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Cbe CHensmirg Dawn.
Cove school closes May 22 nd.
Vernon I lodger* is reported as mend
ins;' slowly.
I\d Whitson of Yakima is attending
court here this week.
Deputy assessor Heron is doing some
work in Kllensburg this week.
Frank Seldon.the postmaster at Cle-
Klum, died early this morning.
Mrs. Fred Schornmn of South Kitti
tas is reported on the sick list-
Martin Holmes new granery and ma
chine shed is nearly completed.
Hilly ( ombes and his brother. Joseph
of I'aston, attended court this week.
Haul Frohwork and wife were found
guilty, as charged, of grand larceny.
Dexter Shoudy of Spoknae was in
the city two or three da\s this week.
Mr. Crane did some much needed work
on roads north of the cemetery this
.1. H. Wells left the city Wednesday.
He is reported as going to St. l'aul
and will return shortly.
Mrs. H. L. Spiker of Xez Herse.
Idaho, is over visiting her parents.
Mr. and Mrs. .lac >b Salla lav
Geo. Donald of South Kittitas re
ports his under-ground drains for Alk
ali as doing excellent work.
About eighty students took the >th
grade examinatu n in this city and at
Koslyn Monday and Thursday.
S. W. Farris and family, and Mrs.
Fuller and Claude, were the yuests of
J. M. I'rater's family of the West side
Mis. L. L. Beandette will open a wo
men's exchange and employment bu
reau at her Candy Kitchen on Third
street, two blocks east of the depot.
A sister of Mrs. S. W. Farris writes
that farmers of Hadger mountain are
becoming alarmed over the attack of
crickets. They are sending to Wen
atchee for help to destroy them Last
year they attacked several lields and
farmers dug trenches, drove crickets
in and then piled brush on and burned
them. But sutficent help cannot be se
cured and conditions are becoming
Public School News.
Virgil C leman, who has been absent
from school for several days, has re
Prof. Calkins spent last Saturday in
Willie Farrell hasyiven up his school
work to accept a position on the rail
Vernon Ilogers, who has been absent
from school the past two weeks on ac
count of illness, was very pleasantly
remembered Monday bv receiving a
box of beautiful llowers from some of
his school mates.
Koom 7 has been the banner room
for the year, having thirteen weeks to
its credit.
Miss Heller spent Saturday and Sun
day in Yakima.
School will close May 2!) with appro
priate exercises in the rooms below
room 9.
The closing exercises of the gram
mar and high school will be held as
follows Concordia Society May H p.
m. senior class day, June Ist _:.i0 p.
Hiuhth grade commencement, June
Ist 8 p. in. Senior commencement,
June 2, 8 p. m.
iioom 8 lias won in the contest for a
holiday and room 7 for a one-lialf holi
l»ay. These privileges are given to thu
rooms for punctuality and attendance-
Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins entertained
the seniors and high school teachers
last Thursday evening.
A Government of, by and for the People.
The pupils are :i 11 looking forward :
with pleasure to next Monday when
they will see the president of their
eount rv.
On Tuesday Nij;l\t, May 2>th, the Band Boys
Assisted by the Local Talent Play
Their first Band Concert.
Next Tuesday the blind boys expect
to give their lirst grand concert and
with the assistance of the cream of
home talent singers thev expect to
make it the most elaborate concert yet
given in the new theater. They will
introduce a superior class of music, new
from the start clear through.
They have, among; others, included
in their program for their concert,
Mrs. YV. C 1 fay ward. I*. 11. YY r . I Soss.
Miss Frost and Mrs. A. D. Sletnmous.
Those who know those mentioned un
derstand that it means something
worth hearing in the solo line.
Owing to the recent success of the
Florodora sextette and at the reijuest
of a number of people they have been
induced to repeat their number for the
benefit of all who did not nave the
opportunity of hearing it before. The
ladit i and gentlemen taking part in
the sextette are; Misses and Messrs
Phillip. Olding, Hitchcock, Maxwell,
liruirien. Voting. -I. Morrell, M. Krei
del, I'. I !i.l. Watiainaker, A. Krei
del. .1. Dennett.
Through constant and repeated re
hearsals the band lias perfected a pro
gram that is entirely new and would
do ju-t.ice to older and better known
orgatv/.ations. • >ne of the special
features ,o which we wish to call your
attention is the "Anval Chorus," in
which I"- people will take part. Fol
lowing s the list of singers and boys
who pb y the anvils;
Mis* - Kingston, Smith. DnVall,
t attipl.eil. Old'ng, (iardner. Katun.
MaiMhalhien. Maxwell. Phillips. Young
Miils. Mills, llarmeling. lingers. Scott
Fallon. Adams, Dranam. Dixon. F.lling
son. F.llingson, Howe. I lowe, 1 'redeaux,
Salladay, Higlow. liibson. Odell, Mc
i'hee, Xertuer. I'ease, Hock. Phelps,
KITel, Steinback. Tw.vman, Day.
Painter, Duly, Karu-k. King, Hollen.
Kemmele, I Sailer, Caloarley, Castle.
Bishop, I.iddell. Nance, MeCune,
Dower, ('nine. Hatchelor, Kobitison,
Caron, At wood. McCafee, Xetcsche.
('aron, ('otain. Wilson, Dates, Stowe,
(lough 1 in, YVirth, Meaghers, Talbot,
Lamprey, Dartholet. Thomas. Aspin
wall, Howell, (lore, Dartholet, Ippisch.
Aspinwall. Denton, (Irissom, Tucker.
Mclntire. Wilson, Dull'. Currier. Flem
ing, Wills, Flyrin. Dahlwin. Weaver.
Prater VanDusen. Olding. Howell,
Hurke, Weaver Crane, Hoffman. Hin
man. Glenn, Fletcher, Ames, ISusch,
Howe, I ngersoll. Carter, Fuller.
'J'he ''Anvil'' boys:
Harold Kreidel, Frank Palmer, Karl
Flynn. Stanly Scott, Warner Hehnike.
Jean 1 Sogers, Julius ( alkins, Arthur
Solderweit., Hay (ioklsmith, David
llornbeck. Heginald Ford, Howard
Just before the final number <>. W.
Pautzke will make a flashlight picture
of the audience, also one of the per
Seats on sale at K1 wood's, 50c, Joe,
and 52c. HoxessJand $2.50.
Owing to lack of space, much to our
regret, the program is crowded out.
A Correction.
In your issue of the 14th a local
reads thus: "The band boys wish to
express their thanks to all, and espe
cially to Mrs. A. L. Slemmons, who so
materially aided them in the success
attained in their recent concert."
Now, in justice to Mrs. A. L. Slem
mons, "* tt> say to the public, the
i-eoc /as not a band concert,
but was gotten tip and managed bv
her and assisted by her associates of
local talent, and the whole proceeds
donated by Mrs. A. L. Slemmons for
the benefit of the band: therefore, to
Mrs. A. L. Slemnions all credit is due.
In reference to another concert men
tioned in the same paper, to be given
on the ilfjth, will say this will be de
cidedly a band concert, managed by
the leader, 11. Driscoll. and kindly a>
sisted by some of the best local talent,
and if it is equally a musical success,
as was Mrs. A. L. Slemrnons'concert,
the audience will certainly be de
lighted and the band have cause to feel
Respectfully yours for harmony, both
musically and socially. M. K. 1».
Want higher Wages.
A petition to tin- city council, signed
l»y the street men and sidewalk build
ers. was presented at the last council
meeting and tabled This petition was
a request that the petitioners he grant
(?d the sum of Li~>c per hour for work
done by them for the city, and in view
of the quality of work performed by
theiu we are of the opinion that the
city fathers should h *ed this call.
Said petition had the endorsement of
all or nearly all of the business house*
ol the city, as well as numerous other
citizens and people who realize that
the cost of living has advanced far in
excess of what the present scale of
wage- will (rover when it is taken into
consideration that their employment is
not steady, as they seldom ever yet in
more than twenty days in a month.
We sincerly hope that, in the interest
of fair play that our city council will
not drop this matter here, but wili
again consider it in a more favorable
light and lind it to the best interest of
all to grant their request.
New Military Company.
The following men 11av«• enrolled in
the new military company under ('apt.
Fred Aekley. Stanley A: wool. John
(I. Aldrieh. («. 11. Braver, (ieo. M.
Hurling ham. (' S Boedeher, (' M ( a
hoon. M I I ('alioon, Kineth (.'oilins
i'errv ( leman. (' II ('lii*ist«*i-n, John
i; Davis, Win M I)i;rnan t (ieorye Dh
laney, Bert II Feru'iHon, John II
(Ireyorv, Viburt lliddle>on. Lloyd
Huston, < 'arl A Junyst, Ahe Kn'idell,
K / Kreidell, ('has A I. J
Merryman. (> 1> Miller, Theo Myer,
Lewis Malone. ('has Martin. Nelson
Mills. ('odd.v Morrison. Itohert Mur
ray, \Vm() McDowell. W L Met'lure,
(!n) (' .Monroe, Walter Oflield, Lafay
ette Oflield, I lay Finney, Geo 'A* Per
riii. W J Itiehards, Byat-s Komam*.
Frank Simpson, I'titer Schuler. (ieo ('
Sehroeder, Ivan Wilson
School Apportionment.
No. No.
1. , .$ 204 nk 20 $ lld oo
2 207 115 J] 117 .17
. 5,5(12 (15 22 110 0(1
4 418 77 2.! 110 00
5 lit.". 5:1 24 1."i44 05
(i 274 07 25 1.<12
7 Hi* (it 2S 171 02
H 274 (17 25) 110 00
0 4->4 ;io 111 ... 11!! 8;i
10 110 00 :!2 110 00
12 ;m:i 7.7 :i4 253 oo
i:: 222 ::I :i7 liooo
1 no oo :i* Ki.'i oo
1 liooo 4.1 lin oo
1(1 25(1 !•:! 44 110 00
2(1 55 0) 40 .... . 1(12 80
47 110 00 40 liooo
50 110 oo
W. A. Thomas,
Household furniture for sale.
Hats at cost. Call at once.
Mrs. Nettie Steveson Millinery
store 2t
<>. 11. Kerns was an Kllensburg vis
itor last Sunday.
Fred Newman sports a new buggy.
There is some talk of the Last Lynn ;
company presenting the play, "Kas
Lyiine," at Koslyn soon.
Itoy 1 vandal of the Kllensburg Loch
i/.er, came upon business Wednesda,
Several people have been attendii.,.
court at Kllensburg the past week.
There was a great deal of intere>:
taken in the school election at tin-,
placo. Tile heaviest vote in the his
tory of Thorp was polled last Satur
The general idea is to pay better
wages in the schools this year, get bet -
ter teachers and get into the schools.
VY. <'. Thomas closed a successful
school in district No.-hi last Wednesi.a;
and took the. 1 teachers' examination the
following day.
Tlie ItebeKahsof this place initialed
two new mcmb&rs in their lodge last
Monday evening.
The ••Funniest Show on Karth" was
presented at the Thorp hall to a small
audience lunt Tuesday evening.
.\ir-. I'Uuikut lul't for Loraine, 111.
la>i Wednesday.
.Mi', ami Mrs. ( ox wore visitiny the
MoKweu ranch Suinl:iy.
Oaiipiua Siiretioon J•;ft Tuesday for
Wisconsin, where slu fors to viill her
J ifii Ferguson uii'l .1. .N eKweli were
the yuests of Abo Wheeler and family
Mi s. Siieriiier lias b-'t'ii quite ill this
There will be preaching service at
our school (No. lit) on the 24th lust.,
anil tach fourth Sumlti,v in the mouths
to come. liev. .'ohus from the west
side will preach.
Mr. and Airs. ('. K. Stevens enter
tained Saul llohinsou and family for
dinner Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hewer called on
Mrs. i-i. ii. Thomas on last Sunday.
Mr. Jake 1 lego and family were eu
terlained at the Noel place ou Sunday
, last.
IJoltie Thomas, from Thorp i'rairie,
is spending a few days in the Corner.
Myrtle Noel is working at the 1 legs
home across the river.
Amy Stevens, who is learning the
dressmakers trade in town was home
for Sunday.
Kd Thomas, who is working for A.
olsen, was visiting in our neighbor
hood on Sunday.
Harry Kldreil, our road supervisor,
is doing some much needed work ou
' the < orner of late.
M. S. Thomas is making regular
trips lo town now milk hauling.
School is progressing finely with Miss
| Monchan for teacher.
Pleasant Fiat.
Mrs. Greening spent Thursday and
Friday in town last week.
.Mrs. Vaughn and daughter Lottie
was the guest of Mrs. F. Kineth last
Mr. and Mrs. ISroekman were the
guests of I. M. Uroekinan and wife Sat
We are glad to welcome Mr. ( harks
I!igg back to I'leasaut Flat again.
Mr. ClilT Vocom is visiting on the
west side this week.
NO. 2 1
Thorp News.
liast Side.
Slow Corners.

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