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Tuesday. Dec. 14. 1920. II
EL PASO owneri of Irrigated land Owners of land to benefit from Ele
xv!U be permitted to borrow unt-er phant Butte dam entered Into con
provisions of tie farm loan act, a tract with the government to pay for
EHi!ese heretofore dn:cd If pro- that structure. Riving- first liens on
ceedines brought in behalf of the El the land to pay coats and secure pay
Pao Water Improvement association ment. Because of those liens, no
m the 65th district court are favor-. moaey could be borrowed from farm
able when the case Is heard in Janu-' loan banks at low rates of interest
try. according to Richard Burgee, made available through them.
If money Is thus made available. Such mortgages will be released by
Mr Buries said. It probably would be the government as soon as new con
lollowed by extensive improvements tracts have been ratified and con
n lands already under cultivation, firmed by courts aa prescribed by law.
nd the clearing and cultivating of the procedure now pending In the SSth
'ther big tracts within the Irrigated district court,
district. I
The action was made possible by an
amrnifmont to the state constitution
carried In an election of 117. allowing
payments owed to the government to
in a rorm 01 taxation. i
Copyright, mo. by
The Clnofrmatl Enquirer.
Vft aeMers we all like 1a pan,
Remarked aH Mr.' Fudaei
Bat vea dent have to den a mai
When be owes yon a grosse."
He bought an old used car to run
And then the noor man found
Throe of the wheels were square, but
Was pretty nearly round.
1 Christmas In The Heart; A Story
! Of The Yuletide And Its Spirit
j Some Toilet Hints
Paris. November 9. lSIO.
TP I HOPED that I would be able to
I find here a great many new lotions
of Tom's arm and there was a wealth of for the care of the skin and hair.
temierness ana me ngnt mat never t J now mat i aui buio w
appoiniea. rans is inoeeu me piw
where many of the best of these
TH her aching arms full
bUlkV hnnrfl ami a nlnl nf
cranberries In a thin tnner a-k "hone on land or sea In her eyes as
dangling loosely from one chilled, she looked up at him.
Rand. roHy made the rounds of the
market boose for the second , time
searching ter a holly wreath that ,
would cost no more than a quarter. 1
Pot she had -exactly thirty cents left I
and she had to save car fare for she
Colds cant make
xne quit work
Mf USED to lay off many a day
a with my winter colds, bat no
more of that for rae '
Dr. Bell's Ptae-Tar-Honey, with
jta bsuamie. balling q anas rets right
down to work at the trU sip of a cold.
Loosens op ttoe pblegn. esses IhenistBIBM
and stops the coach. Cat a bonds tass
toot drutsirt'a, todsy. e. sac SJS,
lar Courfhs and C
I TrraiMoc
immsi Til ic II hi Qjnfanenta
"Why wouldn't a lentlat make
good political candidate!" mused the
I cheerful Mlot-
"Why wouldn't he?" demanded the
wise guy.
I "Well." replied the cheerful Idiot.
ne is always reaay to t tae tne stump
and he has quite a puU. hasn't he?"
HO, Ham!
He sighed as be leaked at bis eamb.
And aaM 'Haw a. man's hair dees
There mere hair, by fng,
1b the teeth of this thing
Than there la en my whole deggene
"Why tha hak do women cry at
wed dings T" growled Mr. Oabb.
"I suppose It la because they are
married themaalv.sL' aaMttv rwnlbrf
Mrs. Gabb.
He fs a wise yonas maa, I Know,
And Ala faet yon wHI aotet
H has real narrow eheulsere, so
He wears a hreeeeioth coat.
Bye 4 By have a hardware store
In Lisbon. Ohio.
Long A Short, general merchandise,
Federalsburg. Ind.
The folio win er appointments have
been made by tha board of directors
of the Names U Mamea-elub:
Assistant chaplain Fred Saint,
cashier Parmers" National bank. Now
Castle. Ind.
Superintendent of Sunday School
CoL Cantlle. 2ad Highlanders, Moa
treai. Panaris
Business manager A. Hastier. "Web
ster. Mass.
Mistress or the hounds Miss Flaa
Ix. Gorham. Me-
Itaahrllle Tranesaeaaa.
A prominent suffragist announces
that women are now fining man
shoes. Well, we'll admit that soma of
them have pretty big feet Luke Mc
Lttke. Tea, women are now filling
man's shoes, but continue emptying
men's pockets.
IX 8. Wood aad Rose Bosh were
married la Buffalo. N. Y. last week.
Then It's Genuine
Aspirin n trade mark Bayer Msneffto
turc Mocoicrticicidesler of Salkvlicadd.
E. Barefoot and Miss a U. Boots
have lust been married at Elk, New
oh. jorr
Of course you expect to get a little
moisture when you go' in bathing. But
what we started to tell yon was that
yon can find tha Wetmare awtmm'ng
pool in Tucson. Ariz.
For Hard
or Soft
Sxtisf action Guannteed with This
Corn Remover.
Common sense tells anybody that
the way to cure a com is to remove
il. cap and rrct ban'ah It entirely.
Be Careful Bow Ton. Drop Re
marks They May Be Picked Up.
Peat Doctor Year Cans. 1
lln Til I Pahrfilllv
When a married eonule get to a oar
tain age the wife begins to broaden
broaden out and the husband begins
to shrivel tfp.
When a man buys a shhty tin auto,
he leaves the tag on ft for two weak
to show people that It la new.
Oweertgnlty never raps on the
dear at a contented man. Old Op
knows that It vroald be a waste
of tbwe.
Both the winner aad loser In a
prise fight get swelled heads. Bat the
swelling comes from different causes.
A fat woman starves herself for
three days and loses throe ounces.
Then she eats a dish of ice cream to
celebrate the loss and she galas throe
There Isn't much credit in a big
man whipping a little man. This is
the reason why so many little nun
I go nnwhippod.
u yon want to enow wnac caeaav
worthless staff Jewelry is, take you'
watch or your' ring to a pawnbroker
and try to borrow money on It. Bat
If yon want to know how valuable
jewelry la, try to bay a watch or a
ring from a pawnbroker.
It Is Btraaere henv a man never
overlooks the mistakes ef other
the way he everleaks his own
Ton cant please a man. The hotel
dweller lonra for tha comforts of
l home. And the homo dweller longs
' for the comforts of a hotel,
i Some people Imagine that a re
! porter Is a person who is employed to
j keep It out of the paper.
j Said He Slaked Ford
j Sons Contest Will
New Tore. Dee. 14. The hue James
j McCabe. machinery manufacturer.
GekM I - - AfcMMB with tti Kt
I Osteins' 1 hail -tvn Ranrv Ford tha moaev
Not only hard corna and not only with which Mr. Ford built his first
? ft corns, but every kind of corn automobile, aeoordlng to testimony by
s irrenders to "Gets-It," the national . his widow, Mrs. Marcella MoCabe. at
era remover. It takes weeks or ; the hearing In the contest over Mr.
i tonths to grow a corn. It takes lust , McCabe't 1 1,000.009 will. His sons,
i few seconds to stop Its pain with James J.and Raymond MoCabe, are
o or three drops of "OeU-It-" seeking to break the Instrument on
.uiekly it loosens so you can peel i tno grouna mat tneir ratner was not
. , . . ... ... . i i . . i ' ni sound mtntl
nsm on wunoui in iwi i.wiiaj i7vl if si
r hurt, snd it la gone!
"Gets-It," the never falling, guar
fnteed. money back corn remover,
c osts but a trifle at any drug store.
ICfd. by B. Lawrence A Cc, Chicago.
atrafHaaS FOK
B.Wk Ml
Headaches Neuralgias
Colds and La Grippe
JiemuliC ud Itala Pun 1 TaMsu
Asked If Mr. MoCabe had actually
fiven Mr. Kord the money to build
Is first car. Mrs. McCabe answered:
"He might have done so. bat not
to my knowledge."
George Squibb, a laborer, tried to
drown himself by jumping Into the
sea at Swansea, reports the London
Chronicle. He was charged at Ware
ham. Dorset, with aa atampt to com
mit auldda.
"Owing to his corpulency." says the
Chronicle, "he found It impossible to
stay beneath the water."
and Tom had bouirht a little buneralow
In the suburbs and it was too far for
her to try to walk.
"Couldn't you let me have a small
one for a quarter?" she asked plain
tively. "It wont seem like Christ
mas unless I have a holly wreath and
I've spent all the money that I had
with me."
Old Memories.
It was with that humiliating ex
pression on her Hps that Polly saw
Fred Harper, snugly warm In his
great fur lined overcoat, approach
ing her with the well remembered
caressing look In his handsome brown
eyes. It had been five years since
they had met. With the dexterous
swiftness of a moving picture opera-j
tor. memory snirted tne scene back
to her last meeting with him. It
was at a college club dance and she
had been thrlllingly happy because
Tom FptLer had Just asked her to
marry him. ' Then, aa fate would have
it, Fred Harper had proposed the same
evening snd she hsd told him that
she loved Tom. She recalled vividly
the cold, hard look that had come Into
Fred's eyes as he told her that love
did not thrive on poverty and that
she had better think twice before she
marrieu a oresmer naa xom.
Last Penny For Wreath.
"Well. Pollv. it'a stood to see you
again." he said. "I've been thinking
about yon all day. wondering if you
and Tom still lived here. I'm passing
throna-h. and. rememberinf that I had
a sister living here, decided to stop
over. Are you purchasing something
more?" he asked laughingly extend
ing his ban da for her bundles. T
have Stars ear around the corner. Let
me ran yon homeT"
-TH sell this one for thirty cants.'
bargained the countryman, holding
up a pretty wreath shining wits crim
son oemoc
PoUv handed over the last oenay
that ahe had 1 . ser parse. If Frod
was Bolncr to trvt her I
could afford to . jtd her ear fare too.
Charity Appeal Unheeded.
She sank back upon the handsomely
upholstered cushions of the automo
bile with a little sigh of relief. What
a glorious feeling of luxury pervadad
her tired body! Just before Fred
slammed the door, aa old woman ex
tended a palsied hand. "A little
Christmas gift, sir I A dime, maybe T"
she begged pltaouaiy.
"Go to the Associated Charities.'
he told her brasquely. "Christmas
gift Indeed!" snorted Fred sharply.
taming to Folly.
-I dont believe In Christmas. Ifs
a mockery, Jast a sort sf TH give yea.
something aoping uax ru get some
thing better h return.' As for
charity Lord, the poor are always
with as. Why dont the hangars Eet
oat and kick for themselves?"
"She was too oM." stoutly defended
Polly. "Why. she meat ha'
aavaatv. at least."
"Sha wasn't always old. Saw knew
that this day was Inevitable. Why
dldat she save sosoeuungT an let s
forget beggars yen and II It's great
to see yon again, really great. Folly!"
He shot a quick, qutxxtcal glance at
her. "There never was hot one Polly
in this world for me bat a better man
beat ma to her.
For 'Little Torn.''
She sailed at that, fluahlag a little
with the nlessare that aH isamsa feet
In compliments, deserving or other-
"I've always known that when I
saw yon again. Fred. I woeM have
on say oldest clothes, ay hair would
be wispy and ay noes sadly In need
of a powdered chamois. Ami yet I
haw hasMri that bv some kind nrovl
danee. I woold be snick and span aad
my honoe In order when yon appeared
upon ue scene.
"And so," he paused dramatically,
"von ha vent forgotten either, pow
dered nose or not, yotrll always, he
the loveliest woman ta the world
to me." He sighed and. glancing
down, saw a toy gun sticking oat of
one or ner parcels, -tsotnt guningT
he questioned with an obvious effort
to avoid any more personalities.
That's for little Teas. He adores
suns, lost like hla Tom.'
"So yea have a soar He turned
to look at her.
"Jost Like Daddy."
Polly flashed with eagerneae. 1
want yon to, see oar baby. Has
('ear. Red headed, of coarse, and he
has Tom's his; blue eyes. He's the
wonder of the aare."
"An that junk you were carrying
for him?"
"afoot of It aad some cranberries
for Jelly. I forgot to order these this
morning ana tnrnsy aoes mot lasts
just right without the flxlnya." ahe
lanathed. "Then I have a silk shirt
for Tom m this sqaare box. I've had
It pat away down town for six weeks.
I was afraid to take It boms sooner
beaanae it would be lost like me to
open It aad show K to Tom before
"What difference would that make?"
drawled Fred. "I think buying gilts
Is sheer nonsense. I have my secre
tary mall cheeks to mother and the
girls and she always buys dears for
the men In the office aad candy for
the .women clerks. Then they make
me ssek thanking tne for the silly
staff. Rot, i say, -ji or it.-
1a enlrtt Not la The Heart.
Ton don't really feel that way. do
yon Fred?" There was ooaoers In
tnl1va BAft avaa.
-I sore do. Here we are. Uvtng In
the twentieth oeatnry and hoeaWg on
tn an Mm barbarous tAsteons of the
dark ages. Sis thinks that I oaght to
stay over Christmas, sit aroona ana
gorge on turkey and staff and pell
Merry Christmas' to every grinning;
fool in sight. Boon! I" think kids
ought to be given red apples aad a
stick of oandy and let that east the
Tf Tiallv'B tnrn to look at hfaa
oniaslcally. She had been thtnklag;
how fortunate a girl would be, mar
ried to a man like Fred, who oould
give her softly eoshloned ears and
fnra aad servants and an the other
wonderful things that wealth can
i n hn now aha thouarht mtrinslly of
any girl who would risk her happi
ness with a au to whoa there was
no Christinas snd no blessed spirit
of Christmas la tne woria.
Tom Had "The Spirit."
"Why. Tom's home!" cried Polly,
nraaantlv. nolnttas: to a little baaga-
low nested In a damn of evergreens.
Tarn can't give me llwHMtslne
r eUassane hat he data give nte
neesethlas; that maaey cant bey
and that lave aad the real has
pnrss that it brings. Why. It's
Christmas la the warld Keeaaae
It'a Chrlntata la Mr hearts."
And when Fred had gone, she put
her arms around Tom's neck and
whispered in his ear the sweetest
message he could hear. "O. Tom.
you'll never know how much I love
you. Think how miserable I would
have been if I had married a man to
whom the blessed spirit of Christmas
time is not a tangible reality."
-He's pot wreaths in every sisters
window. The extravagant fellow I
And he's lighted a Christ mas candle
In the front window. See how
brightly It shines through the dnekr
"Sams old dreamer, eh. Tomf
laughed Fred greeting him heartily.
"Wreaths aad candles and Christmas
trees! I suppose you nave a nrsjceiei
or some other highly useful gift for
the missus hidden away! If I had a
wife. I'd hand her a check and tell
her to go out and blow herself to a
new limousine or something."
Folly slipped her hand through
Kabibble Kaharet -
raernrat- Ipsa, lateraatlooa! reusse aaMaa tin BiilaunT o a Passu. TTbra
- rKcw rABcR
TUJITER domi nates this day 1 n
J planetary rule, according to as
trology. Early In the mor-in? Ura
nns Is strongly adverse.
It fs a most auspicious sway under
which to conduct any business enter
prise. Merchandising should be es
pecially profitable.
Daring this rule men in authority
are supposed to be stimulated to a
maximum of energy, and 'what they
do under this impetus is supposed to
be exceed. ugly fortunate.
Buying, selling and trading are all
subject to a direction of the stars
making for profit.
Owing to the evil power of Uranus,
the public mind will continue to be
disturbed. There will be a fermenta
tion of thought that menaces Indus
try. especially toward the end of the
Honors for strong men in many
professions are prophesied by the
thin its are made, but most of the
toilet lotions are extremely compli
cated to make and contain ingredients
which we would find it Impossible to
purchase at home.
However, there are a few simple
lotions which are widely sold here and
which anyone at home can make for
herself. Personally. I am Inclined to
think that these are quite as effec
tive as the more expensive and more
complicated varieties 1 would like,
for instance, to give the formula for
a strawberry emulsion, which is
splendid for an irritable, dry or scaly
skin, and which Is somewhat astrin
gent and. therefor, good for the mteV
die aged as well as the young woman:
StransorF-rry EmBfetasK.
Strawberry juice. H tumbler full.
Powdered borax. 1 generous pinch-1
teao ae coiogne. zv crops.
Fresh milk. 4 glass.
This will be sticky tf the straw
berry juice Is sweetened. In that
case. I think If you add a little more
cologne It will make It right, since
most strawberry Juice, to be obtained
now, comes in preserves. This makes
a aeieCious looking emulsion wmcn
can be patted on the face after wash
ing and allowed to dry In.
It is a very pretty color and It is
supposed to leand a healthy tinge to a
sallow skin. This emulsion was sold
me in a perfectly lovely little bottle
for a great deal of money. It will .
cost practically nothing to make at !
home t
Mother's Darling. I would not ad
vise you to try anything more com- ,
plicated in treating the nose than to
massage and tap it with the finger I
tips, to stimulate circulation, and then (
to rub it with Ice. This will tend to i
overcome the flabblness. Of course If
ou are too stout, as you say yon are,
you will find It a great Improvement ,
if you will reduce Frequently those .
lines around the cheek are nothing
but the result of too much flesh on f
the cheeks.
Stenographer. It Is not true that I
11 one m iuo iti in mar apocidii pari
of the body, the whole body must be
reduced. Too are troubled with the
common aliment or all stenographers
fat that collects below the waist
and around the hips. In your 'par
ticular case. I wouldn't advise you
to go without corsets, but would sug
gest Instead that you wear hipcon
flners to bind in the hipe, leaving the
waist free. Take bending and stoop
ing exercises to reduce the flesh
around the waist Ton are, from your
description of yourself, about 20
pounds overweight, so. of course. If
you reduce to normal the hips would
not be so large.
AU toantrWs m6Gn& to Mtse Forbes ut
ears of the "Beewry Cssts dtrpartniwvt
will s aasw?rd In tie- edemas tbetr
ram Test rees)lr eeeeWrsblr tfm
however, erwtns to taw great amah re
catved. Se tf a panmaal er qaeivi reply
w 0vTtrd. a stamped aad self-adasa
eavelape smat be vpclaad wtth tb qwt
Tfct IpjIht yank of TliedV-Sfcerroe! are ever fW vritk kmber
i ksewa asutKtv. There k ever aay aveeriasaty rcfanfisg a
piece sf aW frees thi kuMaris. k k "m Ae esact grade it
beleap k, aal k priced at At correct fifare.
"A single stick r a cade."
161 Texas St.
PWe 1028.
seers, bat there win be reactionary
tendencies net favorable to progress
in many lines of activity
Colleges are to reach great Influ
ence through scientific efforts to
solve economic and Industrial prob
lems. Tne head of a great Institu
tion will receive an appointment to
high place In the govern meat.
women shoald be discreet in all
dealings wtth men while this rule
of the stars prevails. .They arm hsve
disappointments In their ambition to
obtain a representative number of
political offices, astrologers predict.
Tha seers declare that progress In
all our national lestftuttons depends
more than ever before upon idealism.
There la a sign read as unfortun
ate for the Pom at Rome owing to
the sinstsr influence, at work In
the stars that affect the destiny of
A noted member of the English
Parliament will die thta winter at a
most critical time in British affairs.
Spam will suffer from political and
laHgloua disturbances, bat the horo
scope of the king seems to promise
personal good reek. j
persona waoaa Binsflsu n is nonra
avoid any radical changes the com
ing year Business affairs may be
Children born today may be rest
less and ambitious. Boys probably
will succeed best In the navy, or m
some seafaring occupation. (Copy
right. 1M0. by the McClure Newspa
per Syndicate)
Pearls And Diamonds
Stolen From Church
New York. Dee. 14. Pearls and
diamonds, said to re worth from $1S-
to ileO.ooa. have besa stolen from
a golden vessel In the Catholic
church of St. Vincent Porrer. Most
of the valuables were pried from the
luna. a vessel of gold ased In the
church's oeremoaiala They constl
.tated part of the furnishings of the
church, regarded as amoag the finest
n neauurai in tae city.
Make Your HENS LAY
let. imittmn
Cea-D-Menial will
pmdoee more ess
tod lrp Tour
chickens aea.Jiy.
Th CZ Pro.
ducr ha leeo
joid for over 14
tat to thouueda
the best pooi
trr raisers to tae
flsutaaiit wao wiD ase no other. Hanav
haa aad easy to adsUauter. Guaranteed to
produce asore esse or toot ntoaey back.
A Faesaz ef On-D-McaUl Free
Far aafvajtattatT iwtpom. only wiE!
ated three COc pacha tor price of two.
San X paefcaaea ta roer aeieisors (or 60c
each. Seed ea 91.29 with name of roar
rarer er drsssi-t. aad we win aasd roe
S eeeaasca Beaeaid. Writ today.
Fart VTarts, Texas
Retmlte From Herald Ada
back his
Christmas smile
Combination Set
S&rf-pUtd AutoStrop Raaor,
epaci ihawtng brhth and
thawing aoap tn niter plated
fobti; fwere btadms matt
aaJtecrM mmtnmr arrop, apec
ptapaxd. Etght ad a ,
Combination Set
paciai ahariajt broah aad
KmIn4 aoap m gpkS-pimtmd
tubi zanaovable bavalmd
piato tmirror: rweiVa iMaeVs
nnnaaalTar maamand. In I
toathtr eaaa. Tturta Met a
Sterling Stiver Set
Starting etltor AutoStrop
Rasor; t: alra blada in
m far ling tflrar CaanfaiTiar;
aaeof aef Immthar atrop.
mpmcimffy prmpmrad. In Jtnaat
grmda black or brown
ealftkin c-taa. erVe' imad.
Twaty6 DoBmxu
every day
,PND with a word of thanks on Christmas
morning the next day put aside and forgotten.
How often that is tne fate of an ill-chosen gift!
Don't let that happen to the Christmas presents you give
him this year.
There is one gift that will save him discomfort day after
day that will eliminate the needless trouble so many men
have in shaving.
Unstropped razor blades grow dull quickly and pall and
scrape cause aftersmart and burning. To end these shaving
troubles once for all get him an AutoStrop Razor for
Christmas. It will give him every day a shave as cool and
c&an as his first shave with a new blade.
Built right into the frame of the AutoStrop Razor is a
simple, efficient stropping device which quickly sharpens the
blade. It renews the edge in a few seconds without removing
blade or taking the razor apart.
This unique razor is a gift a man will enjoy day after
day a present that will bring back his Christmas smile
every morning.
The new De Luxe AutoStrop Razor sets described on
this page are especially- appropriate for Christmas gifts.
Any man will be happy to own one of these handsome,
distinctive outfits.
Make your gift this Christmas an AutoStrop Rasor. Ask
your dealer today to show you the AutoStrop Razor sets
shown on this page as well as others he may have in stock.
Hat Metal Set
5sVar.jsM.eT Ants Hsue Rarer;
met aw sin an
frlatf. eoncaiaerr
immtht . f f OB- se.oJeJfr
n au ssher-sewe-
nisaaeaT top, rsJret Uses?.
Aito-Strop Razo
razor and stropping device combined
saves constant blade expense
; 3ffrl
Standard Set
SaVer.pfetoe' AutoStrop Sam;
iwtff hfeaT.s aae .eJeeeeoT
immthmr mttop, sp.cjaflv'
pnpwJ. In soft fossaer oaM.
vefrsc JaMe. Cste esatws as
alsea. oiaspon. ret, IroM or
Ma. Fir Doom
On rasan. sasesa. Hsess, tHe- feraaMsr
SMaasfaorseW H n ahsaT aspor
K.Amui - Vatss" im asTetitaaal. to t
-MaaViasr- a aa
BHassM of
reaassnr. ifmtr York.
JaeMeatfan that tkw at tho fmutno
of ta. AutoStrop 3afv nsor

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