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Wcanes'day. January 12. 192T.
i urt Slockton. lex. Jan. 1J. Why
i d o.l (ome to the surface and gush
rtt a rate of approximately 3000 bar
r. 1- a day at is ell No. 10. when fonr
o'Ser wells are within a radius of 50
ards of the spouter? 1
This is the question being dis
i:ed by oil mn and bpeculators
Tirinc here to take a look at well
No. H and cast an eve over adjacent
Opinions of oil men seem to irdi
ate that several causes may have
mbined to create tne g-reat differ
ice in so short distances in loca
ls First, the mouth of well No.
,r' of the Crant Oil corporation is
era feet lower than any- of the
i-ro'irdmg wells which have been
-ouE'it tn by tj-l. r-ompany: Serond
. it may be the apex of a dome, as
dicated by the shallow depth and
v the increasing: depths at which
1 has been struck going away from
f Jocalon of No. 10.
According to oil men, pressure at
U.-t well was greater because of
insure from the mother pool lying
at greater depth. The flow at well
No. 10 is now slight and its capacity
"11 pump yet undetermined because
"f lack of tank facilities to take care
of the oil.
The log of No. 10 follows: At
''et. soil, conglomerate, water: to
i 4 feet, dark clay: 14 to 24 feet, lime,
1 ght oil: 14 to feet, gray lime,
ater. 2 to 42 feet, limestone, some
-"is- 42 to 48 feet, hard Ifme; 4S to
- feet, sandstone; it to tt feet, soft
-ne. 58 to SI feet, sand, bearing oil:
n to 85 feet, mixed limestone: 85 to
'"' feet, dark lime, carrying oil: SO to
M feet hard lime, cap rock; 94 to (
cct. sand, carrying oil. i
The nell came in at S feet with
z'3t force.
H. O. Moss, drilling contractor of
ie Hueco Basin Oil well, who la in
M Paso, declares that he expects to
find oil at less than HN feet.
There is an impression that we
iiund oil and are concealing the
!ct," he said. "This Is not true. We
are now down S471 feet and expect
ml In less than 600 feet more. The
drill bit is hot when brought np,
which indicates gas pressure In the
Furafshed by The
Bfd akd
z Four 3 . .It
'dley 5 .Zt
iarke 8-nator Los
"inanchs County .13
1 ongressional 03 A4
" -ispltdated O. of Tex... .
uk of Dublin 4 .6
' Paso Ranger .39
Trsl 01 .75 LIS
"c Creek. Jr. .80
" fihoe Bend 10 0
J-rn B. Oil Co. ,D
De 18 .20
1 ufrt Ranger .50
: iTial DrlTllna;
on 4 IVv
ader of Texas
cfrs Wallace
- -nn' It. & R.
' -igMd
-ih extern O. G. ..
icr Bronka
.rtrr Bnrk
.ijr-r Rock Island
u-hwestern O. r D. ..
w. o. 4 n. 1st op...
w Tularosa B.
r. r-hief
xa Crude
" W Cox
Thieves Open Stores
To Dispose Of Loot
Kicago, in.. Jan. 12. Business be-
me 50 good here for a gang of gro
thjeves, who stole on a whole---ie
scale from delivery trucks, that
"iey had to open several retail stores
1 - dispose of their plunder more
-adily. Police beliere today they
1 ive accounted for thefts of meats,
liter, tea and other groceries rained
Pt $l0,00, with the arrest of seven
- j"n.
ill. am J. Brand and Lillian E.
Fenjpmin J. Kelly and Beatrice But-
''Iro Corrf'Io and Jesus Heman-
Written by "Raffles" Antiaor.
Insure against drouth and adverse range
conditions and hedge against low mar
kets by using
For Further Particulars, Address
Palaclos, Texas.
113 E. Overland St El Paw, Teias.
New York, Jan. IS. Losses were
extended during the first hour, es
pecially In steels, shippings, oils,
equipments, textiles and leathers.
I Crucible showed an extreme, decline
! of four points. Atlantic Gulf 3. Hex
' ican Petroleum 2. Motors 1 to 2.
American Woolen 154. and Endlcott
Johnson 2. The reversal was par
tially halted by a sudden rally in
shippings. Secondary rails also im
proved. Before noon another reac
tion ensued. Crucible . falling to
10m. Call money opened at 7 per
cent. Ubsv4y Hewde, Oieee
Liberty bonds closed: SHs. S9-30. first
4s. SC.M bid: second 4. ts. bid; first
it. JSJ.M; second ?. JSS.74: third
I 4fcs. 883.92; fourth 48. $87.12: victory
'3s, SM.M: victory 4H'. SM.SS.
j New Tork. Jan. It. (By the Associated
Press.) Clewing quotations.
I American Sear 9 Si
American T. and T.
'siiinhmIs ("Vmner ........... S3
Chin Copper
Colorado Fuel and Iron 34
Inspiration Conner J54
Northern Pacific H
RaadtSg 84
Soatfcern Pacific J1
Union Pacific 11
United States Steel
New York. Jan. IS. Bar stiver domes
tic, unehanseo. Forelsa CC
Mexican dollars. .
Prime mercantile paper, unchanged.
Exchange, strength
Sterling, demand $1.72.
Montreal IS percent discount-
Tlme loam, steady and unchanged.
Call money steady ; high 7 : 1 o w C .
ruling rate 7, dotting bid (; offered at
7; last loan t
Copper, steady. Kleetrelytlc spot 13
91214c: font quarter, lSMSc
Iron. Normal. No. 1. northern. S3Z.M:
No. 3 northern. $3.M933.M: No- 3
southern, $ JLtew35.ee.
Tin, weak. Spot and nearby $38.98
33.35: fa tares. Slt.SSett.75.
Antimony. 35. 1. &.
Lead, steady. Spot. $4. 75.
Zinc, steady. Spot. East St. ImSs deliv-
ery. IL()U1
London. Ens, Jan. 12. PolTowlnE are
the quotations'
Standard copper, unchanged.
Erectrolytic, .
Tin. UM Ss.
Lend, 33 19s.
zinc ess,
(Pnrnisbed by CromMs ft Co.)
Colorado potatoes, per cwt. 33.63.
Washtngtoa Bvjrbanka per est, SS.TS.
Calif ernU Borbanks. per est, 32.78.
Sweet potatoes, per est, J4.S8.
California green oniona, per doses
banehea. 4Sc
OBions. sack. Australian brews, per cwL.
Celery, per crate, 3S.UwC.Ml
Tettuce, per box, 32.M.
Cabbage, new crop, per pound In trade
lout fcc
Apples. New Mexico, per box, 33.359
Apples, northwestern, per box. 33.389
Colorado apples, per box, 3S.SSsy3.7S.
California navel oranges, per box. 34.Se.
Florida grapefruit, pr box, 34-25 8.00.
Iemona, per box. 35.0a.
Tangerines, fancy, box. 35.S.
Sunday School Worker
Speaks Twice Tomorrow
"W. C Pesrce, ef Chicago, seaeral I
seretarr ot the International Sunday '
School association will speak at the I
r. ai. c A. at noon tomorrow, ana at
Trinity Methodist church at !:3 p.
m. His sabject will be "Religion and
Education in the New Era."
He -trill discos adult work in ad
dresses 'and also the prevailing in. I
terest in men's Bible classes.
Washington, IX &, Jan. 12. A bill
proposing; federal regulation for the
coal industry and empowering the
president to fix prices and profits in
case of emergency or shortage, was
introduced today by chairman Calder
of the senate committee inrestigatins
the 190 coal shortage.
The bill also would provide for
regular publication of data on coal
production costs to be assembled by
the federal trade commission, and
authorize the president to deal In
roal and take charge of its produc
ts n and movement whenever he found
usual laws of trade in suspense,"
The act proposes a licensing system
fo- both operators and dealers and
would impose heavy taxes on profits
of sales by jobbers and brokers, the
purpose being, chairman Calder ex
plained, "to drive coal In a direct
channel from producers to consumers."
The tax would be 50 percent of all
corrrmssions of more than IS cents
and less than 30 cents a ton; 75 per
cent of commissions exceeding 30
ctnts and less than 56 cents and SO
pt rrent of commissions exceeding; 50
cents a ton.
EI Pate's OWcit Sfcee Fiadfeg Haste
Rubber Heek, Sfc&e NaSs zai Sfaoe-saker'i Took.
Write for prices.
Chicago. I1U Jan. 12. Wheat prices
declined today, influenced by an ap
parent pause in export buying Be
sides, some of the selling' was said
to be on foreign account. Notice also
was taken of gossip that the Argen
tine export tax would be removed and
that European demand in Argentina
would thus be stimulated whereas
trans-Atlantic business in the United
States would be curtailed. Opening
prices, which varied from unchanged
figures to c lower, with March
11.7714 to 11.78 and May S1.CSH to'
31.69 were followed by a material set
back all around.
Subsequently sharp advance took place,
owing more or ifa to reprota that for
the first time this season Minneapolis
was bey toe hard winter wheat in Omaha.
Moreover, some new export business was
notVd. The close was unsettled. 2 to
4,c net higher, ilth March SLS2 to
31.82 S, and May $L73 to 31.73.
Corn was easier with wheat. After
opening; unchanged. Including May at
74c to 74 c the market underwent a
general sag. In the later trading, corn
prices took an upturn with wheat. The
close was steady. e to e net higher,
with July 75c to 754c
Oats reflected the decline of other
cereals, starting unchanged to a shade
oft May 4SHc to 43Hc and then weak
ened Higher quotations on hogs gave a life
to provisions.
Chicago Grain, Oese.
Wheat March. $1.82; May. 91.73 ..
Corn May 7Se; July. 7c.
Oats -May, 4Se July. 4SHe.
CUeago PrsriHoa. Cle.
Pork January. 334.S; May. $54.45.
Lard Jannary. 113.25: May. 314.0
Ribs January. 31S.lt: May. J 1 2. Si.
CWeago Produce. Close.
Chicago, 111, Jan. 13. Butter TJnset
tlM. Creamery extras, 49ci etaBdards,
Eggs Higher : receipts. 4449 cases.
Firsts, C7e: ordinary firsts. 59vC3c: at
mark, cases Included. B80.Sc: refrlxer-
ator firsts. S70SSC
poultry AJive, lower. rowis, see;
springs, SCc
Potatoes Hlcher: reeetnta. 32 cars.
Northern white, sacked, 3 1.2 5 1.4 1 cwt.;
mux. n.uvm ewe
Kaaoas Ctty rrodne. CJ-e.
Kansas City. Mol, Jan. 1-- Bf One
cent mgaer. roars, esc; seconos, 44C
Buttei- Unhsed.
Poultry Heno Sac: roosters,
and turkeys, nnehaaged.
Boy 17, Didril Like
California; Is Held
. On Burglary Charge
Edmund Fitzgerald. 17 years old.
left his home in California because
be "didn't like California." He came
to EI Paso two weeks ago, and is
now , being held on a charge of bur
glary. The boy went to the Associated
Charities and asked secretary J. B.
Owin for money to wire his father.
The father, K. J. Fitzgerald, of
Fresno, Calif- answered the telegram
and said he would send the boy
money for a ticket.
Mr. Gwin tried to find the boy to
deliver the message, bat couldn't.
In the meantime the father wired
Mr. Gwin that his son had been ar
rested Jn Bl Paso. Now the father
is on his way to attend the trial.
Judge W. D. Howe, of the 34th
district court, said that within all
probability the boy. if convicd.
could tret the sentence suspended if
his parents would promise to take
care of him and keep him home.
Military Bau Placed On
Use Of Autos In Ireland
Cork, Ireland, Jan. 12. Gen. Strick
land, commanding the military forces,
has prohibited the use of motor cars.
motorcycles and bicycles between the
S p. m. and a, .m. throughout the
area under martial taw.
Irrin S. Cobb, bmnorlst an& re
porter-at.)aia-e. will lecture In El
Paso on the stent ot March 12. Mr.
Cobb will probably lecture in Lib
erty hall. He will eoae nnder the
auspices of the Klwanis club. At its
weekly luncheon Wednesday noon at
the Elks club it was Toted two to
one to bring Mr. Cobb to the city.
The principal speaker before the
club was Qeorge E. Stock, interna,
tional physical director of the Y. M.
C. A. Mr. stock told ot the plan to
derelop the bodies of boys and men
as a foundation for good minds and
good characters.
Dr. K. J. Cummins made a short
talk on behalf of the Boy Scouts. A
drive for the budget of the Scouts
will start January IS and last until
January 28. Ten Klwanians .volun
teered to help put the drive over. J.
A. Smith said he reenrded the Boy
Scout movement as on of the worth
iest ever started anywhere.
The club was Invited to attend the
adclub luncheon Friday noon
Each member Introduced his guests
and the Kiwanias at his right. Then
each member told his New Tear's res
olotion. L. E. Claypool. of the Her
aid. and Bob Chapman, of the Times,
were named judges by president J.
W. Cathcart. The prise, a necktie,
was given by Ross Bryan to Rev. W.
M. Falrley, who, the lodges decided,
had the best resolution. It was to
get more joy out of life this year by
givtng joy to outers.
Charities Will Elect
Officers January 18
Election of officers of the Asso
ciated Chanties for lfftl will be held
at the annual meeting In room 404
of the Roberts-Banner building Tues
day. January 1. The retiring off i
cers are: President. Horace B.
Stevens; vice presidents U. S. Stewart
and Mrs. T. W. Lanier; treasurer, J. E.
Benton. The following directors
whose terms expire this year will be
up for either reelection or replace
ment; Mrs. J. A. Potter, George R.
I Baron, judge E. B. Medintock,
Mrs. C. B. Stevens, Dr. J. A. Rawllngs,
Mrs. H- W. Broaddus and Haymon
Krupp. The nominating committee is
composed of Dr. J. A. Rawlings, Mrs.
W. L. Foxworth and Dr. M. Zlelonka.
Reports of work accomplished during
the past year will be read. The
mating is to be held in conjunction
with the regular monthly meeting.
Fund For Staroing
Children Totals $10, 838.93
Contributions amounting to $15:,
reported Wednesday by the commit
tee in charge of raising money for
starving children of Europe, raised
the total to S1ML.
The new contributors are:
Jewish Temple Sisterhood $50
Jewish Women's Relief society... 50
E. F. Higgins 5
W. W. Morris 1
Presbyterian church. additional
(total. $22.) 5
J. D. Rawlings 5
George Wharton Rice 5
R. S. Magruder 5
Mrs. C. D. Bloone 2
R. E. Thomason 10
Mrs. Bird B Smith 5
Ju-n Glmfnez. arraiened before (
United States commissioner A. J. W.
Schmid. pleaded not suilty to charges
of receiving; smuggled property and
to transporting; liquor. Bond was set
at $3000.
The commissioner will hear the
c,i-o of Manual Ooolo tlf afternoon,
o .tji J -vitu ir iTr-poruitiftn
Changes this morning were small
and irregular, according to J. S. Cur
ttss & Co. Security Bank building,
without any of them being of par
ticular Interest. Activity decreased to
some extent, and the interest in the
market lagged a good deal.
Coppers were fractionally lower, as
were the oils, with the 'exception of
Mexican Petroleum. v,hich gained 2
Kails were irregular, with changes
smalL Industrials, showed numerous
declines, and smaller dealings than or
Call money opened and renewed at
7 percent and the rate then declined
to percent. Sales to noon amounted
to 41,300 shares.
Curb Copper 3fes.
Hardshell, bid 12
Erupclon 81 fcr 11
Ark. Arizona i w 9
Big Ledge 3-1- H
Cat. Jerome Kfif
Consolidate Arlsona, bid
Dundee Arizona
, Green Monster
Hull Copper
Howe Sound
Jerome Verde
1 9
Nacozart 42
Maama Chief 1-16
Magma 20 tf
Miami Consolidated 2 9
New Cornelia lfav
Ray Hercnles
United Eastern :
Sunerior fc Boston
Verde Extension 28 i 29
"Vrde Combination t
Cosden $ 4
Gadsden fi t
C reason to LOS
Silver King 8 12
Porphyry H
Denn S.00 & 9.o
Shea 30 0 49
Consolidated Copper 24 9
Listed Copper Stocks,
American Smelters 38 S
Butto 12.
Calumet Arizona 44
Chile US
Kennecot 20 1
Miami 184
Nevada 19
Ray 13
Shatturk .14
Utah &4H
BeJlread Stocks.
Baltimore A Ohio 34 H
Canadian Pacific 117
Cbasapeake A Ohio . 81 H
Erie 34.
New Tork Central
Pennsylvania x .
Southern Railway
St. Paul
SC. K, T.
714 j
Mowtrie! Bockf.
American car and foundry
American Can
American Loromotii o
Baldwin Locomotive
Bethlehem Steel
Lacks wana
Industrial Alcohol
U. S. Rubber
Central Leather
General Motors
Flak Rubber
New Tork Oihv
Mexican Petroleum
Texas Oil
Royal Dnfh
Pan American
Wu. Ovlnd
livestock: markets
CUcaco Restock, dose.
Chicago. I1L. Jan. IZ Cattle Receipt.
Sees. Beet steers. IS to 2ic higher: bes
held early at J1I.S-, balk, fg.3tejl.00.
fat cows ani heifers, strong to ZSc higher,
bulk. $a.09tf7."S. ranners and cutter?,
steady to :ronp- bulk. J3 :s4 3:. bulls,
ateady : veal calves, mostly 2Cc lower
than high time yesterday, bulk vealers
to packers. Sl.00U.oe: atockers and
feeders, ateady to higher.
Hogs Receipts, 26, 90 ; fairly active,
largely 1$ to lie higher, spots mora. Top.
bulk. S$.l.li; pigs, steady to lc
higher; balk desirable 90 to 11 pound
Pigs. $...
Sheep Rsctrtpts. 13.0M. Fat lambs,
strong- to Ik higher: S12.0 paid by ship
pers: bulk. ll.wOv11.7w: sheep, ateady to
strong: best ewes, early, SS.7S: some hel J
Ugher: balk, fat ewes. $4.7&&.: year
lings sad feeder 'f- steady.
Kaaeas OKy Uveeteelc. Csese.
Kansas City. ao. Jan. 1Z- Cattle Re
ceipts. ftCoe. Beef steers, strong to lie
higher; best load. 8.9: few head, Jlt.&i.
bulk. $7.-0 S. 2o, she stock, mostly
steady to strong; spots higher; heavy Ne
braska co w. 7. SO; bulk, fat cows and
heifers, t..90.3$: bulla, mostly s&c
lower: canners, calves sad feeders, steady:
bulk, good and choice veaJers. wla.(0
Hogs Reeetpta. lift. Opened IS to
SSe higher, closed active 3S to 4c higher,
spots more: top 19.40 : bulk of sales. )t.U
9SS; good and choice fat pigs. 99.26
Sheep Recelpta 40eo. Sheep and year
Hags. IS to ttc higher; 90 pound year
lings. I9.M; lambs, to 49c higher:
choice Colorado. 1 11.19.
Denver Uveetock. Cisse.
Denver. Colo.. Jan. 12. Cattle Reoeipu.
mo: market active. Beef steers. n.0e
9.7S; cows and heifers. ILflStM; carves.
J7.ioeiO.00; stockers and feeders. ICOOfe
7.2 S.
Hogs Receipts. C00: market IS to 2Sc
lower. Top, 9.40; bulk, St.TttlL
Sheep -BeoetptB. 490: market stronav
Tearliaga. ft.009S.50: lambs, St.2S01t.76:
jwja. S3.tt4.:.: feeder lambs, .Ste
Kaawee Oty Grass. Cse.
Kansas Oty. Mo,. Jan. 15. Cash wbea:
Unchanged- No. 1 hard. Sl.79ei.w4: No.
2. $l-7iei.M; No. 1 red. 1 2-CO; No. X St-tJ.
Corn Unchanged to lc higher. No.
mixed. lc; No. X. Cc; a 3 white. C4?:
No. I. tic: No. 2 yellow. SCtc: No, X
Oats Unchanged. No. 2 white, 4?4tc;
No. 2 mixed,
Rye SI SS.
Kaffir corn and mile malss tScesi.t5.
Ray1 Unchanged.
Receipts, wheat, S9 car.
Cotlnaed From Pase 2)
the Union and Texas banks by the
MtirchlSOn renlled that TTMHnna has.
said that the Moyes had known of
snorxatres, oct naa not menooned
particular Items.
On redirect examination, afnrchjson
said that Helmnss denials that he
naon t taicen a cent" were made be
fore the alleged confession late in the
evening: of March 20.
Mnrchison was questioned at lenarth
by Robert T. Net 11 with regard to
previously given testimony that
Helrous had said that shortages repre
sented had originated in the Union
Bank and Trust company.
Western TJntsn Man Testifies.
T. A. Darling;, superintendent of the
Western Union offices, was recalled to
the stand to identify telegrams pur
porting; to have been sent on March
IS by the First National bank to
patrons who had been affected by
alleged manipulations. He also Iden
tified a cony of a telegram nurnortino'
to have been sent Helmus from Pre-
siaio. 'iexas. on March is.
Alfredo Unas, former aarent for J.
Oroscn and romnanv. th nTt Hfnaaa
'said hfs company had done their
banking business with the First Na
tional after that institution had ab
sorbed the Texas Bank A Trust com
pany. AeeoBBt Was Wrong;. r
Be said he was called to the F&st
National bank during March by H.
E. Christie and was told that hit
concern's account was short. He
testified that he was shown a charge
slip concerning; $12,500 which had
been drawn against tbat account. He
said he told Christie that he had no
knowledge of the charge involved by
the debit slip, and asserted that the
Orosco account was amply large to
care Tor all outstanding cnecKS.
Helmus came into the bank as he
and Christie were discussing the
charge slip, Urlas said. Helmus was I
told of their conversation, he testified.
and examined the charge slip, and ex
plained ihnt tli' hartre should have
l"-':. j'la 1 an. iit th-r . an con
sul, Un ti ?aid.
New Orleans. Ijl, i Jan. 1!. The re
actlopary tendency was still in evi
dence in the cotton market today and
in the first half hour of trading prices
fell Si to 27 points, which carried
March off to 14.8t. Liverpool was
much lower than due and traders on
the long side were disposed to liqui
date. The market opened steady with Jan
nary at l.Str: March. 14.SSc; May. 15.08c;
July. lS.SSc; October. 15.15c.
The market becam heavy with an en
tire absence of support while offerings
came steadily from the Ions; aide. Id the
tradias np to 11 oclock the active months
were sent 4C to 4T points under the close
of yesterday, with March down to 14.tc
Selltnr for short account was eueouratred
by expectatiena of small eon-ramptlon fla
nrea from American mills io the report
due Friday fr-.m the eemroa bareaa.
Revorta that there was no more ware
house room available for cotton la New
Tork caused a sharp recovery and the op
ward movement received added tmpetas
from further talk of easier money rates
for the near fntnre. A bao-aat market
resulted on which March roe to l&fTc
at which level the active months were 42
points hiaher than the last prices of yes
terday. At 1:3 oclock the demand, ap
peared to have beea filled for the time
New Tork. Jan. 12. Cotton futures
closed barely steady. January. 1 ?. e-.
March, H.lSc; May, ICltc: July. lCUc:
October. ICUc
Galveston. Texas. Jan. 12. Gsicostoa
spots, steady and unchsnned; mlddlmc.
Class Establishes
Employment Agency
An employment asncv has been
e9tabllahed by the members of the
Williams Bible class, which meets
very Sunday at the Wla-wam theater.
The weekly burtness meeting; of the
class wtn be held tonight at the First
Baptist chnrch.
Rev. M. E. Hpdaon, pastor of the
Ftrst Baptist chnrch. will teacl the
class Sunday morning:.
E. F. Fletcher, E. E- Stevens and
R. b. Vandewater have been added to
the city detective force for extra doty.
At the recent convention of the At
lantic Deeper Waterways association
it war aeciaea to aamit women as
members of th -icanizatlon on the
same terms as mea.
El Paso Bank and Trust Company
Glad to sec you, Cattle
men and Visitors drop
In and see us.
Let us give you an estimate and costs for fixing the "head
quarter" ranch residence.
Thede-Sherrod Lumber Co.
"A Single Stick or a Carload"
1801 Texas St. - Phone 1828
We exlemi the right Hand of welcome to cattlemen and
other visitors to,our city this week. We feel sure that your stay
will be a pleasant one.
While in EI Paso you are cordially invited to make this
bank your headquarters It is a part of our business policy to
render service that will convince you that the El Paso Bank
& Trust Co. is "Your Kind -Of A Bank" Come in, and
feel at home if there is any information you wish, we will
be pleased to give it to you if we can.
We are prepared to render prompt and authentic reports
on credit and other financial conditions. Our facilities are
ampe to handle with precision and dispatch every banking
transaction involved in southwestern trade.
We offer you an institution
that stands for the highest
ethics of modem finance. c
F.P.JONES, President.
A. F. KERR, Vice Pres.
L.H. CREWS, Vice Pres.
F.M. LYNCH, Vice Pres.
G. C. ROBERTS, Cashier.
ALBERT MERCER, Trust Officer.
P. O. MOORE, Asst. Cashier.
C. E. COOK, Asst. Cashier
C. V. SWANSON, Asst. Cashier
For All Uses
We have salesmen who can talk
Intelligently on all problems
concerning the ranch. Just "tip
us oil" as to your needs and we
can show you the proper stulf to
save you money and give you
Fence posts, material for out
houses, water troughs, etc.
of a Bank'

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