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4 Week-End EditiAi. November 27-28, 1920.
The closing days of the campaign
fur Red Cross membership among the
soldiers at Fort Bliss shown a Terr
lively interest on the part of most of
the organizations, according to I G.
Coop, field director of the Bad Cross,
in charge of the activities at Fort
Troop L of the Eighth cavalry was
the first to show 16 percent mem
bership. Troop H of the Seventh env
..lry. not to be ontdone 07 any other,
decided to be IN percent plus and en
rolled -Babe," "Husky- and Tee
nuts." all troop mascots, as Bed
.Toss members. The personnel of
company No. 42. M. T. C, healing of
this, immediately raised the antt and
3 there are 11 men in the compan.
thoug-ht it a tacky number and all
subscribed It each instead pf the
usual tl. The Eighth caralry In
firmary is also 10 percent.
The percergage as shown In the
appended list shows the standing uf
the various organisations as of Tues
day night and Is offered by Mr. Coop
as an evidence of esteem in which the
Red Cross Is held at the pest.
"Each soldier member must feel
lust a little proad of the fact that
he not only stands ready to defend
his country In time of war and is
willing to contribute to the assist
ance of his buddies' ta ease of die
tress through the Bed Cross, hat also
realises the good that the "Greatest
.Mother In the World- Is able to ac
complish In times of disaster, teach -.ns
first aid. and combating disease,
said he. .
Following Is the standing of the
vs-rious units at the fort:
Tr a 1th Car 1JJ
Tr. I. tth Car 1JJ
Infirmary, tth ear
M T. C. Co, No. 43 IS
M. T. C Co, No. it
Srr. Park Unit. No. Ml 1JJ
Traces Co.. No. 3 lye
M. T. C Co, No. 4s
Or. JJ, it T. R. U. No. 1 J4
Pick Tram. No. .'. Jf
:-t Pro. Ore. Det. TI
Cap. Tr, Tth Cay w
Tr. U Tth Cav T
Tr. C. Tth Cav T3
Tr K. Tth Cav Tl
Tr. K. Sth Car Tl
. C, tth Ebsts T
Tr. H. tth Car
M T. C Co.. No. H , 3
ATnb. Co, No. It
V T. C Co, No. S t
Tr. L, tth Car
M. T. a Co, No. S3 ST
iT. T C. Co, No. 7t '
Pup. Tr.. Sth Car tS
Mr E. 5nd P. S4
F. Tth CaT , it
104th Aero Squad M
Rth Airship Co. M
Infirmary. 7th Car.................. St
Station Hospital 4t
Tr. G, tth Cat 4S
Tr. A. Tth Car 4
Co. B. tth Basra 34
2nd FrOT. Ord. Dot-
Tr. E. Tth Car 3
Tr. il. 7th CaT 3t
Rmonnt . St
Tr. B. 7th Car ........... 34
Infirmary. I3nd F. A. 34
nty E. trod F. A. 33
M. O. Tr, Tth CaT 31
M. G. Tr, tth Cst ro
Hrotrs Co . tlnd T. A. 3t
T-. B. tth CaT It
Tr. A. tft CaT 15
Hdqtro Tr, tth Car 14
Hdqtrs Tr . 7th Car 14
nr. Dp., No. 9 13 .
Tr. H tth Cav J I
Tr. L Tth Cav 9 (
By A. ttnd F. A. I
iup Co, t2nd F. A. ................. t
TIosp. Co. Xo. It Cl
r E. tth Cav T
B.v D. 8"nd F. A T
' o A, Sth Engra s
r.- C. M. T. R. U, No. Ill t
T".y F. find F.SA 4
- B M T. R. U, No. 315
Tr D. Tth Cav 4
Pn Ord JVt. 1
Or A. T R. U, No. tit 5
- C. tth Cav 1
. S2nd F. A. I
ri d Hivy M O. R. S. 1 ,
Tack Train No 1 Non !
t.'uartermaster DeL None j
taron Co. Xo. 4 Son I
Organization reports not yet received )
-cooe Tr. r and F, tth cavalry. 4tth
-fantry, Tr. G. Tth cavalry, and tbo Tel--nary
corps of the Tth cavalry.
Millions Of Bushels
Of Giant Potatoes
Fargo, V. t). Not. z7. North ra
I.tta. if forced to It. could lire for
twelve months on the potatoes it pro
duced this year. It might not be a
good diet to plow or pitch hay on.
but what is home without a potato?
The potato crop Just harvested
amounted to ?,4S,sos bushels, ac
cording to A. J. Strrrat of the United
states bureau of crop estimates.
Firuring each potato weighs a half
pound which Is said to be a good
average, though some North Dakota
potatoes weigh five pounds there are
ICO potatoes In a bushel or SJS.0SO.
f'OQ potatoes In the crop. The popula
tion of North Dakota being around
$00,000, this means lilt potatoes a
year for each person, or three po
tatoes a dav. In war ttme In fier
many families of five persons fared
comiortamy on such rations. But as
babies don't eat potatoes, and there
are lots of babies In North Dakota,
each potato eating unit of the popu
lation might be calculated to have
an allowance of four spuds a day.
With the transformation of North
Dakota In recent years from a great
wheat field into a diversified farming
country, the humble spud has taken
ar. important rank in farm products.
Last year's yield was 5,670,000 bushels
and the average of the state through
nut its agricultural history has been
r,S57,0OO bushels annually.
Monuments For Roads
Traveled By Lincoln
Springfield, I1L, Nov. 27. Monu
mental posts are soon to be erected
In 18 counties in central Illinois to
mark the road traveled by Abraham
Uncoln in 1S47 when he was most ac
tively engaged in the practice of law.
In those days Lincoln and other
lawyers of the vicinity traveled with
the court, then Judge David Davis,
over what was known as the eighth
judicial circuit. Horses and buggies
were used, it taking sometimes more
than a day to travel from one court
house to another.
The monuments will be erected on
the county lines and boulder markers
will also be erected in each county
seat where judge Davis held court.
The work has been promoted by an
organisation formed for the purpose
called the Lincoln Circuit Marking
Newport. R. I, Nov. 27. Newport
crs are demanding five-cent pie In
stead of the ten-cent crtlcle they
u&e been getting in the restaurant,
and are basing their demands upon
the announcement that flour is now
telling for 310 and lees per barrel. A
movement for reducing the price of
bread from the twelve and aeventsen--ent
loaea to the old five and ten
ant loaves is under way.
Bed Cross Nurses' Bouse and
Headquarters House at Camp
Cod;. Both Buildings well con
structed and in good condition.
Easily convertible into dwellings.
Sealed bids will be received up to
noon December 15th. Mail all
.,ds to
S31 14th Street, DENVER, COLO.
o'j o IwllpltJr
0 :
And Now for the Last Week of Our Great Value Giving
,0 Day Drive for 1000 New Accounts
Coming as it does just before Christmas-It offers
exceptional opportunities
7 aural
"Pay the Easy Rogers Way"
Extra Special
A Handsome
3 Piece Living
Room Suite
Period Design
A rime 3-piece Living Boom Suite, eomnstiBg ef
sofa, rocker and chair. Adam design. Panel
esae backs xrith seats upholstered in velonr. Rich
mahogany, finish. An extra good value.
EXTRA d.n7 f-n
This is jast oce of many nflimar values.
AFinalClean-up of allOddPieces andBroken Assortments
that have accumulated from the past 3 Weeks Busy Selling
For Next Week Only
Wilton Rugs
For next week only we wffl give yea tow ebofce
of or estire stock of inferior ll, OFF
qw&Bty W8ten Bags, at T
Axmlnster Rugs
9x12 Axafetter Rogs 3 patterns ta dose oat
of.T. $47.50
xl2 AxmiBfter Bags- pattens of extra good
edctr:..T..deM.oa.t:.yo" $52.50
Brussels Rugs
3 natters of 9x12 Bmesefa Bags WoBderful
,ofat.tkfa."."Bp. $36.00
Seamless Velvet Rngs
4 extra good eatterss of 9x13 Seamless Velvet
Bey To dote oat, year $44 50
Extra Special Tq Close
A Beautiful
Chair and Rocker
Solid Mahogany
C3air and Rocker to mate in solid
mahogany. Queen Anne design.
Seat and back upholstered in high
grade damask.
Begnlar price, each, $57.50.
An Extra Special
Library Case
Quartered Oak
A seUd quartered sale IArary Case
in Miss Km style. 4 shelves and
glass doors. An extra good value.
Regular price, fiiJJG.
A Handsome
Period Design
Here k an axcrpsioBally useful
niece of faraitare. A haadeoBst
library Table that forms a eosi
pkte beds Adams design in rich
mahogany frank.
Regular price, $6090.
Specially CggJO
Priced.... .OsSS
-A Iteautifnl Mahosany Buffet in Sheraton (irM'rD. M-raeh
top, with full length mirror. A regular $120.00 value. tfQ O
Specially priced Pa70
411 A handsome American Walnut Buffet in Queen Aaae design.
54-inch top. Linen drawer, 2 small drawers, silver drawer and
2 cupboards. Regular price 395.00. (79
SpeoaDy priced P I
655 A massive solid Quartered Oak Buffet in Colonial dcsB
and fumed finish. Full length mirror. Regular price O Q
$104.00. Specially priced tpOaSi
Some Extra Good Values. In Bed Room Furniture
Serving Table
553 A beautiful mahogany
Serving Table in Sheraton
design. A'ood value at the
regular price, $45.00.
. $34.00
Dining Chairs
2081 Here is a my special
value. 3 enry, I son and !
side chairs. Rich mahogany.
JueeaAnae pattern. Leather
seats. Regular $65j0S value
Set of three.
935 A handsome Mahogany Extension Library Table is William
and Mary design. A fine Library Table that is quickly con
verted into a neat Dining Tabk. Regular $80.00 gQ Cf
vutae. Specially priced ?t2e7.oU
847 A beautiful Mahogany Library Table is fancy Adams de
sigs. A good value at the regular price, $75.00. 4Q 7C
Speaiatry priced 9e7e O
5W An extra good value in & Walnut Library Table. Adams
deesga. Rgamr price, $36m tfOQ "7C
Seeemliy priced tPaCO.O
lies A heaatifnl Fused 6k Table Desk vith art glass reeding
leap attached. A rpltndid value at the regular (no J" A
price of tSSjOQ. Speefeliy priced ?aWO.OU
Extra Special Values in
Combination RANGES
Here are some very special values
in these two well known Ranges.
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bakers. They always satisfy. Two
stevee in one!
Our regular $1S5 Buck's Combina
tion Coal and Gas Range. Spe
cially priced.
Our regular $105 Buck's Combi
nation Coal and Gas Range.
Specially priced,
Our regular $225 All Kmsseled
Buck's Ctmibiestkni Coal and
Gas Range. Special,
Our regular $1 45.00 GarhiBd Simple Action Combination Goal
and Gas Range. Specially $97 50
Our regular $185.00 Garland. Simple Action Combination Coal
prtr.:.8. $138.50
4-PIece Ivory Suite
140 A i 4 -piece Ivory Suite, consisting of Bed, Dresser,
Dressing Table and Chifforette. A beautiful Adams design. An
extra fine suite and a very special varae. Regular tf0 1 Q
priee, tmjO. Specially priced pJ.a7
Dressing Table
13 A X-wing ssirroT Dressing Table in rich American walnut.
An axtistie repraduetion of a beautiful Adams design. (JjCC
Hegnlar 175X) Talna. Specially priced J)OU
Ivory Desk
836 A dainty Adams design Desk in rich ivory finish.
Regular $48.00 value. Specially priced .....HOt
Dressing Table Bench
1031 A large sin fancy shaped Mahogany Dressing Table Bench
with fine cane seat. Regular tl&SO value. JQ OP
Specially priced iPa.a&U
1165 A splendid value in a 6-dnwer geiow oak, waxed finish
Chiffonier. Regular price $28.00. ClQ 7C
Speaally priced PX7.I ej
lJ5Vi A beautiful Desk Chiffonier in mahogany or ivory finish.
A rich Sheraton design. An extra fine piece at furniture and
a splendid value. Regular priee $MU0O. QCQ Cft
Specially priced PO7.i?U
Shoe Cabinet
10SS A beautiful William and Mary design in rich walnnt.
A meat artistic piece of bed room fomitore. CjOO
Regular prkc $45.00. SpedaDy priced if.0
Bed Room Table
18 A solid Jiahogany Bed Boom Table in William ami Mary de
sign. A splendid value. Regular price $8J0. &91
Specially priced Pi'
168 A haAdeome solid Ma
hogany Wmdeor Rocker. A
spiendid 1&00 value.
1165 A solid quartered oak
in Jacobean style and finish
Auto seat upholstered is ta
peetrT. Regular 626 value.
Very Special Values From Our
DRAPERY Department
Curtain Nets
508 yards at YOU Cnrtem NU in
white, cream and isnry block
effects at
y2 OFF
Bedding Specials
Plain Grey Cotton Bbuikets. Pull
size. An Extra Special value, the
Wool mixed Plaid Blankets. An
ezra good value at the pair,
Bedding Specials
Foil sixe, (ilkoliue covered, Cotton
Pilled Comforts. Extra Special,
Extra grade. Gotten FBM, SDke
line Corered Oofflfort. Very spe
cial at, each,
$6.95 ..
A good lot of Uaoleum remnants.
Your choice of aU Printed Rem
nants, the yard, '
Your choice of aB remaasti of In
laid LiaohasH, the yard.
Small fnred Cnrtam Nets in
white and ferny. Regular 61.50
values. Te dean-up, Q-
per yard 7Jl
Figured Marquisette Over Draperies
A sptendW assortment of esters in both plain and fancy Marqui
sette. Regular $L00 values. Special to clean-up, Qgj
Fancy Colored Curtain Scrims
A ffce aesettmeat of these beastrtri curtain sateriab. Snttabls
for bed room or over draperies. Regular Me and 60s OQ
Tames. Special Ji7C
Ready-Made Curtains
AB odd pairs of ready-made curtains ana odd pieces of panel
-nets r he famMed fa ttis fTHT?
fteal etean-wp at x2 Uff
Electric Heaters
Electric Room Heaters are safe, economical and handsome.
They quickly take the chill from your room.
Can be attached to any socket
ogers Furniture Co,
Extra Special
MESCO Carpet Sweepers
We will place on sale Just SO of these extra good Carpet
Sweepers and Vacuum Cleaners combined. CO QC
Regular 64-08 values, for next week, special. . i7 O

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