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Japan, war
D C, Jan. 12.
terror of the far
the role of proponent
ff a world plan for reduced arma-
T" ent, ib the next probable surprise
nf an mtematio jal nature expected
lv best Informed government offl
c .2.1s as a result of the pow-wows now
poing on between entente diplomats.
Tbe cold fact jnst dawning is that
.Tapan is on the verge of an economic
I recipice and must economize. The
n!y way for Japan to tffect any ma-
rial cuts Jn Koverarmnt spending
to reduce enormous outlays for
mbitious military and caal projects.
Japan is not exactly "broke." ut
1" m the throes of a business panic
nat has wrought considerable finan-
r h. dirnculty to the Nipponese, me
on!v aienue of escape from national
bankruptcy, as Japan's leading states
rn view it. lies in governmental
Men directing American fiscal pol
les consider as one of the highly
iTiportont development, possibly
forecasting events of the future, ad-
ices reaching the treasury depart -r-ert
ard the federal reserve board
stating that Japan's new budget dis
poses deep slashing of estimates of
E. T. Amonett
mmmW sssssssKll
Write for Catalog
EI Pas, Texas
Roswell, New Mex.
Musterol Works Without the
Blister Easier, Quicker
There's no sense in mixing a rnese
of taostarf, Soar and water when you
can easily relieve pain, soreness or stiff.
ceE3V7ith a iittie dean, white Mnstetote.
Migtero'e is made of pure o3 ol
mUSUlll and Other hejprnl ingnolUi
combined in the form of the present
white ointment. It takes the place oi
mustard plasters, and will Dot bitster.
r Masterole usually gives prompt reBd
from sore throat; bracciatis, tonsflitia,
croup, stiff neck; arhm neuralgia
headache, congestion, plenrisy;rheama. 1
tisra, lumbago, pains and aches of the
back cr joints, sprains, sore suedes,
braises, chilblains, frosted feet, colds of
jits chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
ana ooc jars; nospttal sue 5AUU
monies to run the soveroment. This
budget. oftici.ls ere advised. Is In
nroeess of comDilation. but the policy
of retrenchment agreed npon by Jap
an's leading statesmen, shows a pur
pose to trim appropriations down to
the lowest minimum consistent with
A significant note given by these
diplomats advices from Tokto dis
closes that Japan's population made
discontent by their financial losses
suffered throughout the empire in the
recent tumble In prices, and bank
failures, are pleading that they be not
forced to pay heavy taxes to sup
do rt the pre-war dreams of the mili
tary element.
A scaling down of some of the es
timates for naval purposes as well as
for military purposes is being urged
ry some of Japan'sVforemost figures,
the dispatches from financial at
taches at Tokio declared.
Pon-rettlng War Flan.
The Nipponese, officiate were told,
staggering beneath their debt bur
dens, are forgetting about war plans
and are thinking about the high cost
of living. There is a general senti
ment growing out of present dissatis
faction among the Japanese masses
for a redaction In the rate of inter
est by the banks of Japan to facili
tate the recovery of business lrom
the depression now so widespread.
Japanese Financial aomoreuea are
putting into effect the most rigid
measures to check credit expansion
and remove some of the inflation de
veloped to near the bursting point
darlnc the war. nartlcuiarty in tne
silk and rice markets. Speculators
are being given a drubbing by tnis
pjttcesa of srovernment restriction
up illegitimate uses of credit. The
best authorities of Japan laugh at all
suggestions for raismg the bank
rates, as such a step, they contend,
would force thousands mere firms
into hankmrDter.
Old pre-war arguments have gone
by the board and Japan is waking up
to the Idea that waste ana extrav
agance, both public and private, most
be stopped If Japan Is o survive as
an Important world power.
This indicates to officials here a
public sentiment somewhat similar to
sentiment prevailing both In the
United .States and in many of the
leading European powers, that tax
burdens chiefly attributable to war
and war plans for the future shall
be radically reduced to a real peace
Tight Money Market.
Some indication of the economic
straits In which Japan Is laboring is
revealed by other official advices,
stating that the bank of Japan grant
ed loans amonntins; to about $406,
900,000 when the boom, was at Its
height, but when high tide began to
recede with tumbling prices on
Japan's principal export commodi
ties, the loans dwindled to a bar
New Hotel For Santa Fe, New Mexico
MoreU.S. Aid To Fight
Predatory Animals Ased
Washington. IX C, Jan. 12. Repre
sentative Hudspeth urged the agri
cultural subcommittee of the house
appropriations committee to allow aa
appropriation for the next fiscal year
of 9600.000 to be used In destruction
of predatory animals which to many
southwestern Texas counties are a
menace to livestock. The appropria
tion for this year is $47.000. It la
believed the subcommittee will rec
ommend at least 500.000.
Racial Feeling Causes
Georgia Labor Shortage
Atlanta. Ga. Jan. 12. Threats
j against negroes .Jn Kail county, where
( racial disturbances have occurred serv
era times, have resulted in bnodreds
; of them seeking- refuge In Gainesville,
. the connty seat, and a serious indus
trial and agricultural situation In
! that part of the state has resulted,
i according1 to reports to Gov. Dorsey
, by citlxns of Hall county. No vio-
lence has been reported.
HOTEL FONDA, the new hostelry being erected in Santa Fe by the business and professional men of the city by
general subscription. It is being built upon the site of the old Fonda, the inn that marked the end of the
Santa Fe trail in tie days of t be stage coach. The archit ccture of the hotel is Pueblo, typical of the early southwest
and in Keeping with the Santa re idea of retaining as m ucn as possible tne ATiebio architecture in all building for
that city. Even the new postoffice and federal building is to incorporate the Pueblo architeture.
That was the title of a little
sketch In one of those popular maga
zines, to which all life is either a sex
problem or a joke.
And. of course, the "old maid's
views were all very caustic and scin
tillating and bitter according to the
Which is quite all right except for
two things.
First, there are no longer any soch
things as a dmosaurus. or hooo-
skirts, or witches, or banshees, or "old
maids" in the antique sense.
There are just married folk, and
spinsters, and bachelors.
And, of the three, I honestly think
that the old bachelor Is the most pa
thetic and unhappy.
Second, a spinster does NOT think
bitterly of marriage.
&ae ibinE or it jast aa a
hack el or does a little lTUUnlly.
a IMtle regretfully, a little long
ingly, a little shnddertngly, a lit
tle doubtfully. But ahe still ha
her sweet fllnnlon.. For ln order
to be really disappointed In love,
you mast hare been married at
leavt once. i
Tt.li tKaui MAntlnr' tn alt tW j
The panic and the disastrous effects 'spinsters I have knojrn. Is what a!
iiT. i w. "V spinster thinks about marriage. I
ur course, ir i nan marnea tne-
man-I-wanted-and - eouldnt - get (or
lost or quarreled with) I might nave
been divinely happy. IF but what's
the use of talking about THAT!
fPerhans. I should have been hap
pier, if I had married the-raan-I-could-
have-gotten-and-dldn-taKe, or one
of those I might bars gotten If I
bad tried
"But then, again. I might have been
wretchedly miserable, tied to the
wrong man, and longing for the right
"Sometimes, when I meet a, newly-
married pair of young love-birds, and
look into their happy eyes, I know
oh, I KNOW! what I nave missed!
"Home and children, and somebody
to "belong to ears for. to love me!
-And the building of the little love
nest and the glory of the wedding!
"And the working out of ambitions,
"And the dreaming of dreams to
A Spinster's Views On Marriage.
! horoscope!
- ml!
is mainly due to a tight money mar
ket, and according to Japanese ob
servers the corrective lies in making
the supply of money available at
lower rates of interest.
Economic depression in Japan has
spurred up plans for commercial su
premacy In certain directions which
Japan seeks to dominate. Her food
policy Is aimed at monopoly in the
world markets If possible. A new
kink in this plan for world dominance
is things commercial is Japan's
move to buy up and store enormous
quantities of foreign rice to give
Japan the power to regulate the
prices of rice.
Officials hers were amazed to find
Japan's scheme to "corner the
world's stocks of rice would involve
actual financial loss to Japan. It is
defended on the ground that rice hi
the chief need of the people.
Although in Japan there is oppo
sition to the plan, as it would mean
a loss to the people of 2.900.00 yen.
or about $1,509,060, the government
supports it strongly and probably
will make it effective. Without suf
ficient rice for the people and at
prices which are low, Japanese offi
cials realise that the stability of tha
nation would be endangered and pos
sibly lead to a social upheaval
Officials here declare there is the
possibility of a political storm In the
proposal to buy up and store avail
able stocks of rice. There is a sharp
connict of interests between the pro- 1
ducer and the consumer, which may i
develoo difficulties of menacing pro- 1
portions for beads of the government.
Mallory Ship Company
Opens El Paso Office
An office has been opened in FA
Paso by the Mallory Steamship com
pany at 822 Mills building and Is In
charge of Wayne V. Pittman. This is
the first time since the war this com
pany has had offices here. The com
pany operates boats between gulf
.ports and Key West and Havana, and
Galveston and New Tork.
How To
Exhausted Nerves
Your nave power depend on plenty ef good,
rich, red blood of the kind that organic iron
Ksxated Iron helps nuke. It U like the iron la
yoor Mood aad utf utc iron tn pincn .tenon ana
apples, rt does not Injure the teeth nor upset the
ftomach. It Is entirely different Iron ordinary i
metallic iron. It qmcily helps make rich, red 1
Mood, revitaitte wornovt, exnaostea nerves ana
tire ytm new strmrtii ux! enaxy- Orer 4.000,000
people annually sre nncr it. Beware of tabsti
tntea. Alwxyt insist apoo hiriry cemmie crcame
Iron Xuxated Iron. Look for ' he letters N. X.
ca every tablet, ai an araggut.
IrofRedBUxviStrer.gthjnd Endurance!
"And, then, again, when I meet
a wttei-, dlseatefcaated wife, or a
fHrtattens haabaBd, or bear a
pair ef M 'haratn parekeeta
aaabblrag behind the palms at a
reception, I think of what I have
"And I am quite content, and glad,
to go back to my nice, remunerative
job, and my coxy den: and not to have
to ask a man for money; nor to wait
until he's hungry, for my meals; nor
to have to answer to him for lost but
tons, household expenses, and every
box of tooth powder, or matinee
"Perhaps, I COULD marry, even
"Lots of women do at thirty
eight. "Perhaps and yet, could I tear up
all my peaceful little ways and habits
and household gods, by the roots, and
be happy jest as some man's RIB?
"I doubt It and besides, all the
NICE nriddle-aged men are married-
all except a few grouchy, hard-boiled
bachelors, and a few wild-grass-widowers.
"Se, It vronld be merely the
ehetc betrreen being a yeBg
man's feel, or an eM man's nurse:
Ught ay, nay, Fauliaes
"Ah me! Life is very lonely
sometimes. And a little empty.
"And yet. It's very peaceful.
"Perhaps I SHOULD have married,
if but and yet I wonder!
That is what a spinster thinks of
When she isn't listening to some
married woman's wail of woe. or
patching up a domestic quarrel, or
playing Lady Bountiful to some other
woman's kiddles. Copyright, 1121, by
The Wheeler Newspaper Syndicate.
Miss Mathils Malkln, of New Tork
city. Is probably the oldest woman
in this country to be admitted to citi
zenship. She is past 83 years of age,
but only recently went before the
court and received her papers.
To Cure a Cold In Oh Day
QUININE tablets. The genuine bears
the signature of E. W. Grove. 30c.
A STROLOGBRS read this as a fairly
xi. fortunate day. for while the Sun
and Mercury are In beneflc as
pect during business hours Jupiter
and Saturn are adverse early in the
morning and late at night.
Advertising and publicity have the
most promising direction of the stars
today and will be especially good for
men and women who occupy positions
In the Sun.
All who seek appointments from
the government should be lucky while
this configuration prevails.
There is a sign read as promising
protection from printed criticism for
men and women who Initiate public
movements or assume official posi
tions. The seers declare that the news
papers of the country will be kind to
members of congress and state legis
lators during this rule which seems to
foreshadow sensational Incidents.
The late hours win not be propiti
ous for business. Banquets for the
discussion of Important questions are
not under the best planetary direc
tion. February is to be a month of severe
storms and there is likely to be an
unusual amount of suffering from
Building comes under a swrvy that
seems to foreshadow great activity.
Americans will become more and more
Inclined to invest in homes and real
estate, according to London astrolo
gers. Housing conditions again will oc
cupy public attention and reforms will
be instituted In many cities, notably
those on the two coasts.
Persons whose birthdate It Is should
not travel or make any important
changes In the coming year. They
may have many unusual experiences.
Those employed may be promoted.
Children born on this day may be
restless and careless, but really
gifted. These subjects of Capricorn
succeed In artistic pursuits. Copy
right. 192L by the Mcdure News
paper Syndicate.
Nature's Food Tonic
If you are run down, tired, worn
out, exhausted, aeaenuc suffering
from nervoutneis or have no ap
petite by natures way to health
Port Orrve Took.
Port Oiive is a cofabioatioe of rich
old port wine, creamy pure olive o3
and other roedkisal agents mixed m
such proportioBS that it is as pala
table as rich cream.
It do! oery stimulates the system
by toning up all the vital organs, bat
is a pure bqvid food. It can be taken
by the roost delicate stomachs and
you notice asproTement from the
first few glasses.
Ask your doctor or druggist: they
will tell you this k the ideal body
builder and food tonic On sale at
EL .
Cattlemen, their families and friend w31 find that we have
thiog 'accessary in the traveling Gae to make traveling pleaaant, ssch
as trunks, including wardrobe trunks, suit cases, traveling bags and
a variety of smaB leather goods at manufacturer's prices. We re
pair and exchange.'
Tekpbeae 154.
In Turiceston wives can b pur
chased for a box of matches ejod
each man can have as manr wives
be chooses.
The Portoiive Company. Inc., 745
North Mam street, Los Angeles, CaL
Ra.e IS acre, da mttk Yprt StocktOB
to T. St. U Rr.. Stoc S. Black IS 11
hut lie mtal. Will sU 4 acres, a.
1ms. for SS.SS per acre. H cask) with or
der bal. on draft with eU pepers attached.
Third Floor Crowdat "Mr.
Fort TVorth. Tex, j
Mill F. O. Bex 1SS.
Clear Baby's Skin
With Cuticura
Soap and Talcum
"Morris Pens'
The Big Up-to-Date Livestock CeHter ol
tne Southwest. All Modern Facilities
lor the Proper Handling of All Classes of
Continuous loading platforms, accurate
scales, branding and dehorning chutes,
dipping vats for cattle and sheep. Pens
vary in size from one to twenty cars.
All shipments large and small given
prompt and careful attention.
PHONE 2794
P. 0. BOX 532
We Wdcome
EI Paso.
May yen have a pleas
ant stay.
El Paso
Real Estate
Is a Wonderful
See us We can offer
some bargains.
We welcome the Cattlemen and all "visitors to El Paso for the Cattlemen
Convention and for the Big Wild West Championship Contest
While in El Paso, it will pay every cattleman and every visitor to look this
city over carefully. There is bo city in the United States offering greater
opportunities for investment than El Paso. Whether one wants to buy busi
ness property or a home, this is the city of great prospects.
We can offer you business property, lots or homes at prices which are cer
tain to advance. '
With its rapid growth a growth which is not only sure but big the city will
double again in population in the next ten years. You are now n El Paso.
Come in and talk things over.
Anderson Investment Co.
306 Mesa Ave.
Phone 4061.
You Will Find the People Are
We welcome you to El Paso with all our hearts. We hope, that every minute you spend
in 'this great pass city will be one of joy and profit While you are sojourning here these
You will find El Paso unsurpassed for business, hospitality, future prospects and climate.
You, Mr. Cattleman, have helped us grow. We thank you. At the same time, if you are
looking for somewhere to live, or some town in which to invest your money El Paso is
the city which offers you an opportunity rarely equalled anywhere in our great and broad
The city is growing rapidly in population, the volume of business done by El Paso firms
is constantly on the increase, the public utilities of the city have kept pace with it and
are planning new improvements and extensions anticipating the city's growth for ten years
to come.
El Paso's schools are the pride of this section. Its High School is a marvel and is larger
and better than the high schools of most large cities. Its churches are large and numer-
INew parks are being planned. Civic improvement is running rampant. LOOK
"Not Electric Light Merely, But Electric Service
El Paso Electric Railway Co.
Alba H. Warren, Manager

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