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Tuesday. Dec 14, 1920.
AMERICAN WOMEN WOULD SAVE C o f t i n r ft Aarlv For Tli p flin-ns
W "'hpn the American woman left
hr place in the home" on elec
on day she paved the way for the
option of a piece of legislation that
will do more for the home perhaps
"ian any one law in American tiw
' ory. Early next week congress will
onsidr the first legislative propoaal
made by the women of America since
uniersal suffrage was granted. Not
"nly have the omen done the un
recedented thing of asking for a rel
atively insignificant appropriation,
nly 14.000.000 bnt they have point
ed out how that $4,000,000 can be of
s much of more, benefit to the
Vmerican nation as any other 14.060.
'to In the whole federal budget of
H 900 OM.000.
Briefly the women ask that the
rdera! government, in cooperation
tith the states of the union shall
ducat a ronne mothers in the mater-
nty periods so that they will not only
ae the proper knowledge of
. ygiene before and after the birth of
tneir children, out in neeoy cases.
iirses and physicians shall be ready
o come to their aid instantly. Not
nly have some pitffnl cases of
legiAct in country districts especially
nine to ttie attention ox tne women
io have investigated these auee-
uns but statistics show America
ot Z5Q.O0O infants last year.
i ot&l of 20,006 a month, most of
v, horn might have been sitved by pro-
Ier attention.
Lack of Osre Is Gaese
In 1918, ZS.SOO mothers died from
auses that could aare been prevent-
d. Fully 80 per cent of the cases In-
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Foe Expectant Mother
Used Br Thee Sememtiws
v estimated in different cases show
that lack of care was the principal
reason for death. America has been
far behind in this kind of sociai
legislation. The United States stands
14th in the list of civilised countries
wh ich have tak en n p the p ro bl e m.
New Zealand which has had woman's
suffrage longer than any other coun
try, stands at the top of the list and
has greatly reduced her infant mor
tality Great Britain, also has been in the
front rank in this movement.
The Sheppard-Towner bill, pro
posed by senator Sheppard of Texas.
Democrat, and representative Town
er of Iowa, a Republican, would ap
propriate S2.600.000 at first bat with
provision to increase It annually till
it reaches $4,000,000 and the states
of the union would be asked to ap- j
propriate dollar for dollar in the
same way that the federal govern- (
ment and the states have cooperated '
in building roads. It is not com
pulsorv. a state may decline to co
operate but probably not many of
them will refuse.
Now Is Time to StriLe
The senate committee on pub. 1c
health has reported the bill favorably
and senator Kenyon, who has charge
of the agricultural bill being die- J
cussed in the senate has promised to 1
give way for consideration of the j
Towner-Sheppard measure so that it
will get prompt attention. The wom
en insist that unless they get action
this session, preferably next week. I
there will not be another opportunity
to get the matter before various state 1
legislatures until 1932. As some of i
them meet only once every two years.
and usually daring January and j
February so that postponement of
this subject until the extra session
of cfloereM In snrtnjr would be hurt
ful to the cause. The women leaders
declare that 2&6.000 deaths is too
mnch to allow. It is three times the
number of casualties on the American
battle front during the war. And
therefore the leaders in the move
ment are not disposed to brook in
definite delay.
Whm women were enfranchised
and the activities of suffrage leaders
warm ntMsniml as ha vine come to
an end. everybody wondered in what
direction the energies of the leaders
would go. li nauonax women s or
ganisations have got together and
with a lolnt legislative committee
her they have quietly polled mem
bers oi uie senate ana n outre ana
legislated the details of the measure.
Some congressmen were distant at
first, thinking the attention of public
nurses might be forced upon people,
bnt It was legislated that there -were
thousands of poor people who would
ha frlad to est anr sort of attention
and that in no case was It compul
sory that aid be accepted.
B1H Likely to Pass
The Catholic welfare societies and
the welfare organisations of other
churches have got behind the bill and i
tU vwnllt nf ranrresi show that It :
will pass by an overwhelming vote.
It is Interesting to observe that the
bill does not create any new leaerai
bureaus or big salary list, me aa
mlBtetratlon of the whole thins: will
rest largely with the state hygiene
public neann Dureaua, prooaoiy m
cooperation with civic associations.
hn thA whole thine win be sys
tematically co-ordained so that the
children of America may be safe-
vmnM nad the race of American
men and women correspondingly
Ten million voters are affiliated
with the 11 organisations which are
sponsoring the bill. Instead of divid
ing along party lines, the women of
America have organised in a non
nirtiaan wav tn do Bomethlntr for the
home which has long1 been neglected.
by the male voters. uopyrigm,
by David Lawrence.
TjIO GRANDE park was officially i
IO GRANDE park was officially
occupied by the Eighth cavalry
regiment Tuesday morning which
moving in solid formation from Ft.
Bliss began the work of preparing
for the regimental circus to be held
there Saturday and Sunday.
Early Tuesday morning those In
charge of different sections of the
work, carpentering, construction of
the tent and patting in the electric
al ap partus were busy. This work is
to continue steadily until all details
for the staging of the circus in which
nearly the entire regiment will parti
cipate is held. Special scenery for
some rf tr r-.e"' s'pp- I Iron, wtpons to Pdd effect to the pirade.
eastern T- ft; t.r- . M -n t ar- .". of the features of the circus
Tutsti'v au ,t v. M be put into j lact- will Ye the freaks In the side show
just a soon the irain top, ailiirludmg a sword swallower. snake
moder . t -ne rinc affair, is hoisted charir.fr and all of the usual as well
at the crxunds V i-how w '1 oc- in many unusual adjuncts. Re
cupy th '-are w ;i n :h ---. po- : . a rials are being held daily at the
per and not the -j-tl Linus grounds j. irtc and a special costumer and
jut wet of park Meral makeup artists from Houston
iS-'aturdav morr.'ng It m pinned to have been put into service to make
cie a sirt-ct par.)'1 t nMc tl e ti.e show a sucress.
downtown -f.-Let of ty i vl 'h The show is the first of its kind
.r an y of
part. Tr:
the menj.'
large nun 1
district for the protection of deposi
ters of defunct national banks and
trust companies Is proposed in a bill
introduced by representative McClln
tlck. Democrat, of Oklahoma. The
measure provides that ten percent of
the net earnings or every ieoerai re
serve bank shall be deposited in the
bank to the credit of the proposed
(Continued trots pace 1.1
said tt endorsed the principle of the
home loan bank MIX which la de
signed to facilitate a wider distribu
tion of real estate mortgages through
standard bond issues.
Popular saving and thrift, it wis
eonclnded. woeM be aided by con
solidating all federal thrift activi
ties and by amending the postal say
ings law "to provide adequate Inter
est for depositors
-Washington. D. C Dee. H. Crea
tion of a fund in each federal reserve
Billion Dollars Dae U. S.
In Unpaid Tax Since 1917
Washington. D. C, Dec 14. The
treasury department estimates that
"more than a billion dollars" is out
standing in unpaid taxes because of
the government's inability to audit
the returns. Dr. Thomas S. Adams of
the treasury staff testified today at
hearing on taxation before the house
ways and means committee.
Because of the complex nature of
present revenue laws. Dr. Adams
added, the Internal revenue bureau
has been unable to complete the
checking up of tax returns for 1917.
He saw no immediate hope of makinc
the audit current with the tax returns i
iko to be gnen by a military unit at the
1 hrr- ro-t and the proarram will iaclude
n i tt for .t number nf attractive drills by moiB
icwi a-i a i Ht rs of tne regiment and El Paso
tru ks .tnd I society girls.
Carnival Opens This Evening
Committee Named To Plan
Harding Inauguration
Washington, D. C Dec 11. Under
authorisation of a resolution adopted
by the house, speaker GlUett ap
pointed three members to a con
gressional committee which will ar
range for the inauguration of presi
dent elect Harding. Those appointed
are representatives Cannon. Republi
can, of Illinois; Reavis. Republican, of
Nebraska; and Rocker. Democrat, of
Missouri. They immediately will be
gin conferences with the three al
ready selected by the senate
A House or a Ho
Which is Yours?
What a AA old vnmU this would be wkkout bhmc!
And jet. Jtmr own ixMmrtoid k a Httic world in kieJf.
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bmc the evening raliywg cry for the whole family from Mother
and Dad down to the tnuett tot.
Music lays the foundation of real household happiaew. It draws
the faroBy circle elder. It transforms any hoote isto a real H0&5E.
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Priced Pianos.
Plane Starr
Piano Hostt m
Ei Paae.
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ing TUB Pianos Suitable for
This DRT" nimafe.
"Washington. D. C Dec li. Plans
for securing: action y the h6nse he
fore the holiday reoees on legislation
reviving- the war finance corporation
were laid today by proponents of
the farmer relief measure, folio win q
its passage In the senate. The houso
committee on aericultare. to which It
was expected the me sure would be
referred today, planned to report it
out promptly.
(CeatfnBre: rrm nanre 1-)
O the
Washington, X. C. Bee. It. The
federal trade commission would be
directed by a bill introduced by rep-
resentative Lambert. Republican, of
Wisconsin, to determine the value of
all coal fields In the United states and
of machinery need at the various
mines and to make a report of their
findings to congress.
Washington. D. C Dee. It. A bill
extending to July 1 next, xhe time for
making annual assessment work and
mining claims was passed by the sen
ate. The measure, which now goes to
the house, is designed to relieve pros
pectors and follows a precedent estab
lished during the war.
Miss K. Madeline Southard is presi
dent of an association of women
preachers tn the United States and
Canada that represents fiften denominations.
Miss M.E.Regenauer
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Skin Trouble
" My trouble started Hkeheatbcmps
and kept spreading until my face wss
coTcred. itttcnedsobadiy
sometimes I could sot
help bos scratch my face,
and I could not sleep.
Whenever I got warm it
j was worse, and It caused
disfigurement for a time.
"I used remedies but they did no
food. I sent for a free sample of
Cmicura Soap and Ointment and it
proved successful, so I bought more,
and when Z had used three calces of
Cuticura Soap and two boxes of Cmi
cxraOmtmtnrtIwashealed."(SigTied) Miss Mamie . Regenauer, R. F. D.
2, Box 574, Louiavflle, Ky.
Cutlcora Soap daily and Cuticura
Ointment occasionally prevent pim
ples or other eruptions. They axe a
pleasure to use, as is also Cuticura
Takum. a fascinating fragrance for
perfuming the skin.
iri,Irpt. K. fcal6a il. a." BoMmry
wfatra- Soapgic OintiThttit Sausd60c TanmZLc.
VS Cuticurm Soap she withoat tone.
Anglo-Saxon minds, but stranger
things tinve happened in the course of
history- V.ny limfs in the pat, na
tions of ti same blood have fought
each other.
Ohmervrm ef the nit mat lea her
believe that the Eaarlfaih sil
woaM tnIIirianf ly repudiate any
urh alHaaee vrlth a yelloiv rare,
and that aa Brltlnh mlalatry ceald .
ma kt tain Itself under such m lead.
A treaty of this kind mentioned, by
force of British public opinion. If an
attempt should be made to enforce It.
would be no mor1 than a "scrap of
paper" when the British public
learned of it. In the opinion of tne
Washing-ton diplomats and congressmen.
To Reduce 'aral Irmantentf
A resolution requesting th- presi
dent to open negotiations with Great
Britain and Japan for an agreement
to reduce naval building programs
fifty per cnt for the next five years
was introdu'-ed In the senate today
oy senator isoran, icepuDitcan. laano.
The resolution would declare it to
be the opinion of congrr-'-s that the
United States would i.iake such a re
duction if an agr ement could be
brought about, and asserted that the
navies of Grat Britain and Japan
were the only ones of power sufflc
ent to require American pttention.
44 V Crlaie aya I a a let a
IMien senator Borah offered his
resolution, secretary Daniels was be
fore the house naval committee
strongly opposing such a proposal.
Mlt ivooltl he a hlSBfler altet
emf to a erlme said the naval
neeretary. for the latteti State
te eater into an allfanee vrtth any
two or three nation., either 4e suvs
ped or enrtnll naval fcalMJna; or
far any other pnrnoae. It ttobM
eertaialy ntake for rmapleten anveng
the ether nattona of the -MrorM.
"I profoundly believe that the
United States cannot afford to tak
a five years 'naval holiday as It has!
been rumored England and Japan i
will suggest to this ountry.
Keen Bnildlaic. Saya Seere tary I
"I wish tha.t we could have a world 1
agreement that would settle disputes
without recourse to arms, but until '
that comes and comes surely, we ,
ought to carry out our naval build
ing program."
Senator Borah's resolution was re
ferred to the foreign relations com
mittee without debate.
from the- animal circui . .ih
e Alamo shows, to open tonight
Duraneo and W est Overland
streets under the auspices of St. Mar
paret s orphanage The pontes belong
to "Princess Plortne" and she is said
to have remarkable control over them.
Mile. Francis, who has charge of the
leopards, puts them through a num
ber of fancy poses and feats of leap
ing. "Dixie" is an exceptionally well
educated horse, that dances and
waltzes Its rider. Mile. Dolores, around
the big ring and through the tent,
pausing at intervals before the grand
stand to bow In acknowledgement of
applause. There are bears, and
monkeys and Maude, the acting mule
and her trainer. George Johnson. The
circus program lasts two hours.
Associated Charities
Fund Totals $12,976
Additional contributions for the As
sociated Charities reported Tuesday
by secretary J. B. Gwin, brought the
total to I12.97.
New subscribers are:
Trl-State Motor company S o.aa
Universal Car company 5.90
MrMath Printing company .... leo.Oa
Cold & Kroekel 20.M
c. X. Basset JDt.M
A. F. Kerr 25.
Don A. Carpenter 5 0
W. F. Payne l&fts
The China Palace company . . . 5..00
Laskln-Swatt company ... SC.so
Kl Paso Overland company ... 156.00
K. M Bannell 50.M
Haymon Krupp & Co. 25fc.ee
E. W. King .". !.
It. L. Simons 1Z.M
a J. Brient 1XM
H. E. Cantrell Co. 18.0
K. D. Zumault 4.00
Paul D. Thomas 5.00
Alfred Pearson 2.00
Aclcerman ec Rosen 13.00
Dr. Wip n?binson . iO.OO
W. H. Scott - S.00
I. It. TaJpis 5.00
V. P. Bassett 100.00
Mr. and Mrs. S. P. Skinner 50.00
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t -
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pretty silk camisoles
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Ma3 0f4m
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$20,000 In Recovered
Mail 5ac; Packages Open
Blsbee. Aria, Dee. 14. Checks
and money orders totaling 920.000
were recovered with the finding of
a sack of registered mail, stolen Fri
day from a railroad truck at Osborn,
eight miles south of here.
The mail bag. found in a clump of
brush two miles from Osborn by two
boys, had been ripped open and hun
dreds of letters and small packages
torn open. Postal authorities said
that, as near as the original con
tents of the sack could be checked,
the only mail not found today was
an envelope containing two liberty
bonds. Scores of envelopes contain
ing checks and money orders were
found lying near the opened mall
sack. The sack was stolen Friday
while mall was being transferred
from the Btsbee-Osborn branch to the
main line train on the El Paso and
Southwestern system.
Fail To Find Crime Under
Churchman s Charges
NEW YORK. Dee. 14 No evidence
of crime has been found Is ths ex
amination of 10 witnesses In connec
tion with charges made by Campbell
HcCulloch, former first render of the
Church of Christ, scientist, here that
certain papers stolen from his deak
were being used to harm him. ac
cording to assistant district attorney
McCnlloch said he had resigned
from the church in order that he
might press a complaint of criminal;
libel against two of Its trustees and
10 other members. i
Mr. Rorke said he had received im
TMtrtant doenmentarr data for us ini
the Investigation, but added that it;
would be several days before hoi
could determine whether there was I
sufficient legal evidence upon which J
How Thin Folks
Can Put On Flesh
If yon are weak, thin and emacia'- '.
and cant pat on flesh or get strong
no matter how much you eat. eo t
Cordell Drug Co- or any other dr-t-gist
and get enough Blood-Iron Pr -pnate
for a three weeks' treatnv
and take it as directed. If at -end
of three weeks yon don't :
stronger and better than you have - -months:
if your eyes aren't brigh-- r
and your nerves steadier; if yoj do- -sleep
better and your vtm. vigor xr
vitality arent more than doubled
it you haven't put on several poi'-
of good, stay-there flesh, you .
have your money back for the ak
and Blood-Iron Phosphate w.U -yon
nothing. Adv.
Coordinate Highways
Bureaus For Research
New York, Dec. 14. Coordination
of all agencies interested In highway
construction to avoid overlapping of
efforts and provide a centralized body
for research has been undertaken by
the engineering foundation with head
quarters In this city. Bureaus of the
federal government, various techni
cal organizations and universities are
xpcted to join the movement, it was
announced here today.
Man Is Killed; Auto
And Booze Captured
TV! Rio. Tx . Dec. 14 When cu-I
toms inspector Nat Malone and ranger!
Capt Miller commanded occupants of
an automobile i halt, a Mil ley oft
shots was fired at them. Fire was
returned, and one of the occupants of 1
the car was killed and two wounded.
The officers captured S00 bottles of .
liquor and took charge of the auto
mobile and Its occupants The shoot-
iff was i'f-ar I Mild.. T x
- 1
A properly balanced style
for winter
For Sale By
J. C Balard and
The Men's Toggery
' I rj Yi
;. See Qandara. Adv. I VJxZY'MSfJ'm3fsJ
CBS. S4S.'i
t Caps JSO.m,
RobbI Sl&M
Kail Bearing .
rials BMriis
. .SSMtsSl&M
H have a fall Km ( Blrretn
prte4 rrssn S44 t. SXS.
. 1 L
: xa
jnotan Braatr
H.t Foist &a
.tsaje l-H.le vritk Sima
94n9 Bsxgnivsssl
. 12.00
Our Novelty Tree Liglkiig Outfits Are New See tk Sasta Cbss Set
Opfn Evening's
Until Isuu.
Five Patnts
A R DAW AY fix
Taaa &3S t. SC&M
' 17S1.
1 Kodak Finishing.

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