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Wednesday, January 5, 1921.
rK.EAlfS of return. ug to their sunny
XJ home in Mexico to live in comfort
as reward for months of toil In
"arada were shattered for Carmen
Kyes, his wife, little daughter and
four sons when a stranger bearing
r i iciai looking badges worked a con
fidence gam ou them and took the
$470 from them which the six bad
made by their industry.
This is the story told to city de
tective Juan Franco, to whom has
oeen assigned the task of arresting
the "con man and recovering the
Several months ago, Reyes and his
family -went to Canada to work. They
bad suffered much from the revolu
tions m Mexico, and had regarded the
a ages offered as an opportunity to re
cti r-erate from previous financial
They came back to El Paso, and
ere looking with anticipation to the
journey to their home town, a com
munity in northern Mexico. They
' ad anticipated the wonder with
which they would be greeted by
friends and neighbors whom they
had left.
While waiting for time to go to
Juarez and catch the train, Reyes met
the stranger. A conversation fol
lowed, and the stranger produced a
badge, volunteering to assist Reyes
in procuring "necessary papers." The
stranger enlarged upon the difficul
ties usually met with in procuring
passports, but as he "had pull' said
he would assist (him.
Reyes was cautious, but wnen the
"friend" took him to the Hills build
ing and carried hint to the eighth
floor of that building and prepared to
enter an office, he became more con
fident. "The consul win want to know how
much money you have." the stranger
told him. 1 can see him immediately.
If you want to see him. you'll have
to wait your turn, we can save
time If you will let me take your I
money for you. and get things fixed
up quickly. Then 111 show you the
A bag of chinking gold and a roll
of bills changed hands, Reyes thank
ing the stranger for his interest. The
stranger turned a corner and Reyes
has not seen him since.
Paris. France, Jan. 6. The French
sn-vernment today received notice that
the German delegation was not ready
to resume the reparations conference
at Brussels January 10, as had been
agreed upon before the adjournment
of the conference last month.
Wh"n the Brussels conference ad
journed December -2 It was stated
the indications were favorable for an
rfrcement being reached by the allies
"n the concessions asked by Germany.
The discussion over Germany's fail
ure to carry out the disarmament
agreement as fully as some of the
.i'fd nations think it should, has
LTsen to cloud the situation.
"Berlin. Ger.. Jan. 5. Philatelic ex
Terts from all parts of the world
nie to Berlin to attend the great
'tamp sale just held here, which it
s claimed has a wider range than
any ever before held in Europe.
Tne otai tnumoex ox tots wm .
and the value at upset prices ex-
feded $250,000 nominally; but the
rarer specimens wers not priced, and
'or many there were no stanaaras.
During the first day's sale there
ivas a rush for rare Argentine, Bra
il ian and Bolivian issues.
L 'i.ted States issues included the
on!v known canceled copy of the
Tranklm Carriers." brown orange
orror. of 3S51, the Livingstone (Ala
bama) 5-cent blue of 3 861 and three
blocks of the new U. S. A. 0-eent
and 36-cent Issues of 1869, with flags
The gm of the American ocllec
ilon was a postal envelope of the
'Confederate seaman nailing the
"Stars and Bars to the mast, and
m the center the official postoffice
poet's lyrical efforts, as follows:
On, on to the rescue, the vandals are
Go beat them with bayonet and
saber and spear.
Drive them back to the desolate
1 itiH thnv am !i-viaaa-
Go, trust in God, yon hare nothtagfj
to tear.
IS $9387.49
It El Paso should fill down on the
raising of it's quota for the relief of
tne starring- cmiaren or tsarapc, 11
would be a black mark on the city's
perfect record, members or the cam-vais-n
committee declared Wednesday.
Nearly two weeks have gone by and
El Paso hasn't reached the halfway
mark. Only 320 persons have re
sponded. Contributions for Wednesday,
amounting to tlal.ao brought tne to
tal to WJS7.49-
Followlng are the new contributors:
P. A. Lowe I 10.0
Cash 10.00
George Mitchell 5.00
Henry S. Beach 10.00
Mrs. Ltale Avirett 5-00
Mrs. 1. D. Hume, Alamogordo.
N. if. S.W
Cash 4.0S
J. B. Easter, Santa Rosa, N. II. 6.60
Hignett & Anderson 20.00
Mrs. P. R. LeBaron 5.00
Mrs. Jame Miles 10.00
a S. Carpenter 5.00
Mrs. Luther Barnard 5.00
Mrs. S. Ginsberg 5.00
Sarah B. Barger 10.00
W. C Amelon 10.00
Rev. Riifns C Baker 12.00
Mrs. F. L. Brewer 2.00
H. T. Etheridge 10.06
Business Women's Club 2.50
Papeete, Tahiti, Jan. 5. Two
Aemrican scientific expeditions are in
rani a. one xrom tne Bishop museum
at xionoiuju ana tne otner xrom tne
Museum of Natural History at New
York. The expedition from Hawaii is
chiefly concerned in ethnological
studies in the outlying islands, the
Ifarquesaas and Austral archipelagos
wnere traces ox ine ancient customs
of the eastern Polynesians can still
be found.
On Tahiti itself all memory of the
customs and legends of their ances
tors has been lost by the natives. Or
if not wholly lost they are carefuly
rp oy ine xew ox tne outer genera
tion wno survive, ana are not com
monlcated to the white man.
It is said that in the mo tin ruin m
many burial caves full of relics of
bygone days that would be of the
greatest value to tne scientific inves
tlgator. But the entrances havn hn
carefully conceal td and no native will
lead a white man to them, as they
irar tne vengeance oi i ne departed
spirits whose earthly tenements are
deposited there.
The other expedition Is seeking
specimens ox tne oira lire ox tne
Fernando Vatdlro and Ayolonia
Utiro Arreola and Antonia Lope
Esteian B. de la .Rosa and Elena.
A i ma rax.
FOR $100,000
New York. Jan. 5. The Italian
cvamber of labor announced today
that a 100,000 damage' suit had been
filed in state supreme court against
attorney general Palmer and four
other officials of the department of
justice in connection with the death
of Andre Salsedo, who jumped 14
stories to his death last Kay while
under detention at department head
quarters in connection with the bomb
outrages of June. ltl.
The suit brought by Salsedo's
widow named also William 3. Flynn,
chief of the department's barefta of
t Us. jniadhaad wiV
com suicidally despondent. I
Too chamber announced tnet copies
of the charges had been sent to tin
Italian embassy at Washington.
Kodak Finishing. See Gandara. Adr.
a say mm OF 3
f mr wTi Tn iiTZ12rl A Tart Blia1.-is
uwvKovtx isuwc canst n;v p. m.
Ketchikan, Alaska, Jan. Sv Two
hunters are dead, a third is seri
ously ill of exposure, and once more
a little band of grim faced search
ers has returned from the task of
seeking out victims of the north's
frosen winds.
Assistant Ltehthanaa Itmiw Vm4i
Scott of Mary island. miles south
of here, and Leslie Williams, 17-yearv
old Ketchikan high school boy. are
the victims, and Charles Chapman,
another high school boy, is the sur
vivor oi a nun ting trip started mat
week when the two twtv. want tn
Mary island -to visit Scott.
They proceeded only four miles
Into the Interior of tee Island, bat
wiamr josc on ineir way tfF. and
were caught in a terrific bllEsard.
Searehinsr nartle Rwkv
uio Dwoy ox wiiiiams on us beach
not far from the lighthouse, at the
foot of a cliff over which he had
Scott's body was found yesterday
within half a mile of tint llr-fcthnu
and his trail showed he had crawled
more than two miles to his effort to
reach shelter.
Three Boys Drown.
Milwaukee. Win Ji K in. n-
skatlng on the Milwaukee riwr ihn.
sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Hacker of
West Bend. Clarence. 13; Leo. It. and
Lawrence. fi. were drowned.
Fred E. Taylor, president, and Tom
ingersoll, secretary of the National
Association of Real Estate boards.
win arrive in EI Paso at 8: JO oclock
tomorrow mornlnv from tfi. ...
They will be met at the station by a
wiiuiiicc ii r.i ruo realtors. Tne
visitors will be taken to the Paso del
jwne on ineir arrival. Tne prog
for the remainder of the day fom
beave Paso del Norte for high
school. :1 a m.
F. E. Taylor's address to students
at nig a school. s: a. m.
aronDO scenic XJrtve, 10:15 a.m.
ft. . HtMn meeting party at
Vienna, Austria. Jan. 5 The im
perial glass coach of tne Hapalrargs
js now earning its keep In the
"movies' at 100.000 crowns a perform
ance. The royal stables have become
a burden on the republic and the 86
magnificent white horses and 400
carnages of every description are
made to partly earn their keep.
They are used to drive members
of the . assembly to and from their
homes, transport provisions for the
American relief and certain of the
actresses and singers of the state ,
theater and opera still hold their con- i
tracts providing for ETattuitous use I
of the state carriages.
Many horses and carriages were
sold soon after the downfall of the
monarchy, but many more of the
srorsreons vehicles and nhowr hnnai
remain unsalable. This is particu
larly true of the great glass and gold
state coach, in the style of Louis IV
used only on great ceremonial occa
sions and said to be th finMt n.w
of coach work extant.
Tap to Jaarez, S:Sw p. ;
Departure, nnios atatlbi
ResJ tttate ansa from
southwest are to- bm. here to greet the
in. 4 :19 p. m.
over tne
national officers. The national offi
cers are on their way to Athutta. Ga
to attend a enferecaft at WMtldAntst
oixei esxaxe Doaras.
Mr. Vincent Cared Hit Hems of the
Loafing Hahxt. Easily Done.
' My egg supply
wonderfully. Early in
ls Increased
January. I
staged us,ng Don Sang. I bad been
gemng about S eggs every other day
from 70 hens. By the end of January
I was getting 30 eggs a day. In two
-t'eelcs mure. I was getting 4S a day."
G. W Vincent, South Ky.
Jlr. Vincent's results, in January,
ro e that you can get the eggs when
t-ggs are high. It's no trouble and
oests nothing to try.
Oive jour hens Don Sung and
wstcfc resuits for one month. If you
don t find that it pays for Itself and
pays you a good profit besides.
imrlv tell us and your money will
be c'-ieerfully refunded.
Con Sung (Chinese for egg-laying)
.s a scientific tonic and conditioner.
It easily given in the feed, ira
?ros the hen's health and makes her
stronger and more active. It tones
up te pgg-laying organs, and gets
the eggs, no matter how cold or wet
the Tveather.
Don Sung can be obtained prompt 7;
from your druggist or poultry remedy
aeaer, or send 6ic (Includes war tax)
fr a package by mail prepaid. Bnr--
"-uggT Co 214 Columbia BWg
- :is.!f.Iis. Ind
The strongest com
pliment ever paid to
Scott's Emulsion
is the vain attempts at
imitation, those
who take cod-liver
oil at its best, take
Scott's Emulsion.
SttBgw,fTi Siill TT I
cratiOB authorities at
probably will be admitted to the en
try. It was said today at the depart
ment of labor.
Officials said that In Ttew of ad
miral HeCally's statement Oat he in
tended to educate the cbSdrec and
make them his heirs, secretary Wilson
was expected to order their admission.
Flash Lights To Make
Night Traffic Safer
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. &. Flash
light danger sla-mUs are to be placed
at street intersections ta this elty
as additional safes-nard against acci
dents at night, it was announced to
day by the electrical bureaus. .Red
and green lenses, with powerful in
cadescent lamps enclosed is an iron
case, will be used.
Secretary Colby Starts,
On Home Bound Voyage
Juswviaao. uragnay, mm. c Baln-
Russ Children Adopied
By Admiral To Enter U. S.
Washington, D. C Jan. B. The
seven Bnsslan children oronKht to the
Dtalted State for adoption by rear j
somirai iugn a. aousur, termer
America, nlrti .-.-..- gehas.
lopoi. ana eraerea niwimww-1 ssldffs Collar. , American secretary of
iwiM,!.,.,. srrtved here from Boenoe Aires
today on board the Orogaayan cruiser
"WW, wmca was escortea py the
Argentine emiser IJbertad, Imme
diately after his antral. Xr. Colby
""" uie umiaa txaies Bacuesnip
Florida, where he received, a Tiatt of
conrtesy from a representative of the
Uruguayan government, alter which
the Florida left tor the United States.
Judjre W. D. Howe, Presiding.
Stephen V. Pivarnlck vs. lKulse Pl
varnick, divorce; filed.
JnKP Bellard Ceidirell PrealdlBg.
George W. Westfeldt vs. C K. Fln
ley company, on account; petition
McLean vs. Shannon, set for Janu
ary SI.
Walker vs. Southern Pacific, set
for February 2.
i name uverton tmeiu vs. LAwrence
P. OTJelli. divorce: petition filed.
Ponciana Jtminex de Jurado vs. Rlto
, Jurado, divorce: filed. . .
Jadge P. R. Price, P-esfeiag.
Benton, administrator, vs. Fams
worth and Romney, set for Monday,
January 31.
Christian vs. Western Union, set
for February 3.
Dlltman vs. Hofacman, set for Feb
ruary .
Rene C. Rittener vs. Ruth E. Rltte
ner, divorce: filed.
STOP tTCtfflg m
eor?rnr cocrt at law.
Jedce J. St. Heaver. Presiding.
A. E McCormick vs. Ralph Dmt-
mett. damages of 1175; filed.
1 C. M. Ortu vs. Hermanlo Suii, on
' appeal; filed.
Zemo the Clean, Antiseptic
liquid, Gives Prompt Relief
Tbesr is one saie. dependable treat
meet that relieves itching torture and
that cleanses and soothts the skin.
Ask any druggist for a 35c orSl bottle
ol Zemc and apply it as directed. Soon
yoo win find that irritations, jatnpfes,
Warirlif ffil ccgiiisMccfaesnsaWunii
anrtmriltr akin troabte will diaappesr.
Zctax the penetrating satanjinaT
BqakL is ail that is needed, for ft
faenishes most skin emptioos, mimo.
tike akin soft, snxxtis and healtuy.
TbcE W.ETSeCo.Cfcr-ianiJ.0.
Cuticura Talcum
is Fragrant and
Very Healthful
R. B. Rawilaa, Presiding.
1 State vs. J. T. Halle, Jose Garcia.
Mike George, N. E. Haynes. J. X. Xc
1 Aeer. Simon Provenclo, Salvador Val
I dec, E. Ban man and G. Minus, speed
ing; each fined i and costs.
Pre. 1, PL 2, Clark Wright, Presiding.
I State vs. Louis Malr. W. J. Farth
. '5' ,E,,G' Brown. Dan Coffield. Har
I old Jolly. E. Durham, speeding: fined
l ana costs eaet.
State vs H. C. Swearinger, speed
ing; dismissed.
State vs. Charles Wilcox. C. Phelps.
C. P. Scott. Jose Nsgrey. Herbert
Flory. WiUlam Greenberg. illegal
train riding: fined $58 and costs each.
State vs. Miss Grace Glnther. speed
ing; dismissed.
State va Jose Carta, speeding;
fined II and costs.
Clark Wright. Preaidtng.
State va Milton Webb. G. Lara me
and L K. Dougihy, speeding; fined
$1 and costs each.
State ti. H P. Butlll. driving car
with opn muffler: fined SI and costs
State vs. A D Meachum, theft from
j person heM for grand jury under
bond of 11 000. ,
StatA vs Moises Venegas snd Au-
1 eustine Pcrreira theft from person;
1 hHd for srand jury under bond of
JTZu t;n.U
Ask New York Assembly
To Expel Socialist Member
Albany, N. Y Jan. 5. A resolution
calling for the expulsion of Charles
Solomon, Socialist member of as
sembly of Kings county, has been
prepared for introduction In the as
sembly when the lower house con
venes today. It will be offered tor
ssaemblymsn Ralph HaJpera, Repub
lican, oi vtrcena.
Athena, Greece, Jan. S. Among the
matters to be discussed by king
Cons tan tine in the speech from the
throne to be denevered before parlia
ment today was the necessity of rais
ing money to keep the army at
Smyrna until the Turkish question n
settled, maintenance of friendly re
lations wiin ine antes, execution of
the Sevres treaty and internal har
mony. Because or the king's Illness, his
adress was to be read by premier
It la not probable a coaiulon cabi
net Will, be formed.
Rome, Italy, Jan. S. The Italian
government Is facing an almost un-
solvable problem in the Question of
the cost of the nation's bread. During
and since the war the price of bread
was kept down artificially, the gov
ernment paying si.fwo.go,oea and
even latelv lust Ass ess v.h
the difference between the actual cost
of the flour and ths orice raid bv rh
The nrice of . Lllo i.s MM.auav
of ordinary bread used to be equiv
alent to cents, or of a finer quality
II or 13 cents; now the price for the
same quantity of inferior bread is 31
cents a kilo, and the Italian working
iff" "'S'.ed to pay the balance
which would increase the cost to them
to 4 cents or even half a dollar a
Italian workingmen are now paid
wages which compare favorably with
salaries doled out to officers in the
army or heads of government depart
ments and do not hesitate to pay
enormous sums for wine, tobacco and
luxuries for their table. A mason,
SSSSfl,ti', or f0"1' ker used to
consider himself well paid with leas
ii!;i7 ? t1". daJr- look
forward to having mere in the future.
tContlnaed trees page J.)
Auto Factories Reopen
On Part Time Basis
Lansing. Mich-, Jan. S. The Reo
Motor company has resumed opera
tions sfter a week's shutdown for In
ventory. The entire force of S100
men is working on half time. The
Olds motor works here also Is operat
ing on a part time basis.
Finds 85 Pearls In One
Oyster Bought At Market
Manhattan. Kan. Jan. 5. J. A.
Coleman of Manhattan, today dis
played 85 pears, varying in sise.
which he declared he found In a single
oyster shell. The oyster was in a
lot shipment at a local market.
The monthly efficiency meetlnsr of
the Southern Pacific lines will be held
tonlrht at 7:45 In the general office
at Mills and Campbell streets. All lo
cal employee ami divisional officials
wlU attend.
Mrs. W. K. Van Patten. 717 Wyom
ing street, .fell at Oehoa and Montana
streets, Tuesday afternoon, and
sprained her left arm.
r-llcant who receives ray recommenda-
qualified, but he must also be a Re
,p"b'ic5 "tfhe must be acceptable
to the Republicans of New Mexico. -
Gov. hlervtt r "-- - .
briefly, bat exactly to the point. De
claring his belief in the truth of the
theory that ours Is a government of
parties, be said: "My m ambition
will be to make this administration
ID flV MeXICO durtaff tit nm-w
yearn the administration of the Re
I ublioan party. I want to know your
uroes, ana to ae guided
Nestor Montova. the nerw
tative in conerea. said that k .
ireu 10 serve ail the people of New
Mexico. exceDt m the rflatrlhntfm, ne
offices, -and the offices now belong
to the PnnKK.,n. " k j i
Holm O. Bursura. national commit
teeman, declared that the work of the
irawuxation in passing, on the ap
plications for office wnnM H wlfhnnt
favoritism and with alt of th mrn
ou ins uoie. so pledges have yet
been made for either state or fed
eral appointive offices, he said. The
first essential was described as fit
ness for the work, and It was said
also that the applicant must be a
Republican and must have endorse
ment of his local organization.
Must Prorate Offices.
"This will be a Republican admin
istration.' Buraum continued, "but
there will not be enough offices for
all those who are willing to serve.
The administration Is In the position
of a man who incurs liabilities greater
than his sssets. Under these circum
stances me shall have to prorate our
These four speakers who hare been
quoted also laid emphasis upon carry
ing out the party platform pledges,
not" only to the letter, but also in the
R. Craig, state chairman, in
stating the purpose of calling the
conference, called upon all good Re
publicans to get in behind the gover
nor and render all the service possible
in helping him to csrry out the party
Judge David J. Leahy, of Las Vegas,
pleaded for the redemption of pledges.
Lotwlthstandins pome of them mav
Hie Sturdy
Food Values
of wheat arid
malted barley
are combined
arid available
as in no other
prepared cereal
"There's a Reason"
for Grape-Nuts
run counter to the viis of individual
He declared he was personally op
posed to some of the changes nledsed.
but that a majority of the convention
had declared In favor, and that the
n astrres in question ought to be sub
mitted for the approval of the people.
fua.ee iwean was permanent en air
man of the Albuquerque convention
and presided through the turbulent
session when o. A. Larraiolo was de
feated for renominAtion for governor.
Woven Fledge AM.
Mrs. Adehna Otero Warren, vice
chairman, speaking for the women,
asserted they would be rendy to
serve in every way possible in fur
thering the interests of the Republi
can party.
Near the close of the conference
former governor George Curry said
the meeting was one of the best, if
not the best, that lie hsd ever at
tended in New Mexico.
Other speakers were Frank W.
Clancy, of Santa Fe. Thomas P.
Gable, of Colfax county; W. H. Duck
worth, lieutenant governor; Mrs. Ru
pert F. A. Splud, of Santa Fe. Thomas
Hughes, of Albuquerque; Mrs. A. B.
Stroup. of Albuquerque.. Mrs. Mayme
0Bryan. of Santa Fe; Secundio Ro
mero, of Las Vegas; S P. Barnes, of
Albuquerque; former lieuterant gov
ernor Benjamin F. Pankev. judge
Reed Holloman. of Santa Fe. Mark B.
Thompson, of T-.a Cruces- M. S Frank
Curns, of Wagonmound. Hugh H Wil-
ipms, or nemi'ie Rov A Trpntfr--
Tncumcar i a --r a t-r 11 !.
IliimpB. of Raton. Col. Raluh K.
TwJtchell. of Santa Fo.
The meeting Teas held in the su
preme courtroom and attended by loOl
Rf publicaf1
This was the universal verdict of the hundreds who patronized this sale yester
day and the day before. One man was so pleased that on his check he wrote
in one corner:
"A $68 SUIT fQR $27.50"
No odds and Ends, sizes to fit all. Give them the "once over" that's all we ask.
Slims, Stouts, Regulars and extra sizes.
17.50, $25.00, $27.50,
Large and clean stock. Outfit yourself NOW. Underwear, Hats, Neckwear, Col
lars, Hosiery, Bathrobes, Pajamas, Belts, Caps, Shirts, Gloves, Etc., Etc
jack Mcdonald
108 E. San Antonio SL
Send Us Your Mail Orders.
Robberies of business houses have
become so frequent that business men
n ay be asked to meet, and call upon
poiice for a more adequate and sys
tematized matching system, sccordina
to a Farber, of B. Farber & Bros.,
ary goods store, 114 East Orerla J
street, one of the concerns robbed.
Five business houses have suf
fered losses within ths last 1 days,
in every ease, the result of someone
forcing an entrance Into outside dis
play windows.
in an cases except one. tne initials
F. R" and the name "Horsefsce"
have .been corred in the store or on
broken SMsa. "Horsefsce, police
say. has terrorised Mexicans living In
outh El Paso.
Among concerns which have re
ported thefts during the lsst few days
The Berg company. 304 East Over
land street, display window smashed,
u ith total losses from broken window
and goods stolen amounting to $400.
The 11. ii. is. snoe company, uwr-
land street and South Mesa avenne.
ocks on disDlsv window opening
broken snd ISO worth of goods taken.
B. Farber & Bros. 114 fcast over
Und street, four locks on display win
dow broken and 344 worth of goods
R. a Ughtbody. Co, men's fur
nishings. 210 East Ban Antonio street,
expensive display window smashed.
Fred J. Feldman company, sporting
goods, SOS East San Antonio street,
lam. niate class window smashed:
hief apparently injured bis handsa
blood-marked glass was found.
Suggestions For, Protection.
Mr. Farber attributes the apparent
oase with which windows have been
smashed and the guilty persons have
escaped to a lack ot system in night
watching- Mr. Farber said he in
tended to propose to business men
that the watching system be central
ired. He said all watchmen should be
under police supervision, that the
merchants should units, and that beats
tor watchmen be so distributed that
there would be no duplication. He
would require that watchmen call the
police station at least once each hour,
ro that ,ln case any watchman was
sick, he could be replaced.
Threaten Chauffeur.
The "Horsefsce" to whom police
reler. they say. is the self-given tiUe
of a prowler to whom a number of
sensational robberies and holdups
have been attributed. Whoever it
vat who broke the B. B. B. store dis
play window, according to the pro- I
T.rictnr. left a slen upon which was j
inscribed th message, "llorscfnce did 1
this." The lettering was drawn upon
u large piece of cardboard.
fnmllar sign wss left upon the
window of thi Berg window.
I'thpr ait'Mtiea attributed to
Willis H. Ransom was chosen presi
dent of the Salesmanship club at its
annual election held Tuesday night in
the grill room of the chamber of
commerce. Mr. Ransom succeeds Uay
Shetton. elected president of the c'ub
at its organiastion a year ago. lie
was elected over Jack Biggy and C
E. Cannon
E. R. Hardage was elected ice.
president, defeating J. C Eehlln.
U W. Bartholomew was elected
secretary treasurer, defeating C. E.
Six directors were elected out of IS
candidates. The six in ths order cf
the votes they received were: Bob
Mullln. Sam Watklns. W. c. Hepburn.
Tex Griffin. Barry Cool and A. M.
Lockhart. It was announced by tne
election Judges Tuesday night that
Ted Lester hsd been elected a di
rector, but It was discovered on s
reeheck of the totals Wednesday uiat
Mr. Lester had received 62 votes in
stead of 57. which put Mr. Lockhart
ahead of him. Mr. Lockhart got it
Directors who hold over for another
year are: Norman Walker. H. H. Fria,
W. V. Danghdrtll. J. C Quins. J. W.
furry and O. J. Allen.
After the election Mr. Shelton w
.presented with a gold watch, a
leather belt and a pocket knife as
a token of the club's appreciation for
his services. hPA Shelton turned to
his son and gas him his old wstch.
The "Coffee Dan" Idea wan carried
out at the meeting. Ray Shelton and
Scott White were dressed ss bar
tenders and wore eyepstches Msny
other men were dressed in sweaters
and caps or in csstumes.
Martm Collns. of St. Louis and W.
B. Wsre. of El Paso, were the main
speakers. W. C. Hepburn. Jamas C
Qhinn and Tex Griffin supplied music
More than 100 men attended the
SffjJV without Ls&ohewas HHMK
BjRi "We are more than thankful for what you did iBpf
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nlartereart. bat
sour work on him. Hi let are mo rtrant; and he ruM. tamp, and cioei anytfacz aay other
Bsyoudo. MB. AND MBS. JOHN WXAzLOB. 3tt Conner BUg. Los Angstes, CaL"
This is rKt a selected case neither is tJMreeoltunogual In correcting
this deformity no plaster parts or general anaesthesia was used.
For Crippled Children
t treftteest of cfaOdna sad ymag advft. aftetad with Qnb Ftt. Intota) PvbItbj.
W OtMM and Cvrvmtan; Hip ZjWawe. Wry N efc. te. Obt book. TeCm BMlrn and
aho -Meckel Bttcswasm" tn ea rawit Write ice titm.
Tba Mr! j,m Ortbopcdie SaakaHsm 999 Aabert Are. St. Loms. Mo.
"Horacface" by police ar a numbar
of minor robbri of Mexicans in
Sooth El Paso.
Police also have been told that
Horaeface" has called for service
cars, phoning: from isolated sections
of town. When the car draw up to
the place it has been called, a masked
man jumps upon the rtinnfaftT board,
holds up the drlTcr. and before dls
mlevrtng; him lets ft be known-that
"Horsefsce is doing- this."
Police are told that the man has;
terrortzd service car drivers, that
'ome nf tht chauffeurs refuse to an- I
calls from many sections of ;
Tenement, f in4 investment.
nmm, tenement specialist. Ph. 4M.-Adv
Chinese womn
op'-an footwear.
are adopting: Eu-
Paris, Jan. 5. Elections of sena
tors which will be held next 8unday
may have a direct effect upon the
personnel of the cabinet. Three
members of the ministry are candi
dates. Oeoraes Leyfues. president of the
ministerial council, is credited with
the Intention of diminishing the num.
her of portfolios in the government,
dismissing; some under secretaries aad
doing away with a number of govern
mental and administrative bureaus.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Morns.
in" ci .nreed. a son.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Morris A.
Buttner. Old Fort Bliss, a son.
Born to Mr. and Mra Lyle H. Ken
dall. 4JJ4 Westminster street, a son.
Bom to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Lemmons.
1S!0 Montana street, a son
Born to Mr. snd Mrs. Earl H Mitch
ell 1S20 Mesa avenue, a daughter
Born to Mr and Mrs Strien T.
Campbell, l; v. Ea,. Missouri street, a
Born to Mr. and Mrs Stanley W.
Summerll. 1S West Misnoart street,
a daughter.
Born to Mr and Mrs Lotus T Dow
ney. 1704 Montana street, a daughter
Try Mukerote. See How
Quickly It Relieves
usaafjy the pein is gone a deatdous,
raadewstkoa of raustard. Dse it instead
ofBMHtard piaster. Wilt not biister.
Many doctors aad nurses nse Master
ole aad reoamiaesd it to their patients.
Tiey vf gladty tell yoa what reixf
it gives from sore throat, bcoochitis,
crosp, staf neck, asthma, nenralgia,
usitjeation. plemiay, rfaniinatisaiam
begs, pains aad acbes of the back or
joints, sprains, sore muscles, braises,
tlilHniini. frosted feet colds of the
chest. Always dependable.
36c aad 65c jars; hospital size SiuO

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