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VOL. IX. NO. &
A Bible and a newspaper in every house, a good school in every district—all studied and appreciated as they merit—are the principal support of virtue,
morality, and civil liberty .-Benjamin Frankin.
This Space
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C. L. Collins
Che Ellensburg Dawn.
A Government of, by and for the People.
Scarlet fever Is raging in Walla
A lish hatchery is to be established
near Dayton.
The buttercups are in bloom over
around Colfax.
Yakima is taking steps to build an
other school bouse.
Frank E. Pells has been appointed
postmaster at Ballard.
W. T. Cavanaugh succeeds himself
as postmaster at Olympia.
Got. Moßride has appointed Dr. Heg
on the state board of health.
Natural gas was struck at a depth of
500 feet at Everett last week.
Spokane is to put up a new high
school building in a short time.
Ex-sheriff VanUeVanter desires to be
warden of the state penitentiary.
There were 175 death in Spokane du
ring the year 1901 and 651 births.
King county officials collected *2H,
3111.45 in fees during the year 1901.
Among the first acts of Gov. Mcßride
was to sign the pardon of W. Gaby.
Gov. Mcßride has appointed J, How
ard Watson as his private secretary.
The farmers in the l'alouse country
are seeding and plowing right along.
Iv King county the auditor during
the lUOI issued 1,37!) marrige licenses.
There ware 180 deaths and 122 births
in Walla Walla during the year 1901.
The auditor of Spokane county issued
778 marriage licenses during the year
Uland county has a now paper called
"The Hecord" and is published in
The delinquent tax list of King
county occupies thenty-live pages of
tbe Seattle Times.
Mrs. Eva C. Gove, of Tacoma, is one
of the three heirs in the will of tho la»e
Mrs. A. H. 11. Stuart.
The county offices of Spokane county
during the year 1901 turned in fees
amounting to $11,944.9.").
Charley Tom, an Indian, is lodged in
the Thurston county jail, charged with
the murder of Williams.
The North Yakima Commercial club
will move into its new quarters in the
Clogg block, after February Ist.
Walla Walla county has Xi divorces:
214 marriages during the year 1901 and
sent 17 persons to the asylum.
The Anderson mill, tit Marysvllle was
completely destroyed by lire last Friday
night, the loss being about $2,500.
The Oystermen's association met in
Shelton recently and decided to hold
the price of oysters at *4 per sack.
The union carpenters of Spokane will
demand 45 cents per hour for eight
hours' work on and after May Ist.
The people living in and about Roza
have petitioned the, post oflice depart
ment for a post oliice at that place,
The body of the man killed at Spo
kane by the X. V. has been Identified as
being M. C. Dammon, of Baker City.
■Tames Glasgow, an employe in a saw
mill at Fairhaven, was seriously injured
recently by being crushed under a log.
There bat been a big demand for
farms in Whitman county of late and
prices have advanced very materially.
Gov. Mcßride has set aside the 20th
as day for schools to collect whatever
sums possible to aid in the McKinley
monument enterprise.
James Boss, who shot Victoria Fierce
in Stanwood on the 6th inst. surren
dered himself to the sheriff of Skagit
county Saturday at Mt, V ernon.
Mrs. Eliza llichards of Blame died
a few days ago. She was a pioneer,
being one of the first white women who
came to that section 32 years ago.
J. C. Lawrence, manager of tlie farm
ers' warehouse at Garfield, sold 7,000
bushels of Sonora wheat at 521 cents,
and has an offer of 54 cents for 10,000
bushels of the same variety.
Spokane has secured $2,000 for immi
gration purposes, and the chamber of
commerce has placed $5,000, making iv
all $7,000 to induce people of the east,
or rather to assist them in getting out
The beaiest rainfall In the history of
Seattle fell there recently. It was ac
companied by a hard wind making
thirty miles an hour. The rain fell in
torrents, the water running down the
streets in sheets.
Tuesday (Jan. 7th) reports from all
over the country show that the weather
was unusually warm for the time of
year. At Umatilla, Ore., the ther
mometer registered 70 degrees, the
highest temperature on record there
in January. At Walla Walla tbe ther
mometer registered 05 and. ut Hepner,
Ore. ; 64.
Smallpox has broken out at Coup
Tbe outlook for a crop of ice in this
state is very poor.
Indications point to an early spring
on the Pacific coast.
Hoy Young, of Aberdeen, was held
up ami relieved of 825.
Mrs. 010 Nelson, near Edge wood,
suicided with strychnine.
Penitentiary sacks will be sold for
$63.50 per thousand this year.
Wilson Creek, in Douglas county, has
a newspaper called ''The Chief."
The Pembrokeshire stove a hole in
her bottom on a reef In the Columbia
river last Monday,
The health officer of Seattle, has or
dered the school children of that city
to be vaccinated.
Tishka dam, built at Aberdeen for
Boating logs to tide water, has been
pronounced unsafe.
The jury in the Lewis embezzlement
casein Spokane, failed to agree and a
new trial will be had.
H. T. Howard, alias H. C Collins,
late of the state penitentiary, is cashing
bogus checks over the state.
An electric railroad is to be built be
tween Aberdeen and Hoquiam, the two
metropolos of Grays Harbor.
Robert Hamm, of Seattle attempted
suicide by laudnura recently, because
of disappointment in love affairs.
A rabbit drive in the Hitter Creek
county, near Pendleton, resulted in the
killing of 1,000 in two hours^time
Robert Firth, an old pioneer of Fri
day Harbor, was seriously injured last
week by being thrown from a wagon.
Lieutenant Bevin, of the eighth ar
tillery, was found dead in his bed at
Ft. Canby. A supposed case of suicide.
Tom McCoal a 17-year-old boy of
Spokane, was shot in ihe abdomen by a
boy of bis own age as the result of a
The Weyerhaeuser syndicate pur
chased the Bell-Nelson sawmill and
ship yards at Everett Consideration.
There is a race war on in Seattle.
Six bell boys in the Seattle hotel struck
because two colored boys were added to
their force.
During the past year Washington
has been the banner coal state of the
northwest, tlie product being 2,474,01)3
short tons.
Albert Weed, an inmate of tlie Sno
homish county jail attempted suicide
New Years' day by cutting bis throat
with a pocket knife.
Five youths under the age of 10 were
arrested in Freemont, a suburb of Se
attle: were arrested Tuesday and ad
mitted to two burglaries.
The receiver of the First National
bank, of Vancouver is paying a 25-per
cent dividend, and he thinks that it
will eventually pay out.
A daring thief burled a coupling pin
through a plate glass window of a jew
elry store in Seattle recently and es
caped With a tray of diamonds valued
at $1,500.
Athens, Term., Jan. 27, lOot.
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menses they were very irregular and I
suffered with great pain in my hips,
hack, stomach and logs, with terrible
hearing down pains in the abdomen.
During tho past month I have been
taking Wine of Cardui and Thedlord'i
Black-Draught, and 1 passed tlie month
ly period without pain for the first time
in years. Nannib Davjb.
What is lifo worth to a woman suffer
ing like Nannie Davis suffered? Yet
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For advico and litemlurf, address, tflvinu aymr
uuns, *'Tho Ladies' Advisory Department.
The Chattanooga JltUieino Co., CliaUauooga,
The New Arena.
The January nunibsr of The Arena
begins tbe twenty-seventh volume and
the fourteenth year of that, well-known
review. It opens with a line essay on
"Anarchism," by the Rev. It. Heber
Newton, D. I)., in which the writer dis
cusses the ethical, sociological, and
political aspects of that burning ques
tion. ''The English Friendly Socie
ties," by Kltweed Pomeroy, A. M., is
an interesting description of a recent
visit to the scene of the "Rochdale ex
periment" in CO-Operation, Theodore
F. Seward describes the "Spirtual Birth
of the American Nation," and, In addi
tion to his regular departments of
"Topics of the Times" and "Hooks of
the Day," Editor B. O. Flower contri
butes a luminous essay on "The Rise of
Photography and its Service to Man
kind." T. St. Pierre discusses "Re
sponsibility in Municipal Government,"
and W. A. Curtis considers "Race Re
version in America." Other features
arc: "Corporations and Trusts.'' by
Thomas Conyngton: "The Development
of Brotherhood," by Prof. Eugenia Far
bam: "Ibsen's'PeerGynt,'" by Walter
Leighton; "The Work of Wives," by
Flora M. Thompson, and "What Shall
it Profit ?" a New Year's story by M.
I*. Stuart. Editor McLean announces
that Dr. Newton will discuss the econ
omic and religious causes of anarchism
in the February number, which will
contain many other valuable contribu
tions. (26 cents, at news-stands. The
Alliance Publishing Company, Fifth
Avenue, New York.)
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A Work of Art.
I We arc in receipt of a souvenir vol
j ume, issuod by the Ellensburg Dawn,
descriptive of Kittitas county, and its
' principal towns and cities. The little
1 volume is a work of art, well gotten up,
j the composition and press work being
of a high order, and is profusely illus-
I trated with half-tone reproductions of
1 scenery ami persons prominent in the
history of the county. Kittitas is in
deed fortunate to be worthy such
efforts.—Wenatchee Republican.
A Deep Mystery.
it is ,1 mystery why women eudure
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MO men wanted, to buy lumber at
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