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Entered Nov. sth 18v4, at the Postoffice.
Ellensburg, Washington, as entitled
to second class postal rates.
One Year, (if paid in advance) 11.00
Office south side of Fourth Street, be
tween PMr] ami Maiu streets, rear
of Geddis block.
Numers ways and plans for building
tbe canal bus beeu suggested. Some
desire to have the entire sum of money
invested iv the enterprise, owned by
eastern capitalist, others wish tho peo
pie of the valley to hold a one-third in
terest in project and boar their portion
of the expense. The Dawn has a
plan to suggest and it is this:
Allowing that it will cost (600,000 to
construct a ditch that will practically
cover all the arid land iv tho valley, we
would induce local cupital to the extent
of $200,000 which will perhaps furnish
all the necessary money to buy that
will be absolutely necessary to pay out.
This would leave $400,000 to i K > sub
scribed in v>ork and material, for all of
which stock could be issued, and in this
way hundreds of farmers could work
out r. perpetual water right when it
would be impossible for them to raise
the necessary cash to put in the ditch.
Many of our farmers say they will
give one-half of their land for water for
ihe other half, This land could be put
on the market, sold to poor deserving
men and the price paid in labor on the
ditch. This plan seems to us to be a
very leasable one.
What wo wish is that the ditch be
built, owned and operated by the peo
ple of Kittitas county. This can be
done aud why uot do it?
The high line ditch is a leasable
proposition and the building of it means
millions to Ellensburg' and tbe county.
There Us plenty of capital in Kittitas
county to build a high line ditch if only
the proper course is adopted Let la
bor and capital bo combined and the
scheme will move off like clock work.
We fear the completion of th* mid
dle ditch with all it complication,
would very materially cripple tlie val
ley, covering as it would, only 2.'!,000
acres, 14,000 of which has more or less
water now, while a high line ditch
would cover 05.000 acres, including
every acre that the middle ditch would
Thousands Sent Into Exile
Every year a large number of poor
■ ufTerers whose lungs are sore and
racked with coughs are urged to go to
another climate. But this ia costly and
not always sure. Don't be an exile
when Ur. King's New Discovery for
From Liberty.
You have not heard from us for some
time, but we read with interest each
copy of the DAWN and chip in now and
Thomas Bozarth unearthed a pretty
little nugget weighing 19 ounces, worth
in the neighborhood of $iJOO.
Roy Barry found one on the Sound
weighing more and worth more to him.
Barry, our bachelor boy, was gone two
weeks, and al the expiration of that
time we were glad to welcome him
back with his fair voting bride.
Tbe Sunday school is well attended
and interest shown.
Mr, Hurley, one of our pioneer pros
pectors, is suffering from a pain in the
back, while tho other boys are busy
searching for gold.
Mr. Gtisson made a flying trip to Cle-
Elum, and reports a soft place in the
Mrs. Archie Morrison is staying a
longtime in Klleusburg.
But we feel that our space will be
full, so we wind up.
Normal Notes.
Monday, -lan. 13th, the Intercollegiate
Prohibition League bud a very inter
esting business meeting. At ths uext
meeting, Monday, Jan. 20th, Rev. Mr.
Hanks is to address the league.
Tuesday morning Prof. Saunders en
tertained us by a very interesting and
instructive talk on the geographical
aspects of two well known features of
western scenery-- namely, the lower
Columbia river and Great Salt Bake.
The weekly meetings of the Y. W. C.
A. have a regular attendance of from
2o to 30 earnest and energetic young
women. It wields a strong influence
for good in the normal.
It Girdles the Globe.
Tho fame of Bucklen's Arnica Salvo,
as the best in the world, extends round
the earth. It's tbe one perfect healer
of Cuts. Corns, Burns, Bruises, Sores,
Scalds, Boils, Ulcers, Felons, Aches,
Pains and all Skin Eruptions. Only in
fallible Pile cure, 25c a box at H. S.
El wood
For Sale.
Ten young cows, all giving milk: call
on me at my place 2 miles east of the
cemetery. J. C. MiN'IKLLY.
The maiden woke at early dawn
And split her features with a yawn.
Then slowly closed her facirl gap
Aud took her usual "Beauty nap."
At nine she yawi.ed again and rose
And lazily assumed her clothes.
At ten tho breakfasted, then made
A change of gown to finer grade.
At two she ate her luncheon, then
Went up and changed her gown again.
At five her hair she bad to fix
And dressed for dinner called at six.
Picked up a novel just at seven
And read till quarter past eleven.
Then marked the place to which she'd
And took a bath and went to bed.
A lazy girl? Nay. nay! Just pause
Add tliiuk a little bit. Because
Her papa was a money king,
'Twas all sbe had to do, poor thing.
—James Barton Adams.
At Tautzke's
--Amateur photographers we have a
new developer that is the finest thing
that ever happened.
l'boto calenders for 11*02, well, you
ought to see them.
— Albums? Well, come up and let
us show you.
—The Star Eassl Mount is a winner
for xmas.
('rayons? You bet we make them
11.50 same as agents charge 11.08 for.
From Thorp.
Miss Cora Vetito left here on Mon
day for Seattle.
Henry Jacobs returned to Thorp this
week from Manila, P. 1., where he has
been in the employ of Uncle Sam for
almost three years. He says he has all
he wants of that country, and that is
what about all tbe boys say who havo
returned from there.
John K. Veach has been improving
the interior of his store by the applica
tion of paint aud paper.
Orlando Beck of North Yakima has
been visiting with relatives and friends
in Thorp this week.
A goodly -lumber of the Thorp boys
attended the M. W. A. camp at Ellens
burg Monday evening last, and report
a good time.
Mrs. A. J. Scheie has been suffering
with neuralgia in her face this week,
but we are giad to say that she is much
E. R. Hatfield shipped 25 boxes of
choice apples to Johnson Bros, at Easton
this week.
Jas. Duncan contemplates balding a
boarding house in Thorp at an early
Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ames are the
huppy parents of a bouncing baby girl.
School Notes.
Provisions have been made by which
Lupils may escape the examinations.
They must have an average of 90 in
their studies, an average of 95 in de
portment,, must not be absent more than
five days, nor tardy more than two
times. When pupils have complied
with these requirements their names
will be placed on the "Roll of Honor."
The following are those who hay
escaped examination and whose names 1
will appear on the I 101 lof Honor:
High School—Senior class, Frank,
Matilda aud Anna Karrer, Nora Jude,
Percy Colbert.
Kooin 10— Enoch and Sebastian Kar
rer, Fred Calkins, Emma Currier,
Beatrice Wilson, Hattie Sawyer, lona
Collier, Mamie Ingersoll.
Itoom 9 —Ora Jones, Claud Catlin,
Myrtle Thomas.
Room B—Flora Clemans, Thresia Ip
pish, Clara Karrer, Bonnie Lampson,
Addie Longmire, Eliza Bamett, Arthur
Chiles, Arthur Virties.
Room 7—Sadie Brown, Alma Kil
more, Florence Thomas, Mabel Kipps,
Chester Robinson, Wilfred Stewart,
Warner Ithemke, Frankie Lathrop,
Elnor Sharp.
Room 6—Lily Norling. Dollie Wood-
Art Studio*
ham, Elsie Boyle, Alice Cleman, Cora
Gibert, Oliver Ames, Oscar Hart, Alva
Bull, Elmer Suver, Cortland Power.
Boom f>—Edwin Hofacker, Thelma
Carter, Jean Stewart, Roth Hart, Mary
Horety, Freda Wallace, Lucile Talbott,
Florence Thomas, Guy Cook.
is al! right, if you are too tat:
and all wrong, if too thin already.
Fat, enough for your habit, is
healthy; a little more, or less, is
no great harm. Too fat, consult
a doctor; too thin, persistently
thin, no master what cause, take
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
There are many causes of get
ting too thin; they all come
under these two .heads: over
work and under-digestion.
Stop over-work, if you can;
but, whether you can or not,
take Scott's Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, to balance yourself
with your work. You can't live
>n it—true—but, by it, you
:an. There's a limit, however}
you'll pay for it
Scott's Emulsion of Cod Liver
Oil is the readiest cure for
'can't eat," unless it comes ot
. our doing no work--you can't
ong be well and strong, without
ome sort of activity.
Tha genuine has
lis picture on it,
ike no other.
If you have not
-ied it, send for
ree sample, its a
rreaable taste will
surprise you.
409 Pearl Street,
New York.
50c. and $1.00; all druggists.
Room 4—Elba Crane, Iris Worth,
Mac Zetzscho, Anna Rowland, Ernest
Norling, Anna ippish, Ernest Schor
man, Ruth Bartholot.
Pupils below room four aro uot re
quired to take a formal examination.
The term examinations wore held
Thursday and Friday of this week.
Miss Heller gave an interesting talk
to the high school last Friday on the
"Chambered Nautilus."
Tho girls' basket ball team is pro
gressing nicely, and thoy hope to give
an exhibition in the near future.
While Prof. Calkins and some small
boys wero exercising one day last week
the professor was so unfortunate as to
injure bis right arm. We have not
boon informed as to tho effect of the
exercise on tho boys, but we are quite
certain that no great harm has been
done- -to the boys.
Estray Notice.
One two-year-old steer, red about the
head, red and white spotted body, crop
oil each ear, no brand visible. Owner
will prove property, pay all charges and
remove same from premises.
C H. Oray,
Jan 4-18 Four miles west of Ellensburg.
Eight Applications Made for
Arid Lands in Oregon.
Eight different companies have per
fected applications for arid land under
the Carey arid land act. These appli
cations cover nearly 200,000 acres, all in
Eastern Oregon. Many more applica
tions aro in course of preparation and
have been forwarded to the State Lan
Office, but owing to some defect have
not been placed on file.
By the provisions of the ( 'arey act the
Federal Government offers to donate to
the state 1,000,000 acres of land when
the same shall have been reclaimer 1 .
The state, in turn, gives the land to
settlers upon the same terms. In fact,
tho state acts chiefly as a medium
through which the man who reclaims
lands gets his title from the Govern
, ment. Applications for arid laud are
made to the State Land Hoard. After
surveys have been made and a map tiled,
the state enters into a contract with
the applicant whereby the state agrees
to convey tbe title upon his reclaiming
tbe laud as required by tho Federal
Government. Tho applicant must pay
all expenses of drawing papers, making
surveys, reclaiming the land and mak
ing final proofs to the General Land
Office. When the contract is made with j
the applicant the state applies to the
United States for tbe laud described in
the application filed by the man who in
tends reclaiming the land. The Gov
ernment transfers the land to the state
when proof is made that the land has
been reclaimed, and the state tben
makes the conveyance to the settler.
By the provisions of the state law i.o
settler can acquire more than 100 acres.
Those persons, associations or corpora
tions who reeluim more than ltiu acres
do not secure title in fee simple to the
land. They are given possession of the
land until it is conveyed to settlers,
have a lien on the land fur the cost of
reclamation, aud have the privilege of
charging water rates to settlers, the
rates to be lixed by the State Land
Board. The settler who wishes to pur
chase land which has been reclaimed
must pay to the reclaimers the cost of
reclamation. Tho state gets nothing
from the land, and bears none of tbe
Summons by Publiction.
In the Superior Court of Kittitas Count j, State
■>1 Waihfngtoa.
K. l*e i'urdin, Plaintiff, T|, James C. Havtrly
Anna Hsrcti v, his if lie, James c. Havtly. Anna
llavflj , hi) wife, J. 1.. Smith, U. M. Forbes, H.
f. Breeder, John W. Wllherop aud i.oile K.
Witherop. hin wife, Defendants.
The Stale ol Was), iugtcin to tho aaid Jnmee C.
Harfrly, Anna tluverly, his wife. Jam.* C
Havely, Anna liavcly. tils wife, J. L. Smith, C,
M. Forbes, H. C. Breeder, Johu W. Witherop
and Holla X Wlthorop, hi* wife, defendants.
Tou are hereby summoned to appaar within
sixty daya after the date of the Ami publication
ot tbia summons, lo « it, within aixly da.s alter
the isth .day of January. A. n. lott! and deteud
the abere entitled action in the almte entitled
court, and answer the complaint of the plaint
iff and aerre a aopy of your answer upon the
undersigned attorney for plaint if, at bit. of
flea below staled; and in case of your failure so
to do, Jadgmeut will be reudered against you
according to the de n aud of tht complaint,
which baa been filed with t c dark of said
The object of this action Is to .-,uiet title in
plaintiff to the Northwest quarter (N.
Section Eleven (II) Township Seventeen (17)
North of Rang* Nineteen (10) E. W. M., In Kit
titas county, Washington.
Llalntlff'a Attorney.
P. O. Address: Ellensburg, Kittitas County,
Washington. JanlSMchS
H. Reporter.
Et'uEHR X, Wages,
"Sin Tlat end W
Uvery Bottle Guaranteed,
—AT —
Where you can get the Best
Goods for the Least Money
We can supply your Harness
Wants Cheaper than any
where else, Quality Consid
ered, and Guarantee ALL
Our 1902 Saddles
Are now in the market, made
to Order any Size, Tree or
Do not forget this the Depot
for Whips, Robes, Spurs,
Blankets, Race Goods, Boots,
Pack Saddles, Pack Bags,
Hobbles, Tents, Awnings,
and Canvass.
I also hare Flour. Feed and Chop for sale. Eyerthing
First-class. Call and be convinced when wanting any
, thing iv this line.
You Should Consider Quality First,
Then Price.
We Combine the Two.
\ High Quality and Living Prices.
\ We ask other people to advertise and we take our own
I medicine.
j[ We do Everything but Lithographing.
r Honest adverting is as good for our business as for
t others.
I We advertise our Business Every Week.
[ Our Job Department wo advertise for tbe benefit of those
' who have uot as yet tried us, otherwise our work advertises
| itself.
[ We Want You to Know
f That, we try to merit your Job Work. We guarantee you
I an honest deal.
j Don't Ask us to Work for Nothing.
[ But come aud let us try to please in style, quality
' and price
The Rrugcgetat.
Buy Your
Having starfed my mill. I am prepared--
to pay the highest market price for all
kines of grain.
In the Matter of
The Dawn.

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