tions. The next morniap wash off
tne Ointment, using Blac- and White
Soap. Vou can see a difference almost
after the first night's treatment. Re
peat the applications and yon will be
happy with the results.
If yon cannot fmd the Black and
Vhite Beaut Treatment Ointment
and Soap, the manufacturers will send
both to you postpaid on receipt of
A sample, literature and a Black
and White Birthday anri Dream Book
free if you will clip this advertise
ment and mail fco BLACK and WHITE,
Box 1057. Memphis, Tenn,
IXSGARD1A opens the rMptra
tory orgasm, removes the thick
masses of ipsiam. brels the Irrita
tion, dispels the encb and cold
rnKurpaest-d in spasmodic Oraap.
Bronchitis, difficult bresthlna. sod
sacfa kindred diseases. T ottsaods
a'twrt to Itx arest virtae. If IXX
(iABDU fails, your money return
rd Price, etc and 11.3. per bot
tle. liasafsefored bj
LTJXGABIHA CtX. Dallas. Texas.
For ssi by all drvesists.
sold from his mine, in sinking great
sums into new seams that may not
be productive before they have been
worked a long time. Accordingly,
old seams are being worked which
are almost exhausted at very low.
levels, and this, the men say. reduces
Another factor making It difficult
to mine as much coal as formerly is
the lack of pit props, the deteriora
tion of railway equipment, shortage
of coal cars and the failure of the
owners to replace necessary equip
ment In the mines themselves. Here
axaln manv of the owners have re
fused to invest new capital in their
mines xor any purposes uniii tney
can see where they stand, and the re
sulting deterioration cats down out
put. Essentials of Argument.
The essentials of the argstneat, so
far as it Is an economic Quarrel, have
been presented and are veery simple.
The position In the coal industry ie
regarded by opponents of government
ownership as a striking object lesson
in the evils of too ranch government
interference. By setting the price and
control ing profits, the government, it
is claimed, has prevented new capital
from being pat Into the mines. This,
in tarn, has restricted output, so the
only way the industry can be con
tinned on a paying basis is by st'll
further bleeding the unfortunate con
sumers in France and Italy. The day 1
may come when these conn tries will
be unable to pay, even though their
industries appear doomed without
English coal.
But back of economic Issues In the
coal conflict are Important political
ones. South Wales Is a center of Bol
shevik activity In this country, and a
very large proportion, if not a ma
jority, of the 600,006 miners In this
area are extremists whose aim is to
seise the mines for themselves and
hold the nation to ransom. There is
a very "class conscious" revolution
ary element working in all the great
trade unions, and during the past few
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weeks the country bad a very narrow
escape from' what might have been an
attempted revolution.
The "triple alliance" Is made up of
the unions of miners, railwayman and
transport workers. Last year the
rallwaymen struck, were not sup
ported by the other unions, and were
compelled to make a compromise set
tlement. The extremists, during the
year that has elapsed since then, nave
dinned into their followers the lesson
ot this cheek.
Big Three's Defiance.
-Let the Tlg three' strike together
and the country la at oar mercy, -they
nmciiiniMl from 16M nlatferms.
Last month, when a eoal strike was
transport workers had grievances I tion In Pima county, this state.
which were and are tending towards
farther trouble, and there seemed a
atrosg chance that all three would
come out at the same time, perhaps
under the general direction oi tne
"council of action," which was -set up
Campbell On His Way
To Gooemon Conference
Phoenix, Ana, Nov. 27. Gov. Thomas
K Campbell today is en route for
Harrleburg. Pa., to attend the con
ference of governors to be held De
cember 1 to L Then he Is to go to
Washington to place before members
of congress and government depart
ment heads arguments for protective
tariff on cotton and wool for the re
lief of southwestern producers; ex
emption of mining claims from as
sessment, and construction of a hlfrh-
way over the Papago Indian reeerva-
to prevent England from fighting Red
Rnssia but has since been continued
as a sort of embryonic soviet. An
Important and moderate man In dose
touch with government opinion
summed up the present situation by
stating that the crisis is not past.
It Is only postponed. Copyright.
If 39. by the McClurs syndicate.
Sissy Gift Suggestions.
There Is much to Interest you In
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The Complexion
tddre CsittvstdnnftWWtrUw tr.'-, r.ta
Boy Wants To See Sick
Father; $4500 Missing
Phlladelph.a. Pa, Nov. ST. Elliott
Mlcener. a IS year old office boy. has
disappeared with pay envelopes. con
taining 14500 from tne Baldwin Loco
motive works.
Desire to see his father, said to be
dying In Spokane, Wash, is believed
by detectlvea to have Induced htm to
leave the city hurriedly. The boy's
mother started across the country
Sunday night In an effort to reach
her husband before he died.
Inspector Preparing Bill '
Of Weights And Measures
Phoenix, Aria, Nov. 27. R. E. Mer
ritt, state Inspector of weights and
measures. Is preparing a bill govern
ing weights. He ask a great deal of
fraud was known to be practiced in
Arizona In the weighing and measur
ing of produce by persons who were
not under bond and who were respon
sible to no authority that would pre
vent them from committing fraud.
Merrltt said he 'was atndylng the
weight laws of California and Texas
and had drawn up two bllla, but bad
not decided which he won id cause to
be Introduced.
Arizona Youth Gets 10
Years Suspended Sentence
Phoenix, Ariz, Nov. sV. Alva Pat
terson. 18 years old. found guilty by
a Jury in the superior court on a
charge of manslaughter, has been
given a suspended sentence of ten
years by Judge R. C. Stanford. Pat
terson was charged with hating shot
his father. Frank J. Patterson. Oct
10 11. following a quarrel at their
ranch house north of Phoenix.
Judge Patterson stipulated that
young Patterson report to the pro
bation officer once each week: that
he open a bank account and deposit
SS0 a month.
Kodak Finishing. See Oardara. Adv. Cuba has 174 sugar factories.
Liquor Worth $165,000
Seized In New York Raid
Kav York . Mot. 27. Wines and
liquors valpJ at more than $1M00
were seisa in a proniDiuon raia on
the establliliment of Looia L. and J
Jay A Herman, already nnder $33,000
bond and cited to show cause why
their license should not be revoked.
I Included in the seizure were large
' quantities of port and sherry, 875
cases and 35 barrels of whisky and
i 125 cases of pin '
Anti-vatMte coa.1 van first tested as
1 fuel in 10S (
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20 Percent Wage Cut
In Alabama Cotton Mill
Pell City. Ala, Nov. 27. A 2 per
cent reduction In the wagea of all em
ployes effective Monday has been an
nounced by the Avondale cotton mills
ffepltal. Sarpta Profits iSee.M
Intrrmt PaW taljr trrouats
C K. HmtrM. rmMnl
Joseph MaKarrla. ler-HrMUnt
C. N Hawlt. VIlreleBl.
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