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Wednesday, Dec. 15, 1920.
! Younger College Set Returmn,
I To Spend Christmas Holidays Here j
f -
set .f coming horn1 in
i iMi.rs to celebrate the ChriPt
a" Fi-ason w ith families and
ic Earn dav of their stay here
t. fli.Ad with dPliphtfui socia.1
v:.- One of the largest of these
i art " : the Calumus club dance be
npr planned by the members for a
wivpy reunion of the younger set at
;.o- and the home cornere.
Ariongr those who are coming home
re included Mlas Marion Howe,
n a.u gli t r of judge and Mrs. W. t.
Mof who will arme ree-mber 20,
fron. Hoiiins College. Vr.; Miss Jane
Purees, who la attending Bryn Mawr,
Tired, Nervous
People Find New
the Werk nuA
T :e blood raost have Iron and the
ner- l phosphorous. Nuga-Tone feeds
on to the blood and phosphorous to
je ir-ni"-. It i. the scientific blood
.l-i -i' - build r. It is wonderful
i.ow .Uick Xuga-Tone brings Dae
pep. punch and "vigor to their worr
out nerx-s and Tnuscles. Builds red
t'oud 'tronp, steady m-rvea and 1n
crei -t i mst wonderfully their power
of cndi '-.'iice. Brings refreshing sleep,
-od a j.f ute fine digestion, regu
lar bo ' movement, lots of enthu--
s i- '.'1 ambition. Jf you are not
'tn.nq ju-t not you owe it to your
fM? to u a trial. You cannot
ost. ;t osts ou nor bins; If yon are
rot b- ncfitpd. Kery bottle guaran
teed It i, pleasant to take and yon
will b- r I : i to tvel better right away.
If jour ph Mcian has not already
yrr:, n . u n for you just go to your
t.niFfr.: and sret a Lottie of Nuga
Ton1 It is in a purple package. Take
no mhMitute. Take it according to
direr i"r" for just a few days, an!
if ou do not feel better and loo
1 t"'t t ike the remainder of the
I c-v3.e to th- druggist and he w!!l
rri' r. ; on" money back. The
nirtiiiif i- tur" rs of Xuga-Tone know
v. vi. at it uvili -o for yon they
cor r ' 1
I ' druggiPt? to absolutely
, anl refund your money
ar hot satisfied. Recom-
c'.aranteea nna xor sate oy
rrug Co.. and all reliable
Candy Specials
Molasses Beauty Kisses
Half Pound
Toasted Marsh mallows
Half Pound
Christmas Hosiery Sale
Silk hose, fancy and plain lace doers and fancy tf O AO
deigns. S3 .50 rain. Xmaa Sale Price CeTrO
c;!k how, fancy and plain m black and colors, htoe QQ
trip. i50 vara. Xmas Sale Price M 1 eaO
ilk hose, embroiders' designs and embroider' docks, plain colon,
Mack, brown, white and pink. $4-50 vahies. go PQ
Xmas Sale Pries PO jOtS
23c aad 35c each.
Hand Made Needlework
CrecBtt 3mi Tattis?.
Mall Orders SoUeHed and Filled Promptly.
Jane D. McDongal's
118 X. Meaa Ave.
i rr
will arrive to visit her father. MaJ. R.
F. Burses. December 24; Miss Louise
Beach, who is auenuiug . v
thedral school in Washington. D C.
will arrive Friday to spend the holi
days with her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Beach: Miss Katherlne White,
who Is studying: at Mt. Vernon semi
nary. Washington. I. C also arrives
Friday to be with her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. Zach White, for the holidays.
John March, son of Mr. and Mrs. P.
C. March, and Sherrod Mengel. son of
Ir. Menuel will arrive home from the
A. and M. cellege in Austin next
week and Robert Smith, son of Judge
and Mm. William Robert Smith, will
reach home from Austin college.
Sherman, Texas. December 5!. Mies
Josephine March, who is teaching in
Hurley. N M-. arrives home December
21 to spend the holidays.
Miss Margaret Neff. daughter of Mr.
and Mrs E. E. Neff. who is In Vassar.
will not retarn for the holidays but
will spend the season with her aunt.
Mrs. Ferd Searle, in Toledo. Ohio.
Mips Katherine Symmonds. daugh
ter of Col. and Mrs. Charles Sym
monds. also will remain in the east
for the holidays, spending the season
with friends In New York city. Miss
Symmonds is a pupil at George Wash
ington university. Washington. D. C
Miss Sarah Bridgets, who Is In Aus
tin at the university, will not return
for the holidays. Her mother. Mrs.
W. W. Bridgers will leave next week
to Join her for a visit.
Miss Sadie Ruth Aldridge. who i"
attending the University of Texas,
will arrive Tuesday to spend the holi
days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. H. Aldridge. She will be accom
panied by her cousin. Henry A.
Cline Jr.. who also will be a holiday
guest at the Aldridge home.
Miss Marlon Putnam, who has been
attending the University of Missouri,
will arrive in El Paso Wednesday.
December 25. to spend the holidays
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. P.
Evans P. Peterman. of Laredo, Tex.,
will arrive shortly to spend the holi
days with his mother. Mrs. A. I Pe
terman, at the family home. "Willow-wood,-
in the valley.
Judge Willam R. Smith will arrive
from San Antonio, whore he la pre
siding during a term of court. In time
to spend the Christmas holidays with
hi, family.
Miss Helen O'Shea. who has been
spending several months In Denver
and other Colorado cities, will return
December 21.
Thursday's Calendar
Of Social Evenls
SCHWARTZ -will give a dance at
Pun del Korte hotel to compli
ment Miss Ruth Schwartz.
Posada at the Mexicano Casino.
St. Joseph Altar society will give
a silver tea at the home of Mrs. E. F.
Russell, 2t Grant avenue. The re
ceiving hoars are to be from t until
S oclock.
The Fidelia class of the First Bap
tist church will give its monthly class
party at the home of Misses Minnie
H rnn r:racp 3551 R is bee street.
I Highland Park, in the evening.
dob In the evening.
"' The Sammies' club of the T. W. C
A. will meet at 7: JO oclodc Thursday
evening for a children's party and
Christmas tree, each girl to bring a
toy for the other members. After the
tree and fan of the evening the toys
will be packed and seat to add cheer
to children of needy families, Mrs.
Lea Wllmot. who is sponsor for the
Sammies Is in charge of the evening's
Rtirhliaflnii served. First Christian
church, at noon and 5:30 to 8 p. m.,
Thursday. Dec 1.; 50c Adv.
GoMea Glint Shampoo beautifies hair.
Used by hairdressers everywhere.-Adv.
38 to 38 Percent DUeosnt.
Ask for onr Catalog of special prices
and place your magazine subscription
with The E3 Paso Herald. Adv.
Agents for Franco-American
Toilet Artleles for OHr or
Dry Skin.
Phone 2SC3.
An Gi1 for a Women
lbere is an lncM victual ctuwii
about die Lot gnon wfakh appeals
to the woman who needs glasses
for a close view only.
For shopping they are practica!
Far party affairs tad formal ocea
ions they make delightful acces
sories. We show these in -white aaS green
gold in a number of artistic de
signs. We have Over J0fl00 prescriptieas
os fife. The probabilities axe we
have the one of the person yen
want to. favor at Christmas.
Our display windows are brimful
of suggestions of practical, appre
ciated gifts.
El Paso Optical Co.
Established 1001
Texas 211 San Antonio
Literary Program Is Given By
Business Women's Club Of "Y
THK Business Women's club of the
Y. W. C. A. met Tuesday eenmg. !
The group dined in the cafeteria
and then gathered in the club room
and enjoyed a program in charge of
the literary department of the Busi
ness Women's club of which Miss j
I,utie Deyo Is chairman. The literary l
department has been studying thf
subject or good English. When a ,
member made an error she was j
tagged with a green tag and at the
end or the evening count was mai- t.
see who had the fewest and who had
i the most tags.
Vr. TTnrv T. Bowie entertained
the assembly with the telling or a
beautiful Christmas story and then
the group joined in the singing of
Christmas carols. At the short busi
ness meeting, held following the pro
gram, Miss Elizabeth Goff, president
of the Business Women's club pre
sided. The most important feature
was the decision that the club would
aid In sending funds to relieve the
starving children of Asia. Ten dol
lars will feed one child for a year
and the club decided to send ejiough
to feed several children. A part of
1 Lois McChesney and Nevin Freeman
1 'VIXTnAm 1nnnrfriflamfln Portririr'an
announce the engagement ana
annroachtnn- marriage of their
daughter Miss Lois McChesney. to
Nevin Kenneth Freeman, the wedding
to take place the evening of Decem
ber :S. at Central Baptist church.
Both Miss McChesney and her fiance
have a large circle of friends. The
former has lived here since girlhood
and Is a graduate of the 111 high
school class. After graduation she at
tended Baylor university and has spe
cialised in reading. Mr. Freeman has
lived here all of his life. He Is a
son of Mr. and Mrs. K. W. Freeman.
He served during the world war In
the army with duty for two years
in France.
The couple will live In this city fol
lowing a honeymoon of several weeks
spent on the Freeman ranch in New
El Paso School For
Christmas Play
THE Christmas play of the El Paso
School for Girls will be given Fri
day afternoon at 4 oclock In the
parish house of St. Clment's Episcopal
church. Campbell and Montana
streets. The pupils to take part In
the play, which Is entitled. "Their
Christmas Party, include the primary
department and lower intermediate
Christmas carols win be song by
the intermediate and the upper school
pupils. Miss Nan Whiteley and Miss
Gertrude Farnham of the school
faculty are directing: the play. The
cast follows:
Dick Elisabeth Stimson
Dot, his sister Betty Alley
Jim, a newsboy .Virginia Kirk Patrick
Polly, his sister Florence Berg
Father Brown Anita Andreas
Mother Brown Rtsth Fennessy
Aunt Jennie Romalne Safford
Business Men. Elsie Tsnkersley
Sallie Mae McCamant. Margaret Leary.
Mary, a sure.. Margery May McNary
John, a man Iiaclle Byns
The little Blalrs. 'Marion Howard.
Santa Claus Will Attend Tea In
Honor Of Miss Mary Heermans
SANTA CLAUS Till arrive this aft
ernoon st the -Sillls home In time
for tea, bringing In & pack a
shower of the dainty towels for Miss
Mary Heermans, whose engagement
to Roy J. Crtsser is one of the sea
son's announcements.
The Informal sewing party which
Is honoring Miss Heermans Is being
given with Mrs. V. S. HIIlls, Mrs. Her
man Koscn ana miss Anne unase as
hostesses. The decorations for the
reception suite of the Hi His home are
fin the Christmas theme. Mistletoe In
garlands, caught with hows of crtn
son ribbon and polnsettia are used in
artistic arrangement and other dec
orations feature the Christmas motif.
At the tea hour a two course menu
Miss Williams Gives Tea Dansant
In Honor Of Miss Harriot Howze
UTTE the most interesting of the
younger society set weekend af
fairs is a tea dansant to be aiven
Saturday afternoon from five to seven
oclock by Miss Nancy Beall Williams
at the Williams home, to honor Miss
Harriot Howie, whose marriage to
Capt. Henry Craymore Jones Is an
important event of the latter part
of the month. Miss Williams's tea
dansant is one of numerous functions
which are honoring Miss Howze.:
I Judge and Mrs. W. R. Smith Will
I Keep Open House New Year's Day
J SMITH will celebrate New Years'
day with "open house In keeping
with their annual custom, January 1.
A large house party of maids and
matrons with their escorts will assist
in the hospitality. As usual Judge
and Mrs. Smith are issuing no formal
Invitations but friends will call dur
ing the reception hours.
A concert which was to have been
given by Enrique Rasoplo. violinist.
on Thursday evening at the Woman"
A dish of
Post Toasties
makes a good square meal
to round out the day with
" " B B B HBHh.
the fund tll be gn en by the club
and the remainder supplied by person
al contributions. Mrs. Florine Mil
ler is planning to stage a play in
the first week of February, players to
be from the dramatic club of the
business Women's club and profes
sional plavers. The funds derived
will be used to incresse the clnb
budget of the yext.
Sunset Hrele of Central Baptist
ihuivh met Tuesday afternoon at 1
o'clock v ith Miss Clara Schenck, at
her home on POrfirio Dias street.
After the business session Edward
Schenck sang a number of songs with
guitar accompaniment ana nis Bro
ther. Gaylord Schenck played With
him on the violin. Refreshaaeats
were served bv the hostess assisted
bv Mrs. R. EL Bonn. Those present
n'ere: Mesdames William Rotermund,
j. K. Reeves, J. E. Douglass, C D
Boone and R. F. Boon.
The Woman's auxiliary to the
American legion will meet this eve
ning in the chamber of commerce at
S oclock.
The announcement was made Tues
day evening at a party given at the
McChesney home. Christmas emb
lems decorated the homo and Mrs.
McChesney was assisted Is the hos
pitality by Mrs. W.-H. Kuhn and Miss
Ruth Blair.
Games and music were enjoyed and
sandwiches, tea and confections were
served. Those present were:
Misses Lexie Clugston. Ruth Blair,
Abby Roberts, Maxine Moore, Jose
phine Peach. Ruby Vermillion. Mil
dred Vermillion, Frank le Langstsn.
Jennie Mae Langston, Bertha, Ball,
Maud Bull. Mary Lee Miller. Clara
Mae Miller. Ethel Johnston, Rosa
Freeman. Edith Scott. Josephine Rob
erts. Myrtle Lee. Myrtle Nold. Mildred
Bishop. Marlon Pullman. Annie B. and
Marian McChesney. Mesdames Caleb
Waterman. Robert Martin and C
Girls To Give
Friday Afternoon
Helen Quigly. Helen Benton. Areae
Talpia, Elizabeth Thorn peon
The little Grays. Barbara Alnss.
Jane Bull.
Sallie Lee ...Margaret Carmen Alley
Cook's sister's children. Wilms Ca
russo. Alberta Moore, Slots Coggin.
Brownies. Martha McNary. Betty
Hines, Rotn KucKer. Jennie aiusou
Kincheloe. L.vla Harris Kirkoatrck.
Santa Clans Virginia Taylor
French doll Josephine Ainsa
Kewpie JU1 McNary
Drum Dorothy Veasey
Clown aiarjorw tjogan
Jnmnins? Jack Julia HrmtB
Red Riding Hood Ara Chapman
Pauline SheDnard. Frances Kind el
Rag doll Kathryn Harris
Rat Elizabeth Chapman
Jeanette Levenson. Marilynn Fox.
Florine Roberts, Alta Weiss.
Kings soldiers
Nadlne Leonard and Helen John sen.
will be served and following the serv
ing Miss Anne Chase costumed
Santa Claus and heralding her ap
proach with sleigh bells will enter
with, the gifts.
The guests enjoying the courtesy
for Miss Heermans are:
Misses Natalia, El ma and Elvira
Gal en tine, Florence Crissey, Iu Roe
and Virginia Knight, Evelyn EHison,
Vera a Altman. Margaret Hardie, Ha
zel Berry, Margaret Hines. Louise sjbJ
Helen Kettler, Mauri ne Garrett, Vilas
Simmons. Lydia Brooks, Margaret
Flournoy, Mesdames Paul Heermans.
Harvey Lawrence, G. A. Graham, P. R.
Upton. Moll ere Scarborough. J. Walter
Christie. J. C Byars, Jr., W. Under
wood Daughdrill snd Hans E. Kloep
fer. Guests for the affair will include the
wedding party and a small group of
close friends.
Dinners and Luncheons.
Mrs. Haymon Krupp will give a tea
Tuesday afternoon, honoring her
daughters. Miss Birdie and Mil
Paula Krupp, who are coming home
tor the holiday season from school
in the east.
has 'been postponed until
Army Affairs.
An enjoyable affair of the week
will be a hop Friday evening at the
Tth cavalry officers' clubhouse given
by officers of the regiment.
Miss Vilas Simmons will entertain
at bridge Friday afternoon, at the
Kettler home on Montana street, to
honor Miss Mary Heermans. a bride
tlect of the season.
Let us put this Music in your home,
for year-round Christmas Cheer
IF aay oe rhig can aJd to the joys of CWmas. it is iMk-J Y0' TjT
yoT hoe any amsic yoti may wish to hear. There are rna-y styles of Vktook a-f n
enough. a great many records from which to choose. We saggest the followwg esrtfk:
Victrola XI. pfked at $150. and these records:
Tell Me WHIe rw. ilriir
SHnt Night (Cbrlalmaa Hysaa) ""V
HarfcS Te HeraM Aw Stsc TrL.'i2I
Ctrl at Mr Dreaaw iww w
uiiT Veruncaie A.e.e PHe. , -r
Jr to the WhM - TriwHr Choir
Victor Records make a aost ; IoSS 'b.'.".".'. sc
acceptable Christmas gift. For X'. ". .??".??.V.V:.V:.V.V." E
yor coavenfeace have . &r.
Gift Certificate. Your fneads CM4- Bean wx Trt g" 25!
, ,r .H . Mr Utile Bhsh. Ose S4es Demee ftreheatrm
who own a Victress w cer- Bernr Trto
taUlv amweckie one. PJaMr Hairk-i sese. Mao Brum.
Kan Heme CWMh HnisleMe) Hawallam HsHte
This akes a total of $159.35. payable $20.00 down and the bei--
aace in monthly payments of $15.00 each.
. ' This selection of records affords a well-rounded collection. But you are. of course, at bberty
to choose any numbers you please to the value of $9.35.
When shall we deliver your outfit?
Open Saturday
Night and Every
Night Next Week
Legal Action Unless
Arizona Renls Lower
Phoenix. Aria, Dec. 14. Hope that
legislation regarding; rents in Arizona
might not be necessary was expressed
by Gov. Thomas E. Campbell in aa
Interview here, in which he added
that if rent conditions were not
remedied in soma parts of the state
voluntarily, he would call the situa
tion to the attention, ot the legisla
ture. I note with Interest and sosne con
cern.' the governor said, "since my
absence from the stats a reduction in
wages generally throughout the state,
and while I appreciated that It .must
come sooner or later. I am hopeful
for a corresponding reduction In the
cost of living.
"I want to lay particular stress on
rents In Tucson and Phoenix, from
which places I hare received a num
ber of complaints of heartless profit
eering." Referring to honsins legislation
passed In a special session of the
isew York legislature last September.
Gov. Campbell said:
"It Is my hops that similar legis
lation will not be necessary In Ari
zona bat if certain remedies ara not
applied voluntarily In some secUons
of the state, this serions matter of
rents, which enters so vitally into
the cost of living for so many of onr
citisens will be called by me to the
attention of the legislature."
Aulo Horns, Life Bells
On Sheet Cars, Needed
Should automobile horns be abol
Ushed? Would more or fewer accidents res-sit
If they were abolished?
The Herald got a telegram -Wed
nesday from Taooma, Wash, saying
jr. tt- sweeuana. prew--sofc "l wv
Evergreen Highway association there
f,Titd fSalsc- awav with horns, and
that the city of Tacoma might be
asked for. an ordinance against them.
Alves Dixon, vice president of the
El Paso Antomobtla club, was asked
what he thought about it. A. J.
Strayer. president of the club is out
of the city. Mr. Dixon said that in
lam rfttes where the horns made
one oentlnuoas blast, they were of
little value-
"In a town like Tacoma or El
Paso, I don't see how removing horns
from cars would do any good." Mr.
Dixon said. "One doesn't hear a horn
more than every three or four sec
onds here and they serve as a warn
ing. Ton might as well take the
bells off of street ears."
What do you think about it?
State senator R. M. Dudley and
state representatives J. E. Quald and
Adrian Pool will be goests of honor
at a dinner to be gtven tonight by
the El Paso chapter of the American
Society of Engineers at the Univer
sity club to discuss a proposed law to
license engineers ana arcniects. -xne
aw l noedeo. engineers say. to pro
rct thf public from imnuxl iflfl per
sons psing as architects or engineers
a r u m iHBEmii,.
dSsiSa Street Floor of Mills Building.
Home of the
Crop Estimates Gioen
Out By Federal Agents
Washington. D. C. Dec. H. The
value of the country's Important farm
crops this year is ,Hl.61.M0, com
pared with SM.SS7.9S5.Sea, their value
last year, the department of agricul
ture announced today. These values,
based on prices paid to farmers on
December 1, represent about M par
cent of the value of sll farm crops.
Final estimates of crop production
and value for this year were an
nounced today by the department ox
asrrtcnlrure as follows :
Srn j5l2.Jr7.SS0 and JMW.7M.oM.
Winter wheat SSS.S1J.SSS and ,
T41.S0S. Spring wheat MS.M5.vM and SS7!,-
Oats 124.M3.M and J71S.7S5.MH
Barley Z02.S14.30S and S14i.SJl.SO.
Rye SS.J18.0OS. and JSS.(S.Se.
Buckwheat 1J.788.SS0 and J17.7J7.
690. Flax seed 18.S90.0S4 and Slt.UMM.
Rice Sl.7ie.8ee and IsOT.OM
Potatoes 4JS.4SS.OSS and S50.S74. OSS
Sweet potatoes llf.SSS.00S and J12,
Hit 'lS(.!M.SM and J1.S68.H2.000.
Tobacco 1.508.004.000 and 8289,001. -
Cotton 12.SS7.000 and S814.SS4.006.
Cotton seed 5.77M60 and J150.217.
444 Beet sugar 2,218.246.464. value sot
Cane sugar 171,666,044. value not
Sorghum syrup 4J.87S.S66 and 88,-
Peanuts IS.SS4.S6S and 84J.11S.06S.
Beans 6,675,644 and J 17 ,114.644.
Apples 244.44t.666 and J271.JI4.600.
Peaches 4J.S97.666 and J81.S41.S60.
Oranges 27.166.644 and t76.lZe.466.
Christmas Mail Causes
Extra Train Equipment
Christmas mail is so heavy that
every train arriving from the east Is
carrying an extra car for mall and
express, according to announcement
or tiarnett King, general passenger
agent of the El Paso Southwestern
railroad. "Wo have been authorised
By the postoffice department." he said,
"to put on these extra cars, as the
rush of matt and express from the
east is so heavy for Christmas."
Mr. King says travel is so heavy
from the east la the direction of Cali
fornia that It Is now necessary to run
the passenger trains on the Rock Island-Southwestern
In two sections
The Golden State Limited, which left
Kansas rlty Wednesday and will ar
rive in El Imso tomorrow. Is In two
sections, eacli carrying a diner and an
observation car.
Drillers on the Hueco Baa in Oil
company's well have reached a depth
of 2405 feet, according to El Pasoans
who visited the well Tuesday. The
drillers had shot down to make some
repairs when the Kl Pasoans visited
the well, bat they started work agrain
Those who made the trip to the well
Included prfwfdent Gorfre W. Theist n
ih.- I. i;r..r. K M !udt' . M; rtil
Cohlentr Julius Krakaurr, Art Woods,
Alfred Johnson and 3L Strobe.
N. Oregon Street.
Victrola in El
Baylor College For Women
Tfae afebttd cew SzeprooT Bath atrSjItaf Ban
Kr usiiler. Imu 3. w, win bm t
Tais is a sS Haw ts satoc .Tae eeifc Is
hla tsae M ar saSsSat Sa nw not
ar Manias at east saw esasSMa tta finis
i baauas slaat k Is asanasae. na Wdar
la Baas n uuuake. to si aw.
Tea , - sw 0M all nisiasa ta aiiln.l aMat tbao ;aa nar. Lanat teas faaS .,:Uh.,
worth, atadena Kata Masai aartr. aiataeai
rsrsiotaTj. c hassy. a. u. lud.
It is a serious mistake to
purchase jewelry in an
unknown shop just be
cause your contemplated
expenditure is small. All stand
ard jewelry stores carry very inex
pensive articles. Jewelry does not
deteriorate in value. It should be
bought with care. You net the
same value exactly, in a good shop, on a two
dollar purchase which you get on a thousand
dollar order. This shop has one principle
only absolute fidelity to its representations
whether you buy a knitting set or a diamond
brooch. "Hixson" is a word which means
something in this community. You are asked
to consider these things at this season.
MaS Orien Taken Affls ani Mesa
Have You
Seen Our
Holiday Windows?
Belton, Texas
effl Ss epeseS a
lisSiuiU earn
si it ta feecunlBt er .-
bmudwl aav Kadrcts ,
a amactrf tai: u ansa cas ke mKOBslM.ci
Wtmanu ctadeaUiic (naa tost aSMal u uud-'.-"t
I lie Dr tba nxi f aaai tana. TSa -
Bcknca Ban aits Ra ees eaaplm WW' '

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