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By "Bud" Rutherford
Will Work With Organized
Baseball Commmion in Selec
tion of Federal Judge.
CHICAGO. TIL. Jan. 12. Federal
jude Kenesaw M. Landis. whose
decisions in the suit of Federal
league ov tiers against organised
baseball several years ago resulted
t The di&bandment of the Federal
leszue now in oomplete charade
of orsanred baseball today.
It was brought virtually undar his
control for at least seren years when
the drafting- committees of the Na
tional Association of Minor Leagues
vofd approval of the new national
agreement, already accepted by the
two major league committees. The
act. on creates the office of a base
bail cornirssioner with supreme pow
ers a-d w.th judge Landis as the first
incjnib- nt.
e4s Oiffelal AaproTaL
A1! that remains is official STpproval
of t l- e league r tip resell taUrea as a
trhe. tr, ich will probably be given
tods Bisttall men said p resents -ticn
rf the a reement to the club
own--- Tib'd be "a .mere formality."
Thr minor reported a few
Yirrks a to a koetftle t thm
fw airrremewt. Taeeday foaad
thr Kirm rea to eooeede tsteir
drmaHdt. FipimtH taemselres
an KatlKfled with Jwdge Land,
the minor nm devbtfal as to
whether a man agreeable- to them
vritiltl he rborn when his teraa
expired, bat this natter was
quickly settled by the rOiU
riou front thr najwt that the
minors migm the screestent fer
only seven rears. tesu H a mn
.czumiaaioaer Is eiresen. either a
tan who meet a wtth the approval
pf the miaon mast be aeleeted
or they nay wttheraw.
hoard to' settle base, i
bah i''sJt
will contain two minor
leap- rf
to n rrc
Amr an
r&,fntatives, the other two
:.;-nts of the National and
1-acues. When this board
is Ull.iri
fettl a dispute, the
will etc bffire judge Landls and his
decision I he riaai
Draft Is Restore!.
The vzior Tuesday voted to re
store the !-aft. bit made reservations
to the restoration which does not
maX it renpu'sorv. Any league so
desiring may remain out of the draft.
Leagues wh.cb do not take part will
not be permitted to draft players
from Ipacnes which do go in but. may
draft fnn each other. The Pactfle
Coast lea-us will take part in the
The draft season was made from
October 1" to October 20, and- the
draft prices -were set as follows:
Class AA. $5000; Class A, ;4eM;
Class B S250O, Class C, $1500; Class
D. ft0o
The minors also established a new
scale of plaver and salary limits, as
ijlas A No salary limit; 25 play
ers unt'l 20 days after season opens.
and ' -n 25
"l.h A -'a'ar Iir.it of 14250:
player hr-it of 30 for first 20 days. 20
, 'a,fa e Salary limit of $:
pltf- '.rut of JO for 30 days and 16
("lass C Salary limit of 25G;
player Urrlt of 18 for 30 days and 14
Class r SIary limit of ;
plaver limit of 18 for 20 days and 14
Fail ore to live to these lim
its will result fa a fine ef flOO
for the first oftonee, 820 IT the
ree b$ mot mcttfte la 20 days,
and then a fine of 9980 and de
cision hy the aattoaal beard of
The club owners decided to classify
' leairues on the basis of. the last fed
rrai cec -us, and under the following
Leagues with 250.fOf to LTOO.000
population "ass B.
Leases with 150,000 to 250.000
P07 u la lion Class C
Iv-ap-js under 250,000 population
-Pi ass D.
Classes AA and A will remain as at
preser, n.ore than 1.000,000 popula
tion The annual meeting of the associa
tion will be held the first Tuesday in
i-cember hereafter and must take
place, m a city represented in the as
sociation. Jack Jumps Upon
Policeman's Back
Los Angeles, Calif., Jan. It The
assertion that "they hopped on my
back" was made by policeman G. B.
Carlson in "wearing out complaints
vgainst Jack Kearns, manager fori
jacs; DTipffpT, heavyweight cham
pion; Teddy Hayes, Dempseys secre
tary', and Joseph Benjamin, llght-
-w-ignt pnniist. cr.arging CLsturoanee
of the peace Tuesday.
(Carlson said he was called to a
cate in tne Hollywood section to sot
tl a dispute resulting from a waiter's
request that the accused men move
1mm one booth to another. The
"hopping." he said followed.
Kearns, Hayes and Benjamin fur
niahod S100 bail each to appear In
rolic court tomorrow.
Grand Circuit
Elects Officers
Philadelphia. Pa Jan. IS. Stew
ards of the Grand Clrult Tuesday re
elected last year's officers awd
adopted a schedule for 102L
The schedule follows:
North Randall, weeks July 4, .and
August 8.
Toledo, weeks of July 11 and Aug
ust l.
Kalamazoo, week of July 18.
Colnmus, weeks of July 25, Sep
tember 19 and September 26.
Philadelphia, week of August 15.
Poughkeepsie, week of Aurust 22.
Reaaville, week of August 29.
Hart lord, week of September 5.
Syracuse, week of September 21.
I extngtcn. weeks of October 2 and 9.
Atlanta, week of October 18.
racuse Club
Not Disposed Of
Svracuse, N Y Jan. IS It was de
nied here today that owners of ths
St. I .on is Nationals had purchased an
Interest 1 the Syracuse club of the
International league The announce
r.."Dt said that the St. Louis club had
rot considered purchasing n Interest
in the club owned by Ernest Land
p : a? and that no agreement had been
reached for the purchase of pitcher
15'er S-1L star of the Syracuse
twj-lin f aff and one of the leaders
in the International league. The re-
for: a few days ago was that ths St.
-ou's club had purchased an Interest
in -e local team and would nse it as
a frm.ng euUit for St Louis clubs
Western Clubs
Put on Market
Reports of the sale of two West
ern league dabs were printed last
week, but neither was confirmed,
though one probably will so
through. It was stated that 3eArge
K. Belden. representing the Minne
apolis dab of the American asso
ciation, had purchased the St. Jo
seph clob from K. J. Hansen. Mr.
Belden would not admit the deal
had been complete, bat left the
impression K probablr VMM be.
The other report was that Phil
Ball, principal owner of the St.
Louis Browns, had pnrohmad the
Tales elnb from James K- Craw
ford and Spencer Abbott. This was
denied. Mr. Ball had asked the
price of the Tulsa club. It was
stated, and It was siren htm as
270.000, but he did not respond
with overtures to buy.
Notre Dame To
Play In East
New Brunswick. N. J- Jan. IS.
Notre Dame has bees scheduled by
Rats-era to play the local football
team in Now York at the Polo
grounds on election day next fall. It
was announced by graduate manager
Garrison. Rutffers has been working
for some time to get the westerners
for & New York attraettoa, owtaff to
their fine showing last season. Wash
ington and Lee has also been sched
uled to play the locals In New Brans
wide on October IS. The southerners
had one of the best records la the
south last fan.
Eight of the nine games permitted
by the Rutgers faculty have now
been scheduled by the Scarlet, and It
is expected to have the scheduleeom-
Jileted within a few days. October 3S
s tike only open date.
Los Angeles. Califs Jan. IX. Bert
Co lima, middleweight of Wbittier,
Calif., was awarded the decision ever
Marty FarreU, of New York, whom
ho fought at catch weights, at the
and of their four round bout at the
Vernon arena Tuesday night.
Cincinnati. O.. Jan. 12. Tommy Gib-
bona of St Paul defeated ChncK Wlg-
rins of Zndlaaaaolla. in a 10-roand
bout here Tuesday night. The Indian
apolis fighter practically was helpless
after the sixth round.
8W YORK. Jan. 12 Baseball mag-
nates. Dig and ZKtle, are preparing-
to enter another leaf immh
of prosperity, and, la the case of the
big majority, the era ahead will be a
peaceful one from present indications.
Since the recent baseball season
came to a close the magnates hare
adopted much useful legislation. The
selection of Judge K. 3C. Landis as
baseball's high commissioner and the
adoption of a new national agreement
covering a period of 25 years were
two important moves In the right di
rection The rowers Tested in Judge
Landis are far reaching, hut the men
who elected him to the high office he
liolds feel that their affairs are Id the
hands of a man fullly qualified to
handle them. Everybody Is satisfied
with Judge Landis.
Heydier Gets Increase.
The action of the National league
in extending president John Heydlers
term to 1324 with a generous Increase
in salary was another sound and saae
more that met with general favor.
Heydier has proven himself a sub
stantial, capable and methodical head
for the senior major1 just the Id ad
of a president the league has always
sought and while he may hare made
some mistakes ho cannot bo accused
of having committed errors that wore
He contends that he had bo
Xesntl proof in the Chase ease In
MIS and la faee of the absence
of sueh proof he did the only
thing that he couM have done
when he ncqultled the player or
eharges of gamhUnf made against
him. Had the Xatlonal league
been in possession of valid proof
against Chase It Is only logical to
heMeve that he would have been
expelled from the xrame at once.
On the ether hands if any National
league magnate or piayer did any
thing ta cover Chase's trail, that
asagnate or player committed a
grave mistake, for an expose of
Chase In 1918 would probably
have averted the 1019 world's
series scandal.
Real Prosperity Ahead.
Yet. after alL perhaps It is better
for baseball that players with the
weakness of character to fall for the
gamblers have listened to the tempter
and been exposed to public view, for
BW TORE. Jan. 1Z. Be.be Bath
has applied for a permit to carry
a Kun. The next time those has-
kstball fans attempt to toss Babe
into the raspberry bushes they better
Ruth a eady has a elnb, but the
league rules pre.ent him using it dsr-
ins the holiday slugging.
Harry rrasee says Babe held him
up a year ago. bur Ruth Is not gta
nlng for more salary this winter, as
he la operating under a two-year eon
tract. Moat of the unattached amateur a Ji
letes who eompeted In the state box
ing tournament finished by becoming
attached to the canvas.
The Canyas Pressors union has filed
a complaint with the A. A. U. alleg
ing that Tex Rlekard will not pay for
overtime work at the Garden. The
non-union men are hitting the floor
too quick and too often.
The amateur boats drew a repre
sentative crowd to the Garden for
three nights hand-running, And moat
of the representatives and seconds in
sisted on occupying the press seats
whether or no.
A guy named Murphy tried to lick
a cop at the Garden, and though he
lost he got' ail the applause. A Mur
phy Is always a favorite over a cop.
In one way Murphy had the Beat
of it. He lost but didn't get pinched.
The boxing oommlsslou's new rale
that SIS is to be top price for eham-
S ions hip bouts Is hailed with delight
y the ticket speculators.
The. public will pay the asms old
prices, only the scalpers will collect
the difference and the state, wfll be
thrown for a tax loss.
The public must be protected
against ths rapacioaa promoters, but
the ticket brokers must not have their
means of livelihood taken away from
rove Landis;
The Days Of
they are through with the organised
game for all time.
Nineteen- twenty-on e looms ahead
as a year of real prosperity. The
1020 season was a prosperous one for
nearly every clab In the country, and
even after baseball was placed under
a cloud by the expose of the White
Sox. major league games continued
to draw big crowds and the world's
series was played under ideal cos
ditiona. When the majors and minors get
together in Chicago this month for
their next big powwow It Is expected
that the new sgreensent between the
big fellows and the little fellows will
bo sigited. probably for a period cf a
quarter of a century.
There may be lengthy argu
meat aad much discussion re
gardlag the document aas It will
deal with the draft, and also with
the part the minor leagues shall
phty ia framing baaebaira policies.
The xalners have leag fought fer
equal representation on baseball's
controlling body, but with Judge
Landis named as mnrreme eetamls
toner and majors and minors to
appear before aim as speefal
pleaders, according to the tenta
tive plan. It Is practically certain
that a happy solution will be
reached en the question of rep
resentation. 4
The action of the American league
in voting to prosecute the players and
gamblers indicted hy the Cook county
grand Jury in Chicago was another
step In the right direction. Many
folks thouaht. nerhaDO. that the
league should have taken such action
a long time before it did, but it must
be remembered that peace has not !
reigned ii the ranks of Ban Johnson's ,
circuit and the feeling between the i
two factions is Just about as heated
now as It ever has been. I
Here, then, is the only spot In or-!
ganlTod baseball where the dove of
peace may net light with a feeling of:
security. There may be a hot old1
time In American league ranks in
January, yet no matter how, much the j
magnates fight among themselves it;
seema certain that the league as a
whole is assured of a prosperous sea
son. The baseball public cares noth
ing about politics in the game as long
as the poliricians keep their squab
bles off the diamond.
The ticket scalpers get by because
they have a better organisation than
the promoters or thepubllc.
Walter Maranville will play second
base for the Giants today. Tomorrow
hs may be back at thtrd-
"Trading Maranville" Is almost as
jar a game as -selling tne xan-
was a lew winters ago.
The game Is played this way: Ton
sit down at a sporting editor's desk
and think and think and think. Fin
ally, you think of a manager who
needs an lnf lelder and then you launch
a deal for Maranville.
Ban Johnson, Harry Fraxee and Col.
Huston must be suffering from
writers cramp. Anyhow, it's a long
ume between statements.
One good statemeat deserves an
other. Who'll be the first, boys?
There's plenty of space.
Memory tests: Who finished sec
ond in the last six-day bicycle race
and third in the National league race?
Quick, now.
And how many personal liberty ad
vocates can call offhand the exact
date of the first anniversary we are
about to deprecate?
South Bend. InU Jan. IS. Eddie
Anderson, right end for two years,
was elected captain of the 1K1 Notre
Dams football team last night. The
feau-rlties were interrupted for a
minute while the banqueters stood
with bowed heads In honor of George
Gipn, Notre Dame's 1920 ail-American
National, 27 Rogers Hornsby. 3:
Pat Duncan. Arthur Fletcher. George
Kelly. George Packert and Dave Rob
ertson, 2; Leon Cadore, Vernon dem
ons, Harold Elliott, Red Eller,
Jacques Fournler. Walter Holke. Pete
Hilduff. Benny Kauff, John Naven.
Hi Myers. Ed Rousb. Nilton Stock,
Walter Tragasser and Georgs Whit
ted, L
Real Sport
CepyrtBt. 1. New
1 i i r i rwvz?TLti
' '
i, "" """" gr
WEDNESDAY afternoon wound up the hard tramimF of Dick Griffin and AI
Walker, the two star bantamweight baitlors who an to meet in the f eatare
atbJetie event of too American livestock conventkni at the FL Btiss pnneh bowl
Friday afternoon.
And the end of training fount) the little men in great j&ysjcal condition.
Griffin toned down his form of the pest weak by putting ok the gloves for
eight rounds of boxing while Walker, threatened with a tnarJao of HKrrimc;
psjtners. stepped through an equal number with several vol urn, sat i who readily
agreed to help him out in his training. Both did quite a bit of loliMht h work
along with rope skipptrg and shadow boxing and knaouovv will be a day of
rest. They wul do some light work in order ch keep their htnpeleg in trim bat
mainlv it will be a case of getting down to weight and spfcmg there.
Dandy Dick" is the favorite rn
speculation on the contest where the 'if
sporting fraternity congregates.
The Kl Paso favorite Is Iwtag
soUdly bached hy his frieeds who
believe that the Walker teat eh is
nothing more than a stepping
stone toward the bantam tftfe
They point eat that Grlffta. hav
ing defeated ail hoys Ms weight
la the aoathwest, will now Invade
the east and eventually obtain a
match with the bantam ckin
plea Walker, the xaas recog
nise, can hit aad Is aggressive.
These are the two principal quai
itfes the hags dessaad la the
makeup of a mala event boxer
at Fort Bliss as Griffin Is a eosa
binatiAB of a fighter aad boxer
and the fans know that he can
both hit and box cleverly.
Walker's punching ability was
strongly emphasized Tuesday after
noon when he stepped into Battling
Chico and laid his sparring partner
out with a short left handed blow to
the stomach. Al had been taking
things easy, but as the boxers part
ed after a fierce raixup he shot a hard
blow to the midsection. Chico crum
pled up and went to the floor. Walker
picked htm up and soon set him to
rights, although this blow ended an
boxing activities for the day. Tommy
Nelson did not show up to box with
Walker, but was hack on hand
Wednesday helping the westerner to
get into proper condition for the
Nelson has a big boost for Walker.
He states that Walker is the hard
est hitting bantam I have ever seen.
He hits lust as hard as a lightweight
or middleweight.
Many eattleatea from Fort
Worth. Griffin's home town, are
laying heavy odds en the bril
liant Hitle Texan to win the con
test. They assert that they do
not know aad do not eare of the
hlttlag ability of Walker. They
have seen Griffin box a number
of times and they are satisfied
that he has the goods. This Is
enough recommendation for them.
Sunny Jim and Qortlla Jones also
finished bard training Wednesday
for their ten-round contest as the
first main event of the evening
Jones Is a alight favorite in the spec
ulation due to his victory over Hay
den, recognized leaoer of the south
western middlewelghts prior to his
knockout it the hands of Jones.
Sunny Jim holds a verdict over
Jones, however, and being from Fort
Derrill Pratt Leads Run
I Makers; 7 In One Game
j who win either play second
the Boston Red Sox or coach the
University of Michigan squad this
year, was the one major leaguer of
1920 tc bat In seven runs in one
game. Derrill did this against the
Tigers on August 23. when the Yan
kees won on the basis or 10 to 0. He
then wrenched loose a home run, a
two-bagger and two singles from
the Detroit moundsmeu Hub Ieon
ard. John Oldham and Bill Morrisette
rioting with the bat the follow
ing msnner:
Pratt Against the Tlgen.
First Inning, Leonard Pitching
Hit home run into left field stand
with Pipp snd Ruth on the bancs.
Three runs ba'ted in.
Third Innlnr. Leonard Pitching
doublet! and scored P.i'p. One run
batted in.
Sixth Inning, Oldham Pitching
Singled and scored Ruth and Mays.
Two runs batted in.
Eighth Inning. MorrlKMte Pitching
Singled and scored Pipp. One run
batted in.
Pratt acred two raaa la this
game, batting himself .ease b
his fear-bagger la the eskealnjc
ehapter aad being faralahed pas
ftagc to 111. plate Bodle. aae
rUlee fly la the fifth, a. he was
Tortt Trtheac. Ise.)
Four days ago they said my bay
eo-aldat hH. Tuesday afternoon ho
ante ten ttenally struck Kid Chleo with
his favorite blow a short left to the
solar plexus. . That one Wow was
enongh fer the fans. They know now
that he can hit and hit hard.
"Walter la the type to take It easy
In training. He doesn't work his
sparring partners hard.
MA1 doesn't make a praetfee of
mauling the boys who are courteous
enough to put the gloves on with him
aad we hone that there la no m
understanding with several boys who
have boxed with him and then failed
to show up again.. Chleo has stack
faithfully by Walker. He has the
makings of one of the best boys In
tne soutawest.
"Walker is la great condition right
now and I look fer him to win by the
kayo route. Boxing with five ounce
gloves in the ring ana 10 ounce gloves
In training are two vastly different
"We realise that Griffin is one of
the best little men of his weight la
the word. Walker Is one of the best
developed upon the coast in years aad
he has the hacking of all of the coast
"We are putting- our faith Into hit
ting ability. Walker can hit and hit
hard. He is strfetly a tfghter, not n
boxer aad the fnas are going to see
a rushing aggressive oat lie.
"I do not believe It will got the
Worth he Is another for who is com
ing in fer considerable attention
upon the part of the cattlemen. This
bout is attracting nearly aa much in
terest as the second main event of
the program. Jim and Jones will
fight at about 15ft pounds. the
weight the latter made when he de
feated Haydtm.
Little Tommy Murphy, the pride of
the Eighth cavalry. Is working hard
for his meeting with Garrett of the
aviation corps. As the semifinal this
bout is to be all to the good.
mixed np In right-tenths of the
tallies ulte a good afternooua
The limit of runs batted in by a
playsr in a National league game
was six, with a pair of Georges
George Lang. Kelly of the Giants
aad George Henry Paskert of the
Cubs acting in this manner. The
easterner starred with the slapstick
on July 10 in a contest with Chi
cago that New York won by a score
of 8 to 5; the westerner was a head
liner on September 14 in an engage
ment with Brooklyn that resulted In
a 10-to-2 victory for Paskert s team.
The dope on the two performances:
Kelly Against the dubs.
First Inning. Martin Pitching
Tripled and scored three men.
Second Inning. Carter Pitching
Singled and scored two men.
Fourth Inning. Carter Pitching
Homered and scored himself.
Psakert Against the Superbas.
First Inning. Cad ore Pitching
Doubled and scored two men.
Seventh Inning. Mitchell Pitching
Singled and scored two men.
Ninth Inning. Mlljus Pitching
Homered and scored nlmself and an
other man.
Another major leaisner of IPSO
who batted la half a .Men coast
ers 1b one fray wss Ping Bodie
City Teams
By Brtggs
MILWAUKEE. Wla, Jan. 12. Are
the French boxers taking the
Europe as regards ability, science,
It is only dnrine ths oast IS years
that the French have taken the box
ing game seriously. Frank Brne,
former lightweight champion of Buf
falo, hh Y.. was one of the boxing
teachers who hslped the French lads
get to the front and they have been
gaining in knowledge aver sine. -They
have had some clever English teach
ers, too, and It aeeass to be a ease of
the papas overshadowing th. teach
ers. Daring the past 1 years thay
have advanced wonderfully In the
science of baxtng and now hold more
titles than do their rivals, the British.
British HeM Title.
It is not long ago that the British
held all the European titles in the
boxing game, but within the past year
the French have taken four eham
ptonshipa George. Carpentter the
light heavy and heavyweight title;
Charles Ijedoux the bantamweight;
Kreola Balxac the middleweight:
while Arthur Wyns. the Belgian
featherweight, recently wan the Eu
ropean title in that class from the
British holder, Mike Honeymaa mak
ing five in all taken from the British
within the past year or two.
The Preach hare gained In
National Boxing
Assn. Is Formed
New York. Jan. IX. The title of
National Boxing Association of the
United States was adopted Tuesday
at the convention of delegates from
1 states to organise a governing body
over professional boxing. Its object
was announced as the regulation and
supervision of the sport In the Inter
est of public welfare.
Plans to have every state rears
seiited on the board of directors are
included in a recommendation form
ally agreed upon. The present dele
gates, if they wish to serve, ami be
appointed and in those states in
which the governor has not sent a
representative, some person will be
chosen by the board.
of the Yanks. Me did this in a
n-ame against his oW team, the
White Sox, on Jely 18. cleaning
the three bases wflh a homer off
tlaade Williams la the pryotf
period aad singled In two runs
later before the left handcr was
relieved by George Payne, north
paw, Looks as If Ping could hit
southpaw pitching.
The feat of batting in five runs In
one game v&a accomplished 17 time.
In the Amer.'can and 12 times In the
National, Babe Ruth laying claim te
one of these performances.
The Battering Babe knocked In
four runs in each of four games, but
he was not alone In doing thin. Der-
Lrill Pratt and Oscar Felsch also
turning the trick.
Figures la Ffre Games.
Of games in which players batted
in from four to seven runs, Ruth flg
ired in five and so did George Kelly.
Pratt. Felsch and Bill Jacebeoa. The
men with four performances of this
kind to their credit were Bodie and
Joe Jackson and the men with three
were Shano Collins, who has just had
an eating club named after him in
his home town of Pittsfleld, Mass..
George Paskert. Dave Robertson snd
Rogers Hornsby.
Two pitchers Hod Eller of the
Reds and Leon Cadore of the Su
perbas will be found among the ma
jor leaguers of 1920 who batted In
from four to seven runs in games,
said major leagusrs being listed be
low: Batted la Seven Runs.
American. 1 Derrill Pratt.
Batted la -Six Bnns.
National. 2 George Kelly aad
George Paskert.
American, 1 Frank Bodie.
Batted in Five Huns.
American. 17 Frank Bodie. Bill
Jacobson and Kenneth Williams. 2;
John Collins, Oscar Felsch. Jo Jack
son. Robert Vessel. Mike McNally,
Walter Pipp. Bob Roth. Bab Rath.
Swede Risberg. Robert Teach and
Aaron Ward. 1.
National. X) George Kelly. 2;
George Burns, Frank Frisch. Jacquax
Fournler. Lee King. Emit MeuseL Hi
Myers, Austin McHsary, Save Rob
ertson and Zach Wheat
Batted fat rr Hons.
American, 33 Oscar Felsch. Der
rill Pratt and Babe Ruth. 4; Joe
Jackson snd Bill Jacobson. S: John
Collins. Joe Dugan. John Tobin and
Frank Welsh. -; rrsnk Bodie. Eddie
Collins. Mike McNally. Swede Ris
berg, Ray Schalk, HeSrge Sisl;r. Carl
Mailman. Law ion Witt and Aaron
Ward, 1.
of Regular Job
One of Brooklyn's pitchers may
be traded for a catcher, bat that
one wiU not be Walter Reather.
according- to Charles H. Ebbets.
When the southpaw was obtalaed
from th. Reds In exchange for
Rabe Marquard the word went
around that manager Robmaoawas
not likely to take chances with
ihe erratic Kanther. and that hs
wonld use him in a trade. Since
then Bbbeta hah learned that
Renther has been behaylng aU this
oft season and that he is deter
mined to to make a great come -back
In Accordingly. "bbsM
has determined that Ruether shall
take his regular torn in the box for
the Dodgers next season. Bat there
is little question that one of the
other prtchesr will be .pent away if
Brooklyn can get a good catoher in
New Jersey Rules
Undergo Change
Trenton. X. J.. Jan. It. Several
ironclad roles were added to the New
Jersey boxing regulations by the state
boxing commission at a meeting in
the state house recently. Ths new
mlH inclnd, ,T SLBti natlOtt by S TCPO-
table physician before the contestants
enter the ring, the presence w "
sician at the ringside during the bout,
and a minimum age limit of It years
for all contestants.
Licensed boxers will be barred from
boxlns for from three to six months
for takinff part in bouts in unlicensed
or unauthorised places In the state.
Contestants must weigh in before 3
p. m. of the day of the bout before a
boxing inspector and a member of the
Tfi. -n .1 i 'n n rruited a license
to the National Sportsmen's dab of
Philadelphia. Pa.. Jan. 12. Andy
Lawson. president of the recently in
corporated Continental Baseball asso
ciation, Tuesday nigh: announced he
would make an effort to sign up the
Chicago White Sox players who were
expelled from the American league as
a result of their Indictment by the
Chicago grand Jury on the charge of
throwing games ia the 1,1 world
series. Lawson ssid he would offer
contracts la the new organisation to
Eddie Clcotte. Joe Jackson. Felsch.
R is berg. Gandll. Buck Weaver, and
Claude Williams.
knowledge wtthat a smH Inst
at the same time well Knows
critics are agreed that Knghind
has the yo.rcit l.t t chassplsffi.
at the fiwat time ta the btessry
f the ting. With the exeeatt.B
of Jimmy Wilde, the flyweight
efcaaptoa. the balaaee f title
h4den are of a mediocre class
aad weald net hM op nHk the
Best .ecewd raters la the Catted
States. Joe Beckett Braved aa
atrial freet as heavyweight ehasa
ptm when he permitted Frank
Moran. the .vetena American
heavyweight, defeat him la Jig
Tom Glimmer, the middleweight
champion, was Just as bad when he
met Balxac. the French title holder.
Basnam, the welter champion, was
easily beaten by Ted Iewis. and tob
Marriott, tbs lightweight champion, ia
not considered In the same class with
Freddy Welsh, former title holder,
before he became an American.
Old Johnny Bull will have to start
all over again with his boxers. It
wiU be necessary to develop new tal
ent and put some of the Yankee meth
ods into their work. They have plenty
of good material there, especially
among the smaller men. but it needs
developing: it is a rasa of going bank
to get the first rudiments of the
Padded 'Dummies
For Grid Players
Butte. MonU Jan. 12. Padded
"dummies" and bucking machines had
no place In the football eurrlcilum of
coach Cheater Ptttser, of the Men
tana School of Mines. Folio wing the
dose of the grid schedule of Mon
tana, which made the beat showing of
any school of mines squad in many
years, it became known that Pittser
used real boulders aa tackling dum
mies. Plttaecfa warriors did all their pre
liminary practicing and scrimmage
work on the side of a mountain, and
there was little space for kicking the
pigskin around. The linemen had no
bucking machines, and the backs were
sans tackling dummies, so Pittser sent
bis men up against huge boulders In
ths mountains. Tackling humans In
their games afterward was something
akin to going up against sofa cushions
compared to .ne mountain bouldera
Dcsplts the handicap of not having
a' gridiron upon which to practice,
Plttser's players finished third in the
Montsna conference race.
Several of the Mines players worked
shifts in the copper mines in addition
to attending school.
Supplies for Horsemen
la additioB to saddes we ako cany a Ml stock of
bridles, chape, spars." spur ktber s, sadrSe Uukets, etc
Colt, SmS& & Weaea aad Remington RctbItwi.
Kg Stock of Gas aad Riffet.
fiel Mae of ammnnkion.
Lei at fpfif
jour aeesfi.
Mail orders receive prompt attention.
3 1 7 Texas Street El Paso, Texas.
Fast Players Form. Five Teams
of Pass Cky Division of
Former Cky League.
PHTBICA. director A. I Bobs will
start four more basketball teams
In motion tonight at the Y. M.
C. A. when teams of th Pass City
league get together In the initial
games of the schedule which will ex
tend well Into March.
The other division of fast basket
ball teams known as thc City league
got in motion last Saturday night
with victories tor the Caimans club
and High School Tigers. Tonight the
Knickerbocker club will meat the
fast Army Y. M. C A. in ths first
game while the Feldmaa and Gas
company teams dash in the sscoad.
Little Is known of the strength of the
El Paso Gas and Knickerbocker
teams, but it is understood that they
have the pick of material of the late
Church league and being ably han
dled can be regarded as contenders
for the pennant of the circuit.
C.rd.va Has Strong Teaxx,
Nats Cordova ia managing the Feld
man team and he has assembled quite
a husky aggregation, Hs has Hunter
and Leighton at the guars positions.
Williams or Parsons at center, and
Mudd and Wrenn at guards .iate win
also play himself and be knows ev
ery angle of the floor himself he is
extpected to sdd much strength to the
lineup of the team both on aa In
dividual and collective sense.
The Gas team Is aedy handled
and shouid nske an exeeOeat
showing. 34neh Interest Is being
shewn im the work of the Army
Y. X. C A. Ltetn. Jehn SBes of
the Eighth engineers, one of the
stars t the football senses wBl
h4d down one of the guard posl
tiens of the arnsy team. IJeut.
XHes la farmer member of West
Point qufatets and plays basket
ball Just as well as he dees foot.
The army tssm is particularly wel!
equipped on forwards with Marti and
Wrenn on the Job, while Barrera will
be In ths .enter position. Vigil, Brun
gardt and Lieut. KUes will be at ths
guard peacttiois.
Cepaxis.a of Strength,
Basketball fans are shewing muck
Interest In games of ths Pass City
league and a substantial number art
expected to he on hand for the initial
contests of the league tonight- One
of the principal reaaow for the ap
pearance of the bugs.ia to obtain a
comparison of playing strength with
the players of the City league. Many
are of the opinion that the latter or
ganisation with such redeabtabit
quintets as the Calamus elnb and
Billings quintets entered in the
strongest of the two leagues sad the
comparison is expeetad to bs Interest
ing. Summed np on paper the Pass
City league doe. "a.t appear t
have the streagtb, of the City
league, but there Is always ample
room for deuht. The Pass Orr
asrgregattens are all eampesed af
peppery young nthletes wh. never
knew the meaning of the word
detent and there is gets to be
sewe he eppostttwa frem every
ce. . . ,
The strength shows by the Calu
mns club and Tiger teams in the
games of last Saturday sight con
tinue to be aa lntanislisa tsenc. The
Cahxraus club hns the graatest or
ganization of veterans erer assem
bled In the history .of ths city and
much apaeumttam la being made aaent
the ability of the Tigers to withstand
the experienced attack, of their larger
and stronger rivals.
The eveniag on which these two
teams are hreaght together wffl fur
nish ths classic event of the season.
Larry Bankhart
May Be Manager
Haaover. ft H-. Jan. IX. Larry
Bankhart, ens ah of successful Colgate
team, and former DartnKMith. foot
ball slayer, and Jacksen ("Rip) Csn
nell. quarterback and captain of ths
Big Green team, which shared top
honors In eastern football for the ses
soa of 1919 are mentioned as suc
cessors to coach Clarence Spears.
Either or both would be acceptable
to the great body of Dartmouth men.
graduts as well as student, but no
member of the Dartmouth athletic
council was willing- to make any state
ment about who would be chosen to
direct the 1921 football team. A meet
ing of the power that be, however,
will be held soon and It to likely that
Spears's successor win be named then.
Hard Riders
Cattlemen and Cowboys we're
glad to wcJcobk you fas El Paso.
Let as show yo aw stock of
beautiful hand stamped saddles
which were made in oar own
workshop. You're tare to like

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