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Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1920.
The Confessions Of A Wife! 1 Questions And Answers A
TTO" beautiful, my Daughter, how, he be a- 'good sport or only a. 'cheap-
II radiant, how inspiring, how son.- skate;' wnetner tie cm eligible
thrilling la th Christmas Spirit,
v be-enf the heralds sinr'
For this t the of lvr
ani rejoicing: and anretneaa
lijtnt, when vcry banian ht&rt
rflowrth with nlcnc an,
allrnlam and aroot. will toward
hen the butcher sait! in bis
r-a-:, 'Let us ule the price of tar
! vs, for they MUST have them?"
Y.'hen the p-omer aalih in his
) -art, 'Let us utinp: the choppers
ir For It is the last chance of the
f- H"on. hen the stinging: is good""
Whn the Damspl sa.it h in her
1 - -!, "N'rtw shail I discos er the REAL.
nith about Harold! Yea, by his
'.ft, shall I know him: whether he be
-iou? or only philandering, whether
'f toii are sick and want to Get
ell and Keep Well, write for llera-
.r tUat tells How and Why this
oEt unknown and wonderful new
'"rt brings relief to so many suf-r-ra
from Rheumatism. Sciatica.
;-!. Neuritis, Neuralgia- Nervous
-.-: t ration. High Blood Pressure and
c seises of the Stomach, Heart.
Ligs. Liver. Kidneys and other ail
r -nts. Too wear Decrnen's Radio
A live Solar Pad day and night, re
. "Mng the Rad!o-ActlT Rays con
t iuousIt into, yoor system, caosing
e healthy circulation, overcoming
f Lre-ijn-.ess. tn rowing orr impurities
a d restoring the tissues and nerves
-o a- normal condition and the next
t is you know you are getting well.
id on a test proposition. Yon are
oughiy sati-fiec 't Is nelping too
1 'ore Vie appliance is yours. Noth-
c to do but ear it. N- trouble or
ense, and the most wonderful fact
- fui the appliance is that it Is sold
fo reasonable that it is within the
.'T of all, both rich and poor.
No matter bow bad your ailment.
( - i ow lot. standing, we will be
; --as- d to have you try ft at our risk.
j - full information write today not
:norro. Radium Appliance Co.. 467
j -idbury Bid., Los Angeles, Calif.
' merely negligible. For at Christmas,
every man showeth his hand!"
When the Bachelor saith in his
heart. "Oh Lord, help me to find seen
gifts for seven damsels, each of which
shall be 'thoughtful.' yet not TOO
personal: impressive, but not TOO
costly; significant, but not SO sig
nificant as to serve as evidence in a
breach -of -promise suit, nor to arouse
false hones in a trusting heart. For.
at Christmas, every damsel expecteth i orA
a ihn lAVn i
When the small bey saith In hi
heart Novr ahntl I nay lay old
St. Mefaelaa and beM him 111 for
all those thlnga which be forpot
te fcrfng last Ca-rfwtfoa. Xow
ahall I Muff o the point of
When the matron smith in her heart.
"Great Heavens: How shall I find 17
showv gifts for the price of seven?
Where shall I find enough useless
Junk to go around? Why must I
have my husband's family for din
ner? HOW shall I feed them all?
WHAT will John say when I show
him the bills?"
When the Married Man saith. "Ho
Hum! This, too, shall pass away!
Would that It were ALL OVER: even
the boredom, and the over eating, and
the indigestion, and the merry greet
ings, and the Oh-how-Iovely's and
the pavinp of the bills! For a spot
ted purple necktie and a speckled
ct pur Khali ru m V nortion!
When the Lothario saith in his
heart, "Now shall I kiss her beneath
the mistletoe without danger! Now
shall I gather in much sentimental
When the Cook aalth in her
heart. "vr ahall I strike for
more mtm while the iclvlng im
good, and the turkey awalteth
When the Doctor saith. as he fill
eth his phials, "Let them -all eat.
drink, and be merry! For tomorrow
thev shall send for ME!"
art,. Aniv nVE in all the house
hold, giveth freely and generously of
all be natn, ana seeaoin naui u
MiuiMih jinnn m table! For.
he. alone, exempllfyeth the Beautiful
Christmas Spirit and sheweth forth
benerolence ana aiiruiam ua w
What kind of a Fie wbi the
Chrlntmaa pie referred to In the
"Little Jftek Homer rhyme f
C. D.
A. The most characteristic Christ
mas pie was certainly the ancestor of
our mince pie. The composition of
the dish was described In the 17th
century as a "learned medley of neat's
tongue, the brawn of a chicken, eggs,
"tigar. currants, citron and orange
peel, various sorts of spice, etc."
ft- DM Jam ex Cot carry any atatea i
north of the Maon and Dixon Ilnef)
I Creams And Astringents By edna kent forbes
Parts. November 10. 1920. f perfuming and coloring his cream. It
HID n onmi-fini'- fmlav to , thi mgu un we im. com enw
through a little factory where I
of ray
He, alone radlateth sweetness and
4 Mntmtmnt BMII a OmS&lC
and ungrateful world! Copyright.
1820, by xne wneeier ojbuw .v
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A. The Democratic nominee carried
no state north of this line.
Q- What t "Dfl,mr A R.
A. "Deism" is acknowledgment of
a belief in a personal God. accompa
nied with a denial of revelation and a
disbelief in Christianity. It is a be
lief held by many non-Christian peo- i
J. Does Ireland haTe a larger rep-
reaentatfon In Britivb parliament than .
Scotland and Rn eland. In comparison
with the population f J. J. B-
A. In Great Britain there is a mem
ber in the British parliament for
everj' 70.000 population; In Ireland
one member for every 43.000. I
t- What la fan-tracery f C I. I i
A. 7 his Is a species of architecture!
ornamentation accompanying fan- j
vaulting, which is an arrangement in I
vaulted roofs of the perpendicular
style of architecture, in which all the
principal lines diverge from a point.
Q- What kind of a fine has Iceland f '
W. C. IT-
A. The flag of Iceland Is dark blue
with a red cross outlined in white
running the full length of the flag,
the trans beam being much shorter
than the upright beam,
Q. Is there anythlnjc that will dfa
aolre the lime In the -water back of a
kltefaen range J M. & D.
A. The bureau of standards says
mac in is aepostt. prooaoiy may be re
moved by the cautious use of vinegar,
which will dissolve the scale so that
It can be washed out. It will be nec
essary to have the pipe disconnected
in order to introduce the vinegar.
H. Are there mere Jews in Ruamta
now than la the United Statear
A. The secretary or the Zionist
movement says that notwithstanding
the change in Russian boundaries,
there are more Jews in Russia than
in the United States. It Is estimated
that there are at least ,000.000 Jews
still In Russia. '
Q. If a person were standing on the I
Xerth Pole, where would the east and
wet bef B. K. Z.
A. The naval observatory says there
is no east and no west at the North
Pole. South extends in all directions.
Q. What kind of a material waa
bombazine of which we read In oM
novel f R 3L T.
A. Bombazine was a twilled doth.
In which the warp was silk, and the
lining woratea. it was rather light
in weisrht and had a ablifv loolr it
was made extensively in the early
19th century.
u. liAat la the uetere Medal r x
X. K.
A. This is a medal conferred once a
year by the university of Notre Dame,
South Bend. Indians. It is awarded
to some dlsttngnisbed Roman Cath
olic who has rendered particularly
high service to the church. The cus
tom is similar to the giving of the
golden rose once a year by the Pope.
(Any reader can get the answer to aaj
question by writing The Herald Informa
tion Bureau. Frederic J. Huktn, director
Waahlngton. D. C. Tata bureau caaiMt
give advice on legal, medical and financial
matters. It does not attempt to settle
domestle trochlea, nor to undertake ex
haustive research on any subject. WrKe
your question plainly and briefly. Give
full name and address and endoM tire
cents la etamBS for return postage. AO
replies are seat direct to toeutrer.)
pome oi the met espenMe coia
rream hat Is oM in Paris, Is man
ufactured. I would not particularly
like to work in this place, for the at
mosphere is a bit hot and steamy and
though it smells deliriously of per
fum. it make? one Ions: for the damp
freshness of the outdoor air.
In the larger p'acc at hrrf whre
he formula of which many
readers have secured from me
Th1 French women use a great deal
of cold cream, much more than their
American sisters, and they use a great
many astringents. I am more and
more Impressed with the fact that If a
woman possess only these two. she
would need nothing more in the way
of cosmetics. The French women, of'
courr us astringent creams and lo
t ion; i 'mi come in bottles. They
mitrhr, if they chose get equally good
--lii's 1 , making" we of fee. but the
cold cream" are manufactured, there
are enormous copper and porcelain
cauldrons automatically supplied with
pumps and pipes and thermorrv ters o
that the correct amount made be add
ed at just the proper temperature an?
time. But in this little place the work
is done by hand, and though the
1 greatest care is taken, the results de
pend upon the individual efforts of
the workers rather than upon the per
fect machinery of the plant.
The proprietor generously gave me
a beautiful jar of the cream. It was
very slightly green in t'nt and smelted
deliriously of olives. It was. be told
me. "made of pure olive oil. from the
sunny side, that is the southern side,
of the Italian hills." where the most
delicious olives grow. Wax and sper
maceti! of course were Included: ben
xoln and alum and borax to make the j
cream astringent. In fact, except j
that he has a very special process of i
a .-rage woman prefers her beauty
aids to come from the painted and be
rlbboned bottles one sees in all the
windows. She does not particularly
approve of fresh air and she never
walks If she can possibly help It. She
will promenade In fashionable places
at fashionable hours, or she will ride.
Walking, to her. is not a beauty exer
II S. No one could reduce by
drinking four glasses of hot water a
day, unless she eliminated some food
and drank the water in place of it
Worried If your husband is turn
ing gray so young, there must be
something wrong with the scalp. I
would advise him to have the hair
treated if possible. If you will send
me a letter with a self -addressed,
stamped envelope enclosed, I will send
you a formula for a pilocarpine hair
tonle which will help prevent these
early gray hairs.
Patter And Chatter
By 5. EL K1SBR.
The Stray Spirit.
I SAT benWe her in the pew
One Sunday- morning, long ago,
A lovetler maM I never knew.
And never expect to knew.
We heW the book between ua there
And bowed ear heads that holy day.
When love vraa in our hearts and care
Was twenty yearn er more away.
OW earnestly we sanac the good
OM bynan together, she and I.
When neither of si nndrrstood
How aoon yontha asplrattena die
And when her eyea looked lato mine
Her cheeks took on a loveUer glow
And I felt thrills along my spine
That Sanday morning long ago.
BACK In tke alerpr Tillage, -nk.re
Tie dnjm are lona. the canreh still
And bora and girl, mar sataer ta.re
And knr.1 lojr.th.r, vla.ptnjr hanfe..
Prrkapa the annHent filter, throssh
Tne window, a. It did Ikat dr.
To glorify some maiden who
See. airy eaitles far away.
1HEAR tke c-reat eatbedral belU.
Tbey call me to arise and jroi
And also I can smell the smells
Of eookina- from tke flat below.
1 do not know where she may be
Who seemed so lorely. so snfcHme.
Bat some stray spirit nrees me
To go to ehnrch asraln some time.
A lot of people seem to hold to the theory that hollering la patriotism
makes It unnecessary to practice It.
Venixelos la another proof ot the fact that yon can't make heroes simply
by patting; tag's on them.
Samuel Rzeazewskt the S year old cheas wtaard. ts said to be drawing;
bis" houses. Wa are assured, however, that the excitement nerer rises to
such a pitch as to make It neeeasary for th, umpire to run to cover.
Girls! Save Your Hair
Make It Abundant!
A Red Cross worker who has been making an taveatlgatloa says silk
stocking and snobbish nose are interfering; with the urn rnlnw i of the hbrh
schools In this country. TMa being the case, the zsofcs --h an going to
many of the private schools would seen to have a right to enter serions com.
Eight Shopping Days To Christmas!
Last Minute Suggestions From The Boston!
Shop In
Acceptable and Practical: Silk Hosiery
Pure Thread Silk Hosiery $1.95
Full fashioned, twenty-inch 12-strand pure aflk
hose, with lisle garter tops and heels and toes; sizes
84 to 10 in black only. Included in this lot are
the following colors in Gordon 3300, a like quality
Mlk hose: Navy, pink, beaver, field mouse, white.
PureThreadAll SilkHose $2.45
Splendid 12-strand pure thread silk hose, all silk
to garter tops with lisle heel and toe in soft and in
grain quality; black only. Included in this lot are
former $5 Van Raalte all silk nose, also a few pairs
Kayser hose in bronze. Excellent values at 12.45 pair.
Pure Silk Lace Hose $5
A most rndrvidual and acceptable gift would be a
pah of these lovely fun fashioned lace silk hose in
beautiful lace patterns; colors black and cordovan
brown. Sizes RVi to 10 only. Mother, sister, sweet
heart will want a pair, to pair, 30c war tax.
Sheer Cobweb Silk Hose $4.50
The latest style in fashion Is sheer cobweb woven -like
silk hose and we are offering these Onyx cob
web sheer s&k hose in black, sizes 8 to 10 a most
desirable and practical gift for Christmas' priced at
SC50 pair, 25c war tax extra.
Handkerch iefs
An old Christinas decision: When
give handkerchiefs! Our stocks are very com
plete just now with Madeira embroidered de
signs, colored, corded, hemstitched borders.
Most attractively 1 ri r-"
priced at, each IUCtO OUC
SILK TJKDERWEAK We place oa sale to
morrow our entire stock of silk crepe de chine
gowns, skirts, bloomers, eaahwles, chemise
and teddies -J
Beaded Hand hags
A gift ssmrsme this year wooJd be a beaded
bag and we have placed our entire stock on
sale at an average of half price bags for
merly (g to M are offered at most attractive
radnetiona now d Q qj- -I Q r
at, each PO.a70 TO $ C,.ZfO
VELVET BACK Black Basse velvets: bro
caded silks, aaotre ra
styles; shell, nickel
frames. Choase,
and "wiswH
I TO YL AND w-h-fc- Mailorders
Replete with wonderful 9f' s&r9&!& Will he fjDed promptly
toys of every nature at jr3rSS'Ssyp''fc$Sj0' We urge asaajag orders
prices consistent with to- j-mSTrF"tj?Tr il MTTff- XOW tkeT mBt
day's low market. In the -' 'Laanv fiBed in time for Christ
Bargain Basement. overland at. At Stantss. j , deJKerv.
IT HAS Sot bbhx forgotthtt.
Thousands of new hooka are being published, aad hardly any of them
about the war. The anthers are right in assommg that the prevailing prices
of things and the graft Investlgatioas make It unnecessary to ramtna us
ul un wax- bj vnuif ddokb snm re
Ermine Trimmings
For Black Veloel Cape
By K. a B.
Immediately after a "Danderine"
massage, your hair takes on new life,
lustre and wondrous beauty, appear
ing Twice as neavy ana pienuiui. De
cause each hair seems to fluff and
thicken. Don't let your hair star
lifeless, colorless, plain or scraggiy.
You, too. want lots of long, strong,
beautiful hair.
A lS-cent bottle ot delightful
"Danderine" freshens your scalp,
checks dandruff and falling hair. This
stimulating "beauty-tonic" gives to
thin, dull, fading hair that youthful
brightness and abundant thickness
All druggists! Adv.
The Best Christmas Gift Of All
Delivers Your
There is no gift that can com
pare with the Hoosier for the
joy of owning a Hoosier ex
tends throughout the year
every day of the year.
Our supply is going fast so if
you want a Hoosier for Christ
mas, take our advice come in
and reserve it TODAY.
Rogers Furniture Co.
207-09-11 North Stanton St.
I TJSBO to know him.
AXD FOR threa yeari.
HIS HAIsti bedroom.
WAS XEXT to a tne.
AJfD AT sight.
WKD SIT around.
m m m
AAD AT midnight.
e e
"IS TOUR laundry baekr
AJfD lB teU him.
THATrr was.
AXD H8D amy.
MGAX TGH loan me.
A PAIR of aockar
AND I'D arise.
AJfD eo over.
TO X brean drawer.
A5D CBT them.
AJfD HBTD take them.
AJfD SAT rood-night.
AJfD LIKE as not.
IS THE morninr.
THIS TIB of mine.
CAN YOU loan me oner
(Regtstared U. S. Patent Offfee.)
AND TD do It.
AJfD AT last.
HE GOT a Job.
AND WENT away.
WITH TWO pair.
OF 3IY socks.
AND A silk Ue,
AXD I dont min
THAT WAS alt be wore.
IIB HAD a saK ot his own.
I NBVBR saw fclra again.
A.D HE'S rich.
AND HUB?? I recalled.
TIIK TWO pair of socks.
AXD THE sUfc tie.
HB LAUGHBD-heartay.
A.TO 3LAPPBD my back.
SO I nearly choked.
THE IIIC stiff.
AJfD AFTBR that.
I BOUGHT his lunch.
Gen. Carlos Plank, commander ol
the fiscal guards In the state of So
nora. passed through El Paso Tues
day, returning to Sonera. He has been
attending the inauguration cere
monies of president Obregon.
P;,.. c J- 1 1 night especially the catarrh In
riVC years Ot dyspepsia and head caused me so moon trout
catarrh had weakened him so
he could work but little
Tanlac overcomes his troubles.
lf there was ever a time In my
life when I felt better than I o now
I don't remember it," said IDchsel
XeCrone. of 5tl South Clay street.
Louisville. Ky.
-I have not only gotten rid of
stomach trouble and catarrh of the
head that mad, my life miserable for
five years, bat I actually weigh
twenty-three pounds more than X did
the day I began taking Teniae. I
could not eat anything except very
light food but what gas would form
and keep me feeling sick at the
stomach for hours. I had the worst
sort of pains In my left side, andat
trouble I
could get but little rest. I could
scarcely breathe lying down and It
was often almost day before I got
any sleep at alL I lost thirty pounds
in weight and had very little strengh
and had to stay home from work for
days at a time
"While looking over the paper one
evening I ran across a testimonial for
Tanlac that described1 my case so well
that I made up my mind to try It.
After I had finished my third bottle
1 was feeling like a brand-new man.
Mr catarrh was gone, my head felt
clear, my stomach stopped troubling
me and I could lie down at night and
sleep like a child. I can sow eat
anything I want and never feel a
touch of indigestion. I have never
felt better in my life than I do now."
Tanlac is sold in EI Paso by Cordell
Drug Co.. In Ft. Hancock by Ft. Han
cock General Mdse. Co.. and in Fabens
by Fabens Drug Co. Adv
New Hair Growth
Ky tess s tfcs top a4 hsek irjs lJW J
taers wss a. vu . nj 77 T
cztisrt. sad
Tit new. st aa
torn., ln.li ... asirl
here are frea my phetsfrssks.
ere ever se, i sav. s nm ;uww
xl So test, ot bsktssss. The plctsrss saowa
Indians' Secret of Hair Growth
PEW women can resist the appeal
ot black and white, which la. per
haps, the most effective combina
tion In the realm of drees. This gener-onsly-eat
wrap Is origins ted In black
velvet. A plaid effect Is suggested
by the rows of Dure white cire ribbon
that are set vertically and horizontally
aoont its ioias. Broad hand or
ermine makes a sumptuous collar aad
adds much richness to the fronts. The
lining Is of white meteor. A small
hat of white kid and a dress of white
serce comolete this costnme that la
designed especially for southern wear.
At a ttee wkea I asd been. dawmsssJ St
. : . ...am h.i- lotion l- toaics. sDsciahsts
triiut.au. .lc. I eats, screes, la ary trs.ls. a
Ch.ro . Iadua "sjsdinae au" wh, aid an .
To y ssuxssient a lisM faxs soon sppesr. B developed, day by
day. Into a hsattay grovta, and sre long jay aatr was ss proline ss m
my Toatkral dars. ... .
rs war ai it irttttnv "Jf rf sW amSIj-
Obrlotdy, tke aair root, had not bem dsad. oat were dormant is
ths scalp, awaiting the ferU&sing potency sf the nytenons poniad.
I BsfOtUted for and eaoe Into peaanrloa of tis pnaerpl. fcr
prsparinr this mysterioes riirir. now called Kotalko, aad latsr had
. k n tn,n nriMi fma sv s i h ill
Phe;o wars taU. Taitmyows ba& (rswth was psrsuaam has beta saqvly proved.
Sissy men sal -wvaa, aha children, have reported sauafactery resales from Kotalko.
How YOU May Grow YOUR Hair
Mr ionest VeHef is tbU hair roots mrely die eves aea
tke hair fill, oat tfcnmrh daadrair. lever, aseaanT. orrn
or otner aisersers. - w -
erparts that often whea hair fans oat
taaTroots beeoe !mldaa within ta
cats, eoverad by hard sUa. so that ttoy
reaaia for a suae like bnlba or seeds m
a bottle waiek vITl grow when fsrtUiaed.
Skampoos (which eentahl alkal.i) and
hair ketions wsieh contain alcohol are
essnues to tke aair. as thrr dry it.
aukilig it brittle. EaUIke contains thos.
.lyMtf of natare which give new
vitality to the scalp aad kan-.
rordell Drac Co.
Psyne-Rlee Ce.
rst.ee Dnac Cfc
Cnie. Oroc C.
H. A. Wsreer
J. T. Urunm
tVt a box of the teaviae Eststt st a reliable ataixist's
JOO SUASTBE " ltT .Id box, A small tjsUng Uac
i Kotltto (ith tettiaMnials. etc.) may be rtulnM by sead
r. .VrT... .w.r or staass. to ra addresa selow.
rjQHN HART BRTiTAIN, Station F, New York City
Tor cremcs'f astr.
Washington's Shaving Set
Brings $950; Picture $9600
Philadelphia. Ps. Dee. It. V min
iature portrait of George Washing
ton, nainted at the reauest of Martha
Washington by Charles Wtllaon
Peale, baa been purchased at auction
here by the Mount Vernon association
for iHOO. The n Mature, one of a
number of Washington relics from
the eatate of Dr. David Stuart, a
kinsman of Washinaton. is a por
trait on Ivory in a gold frame.
Washington's shaving outfit, con
sisting of two rasors, hone, rtron,
brush, comb and mirror. In a Morocco
case, was sold to an anonymous pur
chaser from New York for SSSe.
George Ochoa and James Cooper
were arraigned before United States
commissioner A. J. W. Schmld. Tues
day, charged with Importing, posses
sion, transporting and smnggllng
liquor. Both pleaded not guilty. Bonds
were xixeo at slow eaen.
Proof of
LeonardEar Oil
Refieves Deafneu. Stops Head Nonet
It k not pot in the ears, bat is "Rubbed
ta Bad: of Ears' and "Inserted in the Nos
trils. Has had a Successful Sale
For sale In Boston Krr VmImrI fb.
For sale In Bl Pa br tfce Wanw Drstc Co.
win ot given yosay the ahwve dragglst.
I 77i is Signature on Yel- t-gV-rf j
I low Box and on Bottle " I
sefaetarrr W FWta A New York cHs I
safe mm
Mo Cooii
lnc Original Food-IJiink For All Arei
aas Ssnsstitntsc.
Orsta Xxtraet u Fowder

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