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All The Latest In
A Government of, by and for the People.
Circumstances Which Led l!p to
Organization of Kittitas
W. 11. Peterson, Once County Suj»t. and Auditor
Gives Interesting and Reliable Data
Good Reading for All.
The county board having submitted
| the question of building a new court
| house, and the voters having voted for
[ it with unexpected unanimity, and the
building being in course of construc
tion, the county officers were all look
-1 ing anxiously forward to the time
! when each one could have his own of
■ lice.
At this time Hen K. Snipes had con
cluded to open a bank in KUcnshurg.
I There was no bank in town at that
I time and the only vault was the one
used by ihe county officers, lie said
: that if the county would let him open
up his bank without waiting for the
completion of the court house he would
! only occupy a part of the bank room
; proper, and allow us the full um' of the
back room and as much of the vault as
we might need, giving us free access
to the vault the same as the bank, and
pay all the rents falling due up to the
time the offices were removed to the
'court house. Although the arrange-,
ment would lie inconvenient, the of
| lieers told the county board that to save
the county from paying rent the,\
would try and got along and permit
! the bank to use the building as pro
posed. As soon as the court house was
completed the county officers were re
t moved to it. Thus it will be seen that
] for several years the ollices of the
county ollicials were on wheels.
The board instructed the auditor to
secure the required seals for the county
oflicers. I wrote to a Portland seal
j lil'm that I wanted a seal for the audit
or designed as lo tipify tho three lead
ing industries of the county Stoek
j raising, agriculture and mining. They
prepared and sent the impress of sev
| oral designs, one of which, with a few
changes which I suggested, was satis-
I factory. Not wishing to follow the
long established precedent of hunting
J for a Latin motto, I told Howard C.
| Walters, then a resident of of Kllens- •
| burg, that I wanted to use one from
the Chinook language, but did not un
! derstand it well enough to make the
proper selection. He took the matter
j under advisement and suggested "Close
j Illahee," which 1 had placed in the ,
seal. -Mr. Walters and I prepared a
J design for the probate seal of the
I county. Jn this we perpetrated a joke
ion Walter A. Hull, now deceased, who
j was the first probate judge of tho
co.intv. On the neul we had made for
his ollii.e we had the head of a bull
with glaring eye- an I conspicuous horn-
In tonsideralion of his name, and the
fact that he w.i- extensively engaged
in stock raising, we voted the design a
> happy hit. A few days after I had re
ceived the seal, Walters brought Mr.
Hull in to see it. Stamping the seal
on a piece of paper, I handed it to him.
After examining it closely for a short
time he exclaimed, in the quick jerking
words characteristic of him: "Hedad
boys that's pretty good. How did you
come to think of It?"
The act creating this county provid- 1
ed that the auditor of Kittitas county |
should make a copy of all the records
of all that part of the Yakima records,
required to be kept in Kittitas county,
ft also provided that the settljinent be
tween the counties should be made by
the auditors of the same and went on
to designate bow it should be made.
l:i case they failed to agree they were
to call to their assistance the auditor
of Klickitat county. for his services
j in transcribing the records and making
j the settlement the auditor was to re-j
ceive two dollars per day. After pay-
I in" 4 stage fare back and forth from
| O IT
1 Yakima, several times in the dead of;
|of winter through lierce snowstorms!
I (one of which 1 think my old friend M.
I M. Damman lias not yet forgotten) and
| paying uiy hotel bills, it may readily j
I be inferred that 1 had not much of my
| per di i.i left to pay for cocktails and
|.m 1 cigars. Fortunately for me, how
• I ver, 1 could do without these luxuries,
buoyed up with the knowledge that I
a was entering upon the discharge of the
, onerous duties of an oltico for which I
wits to receive the princely salary of
three hundred dollars per year. 1
faced the storms and rushed my work.
Mr. 8. T. Munson was the auditor of
Yakima county at the time of settle
; inent. He will he remembered as a
pleasant gentlemanly man, then in the
I tii'st 'stages of consumption, which af
terwards carried him to the grave. We
had no trouble making the settlement
I until wo came to thy valuation of the
| county property in the counties, nor
had we any trouble about the property
in Kittitas, as there was none what
ever in the county. It devolved upon
■ us to value the courthouse at Yakima
! Ci'-y and the Natchez bridge. At this
stage of the game Mr. Munson said he
thought we had best write to the aud
itor of Klickitat county to come and as
sist us in the valuation of the property,
as provided in the- act creating Kittitas
I county. lie said that while he and I
j could doubtless agree upon a fair valu
ation, yet he felt that considering the
statu of mind of many of the people ol
his county, they would be dissatisfied
and he supposed I might also be cen
sured by the people of Kittitas county.
Ho thought it would be best to call in
tint third auditor an relieve ourselves
of the responsibility. 1 told him 1 was
perfectly willing, but disliked to nut
my county to the expense of paying
one half the expenses. We according
ly wrote to (ieooge W. Killson, who
was then auditor of Klickitat county to
come over and assist us. \\ hen he
! came lie looked over the law carefully
\ and said that we would have to value
tin' property without regard to what it
had cost tlie co'.inty. I<i this version
Mr. Munson and I assented. Mr. I ill
son valued the court house at several
hundred dollars less than it cost. \\ e
then went and examined the Natchez
bridge and placed a valuation on it.
The amount of the valuations was
about j.'iUO in excess of the face value
of all warrants issued by the county in
pay ment of same plus the accrued in.
terest on same to date of settlement.
A Socialist Suggestion.
A socialist friend asks an expression
from every socialist in the county as to
the propriety of milking an organiza
tion in this county for purpose of get
ting in sha|ie for tile coining campaign
of l!Ht4. Tin-: Dawn will very gladly
give voice to your words anil publish
your veiws and ideas. We are trying
to make a paper for the people anil the
safest government is that in which the
voice of the people is heard at ail tinier
and on all questions. It does not make
any difference tons whether your ideas
coincide with ours or not. You are
entitled to your view and we have no
right to question or dispute such rights
or motives in others, neither have you
' the right to questicn ours.
There was a cry in
the strei ts. People
rushed from tl eir
doors onil strainer
their eyes on the
struggling balloonist
:i>4 for life.
Even the poor, pant
ing sufferer in the
sick room was for
gotten while the fam
ily gazed breathless at this strange
t-agedy of the air. Then the}- went back
to the sick room to tell of the terrible
struggle for life they had just witnessed.
It did not occur to them that under their
very eyes a more terrible, more pathetic
struggle was going on daily.
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unskillfulh treated find a fatal termina
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ac« unit of a vt-re conglt. li'v;.c levvi un-iii#
of tlcph and "Uilt eyn i t.ul ill-', -t-. m.*.."
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The Sunday Ball Game.
The fifth game of ball this season be
tween Kllensburg anil North Yakima
teams was played Sunday. The scoro
stood Kllensburg l»i, Yakima it. Earned
runs. Kllensburg 8, Yakima Batter
ies, Kllensburg, Starkles, Crawford;
Yakima, <'linkenheimer, Wllkins The
wind and dust were so very disagreea
ble. the day being the worst in many
years. Notwithstanding this a fairly
average crowd attended and cheered
the home team in its victory. In the
total score Kllensburg has a lead of 8
s •ores, and the end is not yet.
In the game .Saturday afternoon with
ilie Ifniveisity Kllensburg piled up 13
runs while the visitors failed to score,
and only once during the game did the
university boys get to third base.
• Zig Zag Alley.
It is not given to the theatregoers of
'be country at large to see all of the
attractive plays of each season and yet
i play which comprises the choicest
-onj*s and witticisms that could be cu"-
leil from all contemporary plays is to
be presented here shortly. This is
"/.ag /.ag Alley" in which the famous
/,ag iV /arrow are the stars and the
-Lite announced is Kllensburg Theatre
May l!7th. Zeb /arrow have sur
rounded themselves with a number of
other comedians and a chorus of beau
tiful girls as well as some acrobatic
s ifcialties and vaudeville turns which
make the peiee irrefutable as a bit of
light entertainment, "/ig /ag Alley''
can boast ju.-t enough of a piot to keep
up a continuity of interest, It is writ
ten solely to amuse and from accounts
elsewhere it does this most excellently.
Rural Telephone.
The east side rural telephone com*
puny will start the work of construc
tion, settiug poles etc., etc., in a few
days, 'i'lii.i line will serve about liO
homes anil will prove a very profitable
investment. The wire is already 011
liand and the poles were loaded at
Kaston a few days ago.
The Mencley Quartet.
The Meneley Quartet concert in
Odd fellows' Hall la»t evening drew
i crowded house, and so far as could be
.rathereil from the expressions heard
after il was over, gave excellent satis
faction. The sinying' was especially
11,r. and the impersonations by \Y. K.
•\iio.\ brought down the house, amply
proving the claim that he is a complete
show in himself. (>ll the whole, Ihe
combination can be reeommonded as
excellent high-class entertainers. —
-Murshiield, Ore., News. At the M.
!•;. church, Saturday May -M, 8 p. m.
It Cures Catarrh.
The Mai'Knusle treatment for ca
tarrli lias probably cured more people
of 111;'t trouble in tlie past decado than
.ill tlie patent medicines together.
|"1 i- is why
It is a t rcatment which is undergone
daily without inconvenience.
li'isa local treatment which allays
inllamation in the nasal passage; anil
throat, prevents colds and thereby
the -vMem a breathing spell an
importunity to throw oil' the disease.
It is an internal treatment to neu
inHi/.e the catarrhal virus which has
been absorbed by the blood and elimi
nate it from the system, it is a home
It is inexpensive treatment, The
cost ligures between two and three cents
pel' day.
We know that any case of catarrh
can be cured by the MacKensie .Method,
We know because thousands who have
tried it are now well. Have you the
disease? Is it severe or is it mild?
In either ease, you take chances when
vou delay treatment. You must be
ware that every case of consumption
originates in catarrh And nine out
of Ten consumptives were once in ro
bust condition as you may be now. if
you are at all interested we shall be
pleased to have you write for booklet
and futher information, 'i O. Uuy Inc.
Sole coast Agent. .Seattle W ash.

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