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El Paso, fair; west Texas, fair, warmer; New Mei.-c,
Pesos, 52c; Mexican gold, $50; caaonales, $25.50;
bar silver, domestic 99J4c, foreign 65fjc; copper, 14c;
grain, higher; livestock, lower; stocks, lover.
fair, wanner; Arizona, fair, warmer.
single copt. cam.
Patron Saint Of Mexico
Will Appear On Sunday,
Faithful Think.
Virgin In Whose Honor
Juarez Gambles, To Be
Guided by Fagot Flares.
It fZ A -M A D7TV
ijhtES -will be lighted upon the
i. mountains about Juarez on fiatur-
oay evening in nonor or tne virgin
of Guadalupe, whose anniversary 1
already being celebrated in Juarez
with a renewal of the wide open
gambling that flourished there until
tne regime or carranza was ended.
Lighting of fires on the mountains
throughout Mexico In the virgin's
nonor is an annual custom mat is pic
turesque. Natives, in their simple faith, labor
up the sides of the rugged mountains
surrounding or near their home dty
wixn ioaos or woou ana z ago us ana, as
soon as darkness settles upon the
country, they light their fuel and
keep It. burning throughout the night.
Tradition Is that the patron saint
o i ice conn iry rciurns once a year
to give her blessings to the people.
The fires are lighted as a means of
guiding her footsteps and as a signal
of welcome from the faithful.
Sunday Is Guadalupe day. Saturday
r'ght the fires are bmili. so that the
spirit or tne patron saint may be in
formed that her visit 'Will be wel
comed. In 5ew Mexfeo. Tee.
Not only is the feast of Guadalupe
one that the religions people of Mex
ico look forward to. but tt is cele
brated throughout New Mexico, for
A Mexican Shrine.
Guadalupe was the natron saint of, the
liberty loving people of Mexico and
the New Mexicans were a part of the
country long that they still wor
ship the Mexican Virgin.
It is the custom In most communi
ties in Mexico and In many In New
Mexico at this period to give the an
cient miracle play or drama, "The
Vision of Our Lady of Guadalupe,"
The feast of Guadalupe is celebrated
throughout Mexico and New Mexico
as a holiday.
It had its orififa as early as 1M7.
z.nd in 1819 Hidalgo made It his battle
rv in tne rtgnt or Mexico tor iree-
oom rrom epamen tomuiaura.
.7 u an TiAr.-i. m. rttann Indian, had the
aMtrlalflg. of Sueatra Senora d
Goaoahipe TViniber to 12. 111,
itnd the incidents of that vision are
dramatized is tbe xmmcJaptay,
Shrine at ntexfe City.
ThP shrine of Guadalosa at Mexico
ray is visited by thousands annually
and there are still kept the relics of
tne miracle. Itrciutiing tne urrna, upon
vhirivw the face of the Virgin in
i-eautiful colors not woven or painted
but part and parcel of tne fabric, so
i he natives are toia.
Guadalupe Is not wholly a Mexican
.dui. The original figure of the Vir
gin of Guadalupe is preserved in the
(onvent of Guadalupe in Estremadura,
Spain. It is a figure of the Madonna,
a,d to have been carved by Saint
Luke and presented by pope Gregory
i ie Great to San Leadro, the Gothic
jprooter of Arlanism. According to
tradition. It was miraculously pre-o-rved
during the six centuries of
Moorish occupation of Spain and was
rediscovered in 1230 by Giles, & cow
Keeper of Oaceres. A hermitage was
I 'alt for iu then a chapel, and it
finally parsed Into the hands of the
Gronlmitc monks, who, by shrewdly
exploiting :u became so rich that in
Spain there ran a proverb about their
wea'th. When the convent was sup
pressed, a room m the monastery was
found filled with gold: the cellars
v re alEo proportionately filled with
the rarest wines of the country.
The Mexican Apfsu-ttien.
With the transplanting of the
ra.thollc faith In Mexico, the Virgin
c l Guadalupe became a popular fig
ure with the simple natives, bat it 1
jras not until 1521, on the morfling of I
,-amrday, December 9, when the Vir
gin is supposed to have appeared be-I
o re uiego, tnac tne v irgin oecame
tne patron saint of the faithful in
Di jo was proceeding from his
home to mass and to receive instruc
tion, when, as he passed the rugged,
sterile hill of Tepeyacac. barren of
vegetation except cactus and the
stunted shrubs characteristic of snch
i region, he heard sweet music and
flopped to see whence it came.
As he turned his eyes n the direc
tion of the sound, so the tradition
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I Scope and Powers of Mili
tary, Naval and Aenal
Commission Considered.
Photo by N. M. Walker.
HCRCH of Our Lady of Guadalupe,
near Mexico City, erected on the
spot where Juan Diego saw the
vision or me irKm, and com memo
rating that event. It is annually
vuuioa or minions or people and is
the shrine of every Mexican Catholic
Toys of Today Are Useful and
Durable Many New
Ideas Shown.
To viand this vear disnhm a riot.
on wealth of delightful objects de
signed and sure to please the hearts
of children. And American manaxac-
tsrers are esneciallv nrend of this
abundance, in view of the fact thai
every single toy the exceptions are
so few as to be negligible in import
ance bears a "made in America'
This condition is all the more re
markable in view of the fact that
prior to 1914, when the war paralyzed
foreign toy manufacture, as It did
that of other lines. America denended
entirely upon Germany. France and
Japan for its Christmas supply of
Xowi here are huge toy factor
ies in FfellatfelpbJa. Xeiraik, ?v
leae sync other Aim Jean testers,
wfcfcsi excel fa ninrtHj1 urf ejol
at atiery ' r fcer etrtpat. tfce
tars formerly parehased frees
1 lands.
The single exception to this rale
appues to uou manaxacture tne
American factory has not yet been
able to torn out a bisque doll which
equals in beauty those produced by
the toy making families of Germany,
where generation after generation the
people have devoted their entire lives
to tne penection or tois art.
New Ones and "Some Old Ones.'
A trip through the toy departments
or any or tne local stores or any toy
store hereabouts where people read
ine ueraia mattes one long, in truth,
for one's "haoov childhood dava.
There are toys so elaborate and unique
as to nave seen untnoognt or a lev
years ago and, on the other hand,
there are toys which always have and
win ue uciuvea ui caiiaren
and xdr which there is a constant de
mand which keeps the manufactories
busy in an effort to supply.
The little red wooden chair, the
hobby horse, the horns and marbles
and dolls and tin dishes are asked
tor year in ana year out.
at some motner exclaims in dis
may, "But these toys are the same
oM things!- the elerk replies
pleasantly? Tes madam hot the
bchr la new!
It isn't only the vouthfnl mind
which finds delight in some of the
articles round in jsi aso toy depart
men is this year.
ITnetieal -totiu
Can von imaarine a miniature cedar
chest, with tray and copper trim
mings, as complete and well made as
any "hope chest which ever existed?
oome aomestie uttie giris are gome
to be thrilled to death on Christmas
morning when they receive sveh
useful aids to keeping' dolly's ward
robe In good shape. Or one can find
small sum wardrobe trunks, with
drawers and hatboxes and ccathang
ers complete..
If one's daughter is musically in
clined, she may enjoy a small sized
but prettily toned pipe organ, which
comes in several sizee with a bench
seat large enough to accommodate a
child, aad may be purchased for
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City-Wide Tree Planting
Campaign Order Blank
Vonnp Men's Business tagm, care The HeraM:
Von are authorized and directed to place my order for the number, kind,
and size of trees as shown below, to be delivered between February 1 and
April I, 1921, for which 1 agree to pay, when dehvered, the special reduced
prices indicated below. I do do not wish the nurserymen to do the plant
ing at the prices farticttad.
m , IMnrsHer Prteenat
Jim, Kind. inches to exceed Tela I
tt 1 to 1.
. Arizona Ash 1 to 2.
. Arizona Ash 1H to i.
. ler Leaf Poplar 1 to 1,
1 Silver Iaf Poplar 1 o t,
. SUvev Leal Poplar 2 to 4.
. Black Locust l to 1H.
Black Locust 1 to 2.
. Black Locust 2 to i.
Elm 1 to 1.
Mountain Cotton weed.
U.66 per diameter Inch
Cost of planting, 20c to 3c per hole except where blasting is necessary.
i Luiglishman Insists On Ad
mission Of Albania To
Congress Of Nations.
President WlUon has com
pleted his recommendations
with regard to the boundaries of
Armenia and has forwarded lb em
lo the leagne of nations In session
at Geneva. It was said today at
the state department.
GENEVA. Switzerland, Dec 8. (By
VJ the Associated Press.) Relations
Deiween tne tecnnicai organisa
tions of the league of nations, an well
as those between the council and
assembly, were considered today by
delegates to the assembly meeting
It was expected discussion of the
scope and powers of the military,
naval and aerial commission might
develop what connection it may have
with the league's international force
that la being sent to supervise the
pieoiscite in utnnanis.
On one occasion lord Robert Cecil.
deles-ate for South Africa, referred
to this commission as a "staff." This
appellation, however, was distasteful
to many delegates who do not care
to encourage tne laea or tne mili
tarization of the league.
Lesjrne Conflict Possible.
The nossibility of conflict between
the leasne and the various nowers has
arisen as a result of the decision of
the committee on admission of new
states respecting Albania, and It is
likely to be discussed on the floor of
tne assembly wben that committee s
renort is considered. Lord Robert
Cecil has insisted stoutly that AI
bania should be admitted to the
league. Rene vlviani of France and
signor Pagliano of Italy have op
posed this sten on the eround that
Albania has not been recotznized by
any power, ana mat a amiss ion at tms
time ml gut inter! ere with national
policies of some governments. They
were able to secure postponement of
Albania's application, but lord Robert
reservea tne ngnt to continue tne
discussion on the floor of the assem
The. . snmsslssliin coiisidi iiig tfci
manner in which the four elective
members of the council shall be
enosen. nas aectoea tney vera to be
elected for a term of two years. At
the expiration of this time, they will
Tfe eligible for two years more, bat
after the second term, they will be
Ineligible until after four years have
Renort on ArcrenHna.
When the assembly meets again
next septemoer. it wiu receive a re
port from a special committee to
which Argentina's proposed amend
ment to the league covenant was re
ferred. All proposed amendments
havs been sent to this committee.
Honorlo Pueyrredon. heaB of the
Argentina delegation, just before his
departure for Paris, informed the
Associated - Press that Argentine's
witnarawai irom tne assemoiv nron-
ably would be followed shortly by a
formal declaration of its intention to
leave the league.
"The only condition under which
Argentina will resume her place is
the adoption of her four proposals in
substance," said senor Pneyrredon.
"Anrentina's notification nf her de
sire to quit the league entirely may
be construed as dating from the day
we left the assembly and unless the
assembly acts favorably on my
amendments, Argentina will declare
herself out of the leagne at the ex
piration of two years, as nrovided in
the covenant.
Course Is Just.
"1 am more convinced than ever
that the course I have adopted is iust
and the only one possible under the
circumstances. I have had many
camegrazns or congratulation from
Argentina and the president upholds
me. I am nreatlv enconraared bv the
speeches by American congressmen in
support oi my aecision.
The assembly will have to adopt
the four nronoaals I offered If the
league is to be made a world wide
instrument to prevent war, snch as
its originators intended.
Senor Pueyrredon sent In his resig
nation as one of the vicepresidents of
the assembly and also as member of
several commissions.
Brazil Defecates Criticised.
Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, Dec S.
Praise for the Argentina delegation
at Geneva aad criticism of the Bra
zilian representatives there was
voiced by deputy Kasclmento to the
chamber of deputies. He declared the
Argentina mission proposed a step
that was saDDorted bv Brazilians t
the Hague conference in lt07. Other
deputies defended the Brazilian dele
gation. Wllsen Answers CoaneiL
Washington, D. C, Dec 8. Presi
dent Wilson's reply to the invitation
of the council of the leagne of nations
to name representatives to sit In a
consultative capacity on a commission
to study disarmament was prepared
and forwarded today. H was an
nounced at the state department.
Government at Athens Decides on "Wait and See," Policy in
Regard to Selection of Monarch; Message From Premier to
Former Ruler Conveys Results of Plebiscite. But
Sets No Time For Return of Sovereign.
DARIS, France, Dec 8. The Greek government has addressed a raete to
fenser kkg CoBstaatke asking that he abdicate immediately m favor
of the crown prise, says a dispatch from Athens today.
ATHENS. Greece Dec 8. (By the Associated Press.) Plans to have
ex-ldag Coostantaoe return to Greece this week appeared today to
have been abandooed. The decision of the government apparently was
to continue its wait and see policy, with the tendency to leave the de
cision as to Oonstantlne's return tow
the throne with the ex-king himself.
Rx-KIncr Gets Messaire.
Lnoerne. Switzerland. Dec S. (By
the Associated Press.) Former klne
Constantino this morning received his
iirst orrtctai communication rrom
premier Rhallis, of Greece, with re
gard to the result of last Sunday's
plebiscite favoring Constantine's re
turn to the throne. The premier's
telegram described the state of pub
lic opinion In Greece on Constantine's
return and added:
"In your majesty the Greek people
find an emblem of national unity.'
The measage gave Incomplete re
turns of the plebiscite, indicating a
tremendous vote in favor of Constan
tlne, but embodied no plans for his
return. These, the premier said,
would await the complete official
Ce-ns tan tine Holds to Claim.
Lucerne. Switzerland. Dec &. (By
the Associated Press.) Ex-klng Con
stantino will not relinquish his claim
to the Greek throne in favor of his
son George. It was declared today by !
Navy Compasses
Smashed To Get
Alcoholic Contents
Many repairs to navy com
passes have been made neces
sary daring the last year because
the Instruments have been broken
open for the alcohol they contain,
says the annual renort of rear
admiral J. AAHoogewerfC super
intendent to the naval observatory,
to secretary Daniels.
Prof. GwKtos Streit. close adviser of
. The Gre.k people vrent Csiutu.
tin. so badljr that his abdication
nmig wwua caase a revolution in
Enters Room While She SJeeps
And Forces Her To Give
Him Diamond Ring. .
Mrs. E. Gordon Perry, of 1424 Mo-
Kmley avenae. was awakened by a
noise in her home at 9 oclock Toec-
day nigbt and saw standing; above her
a nesro, pointing; a pistol.
The necro made her culi Mt hr
diamond nsc anoTctv. it to aim. He
then fled.
The burglar ransacked the place.
takinar a silver card case and a gold
mesh bas; from the dresser drawer.
Mrs. Perry screamed. City detective
Carl Studer beard the screams and
hurried to the Perry home. The de
tective lives across the street.
Jtrs. Perry's son. Edward, also
heard toe screams and rushed to his
mother's bedside. He saw the fleeing
negro grab a suitcase as he left, bat
in his flight dropped it. The suit
case had been packed by the negro
and was filled with clothes and al-
uables amonnting to J1000.
Studer chased the man eight blocks
then lost sight of him. The negro
waa three blocks ahead of him when
the chase began.
Hefcs Selective. Borne.
Presumably the negro also entered
the home of city detective Carl Studor.
at McKinley avenue, and took
two pistols, a watch and other amll
articles just before going into the
rim rsience.
Mr. and Mrs. Studor were down
toun rarly in the evening, and tt
was while they were away that the
ouuse was rmea.
Dftecmes said they had heard of
a number of other robberies they be
lieved the negro bad committed.
So report of the robbery uas made
or. police records
Mayer Offers Reward.
"I'll pay 1500 Jot the arrest and
conviction of the negro who com
mitted the robbery at the Perry
home." said mayor Charles Davis
Wednesday afternoon. "1 believe our
police are going to make every ef
fort to get him. but I'll pay $500 for
his conviction, no matter who arrests
16,000 UNION
Stx Big Firms Reported to Have
Declared War On Cloth
ing Makers.
New York, Dec. S. Ssadqaarters
of the Amalgamated Clothing Work
ers of America announced here today
that New York cJotfalmg manufao
torera tod declared war on the union
faaei OHtAiHunuigKi large firms
had BSQasa at ic wne-kera.
WsrussHL Minn- Ttae Ir H.
came kaoarn today that the value of
ute Met xaxen Dy tne robbers last
Friday moraine when thev held m
mail clerks on a Chicago, ICOwaukej
ft St. Paul train within rh eft. lim
its of Minneapolis U not exceed
(10,900 in negotiable papers.
Washington. D. C Dec. S. A spe
cial message giving the complete ex
penses of the American peace com
mission during tta work- abroad was
transmitted to the senate today by
president Wilson.
The total expenditures amounted to
Harding Visits Marion, O.,
For First Time Since
Vacation In Tropics.
Believes Party Ideals Fur
thered By Conferences
In Washington.
MARION, Ohio. Dec S. With his re
turn to Marion today from his
vacation trlD to the tronics.
president-elect Harding was ready to
begin actual constructive work on the
policies or tne ooming administration.
In Washington daring the last two
days, be felt out opinions on many j
subjects and he let it become known 1
today that he was well pleased with '
the result. He told his friends that
he believed his Meal of party govern -1
meat and common understanding had I
publican leaders, and that his can
vans of sentiment reaardina an asso
elation of nations had been particu
larly encouraging.
The work done in Washington was
purely preliminary, however, and at
least some of the senators with whom
he discussed foreign affairs will come
to Marion later to take part In the
leagne conferences that are to begin
early next week. Meantime, consul
tations about selections for the cabi
net will continue, and it ia not prob
able the final list of appointments to
Mr. Harding's official family will be
complete much before inauguration
Mexican Police Clam to Have Definite Knowledge of Hunted
Girl; Extradition Will Be Necessary to Return Her Across
Border; Was in El Paso Thanksgiving Day; Sheriff Orn
dorff Has Not Received Warrant Asking Arrest of Girl.
A RDMORE, 04k., Dec 8. Tie charge agaiMt Clara Barton Smith ia
cessectieB with the death of Jake L Hams, Repabficao national
ceaaakteeaaa freB Okkheaa aad TnSwnaire oi asm., today was chaifed
ts mor&tT. The origjal charge was assaalt to k3 aae! was placed the day
after Mr. Haawn was sht aad the day lbs Seith left ArdBore.
CrERIFF SETH ORNDORFF says there are people in El Paso who
know where Clara Ssoth is located and have been in communication
with her.
It was announced Wednesday at the police station in Juarez that Gara
9&mltrt had not been arrested. buf that
Hunted Woman.
JI.51.1L09 from December 1. 1918.
to December 4, 120.
The amount actually paid out was
$1,793,712.0. but repayments and
gains in exchange reduced this by
Some of the larsrer Items were:
Travel and subsistence. S3S.443: sub
sistence. 11.29; salaries. J206.S71;
wages oi employes at note! cnuon
J13US07; rents. I174.SS1: food, hotel
and kitchen sunolies. J!2.5S0: hire
and launderina of linen at hotel.
SS4.SS9; damage and loss of property
at no tel. siza.sfu.
various missions to Russia. Ger
many. Posen. Turkey. Holland and
Armenia cost I71S.711. Purchase of
automobiles amounted to 314.603 and
confidential expenses of presidential
party. S17.SH.
New York. nan. t. w.ron
Brows, of Wichita, Kane, has been
eleeaed a saember of the board of di
rectors of the Atchison, Topeka a
Santa Fe railroad. He succeeds the
late Chaa. S. Oleea.
25 Girl Students
Suspended, Charge
They Looted House
Twenty-five girl students of
the Normal School of Physi
cal Education have been suspended
by the faculty. It was learned to
day, following an investigation or
charges that the students had
plundered a cottage they occupied
at Gull Lake during a recent out
ing. The chaperons aof the party
were censured and dismissed.
9 IBwaawaawaawaawaawaawaaBwaanv -
Students Boycott
Amusements Which
Are Too High Priced
LINCOLN, Neb, Dec. 8. Forty
one fraternities and sorer tie
of the Unlrerslty of Nebraska
whos membership Includes 100
students have agreed to boycott
all soda fountains, theaters, cafes
aad banquet halls who do not re
duce prices to a scale fixed by a
student fair price, committee.
Hy CBOROE U. LOXBAX. Snti KdH.r Kansas City Star.
A LVABO OBREGON la a stronger
f man in Mexico than Mexico itself
has realised.
Americans generally north of the
border have bees skeptical of the
ability of any man to bring order out
of the chaos in which Mexico has been
plunged for nearly a decade. When
the writer reached the City of Mexico
week oeiora ue Inauguration of
Prisoner Tells Where Loot Is
Hidden When Promised Par
ents Will Be Provided For.
Kansas City, Mo, Dec. t. A band if s
love for his mother was used by fed
eral "authorities to effect recovery of
between 11 5. 000 and $200,060 . in
Liberty bonds stolen in Kansas.
A seventeen year old arirl wife of a
former member of the bandit sans,
was sent to the state prison at Jeffer
son City to obtain from Ray Majors,
a nrisoner admission of the hidinr
jona- resiaents or the pce or tne do nas. sne was autnor-
By N. T. JO.NES.
1 1 f ASHINGTON. D. C. Dec S The
VV Obreg-or. government in Mexico
will not be recognized by the
Wilson administration except on fulfilling-
of several conditions, accord
in ic to information sriven bv ct inc-
secretary of state Da is to repre
sentative Hudspeth. Davis and Huds
peth held a long conference on the
Mexican situation. According to what
pvURANOO. Durango. Mer.. Dec S.
!- The effect of the closing of many
large producing mines in the
principal- camps of this state as a
result of the low prices of copper and
silver and the strike of miners ts
CoSahuila. which has shun off ful. h.
lng more keenly felt as advices con
tinue to arrive alnmst dally mani
festing the suspension of operations.
Recent advices from Velardena,
Maplml. Parral. Nalca. Santa Rarh&r.
and Santa Eulalia assert that the
mining industry of these important
camps in the states of Chihuahua and
Durango is practically paralyzed.
a lew oz tne beaas or the various
departments, principally Americans.
are being rsined. but the Mexican
miners and eVtside laborers are being
let out with no advice as to how soon
operations will be resumed. As a
consequence manv are preparing to
leave with their fam'Mes.
The continued low price of silver is
causing a like suspension of opera
tions in the camps throughout the
states of Zacatecas and San Luis Po
test The ponpi are beiMa rfnv. 1
from many ef the larse nines and
Ike wwrfclBg are (lilts- vith
wafer, betas eevelaslve evidence
that there is no intent Ian on the
part of the owners lo resume
operation for aome time.
As a consequence, the hordes of
Mexican laborers who sre returning
from the United States to Mexico ta
avoid the cold weather will find It
aim cult to obtain employment.
Davis told Hudspeth. Mexico, before
recognition is given to that country
oy ine uniiea otar.es. most:
1 Settle the Charoixal sons dispute
in Kl Paao. A large part of southern
El Paso is claimed by Mexico in the
Chamiaal zone. The United States
wants that settled and settled so that
all of El Paso down to the river is
American territory without the
slightest doubt or any claims by
2 The Mexico, renaratlons oommia-
sion which will pass on the claims
by Americans damaged in person or
propvrif. must acanowieage ine prin
ciple that these claims are just and
they must bo equitably settled within
four months after the commission be
gins consideration of the many
2 Mexico moat abrogate the Car
ransa decrees which confiscated the
property of Americans and other for
eigners, most of these decrees af
fecting oil fields.
If Mexico meets all these condi
tions, according' to acting secretary
Davis and representative Hudspeth,
the Wilson administration will recog
nise the Obregon government and not
leave recognition to the Harding ad
ministration after next March.
ALL trees and ahrube do best
when grown under conditions
closely resembling their natu
ral habitat. Therefore it is im
portant to use care in tbejr se
lection. Consider their adaptation
to the conditions under which they
will be expected to grow.
Gen. Obresron. therw waa nUntv r
pessimism there among the foreign-1
ers. who were long residents of the I
capital and among the better class of
.Mexicans as wen.
They ail wanted neace. but thev tw
sieved it was beyond the power of any
man 10 ormg peace to the warring
iacuons. "Any ocy you may see
Villa or one of these other chiefs
bt?ak loose and then It will be all to
dc aone o er again, they said.
Mexleo MVarms Up to Obrejtett.
Americans who have lived in Mexico
City for many years and had a close
friendship with Mexicans of the high
er class, said It was not tnfrMinnt
ot late years for these Mexicans to
ask when America was going to In
tervene and save the country from It
self. This pessimism continued until
the day of the Inauguration and then
sentiment began to swing. Mexico
City itself had not been overly friend
ly to Obregon. His coarse In the city
after Carr.nsa fled had made him
many enemies and the city was cold
to him. "His Tauul soldiers filled th ,
streets and public buildings and there !
was an air of danger everywhere. I
This sentiment changed in two weeks
time and men to whom th i.e i
talked completely changed their views ?
lu that time.
One reason for this was the per
sonal impression that Obregon made
upon both foreglners and Mexicans la
his personal Interviews. He has never
missed an opportunity to Impress up
on American visitors who have talked
to him his desire to build a stable
friendship with America. No one
knows better than Obregon that this
rrlendahip cannot he cemented and
American canital tAm itn
public unless this frlenaVkhlp is based
"""I "ironhgur man mere
, To IT. S. For Help.
It is the belief of those who have
made the Mexican lit nation a study
for many years that Gen. Obregon's
greatest strength must oome from
recognition by the American govern
ment. No administration in Mexico
can endure without that. It has been
made plain to the president that un
let fslr treatment is accorded
Americans In their rights under the
constitution of 1M4. controversy will
not end. Obregon desires to be just
in the Opinion Of theaa men anrl whit
he upholds the Carranza constitution.)
a compromise measure that wmiiri
eliminate the retroactive features of
(Continued on page 4, column 4.)
laed to tell the m.n that his mother
would receive sufficient reward to in
sure her a life of comfort and then
disclosed the hiding place, officials
The emissary of federal authorities
was jirs cnarjes Morris, whose hus
band was wounded In a fight with
police in Colorado Springs, two weeks
After the arrest of her husband in
Colorado, Mrs. Morris surrendered to
police In Oklahoma City and disclosed
information that aided in the prosecu
tion of Bruce Emery, tried at U' in
field. Kan., last week on the charge of
beina an aceoznnlice in dianosJnsr f
the bonds.
The cirl related to federal ofWtn.
how she had eloped with Morris frrnn
Oklahoma City when she was four
teen, enthralled by promises of travel
and beautiful clothes. She said she
was present at roeetlnn of thn hanri
and heard proposed robberies dis- j
cussed. She was warned she said, to
rsmt 1 n ailonf nr ska a.AIl Iv. a. 111 .a
" aw wwauu aUUTO,
-lit ine on ice naa information tna: she
l was In Juarz
tMerirr Orndorff says he knows hi
to be true and that he can locate r.yr
in Juarez, but has no warn-,, fnr
I causing her arrest nor a rqi:-s: to
, arrest her and could not bnn ';f
back without extradition proed-rgs.
' even if she should be arres'ed
! He says h snt the f eV-am to
,the Oklahoma, sheriff regariing t-
1 whereabouts of the airl. afte- dcoda
in Juarez, who knew where she was,
had offered to divulge her .-hr-tbouts
If paid a reward. He says
were not Mexican officers.
Griffith Desttes.
Alderman W T. Griffith s a- ac
quaintance of the Smith fam' v and
Knows tne missing g:rJ, it was sa.:d
at tne courtnouse.
"I nf. tr saw Clara Smirh in
! life.- declared alderman Griff ii V-..-
nesuay m nave been friends
many years with Mrs. Lowe, a-d sev
eral weeks ago when visiting he- and
her family, met Mr. and Mrs. J L
Smith, who are living with her M
did not talK at all. and I 'lid ic
know of their connection wt -Ham
on affair until later. It is p . r
imagmatoi wnich has starred t
report tna: I knew Clara Smith .nd
ha e seen her within the pasz revr
das. sucn a s.atement is absolute
ly false '
Authorities Learn Loeatiesu
That the girl's whereabouts ray fce
xnown to authorities in Kl "ao
discovered Tuesday when a te!-ec-sent
by sheriff Seth B. Orndo-t: t
sheriff Buck Garrett at Arli-r-stated
that the young wrman v. k
across the border near El Pa 3 a" i
tnax it would require a sum -: r
to get her back. Th sh"--plained
his telegram by statins
ne naa information to tn effect iha:
persons rn Juarez knew of her r
ahouts and were waiting: for a rera-d
oeiore disclosing their kco w- i -The
sheriff added that he ha'!
j uname to get a request rrom A:i-
mare saiconnea 10 arresr rrr
says he has no information th.i
is wanted except what he has r aJ
in the papers.
Connie Held for bvectfg-atlom.
It has been established a- - -girl
was in El Paso on Thann s .- .
day, registered at a downtown . :.
as Wilson. Tt is stated hi
father secured hr a Da5stn"--t .
Mexico and tr.at she crose-1 n
Thanksanving day
Tuesday afternoon a yoiirjr
whose description corresponded c.js--ly
with that of 3Ilss Smith, cro.-- 1
into Juarez with a man. after -3jr
hours of questioning by imrc'irra- i-
authorities. Both gave home alti-r
a Ranger, Texas. The inrr
officials here have received oru-s :o
detain Miss Smith, should she t- n
covered attempting to cross ,e
Mather's Statement-
The girl s parents, Mr and M 5
L. Smith, are living at IU? -in
ntonio street. The father s j-vr-f;ned
to his home with il'nees
V don't know any thine aN- j
Mrs. Srajth told a Hera.d - - r
"Wednesday. Her husband -was . o -fined
to hs bed and Mrs. Prr.n n
pearance showed the strain under
which she is laboring. V.'nh tv-
swollen and red from weepn ar-j
apparently suffering from th a.;'
which coins from long u'f-- - ; -woman
sobbed out her brief rD--
euije 01 tne sitcauon.
Mr. and Mrs, Smith made a t- p
Oklahoma and returned two , s
ago, but during their stay tt -- -j d
not see their daughter, tliev .
"We ha e r.-jt seen her ft- ?i
time," the mother sobbed
Saa Antonio Sry -False.
According to Mrs. Jarv Lo-.ve
with whom the Smiths are hrr;, to-.
first came here two y:ars ag " fr
Smith is a bealthseekcr ar.d t1---spend
much of t.elr time tour'rg re
southwest in a small car. A v.ar aj
Cinlinued m page ft, ewtamn .
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