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Friday, Dec. 24, 1920.
TO THE rerolar southwestemer, who
1 ii no other perfnme in nature quit so fragrant aad re
freshing as that which drift across the "deaert" after a
summer late afternoon rain. Everything that grew in the
"desert" stems to be traced with sweet aromatic essences,
needing only the distilled liquor of nature's alchemy to Ten
der them kind to people.
And the very stud and rocks seem to he scorned so that
they shine ana sparkle. Glittering drops laugh in -mex-pected
places, in flower cups or in tiny crevices of the rock.
The breese has a little tang to it, it is so cool. Loohjag
away across the mesas and hills to the serenely self suffi
cient mountains one's eyes sharpen their focus to bring that
gloriocs distance within reach, he it 50, 100, or 300 aSes,
since new every sheerest veil of vapor, and antt has been
drawn away in these all-renewing, ail-revearraf breezes
after rain.
One takes long breaths and snaps the eyes, one feels the
corners of hia month twitching to turn a little tip, and oat
finds himself snddenly become quite roguishly optimistic.
Bow do all troubles flee away with the coming of twilight
after summer rain. Rose lights delicate as & bride's blush
turn the prosaic earth-folds and sears of human occupation
into olympian realms fit for fairies, and into gardens of a
poet's paradise. There a mountain of rose qsartx, there a
peak of purest aapphne, at our feet emeralds aad gold
everywhere among the flowers.
Most precious moment in all the "desert" calendar, when
earth baptised rises all shriven and filled with the spirit,
to the new life unless one find even sweeter solace in that
other moment when the birds call t the storatsg star jstst
before our limited human vision senses
at the edge of the east.
Some such refreshment comes to
Christmas time. He would be a bold
to Jescribe rr interpret the Christmas spirit. As well try
to describe the "desert" to one who had never slept under
the stars: or the mountains, to one who knew not the
haunting melody of the canyon wren,
ef the tanagef s minstrelsy.
But if one cannot describe a spirit,
allude to the effects of its pervasion.
more people are thinking of others besides themselves, than
at any other time of the year. Some mystic charm takes
possession of earth's habitants at Christmas time aad
makes them, for a little while, almost worthy of their
dime kinship, ,
How sordidness and littleness do slink away, at Christ
mas time,
Hen are ashamed, at Christmas time, to seem to be
thinking inward.
There is reaching out, a taking hold of hands, world
around; neighborlinesa, a good eld word which creaks all
year from' rust and disuse, it brought oat. and dusted aad
lubricated and set to work right spryly, for the nonce.
There is a moment, at dawn, in the "desert," when one
feels himself one with the natural world; when one smites
at his own insignificance and his own irresistible power,
i talks familiarly with the birds and the little people of the
bills, and pledges faith to high endeavor; when one dares
to call the granite peaks his very own, to have aad to hold
forever, and "instantly bows in divine humility to the
infinite wonder of the universal riddle. Man matters be
cause he knows his master. Aad it is the tiny attenuated
whisper of night, the soft reassuring breathing of the earth,
which, when he is all alone and at peace, makes strong,
God's vicar, ruling by serving.
There is a moment, at Christmas time, when one feels
himself the embodiment of the race, charged with its future
and big with its destiny. And it is the little voices that
ten him this. It is the eyes of a child that reveal to him
a world wonderful, O most wonderful, which he may ester
if he. will. It is the hand of a child, tender yet firm and
confident, that leads him to the gate of the kingdom aad i
knocks for him at the wicket. j
Through an the ages since recorded tttae began, there
runs a thread of mysticism in the lore of man aad chBd,
their relation to each other aad to life. In every land, in
every language, there are tales of children who bore the
truth in their bosoms aad conf oaaded the elders in the place
ot judgment. Some strange sense illumises the pure child
mind, ts know without being told, to know the truth and
Public Needs To
One Woman Kills Husband Where Ten Husbands Kill Wives
-OTH1NG we have to learn today Is
more important than learning to
be thrifty." said Bob Xullin. gen
eral cha'rroan for thrift week. "The
object of thrift week is to show how
to save. Most everybody wants to
save, but so many people do not real
ize bow It eaa bo done without ptach
Jns;. and they do not realize what a
regular weekly or monthly savins;
win aat thorn in five years time.
Throusrh the treat savins agencies
ucb a bank. Insurance companies. ,
real aetata, etc- the campairaers will
strtve to got saving habits started
UsIUssasW'sllaaiiral-itPnih lfsaausass.1 u.-mMts-lia-fn
Poor Old Noah
NOAH WEBSTER has been barred from the famous Hall of Fame; he's too
dead to take it hard, yet it seems a beastly saamej for the book that
Noah penned, though in places hard to read, it our everlasting friend, aad the
sort of friend we need. Noah's picture mast not hang la the Hall so bright
and fair, though 'twould honor ad the gang of punk poets entered there; Hoah
wrote no cheap romance, and he played no rhymeter's game, so he never had a
chance is the well known Hall of Fame. Noah took the toughest words that
the co an try conld invent, or could borrow from the Kurds, and he showed just
what they meant; not a word could-get away, when this man was on its trail;
he would chase it day by day till he grabbed it by the tail. Twas a tiresome,
musty task, bat old Noah held it down, while his neighbors used to bask idly
in the idle town. Sages, poets, all such birds, weat to Noah's aoMe terns, fr
the meaning of the words that they used' in speech or pome. Now the sages
and the bards fill that Hall of high reaewa, while the surly outside guards
turn the gifted Hoah down. Shade of Noah, never mind! You're a winner just
ine same, though the judges, deaf and blind, shoo you from the Hall of Fame.
CcBJTlsT ht bX George Matthew Adams. . WALI HASOH,
really beloBfs, there
to make it somehow
dimly comprehending. The children, and the very old, these
are the wise, in the traditions of all earth's peoples. They
know, aad they
necessity of faith; for men dare set reject, however often
they may affect to scorn.
The ruler of this world is sot a braggart-and a bully,
aor is he warrior or prince. He is no scholar? so experi
mental scientist. He is a spirit, and somehow, one need sot
know how, he chooses to manifest himself in the least likely
place, the unfolding heart of a little child.
Bat as the seed lodged in hairsbreadth crevice rends the
toughest granite to make room for its life and work, so
the spirit of Christmas, all tenderness, works dynamic
miracles in the hearts of men, which, after all, are net
nearly so hard as they-sometimes seem.
Some folks wear themselves oat trying to avoid thinking.
All one needs for
the equipment, a physician, and a bondsman.
'When ft is said a man gets two years it is meant that
he loses two.
the first hint of day
the human son at
one who weald try
the teasing mockery
one can at least
At Christmas time,
w RAttbrs here and
one orcanizatron.
Ho town can expect to get new citizens unless a certain
amount of advertising is done for them. Ho community can
expect to keep -abreast of the times unless it organises and
keeps its various elements siseciated and alert. That can
be doae through a chamber f commerce better than in
any other way.
Silver CHy has the idea aad so has Gallup. Incidentally
both cities came to EI Paso to get their chamber of com
merce secretaries.
Ho town can depead on some other town to do its work
for ft. Each town mast do its own advertising, its own
punning; and its own prospering will follow. Southwest
chambers of commerce would do well, however, to form a
central ercanizatkn throaeh whkh they could all work for
the common good of the region whkh is distinctive and
homogeneous agriculturally aad economically.
Ifs bad enough
goes over to his fatherrataw's house to do it, ft is too much.
It begins to look
for himself.
shoot until you're
Low mind ran
ment and a tariff as
Learn The Lesson
that some day will get wage workers
sura salariod people ahead instead of
behind the game an the time."
"Where one woman kills her hus
band to got his insurance there are
1 husbands kill their wires.- said
Alien H. Rode, president of the Two
Republics Life Insurance company.
"Women are bard to Insure for the
reason. that It Is difficult to sot them
to tell all about themselves. A woman
wfl- seldom tell anything about her
neatcn tnai is oervgazory. xwi ion
of them are coming: to realise the
value of insurance. That is especially
true of working women." .
lion than 1.H0JM10.OOO gallons of
Short Snatches
From Everywhere
the world's stomach, not its
that Is annexing xoieao
Won't Santa be surprised . to find
an the wool stockings? South Bend
It used to be that we drank in or
der to kin time. Now We talk prohi
bition. Los Angeles Times.
Argentina claims the distinction of
perpetratrar the fjnt International
walkout. Chattanooga News.
Our government does not profess
to live within its Income, but only
within ours. Wall Street Journal.
It used to be politeness for a man
to give his seat to a woman now it
is absentmindedness. Canton News.
Normalcy won't be back in all its
dorr until vou cen order a dish of
pork and beans and not find the pork i
A. W. O. I Kansas City Star.
We should" think the middleman
would allow the farmer a little more I
than "ne does. Just to keep down his i
excess prorits tax. vnio state jour
nal. Secretary Houston Is right. What
UttI i money the small salaried man
has been able to save should be takes
away from him at once. Burlington
A Toronto man is charged with set
ting traps to catch cats. Any man
that can catch an alley cat Is entitled
to the Maltese cross. Vancouver
Province. ...
War Bride Reunited. Headline.
Some of that wonderful surgical
patchwork they have been doing In
the army, probably. Philadelphia
North American.
A Kentucky man was acQultted ol
his daughter's murder on proof that
be had aimed at his wife Instead of
the daughter. We never expected to
see the day when poor marksmanship
would go unpunished in Kentucky.
Kansas -City Times.
live forever in the hearts of men but
cannot tell why they know, hence the
Slaking decisions is hard work but mighty good dis
cipline, i
A man la everything from a Boy Scout to a bolshevik.
There are too many areventatle accidents.
making home brew are the ingredients,
Chambers Of Commerce.
to vet over a hie. Hve chamber of com.
1 raerce in Las Crates, K. M, the town and countryside
boosters found what are always to be found in a town that
has never had a chamber of commerce doubters. But no
body need doubt the value of a chamber of commerce prop
erly organized and managed.
Chambers of commerce in the southwest have brought
btrflt up the country. In small cities
it is a good idea to tie up the chamber of commerce with
the county farm bureau, for the interests of the city and
the sarrtasding country are so nearly identical that the
farm bureau and th chamber at commerce can function as
for a man ts kill himself, but when he
Hke D'Annenrio were saving Flume
If you hear somebody pestering around the house don't
sure it isn't Santa Clans.
in the some sewer.
Aad the Democrats ated to regard a centralized govern
the aapardoaable sins.
The best portion a good man's hfehk IMe,
nameless, tmranembered acts of imdness and of love.
wnumm TVordnrortfa-
Oi Being Thrifty
gasoline is being wasted a year In this
country because people use cars that
are too heavy." said Ted Lester. "The
day is coming whea marly everybody
is going to want a lightweight, dosed
ear. The lightweight ears save gas
and oil and the enclosed features
makes the car wanner In winter aad
cooler In summer. A closed ear Is
more comfortable and mere conveni
ent. The manufacture of large ears
has fallen off greatly In the last
"The Orpheus club is elated over
the success of the San Carlo Grand
Opera company appearing at Liberty
nail." saia J. J. juwrews. ine man
agement has experienced a surprise fa
El Paso. The company arrived ex
pecting to play to a crowd not ex
ceeding i.OSO or 4.0S and found that
the aggregate number of paid admis
sions will some to lS.eto, In fact they
have met here with the largest
erewds of their entire trip with the
exception of the Waco exposition, not
withstanding the foot that El Paso
Is not at large a city as some others
where they hare appeared. It speaks
well for El Paso that Its residents
have turned ont so well"
"Christmas nratl is not heavy this
year." said postmaster E. A. Sbeltos.
"The Christmas rush began sooner
trls year than ever before, however,
and la practically over bow. Letter
mall and Christmas card mail do sot
vary much la euantUy from year to
year. Christmas sarnie, are selling well
in El Paso as they are la other sec
tions of the state. odgtp" from the
number seen on letters and packages.
The Texas quota is Z8.00S.HO seals."
Hogwallow Locals
By dim; botts.
QIDNEY HOCKS caught a nice wooden
leg in the drift that floated dowa
Gander creek Saturday afternoon. He
says that is just his lack to find seme
thing valuable and (hen net be able to
use it,
The hle.il Carrier, believing as he does
that coming events should cast their
shadows, today placed a cow-bell on
his horse.
Columbus Anson's wife was seen
sweepinatthe fleer today, and he says
he guesses company is expected.
f I IT
1 : ?
In War Time
Tut "Overseas Koteawefc" snouts a a
variety ef material fathered by the cotter
of The Herald la Bmrepe durtsg the war
aad after. Excerpts win b--mtaTlaed la
this ootessa aeny C arise the nest severs!
moatha tMays tnstalmeut. ouutlaalac
the neeral sanative, raatta eaaernseaa
oa the Betat XtlMel treat sxur the mere
active phases ef the met battle ef Sep
tember. 1111.
It is assarted that readers clip then
ertielea each day and paste them la serap
beoKs they will set be reprinted sad sack
numbers easaet be seepaed. '
QEPTEMBKR S3 was tolerably quiet, j
i" bet at 10 p. m. a terniic bombard
ment becaa; heaviest guns of both
sides las tea intensely 3 Mars, then
died down somewhat, but at 5 s. m.
21 September the eaemy opened heavy
shelling pf the river towns in our lines
and the roads in oar back ares, used
for supply transport aad troop csfen
lation and kept ft up for an hour. Fart
of the issue the shells came at the rate
of oae per second. Later the shelling
began again and a shell was dropped
every five seconds for some minutes.
The sight and sound during the
bombardment were very impressive.
The explosions of the big shells shook
the earth and echoed far in the hills.
In the half-light of early morning the
bursts of fire made a "fascinating if
terrible spectacle, and in light of day
the columns of debris and smoke and
dust, tawny, or black and tawny, rose
high fa air at each hit, while the con
easeions aad echoes merging suggested
sensations of being in the midst of a
farinas electric storm in the high moun
tains where one can feel the very
granite crack asunder under the strokes
of Trior's hammer.
The day, bright and cold, went by
with only ordinary activity.
25 September 118 Bright and crisp
cold; very heavy dew. Enemy threw
into toe Aioseue river
towns early this mornine. as Tester-
day. This region is still very beauti
ful with late-summer verdure and
2d September 1918 Heavy firing
from both sides since midnight last
night, continuous and exxrsrfBniiBary.
At 5:30 a. whea scarcely light, wr
division makes a demonstration in
force, attacKfag with about 1500 men
from the four infantry regiments. In
dense foe the fighting goes on; oar
force makes strong posh, with suc
cesses, but at east of very heavy casu
alties, nearly every emmany aad bat
talion officer is sosae of the respnseatal
detachments being killed or wounded
and Lmmmi amoro the net so knrf
that the provisional force is nicknamed
me "goat Dattauon.' entire companies
are practically snnilmston
The sbiect of the offeasSve was to
divert the enemy's attention from the
bar mam attack on an in mile iraoi
west of Verdun by part of the First
armv. Several dniaioas oa our part
of the line attacked simultaneously ia
okmonstrations or raids siraffair to oars.
The Germans evidently thonght all hell
Bad orosen loose again over nere lor
they sever stopped throvrrag shells and
gas over our way the whole day loss;.
We hear of bag aad successful advance
west of Verdun with a gain of several
(This action was an essential part
of the great "jump-off" of 26 Septem
ber which marked the' beginning of the
Seat battle of the Argonae jfeuee.
te diversion on the line east of Verduil
had the effect desired, which was to
cause the Germans to hold their de
fence ia that area with first class di
visions aad prevent them from sending
reserves to avert the disaster west of
The eaemy is now throwing big
shells from long range guns into the
valley towns and near us, the shells
now eosnfag from the north instead of
from "the east.
Ia afternoon, enemy shells drop oa
cross-roads ia woods two miles from
at, and km and wound many nua;
traffic jam observed by enemy planes.
The wounded are brought to the triage
here without even first aid having been
rendered, and some of them are hor
rible to see. One man of about 30
years, of powerful stature and appear -a
Bee of exceptional mteUigenee and
ilaeaaee, Ges oa Ins face on the litter,
his forehead oa his left hand bent vo
der, his right arm dose down against
his side. The receiving room u al
ready rilled with wounded and this lit
ter Js set dowa ia the mad outside the
door as it is removed from the arabu
lance. The soldier is sees to
little. Suddenly with
tion he lifts his right arm and stretches
it out stiniy lorwara aioagsioe sn
head. We now see that the man's right
side from armpit to hip is entirely
shot away by a piece of shell. We see
his lungs exposed aad expanding aad
contracting with the short' quick
breaths, aad other vital organs scarce
ly displaced, but with no bony struc
ture or flesh or skin to veil them, or
to protect them from the rain which
is fsIUng. Only a minute or two
elapses while others are being eared for,
and then bearers carefully lift the lit
ter and start ia with the still living
burden. A corpse they find when they
set the Utter down on the floor in the
little reseiving alcove; for with one
convulsive gasp he had given up the
fight, and we saw him relax to rest
aad to sleep, aad we felt it was aserei
ful that he should go. There were ae
choirs to stag the Requiescat, but aero
of a certainty was peace in the midst
of war.
How quickly a man becomes a "eas
taaltv" aad is ao lonoer even a "ease.''
The mmd necessarily becomes duHeet
to the number and variety oi tne
shattered bodies. No comolainix: is
heard anions' the wounded: ae eom-
' plaining is heard anywhere except bow
and then among the well, and the wall
(Continued tomorrow.)
'Temperament," by Dolfe Wyllaroe.
author of "Story of Xdea." The her
oine of Miss Wyllarde'a asw novel Is
a musical genius, aad the story Is
primarily a study of her capacity for
tiero vorahlo and her naesioa for
music. An Interesting character study
of a most unusual grri ana ner es
vironments. "Foolish Matrons'' by Don Byrne,
deals with tbe question as to whether
a woman makes or mars a man and
his life. There are four heroines and
four heroes, all well drawn and life
"West Wind Drift" bi George Barr.
McCutcheon. author of Craustark. etc
A great ship with 600 human beings
aboard is blown up by German bombs
In the South Seas. She grounds on an
(aland and the rest of the story Is a
most Interesting account of how these
Mo make and create a city and a gov-
ernment and a lo
The first woman suffrage conven-
tion on the Pai-tflc roast mt In Pan
Francisco 50 j ears go taut month,
I ii il IllHuailia ana 11 Isms 1
ujBaiuReimtsiaBtaftBt.iSAA..B-kjr -i'V: mm ,n iinsaa iisftsiisnnssnmssnnisssiiiimsmmniisinissnisnaiss i
WBMun I iiBngqsn I i s h t, ibmji in 'n stfCT tta.haBBBBEaasBaaBBsaB7 -HaaviaHi ioditm
iieaiiallirimnnHiMiiiiamiiiiiHiiia s.
I Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones
ELL, I don't see that there ia
anything more taat we eaa do,
soke Nurse Jane Fussy Wuxzr.
ose !ar.
"So." agreed Uncle WiffgUy. "Every
thing ts ready for Christmas and
Santa Clans."
The muskrat lady looked around the
sitting room of the hollow stump
bungalow, where she and the bunny
rabbit gentleman lived. In one corner
was the Christmas tree TJaeJe WIggtly
had brought boms the time tbe talk
ing crow rode in the branches. Hang
ing on the chimney mantel were the
stockings of Nurse Jane and Uncle
For though the muskrat lady and
the bunny gentleman were rather
elderly and grown up. as you might
ssy, they did the same things for
Christmas that you children ao they
had a tree and hung as thetf stock
ings. "For it doesn't matter," said Uncle
Wigglly. "whether we gat any pres
ents for ourselves on the tree, or fn
our stockings. 2tarse Jane. If Santa
Claus leaves eae or two for the ani
mal children."
"Right sa are." squeaked the
muskrat lady.
Thus It was that uncle wigguy
and Nurse Jane had made everything
ready on the night before cartstmas.
"when all through the bungalow each
numsle was looking for a ates place
to asmggle-o." N
"Wen. I think we may as watt-go to
sleetV" safd Uncle WigsrOy after a
white. "Christmas will come ail the
more quickly, Narse Jane."
Frerxy soon an was sum aaa quiei
In the benny gentleman's stamp bun
galow. But. after a while, pretty soon, not
so very long. Nurse Jaas called from
her room In a deep whisper:
"I say. Uncle Wlggtly! Do you hear
"Hear what" asked Mr. Longears.
That noise," went on Nurse Jane.
"Do you spese It'sSanta Claus com
ing down the chimney?"
"Ob. It's much too early tor Santa
Claus," spoke Uncle Wigglly. "But 1
do hear a noise at the back doer, m
s-o dawn and see who it Is."
"And I only hope It isn't the Plp-
slsewaa or SKeezlcts, tnougai nurse
Jane, as she heard Uncle WlggUy's
slippers going "plop-plop plop-plop"
down the stairs. Of course the slip
rsera didn't eo down themselves. The
bunny gentleman's paws were In them.
-ScrateBI scritcn: scrown: - warn o
solas on the back kitchen door as un
cle Wlggtty reached It.
"Hello! Who's there, aad what do
j on wantT- asked Uncle Wlggtly. for
well he knew It could not be St.
Nicholas, who always came down the
-Scratch! Scrlteh! Seroteh!" weat
the sound again and uncle wlggtly
sort of shivered In Us bath robe.
"Who Is there!" Inquired the bunny
gentleman again, and a little quiver
tog-quavering voice asked:
"Are you are you Santa Claus T"
"Santa Claus! Bless your heart, no!"
replied Uncle Wigglly. "But who are
aaa -Juita taken with a fish sort o
0Bt president Wilson's contention
I that th' 0. P. haint had a new idea
in thirty years. Credit talks loudera
1 w
Coyj.-itm. tiatlonsl fiwpajer Seruea
Copyright. MM. by
McCluro Newspaper Syndicate.
you. out so late tajsr oars: sugar,
looking tor Santa Ctausf Aad, as ha
opened the door, the bunny geatUtnaa
saw a little round ban of brown far
on his step.
Z X heard about Santa Oa, and I
at Ant tn ImI; for him." said the
quivering, quavering voice. "Ha ueverf
seems to come to our cave. aaini
because my Daddy growls so much,
and so often wants to nibble the other
Barn1, But Santa Claus Beyer eomes
to us!"
"My goodness men sokes alive and
a stocking full of peanuts! Who are
vouT" asked Uncle Wigglly. Then he
They hug tap their stockings.
cpened the door somewhat wider, and
saw on the steps a little brown bear,
one of the bear children of the big
black, bad. bushy bear!
"Oh. the poor little feUow!- said
Nurse Jane, who had also come dowa
tain. -He is too small to harm us
wih Let ua takes Ma ia.
aad srlve aim aoraer waravraUW Hesrj
"All right, and rn light up tbe
Christmas tree for Mm to see."
whispered Uncle Wigglly. as Nurse
Jane wanned the milk. "I can't show
him Santa Cl.us, but heTl like the
Rn Vr. Tonsaars sAneed la tbe
other room to see the Csaristmaa tree
all aglow, and lo and behold! when
he entered tbe roans aad the tree was
lighted up. there were a loc or pres
ents on It, and the stoetciags of Un
cle Wlggtly and Nurse Jane were
"Why whyr Bsamsatreel Trade
Wigglly to surprise as he twtnkled
hia pink nose. "Santa aaa asust
1imb ham asrivf Halle there.
little Brown Bear!" he called. "Carrie
In here! Ton stay see where tsaata
Clans has been, even tr you eaurc gei
a sight of St- Nicholas himself."
-Oh. did he leave anytalag for meT"
asked the little brown bear as be fin
ished the milk Nurse Jane had given
him. lato the Christmas tree room he
Uncle Wlt-flly and Nurse Jane
laakaS at eaoh otlser.
lrnked at the Christmas tree, aad just
at true as rat teUlaa; -rata, there waa a
red rubber Dan. a jumping- jaea, a
train of cars, a ams, some tear sol
diers and a pair of roUer skates for
"Oh! Santa Clans must have known
you were coming here, and left these
things for you. my dear." said Nurse
Jane to little Flttfy Fluffy,
-all oil the bear.
"Oh. how nappy I am:- cneu runy
FT' ffy. as he anged the drum and
bounced the rubber ball. Then he ran
In back of the Christmas tree to look
at the golden red stars aad other
ornaments. And wails the little bear
was thus out of sight for the moreen t.
Into the room came the Ms black
bushy bear.
"Oh ho. Uncle Wlgaily! Ton made
It very easy for me this time!
growled the bear. Tou left the
kitchen door open, ao I could come m
aaa nibble your
But Just then out from behind the
Christmas tree ran little Fllffy Fluffy-
"Oh. Daddy! Look!" cried Fllffy!
"Santa Claus didn't come to me. so I
hunted him, and 1 found him!"
"What! Ton" here" growled the bis
black bear, and he looked very much
ashamed of himself. "And did Uncle
Wlggtly and N'tirse Jane take care of
you. bringing you in out of the cold
anl " . .
"Yes, and look what Santa left for
me. on Uncle Wlggily's Christmas
tree." squeald Fllffy Fluffy, holding
up his toy soldiers.
Th V.1 ...V har seemed to have a
terrible cold lrr his hesd. for he had to
wipe the tears out of his eyes. Then
he picked Fllffy Fluffy up under his
raw, and too the utile boy
present la tavs other paw. aad want
softly out BM at ha reached the door
the tale bear tuned, and said, very
Verrr C3rtmas, Uncle Wigglly,
Merry Chrtatrwaa!-
Kerry Chrtetmaa to you." replied
the bunny gentleman and then, jm It
rras swarlar morning, he wished merry
Christmas to Nurse Jane. And ss
Uncle WleTartty wishes a millloa Merry
Christmas greetings to each and every
one ot you
a nit if the cranberry sauce doeeat
try to slide down hill with the mrace
pie. aad scare the candy clock, so It
Jumps over the fence anal fans est Its
face, ril ten you next about trade
Wigglly aad the broken drum. Copy
right. lr. by the McCIure Newspaper
ruaciaearel & a
taxpayers hare told me that
ma t v.. the eaah. Tt tike to
zoversmest -jraat be roet" Wfflssa H.
ITJ MARK out a check.
FOR TUB last paj uieat.
OF MT income tax.
IJ.TT YBRT touch.
BUT TO me.
JS HCTTH sosae ateney.
I SAT oawn.
WITH TTffi uapeas.
AND MaAB the Bne.
a a
THAT ARB printed above.
THBT MADR me mad.
TOTJ SHOULDN'T have said,
WHAT Ten did say.
ABOUT THB government.
AND ITS obligations.
Tetr SHOUX.H have said.
THAT TOJJ wore sorry.
BUT THAT the government
AND AHMT supplies.
AND OTHER things,
AND HAD to snake Jobs.
FOR SO many men.
AND LIKE all governments.
HAD BEEN extravagant. v
IS so many ways.
THAT REALI.T aad truly,
TT WAS In a mess.
WD NEEDED the money.
a a
IT WAS our government
AND WE'D elected It.
AND WE'D made our bed.
AND LETS lie in it.
IP YOXTB said that.
J. C Wlheerah Is
Tine. ASSOCIATED PRESS as exe!oall-a entitled to the use for smbHeetloa of all mwi
OTdtoeScrS.tedlt or aH otblrwlae eredttea la this paper and eleo tie loc.i
am publish, berela.
r.-JL .... n-h. in pm.- Herald inelndaa eleo by abeorotloa and si
SJlliNewa. The Teletveph. The Telegram. The Trlbaa. The Graphic Tbe San
The Advertiser. Tba Independent. The Journal. The Republican. The Bollatln.
I??,, par month. II: par jeer. Slv.se.
r lit Wedneaoar sou aru-aaa
aoot Sweat) per veer.
Week-Cad aoHieDS
THIRTY-NINTH TEAR OF PTJBLIfATlON Sopartor exdaatve features and comol-'-news
report by Aaoclated Press Leeaad Wire aad Special Comspondeate to. -rip .
Art ansa. New Mmre. Wast Texas. Hexice. Waahtastca, D. C. md New Ta. s
Eatered at the P'-st office la S3 Paea. Texaa. as teeeei esses faetter.
Questions And Answers, j
pieaae tsfersa me as to eosapew-
saefea received, by member of
ceagieas at different parlous ef
oar It eatery. W. A. C.
A. By a law passed by the first
oongresa la lit -nesshers of the
houee aad senate In adaitloa to allow -aace
for aiileage, received $ a day
for each day's attendaaoe tn oosagrees.
In mi tbe compensation waa in
creased to J15O0 a year for members
of the house and senate and MM for
the speaker ef the house aad the vice
president. In 187t the senate and
house members received 7teO. The
rice president and speaker resolved
110.000. Today tbe remuneration for
senator aad representative m TTSO0,
the vice president and speaker re
ceiving US. each.
(I. What is the tessawatave of a
eeld eterasre reees where artlfsesal re
frlKeratlen la aaedf K. TS. B.
The bureau of standards say
that tne temperature of a cold storage
room where artificial refrigeration la
used depends entirely soon the type ef
goods stored therein. It m poosibi
to, and they frequently do, keep th
temperature at zero aad below tor
soma classes of good a
tt. What ia the greatest autaber ot
bales of eottou prodeced by Texas !
one year! C E. L.
A. Texas produced 4.SW.M0 bales
of cotton in 1S12, which was the
greatest crop within the last s years.
St. Flease frlve iaserm-arlow Tetmrd
1bs desaaael fer v-treleas' eperaten
and salary. C. W. X.
A. The demand for wireless ope
rators is far greater than the. supply
at the present time. There are two
grades of operators. tb first grade
operator and the second grade op"
rator. In order to obtain a first gTade
operator's license it Is necessary to be
able to send and receive 20 words a
minute. In order to obtain a seeonn
grade license 12 words a minute must
be sent and received. The averase
uav of a first grade commercial
operator is 5125 per month with board.
H. was tee sutae i laai i I j aw
teuttly brought to 4Ms ewsmtvr treat
Fraaeef If ao. hew was tt aeeeea
pMsfcedT R. C
A. The Statue of Liberty was
brought over disjointed in the hold
of the French transport "Isere." The
various portions of the statue were
afterwards put together in order tc
be erected la Its present position.
(j. What does tt east to eafevee the
Volstead aetr W. R-
A. The treasury department, says
that toe estsarceesaat of the national
prohibition aat coats Il.m.0J.3 la
the fiscal year t2S.
Q Haw laws? are the yeath: ef
Fraaeo required to stre aafsatexy serv
icer T. K. A.
A. BeatoatiLg with October. IMS,
tha period of fmsmss military service
will be It months. Instead set two
years, as tt is at present.
. In BouMe Peslre, are the play
eve reeatfred to eMseard aH cards -ex-eept
trumps or sasar thT ae their
ems iHaerettent W. B. F.
A. Accural as to Boyle. In the same
of Cinch, or Double Feoro, -me trump
havtagheast aaraed. each player dia
eaads. face tsswarda. all cards fa hia
hsatd. except truatas, aad dealer gives
eaea fa tara, beginning: with eldest
a.t enough earths to till his hand
sat to six."
(Any reader eaa get the aaswerto any
LZiZ- a- nHu 11a Herald TsxevBse-
rx a
exhaustive researeh oo SOT -W act- Writ,
your quasUo-is ptslnb and briefly. Give
fan same aad address an eectoe. two
esass fa alaatai far IX tara Patae. All
an lot direct to tbe laqtrlrer.i
Fetes Ctttkaa)
they simply eatssi aat pay; that they
hero them, but tsst dibit ibis or w
ISawajus, coueoar ex :
INSTEAD ee gettlag up-stage.
FD HATE said to myself.
V a
ABOUT MT own chock,
a aw
PAT TP. yea i
"AND titrr your hollering."
BtTT TJlSTssAB of that
a a
A motor ea contain rac sax peop.
recently lashed ewer a tuoaauli.' in
France 1IS taat tslsb. The motorists
escaped without injuries mora serious
than brulsea.
The Young Lady
Across The Way
THE yeans; lady acres the way says
that what Icassk needs is a strong
sua at the head of thiags, and what
ef Xetiasky?
Busrtem, IX C The serosa earmei
gtve aaMee ea leas', aaeaseaj tas aaw
etal aaetteva It sees net attess-M te a-
i , r J
iffii ia-satiava.a a. i a niaaw
earner, has sVreeted The HersM ret tt
aad . A. laaeslsi is maosareg edMer.
eatabilabed is
la Arlsoaa. New laexlco. Texas aad
la all ether atatea. par menth.Sl.St;
rsaaas win oa maiieu ir -
aa will be mailed tor 4 (ft eutaldo
oaly. per rear. St (M entside sntlawt

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