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AL'STIX. Tx . Jan 4. When the j sentatlve Jm Burnett of Eastland
thirty seventh 'egiblature of i proposing a reapportionment of the
Texas, convenes in biennial ses- senatorial and congressional dls
'ioti January 11 indications point to i tricts of the state. Mr. Burnett said
of the most important sessions I he will make an effort to have the
.n manv jears. The lawmakers will new congressional districts compact
rot only have to deal with a mnl- as far as possible, and that he does
-iplicitv of hills and resolutions, but not propose to make a district for
ilso with problems incidental to the I any man or against any man. A more
r. construction period. The expen- liberal representation for western
-i.-el lawmaker is makine his plans , Texas Is planned.
io remain at Austin for 'not less Anti Japanese legislation Is an--han
l(tn das, and a special session up for consideration. Senator W. H.
- probable." 1 Bledsoe of Lubbock county has an-
The first tilt in the house will be nocnced that he will Introduce a
er the election of a speaker. There ; bill to restrict If not prohibit the col-
thr-p candidates for this tmoort-
M post r'hsrls C. Thomas of
rton, A. Curtis of Tarrant and
r- ti B Horton. of Dallas, all of
i.om ' re members of the thirty
- th lu-islature. Representative
''irti5 nas a leader on the floor and
-. pstmtitm ( Horton a popular
TP-ruber from Trallae.
In the Ft-nate Lieut. Gov. Lynch
T,a idson of Houston w, ill preside and
president pro tvm is to be elected.
Important M,arff.
iol.ibly nj e of thf most impcrt-
- nit-a&ur - i i h 1 ill be intro-
ic u at lea-t from a political point
f -will be the bill of repre-
Pyramid for
Ease andGomfsri
If the Mere Mention f riles Hakes
Ton Shudder Get a Bex of
Irxmraid Pile Sappeatteries
Tor the pain and distress doe to
i mc. bleeding, protruding piles
v- V-morrhoids, get a 60 cent box
of Pyramid Pile Suppositories at the
r-carest drug" store. Take no substi
tute. The quick relief has been a
jr-vat Messing' to a host of people
v ho fairly shudder at the very men
t.on of the discomfort and misery
t ic'to this almost universal com-
Kirt. Don't del;-. Take no sab-
V jou TTish to make a trial first,
- our name and address to
l'- ramie! Iro Co.. 604 Pyramid
r 'iir, Marshall. Mich.
LL the
line, fra
grant rich
ne&s of finest
Try the
Lemon too
in these
onlsation of Orientals in Texas. This
hill is being; backed by .the American
Legion of Texas and was the resnlt
of an effort to colonise Japanese in
the Rio Grande valley.
Despite the fact that the public
utilities bill has been carefully con
sidered by a special committee ap
pointed by the governor and representing-
the varied interests involved,
considerable debate is expected on
this measure before It is disposed of.
The bill as drafted does not pro
pose to create a new commission, but
to enlarge the scope of the railroad
commission and vest in that body the
jurisdiction over the public utilities
of Texas. An increase in the salaries
of the members of the commission
from f4509 to 97500 Is proposed, and
the measure also provides for a gen
eral solicitor for the commission at
a salary of 97300 a year.
Tax Code Revision.
Revision of the tax code will be
proposed in a bill by representative
John T. Smith of Travis county, in
which it is planned to have a uni
form system of taxation. This bill
Is designed to equalize taxation and
to place on the rolls much property
that is now escaping taxation, ac
cording to representative Smith.
J. A. King, state tax commissioner,
has prepared bills proposing the cre
ation .of a state tax commission,
amending the intangible asset tax
law so as to Include various classes
of corporations including oil com
panies, packing houses, coal, lumber,
wharf, steamship, express, telegraph,
interurban. pipe lines, telephone,
electric railways, oil refining com
panies, sulphur, light, gas, soft drink
and mail order companies and per
haps others.
Four bills are to be introduced by
representative Williams of McLen
nan county, designed for the protec
tion of the Texas farmers. One of
these measures will require cotton
samplers to take out ,a license and
stand examination before carrying
on business. Another bill will give
protection to the independent cotton
compresses and mills so that the
I smail man may have bis cotton
compressed and shipped explditiously.
It is also proposed in one of these
, bills to prohibit the taking or ex
1 tract I Dp from hales of cotton four or
fire pounds of "sample" in grading
f cotton.
J Proposes Consolidation,
j Consolidation of the live stock
i sanitary commission, the warehouse
j and marketing department, the board
of water engineers, the game fish
t and oyster department, feed, fer-
tillzer and foul brood control, will be
urged daring the session in bills
I scheduled to belntrodnced.
I Senator I. R. Clark of Fayette
j county has announced he will intro-
duce a bill in the senate proposing
f the abolition of the department of
i sericulture. The senator says he
will also offer a bill to repeal the law I
creating the state fire insurance ;
f commission. i
j There is every indication that the j
1 new governor will recommend the j
i passage of a bill to aid the rural
, schools of the state. Under the i
present administration such a law ,
was passed carrying an appropriation ,
of $4,eiM'A6 to be expended in two
years. The Democratic platform
recommends to the legislature that f
SAX FRANCISCO, Calif Jan. 4.
American Samoa's beetle-inspecting
chief of police Is out of jail
and the judge who has seven other
jobs is again holding court, according
to advices from Tutuila. This change
back to normal followed a naval in
quiry which resulted In dissipating
an attempt by a naval officer and a
former newspaper reporter to control
t he naval administration of the
American possession in the South
In furtherance of this attempt the
naval officer. Creed H. Boucher. liea
tenant commander, and the ex-repor
ter, Arthur A. Greene, enlisted the
support of commander A. C Kail,
second In rank to commander Warren
J. Terhune, governor of the islands
The three piled charges against Ter
hune and his administration, and
finally Kail tried to send a wireless
message fe the navy department at
Washington branding his superior as
Terhune Commits Suicide.
With the message in front of him,
Terhune. suffering from ill health,
committed suicide. The pitiful part
of this tragedy developed when the
naval court of inquiry, already en
route to Tutuila from, Hawaii, ab
solved Terhune s administration-of all
charges, recommended the deporta
tion of Greene, the court martial of
Boucher and the removal of Kail from
his post.
Among the charges filed against
Terhune's administration was one
that officials were drawing illegal
extra salaries. J. Burkin liailo. na
tive chief of police, and judge A. II
Nbble were especial targets of
Boucher, Greene and KaJL
After commander Terhane shot
himself Kail became acting governor
and he jailed Mailo on charges that
the chief of pol ce had urged the
natives to oppose the activities of
Greene and Kail. Previously Boucher
had alleged that irregularities of the
Terhune administration Included
ing jiauo as "Deetie inspector" as
well as head of the police force, but
inai no oeeues were inspected.
The board of inquiry sat for eight
days. Testimony revealed that Bou
cher for 25 of his 85 days' service was
under suspension on three charges
carry a pistol, attempting a mutiny
and falsehood Boucher's examination
revealed that he posd as a secret
service man without authority; pub
licly criticised the secretary of the
navy and the president; insubordl
nately communicated with authorities
at Washington in violation of regu
lations, and committed many other
breaches of natal regulations.
Upon examination he declined to
answer many questions on the ground
that the answers would incriminate
himself. He acknowledged that all
charges he made were based upon
hearsay and without investigation. It
was revealed that documents were
stolen from naval officers, but an at
tempt to introduce these by Greene,
who acted as Boucher's counsel, was
overruled by the board.
The testimony revealed also that
Greene and Bou her created unrest
among the natives in an effort to
change the government and assume
control for themselves. Their activ
ities resulted in organization of na
tives into a "committee. which for
warded an appeal to president Wil
son to remove governor Terhune. and
the nati e unrest was manifested by
several fights with the American
Thousands Buy "Bricks"
For Roosevelt Home
New York. Jan. l. Thousands of
little cardboard red bricks have been
sent broadcast by the Women's
Roosevelt Memorial association in its
appeal to raise funds to restore the
birthplace of the late Theodore
Roosevelt at 2 S East Twentieth
with much of its original furnishings.
In support of the unique idea eachr
person who receives one of the bricks
is asked to sisn it and return it with
one dollar to the association. All of
Judge Noble, who besides being dis- ' tn bricks containing the namt-s of
trict judge was secretarv to the com
man dan t. registrar of titles, secretary
of native affairs, judge of the pro
bate court, superintendent of educa
tion, associate member of the high
court and vice-president of the Amer
ican bank of Samoa, was charged by
Boucher and Greene with halne- in.
8 tru mental in alleged misuse of funds
ana autnonty. Kali closed Noble's
court when the former became acting
Other charsres be for. thm vii in
quiry Included the following:
j. mil me t ernone aanuxustratiou
was a dose coroo ration and that
many of Its acts were illegal.
That the governor was physically
unable to perform his duties.
That civil and naval officials of the
administration were inefficient and
that some were immoral.
That there were gross irregular
ities in handling foods.
Langkfnj? Stock of South Seas.
That the administration made
American Samoa the laughing stock
of the South seas and of the United
States navy.
the contributors will be placed in the
cornerstone of Roosevelt house.
wnicn win oe iaia January . 1921.
It is expected that this novel plan
for raising the fund will meet with
complete success, for thousands who
revere the memory of Theodore
Roosevelt are "buying a brick" for
Roosevelt house.
Seek Parasite To Fight
Hawaiian Fruit Flies
Honolulu, T. H, Jan. 4. David T.
Fullaway. entomologist with the ter
ritorial board of agriculture will
leave soon for India to search 'for
certain fruit fly parasites known as
syntomosphrnn indie a and other par- j
asites discovered in 107 by George
Compere at Bangalore, India. j
The parasites located by Compere I
never reached Hawaii but is said !
to have been distributed in Anstra-1
lia and India. If the parasite can be
located, it will be introduced in the
territory to combat fruit flies here.
I Fill Ota With Pencil
Hinitrj Sc. KibmSa
Coffee & Spice Ca
3. Louis
Honey" back without erection
if HUKT8 SALVE faflslntaa
treatment of ITCH, rrrr'H,
iteunr wn teaeea met
CordeJl Drag CeBa.
it deal liberally with the common and
particularly the rural schools. Steps 1
may also o taicen iox a general tn- .
crease in the salaries of school 1
teachers, I
On the whole. It hi apparent that
the coming session will be one of
considerable interest to the people of
the state, especially as the bills and
resolutions do not include any of the
recommendations that may be' made
by Gov. Neff.
Portland, Ora, Jan. 4. Reports of
f u rt her slides of earth upon high
ways and railroads and of rivers and
creeks running bank foil or ovt of
bounds continue to come In from
many points.
The Willamette river here steed at
17 7 feet tonisht and nraeticallv all
the lower dock levels were flooded.
i,uue aamage was repoTxeo.
The lowlands north of Salens are
flooded. Many roads there are under
x akin dteeaeea Fries , water. A landslide near Cnshman.
arn?3isfta,ertttrectfroa) , Ore., at the mouth of a tunnel, in
tefa fiftm h trrma,t 1 tempted railroad communication U-
Stock Taking Time
Businesses, big and little, are now about
to take stock and find out where they
How about yon?
Will taking stock reveal that you have saved a
portion of your earnings, or will ft show that
you have come to the end of the year with
empty heads?
Make up your mind to deposit regularly in
"Everybody's Bank" a portion of your earn
ings. Then you may look forward with pleas
ure to stock taking tone.
Let Us Be Your Banker.
BoM)iATidfeu Rank
Stanton and Texas Streets.
t t "3
, "4
25 ,23
Ancient Note Held Good
By Jap District Court
Tokio, Japah, Jan. 4. Found in an
iron pot in 191?. a note of the Mit-
1 suir bank drawn in 1880 for Y. 10.
, 0o and purchased br Yasutaro Mur-
akomi. a medicine manufacturer of
Dojima, Osaka, has been held rood
by the Yokohama district court. The
bank has been directed to pay M.
Murakami the face vaiue with ac
crued interest.
Tokio. Japan, Jan. 4. Kazoo Kato,
a wall-known Tokio socialist, has
been asrested In connection with
Illicit sal. of his book called "From
3L Corner." which had been mbptmwJ
by the police. Members of the so- i
dalistsr anion, including- sereral
yonnK women, were arrested for sell
ins forbidden literature In the streetsw
Albuqnerqne, N. M- Jan. 4. Thomas
TV. Gllroth, 77, former member of the
C!olorda ronrm Minrr I. A a .1 II.
I is sarrlved br his widow and two
aaaa-ncerz, jsrs. jonn j. G11107-. of
Seattle, Wash, and Mrs. Clarence B.
Stone, of Denver. The body will be
shipped to Denver, where, it is under
stood, burial will be made.
Berlin. Germany. Jan. 4. The Ger
man newspapers publish a story from
Pracn. saying a French a-enera there
stood at salute while a band played
"Die Wacht am Rhine." He is said
to have thought it was the Checho
slovakian national air.
Trace tktrly-eiflit, a pianist,
Yea soon stall see, ha n&me was
Draw from 1 to 2 and so en to the
Dandruff Surely
Destroys The Hair
Girls if yon want plenty of thick,
beautiful, glossy, cOkr hair, do by all
means get rid of dandruff, for it will
starve roar hair and ruin It If you
It ilount do ranch sood to try to
brash or wash It eat. The only sure
way to get rid of d&ndraff Is to dis
solve It. then yon destroy it entirely.
To do this, set about fonr ounces of
ordinary liquid arvon: apply it at
night when retiring: vie enough to
moisten the scalp and rub it in gently
with the finger tips.
Br moraine most if not alL of vour
aanaraxx wiu oe Bone, ana inree or
lour more applications will com
pletely dissolve snd entirely destroy
every sinsle sign and trace of it.
You will find too. that all Itching
and digging of the scalp win stop,
and yonr hair will look and feel a
hundreds times better. Ton can gst
liquid arvon at any drug store. It is
inexpensive and four ounces is all
yoo will need, no matter how much
dandruff you have. This simple rem
edy never falls. Adv.
Blanks upon which income tax re- !
ports for 1SS are. to be made prob
ably will be received at local offices !
of the internal revenue within the ,
next few days, according to W. li
Black, clerk in charge.
"We Sell Kodak Supplies. j
, Whatever you may need films. I
filmpacks, developing outfits for th .
amateur photographer, plates, kodak 1
carrying cases, printing; paper, dew 1
ooer In fact, everything In the wav I
of kodak supplies, you will find it I
here. I
Gcndsra Paolo Supply Co.. !
11 B, San Antonio St. Adv. I
Hogwallow Locals
a Atc and San Antoalo St.
Private Branch Exchange SSM,
Mall and Phone Orders Prehtptly Fined.
A Quick Clearance of 1000 Pairs of High f
Grade Shoes From The Second Floor. A
Phenomenal Value at
nr 11
ive ucmars
EVERY year after inventory all broken lines and odds and
"ends from the Women's Shoe Section on the 2nd floor are
transferred to the Downstairs Store, Shoe Dept. In the past these
sales have been awaited with greatest interest, and we know the
same will be the case this year.
$5.00 Is But a Fraction of The Value of
Tliese Shoes.
Regardless of original costs these shoes have been grouped into one Tot aftd
the price $5.00 at which they are offered represents but a fraction of
their value.
Fifty Different Styles
THERE are fully 50 different styles to be fomd in tfak sale in sizes from IVx to
8 and widths AAA to D. In the group ym will find patent leather vrim kid
topi, all kid boots, black and brown calf, suede, satins and various cotabwatioofc
The freights of Ae tops range from 1Y2 to 10 kcKes. The neek you vrjl find high
wooden covered, high leather Louis Cuban heeJi. Cuban heels, baby French beeb and
low walkatg beds. (
January Sale Of
Home Needs
THIS k the week to supply what you need for the home. Lower prices
, are being quoted thk week than have been in effect since before the
war. Not only housekeepers, but hotel and looming house keepers, will
find this the opportunity for which they have been waiting. The following
are the January Sale items:
Jusl io give you some idea of what this
sale means, we will lell yoa that the for
mer prices of these shoes Were $17 5$
$15.00, $12.50 and $950. Come to
morrow and secure your choice at $5.00.
In the Bedding Section: Sheeit. PMov
Cases. Bed Spreads. Comforts and
In the While Ceods and Lmea Section:
Odds and Ends of Ranrtanh of a0 kinds
are being doted out at a fraction of their
. tahte.
The Dotmstaks Store take a promment
port in sppfAying home needs Ha meek
In addiboa to the general lines there are 4
spetiat groups of house and porch dresses.
The 6thfloor vll sapprs evtythiag you
need in . the way of scrim, marquisettes
and other kerns for Ae home.
Spring' Millinery
Adding interest to January Sales with a sample line of stunning Spring
Here Is The Big' News
'yOU can come tomorrow and buy gay Spring totBaKty at die lowest price at which
stylish Spring hats were ever introduced. You have beard about how prices
Have come dowu, so we wast you to coax tomorrow and see
for yourself.
We have just received a sample line of Spring hats from oae of
the leading milliners of the cooatry. Tints are osm of s
kind in style, eack hat being smut and orajmsL Some have
large sweeping1 brims, others ara in the new Marquis shapes.
ALro many new styles in tnrbaas which have been artistically
Women who are looking' for very new hats and at the same ttme
appreciate value, this sample late awaits your approval. Ordi
narilr kais the quality and style of these sell for S2S.00, $27 JO
and tSOJOO. They go on sale tomorrow
At $14.95
January Sales
The Babies' Shop
These come ia both long or short styles,, beaudruiff
embroidered asd made of the best fabrics.
Values to $1050-- QX
Jaauary Sale at tpf sJ
Values to $15.00 rr ey r as
January Sale at t0.
Made of sdk poplin and crepe de chme. daintily
triramed with basd embroidery.
Values to $2DO la the a i o ?
New Year's Sale at 115
Values to 93 la the H fl Jiul
New Years Safe at tpl.7.3l
These come K ail the wanted colors. Made of aS
wool yarns. Sizes- 6 months to 5 years. -Values
to $1050 A f-S
New Year's Safe priee PT
Values to $13.50 ' -v
New Year's Sale price. O. V.D
Extra Special
Sr. Deataa lit oping ganneata in all sues frsm
6 marh ts M yean. All at Extra Special Jan
uary Sale Prices.
Sabea aUxix in aB the varhas grades and sB
lises. Bow at revised Jjansry Sale Patees.
h near
Extra Special
The rsost satisfactory and the greatest m demaas
Sites small and medium only. cy fv
Estra Special for OvC
4th Floor
The World of While Is On the Way Greaier Than Ever Before.
Announce the removal of their
Law Offices to Suite 302, Two
Republics Life Building.
CLAB HANCOCK has takes the
agency for a corabinatMs cheat
protector, storm-proof shirt frost and
Fletcher Heastep says he has never
bees ia the Banking business, bat that
he has had lets of experience is trying
to get notes renewed.
Sidney Bocks was tried for a dis
turbance et the peace at Bounding
Bfitews hut Friday. By the carefnl
selection of a jnry Sidney was found
to be not goaty.
Washington. D. C Jan. 4. Parents
of minor children of the Osage Indian
tribe won their suit in the district of
Columbia court of appeals for a man
damns to compel the secretary of the
interior to pay tnem moneys dae tbelr
children as aecnmalatd bonuses "n
the sale of Osase oil lands.
The decision affects withheld bo
noses of more t)uui S33,0ov,Mt. It was
handed down in a suit brong-ht by W.
T. and Louis Hosier, r-arents of mi
nor children of the Otage tribe. The
interior department objected to nav-
jraent of funds on the ground that
tney were DOnuses and not "royal
ties." and that their distribution with
out an accounting- to tne Indian com
missioner might lead to dissipation of
the property of the minor children.
The department announced that it
would appeal to the United States su
preme eonrt.
Tacumc&ri, N. 1L. Jan. 4. Moun
tain States Telephone company will
improre its local plant by instalUnr
the common battery system. The com
pany will entirely rebuild the outside
plant, using cables Instead of open
wire, thereby eliminating much of
the trouble encountered under the
present system, which was installed
1? years ago.
Oklahoma City, Okla.. Jan. 4. Gov.
J. B. Kobertson has riven definite di
rections to S. P. Preeline. attorney
rose r-aziey got so interested in a i general, to taice part m tne prosecu
om. f ..v.n.nn tfcj. v v. !A tioii if Clara Smith Hamon. charged
. . . 1 in Cater county with the murder of or money refunded. At all urugsisti.
Havana. Cuba. Jan. 4. On instruc
tions of the president, two members
of the Havana port DOllce force have
been sent to CoJimar, a small village
on the coast a tew miles from here,
with orders to prevent the landing: of
the Western Union Telegraph and Ca
ble company's Barbadoes cable at that
point. Just why this aqtion was taken
has not been made clear.
It was understood that the Cuban
government had gran:ed all permits
necessary for connecting the cable on
Cuban soil and the company has been
at work preparing the land end at
It is announced that unless the or
der to the port police to prohibit the
landing is ooeyea. marine zorces wui
be used to enforce it-
Kodak Finishing. See Gandara. Adv.
Mother and Daughter
Doing Well
"Mother and myself, taking the ad
vice of some kind friends, are taking
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy for bad
rtomaoh and liver trouble and bloat
in ir. The medicine is rightlv and
well named 'Wonderful.' for such It is.
It has certainly done wonders for os
both." It is a simple, harmless
preparation that removes the catar
rhal mucus from the intestinal tract
and allays the Inflammation which
causes practically all stomach, liver
and intestinal ailments, including ap-
iiiiiuuius nose win ciinince
London. Eng., Jan. 4. Interviewed
by the London Times concerning lord
Northcllffe's explanation that the
Anglo-Japanese alliance involved no
obligation to Great Britain to join
Japan in the event of war with the
United States, baron Hayaahi, Jap
anese ambassador at London, says:
"I welcome the statement as a time
ly warning to both Japan and the
United states."
The ambassador denied the exist
ence of any secret agreement between
Great Britain and Japan and empha
sized that although only federal
phraseology is employed in the alli
ance, "Its intention is obvious and
the alliance would ne,ir stand in the
way of a good understanding between
Great Britain and the tnited States
or be used as a means of exerting
pressure upon Japan's old friend, the
United States."
San Antonio Texas. Jan. 4 urders
for the removal of the air service
mechanics school from Kelly field,
near San Antonio, to Chanute field,
Rantoul, 111, have been received.
The first units will move by January
15 and the equipment and personnel
will he at the new location by Feb
ruary l, according to an announce
ment today.
The aviation repair depot at Dallas
will be transferred here. It was said.
g The Best Cough Syrup
is Home-made
HftVa an easy way is save SS, aoA
t yet hTe the bet eoaghrem?ty h
Q yoa ever tried 3i
Wabash hotel; repairs, IB Piedraa
street, $J00.
Mrs. Pora MoKnly; screen porcti.
lis wominp street. j3j - -
conV. 'ukn Su,' Use Heraid Want Ads
You're probably beard of this eru
fcnown plan of makiag cough syrup
at home. But have you ever ue-l
itt Thousands of families, the world
over, feel that they could hardly keep
house without it. It's simple and
cheap, bat the way it takes hold of a
cough will soon earn it a permanent
pace in yonr home.
Into a pint bottle, pour 2'i ounces
of Pinex; then add plain graBclated
sugar syrup to fill np the pint. Or,
if desired, use clarified molassea,
honey, or corn syrup, instead of sugar
syrup. Either way. it tastes good,
never spoils, and gives you a full pint
ot better cough remedy than yon
could bay ready-nude for three tunes
its cost.
It hi really wonderful how quickly
this home-made remedy conquers a
cough usually in 24 hours or less.
It seems to penetrate through every
air passage, loosens a drv, hoarse or
tight cough, lifts the phlegm, heals
the membranes, and gives almost im
mediate relief. Splendid for throat
tickle, hoarseness, croup, bronchitis
and bronchia! asthma.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of genuine Xorwav pine ex
tract, and has been used for genera
tions for throat and chest ailments.
To avoid disappointment ask your
druggist for "81 ounces of Pmesr
with! directions, and don't accept any-thhuf-else.
Guaranteed to j ve abso
lute satisfaction or monev -t-'undei.
The Pinex Co . Ft. Y. , ne lnd
- . jaa anion. i iu-

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