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Wednesday, Dec. 22. 1920.
New Orleans. La, Dec.
night selling- orders and
Liverpool market than due put the
price of cotton S to 16 points lower
around tbe opening today all months
mating new low levels tor me sea
son, January touchier 13.45. Realii
1 ng- by aborts became of sufficient
olume to cause a reaction, however,
and at the end of the first half hour
of business prices were 3 to 8 points
above the close of yesterday.
Reports of a failure In the stock market
h-oke prlcea to n low lerela Id the
iidlcc op to 11 oelock. the active months
rmK 14 to 33 potata under the last quo--atlon
of yesterdar- January fell to.
: 3.2Sc and July to liHc.
Ramon of another coal strike threat
ened In Sag-land and reports of failures ta
he Interior of the belt caaaed heavy li
quidation of long contracts nader which
prices eromtrted away rapMly. In the
-adlnr op co 1 .10 oelock the active
n oaths were sent 66 to 12 no Lots below
'be dostnA of prices of eaterday. January
T-aded down to 13 Tfc, -inrl July to lX-5Sc
The cotton markt opened steady. Janu
ary. 33 4fic; March, lS.8oa; 3fay, 14.99c;
.i,r. H He: October. 14.Xc
Chicago. 111.. Dec. 22. New down-
lower I turns In the price of grain took place
today, owing: chiefly to weakness of
tbe New Tork stock market. Opening
wheat prices, which ranged from 1c
in Ihic lower, with March 11.(0 to
21.(1 and May Jl.S to J 1.67, were
followed by a decided farther setback.
Cora, after opening unchanged to Hie
lower, including May at 71 He to 74c
continued to recede.
Rallies which took place later were
ascribed to profit taking by shorts
and were more or less transient in
character. The market closed nerv
ous. c to 1 c net lower with March
11.60 to 11.61 and May 11.57". to
Notice that a large manufacturer of
corn product would dose its plant
until after the holidays had a bearish
iff .ft later. The close was unset
tled. 4c to lHc off. May 49 to 4U
Higher quotations on hogs gar
some strength to provisions.
New Tork. Dec. II. Although
prices were irregular at the outset
of today's session, there were no
traces of yesterday's violent reaction.
Snniuirflfl. urfm KtahilfcAri the Hjkt-
ter known issues, especially rails, j there were rather sharp breaks.
steels, equipments ana motors wkd
resultant gains ranging frmn frac
tions to ltt points. Oils were ex
tremely erratic Mexican Petroleum
opening at a loss of 24, bat Immedi
ately reacting it.
liberty Bond. Close.
Liberty bonds closed: lite I It. 72: first
4a 184.20 bid; second 4a 1 22.14 ; tint 4V
34.13: second 4 Its. II2.S1; third 4 Vis.
I44.M: foarth 414s, 2I4.SI: victory Js.
344.43; rletory 4Jts. 314.44.
Trading continued on a very active
scale tnis morning according- u j. &
Curtiss & Co.. Security Bank build
ing; with the market somewhat ir
regular. A number of issues showed
slight gains, while in
Lettuce Growers Want
R. R. Trackage And Space
fnoemx. Arn., vee. xs, vn com
plaint of lettuce growers at Eloy. the
corporation commission has cited the
southern Pacific Railroad company to
appear Friday and show cause why It
-hould not put In tn:kage for eon
enlenee of the shippers.
Farmers of Eloy, between Casa
Grande and Tucson, assert they are
obliged to make a five mile haul in
order to ship lettuce. They claim
'his causes the lettuce to lose its
There is an old superstition in Ger
many against marriages In May.
$36.56 TretM for $39.68
$3&50 Trass far $25.98
Floor L&ae S&aiet Retrace!
$60.50 S SWe far. .$55.66
S559 SiHc Sa&dc for. 5Qd
$37o5"9 St8c Sirftu f&i. .
Cejnflete foe f brlifal
let st lef ore
Elite Electric
407 Hea Are. FW J62S
Let Hectrkiiy De fee Work
This fWrnsftrtg boat is the
story of Peter Perkins. It tells
how he iKiilfii in Febntsry.
1906, and in ten years acosan.
lated $1(X51L82 by irmsdng $25
perrdonrh. It telle what scom
ties he bought, the prices he
pstq, ana rhcrrw-nroe trota eaca.
Thoosanda of people have read
"Getting Ahead" and am tbi
low Peter Peddra' pits.
The Book Is Free
Write for It
Writs fcr k toifay and we Csal
Ahestf br irnuu will alao
put too oo isc ttec to receive our
speda! New Tear aerrtor of Hiclm(i-
poylcg sondes, en a ptsa that was
Bscs 1921 ycer ' yezx.
foes&wsif Bankers
137 soots Lasaiest.
OMesfO Grain, 3oee
Wheat March. IJ.4SX; May. L7!4.
Cars Hay, tl?c; July. I4t
Oats May, 48e: July. 47c
CUesce rrsTbhwis, Clow.
Pork January. t22-8S.
I.ra Janttarr, $13.44: Kay. Jlt.IT.
Rice Juiar?. 311.44: nay. lz.xz.
Cfalearo Predsre, Cteee.
rjhlesso. lit, Dec 22. Bntter Firm.
Creamery. OSlfc
Bass Hlcner: receipts. 1124 eases.
Firsts, 44044c; ordliiary Orats. 4404e:
at mark. case Included, Utle: retrlc
eratCT firsts. 5c .
Poultry Alive, lower. Fowls. I(w2ie;
prtaaa. 34c; tsrkeya 40c
Potatees Dull. Receipt. 22 ears. North
ern White, aaeked. tl.UVl.4I cwt: aafk.
Sl.fel.tt cwt.; ICSha Bsuets, neked.
ILtf cwt.
Ksesss Cky Grain. Ctoe.
Kasaaa City. Me.. Dec It- Cash Wheat
Unclxanced to 3c lower. No. 1 hard.
l.ffc No. 1. tl.701.7I; No. 1 red. tUl
wLSl: No. t, J1.M
Corsr Usehaated to le lower. No. z
mtsed. We: No. 2. Iiauji No. 2 white.
(Ic; No. t. Mc: No. 2 yellow, llHSt;
Oats Cnehasced. No. 2 white, 41 He
No. 2 mixed, 4t4Ce: No. 2 red. 44c
Kye 11.4a
KalOr and MOO Habe tt-tlOLtl.
Hay TJsehaaared.
Braa JLtl.
ttajuaa Otr TJeeetoek. dose.
Eaasss Ctty. Ma, Dec 23. Cattle Se
eetpta 3440: xaarket hither.
Boss Receipts, 4M; market active, H
to 4ee airser.
Sheen Receiete, ; market steady.
Denver TJeeataek. Close.
Dearer. Colo- Dee. 33. Cittle Re
ceipts. ISO; market steady. Beef steers.
ST &atS fat- eows and betters. Sl.sSel e:
ealees. lll-MC 13.0. stoekers and feeders.
Hoe? Receipts. 34; market li to 4e
hither. Top, 33.74; bulk, I1.SS81 44-
anssp Kecetpos. www : msrsn
stress. Lsmbe. ,aiS.2: ewes.
ts.t4.4): feedsr Umbs. l.M9.0a.
UMfsjo uresteeK. laose.
Cbleato. 111.. Dec 22. Cattle Receipts
MS: beef steers. 2t to (to hither. Early
tan !!t ?K" hclV St.MSriatS: fat She
stock, 34 to 4o higher: bulk, i(.stT.M;
esaaers, ze nirner: oaia, ev b .... .
bulls, steady: desirable bototnaa srouad
34.74: earees, stroaff to hlcber: ctty batch
er, top, 311.M: packer, tap. tlai; stoek
ers and feeders, steady to See higher.
Hers Keoslptx n.ess; meeuy is to 3se
UrhsE. Tkl tt.Cfi for ISO aouad ST-
erafes: bulk. SI.344Jt.34: ptas. meetly 2Se
MfBpr; Daia, s to ue posaa pigs, -
Ifaeep jieeetprs, sews; xas ismos aim
reerllnrs mostly 2te hither: spots, tee
hither. Top, tllJS: Teerlinirf. JS.00:
sheep, strong to tte hlcher: coarse weth
ers. 14.2$: ao feeder sales earlr.
ten Hertn ijresioev, txoee.
Tort Worth. Texas, Dec 22. Cattle
Reoetpts, 444 Market steady. Beeres. 24.(4
03.44: stoekers. J4-I4t.b4: eews. 1 3. 44 J)
7.5: eaaaers, t2.4403.25: betters. lUtf
3.44: buna 2.M02.7I: csJees. 3 3.549-se.
gets Beeetnts. see. ilsrret liopase
hlcher. UgM. 33.7604.40: heary, 38.440
4.T4; medium. 38-24t-44: mixed, 38-140
111; commoE. JT.44e3.O0; pics, ; 1.44 8
Shoes Becsbta 144. Karkel stsadr
Iamba. 34.44014.74: yearUsts. 2I.M01.M;
wetBers. eS-SeeST.se; ewes. 4Z.sS0 4.se;
euQa 11-4403.44: goats. J 1-54 03.34.
I rnnilahc by OoeiW A Co.)
i Teretables.
ColoraAt potatoes, per cwt. I2.HL
i SwMt Potatoes, per ewt. list.
; Onkrea cresa. per dozen feac.es, Jc
' 4-awAssea.si saaasfr InstMitati tana warn 4-4sas -
Oidw&a, sack, Crrvtal Whfte. par cwt,
II. Mt
Ceiery, per crats, IUL
CraEtoerrtea, 1M pounds, ISS.H.
Lettnca. per box. SX.M.
Cabexc per peaad la trade lots, le. j
XvvUm. Ktw Uexleo. per box. J r TTeaJiL
Apples, nortlnresterB. per box, MX 9
Colorado apple, per box. SS.Xfgs.7K.
Vtorlda orasres. per box. IS.K9.
Ct-vUXtHsla &aTI ftranxes. per box, IS.M
Florida craptXraltv per box, IA.7S0S.fdl
Isomoas. per box. SLM.
Tasfferlses, faaer. box, I.MtfI.10.
New Tork. Dec 21- Bar silver, domes
tic Hc: torelta. t!ic
Mexseaa donars, 44sc
Prime aierraiitlle paper. 74401 percent.
sxenaace. trreaaiar.
Stsrnnc 44 day bills. S3. 44; eo iserdtl
44 day bills on beaks. 2.4t oemnerelal 40
day bills. S4.47H; demassi.ltt.i2Ht
Cables, ttiili.
Time loaas. firm. 40 days and 94 days,
7H07M: six months. 707 pereeat.
Call money, steady. High. T: low. 7; ra!
lac rate, 7: cloeiBs; bid. 7: ettered at 7:
last loan. 7; bank acceptances, 444 per
cent. Copper, unsettled.
Electrolytic spot and nearby. 11 014c:
first quarter. ltt014c
Iron, nominally unchanged.
Tin. week: spot aad nearby. 332 340
22.24: futures. I3X.M0I4.44.
Antimony. 34.U.
I.ead. steady: spot. 14.4404.74
Zlsc, onfet. East St. Louis delivery, spst,
5 740S.S7H.
Tendon. Sag:, Dec 22. rollowlnr are
the quotations:
Standard copper, epet. 172, 2a. 4d; fu
turea. CTt. Its. Sd.
ElectrolTtlc spot. 112; fstarss, 144.
Tin. spot. 122. : f of ares. C27. lea
Iyead. spot. 21. Us; futures 21 la
Ztno. spot. 124: futures. 25, Its.-
Big New York Slock
Exchange Firm Fails
New Tork. Dec 22. Failure or the
brokerage firm of Foster 4 Loans
berry was announced from the ros
trum of the stock exchange shortly
after the ope nine; today.
The firm consists of J. Hesznan
Foster, floor member: S. Durell
Ixmnaberry and W. Fraxer Gloeon.
It haa dene business on the exchange
for nearly J years.
Foster and Tjousberry are under
stood to nave been active traders in
Vanadium St eel. which was one of
the stocks that led In recent heavy
reactions on the market. The failure
was unexpected In financial circles
and was regarded as the most Impor
tant recently.
Arizona Odd Fellows
Have New Slale Building
Safford. Ariz- Dec 22. Bids have
been opened for construction of the
new Arizona 4Ddd Fellows home tn this
city, on plans prepared by Was. Bray
of Tucson. The lowest bidder is
Grata Brosrn of Safford, Sts? for
the bonding complete, with artificial
stone ri era rations, state Odd Fellows
have been preparing for years for
erection of the home and now have
much of the necessary money on
hand. The ouildlng site was denftteeT
by local members or tne oroer.
Mexican Labor Is Ready
For New Railroad WorlA
Doua-las. Ariz. Dec 22- Laborers
are arriving In Agua. Prieta, across
the International line, to worjc on we
new border Mexican railway, on
which 1M0 men are to be employed
from this end. Labor Is available fit
large supply, owing to the closing of
most of the copper mines of Sonora.
In warehouse In Douglas, ready to be
sent over the line, are picks and
shovels for 10M laborers and all
steaded hand equipment, while aeveral
carloads of ties also are ready.
In the coppers. A. S. 4 R. lost 1
point, Kennecott IK. Oiino. Anna,
conda and Inspiration were fraction
ally higher. Oils were comparative
ly steady.
The rails all showed alight gains.
Small gains were also recorded by a
number of the industrials, while some
of the specialties like Crucible and
U. S. Rubber were under pressure
with loasee of 1 and S points.
The first 2 hours trading amounted
to 645.100 shares.
Curb Capper Steeks.
Ark. Artsoaa 7 0
Bir Leas. 40 S
CaL Jerome H0 li
Consolidated Arizona, bid . . 4
Dundee Alisons. H4 0 Hi
Green Monster fee)
Hardshell I II
UuU Copper 24 tf It
Howe Sound 20 4i
Jerome Verde 1-14 02-14
NacosaiT 45 0 55
Magma Oilef 14 0 li
Maama If 0 II
Miami Consolidated 1 0
New Cornells 120 14
Ray Hercules H0 H
United Esstem ?y,0 2
Shea 24 0 41
Superior and Boston 1140 1
verue jExteesion z: cv as
Verde Combination 2 0 T
Coedea 60
Gadadea 24 0 44
Cressoo 1-.0 1U
Sllrer King A . 14 0 14
Porphyry 1 0 It
Denn t 0 lli
No. Tlgre 1 0 t
Consolidated Capper 10
Duacaa offered at f
Lasted tsssper Tlsefcs.
Anaconda I , . . . 114.
American Smelters U).
Butte IV.
Came II.
Chile , 4tt
Green Caaanea IS
Inspiration 21
Kennecot 15V4
Miami 144
Nevada - 1.
Sbattack 4C
Kswreae Mecks.
Atehlsoa 71 H
BalttBaere 4k Ohio 24 T
Canadian Pacific Ill
Chesapeake A Ohio 52 j
Krie na
Reading 74
Northern Pacific ............. j..,, 741t
New Tork Central 91
Southern Padfle MM
Union "Pacifie 1114.
Taxpayers In Arizona
Demand Rigid Economy
Thasxorlaa- AHx. Dec 12- CtoCtUSe
county taxpayers, declarlmc tbe na
tion is faerag "the crisis of readjust
ment," have called a mass meeting for
TVeeember 241 at Tombstone. Ariz., the
county seat, to demand that state and
county taxes be governed by rigid
economy. '
Unless public upkeep costs ars low
ered, taxpayers lace a Heavier levy,
Penney lean's
southera Railway
St. Paul
T. A P.
lasasiilal Mml
7J. & Steel
American Suaar
Republic ,
American car a Foundry
America Can
American Locomotiee
Baldwin tooemotlve
Bethlehem Steel
Colorado r. at I. ,
Crucible ,
Industrial Alcohol
C S- Rubber -
Central Leather
Genera! Motors
Studebaker .
New Tort Oils.
Mexican Petroleam
Texas Oil
Royal Dutch ,
. 1!4
. i
. 7tt
, tllw
. 24)
Btg Four
ConsoUdatMt O. of T. ...
Duke or Dublsa
Bt Pas Ranger
General Oil
Her Creek, Jr.
Hueeo Basin oil Co
Hueee Basin MID;.,
Hueeo Ranger
lavader of Texas
Keystone L. R.
Nerthweetera O. A a...
uager isarK
Ranger Reek Island
Soathsiealera O. A 43.
do first option ...
Taller On
W. W. Cox
Bid asked
44 t .44
.11 ,M
.nu .4la-
.1 1-34
.11 .Z4
.1 .
.31 .41
.12 .44
.17 .It
1 44 14.M
43sJvestoa. Tex. Dee. 21. tsalrestesi
spots, quiet aad uaehaaged. Miedtrfis.
; 5.34c
Austin, Texas, Dec Governor
W. p. Bobby will return to Us news
paper, the Enterprise, at Beaumont.
I when he retires from office, aecordi&g
I to his secretary.
Sonora Governor Reports
Peace And Prosperity
Soagias. Ariz, Dec '- Alfonso
Pesouelra. Mexican consul here, cuts
returned from a visit In Kogales, So
nera, Mexico, waere ne cenierrea wren
rtAv x a. xtoraaex. of Sonora. Gov.
Borqnet, Mr. Pesquelra said, declares
Sonora la nndergoing a new era of
peace A larger acreage is expected to
be planted In the state next spring
then ever oeiore in su motors.
A wonderful echo can I : beard In
a room In the oastls of Slznottetta,
seer Milan. A load noise, such aa a
pistol shot, is repeated 60 times.
w; r
Are Shoes
On Your Gift List?
Perhaps you have overlooked the excellent possibilities
f sfeees as gilts. Yet what could be more practical and
Fsr tuaeone k At tmlj yeifH fmi ike righl ttoet, tie riglvt gift. Frosi o&r exceHent
tekctieet yoc wS bare bo difficaky is fki&o; tbe rigat iboes.
For Women
For Men
Drest SSppert
Bfogae Oiforek
Street Beets
HeaK Sfippen
Ptasp Backlcs
Dreu Oifordt
Street Boots
House Slippers
Brogue Oxfords
Shoe Trees
2 Shopping
Days Until
Universily Provides
Student "Hobby Hour'
!SV . "ueo, iec xz. "Hobbr
"otir" Is something new at the uai
versity of Cincinnati.
rtZS1 '""ovation was started the
i"" " i7 aiter l nanaegtvlnf:
As a result of the "hobbr hoar
several additional fcnne. u.lZf.i
be available to students for study or
It being observed from 1 to J
p. m. During this hour student dabs
and committees hold meetings and
exuvipsis m ouier activiues which.
Izisretofore. were held at night.
"Hobby hour." said dean Schneider.
Of the ensrlneeeiTie. ml).e. -
take care not only of music drawing,
or other recreations to which the
average student devotes part of bis
evening hours, but to take care of
studies not Jo the college coarse."
A number of studentn hew. ...
ranged to study the Chinese laztgoage
under a Chinese instructor dartogthe
TiobDjr boar."
Irish Terrier Is
Canine Sinn Feiner
San jTranciaeo. Calif Hm e
Tommy, an irlah terrier. Is more of a
Sinn Feiner than any of them.
For a dog. Tommy has strong &a
flonal prejudices. And he does not
hesitate to show his like aad dis
likes. As a citizen of the Irish re
public almost. Tommy has a distinct
aversion to Englishmen.
1 say, old ton, come heah; have a
In response to a speech of each an
English accent Tommy bristles up,
backs away and growls Bat he dees
not confine Ma national hate to the
English. Be shows his teeth on hear
ing sacn worus as:
"A Mfaane Jang pappy, no? He eats
a lee tie goot cheese f
Tommy ts perfectly amiable toward
those who address aim in the Eng
lish tongue as spoken by Americans.
The dog Is in the custody of 2apt. j.
P. McKenna.
toys "J toy si
li a iSf
$S --all toys
si price lyS1
-below is an exact list of the toys we have left: for this sale!
Rocking Chairs
Hobby Horses
Rubber Balls
Wrist Watches
Pianos '
Kitchen Cabinets
Doll Beds
Aluminum Dishes
China Dishes
Celluloid Dishes
Needlework Sets
Rattles '
Fire Engines
Hooks and Ladders
Staffed Animals
Doll Chairs
Express Wagons
Kiddle Cars
dozens & dozens
dolls i
PHOFE 5300.
'The Store Thai Sells For Less"
be here
Kirhpalrich Will Try
Again For Air Record
Mineola. N. T, Dec 22-Lient Boss
C Klrkpaxriclt. army filer who was
forced down early today, while at
tempting to break the world's record
for continuous flight, will have an
other trr at the record soon, he de
clared today.
ueat. iilrKpatrKHc ntnaea at Mitcnei
fleM at 1:34 oelock this momlna.
owing to a gasoline leak, after being
in the air a little more man is nours
ibout six hours short of the record.
Smoka aulsaaees aA srade ctom-
la? probltuns will b dUeitsMd at to
nwrrov's Iancboa of tha Yoaae
Men's Baslsess leagutt at the cham
ber of commerce. F. M. Heldelbars:
will disenss tbe KTade crosaiaas.
Tex Austin will talk about the eham-
awiuhlD cowbor contest to be held
here next month. Reports will be
made on the membership drlY.
Claiborne Adams Is
Reported Much BeiteA
Claiborne Aeiams, who has been in
In San Antonio with pneumonia, was
declAred to be oat of danger by his
physicians Wednesday. Dr. Paul Gal
lagher. Mr. Adamsrs physician and
brotberlnlaw, la with 'him la San An
tonio. The crisis was pa well Tuesday
night. Dr. Gallagher wired.
Turkey featared the mean of tbe
luncheon of the Traffic chab Wednes
day at the chamber of commerce.
The question of increetsitag the elab'a
does came op and will be voted on at
next week's meeting. Amusement
features are to be provided at lunch
eons If the does are raised. E. K.
Ranmaker of Douglas Aria, traffic
manager for the Southern Artsoaa
Traffic association, wss a speaker at
the meeting.
Livestock breeding is second to
agrlcmltare as a pursuit In Siberia.
Mexican Aviator Flies
To MaJe Air Route
Veracruz, Mexico. Doe. It- ,
American airplane driven br Fi
nan do Phoal. a Mexican aviator, flew
rrom Mexico taty to Veracruz yes
terday. 225 miles, in two hoars and
M minutes. The principal object at
the flight was to detexuslne the
feasibility of am air mail service be
tween Mexico City. Poebta and Vera-cms.
In spite of tbe cool weather, crowds
at the Alamo ahows, aan Aatemso aad
Durango streets, have been satisfac
tory, according to persons linn nmmln
for bringing tha caralval attractions
to SI Paso.
The shows, which win m tnrosh
Cbrlstxnaa. are here for the bec-eftt of
St. Margaret's orparanaiae, aa institu
tion which adzoits ehllcTreB rerardsBSS
of rsrhxlous afffliatiane.
QDOSsnms est almost anrlMnr is.
the vege table or asdnaal IrlaBdoai,
Capital. Surplus c Profits, esMM.e
Interest PaJd on Sasings Aceercsts.
C R. Morehead. President.
Joseph Maereffts. Tlee-Praideat.
C Bassett. V tee-President,
tseonte D. Ptory. nee-rrestdent,
R. W. McAfee, ashler.
C ac Xebeker, aaslstaat CasMcr
IBTan Jt Bryan. (Tbieago.
Torkt Palae. Webber Jt 5o.
ten. ubkkb,
r orth lerecen St. Fkeae MR
St. tsegis Hotel.
Use Herald Want Ads
Steam-Heated Stall
For Blind News Vendor
Denver. Colo. Dec. 22. Winter
blasts have no terrors for R. M. Daf
fieltl, blind newspaper vender. The
"meanest thief in Denver la respon
sible for Dntfleld becoming the pro
prietor of a "steam bested" news
stand. When word reached members of a
fraternal organisation that a woman
had cheated Duffield to the extent of
513 by telling him the dollar bill she
presented waa a (20 certificate, they
immediately raised a fund to reim
burse the blind man. Later the fra
ternal organization built a kiosk tn
a recess of Its downtown home, con
necting It with steam pipes from the
lodge rooms and Duffield now dis
penses his wares in comfort.
As the last Saturday in thia month
is Christmas day. your carrier will
call Thursday and Friday and collect
50c for tbe last half of December.
Please remember that these boys at
tend school, snd it will be appreciated
if Herald subscribers are prepared to
settle with them.
The Most Wonderful Watch Values
Offered In Years!!
S19.50! A Lady's 20-year guaranteed Bracelet watch. 15-jewel mtmatcnt SI 9.58
$27.50! A Lady 's 20-year guaranteed Ribbon Watch, small she, 1 5 -jewel movemeivt ... . ,T. S27.58
$17.50! A Gent's thm-model Elgin or Walthara Watch, 20-year guaranteed case $17.51
S35.00! A Gent's thia-r&odl 17-jewel, adjusted movenieitt.X25-year case $35.&fl
Men's Presentation Watches of 14 and 18 kafrat solid gold; also platjnum.
S50 up to $400
Ladies Diamond and Platkum Wrist and Sautoir Watches.
$75 up to $1,250
Cuff Links Solid gold. 10 and 14 karat
$5 upto $25
Platinum top with .or without diaiiioads.
$17.50 upto- $150
Sheldon Jewelry Co.
Open Evenings.
Mills at Oregon.

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