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Tuesday. Nov. 30. 1920.
A contPoreiy has arisen between
D A. Bandeen. mivag?r of El Bo
chamber of commerce and J. B. Bris
tol, president of ths Msxicsn-American
border chamber of commerce over
rr at hods of maraing that organiza
tion Mr. Bristol, in addition to being
, preiifdent of the international or
frmisation is secretary of the No
friles Ariz., chamber of commerce and
Mr. Bandeen. ic addition to being
iranaer of Lhe El Paao chamber of
commerce is manager ot the inter
i ational organization.
Mr. Bristol recently sent a commit
tee to Washington in the name of
both bodies he represents to urge the
suspension of passport regulations
uong the border. At the meeting in
El Paso. October 7 and 8. at which
:he international chamber of com
merce was formed it was agreed that
.iohn A. Kapper. who represents the
V. Paso chamber of commerce in
Washington also should, be the repre
sentative of the border chamber com
merce With this understanding the
Kl Paeo chamber appropriated from
n budget $5000 toward the $13,000
1 edget of the border chamber.
Vow that Mr Bristol has sent a
, .unmittee to Washington. Mr. Hap-;.t-r
has written that authorities there
dn not know whom to regard aa the
authorised representative of the bor
iU r chamber. To clear the matter np
fl Mr. Bandeen thas written to Mr. Bris
i l asking him not to do things that
will con filet, with regular method of
procedure which is to work throogh
the manager and the regular Wash
ington representative.
The area, ot Siberia exceeds that of
K a rope by more than a million square
Commerce Chambers Plan
Extension Courses To Make
Business Economics Plain
AS a means of inoculating- the
American lay mind against as
Infection of Russian Bolshevism
which many persons fear Is sweeping?
westward toward this country, an J
to counteract tie d-'r'-t --- s
of radical lm that already hurt be
come apparent after years of mu'.ii
thinking? In the United States it is
proposed by some officials of the
chamber of commerce of the United
States and of the department of com
merce to conduct a nationwide can
pairn of education on economic sub
jects. From time to time statements
of tentatively proposed plans hare
reached the chamber of commerce of
El Paso which later may be asked to
cooperate In such an extension course,
so to speak, although this city Is ex
ceptionally free from radical Ideas.
Bdueatfonal Campaign.
The campaisrn of ednoatiOB. It
ought to be explained, is not to be
mere coonter propaganda for the
originators of the Idea say they real
ise that the country Is tired of propa
ganda, and particularly of the name
itself. Propaganda, they say. Imply
drives In support of some belief or
idea that supports some special in
terest whereas a campaign such as
leading economists may be asked to
undertake, would consist of open and
unbiased discussion of the underlying
principles of political economy and
business which would hare for its aim
the enlightenment of every dtwen
who could be reached In regard to
the problems that all have to face
from those of the government Itself
down throagk those of corporations.
Good Health
rtaoR jgd
7 jswwCT jy
t. DPaaoiTOcss
Is 6, 12, 24, 48
ami sJm 984b. sacks.
Of nature's masy blessings
good health k one which should
be treasured by all men.
"Sknple foods' promote good
health and add to the joy of
White bread k a simple food.
eastLy digested, and contains
much nourishnicfrt.
Cream of Wheal Flour makes
delicious bread, for Cream of
Wheal Floor is qualify flour.
Always have Cream of Wheat
FJow on hand.
llrr. ami small, to those Of tM
humblest Individual who has to figure
out how to make ends meet.
Two erroneous Ideas. It is claimed,
have become so fixed In the average
American mind that nothing short of
conducting a great correspondence
school for all of the people through
the media of newspapers, magazines,
billboards, etc, wfll correct them. The
first of these Ideas is that there is a
thing commonly termed the capitalist
system which Is closely allied with
modern governments, which has for
its purpose the wringing from the
productiveness of labor Illegal profits
for a privileged class; that this sys
tem works deliberately and malicious
ly and that Its accomplishments are
not cralrtded by economic laws, bat
by the vicious sehemlng of persons
who profit by it- The other Idea is
that business Is, If sot evil as now
conducted, at least hardly respectable,
at least less respectable than the pro
f ess lens.
llow Business Is Done.
T- correct the first Brlstaben idea
It Is proposed to shew among other
things lust how the world's business
is handled from. taternationa! com
merce down to (he selling of cigarets
in interior villages; This means that
the world's international banking
systems would have to be exolalaed :
that the methods of the great ex
porter would have to be exposed;
rhar the affairs of exDioltlnir agencies
such as International oil and mining
companies, steamship companies, etc
woe Id have tejte opened up for public
Coming down to intranational af
fairs the educational process would
hav In exntaln tfc& workings of so-
called trusts, the operation of reat
earners, mines, iBcwna uw ouki
The second deoartment of the great
i endeavor would be to show that busi
ness -is the txrst essential or existence
and consequently as respectable as
art or music or medicine or law.
The idea that business Is an evil
Inenbsi on the race, as manaared in
modern days, originated In Prance
and Germany with the earlier So
cialists of the modern school. But
the idea that business is hardly re
spectable originated In England,
where most of our American institu
tions sum from. The first Wee. orig
inated among the wild-eyed radicals.
The second Idea originated among
high-toned aristocrats. Tnat is large
ly why business people are known as
bourgeoisie or the middle class. Busi
ness has had to fight its way against
arrogant, royal snobs 'and against the
long-haired and deluded bams of the
world. That It Is about time It be
came respected and put Into its place
in tae scnexee ot tning. iu apoiogieu
At Your Grocer's Here
in El Paso and through
out the Entire Southwest
Ben Agulrre, service car driver,
charged with an assault upon Jean
Atrnendarix, employed at a local
garage, was found sot' guilty by a
Jnry In the county court at law Tues
day morning.
Presents for the Whole Family.
We are prepared to fill the order,
whether it is for father, mother, sis
ter, brother or sweetheart. Here you
will find a wealth of gift suggestions
Hands ra Photo Supply Co
110 K. San Antonio St. Adv.
Honey back without exsrncn
liBTSfn aaXTK falls In lbs
tresnaent of ITCH. ECZPta,
ttefctng sxia iIImius Fries
U.Sxxil fttCcfcl ChitncUs.
Cor. Una Ave. and San Antonio St.
An oil boom is on In the OJinaga
country in northeastern Chihuahua
Reports from Chihuahua City are
that a number of filings have been
made on oil land In that region by
Americans and natives, and that Gov.
Ignaeio Enrique has sent two en
gineers out to make an investigation.
The new field Is on the border of
Coahnlla and Chihuahua and Is be
lieved to be an extension of the
CoahuUa coal belt. Some mining
claims. In expectation of finding coal
as well as oil. have also been filed.
The Orient railroad as surveyed
would paaa through the new field.
It waa la the same neighborhood
that William Randolph Hearst and
associates did some oil prospecting
before the Madero revolution.
C P. Troxel. now Interested In the
Toyah-Pecos oil field, waa field su
perintendent for Mr. Heirst at the
Venice Founder LeaOes
$50,000 Income Yearly
Santa Fa, X. iL. Nov. 20. Former
district attorney Robert C Gortoer,
who several years ago took up bis
residence to Los Angeles, has Just
filed the will of Abbot Kinney, the
rounder or Venice, caiic wn.cn dis
poses of an estate of more than
fl.OOe.000. Mr. Gortner has incor
porated the estate as the Abbot Kin
ney company, which has an annual
income of more than S&O.094. the
widow being; given it percent of the
capital stock and the rest being: di
vided equally among four sons,
Ttioroton, Sherwood, Innee and Carle
ton. Upon the death of the widow,
two other children. Clan and Helen,
are to receive one-taira or toe stocic.
$20,000,000 Pool Formed
To Aid Livestock Industry'
Chicago, I1L. Nov. 10. The Live
stock Finance corporation has com
pleted its organisation and Is ready
to begin Its work of assisting the
livestock Industry, It was announced
after a aneeung ot officials of the organisation.
The corporation was launched with.
a pool or 3zx.0oe.sov contriouieo: oy
New York. Chicago and Boston bank
ers to be used in making loans.
Park Pitman Collection.
State ef Light body and James, South El Pass and West Overland Streets, presest site of
GrecUn Theatre. Picture taken is 1881. This was the only t we-story bufisiag in 1 Paso
at that time.
An examioatioa of this picture by those Irvisg in 1 Paso today will give
a graphic flrwstratkm of the growth of the city and its future possibilities.
In the few short years intervening this "old fashioned" general store has
given way to two of the largest and roost excellent department stores in
the country the Popular and the White House. Merchants have kept
pace with the times and what has happened to the stores has happened
to Real Estate all along the line. An investment in a vacant lot in El
Paso today k . about as sound an investment as any good business man
or worm out ask. Properly is destined to rue phenomenally in this city
in the immediate future. Successful investors always have their ears open
for the latest story of opportusMty and if you are wise the lesson of EI
Paso's immediate past will speU financial success for you. Investigate
this vacant lot idea and see what it can do for you. A modest purse is
no bar to you. for there are opportunities for all.
This Is one of a series of articles
published by the EH Paso Realtors.
Representatives of four of the.
ciiys civic organisations wno wiu
serve in tne tree soiling campaign as
assistants to the district directors
have been named. It- was announced
Tuesday by Lamar Cobb, director
general The organisations that have
named representatives are Wade
Hampton chapter, C D. C-. Daughters
of the American Revolution. El Paso
Rotary and the Klwanis club. Rep
resentatives named by the United
Daughters of the Confederacy are:
Mrs. C E. Bryan. Mrs. J. W. McKay.
Mrs. Carroll Hooper. A- D. Had son,
P. R. Outlaw, Mrs. H. E. Ruth, Mrs.
J. O. Morrow. Mrs. George Glass, Mrs.
Kate Tatum. Mrs. K. a McCllntock.
Mrs. 3. W. Gaulkner. Mrs. D. H. Oeer,
Mrs. Annie Harris. Mrs. Tt. K. Prideas.
Mrs. 3. H. Harper, Mrs. Hadlex Sanders.
Those named by the Daughters of
the American Revolution are:
Mrs. L A. Shedd. chairman: Mrs.
Lee Oradorff. Mrs. C. E. French, Mrs.
W. H. Aldrldge. Mrs. H. B. Stevens,
Mrs. 3. H McBroom. Mrs. W. R.
Smith. Mrs. Park Pitman. Mrs. J. E.
Scene. Mrs. Martha Wells. Mrs. J. V.
Kilburn, Mrs. Mary Rosa K tester. Mrs.
J. W. Ian, Miss Gertrude Tale. Mrs.
Li. ij. Kooinson. Mrs. l. a. sneae; and
Mrs, T. J. Woodside.
The Klwanis club representatives
Seth Oradorff. Sam Watkins. Dr. J.
W. Cancart, Frank Turner, J. A.
Brennaa. o. c JseConoelL a. r- coles
S. U Davis, a C Brady, p. M. Rlgdon.
jan .Beers. a. Bargieoaugn. r.
Lk M. Bowlby, One Emlnger, W. R.
Blair, w. J. BHamsn.
El Paso notary's representatives
8am Ouven, Ed Tjwhman, w. V.
Small. R. E. Gibson, Joe Held. C I
uregory, ueorge ie Jsaron jack i
gy. J. B. Worsham. f. A. Borders. &
H. Rodarera. Paul Nafe. Will Shntea.
Harry Swain - Hal H. Logan, Harvey
n iison. scsui aieionaa.
J Private Branch Rxehaage 3S6.
Mall and Phone Orders Promptly Pilled.
s Sweaters
BEGINNING tomorrow rooming we place on 'sale our
entire stock of boys sweaters. These come in either
coat or sup-over styles. The coat styles have shawl collars
and the slip-overs come with ruff neck. In this assortment
you will find heather mixture, and solicr' colors of navy,
brown, green, cardinal, maroon and oxford.
In addition there are many attractive color combinations.
Sizes range from 26 to 36 chest measure. These sizes will
St boys from 4 to 18 years of age.
Note These Pre
Holiday Prices
Sweaters For
Christmas Gifts
"pHIS Pre-Hobiar sale of
sweaters w31 suppry not only
naamediate needs for the bors, bat
vrnl provide ideal QinstoMs gifts.
Sveaets sMeaded for gifts will be
boxed in holiday boxes without
catsu. COst.
The -minion d'aplay of these
smeaten ariB increase year maerett
k this eveni.
BOYS' SWEATERS Made of fine Abed cotton
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T oy Annex.
U ban wfll ke inter
cetad an the sBsuky W
jSLfhsnirsI toy. sa the
Lewteton. Mont. Nov. 30. The
Graagevllle Savings Bank and Trust
company of Graagevllle. Idaho, near
here, vraa closed today and now le In
the hands of the stale department of
commerce and rndaetry. The deposits
are S11S.SS4. The bank Is e&stdered
soiveni, out nas oeea unable to rea
Use on Its paper.
Two Mexicans, early Monday morn
ing, held up C 8. Hulson. SIS Myrtle
avenue, driver tor a local dairy, and
took fpur bottles of milk and St cents.
The robbery occur ed on Cotton a ve
nae. Hudson reported the theft to the
pollee, and told them the Mexicans
were armed.
Mrs. P. J. Savage, for IS years a
resident of Bl Paso at IMS Bast Rio
Craaate street, died at a hospital In
San Antonio, Texas, where she had
been for several months for special
treatment. Mr. salvage loft Bl Paso
Saturday evening for San Antonio, but
did not arrive before Mrs. Savage
Funeral services win be conducted
at 8C Mary's i chores, san Antonio.
Wednesday morning, interment will
be in the family plot In the Catho
lic cemetery at Socorro, N. M,
Mrs. Savage was S4 years old. She
is survived by her husband, three sons.
Francis R, P. J. )r, and John P.. and
one daughter, Mrs. JL P. Brown, all
of Bl Paso.
B. H. Smith, SI years old. died at
a local sanatorium Sunday morning.
He is survived by a widow. The
American Legion win conduct raneral
services in the Peak Hagedon chapel
at 7:Si oclock tonight. Wednesday
morning the body will be sent to
Lees vine. La, for burial.
THIS year, as formerly, you will find it a genuine pleas
ure to select your Christmas tokens for the tiny tots in
Tfe Baby's
ALL weal baby blankets is
crib gfees m creamy white
witt band ef pink or baby Mae,
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Christmas s? n f
Special at tplJ.ZfJ
seres pieee set composed of yard
square bath blanket, two regular
size towels, two large feeding; bibs
and two soft tcash rags. This
comes packed in a beautif nl box.
Christmas tt 1 d r
Speoal jla.OV
Own Shop
BEAUTIFULLY embroidered
and tafted. Caters arc pink
and baby bins, racked fa a damty
holiday box. A Of
Extra tyeeSal .
These are a yard eoware and not
to be eonaled for softness and ab
sorbing entity. Dainty edge of
pink and Hue.
Christmas .Special 89c
TrinKets for Baby's Xm as
TT HIS year special attention has been paid to provic&g Cririsimae
trinkets for little tots. Many of those shown are special impor
tations. We invite your attention to two specially priced tables:
TABLE KO. ONK Rattles, eeliu- TABLE MO. TWO Kcerd books,
loid and rsBsber dells and animafe, toilet seta, ribbon antti powder
tmbUe sets, soap boxes and oath boxes, rattles and dothes hangers.
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are a PievHoWay Special t. . . . . . P V. 4D
4th Floor
Gifts For Men
UR present rfisplay of gifts which wil please men is
most complete. We suggest that
make acceptable gifts. We-
ako suggest that n purcaas
g shirte for gifts you buy
just me nad that. a mam
woi4diy Iriraself. The ma
ronty of Hrcfi prefer ekrier
MmmaUan or Emery Shkis.
Note die tbree olio wing
Shirts At $3.50
' Starts made of ktsjii gaatle woven and corded madras in fancy colored
stripes and neat cooseiTative. pntkras. A ty f
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These are raede of fibre, fibre and cottoa
stripes, checks and fancy taixbuts.
Special at
Esfsnmn: ' . if
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aad madras, in
Shirts At $5.95
These are as eicepriosnrfly fioe svade of madras and fibre shirts,
perfectly taaWed and well cat. All sizes. f s-y
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Street Floor
Advance Notice
T$ LANS are searing cojnpte- k Pre-Holiday Sale of hosi-
bos for our annual Pre- -n i ,i
it kj c.i j. A rv. ery wsU beoneot the earl
a fusHsay juc m use uv
eveaci on the Street floor.
Funeral services tor Charles R.
Walker. M ysars old. who, accordlns
to coroner Wright, commltteed sui
cide Monday momlns; at the Haborn
hotel, will be held In the Peak-Hage-don
chapel, SOS Texas street, this
afternoon. Burial will be In Con
cordia cemetery.
James stall. 32 years old. died In a
By all means allend the Elfe' entertainment next Thursday night at Liberty HaU.
local sanitarium, Saturday morninfe.
He Is survived by a widow. The
American Legion conducted funeral
services In the Peak-Hagredon chapel
Tuesday -morning at 11 odock. Wed
nesday morning: the body will be sent
to Harrison, Ind, for btrriaL
James Stall, a mechanic 22 years
old. died at a local sanatorium No
vmeber 37. He Is survived by a
widow, lira. Lain E. Stan. Funeral
services were held In the Peak-Haa-e-don
chapel Tuesday. The body will
be forwarded to Harrison, Ind., tor
According to information from J. C.
DeGTered to your hente Dec 24th wosM mean for aH
the family
A Merry Christmas
-Thick H orei, then place yosr order.
Cash or Tenet.
326 W. Saa Antonio St. 821 Mesa Are.
Phone 4200 Phone 172
Authorized Sales and Serrke
McOonulck. sseistant geasval pasaen
ser aeemt of the Southern PaetTlc. a
special train will arrive this aAer
neon at 4:S. from Chatham. Ontario.
ha,vlns; on board approximately zM
Hexlcan laborers, retarnissr te Mexico.
Alexander Pone made "tee"
with "obey."
Do You Know
That when the price ef Fori AntoMohles -m resmcsd 38 fts cent
the jhak weiH knew k wkhk 24 hews?
Has dropped 49 per cent in the past six fnaitrht and the people)
k El Paso des't teea te haew k.
Thede-Sherrod Lunibcr Co.
"A Siagle Stick or a CarJead
1S1 Texas St PW 128

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