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Wednesday, January 5, I9ZI.
ITALY has been through an eaUaordiaary exixrieace aad
has cone out of it with honor that the world 'should not
withhold. The final solution of the d'Annimiio and Flume
problem in good faith and with little bloodshed ii a re
markable proof of the rmdertyinr. good sense of the Italian
oeople and the essential atalnlity of the government. This
s true in spite of the fact that many things about the en
tire episode seem to the avenge American to be the aatitbe
n of good sense and of stability.
It will be recalled that at the outbreak of the gnat wax,
Italy was a member of the triple alliance with Germany
and Austria-Hungary. Both of the central empires had
powerful standing in Italy and had well organised propa
ganda forces. The central empires insisted that Italy most
loin with them, but the Italian government took the stand
that the war was aggressive, not defensive, and refused to
Italy's "neutrality" was undoubtedly influenced by the
direct threats made by Great Britain and France that Italy
ould be blockaded and attacked by sea if she joined Ger
many and Austria. Italy is exceedingly vulnerable on the
Mediterranean, and she is also economically dependent.
The central empires offered Italy ranch important terri
torial gain if she would join them. Italy's claims 'of long
u tiding in AustriaiMenitory to the north and across the
Adriatic were broad, but Austria was ready substantially
to concede them. The temptation was-great; but Italy's
fear was greater, and when the allies offered to back Italy
in her large territorial ambitions neutrality came to an
end and Italy cast in her lot with the allies.
At the trine, American sentiment was generally advene
to Italy, since her action appeared ts be dictated solely by
territorial ambitions and not ts be influenced by any
broader consideration. It is ansecessary to go ista this
question now, but it should bV emphasised that Italy's terri
torial claims had more reason and mare trae patriotic basis
than are generally credited.
Italy fought a splendid war. With her limited iwearces,
she strained herself to the utmost. Site moBBbsed several
minion men and undertook an aggressive war en a large
scale. Ho part of the long front was the field of sore)
romance in the war, if romance there be, than the ltaBaa
front. The entire world was stirred again and again by the
accounts of the transcendent heroism of the Italian treepa
m the Alps and in the marshes
Italy suffered tremendous losses, bat she virtaally pat
Austria out of the war and lessened the tast of the ether
allies by reducing the effective enemy mart power on the
western front and narrowing the fieM of actios for whkii
the other allies were responsible, Italy received material
iid, but never any troops to speak of, from the other allies, j
Italy claims to have ended the war, when she defeated
the Austrian army and took 300,000 prisoners. Italy claims
that this was the only rnstaTiro in the war in which an
enemy army surrendered. The blow was a tremendous one.
During the war the people stood by the government wit
more tnan usual ujuluiu
ended than all the disruptive forces
more than usual unanimity. .But no
selves. Socialism and communism had
headway. What is known as Young Italy, the radical poHt
ca! elements largely of the younger generation, was strong
-r. the army and flushed with military glory. When the
government failed to get what it wanted at Paris, the gov
ernment fell. Young Italy demanded its pound of flesh,
and no excuses or arguments went far.
Italy did not demobilise her army. A terrific fead
suited between an extreme radical labor aad agrarian de
ment demanding domobQuation, aad political radicals ef a
different type demanding war against the alBes for fall
territorial satisfaction. The amy and the navy were split
wide open and a state of mutiny, mere or less latent, pre
vailed. The government was powerless aad practically ad
mitted it.
The wiilei of this happened ts be is Italy when dAa-r.nnr-.o
seized Fiume. It was interesting to observe the
attitude of the people generally, aad to read the comments
of the press. Open rebellion did not seem to create much
stir. Even the government press, generally conservative,
spoke in the most restrained way about the outbreak. Hasty
curious things happened. A typical instance: One night in
Turin a major formed his battalion and informed his men
that he was going to join d Annuuio; he asked how many
would like t j join him. Meat assented. Be seised railroad
cars arid a locomotive, loaded hia battalion, aad went sev
eral hundred miles across Italy without interference -and
offered his battalion to the rebel.
This sort of thing was common. Not only individa&l
officers and men in large numbers deserted army and navy
-o join d'Annmnio in Fiume, bat entire units of the army
and ships with their personnel went over to him. These
things caused surprisingly little adverse comment or disor
der anywhere in the kingdom.
The writes had aa opportunity a talk with a number
Italian officers, and fonad them strongly is sympathy
with d'Amrmmo, and hostile to the allies. When they were
asked why Italy still had 1,000,000 men, under arms nearly
a year after the armistice, they replied, The war it net
orr; Italy will have her rights." Generally speaking, the
disorders in Italy at that time rwere greatly exaggerated is
the foreign press.
Things went from bad to worse. The allies and the
league of nations proved powerless. For more than a year
Italy was divided, and a considerable part ef her amy and
navy was in open rebellion, net only against Italy hat
agamst the allies and all the world. ItaHan industrial,
Business Outlook Brighter Than Any Time During 1920;
Actors Like El
Tilt business outlook Is cow
hr'"e:ht, r than any time dur
raid Charles E. Tlmmn.
anager of the Sherwin-Williams
i:Et storr. "We
must not talk da-
ression If Te are to weather the
-es&nt adjustment period, bat must
1 confident all the time- There s
othjnf; to he sad about, asm If the
erage ctizen will adept this view
nt. I feel sure that normal times
..1 return aoon. Business south of
border is rapidly inereaslna; and
course, as conditions improve theee
jinea in Kl Iaso will be still bet
f - As far ns paint is concerned, X
-1 r.ot see how paint can homo down
- fore the middle of the year, ft
-"tns to me that the present prices
raint arb bound to hold ak for six
"itns at least on account of the
' -1 neceasarv to make them."
' TA'e always play to large houses In
.' Paeo." said John Sears Storey,
adina; man for May Robson. "I re
in ber ahen v.e first appeared here,
-ariy ten -eara aaro. We followed
s "-ah Bernhardt, who had played to
ISO people, and expected rather a
"or house, but when we finished oar
The Peptimist
THE peptimist is one who works with most eroeeding vim, asd sets example
to the shirks woo may keep tab on htm, So man-" rrefn, with dragging feet,
go to their tasks each day; with frowns they shack the ears of wheat aad
brash tbe bales of hay. With scowls they ply the shining saw or wield the
;efal churn; they're only happy when they draw the pay they think they earn.
And when there is a slump in trade, and workmen must be fired, these delegates
Lit first to fade they've made the bosses tired. The peptimist has taken prise
n labors safe and sane, whatever tool he may have plied, a corkscrew or a plane.
He did not go with dragging step when morning whistles blew; in every motion
-here was pep, r.o sulky fits he threw. Aad when a stamp in trade appears, and
workmen are laid off, the boss announces, throagh las teats, "Well keep tUs
: ustling toff. We cant afford to let him go, he's sacb a useful man; we'll
keep him, though to Tom and Joe we mast attach the caa. The peptimist is in
:emand wherever commerce dwells; he makes his pregiess through the land, and
.- ears hia string of bells.
; yright by Geoi-ge Matthew A dam 8- WALT MASON.
. 1910. IntenntaVaal Fxatare Serotc. Ine Seonanl n. a. raua oak.
rv&wr M.ULrONrWes sue sf u u? for me !
WHftt fci&&o Pose AS
social, economic, and
extremists had demanded, bat regarded as a wise compro
mise by the majority. Much ts the surprise of the Italians
themselves, so less than that of the rest el the world, gov
ernment forces were sent against d'Annuniio's rebels and
actually fought them. The demonstration was not so im
portant in a military aense as in a moral sense, proving
that Italy had -palled herself together.
Italy, in spite of her internal trssHes, was the first of
all the great European war powers te go to work after the
war and make honest efforts to recover tost ground. She
dtd.net pass through a long period of idleness as France
did, nor did she develop radicalism of so dangerous a type
as that of Britain,
eatsiders generally.
alities'' together
against odds all but hopeless. After one knows Italy, the
wonder is not that there is considerable domestic unrest,
bat that there is any "Italy" at all.
It is a country with which the United States sbeald dc-
vtiop mere active mtereoBrse. Italy seeds our gooes in
many Sues, and we need hers. Italy would welcome closer
relations. The latest demonstration of essential soundness
entitles her to American aid and sympathy. A shortsighted
policy ef exclusion would hart us both.
The millions of Italians in America are a valuable asset,
net a liability. In spite of Italian hostility toward presi
dent Wilson, they always distinguished between him per
sonally and the people of the United States, and never were
aati-Asericaa, evea though this government steed across
the path of their national ambitions. J(o it is time te lay
aside any prejedioes we may have hn, and give Italy the
osasitsmiies that is her due, apes her serf-recovery from
a long and critical illness, in spite ef the bungling ef the
TreaWe with the literacy test for immigrants is that
meet crooks can reed and "write.
A word to the wise fa raffkient, because the wise de
meat ef their xeadraj between the Hues.
rE difference between the wajr Gov. Mechem went in and
Gov. IArrazolo went oat or office in Hew Mexico is
worthy of note, as is the difference in their campaign
Mechem west
trust with dignity.'.
sooner aaa ine war
.".HJT ' all parties and all smb.. He was under no obligations. Gov.
to . assert them- jjuSri,, Ipest Ms last day as governor pardoning crim
already made great
inals and attacking
proved the wisdesa efue choke of the Republican conven
tion test fait aad the wisdom ef the efectars in November.
For Ger. Meaaem the people ef his own and neighboring
states wish the best of fort one. Being governor is set an
easy jab. But if Mechem makes as good a governor as he
tHi a judge, he wSl succeed. ,E1 Paso attorneys who have
tried eases ia Ids court say he is as fair and as conversant
with the law as any judge they have ever known.
j, 3j? eaeewiag'a with the capacity ef becoming reconciled
te doing without what we cant get, the gods preserve as
se ve can entertain them with oar antics at some fatare
TH ADDITION to its pottery and Hs art coHeettsna the
1 seathweot has sesaethiag else that wins it perpetual re
spect, even in the markets of the orient. That is its Kavaje
rags. Ameag the Kavaje ef Ariiesta and New Mexies rugs
are stffi made by kaad jut a they were made long before
white rata came to this country. Old squaws, still keen to
the task and skftjal as of oH, card and Efiifland weave these
weoderfal rags' as fme as rags can be woven in the looms
ef America and Europe. When finished they will hold
water and stand the tramping of ages.
Te make these rags a special brand ef native wool is
ased,, A qaeer feature of the rag making is the leaving ef
2 small white opening along the border, which, aeeerdfag te
aa eld tradition, is to let the devft escape.
Taken altogether a wen asase Navijo rag is a piece ef
art wests .kiirfng aa wen as a rateable aad useful article.
It wiH be asfeftavStte if the day somes when the geaaiae
thing is so longer turned etrt.
If a
If a
the publicity she gets.
Ia all probability Colby's baggage was not searched in
Baeaea Aires.
Ever charming, ever near.
When Jwtf the landscape lire the vietv?
Paso Country and Enjoy Playing Hete
performances, found that tbe audi- oration, A special dpartsnent ts to
eacea totaled 1340. Po pleased waa be created to establish pabiietty a la
st isa Robson by the aqeceaa of her tiona In all of the principal cities of
star hers this time, that she has da- the United States. Thin denartment
rataed to play a week's stand next ,
year. This is a great corn try around
j&i raaa. were 1 to 'cave ute stage
and settle down in any one 'place.
would cnoose jjl raso.
"The 19 Paso Electric Hallway com
pany expects to exert every effort to
meet growing electrical and street car
needs of El Paso," said Alba, H. War
ren. "Kl Paeo Is growing rapidly, and
its demanda for service hene beeji
made ao fast that freejoeetly we have
found difficulty in keeping UP- The ,
progreaetveaeas ef Its aMsmas ws i keen Interest in the coming poultry
shown by the Texas street white way. show as It will be of great benefit to
and by other watte ways new afaaned. - everybody engaged in growing chick
El Paso eaa be SMBred atvpaaa that ens or who contemplates raising
the electric company ie emstroua of ' them."
giving natiafaction and of serving the ,
people to the best of Its abOlty." ; "We psedict the healthiest kind of
'activity In the El Fue real estate
"A eaanpalcn to secure Americas
tourists for alexico Is to he under
taken by the confederation of Mexi
can chambers of oaasmeree,' said
Leal Kovelo, president of the ooafei-
political conditions became mere grave.
however PUCK the situation MOgee. 10
Italy is a -wonderful country by reason of the manner
in which she has held so many diverse peoples and "nation
and developed the sentiment ef unity
The main attribate of the Deity mast he patience..
Lairazolo And Mechem.
iata office humbly, accepting his great
He promised a fair administration for
the saprerse court. These two facts
Navajo .Bug5
a wean he's tacky to avoid beiag
sheet a man she's tacky according to
will also make efforts to briac Into
Mexico American capital late and In-
lauetnat concerna.
"One of the best things I can think
of for this city and county would be
for every home owner to grow chick
ens." said p. 8. Ford, a poultry dealer.
"The income of the county could be
increased hundreds of thousands of
dollars every year and the amount of
monev snent oataidat the mmmunltv
- for produce could be decreased. 1
would like to see the public take
market within the aest few weeks.'
said Douglas C Crow ell of D. C.
Crowell A Co. "El Pat to has always
been practically Immune from general
business disturbances, and strictly lo
cal conditions are se promising that
the normal spring demand for Bl Paso
property of all kinds eaaaot fan to b-;
sasinfalned. Ia order that we may
be in position to take every possible
advantage of the coming realty activ
ity, we have last moved from oar eld
office In the Mills banting to larger
ground floor quarters In the Trust
bunding on South Stanton."
"The paat 12 months have been
the beat in the history of the casn
register ' usinnsi," said A. 1.
Strayer, Kl Paso sales agent for the
National Cash Register company.
"This certainly speazs well for the
prosperity of this eoaatry. The sale
of cash repjleters ts said to be a
barometer of bnMaasa condition. If
a community la prosperous, mei chants
handle more money, aad they require
mote store equipment. This means
more cash registers." Mr. Strayer has
gone to Daytoav O. tac the annual
convention of the oorsraaya salesmen.
At a meeting of the executive com
: mlttee of the in Paeo post of the
American legion at the University
club, plans yere discussed to get
I clubrooms for the members. It is
i proposed to rent a suite of rooms and
instal a library and billiard tables.
It Is likely that the regular meet
I Ing night for the legion. Friday, will
I he changed to Thursday on account of
t the Knights of Columbus night school.
In War Time
To "Overseas Not book- osaistae a
Tarietr of material gathered hr ts odltor
of Torn Herald In Buropa daiinc the war
and altar. Excerpts will bt snntlssiil tn
this column daily daring tn Bert several
mouths. Today's Instalment, eoatteons
tae general aaiiaUae, relate liiparlsosea
on tbe Meese-Argaiiae tattle front.
It ta aucseeted that renders dip tkeee
article each day and paste them ts scrap
books; they will not be reprinted aad back
numbers cannot be supplied. '
RAINY and dismal the loth of
October. Near here is a railhead
where enormous stores of .every
thing for supplv and military use are
on hand. One of the remarkable things
noted on the other front was the ex
pansion of the American rail distribu
tion center at Is-sur-TiDe in a few
mouths from a scattering collection of
ante and rail sidings withjome mili
tary stores piled around or on ears,
to a modern freight classification yard
and warehouse city with mOes and
miles of electric lighted trackage, con
crete platforms, and steel and concrete
warehouses, siving the effect of "
City " yards.
Pershing's tactics and stra'
the preoeat posh; relentless attack in
what may be called wedge formation,
resistless power exerteof on narrow
always creating; new flanks
r the -enemy's fine, aad then
dentins; in another phice and farasar the
outlay oacx; in general, z-aaur iiro
aad attack is followed by 12-hour rest
for resupply and new preparations,
then new assanlt Munched; miles
gained. As attarking units are used
an, others take thetr pUona, Vap
frsfwjsar" or "filtering" through.
Enemy is being punished aad Ittexed
back But at heavy loss to our forces
7 October 118 Kainy, act very
eotd, dealing in evening. Very little
firing all day. Conditions in our front ;
mad; none of original surface of
ground visible because of intensive
shell fire dnrinsr lone period this
was held or fought over
How the First army is supplied and
fed; organizing the rear; vast and in
tricate system. The French uniform
aad oars: much mizBt be done to per
fect and condense equipment of officers
aad men. Question of individual
prophylaxis against grip and all throat
ana lung diseases.
The gnat roads through here; con
tinual traffic carrying lmpressioa of
nsexBeussunie resources ana umiuess
Dower. Traffic on roads near front
new so heavy it is impossible to eon-
fine movements to nisrht. Much dav I
braiding aad shelling. General attitude 1
or many organizations now 1- w reia-c ,
precautionB and wade in. Much burn-,
Bur of lights aad fires among other ,
troops nere; seems exraage to us
com rug from the other front where
utter darkness is compelled; but we
noticed same thing when the 7th divi
sion moved "into our sector over there; I
mar it be that discipline is actoally
better in the National Army divisions?
When one considers what effect Ger
man mastery of the air might have on
our men it is easv to see vrhat demora-
tnataon oar org air squadrons -vrouiu
bring to the enemy if they e er should j
arrive as promiseu. 1 n'-anny leeung
when enemy airmen are active around.
men feel it. a sort of hrlple-3 uneasi
ness and sense that one is cport of
fate, while artillery fire seems more
definite aad direct and easier to get
back at. The air bombing alwayB seems
sort of unfair like taking advantage
of a man in his sleep, while the artil
lery seems legitimate and decent by ,
comparison, more like a stand-up fig-lit. j
jnecx or sjrpfanes on morale 01
troops is greater than that of any other
weapon enapjoyeo, yex actual material
damage is small by comparison. !
xcepr. as to rront line service ana
the effects of exposure to vre and
cold and irregular habits and deprn a
tkm, W petueut of soldiers' illness over
here comes from deliberate refusal of
fresh an and ventilation when t bey-
are avaihtbae, and from overeating and
lack of mastication. Few officers or
men seem to have correct notions of
how to conserve their own health : ick
list longer than it should be. to large
extent avoidable by rational peronal
habits, as ia civil life.
Curious attitude toward corpses aad
death, oar own men or enemy; im
personal, detached. Ordinary human
feelings seem largely to be in state of
suspended animation, among war sur
rounding. I do not think this effect is
anywise permanent; a merciful provi
sion of nature.
Future wars will aim at greater de
struction of human life and jrreatt-r
percentage of permanent disability;
modern methods reclaim considerable
proportion of wounded and gassed too
readily to suit military necessitv which
is annihilation of the enemy. There is
such a thing as trving to make war so
'-humane" as merely to prolong it.
18 October 1918 Move down from
! The Young Lady
Across The Way
THE young lady across the wsy says
a meat order at the hotel isn't se
expensive ss it seems whoa you con
sider that yon get potatoes an gratis.
C.sa-aVI. tm, ta. snaO. Us s must V'-am
vAsfev 'if nil
111 :
raissiB fer two days, wtfx found in
a bewildered eseeStien is a turastOe
'.grocery fday. Feed pads are gittin so
uucs acre lerxs nave i wshsik an lb
way heme.
CopyrnsM. Nerlsaal Mewaaaaer aervtee.
the beech woods oa the hill to bar
racks on the great road half a mile
from village, aa old French hospital.
Immeaee volume of traffic; saaarrias;
an army, X arrow division froatagaa.
How loag a division lasts. What dr
ganization in depth means here. Re-F-istlc&s
force concentrated for this
drite. Germane realise vital strategic
importance of liaMiai, this ground, the
kev to their entire French occupation.
o-Man's -Land so cat up jou cant
find a spot to pitch a pup-tent. very
evidence of the furious fighting that 1
has gone on areerad the Verdun area.
ine citadel or unaergTourta city at
Verdun where French garrisona had
provided every caavaaseace and com
fort bakery, recreattoa rooms, chapel,
electric lights, etc, as well ss all mili
tary prov iskms rtxade intact after
four years of German bosnbardment;
useless as a fort under modern condi
tions but undoubtedly was great help
to French ia noiding oa.
Heavy guns ia this vicinity and
moving up. Enormous organization ia
rear of oar slowly advancing lines.
Roar of traffic all night and day on
the great road. The system of reliefs
and replacements.
A bright sunny day, valley quickly
dries off but hill remains wet in woods.
The wonderful drainage system of
French roads, and the systen of up
keep. Enemy airmen come over us at night.
(Continued toesearow.)
English Women Seek
Female American Friends
Loadem. Bag Jaa. t. With the ob
ject or promoting eraser irwwj in
tercourse between British and Ameri
a women's committee or
StmsklneT union has been
formed a
sr the sresweBcy of vts-
Bryce, wire
of the one-time
to the united States.
Arrangements sre being made to
?rovMe hospitality ana entertainment
or American women visiting Eng
land nd tn coonerate with corre
sponding committees in the United i
States ia H-ft"g up women's various ;
spberea et activity on do in smes oi
h llMa
muUm, fnr thj, TTnlteH States
of the Kagilsa Speaking union Is!
William H. Taft- The new women's
commrtteee has among its members
lady Violet Aator, viscountess uiau-,
stone, the countess of Kerry, the i
countess of Reading and a host of i
other women prominent in London
New York, Jan. 5. Five thousand
sctora aad Mtrestm are unemployed
hero and many others are stranded
at distant points, victims of wide
spread failure of road companies.
This statement was made by the
Acto-s Kquity association, uhlch an
nounced tr had undertaken to succor
unfortunate stage folk.
The greater proportion of road fail
ures, the association asserted, was due
to irresponsible managers -nho en
tered the Dro Cession durxtur the ar.
' r-'Z? sees Hs , -- v6
TOP- Xlf' V
vH MDtvrse.
Bedtime Stories For The Little Ones
a,uaaaaeewaam Br HOWARD
" a RE yoi
AA advenl
RE yoo so in a; out te look for an
adventnee today. Uncle wig
gUyr asked Nurse Jane ruxsy
Wusxy one morning, after she had
washed the breakfast cashes and
dusted the beds- in the hollow stump
bungalow, where she lived with the
bunny rabbit gentleman.
Mr. Longears looked Oat of the wln
0mw. aad saw the snow flakes coming
down just as they samsetlmes do when
Santa Clans climbs la the chimney
for Christmas.
"Mo. I am not going oat today."
said the auaay rabbit gentleman. "It
is storming too maen.-
"Ah. then yon can help me make a
dress!' laughed yurse Jane.
"Make a dress!" cried Uncle Wlg-
glly. "Why, I know nothing about
making dresses r
-On. aU Til ask you to do is to hold
the paper of pins for me when I pin
the new parts of ray dress together
before I sew them," said the muskrat
"Well, I think I could do that."
agreed TJncle Wlgglly. "It will be
much better than going out in the
snow storm looking for aa adven
ture." So Nurse Jane got oat her cloth,
from which she was going to make
a new dress, and she got out her
scissors, thimble, needles, spools of
thread and the paper of pins.
That Is she went to get the paper
housekeeper looke$ for the stickery
Kkery things not one coaid she find!
"Oh, I haven't a single pin.'" cried
Xnrse Jane.
"Did the Pipsiesewah or tbe Skee
xlcks come in and get them?" asked
Uncle Wiggily. "If they tried to
swallow pins, instead of nibbling my
ears, it serves them right:"
"No, I remember now," said Miss
Fussy Wuxsy- "Susie UttlacaUl. the
rabbit girl, came over yesterday to
borrow some pins- She was making
a new dress for her dolL X gave her
an the pins I had, not thlaklng I
would neee) any "-day. Bat now I
haven't a pin to fasten together the
pieces of my dress before I sew It."
Uncle Wiggtly twinkled bis pink
nose, and looked from the hollow
stamp bungalow out at the snow
Xurae Jane." kindly said the bunny.
Til go and get yon- some plus.
"Oh. I don't like to have you do
that!" apoke NanH Jane. "Ton might
get cold! Never mind the pine I rll
wait until tomorrow about my dress."
Uncle Wiggity was Just saying he
didn't mind going oat la the storm
when, all of a suddea there seemded
out In the yard a load noise.
"Quack! Quack! Honk! Honkr was
the sound.
"Oh. it must be Lota, Alice and
Jimmie Wihblewobble. the docks, in
their auto!" cried Uncle Wlggll,-. as
he ran to open the door. I'll get Jim
mie fo drive me to the store tor some
K. SaHIt.
But when he and Same Jane looaea
out they saw. not the Wihblewobble
tame ducks, bnt some wild docks, fly-
ing toward the south on account of
the cold storm.
"Quack! Quack! Honkr Hrmk!
i t-iicw m, wiiw awun, - ...... ...
I were canvasoacKS, reaneaos ana wai-
"Oh. Uncle Wlggilyr cried one Red
Head duck. "Cojld you please spare
us some crumbs? We have to fly
along before the storm gets worse,
and we Are hungry."
"Crumbs!" cried the bunny, "you
shall have all you want'"
Thee he aad Surse Jane fed the
wild ducks, who fluttered down to
"I wish we could do you aad Miss
Fuzzy Wuzxy a favor for having been
so kind to us," spoke the Bed Head
duck, as he was about to fly on.
"Well all the favor I need now Is
acme pins for Nurse Jane, so I won't
have to go to the store for them,"
spoke the bunny.
-Pin!" cried the Red Head duck.
"Why my cousin, the Pin Tail dock,
has a lot of sharp feathers in the end
of his tall. Here, m call him over,
and he can give you some loose
feathers which will be aa good aa
-Honk! Honk called Red Head,
and along flew a lot of the Pin Tall
wild dncks. who really, as Uncle
Wlgglly and Nurse Jane could see.
had tails as long and sharp almost aa
hat pins.
Take as many of our sharp feath
ers as you want." said the Pin Tail
wild ducks, and Ungle Wlgglly
pulled out a lot of loose ones. Then
the wild ducks flew away, and Uncle
Wlgglly held the feathers of the Pin
Tail ducks, with which Nurse Jane
fastened her dress pieces until she
could sew them together.
"The Pin Tall dncks saved me go
ing out in the storm." said the bunny
gentleman. And if the rain doesn't
splash trough the holes In the S arias
cheese, and let the umbrella get all
wet. nt tell you next about Uncle
vviggily and the harleeutn duck-
Copyright. 1S21. by McClure News
paper Syndicate.
SHOWS $1,000,000 LOSS
Chicago. 111.. Jan. 5. The official
staff of Montgomery Ward and com
pany has been reorganised by the
board of directors, which elected a
new president and several new direc
tors. The board Issued a preliminary
statement for HIS saying that there
had been an operatlDg loss of $1.
imo.OOO. Gross sales were S11I.3JI.
525 against U08.514.JS7 In 1919. In
ventory had been reduced several
million dollars recently.
j "CenJd yon please npare u aense
H. D. Sister, edtter aad eoatrellag ewaer, baa dfcreettd The HenM fer XI jean.
J. C WUssartk a esaaager aad O. A. startle ia miaasms cdrter.
THE ASSOCIATED PRESS J actual- efttiUed to tbe for put-ltaiUon of all news
dispatches credited to it or sot ottMrw m credit d la this p.pr and also tbe ocl
Mm publlsb't) Herein,
I8SI. The El Paso Herald tacitsdes. also by absorpUon vad soccesalou. T
D.ti!y New. The Tal.pb. Tbs Tlet:rsm. The TritaWv. Tb- Oraphlc. Th Sun.
Tbe Advertiser. Tbe Independent, Tbe Jouraal. Tbe Republican. Tb Sonatln.
M-ico per month Jl. per yjr li'J ZQ
tMr $IS Uedn-sriij anj Week -End
per year. Week End edition
Paso, Texas, aa aveiond class xoattaxv
Copyrtsrht. lr. by I
The Cincinnati Knesirer.-
F COtTRSB, A. Kerr de-nt Hko fclx
leoUai sh him mmi. thew snake kin
T rldlexle hi do stot aisa.
Or yew vrfll rely neor htm srrovfi.
"Thai sas Is an arttst sa words. '
aid Jonoa.
-AnthorT asked
"Nsv." reaBed Jones.
-Naw. sism oxiater."
Ob mem wfil oriaSc bfrad riser akrr.
And -waat to tfsrht aS dftyi
Aaotber mereiy vraats So ke
Tke csam (aneen of ths May-
9ke mar be modeat, hnU who tnevra '
At her -we are tneataeol to scoff.
neOBsra she to blkbiK lake a rose
Owe wear the Meak that woa't
come off
4"Xnd why do yea prefer a mlntate
who roads his ssi mussT" ashed Bev
Mr. Lonsrwtml. who was chaulns; wit
Mr. Oravsea.
9eans be eaa ton whoa ha srt'
to the oad of the sermon," repUe-i
sr. Grouch.
He feet one Mow, aad thee was atl i
aVtreweel to OewaM Bsaat
He weat tetto a Staa Feia knTT,
And aaac 'Sad Save the Kins"
Iatke TfrTais-o coafsssss ta his ai,
vaacod years whoa he asks: "Whs:
has beeoaoe of ties o. t. slrl who wi
bash fa 17" Only amtleroartans retrern
ber her. Hooatoa Post.
He- wevaklsm eoaeu doca Oswald
To act a-M In ksa atmi
Meli- Jnkxe a peettare value by
Te Xiel-BC en the frame.
Snakes have ao eyebrows.
u. Kotcnesa and L Howei
have caara-e of the aatermtiori room
in one of the bis; CTncinnati depart
ment stores.
Frost. Minn.
Cnilly. Idaho.
Ice, Kt
Glacier. at oat.
Zero. Kjr.
Snowball. Ark.
, nnar
, There wan aa eM fettew named
Tasgha. v
I who gov aa each rim nlng at aeaghsu
HeM get eert ef the hay.
I Tan WeM leaf reend aft day,
And bed yaagha. md fced ranges.
nam ncm pnaoa.
sh. jam
Jamee Chriatsnaaw of Xorristewn
Tenn.. should bo a mighty happy man.
He has a Mary Chrmtsaas ta his homo
every day ta the year.
XVMKS IS ic.f nsvas
Strate live tn Croosnlle,
t Ohio
Give a naa free advice and hell
blame yon for an his fatare trouble.
A rnaa never gets worn oat from
working the way he cam get worn
oot from loafing.
Before marriage a viae girl tries
to get what she thtaks she wants.
And after marriage stw tries ta thin
that she wants what she got.
Wheat a mam 1Ba as that vre
-wemt us
that be
lUsks ids same
Evea tn these good aad pare dajs
of reform a man should not get too
busy readtag the Bible after supper
to help his wife wash the dtehee
Anyway, it dossat reeutre much
effort for a man to make a fool of
himself over a aumaa.
And there were more good cooks
In the old days whan a gin was sup
posed to develop a taste for good
gravy instead of a taste for good
It Is an awful jar to a girl vhr
she purposely forgets to ask blrn
for her gloves he has placed la his
pocket for her. and then have him
return her a pair of some other er-Vs
gloves la thetr psece.
ft we were net afraid ef mak
ing a let ef inluUin ewt ef ear
worn el readasn we wemfd Infers
tbem that the bes way te -wive
the Mred srM praMem ia te do
Unless a maa lets his wife bnpo.-
on him she kaerers that be does not
love her.
The reason why daughter's ankles
are too weak to permit her to beii
mother with the hesssework is tr
eatise she can dance from 1 p. r-.
until 4 a, ss. aad holler for more.
Short Snatches
From Everywhere I
The Tanks are about ready to wlri
up the watch on 'he Rhine. Wa'--Ington
Where the d-r does a glr! k t
vaccinated aow ao that it won t sho-v?
Minneapolis Tribane.
Invent all-year hatformn. Hea- -line.
Especially appropriate-for fat - -er
dfllnrxukee Journal.
The street car company is the on!"
Institution that gets full reveaae fro;,-.
Its hangers-on. Sioux City Jonrna .
Seventy-five young ass la an In
diana town have signed a pledge t
be polite. Humph! Christmas ia roio
Ing. Columbus Cltlsen.
"The brae law leaders sre impelled
by the lovo of publicity." says a
clersryman. It's another cas ot
"Ltttle Boy Blue, coshe blow yoir
horn. Denver Times.
"Move to Stop St- Louis Crime.'
says a headrtne. The plan might t
all right but for the fact that a lot
of St- Louis folks cant afford
move. Des Moines Register.
There Is nothing new In that -'.s-toms
ruling. For considerable ti-no
past one who wanted to Import liquor
into the United States has had to be
some diplomat. Manila Bulletin.
If co&greewwomaa Robertson tal.i
charge of the house restaurant
will be with the understanding 'a;
her action does not indicate ''.a' -i
congreaswoman's place n :.t
kitchen. Boston Transcript.
lo Aliont, Now Uexittv Texa and Ot 1
lp .11 other ttates. per moctb. Jl iQ: p"
Iuea wi'! t ir-sfled tW 9 (17 MU J
eelj. Px vaat. U its ovtSMe MUvit').
-Kntered at the Poetorflca la

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