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5mriay, Dec. 9. 1920.
1 Musical Season In El Paso Adds
Brilliant Numbers and Novelty I
SELDOM has the trltnff worth of
ih work which the music depart
ment of the Woman's clab is doing1,
i-cen better demonstrated than at the
ifcital Wednesday of excerpts from
Humperdtnck'B fairy opera Hansel
. nd GrcteL There was enough stage
enery and property to give an air.
nile the reading of the story by
Mrs. Stanley Sevan enabled even
those who had never seen the opera
gain a fair idea what it must be
It was sot pretended that this was
: n vthing- more than a recital; it
listed only half an hour, and was
Mr too short. There was no orches-t-a.
no chorus; Miss Alzina Orndorff
..nd Mrs. Warren Small played the
piano accompaniments and interludes
ih much spirit and delicacy. The
-nstumes were all appropriate and the
acting and sin gins; were equally ad
mirable Miss Barbara Worcester as Hansel
r nd Mrs. H. M. Long as Gretel played
. nd sane; their parts with wholly de
,'htfTi mrtlessness which is the
harm of art, and with truly childish
simplicity as the parts require. Sev-
ral of their duos were so beautiful
he spell as complete lor the mo-
Mrs. Will T. Owen, in the double role
the Sandman and the Xew Fairy,
s as so fair and so soft 1 her gentle
- ,inistrations that the music seemed
.Mite natural to her and Imagination
j.ad no bar to enjoying those lew
All doctors agree on Otrve 03 and
Port Wine as a food tonic Rich old
Port Wine contains iron and other
bc4raikfing ingredicals. and pore
Oliv 03 is a real liquid food when
made in a mixture such as PortoliTC
You will never regain your strength
or health talcing worthless drags,
mostly stimulants. Try nature's way
and see now quickly you improve and
momenta of dreamland's convicing
Mrs. Charles Andrews as the Father
Save a comprehending rendition of
the part with the mixed emotions of
fear, superstition, religious faith,
love and yearning which the story un-
?lies. Mrs. Roland Gilchrist made a
toe Witch, and her ride on the
broomstick: was as cllcklty-clickity
and as terrifying as a witch could
be. while her invitation to the chil
dren was In no small degree dramatic.
The presentation was in charge of
Mrs, S. J. Freu dent hat and showed
in every detail careful preparation
and more than conscientious Hudy.
The hope was expressed thai El
Pasoans might undertake the com
plete opera with orchestra and chorus
and make this a, feature of the Christ
mas season annually hereafter as is
done in many places on botn conti
nents. The opera is full of the love
liest music, appeals to both young
and old. never loses its freshness,
and ends happily.
To be content but never satisfied
is said to be the secret of a fruitful
life, and that was the mood of the
large audience at the "pop" concert
given by the Woman's dub at Lib
erty hail Wednesday night. Marie
Bappold was the vocalist, with Mme.
Lena Coen as her accompanist. There
were 20 numbers on the program, but
the audience asked and received more
than a half dozen encores and was
reluctant tb go then.
It was a program for everybody,
with operatic music from French and
Italian favorites and arias, ballads,
folk oags, and Sentimental bits of
passion and poetry Mas; for the most
part ia English but with other
tongues interspersed,
Mme. Rappold won the favor of the
audience from the start. She is free
from mannerisms but by no means
without individuality, and there is a
warmth and sympathy about her
work, that mot full response In the
hearers and set up those psychic cur
rents which always insure success on
the one side of the footlights and
pleasure on the other.
It may be that her operatio selec
tions wore better suited to bar voice
and method, but certainly these re
ceived no more applause than many
of her sinlest little bits of sons:. ;
The program varied, as it should, but i
there was nothing there without Its
artistry. Everyone commented on the
clarity of her enunciation, and no
matter in what language she sang,
every word and syllable was distinct
ly voiced a trait too rare in operatic
or concert singers not to demand an
appreciative word.
Mme. Coen was duly subdued as an
accompanist hut when phe got a
chance by herself she gave unex
pected delight and had to respond
with an encore, a delightful Gavotte
of Gluck. the classicist, modern ized
by Brahms an excellent example by
the way of the fact that the very
best music is "popular" If selected
and played with intelligence.
Many In the audience voted this the
best of the pop" series so far. One
cannot too often emphasize the im
portance of the contribution the
Woman's club has made to the caue
of worth while entertainment in E!
Paso by having made U possible to
hear such a concert as this for 25
cents a seat. Every vacant seat last
night represented a wasted opportu
nity to enjoy an evening wholesomely
and profitably.
El Paso has a "boy choir of 50, of
whom IS are girl as somebody ex
pressed it, and next month at Saint
Patrick's Roman Catholic cathedral
the choir is going to give its initial
concert, with accompaniment of pipe
organ and an orchestra of 25.
Trinidad Concha is the director of
the choir with Miss Manuela Mateus
as assistant director. Mrs. Marguerite
Lavacek organist. Miss Elvira Torres
Pianist, and Kayo Reyes director of
the orchestra. Rev. Fr. Beaudion who
has recently come here from Canada
has taken great Interest In the choir
work, and he established a school, be
sides fitting up tennis and basketball
grounds near the cathedral for the
choir boys and -altar boys.
It Is intended after the choir be
comes well established to have more
music in the churches and choral
masses will not be limited to holi
days. The concert next month will pre
sent the choir in music of Rossini,
General!, and Mercadante. There will
be instrumental solos, orchestral num
bers, and a remarkable tableau, "My
Rosary-" The concert will take place
on a Sunday afternoon aad The Herald
desires to pay tribute to the wise and
progressive spirit which actuates the
cathedral clergy in permitting so ex
cellent an entertainment to he given
at that time and place. Certainly
few things conduce more surely to
promote the religious spirit than good
music reverently sung and played.
a. v. s.
To Wage Relentless War
On Illicit Drug Traffic
Use of Habit Forming Drugs
Has Increased Largely
Among the Poor.
State and Federal Officers Are
Working to Check the Spread
of the Evil.
dance aftven trr tbe Savovans
club at the Kiln clabftoose Wed
nesday evening? was ome or the
! most elaborate and deUKhtful affairs
of the social season. One hundred
guests danced with a setting most
attractive. The ban room was re
dolent of the perfume of Cape Jasmine
from the garden of tropical Mexico,
oomjdned with the fragrance of In
cense of Persian g-arde burainjc in
get back yoor strength. You wffl fed f$y5Z S'SW'S
Tex urnns. p laying ror tae special
dancing and singing numbers. Man)
Esperansa Gonzalez with her danc
ing partner, Lawrence Aronson,
danced their Apaohe number. Mr.
Aronson wearing the typical costume
of the Apache dancers of Paris and
Miss Gonzalez a picturesque little
figure all in crimson and black.
Mrs. Carol Working gave a Terr
like a new person after one week's
tnaL PortoKve it on sale at aH drug
gists. Portofrre cotcpaay. 747 North
Main street. Los Angeles. Cal-
Savoyans Dance Combines Tropical
And Oriental Theme; 100 Artists
Woman's Toggery
When the market shows a drop the WOMAltS Ti
reflects iL
THE WOMAN'S TOGGERY was bail on xdme gfmg.
Through rising prices and now through fatting prices, the Wom
an's Toggery's policy is to make possible lower prices or better
goods for the same money.
We have never resorted to sensational advertising, but are
quietly and steadily progressing, holding a safe, sound, healthy
Daring the past few weeks we have gone through oar enure store
and remarked practically every garment, suit, coat, dress, hat,,
fur, in fact the enure stock has been remarked to the new lower
price levels, and the mark-down ranges form 25 percent to 50 '
percent. The facts are plain.
A Few of the Offerings
Magnificent Suits at Half Price
All our Fur-Trimmed mis at HALF. Garments of charm and
distinction offered at prices greatly below wholesale a Half
Price Sale, which involves merchandise of the finest quality
superb suits, models of original charm and distinction. HALF
1 00 Dresses Half Price
We have selected about 100 new MidtVinlcr dresses of fine
satins, tricotines and other new and wanted materials, at just
HALF ORIGINAL PRICE.. These are all new dresses,
originally priced from $35.00 to $98.50. Prices now from
$17.50 to $49.25.
The Store With the "Christmas Spirit"
lovely "Orientate." She was in char
acteristic costume of East India.
Ralph Wonder and Miss Betty Wonder
aeugntea tae guests with a group of
aances and Madame L-nrts strombotne
sang a grouo of nan
A buffet supper was served at the
The committee in charge of the
dance included : A. P. Bergman, Joseph
a. smitn. Heroert uppenneimer, j. u.
rieiscner sue Louis Kaufmi
The gymnasium of the central T.
W. C. A. building will be transformed
Into a Teri table fairyland of the
Christmas season for the Square Club
girls' bazar which Is to be held on
Saturday. Mrs. A. I Cox is chairman
of the decoration committee and she
and her assistants are busy with the
final touches. A meeting of the board
of directors of the T. W. C A. was
herd on Thursday morning when
chairmen of the Tarious departments
met to submit the departmental
budgets and to outline the work for
the coming year. Mrs. M. A. Warner
Mormon Drioe Causes
Towns To Ban Tobacco i
Snowflake, Ariz, Dec 19. Follow
lug a campaign waged by the Young
Men's Mutual Improvement
Uon of the Mormon church, the sale
of tobacco la any form has been dis
continued by all stores is the towns
of Snowflake, Taylor. Shumway, Lin
den, Lakeside. Pmedale, St. Joseph
and Woodruff. Stores in Showlow
win refuse tobacco to others than
tourists. In each community the
greater part of the residents are com
municants of the Mormon church.
9 a M Pwnt TXiMnnf.
Aak for our Catalog of special prices
and place your magazine saoscrtpuon
with The El Paso Herald. Adv.
Reliable, Home
! Redaction System
?fc pen, partleaUrif t&to fwo 10
! t M peodfl stoTft Mraul wciffct,
latent, to bun Hut they atf-lti retaee
, weigat aad mucraeats wttfte citta all
1 tfcey seed ad vaile reeBy eajeyiac the
tMMiaf slender sad kWiier. Betiriac
' strawes; jtn vast thisl
TM saeald to deas Vr velar Kerefar
, tebalee, also foHowia; staple rales eC
, Korefo system that eeae with tie box.
Srea a few days treats est is Haely to
i skew a plaiTjnf redaction. Tfee step
should beceeae UtfeWr, the Heah ftnaer, the
skia BBftoother; work teems easier sad
i eotaoZy pleasant. Mere beoysat fest-
inr takes poesessioB of the whele tody;
sad mind as aaperieeoa fat disappears.
If yes asTs tried Taxless Bathed ef
fat reSDctiom without reel benefit yea aay
i sow be Tery thankful at baring fosad a
genalae systam. Xoofc aad feel yoaafferl
Abe to lire leader aad happier 1 Bnfaj
life! It is safe, rational and ZteilthfsZ.
In eeeh box there Is a raeeey-refwad
Eurantee. Boy s small box of Kereta
tabelea st say busy ernf store, or seed for
free brechare. with meay tsettnuaaals. te
Sereta On, SA-M, State 3. tfew Tazk;
EW YORK, rec. 9 Vast and
rorolddinff was tne great Chl-
nnA Wall.
Yet a far more dreadful wall en
closed China for centnriea.
It was unseen, bnt strong, real and
rtithlees; it had the consistency of
vapor, yet the solidity of steel.
Ic was the Insidious, stilling- barrier
that arose from all the opium pipes
of the sleepy orient, the wall that
drug built about the great empire of
the east.
Prom this slavery China Is now al
most emancipated, thanks to those
who are prosecuting; the traffic in in
sidious drugs.
Tfiat a iirm lonnoation lor sucn a
bit of maaonrv has been built here in
our own New York is a fact not to be
denied, bat. nevertheless. Is one dis
missed from the average mind as a du
of groteaqtierie not to be worried
about too much.
The use of drugs has Increased
among the poor. The rich, as usual,
can take care of themselves when
they wish the relaxation or exhilara
tion that drink affords to its devotees.
Bnt no Chinese wall will be allowed
to arise from the fuming foundations
of secret vice In New York. Vigorous
efforts have been made to check the
use of drugs, and the latest step In
tne iignt on narcotics is tne appoint
ment of the celebrated alienist. Dr.
Carletoo Simon, as deputy police com
missioner, now in chars; of the war
against that menace.
Dr. Simon is the selection of the
state, city and federal officials who
have studied ihe danger to the public
of the constantly increasing number
or arur addicts ana aeaiers in the
Alfeaaet Tells Haavger.
Traffic In drugs," said Dr. Simon
to me, "has assumed proportions that
have awakened not only the city, bnt
also the state and federal govern
ment to its danger.
"This is the same danger that at
one time threatened the extinction of
"It must not grow into a mental
wall to surround our own popula
tion." The purpose of the present reor
ganized narcotic division Is due to the
fact that the police department- has
found it difficult to cope with the
drug addicts, whose number has in
creased far beyond that which they
were prepared to handle.
Commissioner Richard Earigbt,"
said Dr. Simon, "has gives me instruc
tions to 'go the limit" with his entire
police force behind me. We Intend
not only to check the spread of this
evil, bat also to prosecute those who
traffic in drugs unknown to the pub
lic "Mr. Ehright has given his atten
tion to this menace to. an extent
which no one realizes, and he 1& de
termined to rid New York of this
devastating vice.
The poor man. If he is weak aad
craves stimulation, will find solace In
a drug. The man of means can get
stimulated expensively and his In
toxication will not last long.
"But for a little money his less
fortunate brethren can buy enousrh
drugs to get a 'jag that will last a
' New York couldn't find other employ-
, ment than singin? in a cabaret. One
night she had a fearful cold, a throb
bing headache, and told another
1 singer of her Illness. The other girl
offered a white tablet that she
promised would give relief. -It did.
i Now you may be sure that the very
next night the little newcomer sought
out her source of relief to get an-
other tablet.
i "In the dlsaonointments and dis
couragements of such a struggle as.
was hers it Is not hard to see how she
came often te seek the solace of the
deadly drug. She formed a habit not
to be denied. Yet It was formed be
fore she knew It.
"A more common case Is that of the
person who ts stricken with a sodden
ailment like otomaine.
A doctor is called. He administers
a tablet to allay the terrible pain that
accompanies such a disorder. He leaves
three more tablets with Instructions
for their use If the pain returns or If
the first dose does not suffice. Then
lheleaves also a prescription for IS
-Doubtless the Invalid is well the
next day. and tne settle of tablets is
put away zn ine nunuy
We Are Now Receiving BIDS
We Want Yours
After-War DeBresetea.
The state of nervous depression
that follows every war is upon us.
"It Is a state that seeks artificial
stimulation. Those who have devel
oped this requirement will satisfy it,
no matter how.
"Any agency that affects a man's
ability to distinguish between right
and wrong is an immoral one, capable
of causing great havoc Drugs
(habit forming ones) have this power
to such an extent that anyone under
their influence is dangerous, and also
must be classified as mentally de
ranged and not responsible while un
der such influence.
"Under a state law. drug addicts
must register as such. There are
those who will not or have not done
so. We must class them, when they
are found to possess habit forming
drugs, as 'de&lera.' and to classify
tbffm as trafficking In drugs which
are a menace to public morals.
"We will help the unfortunate ad
dicts, prosecute the dealers and assfst
those 'incurables' who must have
drugs. -Now, don't misunderstand
what I mean by 'incurables.' I be
lieve that no man must' have drugs
unless he is suffering from an intol
erably painful disease or Illness. The
helpless, agonized patient must be
soothed by narcotics. No one else
needs them, and there is no one who
can truthfully say he is so fsr gone
in their use he cannot stop or respond
to treatment.
. "This plague must be wiped off the
map of New York city."
Drags Seised la Raid.
I saw recently thousands of dollars
worth of drugs. They represent the
result of the first raid superintended
By Or. Simon.
Vp in a loft building on West
2Tth street is a great store of drugs
that bring forgetfulness to their ad
dicts. Tightly locked In a steel safe is a
large tin cracker box such as is seen
In groceries. It contains lumps of a
whitish stuff, the size of large moth
balls morphine.
Nearby are old cracked earthenware
cups containing a brown substance
that looks like hardened molasses
Beside the cups of drug is a Chinese
opium pipe of ivory and a metal that
looks like brass, curiously wrought
with its bowl cunningly hollowed out
to hold a bit of the burning gum that
bids sleep and dreams come.
Many are the ways of becoming a
drug addict. Some of these paths were
told to me by an official who will not
be named here.
Hew Habit Is Permed,
7 know of a sad case of a pretty j
little girl from a small town. She
had a good voice, but on coming to
ble headache is tenanted to try this
type of relief. Twelve tablets could
go quite a way toward forming
"Now, before the Harrison act was
passed such a prescription could be
reiiuea. mat is not poaeiDie now,
since the rules coaeernina those
things are stricter and prescriptions
are made out on government order
"Rich and poor aHke find them
selves in the relentless snin of drnaa.
Young and old sueeumb to morphine.
neroin. eaen a rorm oz opium, as wen
as cocaine, which Is made from cocoa
"Only In the east In Asia Minor
uoes tne opens poppy thrive, fre
quent attempts have been made te
grow It elsewhere, but have failed.
Fight on Traffickers.
"We are mshjnga. strong tight on
tke traffickers. They are the most
despicable class of people In
woria aaa tax; naroest to fight.
-th spiwliiliilsut of Dr. Carleton
Simon, who win have charge of the
work la New York city, means a fur
ther ateo in the eoeeteratlen of fed
eral, state aad city authorities in the
work of wtpias out smuggling and
dealing in habit forming drags."
Mrs. Jiaad Sail van. librarian, an
nounce that tae removal of the public
library from its present temporary
quarters la the conatr court house to
the barMing la Carnegie Square, prob
ably will be postponed until February
1. It bad been expected to have the
work of remodeling the library bond
ing completed by the first of the year
bnt the time has bean extended.
Miss- Maud Slblev. of 332S Conner
street, died early Thursday. She is
survived by three sisters. Mrs. C C
Thomas. Miss Zala abtey aad Miss
Rath Sibley, of Loutataaa. aad four
brothers. Max and Cooper Sibley, of
si rose; j. aibiey. of new torn, ana
Hiram Sibley, of California. Funeral
aarrangnnents have not yet
Of Those Unsightly Skin
Use the Guaranteed
Beauty Treatment.
Some peonle dlallke to ase face
powder, creams or rouge, but they
cannot suffer the embarassment of a
dark, sallow, blotchy, pimply skin.
They therefore depend oa powders
and rouge to cover up or hide their
emoamssing racial oiemimes, uttis
realizing that the longer their use is
continued, the more aggravated the
trouble becomes.
Why dont you clear your complex
ion, remove those unsightly skin
blemishes which so distrees yon? It'l
easy no more trouble than applying
cold cream or rouge. Ton cleanse the
skin .with Black and Wtilr. En,n .
before retiring and then apply Black
man nuw uinuuBi. jb tne morning
Sou wash off the Ointment. No trou
le. aad the results are so satisfactory.
Go to your nearest drug store or
toilet counter today and -get you a
package of Black and White Ointment
aad a bar of Black and White Soap.
Ton can buy both for 50c. Beanty
Parlors would charge a hundred times
more for the same results. If you
cannot find the Ointment and Soap,
accept no substitute biS send EOc to
the manufacturers for the complete
A sample, literature and a Black
and White Birthday and Dream Book
free if you will clip and mail this ad
vertisement to Black and White, Box
ins i rnil.
Want A Victrola?
Tri-State Tating Machine Co
Saturday, December 11th
10:30 A.M. SHARP
Each and Every Girl and
Boy who will meet Santa
Claus at Union Depot and
march with him to his head
quarters will receive a
Christmas Gift from him
Santa Claus will get to El
Paso on the 10:30 a. m. train,
where he will get into his
Beautifully Decorated Au
tomobile with Thousands of
Toys for the Children.
Every Boy and Girl is Welcome. Do not forget the date Satur
day morning, December 11th, 10:30 sharp, at Union Depot
116 East San Antonio St.
"SELLERS WEEK" Ends Saturday
F ve had needed any farther proof of ihe great poptdarUp of the SeUen
Kitchen Cabinet tsi miht ntell have aen the sofcs of the first three Jays
of the itHtek as such proof. The membership of the First Ftmtz-Moore Sellers
Club Ivas 0ed in record time but the forepart of this tvees; saw 60 in
crease over the best three daps of Ihe previous safe.
But suck retails are after all not lo be waaiaed at 'A food Kitchen Cabinet
is one of the prime necessities of the modem home and the SELLERS is
provabb) and unquestionably the LEADER among the GOOD CABINETS
.muss KUTtftcun
And added to the superiority of the SELLERS, w have the remarkable
terms of SELLERS WEEK. An initial payment of a single dollar vith
small weekly payments puis the SELLERS in your home.
Could any opportunity be better? Could any Christmas gift prove more ac
ceptable to the woman who keep home. If you agree rvith us, men ACT
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Foutz-Moore Furniture Co.
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