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Wtiaaiiy. Dec. 22, 1920.
QOMETHIXG like the old "balance
- but surely taking form, bat now it is A worn move
ment and sot European only. In the assembly of the
league of nation! at the sessions jatt ttpchiitfi at Genera,
there was a strong tendency to attempt to limit the power
ana iniiuence of the council, which is really a bateau of the
Britiah empire, the administration hew: shared by France.
The assembly, with its one -rate for each "mi Bon" member,
it going to be the forum of discussion, while the' council
win go on and do aa it pleases.
Naturally groups are forming aradng the 48 ambers
or tht Magna, zgare is a JWittah colonial group, a Staa
dinayiaa group, a ctatral European greop. The Latfa-
Amfricaa group was nnabie to compact
dency ia there.
Spain, eacc strongly an-ItaSan,
now trying to areaee aomething more than a sentimental
interest in lata eoUdarity. Bat politically, Spain ia veer
ing into the Britiah group. And if there ahoald develop a
powerful Spanish apint to influence TaHn-mrrifi. it
would look to Britain for material support and material
development, nntain seldom gives oat
ing. We may look to se Britain take
many neu aetata the war in Latin-America.
Spain ia not the natural source of
aruaoc, economic, literary, or nautical
America; that place ia held by France,
generations. Npeia aay achieve some restoration of ancient
dominance throngs the religious hierarchy, bat there is no
such strength in the church ia latin-America aa there ia in
Spain, nor is there likely to be, for
aiaieu: mat raaa it me source or
rifts away from the church.
Britain wall asaaae eernuny's commercial power in
latin-America, but there her influence wOl cease. And ia
course of time it may be that economic reasons solely wiH
' .1 TT 11 3 O A it - i . . . .
ujc vjuws oiaies we usuusBuxeu commercial oomi
aance it ia donbtfal if the inflnence of the TJaited State
will go beyond that, certainly aot te the exdssiss at Bcre
pean jafluruoa
The United States has vaat economic power and the
world wiH feel the effects of it Bat it is to be expected
that the greatest caatribstiea tana aeaatry win make to
the economic development of the world
tirely constructive and creative. The United States win
create new trade, aot merely transfer the business of other
nations to ner own ledgers. aTt se much competition, bat
cooperation in development, ia the ruling American iades
trial and commercial policy ia foreign fields.
Rations heavily in debt rarely ibve the creditor nations
to which they owe money. It ia not strange that the rest
of the world looks upon the United States, aet as iht
world's banker, bat aa the world's pawnbroker. Is thia
familiar trait of annus nature aay be sensed the nader
lying reason far the spiritual stain which now exists be
tween bs and setae other nations. It rests entirely with as
whether we then ate ear sewer righteously to serve the
race, ox sordidly.
Opes straight basnets dialings win at least give no
ether nation or people cause to (aspect, fear, or hate as.
But a policy of hypocritical preteace wffl neither return a
money profit nor wfll it hold friends.
The time win com when Russia, stabilised, win leek te
the United States for re-aprocsl relations of commerce that
will pay both parties generously. Until now, erauptu
orrioai ana unorncut from the United states to reventies.
ary Suasia have beast of the radical kind, and net only it
the attitude of America likely to be misrepresent! by
them, but their reports ate net impartial. One of the tasks
before the incoming adminietxatiea ia to outline some policy
toward Russia which wffl hersaeaize with our traditional
principles ia world affairs, an which wfll at the sane ttae
promote the infiltration of truth and ef helpful ideas frea
either side.
Holland is another country with which the United
States of the future ought to promote closer relations. A
wonderful country and a waaderfal people, these Dutch
have through the centuries demonstrated a doughty inde
pendence that appeals strongly to the American imagination.
Spain ia entirely friendly to he United States. Span
will welcome American business snea and American capital.
Spain has rich undeveloped resources and in some lines of
trade the country ia a virgin fiefcl for American exaoatera.
Spam is well off financially compared with many ether
countries aad the ate of frrhaiige has been taese arable
than most, and much more favorable te Spanish buyers
than the exchange situation in the countries stricken ig
It ia weB for the Bessie and nvernmesit of the United
States, in all future foreign dealings, political er commer
cial, te bear ia mind this excellent fundamental principle,
already stated: that America's contribution must " be
Guard Against Fires
THERE u csneidernbte denser la
1 the promlscuoas and Improper
use of holiday decorations, espe
cially electrical," said Cfeora-e 'W.
Cook, etty elestrieal Inapecter. "Panic
and preaerty lose can be prevented by
the use of cars In installing- decsra
tiucs. Often estsTous coaditloaa are
Introduced in connection with inflam
mable Christmas displays without In
creasing; the aftectlvenen of the' dec
ratioaa. "The destructive possibilities of de
fective electrical construction at this
season are enormously increased by
the use of action battles and similar
htsjaly laflasnmaMe matarials far shop
dacoratJona. The practice of draping
tncrenaaaiaa over lamps, in addition
to bring daaa-eroaa. defeats it own
purpose.' ,
"Because ot El Paso's pecnllar
seorraphleel location nnd commercial
eondltiona, it Is not suffering; and will
not suffer from financial depression
and labor difficulties aa cities in the
aat." said Boss Bryan of Bryan
Bros- haberdashers. "In our business,
w have noticed a consistent and de
eidAd Increase each month and indi
cations point to a continuance of su-h
increases. El Pasto is not a manufac
turing center and thus escapes many
ef the troubles which are besieaing'
cities where the principal industry is
manufacturing. Then again, because
f our proximity and relation to Jfexl
ao. we will escape many of the serious
difficulties of otrter places, which are
not so fortunately located. "While not
entirely dependent on Mexico for Its
prosperity and suocess. El Paso is for
tunate In being the outlet of such a
rich country, which is just now en
tering an nnprecendented era of pros
perity and financial and industrial
well "being."
"El Paso can render no more valu
able service to Itself or Mexico than
by taking- advantage of every oppor
tunity to aid Its southern neighbors
to sre't back to presperltv." said con
s table I. X. Davis. "Continued growth
The Troubled World
THE c'-"i""g foreign nations have grief to give away; aew weej sad tnbor
lations afflict them every day; there is no sign of stepping, hat there is
frantic yawping, and fireworks always popping, from Poland te Cathay. Toe
ructions, they are many, and far is oa the breeze; the cats of eld 3Qike;ny
-e-ere add, compared with these, compared with peoples caving fer bleed, ia
ripplee waving, in which they may be laving their fetlocks and their knees.
Each aaiioa has a boulder with which to swat a fee; a chip ia on each shoulder,
inviting drastic blew; and governments are growling, and anarchists are howl
ing, aad aU the world is yowling, like tomcats in the Snow. Is this the peace
aea payed for before the war was done? Is this the peace men paid for with
bloodshed fey the tan? Is this the peace ear brothers, oar uncles aad aome
others, forsook their wives and mothers to gather the gua? At home we &ave
our squabbles," disturb the peace at times, while we parsue sad aaaUes as
politics and dimes; but we don't stand berating, denouncing, roasting, hating
the other nations, waiting a chance to pull some crimes. For which we should
be grateful, our thanks we should declare, when we've consumed a plateful ot
luscious Christmas fare; the bells of joy are ringing, and carol-folk are singing,
and aeOy heaghs are swinging, aad peace is ia the air.
Copyright by George Matthew Adams WALT MASON.
of power" is siewi;
Something must have hap
she has bees, out ef the he
itself bat the tea
Only a question
nsk to chew raisins
thee pro-German, is
aoraetmae fox neth-
the place wMah Ger-
from the cotton
intellectual, spiritual,
quarantine measure
inspiration tor Latin'
Bet the bon worm
and has bees for
The state and
Irvine te induce
the -pases already
eradicate the pest.
bear the burden.'
mess ana trance
boH wormjias been
areas by tH state?
If it means that
will be almost en
A fortune awaits
that the family can't set off by accident.'
The books say
year, bat haw about
"Reprisals" by
acterises the climate
EVBRY year specimens ef great interest and value as
ctaea te the history oi peoples who Kftd is the south
west hundreds of years ago are being unearthed and taken
hoik to eastern museums.
While these specimens are gains for science and archeol
ogy they are nevertheless virtually lest to. the southwest
where they are produced. "H they could be saved to us they
would tiB be of as great -calae to the" seientific world.
ATrhseieajits in New Xexiee and Arusni have arged
that a astsesm be bunt in El Paso as the logical center of
this region. "A loca) or regional museum would encourage
mere students to search for specimens aad conserve what is
new waited er being scattered.
from the top only? Entry through a trap doer in roof in
stead ef a deer. Pan ap ladder after yea. Back to the
lay of the pueblo.
The WHS have guauned ap this country se with
debts and fix4 charges aad mortgages en the future that
what HardintT wiH take ever as uaatee for the common
people ia no mere
Nqe man can
From Christmas Decorations;
El Paso Will Not Feel Pinch Of
ft El Paso In my opinion Is more
largely dependent upon peace and
prospsrity 1n Mexico than aay other
reaourca. Whatever Is manufactareJ
here mast find Its chief market across
the border. Restoration of activities
and emplormesVweuld cause them te
buy. and rearnllsi whether we rvan
rsctured for their demand. Ei Paao
would form the ch'ef distributittc
point for any American made articles
on the Mexican market. The sooner
conditions are favorable, the sooner
El Paso will benefit."
"Mining conditions in Mexico era
improving rapidly and by spring I
expect to be back In Chihuahua," said
C. a. Brown, former Mexican miaei
operator, -i am satisfied that the
Obregon government- will maintain
ordar aa4 meat Its obligations. Chi
huahua Is especially r4h in uranium
ecida which carries .oa; of tedium ac
tivity and is coaaidered a paying ore.
During the next year there will be a
great deal of attention paid to the
mining; ef the rarer n, stale la Chi
huahua, each as radium and silver
ere. Vraaanortatlon is the one big
problem ImflMexico, but from what I
can gathamhe Kansas City. Mexico
ac Orient railroad "has a big- appropri
ation to complete their line from
OHuag-a te Falomar, in the state ef
Chfhnahna. If this s done an ex
tensive coal field will be opened up
on the Chonca river in the San Carlos
"B! Paso should appreciate itf Or
pheus club more." said Lucius Pryor
of the San Carlo Grand Opera com
pany. "This Is one ef 'he lireat bodies
I have ever foand in any city. It has
worked hard 'to make this opera
erles a success and has done it with
out hope of reward other than to
bring good music to the city. By nav
ins representative citizens worft to
gether In such enterprises yets do
your city a great good. It means bet
ter music for all of the future wheth
er the opera company comes hack or
creative, developmental, and cooperative, and we must avoid
the appearance of predatory invasion coramerdally, as well
as tfte asBearance ot smug pairoaiting in peiiucai ana cul
tural relations.
A few more Washington VanderKps as press agents and
Russia would get the reputation of being Amerfsa's sole
rival in the warw for the heaer ot being the most pros
perous nation.
ia Ireland at any rate
for three days.
of time before a man will be taking a
m paeac.
Pink Boll Wonns.
FARJifRRS of the Rio Grande valley desire .to know hew
extensive the pink bofl worm infestation is in this
project. They want to knew what they can plant and what
they can net plant. '
The ee-tten area of this valley ia isolated and remote
growing areas of interior Texas and the
new in force suffices to protect them.
can be smuggled in from Mexico. Cotton,
properly fumigated, can find a market in America, and um
lamigated can be sent to Europe.
nation may wisely spend time and money
Mexico, the source ef the infestation, to
The local grower oaght not to have to
What if the counties ef west Texas in which the pink
feaad sheald be declared non-cotton
That is h possibility that must be
the Rio Grande valley in Texas mast
give ap its cotton crops for a few years until the govern
ment er the state can fid seee -spay ts exterminate the
pink boD worm andjg keep it from coming in from Mexico,
then let as prepare cvhdjast ourselves to the situation. The
rank bell warm itself would make cotton sawine un-
prefrtaUe for irs in a short time if no restrictions whatever
were nfaoed. on us.
There is, though, another angle to the problem. If we
have to surrender the right to grow cotton because of pres
sure from north and east Texas, that is a different proposi
tion. No restrictions should be- imposed en this valley
sales they arc in the interest of the' industry as a whole.
the inventor of a burs-lar frisrhtener
December 21 ia the shortest day in the
the day after the holiday bills are
the PhSmpise constabulary result in the
indictment ef fl for murder; some such action in the case
ef the Irjeh ceastabnlary might net be a bad thing by way
ef iacreasiag the warmth of love and affection which char
of the unhappy isle.
Museurnpecimens Vanish-
A proses the "wave" ef housebreaking, why not adept
a new design for hemes, omitting all windows and lighting !
p)aa a small equity.
efjser time at lid.
-Robert Ram
Business Like East
Mayor Killed, Wife
Wounded By Soninlaw
Seward. Neb, Dec it. George A.
Merriman. mayor of Seward, was shot
and Instantly killed by Arthur An
drews, alias Patrick McFarland. his
soninlaw. Mrs. Werriman wife of the
mayor, was shot twice end seriously
wounded by Andrawa he, following
the shooting, cut his throat Re Is in
a critical condition. The tragedy. Is
said to be the direct remit of a suit
for divorce brought by Mrs. Andrews.
Andrews made no attempt to harm
his wife and son.
T -o n . Ariz Dec 12. The Mexi
can department of the Tucson T. M.
r v is to be closed at once, under de-ci-iio.i
reached by the directors. Al
fonso CarrlUo has been in charge.
Hogwallow Locals
'Hf Tjckvilk
i 4- bees made :
fire depart-aegt
ere efficient by the
additieB of two rnsff tin buckets.
The Horse Qoeter, who has bees very
busy for the past month, wiH now be
a Me to take a -rest, all ef his patients
except one mule having passed away.
The Ladies' Hearsay club held a
meeting at the heme ef Urt. Pake
Easley Thursday afternoon. Poke, be
ing laid up with rheumatism, had to be
present, so he stuffed his ears with
cotton, but it turned out to be ab
aerbeat eettes, a he heard all the
rf fm , a
In War Time
Tn Y)wrttti Nstasawk erauiaa a
nrletr ot dairitaj cathend br ttu dltar
of Tbm Hssmld la BSoropo darlnx the sou-
and. alter, scseorpts iu oe paouaaM m
this dallv d urine tb next aevacml
rvsttM TadaVa InataTniant, oaattBanss;
tna ssaianl nairatlva. ntatos aspertsasas
dasjajr tat gnat battle at tea Balat XI-
luar aasieat.
It Is scsnmtad that taadars dip thasa
arttelas asen Cajr and paatS them la aerap
boaks; tBeyvcaTaat M HprUiUa aad back
aasaacs esssot bt koppnad. '
SKlThlMBKR 17 I went np te within
- 1000 yards of our front line; look
ing sot from the edge, of the woods
across an open epaee I could see the
Herman positions So difficulty rea
lizing the enemy's nearness for several
times on this trip I was "bracketed"
by German artillery or under shell fire,
and had information from eaeoty
snipers that they had a message for
Traversed the snare of three or four
miles between the jump-off trendies
of 12 September and the line five days
later when the Germans were still try
ing their beet to prevent the Ameri
cans from making their gains secure,
and est their own side were digging in
for another long stay.
Crossing what had been the four-year
intrenched positions of the enemy and
what bed been Xo-Man's-Lsuw the
thought constantly crowded in that the
whole thing was utterly .impossible:
men simply could not have advanced
over such a frijrhtiul place in the (ace
of des Derate enemy resistance. But
they did, somehow, do it, and there is
not one who can tell now now ne got
on the other side of that stretch. I
Cut stone and steel-reinforced con
crete used e erywhere through this ,
section by tne Uermans lor trencn
lining,' machine gun emplacements, tele-
uiok ana ouservauim wbi3; wuvtcm:
Logouts far below the surface. 25 to
40 feet, roomy, and provided with
everything for comfort and enjoyment;
officers" command posts and recreation
rooms with pianos, and phonographs
and libraries; endless trench and wire
system, the barbed wire a maze, on iron i
atakea abort or lana- and olanted so
thftklv the whole area intervening be
tween trenches looked like a waste of
blackthorn or catsclaw. While all this
rezion showed the effects of our ar
tillery fire, it was asserted that the
wire had to be cut by the attacking
echelons or sot owr in some way:
there were some wonderful instances of
personal heroism m this phase of the
The Germans had been in here a long
time and were makinc themselves at-
home as if thev never expected to move.
Faesmg into tne weoos oejona tae open
country we found many evidences of
the Germans' hard fighting after hav
ing bees taken by surprise. Meals oa
taUea, barely touched; clothing aad
personal and official papers scattered
about every which why, letters half
finished, personal portraits and keep
sakes wrapped in dirty paper along
with bread and pocket prayers or song
books; any amount of ammunition for
small arms and emplaced artillery;
rows of helmeis in a little shop where
some German had been idling his time
decorating them for his fellow soldiers
I sorts of weird camouflage de-
Mens in barbaric colors, and had been
forced to drop his brushes and flee,
the paint still wet on the steei bonneta.
the artist's work half finished; in one
rather elaborate command post, a well
built cabin of several rooms with glass
in tbe windows, there stood, on a
table under a window, a little Christ
mas tree, perhaps 20 inches high, all
decorated with fairies and stars and
tinsel colored paper chains and figures
this was September, and maybe the
little tree had been there not one year
bat two or three.
Through theae woods infantry men
of our division had fought their way
with heavy lo-ses three das before,
but the area waa still under constant
IieraasiBg fire and the work of dear
ing out German snipers and concealed
machine guns, and burying the dead,
had not been finished. I saw many
naburied German dead through these
woods aad not a few American deed
lying where they fell.
Under a German observation poet in
a tree lay three German corpses ; some
useful American sbarpshootiag bad
been done there which had probably
saved many a good Texas and Okla
homa life. German machine gun nests
were indicated by the corpses that lay
ear, Germans and Americans both.
On a road, half a dozen corpses lay
head to foot in the ditch, face dawn
in the slime, four Germans, two Ameri
cans somebody bad taken time to push
them over out of the way of the carte,
but no burial sauad bad come by them
The battle-dead, after a abort time,
lose almost all resemblance to human
beings; some, depending on how they
are hit, retain lifelike features, but
generally, and soon, they seem te
shrivel 'into little piles o( foul rags
suggesting nothing that ever lived and
breathed. Through the thickets, I came
upon tie queer shapeless things, ia
xtampy black boots and field gray, ot
khaki and putts, all soggy in the rain,
almost lost sight of already.
We were walking along one of the
Cerman narrow gage railways when
we heard the familiar screaming of
tbe 77's comine our way from the
enemy lines. The shells passed pretty
cjose overhead aad exploded 2a or 30
yards beyond us. As we walked the
shells seemed to Be following us, com
ing at regular intervals of a few sec
onds and each time a little farther on
in the direction we were walking. Just
let them fall a little short and we
might be annoyed.
f started to go in the direction the
shells were coming from, but at the
same moment, the Gentian gunners de
cided te shorten their range a little
nnd tbe shells commenced to explode
on the other side of me.
This sort of game wa3 a favorite
with the Germans after they had been
driven out of any area. They liad the
whole thing mapped and they tried to
harass all lines of communication,
command posts, hospital, watering
places, and every spot where they had
reason to think our people would con
gregate. This happened several times
while I was in these woods. It was in
teresting to try to estimate from the
tune the thing" played just what sort
I ot curve it was loiiowing in its uigni
and where it would light. There were
just enough to be interesting but not
enough to bo seriously disturbing. On
tbe whole it was very quiet in those
deep wood that rainy afternoon just
before dusk
We came aero- lit-rnun man trap-,
narrow deep trenches in the Aood. with
sharpened stakes pUnt-d in tliu ixn-
1 w T, j
URTTo fl5(f
- Torvs-fCrtsoRS-
TH'fS To
tTVTeTr? f
CirrS fjOODJEi pott i
ft StcK neighbor- A
FRoiT CAKE, Sofdt: 1
SoMe cseAw puffs'
. vith wvn -
Along the edge of the woods enemy
snipers dipped the leaves aad twigs
over ana around us, lor macnine gun
ners wore busy there aad had beea try
ing since morning to prepars emplace
ments foe their gnus. Every time they
betrayed their presence bevond the
forest cover the enemy artillery had
notified them to quit aad the snipers
vere keeping wateb.
I found the group ia goad humor
ihough the circumstances wen aot tbe
moot desirable in the world. Sosne of
the men had dug little -naves for them
selves in the soaking leaf -mould and
moss aad and of tfcer thicket, aad
therein they lay, poacaw underneath
and shelter-half over, mstnking cuarata
and wattiug. The sergeant said they
had drawn the enemy's artillery fire
sc many times they had decided to
wait tfll dark and then set up their
It was not a specially healthy place;
this day a bad gas attack had beea
made near here, there had been a good
deal of shelling, and aoate of our ambulance-;
had been shelled and drivers
killed. Going back by another route,
we saw big shells bursting in the road
not far ahead of us, aad at oae time
i hen smaller shells bcoaa te drop in
our path behind and berate us we saw
soldiers by the read hastily adjust
their gas masks and eaw eae fall on
hie face. We were ia a thieenr aad
the driver asked me what we would
better do. I said it waa ao more in
viting behind us than ahead aad told
him to go ahead through the sup
posedly gassed area. We both held
our breath and kept going and nothing
This foUo-sed the flight of a German
airman wholes me down pretty close
to the ground aad skated along above
the road popoine away with his ma
chine gun. It may hare beea a signal
to his artillery. Round ing a curve in
the road we eaw a daeed car which
was doubtless the German's objective,
for the inference waa it was either a
geatecal or a sec-ad lieutenant inside
in either ease worth teasing.
This road, ia what waa currently
called Death valley, aad the crass road
from V3aey ap the hill toward Key-tn-Haye,
wen favorite targets for .the
Germans for many days after the big
attack, indeed for the entire month
during which the (0th division re
mained in tot sector. And Sainte
Marie farm -and the Bois des Bappes
will not be forgotten. 4
This day I received the best im
preeeioa yet of the real task and how
it ia handled by the fellows that do
the dirty work. I began to realise
better the devotion aad -kfll and per
sistence. How our truck drivers and
supply, and aBuaanitUB carta and am
bolaacw nave
aaaaged to cross that
devastated re-nan
ian aU the time, at night
with no laads at all and
woods aad under fire, sH lights barred
and often ia storm well, coming back
that night I had a little taste ef It
whea we were held op ia Puveaelle
Wood for hours far a traffic block aad
horses and wheeled vehicles of all
sorts were sliding into the ditches and
getting --tack ia the mud, in total
risrlrars- We carried our sidecar
around eventually, aad I felt a whole
lot of respect for the men whe have
been taking this grind. But after all,
the infantrv in the assonlthig echelons
and ia the frost lines, aad the machine
gua bob with the assault units, these,
with scene ef the signal details and
seme of the engineer detachments, are
really wait a minute, it's' nobody's
private war.
(Continued tomorrow)
Short Snatches
From Everywhere
As Uncle Sam would aot go te Eu
rope. Europe la preparing to come to
tbe United States Seattle Times.
Don't be oversensitive. President
elect Harding cant confer with every
Great Mind. St. Jaseph News-Press.
In it years from now there may be
nq Irish nrobtem because there may
be no Irish, the way things are now
going. BIchmond Clad.) item.
There Is always a right way to
settle disputes, but the man who Is
opposing you is not always willing
to accept it Colorado Springs Telegraph.
-mere naa always oeen ixouoie over - , ,
rents since Adamnlamed Eve for vlo- A L H00M wus poisoned ea vanush i
lation of the first clause In the Gar- 1 1 remover while giyia' a feller ner-,
den of Eden lease-Sioux City Jour- ;miMion f hunt en his fata t'day. TV
The squabbling ot many a young ali-American barber college football j
Louple is stopped short by the howl , team had t' be 4ipped ever1 time it -of
their off.princ Blest be the cry. a th tau , Satoy", Ilme
h.i hin'l-. knoTVllle .Tourn.,1 n! -- rl"-" l" """ "l w smh.
liiWine f Copwishc. Na-'nn-.! N-wspoper Service
"v owf? rtRoTRtesn
sir n.llaA " '
REnm8 RS
' visit miaK , ito crM"
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! Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones
aaeaaaM By HOWARD B. SARIS. aaaaaaH
'BU now that we have the
Carlstmaa tree la our hollow
stamp bunjralow. so tana I can
begin trimming tt, I auppoae I must
begin thinking about the Christmas
cake." aaid Nurse Jane Vuxay Wussy
oae morning aa Uncle Wigglly came
down to breakfast. The nice oM
gentleman bunny skipped from atep
to step. Instead of sliding- down- the
banisters of his hollow stump bun
galow as he sometimes did. For Norse
Jane dldnt exactly like that.
"Christmas cake!" cried Uncle Wlg
gily. lid pink nose t wink nag twice aa
fast becatise it was so near duatasaa.
Til go right out and any the best one
In the five andIx cent stotre. Nurse
-Ob, WargUy! As if I would BDY a
Carlstmaa eaket" erelalitied Ike musk
rat lady housekeeper. T always make
one. even though It does take a lot
of time."
"May I net nave the pleasure of
helping your asked Uncle Wisuily
There are so many things that go
Into a Christmas cake, that, surely. I
may have a little part In making
ore. '
"Yes, you may" said Nurse Jane.'
"I'll need augar and spice and lots of
things nice and if you want te be a 1
real help hop to the store and get the
things I tell yon.-
Xoet delighted that be could do
Nnrae Jane a favor Uncle WlggUy
held his paw on hie pink nose to stop
the twinkling while he ate b-rhakfast, !
aad then, putting- on his tall, silk oat,
and taking aia red, white and bine
striped rheumatism crutch oat of his
clothes baaket. the bunny 'gentleman i
started from hie hollow stamp bun-1
l- or tne inristmas usse i aaaii
need sugar, rslslns. candied citron,
coceanut,' chocolate and pineapple
sauce," called Nurse Jane after the
"Tea. I know. It Is all written
down," aad Uncle WIgKily twisted his
eyes sideways where Nurse Jane had
written a list of everything he was
to brine from the store.
For Caele Wtg-gily sometimes had a
great aablt of lortcettlng wnat ne re
membered. So. Horse Jane had said:
-111 write the list down on the back
of vaur white collar. It will ahow
as you hop along and all yon will
have to do will be to stand with your
back to the Monkey Doodle gentle
man in the etdre. He will read the
things I want, and put them up for
So the hnnny gentleman, not having
anything to worry about except hie
rheumatism, hopped along over the
fields and through the woods. And he
did not worry much about his rheu
matism, for he waa thinking so much
about the comlnar ot Christmas.
"And what a lovely cake Nurse Jane
will baker thought tne aunay. it
makes me hungry to thins ef IC"
Unole Wiggily hopped Into the
grocery store kept by the Monkey
Doodle gentleman and said:
"Nurse Jane, If you please, wlsbea a
number of things to make a Christmas
"Very well, tell me what tbejf are.
OF "TTtAE' -
and 111 wrap them np for you," chat
tered the Monkey Boodle.
"They're written down on the back
ot ay collar," tpoke Uncle Wiggily.
"ao I won't forget." Than turning
around with his back to the Monkey
Doodle chap. Uncle Wiggily let him
read what the muekrat lady -had writ
ten on the white collar with a ttre
blsckeaed stick tor a pencU.
"Haas." mumbled the Monkey Doo
dle. "Suarar and SDice. and other nioe
things, raisins aad lollypops, while
the cow sings.
"Does it say that on my collar 1"
asked Uncle Wlaaily. "I mean about
the eaw singing? Gown aont sine."
"I knew they don't, ordinarily,"
agreed the Monkey Doodle gentleman.
"But everything la different around
"Held aa! Yaa've gene far eneUBhif
harked the rax.
Christmas. Would you mind sitting
down In front of me. outside the
counter, with your back toward me," I
begged the Monkey. "Then X can read
off the list of what Nurse Jane
"Not at all!" spoke the bunny gen
tleman politely. So down he sat and
the Monkey Doodle began wrapping
up bags of suxar, slices of candied
cocoanut and citron and everything
that goes Into a cake.
"There you are. Uncle Wiggily:"
said the Monkey in his most iolly
voice as he filled a basket. "Take
these to Nurse Jane, and. I wlah you
and her a moot Merry Christmas."
"Thank yon," spoke the bunny. Off
he hopped, over the fields and through
the woods with his basket of good
things. Be was thinking how nice
Christmas was, and he waa hoping
there would be enough Christmas cake
so he could give all the animal girls
and boys a slice, when, all of a sud
den, out from behind the sassafras
bush, popped the Puxzy Fox.
"Stop! Hold on! Touve gone far
enough!" barked the Fox, holding up
his paw like a policeman stopping an
automobile procession so you can
cross the street. "What have you la
that baaketT" .
"Sugar and spice, for our Christmas
cake. You may look, you may aasmll.
but not one must you take," said Un
cle Wiggily.
"Stuff and nonsense!" barked the
Fox. "Ill take whatever I please, end
then I'll nibbla voa!"
With that the bad Fussy Fox
reached his paw In the baaket aad
picked out a bag ef something.
"Oh. ho! Nice goldaa yellow earn
meal:" cried the Fox. "I love that!"
So he tilted what was In the bag
down his red throat and then. aU of a
sudden, the fox howled:
"Oh. wonch' Oh. ow! Oh, my throat
is on tire! I must run and get a
drink!" and away he ran, not hurtingj
TTnele TVis-trilr at all. 1.
"Dear me!" said the bunny, a
iIack a champion, awb trat ism.
0. Slftftcr. edit mod watrlhf Nicr.
JL C. WlbMrtb t UMfH H.
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a .it-i i; li- i - "v n eZi Vao Ti xas. as second cIabs m't-r
I Question And Answers.
QWhat la
-tip." n
B. B. J.
la the origin at the sen
icaalBg a fee for aewtee.
a The custom of tipping originats-i
tavern there was a Don into wmcu
patrons desiring special service pur a
certain amount of moaey. On the
box were the words. ,To Insure
Prompt Service." Tne, Initial letters
ef this phrase developed into the nou:i
t Wkfit are the real names ef le
alae and Tvetah7t A-F.
A. Le nine's aame ia Vhsdmir Culy
aaexf aad Trotaky'a aame ia Lebr
Broasteln. Different authorltias
spell theae namee with slight varia
d. rieaae give Uformatfew ea O
so eeBsd seap heaaea, ifhe-a we had
tfirm. where and Who wee preeMeat
at rate time. C. A. W.
A- The socaBed "soup houses" car
Into subtle notice during the pan.
of ltn, in Cleveland's second admin -Istratioa,
when thia method waa taken
by charitable organisations in New
Tork and elsewhere to supply ir
suffering poor with food.
t- la tfee aarflla a very fereefeas
animal- R. y.
A. The stones told of the feroclt .
of the g-orUla are exaggerated: it
an extremely dangerous animal onu
when brought to bay. It la shy, au;
avaa timid, usually retreating Iron
man. aad is rarely seen, even by the
alleat aad stealthy natives of the for
est, except by accident. When sur
prised, the gorilla will run ai;
screaming with fright, hut If wound,
ad or cornered, makes a ten-ibi-flaat,
using moch tbe tactics of &
bear, rearinat up and endeavoring t-j
siese aad pun the enemy near enoui- .
to tear it with Ita teeth.
q. What eitr-a naase is fewad la
meet eeeutrfeaf
A. Probably the name Rome ,s
found in more different countries
than any other.
. What ia meant by "Ike ere of a
needle." referred to a the aew testa -meatf
J. A. Y.
A. Commentators differ, but th
usual interpretation ia that It means
a small gate In the wall of Jerusalem,
designed to admit foot passengers
after alarhrfaH. at which time the
great gates were closed. In somi
Places the opening was so low that
the uedsslilsn Bad to proceed on -us
hands and leases. The passage was
not straight, adding to the difficult)
of advancing.
Q. Mem Isms .la the rasaau eaaal
aad Bow ie-ag ia the Panama rail
raatdt' ?. H. -
A. T-he length of the canal, der
water to deep water, is 43.84 nauttca.
miles. The Panama railroad fro-n
Colon to Panama is 47.(1 mllse long
Tbe air distance is about 34 miles
- Mease n-lve rectse fer Ffclla
delpfetn Pepper Pot. r. C. C.
A. Cut one pound itfutton In sma.
Sieoas and brown with three or.ior
i fat cut from meat. Pour into a
covered saucepan. Add two quarts
water and half cup pearled barlev
Simmer for one and a half tour?
Add four potatoes cut in quarters,
some celery tops or other seasoning
herbe. salt aad pepper, and cook one
half hour longer
i- Who was Keaiaante; D. C D.
A- Thia was the name of Pou
Quixote's steed, raw. bony and full
of blemishes, but regarded by h:s
master aa incomparable. -i;si-nante
'Is a play on tbe Span lan word
"roctn." meaning a aoed hone, ,i
hack and ante, meaning: before.
Q What planets are bow -risible,
aad wkea do they appear f T. c. V.
A. Venua Is the only planet visibu
at the present time. It is the ev--
nlng star being seen In the southwe-i-sbortly
after sunset.
(Any reader eaa set tna answer to any
eae-rtloe by writing The Herald Inform,
tloa Bnraaa, Fraderle J Haskin. director
Waahinstoa. D- C Tne bareaa cannot
gtva advice oa lecal. medical and finac
sial matter- It does not attempt to s-'. -tl
donsestfe trouble, aor te uadcrtaic"
ibaiialSss r-eaaarch oa any sebleet. Writ
your question !lahi!y and briefly. Gtva
fan saxee sad sddreaa and enclose fn
eenta In stamps for return peataxe. At
rep He are aeot direct to the l-iq-irr.-J
hopped sautr oa to his hollow stumi
bungalow with the ret ot tbe things
In his basket. "Qh. I say. Nurse Jane"
called Uncle Wla-gily. as he reach"!
home: "I hope you aren't going t i
put aay hot things In the Christmas
cake: What was it the Fox ate ttrn t
burned his throat so much?"
"fib h e. ennae kin illDv tha
' baa- of mnatard tbat I told thd
Monkey Doodle to give yon for ir..
pickles? said Nurse Jane "That's th-
only thing missing from the basket.
Tbe Fox took that."
"Mustard: eh? No wonder Le
howled 1" laughed the bunny. Then
he helped Nurse Jane make the
Christmas cake. And it the shoe lace
doesst tie itself in a hard knot, so
that a-oidtlsh can't make a cat's eradlo
of It. ril teB you next about Unci?
Wlgglly's Christmas stocking. Copy
right. ISM, by the McClure News
paper Syndicate.
The Young Lady
Across The Way
"THE young lady acras the way aays
i pre-oieat-etect Hardtag hi
Uraauttn lntMag dawn suth.
I uiaii-ltiBt ulrtt Hardiar hat beea
. , ,
sbalx iwnr thbiyy cinofposhd.
hu dli K TW HmH tmr tt
X. MeVrtfal tUBC.

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