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Tuesday, Dec 14. 1920.
CONDITIONS in industries, rocl at
- of material, uncertain markets, arrneart-es at rraaaern;
are bringing about a still farther atadarursarJea of pat
terns than tin the United State fcaa known heretefare.
With this tendency towaso ataadnraSsatJaa of patters gaea
the constant effort to increase output, ta strmuiate -quantity
Drodurtion." as a means of reducinr. nnit osata of manu
facture. Neceaaarilj the problem of marketing undergoes
changes, for instead of trying to sell many different articles.
the mannfaeturing world is trying ta sen larger uuaatmes
of fewer pattern.
The result of such changes may be favorable to money
making, but the race loaea something aerertheteea. He
inanity enjoy in proportion to the correctness, as well ae
the diversity, ef its tastes, sad not merely m uroperrion to
the quantity acquired or uiaauiaid. A "asaare aaaf fat
an educated body is not a vast helping of two or three
staples bat rather a strffidency in considerable variety.
Similarly, in all the activities of rife, pleasure is nt in
sured by surfeit in deadly darneas, bnt by the aUmeJw of
seeking the unusual and the true, and choosing at win
among many offerings.
Of an the differences between American and European
life and esthetic standards which strike the eeaaaarative
student, there is none more netaMe than the fact that
Europe has a much more varieat Hfe than America; that in
Europe there is greater variety is things, and in ways at
using things; nmrh greater variety ia tastes, and in ways
of indulging tastes.
Europe has not yet standardised her patterns or widely
adopted quantity production. Tins is to be taken in a
figurative aa weB as a Bteral sense.
The suggestion stay apply equally ta objects, and to
persona. In the average American community, there b a
comparatively aasaH choice. One ia expected to $0 ST not do
certain well defined things, one most aot depart from the
accepted ways. Whether in conduct, ex in choice of fur
nishings for a borne, or in selecting means of amusement,
we Americana are largely standardised.
For one thing, it costs abominably to depart from the
standardised patterns. If we plan a house, every time we
suggest the least thing out of the rut, the arcMteet smiles
and warns, the contractor smiles and warns, the workman
smiles and warns, and reluctantly, one after another, we
must give up aB ef our lonr cherished little preferences and
take what we can get within the standardised prise. But
in so many coromrmities of the old world, there ia no pat
tern. Everybody teems to have nut
This is partly a result of our industrial system, onr
great factories and our closely organised labor. If a man
wants a wrought iron grill, in a Spanish town for example,
ae walks a Maple of blocks sown the
sketch for as artisan, and gets his grill
tins country, it is a huge price for a design, or an elaborate
catalog, and a pries from $500 to $50,000 for a window or
a gate.
If we want a bit of carved atone, or aa artistically
bound book, or a special piece of fassftst, it is ta send
3000 miles for at or perhaps import werkaea ta da it, and
pay half a year's income. But in any little town of the
old world, one can hand these fhfags over ta a neighbor and
watch him while he works joyously In creatiag: soraething
wwen he pnses as part of liiasspn.
We have movies, and some other thing, bnt after all
there ia little vaiiaty to be had hi ajsasemeata except in
the largest centers, and we do not know haw to make ear
fun for ourselves aa more utiutaUve peoples do (primitive
from our ataaaaarat of "etliue .).
And is education, we certainly offer
elect ives and "practical" courses, sat we aa net, perhaps,
induce our young charges to take that joy in digging and
delving far immortal truth, aa the more primitive eauee
cational systems and educators do. We may teach our
youths to make a living, but do we teach them how to lire?
CathefieKy of taste, wide rntefleetael aad spirit aal eon
tacts, liberty of choice, free trade ia ideas maybe we
think these are characteristic Anaerfeaa traits, but seme
times one is disposed ta doubt it. Canoed art, sensed
music canned furaitare, canned history, canned amuse
ments, canned flesrarure, oaaned morals we are either
easily pleased, or else we are easily terrorised.
And now the word goes out from the experts ia "effi
ciency" that we must drop at least half of ear patterns,
and double the output of those that are left, ia order te
restore aa economic balance.
We seem to be aa drternsiaed to standardise patters ia
human minds aad spirits aa ia strfce fixtures, window sash,
and paintings for hotel loobies.
If all the pattern saved after the eitnrfiuties process
'Better Business Bureau Would Protect
Holiday Receipts Will Please Merchants Oi El Paso
S4 thine watch would bale
i Paso about as much as any other
so a batter business bureau." Bala
K. TL LeCkhaxt. "Reputable nter
chanta la El Pas are being forced
Into aa organJuatloo that Will protect
ttietn against unscrupulous methods
of concern that soli misrepresented
anode. BtartJaa; with adelub discus
sions the movement is growing to the
point whs re a, better business bureau
will probably be or -ran (red, if net wtth
the adelub vlgfhuoe eomsnltte as a
nucleus, the ohamher el commerce It
self rrtsy take the matter in band.
The expression of sentiment against
take, shoddy and fraduleait goods
tRS. TIPTON BOD is piean' a beau
tiful quilt far her ladJater. Some
sports run ia debt far evsrtniai: bat
bavin' ther hats checked.
Ccpi-nght. stations! Wsossoiw SSI Uss.
Sy WAl.T
DECEMBER winds are blowing, aad wearily I'm gatag down te the wailing
place; the wintry clouds are flying, the old gray vest is dying, it fisitbe
its race. The eld white year ia failing aad bitter wind are walling its dirges
aa they pass; the fact they keep repeating amid the frenzied sleeting that yean,
Uke flesh, are gras. Each year, when a beginner, is rare te be a winner, that
truth is understood; and all the bells are ringing and all the choirs are singing
their prophecies of good. The new year seems a treasure, with promises of
pleasure and happiness we've lost; but when with age it tatters, we swat It
with our swatier.. -nd sjy it -ras a frcst. And now in drab jVeember but
few of us remember . .v juod the iti y-ar seemed: its guarantees were thrill
ing, it promised the .'m; o. '!1 11; rearts -ve ure.raed. December always
ases us so tired that nsi ....t U1 plec- as except a brand new year, wherein ta
try fresh mc;si.res tor profits and for pleasures, to :pend and profiteer. Old
year, eo s ' , )A sickly, get out, and do it quickly you've hang around too
long! 01 3 ;.-rs are alwsyj creaking and musty maxima speaking; we like the
young and strong!
Coy; r-ght by Oeorge Matthew Adams. WALT MASON.
were truly the best,
plains around El
few -rears. Bat
those countries. Fa
mohair will not hart
and'iaohair industry
cost ef these raw
minor item in the
what he prefers.
At last there is
street, makes a reach
A piamber was
at a fair price. In
a wide variety of
In the trade part
cork is hard to wash
A head writer
label's demand, east
Whdddya mean, alleged?
'All UntfgoUthtt gluHnttk
-aide it the adetob M setae talked
about widely over the city. Ministers,
movie men, advertising men. Jewelers
and general merchants are rising r
for the Idea. The agitation started
when the Sretrident of the sdelub and
his brother, L. K. TjOCkhart, president
ef the Rid Grande Oil company, re
cently boa-eat a watch for tlti to
present to the company's night watch
man. It was found that the watch
was only snotled with geld and that
the works were cheap and second
hand. Wses t Gattegno. a Jeweler,
heard about the transaction he said
that there were many Jewelry stores
In the city where such things were
done. Ring-s are bought for 9 a
dosen and sold for 925 apiece. A sign
which reads "Solid gold'- is set in a
tray of rings and then In small, al
most illegible letters win be the
word -ahelL'2 Arthur Milrtean, on be
half of the adelub, -ts WorMag to set
a state law passed which will penal
ize fradnlent advertising."
"HTbUe SwUa-ay b-ssiaes-s this year
probamr WTO aot be as aarge aa last
year, the volant IS -very MtssfaetOTT."
saia Bernard mats thai t . Stsna
entaal Bro., faorfli Maataa aad
Mine streets. "Hi noWs elotn inc
lines, neelctled, sbelta, handherehtefs,
leather goods and similar artlelea,
corns-rise the aicser portion of te
goods fcaaajtrt for Cbrlertmos. A salt
of clothes or an overcoat, however
welcome it might be to the recipient,
rarely Is boagbt as a Christmas gift.
Peonle. aa waa the case last year, are
'sticklers for quality. The feet that
business probably will not be so I flowers, each with a distinctive per
large this year as last is natural, for i fume and said he wanted the blind
war times savings which people had ! man to enjoy through his sense of
last vear. were scent then. Many Deo- fmell the various blooms, because he
pie sold the Liberty bonds and Sav- !
lngs stamps to provide Christmas i
money, and the present tight money
question had not arisen.
a? ?
There are some children In El
' Paso, who wouldn't hare much Of a
! Christmas nnleas the American legion
lnnkiMt sTtpr them." said w. at. John
son. Jr.. adjutant of the El Paso post
"So the legloa on Christmas Intends
to be a real Santa, Clans to some of
the children whoso fathers were ser
vice men. On Christmas day wo also
are going to visit all the hospitals
and sanatorhims In Bl Paso and try
to bring what little cheer we can to
onr buddies who are dtsaaied and
can t be home for Christmas. Oar
committees have visited all the places
5 1
I ;
1 1
according te safe standards, it would
not be so baa, eat are ineyr ic rs an immniaoie to"
t wt g mm drives mod meaev eat sf circulation:
and toe aft en "sUaderdiseeT titeratare kills inrntJvese
aa jazz destrays or dells taste for maeie; and in furniture
and tableware and lamp saaaes, many oi ine reauy nne
patterns are likely te be abandoned because they do not sell
so well as some less refined.
In Missouri K is against the law ta carry a gun in aa
automobile or other vehicle, thus relieving the highwaymen
of a heap of worry.
Abont the only thing that cosld excite the people now
weaH be an explosion of the mean.
Praying for rain will do as mack good as cannonading
and is a lot cheaper.
o J
Meat And Wool.
TN ASKING a tariff aa meat and wool the cattle men and
1 wool growers are demanding something that will help
west Texas, especially new with plans nader way for re
stocking the pis ins west Of the Pete with both cattle and
angora goats. When one considers what the cattle men and
fan-rs get for their Hvestoek on the boot aad what the
public pays for its steaks and Hi pork chops it isn't hard
to see that something is wrong, Far one thing, the cattle
men are not getting as much as they should get for their
By protecting American predated meat against importa
tions from South America it aaema neip wei. xexas sioca
sen. If it doesn't, and merely enables the sellers of meat
products to put np the prices, then pretecttoa saaaia noi
be riven by congress.
West Texas aad Hew Mexico, the angora goat growers
say, are and win continue to be the center of the mohair
industry. If given protection the goat men declare the
Paso will be covered with angoras m a
American mohair can't compete with
Armenian and African products, because of cheap labor ia
- ring a lew rents more lor wool or
any of as, aad a large wool industry
centered here will benefit as alL The
materials ta the manufacturer is only a
retail price ef the fisused product.
something for which Baslesoa can blame
shot the other day.
R was a cinch one
would be eventually.
We used to say af same people" they slant know the
war was over. Today we have people who dont seem to
knew it was ever fought.
A graft is the other fe How's job.
Fort Bayard.
RRP8RTS that the army is ta reestablish a post at Ft.
Bayard win be welcome, provided it U sat intended te
dislodge the public health service there. When the an
nouncement waa made that the army weald abandon the
post so (hat the pabtie health service eeatd establish a hos
pital there, there was xaueh opposition in Silver City. When,
however, K was feaad oat that the public health service
intended putting its largest hospital at the fort, that pat a
different face on tangs aad new Stiver City wants the
public health service.
Denver, it has been found, is set as well suited cH
matkaUy for aa army post aa SBver CKy. Let the army
tome back to the southwest. If Silver City cant aoosm
medate the' men, maybe SI Paso can mere ever a fettle.
VQla may think he's bad rough akddieg, but wait until
those Americans he had aired strike.
she's piayiae Britain vM fied hurst
refers ta aHeaed vise at Tie J nana.
i Miaasctem.
where ex-serviee men are laid np this
week ana will eoaunae to
0 the eehoale aa oommsuilty
centers and we will have started a
wo emeat which could result la un
told benefit," satd W. H. FYrer. -The
school house Is a nataral gathering
center for the highest type of citizens,
and the organisation of rtehrhborhood
cloba to meet at the school house
aanM be eaaraaraUvalr easy. Such
clubs could discuss and decide mat
ters of noighborhod Interest, coold be
a clearing house for beautifying plans.
They could be 4 factor for citv and
state betterment, though larger or
ganizations Of city or state wide im
port. It would Ttrlag together the
people who aetaally are concerned by
problems of their particular neigh
borhood, and ttat-Ueatiafly their school.
Such organlzetJeaes should be formed
without delay, aaa shonld bo encour
aged, for El Pas would benefit ma
terially through am,."
"The nse at flow errs to express al
most every haasaa se-atlment of the
finer klad la wall known, but It re
mained for k thoughtful man recently
to teach me a near use of fragrant
blossoms along this line." aaM H. w.
Blerhorst. t have made bouquets
for mothers, sisters, sweethearts and
daughters, but this man sprang an
entirely new human sentiment. He
had just passed a blind man at lco
corner and conceived the Idea of doing
something more than drop a nickel
in the cud. He purchased a bouauet
made up of four different kinds of
nd been deprlred by fate of enjoying
tlie sight of flowers.
Half Canada's Trade With
World Goes To U. S.
Ottawa, Ont, Dec. It. More than
half of Canada's total trade with the
world Is conducted with the United
States, accord:nglng to a government
report. For the twelve months ended
August 31. Canada's total trade with
the United States was valued at II.
40S.i07.iil, an increase of $28.tu.iio4.
over the araaediag year.
Canada aaM to the Catted States
goods valued at Ht.4tlM. an In
crease of 174JM44I aad bought from
the United State good valued at
Jwu.ll5.Jtt, an increase of more than
:n. jt8.su.
Canada" total trade with the -norld
was $Sst.S44.?eS. The Imports v. ere
i.zss. ii,if ana sxpon i.:'o7.ti2.-
"The people in the United State
who decry emir ratio a ml American
farmers to Canada." said an econo
mist, "will find a lesson In the figures
of the government report- More
Americans in Canada mean greater
development of Canada which means
Preater business and prosperity In the
nited Stater."
S A. Farrell it as the principal
speaker at a meeting of the Men's
club of St. CleSMBt's Kplsoopal church
Monday nifrlu. The theme of bis sub
ject was the Importance of guiding
the boy during the transition period
of 1m lifp It was roung men's nirht
for tl' tlnl) Carl Lee Smith ic pr,-f-deat.
of the elass and Harry B. Van
Horns ia secretary.
I In War Time
i m
1 Br H. D. SLATBR.
Th -Oversea Motetroolf
or anew aausveo
taw tailor
or The Herald ta
and after. Kxeersts WW
this estaraa dafty during ta aaxt several
mouth. Today lastalmeBt. esortJSjTds
the avnera! narrative, relates uporliapss
near the Xets front.
It is saaaeated that reader ells thus
article each day and seat tbem te scrap
books; they will not be reprinted and back
numbers eanaot be supplied. '
AUGUST 30, 1918, is bright, dear,
ekmdiess, crisp like yoossr October
ia SI Paso. Heavy eaalaataas 3 or
4 mOse west of us. We learn that the
Germaaa have blown up oaa of oar big
ammunition depots by direct sheUing.
The Germans hit the mark at the
fourth shot, and the explosions con
tinued for sometime. Our baOoona ride
high and it given one a cheerful feel
ing to see tbem tbore.
31 Atmaat 1918 Great artillery duel
from 4 to 5 a. m, foDowinar night of
extraordinary air activity. Tnosoand
of rooads fired by artillery aad at
time as rapid as machine guns. Quiet
day after big ruction before dawn.
Some aetrvity to the left of ua.
1 (September 1918 Ssndav. very
quiet along the lines all day, hardly a
shot fired until 7 p. m. Caoady aad
cool; quiet last night. In morning
went to mass ia the little old eJrarch.
Miniature organ ptayed by big voting
soldier in French uniform, who also
sang. Cot-retioBaI singing, plain
chant with awcoeapaariasaat aad folk
songs for the liturgical hymns. About
0(i women in church of whom all but
two wore mourning, many of them
full veils.
Vesper service, no organ but little
children sing. Folk songs adapted for
Ave Maria Stella and other hymns of
the ebureh. Under the altar there ia an
ancient colored image uf the Christ
reclining in the tomb a smoky candle
at each end makes it risible in the
dim church. At conclusion of the 6erv
ire a roguish little freckle faced red
headed boy uuehing to show his teeth
blows out" all the candles on the attar
and then rolls on the floor and blows
out the candles in front of Christ En
tombed, an odd little human episode
to meet with pathetic contrast a mo
ment later when going outside I see the
widows, mothers, and. children stand
ing silently or whisperihg prayers over
the gravea of their soldiers or cover
in' tbem with field flowers aad woven
grase wreaths.
S September 1918 Last night and
today brilliant and dondlees, cold ia
morning with dense fog and heavv
dew. Generally quiet, some air activity.
Receive Heralds from El Paso dated
July I to 17, my first news of trig fir
in ileraKl building just, two anoatM
Spend entire dav ia motorcycle side-
esr traversing division sector. Great
variety oi scenery, woods open ana
dense, trees of all kinds, flow era
abundant, hill aad plains, Uttls
streams aad rivers, tine loads.
Ho more beautiful forest anywhere
than the Puvenelle Wood, which is
traversed m every direction by roads
in is inu or troops, gun, auuiary
material and preparations ia astonish
ing variety aad amount. Woods so
thick there ia a sort of stsrev half-
light as if under a roof, even in broad
day. and after dusk the dark doses
in so as to make it necessary to feel
one's day.
I have great respect for the forests
of France; none of ihem that I have
seen are extensive, and the individual
trees are not large like tln-ae of west
ern America, bnt tbee wooda are m
edibly dense and exringlv beau
tiful. The effe.-t of the tiee" arched
avenues is not to be forgotten
The Germans know rveij inch of
Puvenelle Wood and while they are
probably in ignoraive of tbe eaormity
of the preparatory work that has been
going on there, they love to drop sheila
in the wood and a loner the roads by
way of whimsical Miiprii itnd their
airmen fly low and romstirce harass
traffic with maeiunc! ann. A road jam
is soon spotted by their observers and a
flight ot shells soon follows.
The valley of the Moselle river and
the deserted city of Pont-a-Mousson
make a beautiful and fascinating pie
fur". l'ont-a-Mc'Usscn has a rici his
tory in French political and ecclesias
tical annals. It h i small place but
it has kit its name and ifs mark on
things notable in this part of the world.
It is 1000 years old and its 700 year old
Gothic church still stands though badly
The om enuren at meuiouard is of
beautiful stone arch work of Roman
esque architecture. Tradition has it that
Jeanne d'Are visited this church, and
thai her squire John of Mets was really
John of Dieulooard. In the crypt of
the church is Joanne's little chapel with
nrkms very ancient images of Jeanne
and her squire. On her banner is in
scribed THeu le wart" which may be
translated from old French dialect as
either "God awaits thee" or "God
watcheth thee." It is an old inscrip
tion used in the coat of anna of an
cient bishops of Lorraine, and it is
safe to say tbe town gets its name
from this phrase. The inscription on
Jeanne's banner as generally given br
historians and in pictures is "Dieu le
Vent" or "God wilts it." but ome old
prints have it "Dieu le wart " In any
event it is easy to see how the motto
might hsve been changed in the S'ee-h j
of peasants. Here tltey show you the 1
stone v here Jeanne is said to have
knelt to pray.
The roof oi the church is of thick
stone siabs, so is tbe floor of the nave, i
but two (Jerman air bombs, each as 1
big aa a man and carrying a war bead .
and enormous charge of pvp!,,ivea.
sent tnroiifiu both ine rooi ana tno
floor and one stopped in the crvpt, the
other drove six teet into the rrrouml.
but neither exploded. The bomb are
now on brackets on the pillars of the 1
nave and the priexts call it a miracle.
There are no civilians here. This town
is tinder frequent shell lrc and
bommur: mlit and day.
The , lever achievements of the i
French in camouflage excite continual
wunrler. Des'l leaves and laced branches
are lierfectly simulated. Near Dieu
louard i a big "rail head" or supply de
not with considerable track.tirc but the
whole awitch vard is roofed oer with I
an elaborate fabric oi la,-ecl wire and
leafy brandies so that the constant
movement is not subject to air otiser
vation. It is the most cxten-ive and
elaborate camouflage I have nen.
Through the wim-iN. mnn and tents
dose to the road are scar, rh jiereep
tible. m thoroughly are all telltale
signs masked.
Tonight, enemy planes ars very ac
tive. Ther always como over at al
most rv.Ktlv lli" -.true Iio.ir. 10 p in
though often there are stouts out In
9, and others com buzzing and hmri
KXJ -v 'i-
SacRoBS Of? LloNTAMtffS
UTf i
Buck! xrtfXsTo
The Young Lady I
Across The WayV
THE young lady across tbe way says
the wool producer gets s Htfle far
his product that she aaderstaaas the
farmer j are aim sir rets-aae: ta amagfe-
ttr tbetr ibeep at present prices. .
rains; around after midnight. Host of
tbem seem ta be headed down toward
Tool or Nancy, bat thev like to safll
things on the railroad towns east of
nere along ine moseiie, ana on tn
highways, rrasaroads, and narrow gage
roads all around.
3e rule against lights m being
It enforced. Everr crack is cov
ered end no fires are permitted ia the
(uoatinaea wnmrrrow. i
Man Is Run Ooer
By Moving House
Cangwater. Wyo., Dec. U. Prod
Royal. 4f, sustained serious Injuries
here when he waa run over by a fonr
room house.
The building being transported
across town on wheels, ran over Roy
al when the latter atumbled aa he
was crossing the street in front of
the structure. It was necessary to
"lack" th hotted up in order to extri
cate RoyaL
Walruses, faough often seen la
herds, are not polygamous.
I J X X 111 JLl A JTi. I !
I ll
twV Iff
J- "
tWwasM W TH. asa.s aV, t-Jai
w m m t
c li coT I
Copyright. 19:. bv
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fJ' . RflBSfTS
-Trtl- SCrkXK-
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"Si mTr006H
, Tsr ice res
Mfi-ef arv-Jtoaet
Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones f
.MaMaMMaiaaasasaasai By MOvTARd M. G.UU9. mm
r T-SCXJE WlfJGILT, do you mind If
III go adventuring with you to -
w day" aaked Nurse Jane Puzav
Wnszy one mornlrur. as she saw the
nanny raonit gentleman anont to hop
! from his hollow stump bungalow.
Tvby. not at alt. ure Jane." an
swered Uncle Wlggtly politely. -I
would have asked yon to eeme. but I
thought yon did not care for adven
tures" "1 don't like scary adventures, such
as used to happen to yon when the
Plpsisewah or Skeesick chased yon."
spoke Nurse Jane. "Bar since you
have taken to meeting so many nice
birds I think I should enjoy them
"Come along, thenf" Invited Tfnele
Wlggily. -I don't know that we may
meet any birds, though I thought rd
hop down by the old log and see ff
Bob White and his wife Batty had
plenty of food, a there is still snow
on the around, makinar it hard for the
birds to get things to eat."
"Bob Whit was very kind to you.
I driving away the Black Bear by
sounoing nia -wrute- call." laughed
Nurse Jane. T have some chocolate
carrot fudge in my pocket and If we
meat Bob and hla wife I'll give them
each a piece."
"That will be nice." said Uncle Wig
gily. So he and Nurse Jan hopped
along together. Knrso Jane, being a
muskrat lady, wore a warm winter
coat of fur and so did Cnele Wig
gily. The bunny gentleman and alias
Fuxsy Wnxxy bad not gone very far
together, hopping Over the field and
through the wood, hefbr they came
to a high atone walL
"I wonder ff any birds live hrT"
said Nurse Jane, for ah had been
disappointed In not finding Bob White
and hi wife. Mr. Betty 'nail, at
homo under tbe log.
"Any bird- apok Uncle Wlgglly.
"Well. I don't know. I have nun
been here before and "
Then, all of a sudden. Uncle Wlg
glly caught Nurse Jane by the paw
and started ta hop away as fast as
he eon Id hop, at th same time cry
ing: "Com on. Name Jane! Come on!"
"What for?" aaked the muekrat
lady. "I don't see any danger. Neither
the Plpsisewah nor Skeezicks is
"No. but do you see those two tufts,
or leasets. like the kind yoa put on
sofa cushiona, sticking up on the
otner side or the stone wail 7" aaked
Uncle Wlgglly.
"Tee. I see them." whispered Nars
Jane, as she caught eight of two
feathery tufts.
"Well, they are on the ears of the
bad Bob Cat, or Lynx," went on Uncle
Wlgglly. pulling at Nurse Jane's
paw. "Bob Cat saaaea me once and
he'll do it again. I know Bob Cat by
the tufts on hla ears."
Then, suddenly, there sounded from
tne otner sine oi ine wan a voice ask-
"Whoo? Whoo? Who!"
"I said Bob Cat, the Lynx." ans
wered Uncle Wlgglly. "That's who
Come on. Nurse JaneP
"Ha! Ha! Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!"
laughed a jolly voice, and then, up
from the other side of the atone wall
popped a small bird with very big
"Why why!'- -stammerer! Uncle
Wlgglly. "You aren't Bob Cat at all.
;M oSVouafa'"."..
"Well, you see. 1 am Sir. Screeob
he Owl. waa tha hlrda anawer. "t
am really the smallest owl who has
ear tufts and I'm also different from
other owls In another Way. Bnt I
am sorry I frlchtened yon and Hiss
Pussy Wuxar, Uncle Wlssily. 1 did
not mean to.
"Uncle WiasMly waa worse friaht-
' ened than I," laughed the muskrat
lady. "I am clad to meet you, Mr.
Screecber Owl. Will you hare a oit
of chocolate carrot fudge?
'Thank you. I will" answered Mr.
Screeeher. "I hare Jnit been eating a
lot of bad bags and other Insects that
would do harm to the farmers' grain,
and a bit of fudge will be just
So Mr. 3ereecher. the little owl
! with the big eyes and tufts on his
(Mrs almost Tike the bad Bob Cat. ate
the muskrat lady's fudge. Uncle
WiKgliy and Nurse Jane hopped on
I together, for the bnnny gentleman
1 had not yet had a real adventure.
But one happened about a minute
. laier. As Unci Wlggiiy was helping
' Nurse Jane orer a little brook, where
the ioe. would hardly bold her. all of
a midden, ont from behind a sassa
fras bush popped the bad old Woosht
"Oh, hot Ah, ha:" gn rated the
Wolf. "gtovo lifters and poker
handles! I'm in luck! Now I shall
hare a good fat rabbit to nibble for
my dinner'"
"Oh, dear Oh. Wlggy! Does he
mean you" niched Nurse Jan.
"IVi afraid he does, sadly an
swered Um'e Wiajril
"Yea, I do mean you'" cried the
Wolf "I'm going to nibble you right
now and "
Hat Just then there sounded s
- UOl - too l
.1 i,., u
between hn
tucking his tail
Questions And Answers.
3wt ucVs
r -. i-- . - -
.leg. "Oh. dear me!
Here comes a
! ehoo-choo ' locomotive engine and a
train of cars! They'll run over me if
1 1 don't look ont! Oh. look out for the
choo-ehoo cars Look out!
Away ran the Wolf, not hurt'ng the
bunny gentleman at all. and then,
once again sounded still nearer-
Toot! Toot! Toot-toot-tootle-te-too!
"Oh. Uncle Wlgglly. we'd better
look out for the train, too!" said
Nurse Jane.
"Don't be afraid"' laughed a Jolly
voice, and down out of a tree flew
Mr. 5vereeeher. the Owl. "I made that
hooting tooting noise like a locomo
tive." aafd Mr. Screecher. "I saw the
Wolf jroinjr to nibble yon and 1 knew
he was afraid of a train, so I made
bM:e e- screech like the ehoo-choo
enpine '
Thank yon. I am g-Iad you did,
spoke Uncle WiMily.
"And ITn triad voa rave ma fndre."
added Mr. Sereecher as he flew away.
"What a nice adrentnre." sard Norse
Jane. And, if the soap doesn't slid !
down the bathtub and try to wash I
the faee of the goldfish, 111 tel. you
nect about Uncle Wipsrily and the
red cap. Copyrig-ht. 1920. by the Mc-
Clare Newspaper Syndicate.
Short Snatches f
From Everywhere j
The short skirt Is as old as Ere.
Columbia (S. C Record.
Good Intentions result In mneh j
poor singing.- Toledo Blade.
We confe this agitation for a
farmers' trir- co aj;j nst the
grain. Chicago Pi.'
N'o one v as e -r going orer 12 .
mlles'n hour whtn he hit yoh. '
Ohio State Journal. t
Fortune Found In Hen Coop. I
Headline. Evidently the pallets are'
laymc" Toledo Blade.
Some men never get a -hance to
tell the truth, now that there is -o
wine to bring it out. Columbia S. i
C Record. I
Tho nld tirriA a-irl'a fare
fortune. Now It is a liability, as the
wsiiicLii; inno aiui'ij iiu -ao.i-
Tiue ranDer.
Let ua hope that the next war will
at least wau until there are aerial
rossroads to name for the heroes.
Boston Herald. .
John Burroushs beat Henrv Fors at
iree-chopping v itenrr ougnt to
get John Into a cranking eonteat.
Wichita Bai on.
A 13-year-old schoolboy of Brook
lyn. 1 harped with iein Intoxicated.
ays he h.i- no trouble buying liquor.
This show., the. alne of getting aa
education. oBaltnnore American.
If PMland.r C Knox isn't Invited
into the cabinet, senator Johnson will
regard it a? cruel and unusual pun
ishment, and therefore unconstitu
tional. Anaconda Standard.
Avti v Qp
r j
mm Mr. Meerhrr. tbe Onl." tras
the btatt"a iMitrr.
Slater, edttar aad etatvalla awaer,
. a Wusaattk ta ataaacer aad O.
THE A8iOClATED PKESS u xciaslj ntlUad ta the nee for pvMJcatlen af all news
dispatches crad'ted 10 it or not etherwiee credited ta tats paper aad aiae ta locsl
naws pabltsitd herein.
AN INDBPBNDENT DA1LT N 1TW5P APKRT h El Paaa HtnUI was estaHlshed :n
March. 1SI1. Tbe El Paw Herald lncladaa, also by atawrptloa and saccwwaton. Ttn
1 tlla New. The Tlgi-ph, The Telerram. The TrlbaBs.. The Oraphlc, The So
The Advertiser. The IndereDJnt. The Journal. fb Repabltcan. whe Balletis,
il'zico, per moQib, il. par rear, lie ft is all eiBer states ear mama. II 39, ;
ear fit. Wtnaaday aad Waeh-Eaa uiaia will aa atailW far $4 (I? on1'
southwest) per year. Wek-Ea4 edftlooa only, pair rear, ft fft oat si da s6Ti:bn--
i-x . w i Jiesi't' "A aobincton, D, C. id
FA?torrta in El Pato. Texas, as sacosd class matt-.-
Ent'-re-i at the
, What part of a soMler-s ulfoem
are mea Bntrlktred frm wear.
Inar after feavtmr lh .
A. The war deoartmairt's nni,n,.
! In determining what shonld he cor
i aldered distinotJve parts of the am -'
uniform is that the following artiel
; when made la conformity with spec
fications and standard samples
sufflcienUy close te appear the sam
when worn, are taboo, after the thr
months during which the uniform
mar be warn with the red ehwvror
Uniform button, cap ornaanents. co
lor taatarnaa Oeffers TT. S." and tr
alafnta of the arm ot service), tnste-n
of ranfc and grade, white and oil'
drab raps, hat cords, overcoats. sr
vice coats, off Mai a' white costs, arn-.v
auua Norfolk costs, army nurses'
overcoat, army nurses' eapee -war
rlspai I mist does not ob)ee to
the wearing of the army overcoat '
tt has been dyed a different color
from olive drab, or If altered so that
It as plainly evident that It is p
longer an army garment. This alao
applies to ether distinctive parts of
the nafform.
Wheal tth the first negro repsfc
r eatabtMedr nag.
M A. Haiti was the first negro rpnb
no having had a republican govrr
ment since IMS.
H- Hsw many peesie vtH Tellew
sfsse park ewe, yearf H. a.
.A- An accurate record of visitors "
this nark la kept In 1S20 the tota
waa 7J.7i7. This was more than :wi"
the number that vlaited the park In
the year before we went to war Moo
people arrive by automobile than v -
train, there being 4S,4?1 motors
making thfa tour during the ci;r-.- -year.
4. War rimA t as -
A. Thfs name was rlT-en Mar -"AhnlSMt."
Osvghter of Robert r
Peary, the famous Arctic eTpl.tr--beeanse
of the fact 'hat sh .as h-o-
In Greenland), which is the farth?
north an 7 white child ha bn hor.
V WMt li MfMt by tetatjtKiatN-t.f
A. By this term is meant hf cor
trol at a distance of toipHloe-. boat
etc. partlcnlarly by ir-ns of -jd o
telegrraphic impulse".
Q. vraat etwjwlt1ee f tW bae tf
tr iee n tn ttrr are ealletl tbe hi
ltrf II. H.
A. The committee on ira- a"T
means, appropriai ions, jndicixr and
foreign affairs, are referred to as te
"Bis; Four."
H- What 14k ta tbe Bible doe b
have ttyp wrI -fM la ftf
A The Book of EMlier m th- O" I
T stament, while net containing
word "Ood. shows liow :ri-j-.h
ire Jcufdance, fthr a .1 '-. -
raided to the rank of ue--n "inil
en.ihled to OTercome, the nil pitf I
afcatnst Her people.
1. Plewar-e ate tbe mmmt $ ibe
areMeata af tW I atted iat-t -n hm
heM m weaaaie iaaCrr. ,
. A Brand scr. iry of a "if--"
order rays that th1 only tresnin -j '
whom there are official reonJfe
m. rubers of a lasonn lod9 a"
Washington. Adams, Tyler Taj- o
Johnson. Jackson. McKialey. Tai
R&oserelt. and president-elect !lr'.
in ft
it. Are tbere amy Caa federate ei
dlera bwrid mi 4rllifrtaar f. J.
A. Bdfb Po-if-df-rats- -ii.. ' .
i J rs are bur fed at Arhpyin
ttonal cemeterv, aid the- i- n .
!' orate Confederate montiTnent thr.
il. IV bat da tbe eai barren
mean by aaauf tied at t no -:..
that b. at erbat aae are nm railed:
h. r. n.
A. The Hureau of enins aa? t'?.
wlien figures how the niml-r
smsrle persond In th t'nff. I -these
ftjrnre include persons o r 1
Tears of aae.
wuett j
klrfe la the Isssrcwt fHr, leenfdaa
r eif T0tm rttfT
la. a.
A. New Tork has .Z: 1 .! neop
according to the r-20 cen-aTj" ar-1 I
d.--n had bnt 4 -" J 2. 1 6 1 at it last - .
(Aay reader ran jet the mnTn
QQeatltfn by wrttlrr T-ia HerstJ f ' -tion
Buream, Frad-rlc J HaAtn. uir1
WuIUnrtn, D. C. 1 "is frsr-ti-j ca
iTire advice on letral. mdt-il anl i-na-
matter. It does not arttrifipt to ' -doTsastfe
treaMea. n-tr :r unler'a k - x -hausttvo
rt arch on any sr-are-1. T-
your qaetfca alainty anl t--ivfl".
full name and adarfa and r :
c- nta In (tirapl for ret'jrn pctarc. '
reptfes are sent dtrtrrCt to taaatrv- t
entwine nMMAu.
"A woman," obsrTed X r. If e n r
ree!-c. ts nerer sn slenv t niaht .-.
when hhf har(3 a-'rie1-! llubbauft -(Imiff
at the front door keyhnl. a
neer so wid; awakf a? whn h
trying- to tiptoe up the rtafr-s
Hindus send almost no wom-en
America as Immia-raits.
Hog'allow Locals
DAZ BAHLOW has a new tall start
I A- iaa ollar. aad can new held hi?
heA Wp gsat go ia the best society
f f 9
Fletcher Beastcp, who has teen try
iaa ta harmonist Us ehHrn and get
tsars oa a hani Where thev will nst
ith irb oar tt often
l . J - . .
fraos ft ita-gneriBle l !on a too man;
af them want the same tata at tbe
same time.
While discusainf the great fiction
wntars si the ate with the Wad Onton
scheel teacher the slaer 4ay, aim Hot
tetter Hocks brought ia x dark horse
ia the person af set unknown corre
luuudrnt ia Kansas.
has dtreeted Tfce Herald faf
A. Uartta la Bruaaclac edltar.
St rears.
id Arizona. New Mestca. Tasas arM v
pe-ior txctuaviva feature-a "

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