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Each week", "■'
one year, if paid id advance, fl.oo
ntered Nov. sth, l«i*4, at tbe postorike,
Ellensburtr, Kittitas county, Washington,
as entitled to second-class postal rates.
Oflkt- aoutfa side of Fourth street, between
Pearl and Main streets, rear of <»• I lit
The republican press of the state
has howled and howled and kep
howling about the "populist exemp
tion law" and yet every one o
them would gladly take every ad
vantage of the same, and at the
game time they forgot to tell you
that it was a republican suprem
court that declared the same un
constitutional. The fact of the bUf*i
nees U just this. The law is no
more ■ populist measure than a
republican measure. It was Dal
Lech, the senator from Yakim
county who introduced the bill il
the senate. We here reproduce i
synopsis of the bill.
S. B. 141, by Lesh—ln the first
section provides that there shall be
exempt from taxation and attach
ment to every householder personal
property to the value of $1,000 in
addition to the real property ex
empt under section 4*>o. of volume
2, of Hill's Statutes and Code of
the State of Washington, but no
property shall be exempt from ex
ecution for clerks' laborer.-' or me
chanics' wages earned within the
state, nor shall any property be
exempt from execution issued
upon a judgment again-t an at
torney on account of any liability
incurred to his clients on account
of any money, or other property
coming into his hands belonging
to his client."'
Dan Lesh is a republican, was
elected to the senate as a republi
can, the measure was supported by
republicans and became a law by
and with the assistance of republi
can votes. These facts ought to go
a long ways in putting to silence
the wild gabble of the republican
press and party of the state.
McKINLEY's Maine message is
no credit to the exalted office that
he occupies.
ELEVEN thousand employes in
the Ponomah cotton mills at East*
ville, Conn., went on a strike Apr.
4, against a reduction of 10 per
cent in wages.
TacoMa has always been a re
publican swamp and the G. O. P.'s
have always carried the elections
there and held all the oflices with
the single exception of A. V.
Faucett, mayor for a short time,
and he got in through personal
popularity and the worthlessness
of his opponent. The Dutch have
simply captured Holland.
BIATTLE has never been carried
by the fusion forces in any election.
The republicans have had complete
control there for six years past.
Two years ago Black was elected
mayor by the republicans with a
majority of over a thousand votes;
this year Humes only had about
seven hundred majority, and the
P. I. goes wild howling about the
republican gains, and populist
losses, A few more such losses will
put the people's party in control
of that city.
The Dawn favors no scheme tha
will allow or admit of the destruc
tion of the people's party organiza
tion in this state or county. If the
people's party abandons it.- organ
ization it will be moped off the
earth in less time than it takes, to
tell it The idea of making every
thing in common with a part}' or
two parties that probably have le.-s
than half the votes of the people's
party is absurd. When the demo
cratic party had two votes to our
one did it offer to fuse and divide
♦ ♦ EARTH. 4 ♦
Washington City, April l"-—
Bulletin: The Senate Foreign Il
lation Committee has reported to
the Senate a resolution for immedi
tabliahment of a -table, independ
ent government in Cuba. The
minority of rive members \\ill re
port in favor of Cuban insurgents
Madrid, April 13, 3:30 a. m. —Aa
a result of a long important Cabi
net Council last night, the Spanish
War Oflice is actively engaged for
tifying and manning the Mediter
ranean Islands belonging to Spain j
and placing other portions of the
Kingdom in a .-tate of defense. It
is undeistood instructions have
been cabled to Captain General
Blanco to carry the suspension of
hostilities into practical effect, "ac
cording to circumstances in each
The cabinet refused to recognize
the right of the I nited States to
intervene in Cuba.
Old Point Comfobt, V*A.,Apr. 13
—The flying squadron sails at 2
o'clock under sealed orders for the
up the oflice-? Not much: We
want to see all the reformers of the
county and state get together on
sound platforms and nominate men
that we can support without hav
ing to hold our nose while doing so,
and we shall labor to that end. and
we want to see each party main
tain its organization. It strikes us
that something is rotten up the
creek when populists are asked to
abandon their party organization.
•Several democratic organs in the
state are advocating this idea, but
no populist paper ha- so far spoken
in regard to it as yet.
Last year we handled Northrup and
Kins:.- line of package seeds and found
them to give excellent satisfaction. BO
have concluded to handle them again
this year. The price will ho the same as
last season— 'J packages ior •"> cents.
F. Bosaong & Co.
Easter Services.
The days of fasting and depriva
tion were brought to a close last
Sunday by the glad tidings of
Easter, the anniversary of the day
of the resurrection of our Savior.
St. Andrew's church was artfully
decorated for the occasion. The
alter was en massed with palms,
roses, lilies and carnation.s Other
decorations were appropriate and
effective. Services were conducted
at 10 a. m., also :! p. m.. by the
Rev. Father Sweeps.
Thorp Notes.
F. J. Mosman, of Tacoma hi
purchased the grocery store in tlii
place which was formerly owned h\
(ireene and Sandel.
Mr. Castor and H. Hawthorn
have started to Alaska.
F. 11. Kigby wears n happ
smile. The cause i- another gir
The ladies' aid met at Re\
Baker's Thursday.
The Thorp W. C. T. (*. will ho. 1
their next session at the chore!
April 21, at 7 p. in.
George Green, of Oregon, i
spending a few weeks here.
Rev. Baker will preach here Apr
17. All are invited to attend.
Old Green Hobs.
Ranchers are fully up with their
work—grain crops are about all in.
Potato planting is now in order.
The acreage planted to that partic
ular crop will hardly be as great
this year as it was last.
The few pleasant days we have
had have started the grass to grow
ing, and an old cow, if she is really
industrious, can nowmaeie her own
The Cattle range has been ruined
by sheep. The question is, which
is of the most importance to the
country, the cattle industry or the
sheep. While every rancher is
more or less interested in cattle, the
gbeep business is monopolized by a
very few. There is a wrong right
here, lut h>w lc right it is the
The announcement that Miss
Minnie Charlton was married to
Mr Ollie Geddis, may t>e rather
stale news hut perhaps pome ol the
reader.- ol The Dawn have not
heard al OUt it.
Bam Cox has the sympathy of
the entire community in his recent
loss by tire.
Rev. Champey, Baptist minister,
preached to quite a large congrega
tion at the Filer school house last
Elder and Mrs. Wood yard have
been quite sick but are about again.
Mr. Brock expects to return to
Texas soon, preferring the "hone
Star state" to this. When we say
that Texas is v grand state we know
whereof we speak, bavin. lived
there for a number ol year-.
How about tbe war with Spain?
Do we know anything more about
it than we did a month ago? Our
opinion about it is that tin money
!"\\>-r will control in this a.- it does
in everything else. What is na
tional honor in comprrison with
the loss likely to l.c incurred by
the Wall street gamblers in case of
a rupture with Spain? It seems
that patriotism exists only in name.
Suffering Cuba cries out to us in
vain. Plutocratic ears are deaf to
all sounds except the jingle of dol-
Elder Cleveland is working late
and early putting in a crop.
It does one good to see the com
mendable enterprise shown by
"Sage Brush Bill in transforming
the desert wastes into a blooming
garden. He is preparing to move
into his new palatial residence,
and is doing considerable work in
the way of ornamenting his
grounds. Sage Brush has all the
modern improvements including
a mortgage on his ranch.
The wave of prosperity for which
we have been so vainly looking,
has not yet stivck us. and we are
still living largely on hope and
good victuals.
It is thought that quite a num
ber of our young gentlemen intend
to get married as soon as they get a
chance. It is well known that it is
c tntran to marry without a chance.
"Just as
as Scott's and we sell it much
cheaper," is a statement sometimes
made by the dru agist when Scott's
Emulsion is called for. This shows
that the druggists themselves regard
lof Cod-Liver Oil with Hypophos
phites of Lime and Soda as the
; standard, and the purchaser who
desires to procure the 44 standard "
because he knows it has been of
untold benefit, should not for one
instant think of taking the risk of
using some untried prgpn
j&dfr ration. The substitution
of something said to be
! A "just as good" for a stsnd
'• 71 T"-yr ard preparation twenty
!l] .11 five years on the rnarfcif,
Tr f*m should not be permitte'
the intelligent purchase:
j Tic sure you get SCOTT'S EmuUi* . E s
J that the man find £>'.: are on t:.,. wrapper
i 50c. and $1.00, all druggists.
I SCOTT ft BOWNE, Caemfstm New York,
There i? beginning to be some i
little agitation of the question as i
to the eligibility of certain parties
to the different oflice? to be filled <
next autumn. Now "Old Green i
Horn" would like to hved at the
public crib awhile. We would like
an office where the pay is good and
the duties light. If we are nut
competent to till the position we
can get a deputy who is. The I
substantial emolument! is what
we want.
We have been asked why we do
not make an attempt to write po«
etrv. We are not built that way.
we think
Poetry ia not a mere jingle of
a. ords:
Teaching far less than the song- ol
It is an expression ol sublime
Within the depths ol the mind
wn night.
Rev. Hale has been down through
this section preaching his farewell
senm in-.
Henry Charlton is recovering
slowly. He hope to see him up
Henry Noel says- he has struck a
"bonanza" in this new held of
In our next communication we
propose telling the readers of The |
Dawn what we know about chick*
•ns. Many years ago we edited
the chicken department of "The
I Frogtown Bung Starter." the lead
ing paper in Izard county. Arkan-.
I sas, and were considered <juite au
thority on that industry. Our po
sition, while quite pleasant and
useful, was not particularly lucrat
ive. We thought we were getting!
! along pretty well, but the sheriff
concluded we were not running
I the business to suit him so he
| stepped in and took possession and
j convinced us by sending legal look
ing documents that he had a better
j right than we had so we vacated.
West Side Items.
KiN X .
; The people along the Menastash
are so busy they have no time to
! make news.
(i. VV. Weaver's family moved
on to the Reed place, and Mr. Ty
lor's. formerly of Ellensburg, have
moved onto the farm formerly oc
cupied by Mr. Weaver.
H. B. Gregory's have moved to
the Jacohson place, and J. R. Greg
ory hascome back to his farm.
Perry Hall has been on the sick
list the last few days. He has
been stopping with his father —W.
K. Hall.
Mrs. Geizentanner, of Walla
Walla, has been visiting with Mr-.
P. Fredrick during the past week.
Rev. Baker's family are just re
covering from severe colds.
Miss Minnie Prater began work
in Judge Graves office last week.
H. B. Gregory's family, relatives
and a few friends gathered at his
home last Sunday, ami enjoyed a
Master services at the Cove were
well attended and we hope pro
ductive of go< >d.
School began at tho Packwood
school house last Monday with Mr.
Davies as teacher.
Roslyn Rolls.
"Mr?. J. Bradbury, of Ellensburg,i
is visiting her many friends here.
We have the Salvation Army lo- 1
cated here. They are talking of
opening up barracks in Mrs. Don-]
atto's building on Main street.
There was a notice published on '
our bulletin board this morning in
reference to President McKinleysj
message to congress stating that he,
had shipped 500 torpedo boats to
Fish Lake to protect the mining
claims owned by Kid Simon. We
appreciate all such patriotism.
B, F. Bush, went to the sound
Saturday night, returniiii; Sunday
night. He stopped here Monday 1
and went to Spokane that evening.
The cap fitted our smart young
man so well, that he could not
keep the affair to himself. He had
the audacity-to come to your cor- 1
respondent and demand an opology
for the item which appeared in Ti-: >.
Dawn last week. We told him we
could'nt do it. and to beware or he
might take another tumble.
The company are putting in a
new ci gine to draw the coal out of
the slope,
John Berg returned from his trip
to Minneapolis. He was there two
The miners bad a series of bad
luck last week.
Mat Bagley, colored, had his
thigh broken and his face bruised
Dick Van, colored, had his back
badly bruished by a fail of Rock j
Leonard Weber had his arm
broken in several places last Thurs
day. The doctor- wanted to cut it
off] but he wouldn't have it. He
went to the Sisters' hospital. Seat
tle t" have it attended to.
Owin t" the 'oreaking of the en
laine last wef-k. the miners only
E. E. Wajer was up from El-
Dexter Shoudy was in town
The ii.fa.it child of Lewis Mar
tin's died Sunday.
Mr. Harris, father of W. H. Har
ris. lias returned to his home in
| Grinnell, lowa,
| Mi. Kenney, general manager of
the company's store, is making
j things look clean and bright on the
[interior of the store by having the
ceiling varnished and the wall
Ikalsomined. The work is being
d'>i,c- by their painter—Simen
The company has a crew of men
j working at the big engine that will
Ido the hoisting out of the shaft,
i They are getting it in shape to be
i prepared in case of a rush for coal.
Sparta Echo.
Nip and Tuck.
Mis? Frances Wilson has re
turned to her home in Roslyn.
Johnnie Crawford has moved
into H. E. Sharp'? dwelling house.
I Byam Yocum and family have
moved on hit mother's place near
Pleasant hill. We are glad to wel
come them in our part of the
• It is reported that Lon McCum
: her and Carmi Pease intend to
j purchase a tandem in paitnersbip
iin the near future. Their ways on
\ Sunday evening lie in the same di
While working on the Menastash
bridge last Thursday, Frank Brad*
Ishaw cut his foot severely, and will
j probably be laid up several days.
Mrs. E. Reigel is reported to be
very sick.
Joe Yocum had the misfortune
to have his foot badly hurt.
During the visit o!
Li Hung Chang, the
"Grand Old Man oi
China," to this coun
try. the New York Sut
said of him: "He i
_ a lartre. strong, im
pressive specimel
of manhood. H<.
has a massive
frame, a shapely
head, a command
ing face and wd
posed features
He is a keen ob
servant of man
kind, of life an<
of things. He i
seventy-four years of agL- and still in the
hey-day of his power."
If a Chinaman, usually regarded by us as
a barbarian, can live to a healthy, hale ok
age, why cannot Americans, with their
more advanced civilization, do the same
The reporters discovered during Li Hung
Chang's stay in this country, that he took
every thought for his health. He livei
upon the simplest of diets and never passe(
a day without consulting his physician
He limited his toil to a reasonable nutnbe
of hours, and would not deviate from his
rule in this matter. American men follow
just the opposite practice. They work v
the limit of endurance, will not even take
the proper time for eating, resting am
sleeping, and never think of their health
until it is gone. There is a wonderful mcd
icine for hard-working men. It is Dr
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery. I
takes the place of a physician. It keep
away ill-health and restores health when i
is lost. It is the great appetite sharpener
blood-maker and flesh-builder. It makes
the digestion perfect, the liver active and
the blood pure and rich. Medicine dealer
sell it.
" My husband had been a robust young man.'
writes Mrs. M. J. Tedder, of Ellington, Reynolds
Co.. Mo. "When he wis Ji years old he begai
to cough very hard. He had pains through Ids
chest aud lungs. His mother and the rest'of his
family had died with consumption. He cm
tinned to cough every winter, until in 1883 he
had an attack of pneumonia. His cough grew
worse and worse. He would vomit immedtateh
after his meals. In i ; nS he coughed night am
day. He wr.s getting very weak and had no
appetite. He commenced' Dr. Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery and 'Pleasant Pellets.' He
improved. His appetite got better. When he
had taken seven bottles he looked like a new
man and felt like a new person. He weighs
mure than he ever weighed before. He gained
twenty-eight pounds and is cured."
Cam.: Pc -•■ I -• vei |
ladies to Easter services ~( { i
Clove last Sunday.
— *%m> •*• m
Normal Nev^s
The members of the Eclectic l lt .
entry society took a
re-t on Friday evoning so far j,
taking an active part in the pro .
gram was concerned. They pt>
pared three musical numjJJ
which in conjunction with Jtjfo,
Graves' lecture on Primal U w
le the ev< mug's entertaining
(The lecture contains many
Imendable thoughts and wag lit
' tened to with much interest.
Mr. Angus, of Mabton, has been
compelled to leave school in con*>
quence of the illness of his father,
We regret his departure for he in
; diligent student.
• :'• ' ! -' : on Tuesday mor
ing I y Misses Dennis, Larson. San
ford. Watkins, Hake and Lamp**
and Mr. Foss along the line of
uni n : I lil erty were in keeping
with tbe existing feelings through
out the nati i it the present time.
Prof. A. B. Coffee, of San Fran-
Cisco, spent the day Wednesday
[visiting normal classes and train
ing sch >1. He ! Iressed the school
at opening exercises on Wednesday
\ morning in Ids happy vein. In the
leveuing he delivered his lecture on
Young America, which proved to
be quite interesting. He was not
greeted by a very large audience
though he was worthy a hall full,
| He has no difficulty in keeping the
| attention of an audience. If he
ever come- this way again we trust
that the citizens will rind it om
and avail themselves of an oppor
tunity to hear him.
Public Scrccl News.
Banner rooms this week are nos,
3 and 7.
George Hovey. Releigh Randall
and Charley Stowell, former high
school students, visited school this
The boys of the base ball team
are anxious for a match game.
The 7th grade had examination
in Algebra Friday.
The literary program last Friday
evening, "An evening with colon'
ies" was as follows:
E-sav.'Settlement of colonies,
- Mabel Carscadet
" Forms of their government
\\ itt Rogers
" Articles of Confederation
Carrie Anderses
" Declaration of Independ
ence - - Lee Barne
" Revolutionary war,
Edward Bryan:
•• War of 1812, - Kate Meade
" The states at present,
Glenn Fetterrnai
Rec. State of Washington
Clinton Saafei
Short talks about tbe colonies—
Their manners. - Clara Steigfe
Their home - Yernia Smiti
Modes of travel. - Clay Latin*
Critic's report - Mr. Hal
Rhetorical program- in the asset
bly room for the past week are*
follows: Friday events—By.'
i Rotnane. Papers—Edward Bryat
Anna Painter, VerniaSmith, Be*
Brant, Frank Patterson Reef
tations— Ella Tucker.. Ett|
Pearson. Wednesday events—l 4
Barnes. Nettie Try man. Papers-j
Omar Davidson. Mabel Carscaderj
Boy Weaver. Henry DaviscourJ
Flora Flemming, RecitatiaaH
Minnie Rusch, Winnie Shoudjf
Grace Baldwin, Mervie Bridgpf
Ralph Sterling.
Report for the week ending m
8, 1898: Total no. enrolled, mm
I total days attendance, 20714; t°. t!
days absence, 74: ay. no.
430.1; ay. daily attendance, 4Wi
cases tardiness, 2: visitors, 10. J
Report for month ending Apf-l
'98: Total no. enrolled, 463; «]
' no. belonging, 436.6; ay. daily »|
j tendance. 421.8; number not *Pl
303; number not tardy, 456;
tardiness. 8; no visitors, 51.
Wilis's Bazaar now in the K*g
berg block is the place to get cm
try, Glassware, chinaware, noß''/
wood and willoware, lamps & c
I reduced prices.

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