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Chas. H. Flummerfelt i
Successor to R. R. Wilson. V
B *d,«..ter« .or Dwinne nelV Wright Roasted Coffees
Try the White House Blend
Lynce BlocK. Phone Red 341.
Arrival and Departure
of Trains.
west BOUND
AKittvK paean
jj 0 l» liHP.a. 1:40 P. m.
jj 0 3* 9:06 A. m. 0:16 A. m
ff o ' j 9MP. m. :t :te P. m.
jj 0 _ [j 3:15 A.m. 3:25 A. m.
j| o j» 1:15 A. m. 8.?o A m
jj 0 4» 1:40 P. in I :."»> P. m.
jIo.« 4:86 A m. 4:80 A. m
C; 45 P. m. b»P. m
• Trains carry mail.
W. H. Talbott spent a few days
on the Sound this week.
G. P- Short of CleElum, was
down on business Monday.
Henry Kleinberg spent a few
days on the Sound this week.
John Lera of CleKlutu, was in
the city on business Monday.
\V. E.- Miller of Seattle, was in
tbe city yesterday a few hours.
Mrs. \V. W. Bonney is reported
"on the indisposed list this week.
Taxes became due and payable
Monday. Now you can sweat and
Mrs. Harry Ackley of Spokane,
faaguestof Mr. and Mrs. 11. C.
L. R. Thomas, mayor of the city
of CleElum. was down on business
A. C. Spalding returned from a
business visit to Spokane Monday'
Senator Sniithson came over
fromOlympia Friday night return
ing Sunday.
Geo. Hesse of North Yakima, is
bere looking after the remodeling
of bis block.
Born: In this city. Thursday,
Jan. — to Mr. and Mrs. C. \V.
Weller, a son.
The plate glass, doors, etc., have'
all been placed in the new I'earson
block this week.
The Modesty of Women
jhtorally makes them shrink from the
•delicate question*, tho obnoxious ex
ißlnatlons, and unpleasant local treat
asstt, which some physicians consider
■stnllil In the treatment of diseases of
Ween. Yet, If help can t>e had, it Is
letter to submit to this ordeal than lot
tke disease (trow and spread. The trouble
kthat so often the woman undergo*-* all
Us announce and shame for nothing.
Tnons»nd7N-f women who have been
«twd S Dr. Fierce* Favorite Prescrip
-808 wrllsk InjWeclation of the cure
which displdsJSVNsNji the examinations
tSdloeal tri.«ti W e, l tS^Tl | pro Is IIP other
awHclM «fl «()»- and safe for d. hrJll'J
toaXfl 11 ■Favorite Prescription-." It
tamdebllllAtfng drains, irregularity and
fcsule weakness. It always helps. It
•snort always cures. It Is strictly non
•ltobolic, non - secret, all It* Ingredients
*tls|printed on its bottle-wrapper; con
smbi no doleteri',us or habit-forming
*rugi, and every native m'-dicinal root
■isring Into Its composition baa tho full
■OOBementof tho*e most eminent In the
swaral schools of medical practice. Some
** these numerous and strongest of pro
•••••oniJ endorsements of Its ingredient*,
*1U bo found In a pamphlet wrapped
"Ottod the bottle, also in a l-ooklet mailed
/j» on request, by I)r. It. V. Pierce, of
■•Wo, N. Y. These professional en-
JdnTOßentS should have far more weight
"•■any amount of the ordinary luy, or
•"•professional testimonials.
Tbsmost Intelligent women now-a-day*
I 5U? 0n Knowi, ig what they take as mcd-
Instead of opening their months like
*WOf young bird* and gulping down
•satever Is offered them. -Favorite Pre
option" Is of k\(mvn coMrosiTiox. It
***•> weak women strong and sick
•WSfen well.
Dr. Pierces Mof] lea I Adviser is sent frrc
«neeipt of stamps to pay expense of
SJjJlng onto. Sei„l to Jtr. It. V. Pierce,
■••alo, N. V., ;;l one-cent stamp.* for pa
if^overed,or :tl stamp- for cloth-hound.
I fc ll l Wck consult, the ho'-tor. free of chart."'
cJMter. All such i i.tiimunicatious at"
1 confidential.
Pleasant pellets Invigorate
; stomach, liver aud bowela
J. Hanks shipped three fine
Berkshire ahoata to Goshen, Wash
ington Monday.
Mrs. Florence Rodman was
granted a divorce from George E
Rodman Friday.
, v - X Brown spent Friday and
Saturday forenoon in CleElum on
professional business.
Frank I trails ami wife of l.unes
town, X. 1)., were guests of" J. X.
Moody ami family Sunday.
1 C. G. Thomas of CleElum, came
| down Monday morning on business
! returning in the afternoon.
E. A. Willis is moving into the
More room formerly occupien by
the X. p. express company.
Joseph, the little son of Mr. ami
Mr>. Louis Burtle of Sunoyside
addition, is down with the measles.
The X. P. exoress office is now
located in the east end of the
Washington National bank build- I
Margaret, the little daughter of 1
Mr. and Mrs. J. 1". Flynn, who is 1 '
down with typhoid-pneumonia, it
reported slightly better today.
('.. W. Hombeck is now presi
dent of the Hig Store company, H.|'
W. McKee vice president and G.!'
K. Bradsbaw treasurer and tnana- '
ger. 1
Adam Mogk, formerly of this
valley and city, but who has been I
lin the asylum at Medical hake for
several months, died there last
Harry Moody left Monday morn
! ing for Seattle where he will take
a position with theN. P. linemen's
crew working between Everett and
St Faul.
C. M. Hall, recently of Walla |
Walla, has leased the room form
erly occupied by F. P. Wolff and
is now putting up a stock of books
notions, etc.
J.A.Wilson of CleElum, and,
one of the prosperous and influen
tial farmers of the Teanaway sec-
I tion, was down Monday to liqui
date his taxes.
If you want to keep posted Ofl
i what the legislature is doing read
■The Dawn. It will give you tbe
cream of the news in a two column
article each week.
Auditor Mathews says he is of
the opinion that the county com
missioners will DOt convene again
until the first Monday in March,
passing np February entirely.
The Presbyterian church litera
ture room in Kittitas will be com
! pleted and ready for use next Sun
day. A Sunday school will be
| organized and preaching services
will be held at 3 p. m.
Roslyn bas an ordinance that re
quires peddlers to take out license,
a thing the Yakima Tea company
did not do. A test of the case was
made in Judge Kauffman's court
Saturday afternoon. X- E- U a « cr
. assisted City attorney Welsh in the
' case while Mr. Udell of Yak.ma
. represented the Tea company.
C I Collins has just installed a
fine piece of furniture in bis store
i for keeping suitsin a combination
I clothes cabinet one of the Bios
, m odern and up-to-date methods of
• keeping ready made clothing in
' .ood shape that has ever been If
; :;: t d, a',d * cow
-1 c , v Proud of it and well be .nay
' be. It « like everything else with
Baking Pbwder
No alum, no lime phosphates
As every housekeeper can understand,
burnt alum and sulphuric acid —the in
gredients of all alum and alum-phosphate
powders— must carry to the food acids
injurious to health.
Read the label. Avoid the alum powders
! him a leader, not a follower.
Ployd Edgington came in Satur
day afternoon from Ashland, Ore.
He went down to Prosser Sunday
to do some work in an abstract
office in that city. He will return
a COUple of weeks hence and take a
! position with F. K. Craig.
<G. Maynard, one of the
Stenographers in the Milwaukee
office over Bartholet's store, died
.Sunday morning. He had been
indisposed for some time. His
death came as a result of an attack
of pneumonia. Age 19 years.
Read our Olympla letter regard
[ ing the legislature and its work
ings. The eyes of the people are
on every member of that body,
especially on important measures,
and the members of that body will
be held accountable for their actiona
and votes.
Miss Bemice Wilson, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. R. li. Wilson, aud
Joseph F. Kugler, one of I'rosser's
j leading business men, were joined
lin the holy bonds of wedlock at
the home of the bride's parents
Thursday evening, Rev. A. X
Smith officiating.
F, (). SeatOU, formerly of this
city, but who is now of Portland,
Oregon, was in the city Sunday
and Monday forenoon, going to
Xorth Vakima in the afternoon.
Mr. Seaton is an old timer in Kit
titas and is very properly classed
as one of the real pioneers.
Victor Wallace was sent to Ta-
COma Monday where he was placed
in the hospital to undergo an oper
ation for gall stones.
A meat inspector was in the city
a few days tins week and condemn
ed about 1000 pounds in one of the
shops and ordered it burned.
The state dairy inspector was
doing business with some of the
dairies this week that will cause a
financial loss, hut the law must be
fudge Kauffman is holding court
in Prosser this week.
The Sugar Howl reopened Wed
nesday under the management of
Miss Rose Evans.
C. M. barton returned from an
, extended visit at Hot Springs
X. W. Galen was s-ut to tbe
asylum Monday, having lost his
reason very suddenly and became
unmagable. We are sorry to
1 chronicle such matters. He is one
:of our well-to-do farmers and was
• a good level-headed citizen. We
. hope a Speedy return, safe and
sound ■
I eslie Wright of Roslyn, is in
the city spending a lew days with
1 relatives and friends".
A ftie Stereopttcan lecture will
i in the Presbyterian church
: tK .st Sunday a" 7 30 p. m.. the
i "wture is prepared by the Scientific
, Temperance Federation ol Boston
1 NlaS s , to show the exact effect ol
' a i C ohol on the human system and
i j! ,°ot only instructive but start
r||,,ng and amusing Collection ...
i del ray expenses.
When you come to Town
be sure and see the
5 and 10 Cent
Counters in the
"Burg" Big
For Little Money and Get a
Pound of our Coffee with
Chaff all taken out and get a
free card on our $5.00
and other valuable premi
ums which we give to every
one of our
One Jersey bull three years old, nine
cows, part fresh, and others will be
soon, and two yearling heifers Call on
W. B. Knox, six miles north and one
mile east of city. 4
Two corner lots and live room house
near N I. round house. Price 9100.00
♦300 cash, balance on one and two
.ears time. A snap for somebody, il
mapped up *non Call at this oilice for
furl her Informal ion. 4
Chas. A. Stevens & Bros., Chicago
The Greatest Exclusive Establishment In
World for Women's Wear
I now have ready for your inspertiou TUX
samples of materials, showing an immense
variety of styles In high-dans man tailored
suns, skirls and dresses, mad" to order accord-
Ing to your Individual measurements from your
own seleollon of materials. Also a complete
line of ready to-wear apparel of all kinds.
Mrs. Nettie Hopson
(:il Sauinson Street Comer Ith .-t Sampson
Lust—ln this city, on I'earl street a
small box and four finger rings, one
diamond, one ruby, one emoral and n
iiabv ring with set stones A suitable
reward will he given for their return
I'hey may be left nt, thisoHice or with
Vlrs C. II Cray, or notify Mrs. M. A.
\gnew. city.
Mrs. Sarah Lincoln
Mrs. Sarah Lincoln died January 24,
1909, at, the home of her daughter, Mrs.
lona Sharow, in Sacramento, Califor
nia. Diuihwas due to heart failure,
she having been in in bad health for
ten months past.
Mrs Lincoln was born February 20,
1840, in Tuscararuscounty, Ohio. Lat
er she moved to Adams county, Ind.,
where on November 2i», 1800 she was
married to William Lincoln. Seven
children blessed their borne, all of
whom survive her—one son, A. IS.
Lincoln, Baileyville, Kansas, and six
daughters as follows: Mrs. lona Shar
mv, Sacramento, Calif, Mrs. Genevra
rJ irk lev, "d is Oi-ph t B trkley. Elleou
[ i,nt •■; Vlrs M icy Saver. Chicago) Mrs.
Edna Ross, Belliugham; Mrs. Maud
| Prior, North Yakima. Mrs. Lincoln Is
aWu survived b.\ t» em > -t hcee grand-
I,.hihii ii trill on* sister, Mrs. Jane
H.iiiiipe, :i no in llecatur, Indiana..
I ii,, nun rai services were at her
| mm,-, residence, Tnirteeuth street
Columbia avenue, Ellensburg, on
1 Vlondii.v at II a in February Ist, tin
,| . . iwni -es nf I! < ' of which she
ii ni) i lii .nn in ionk place
in tnc odd Fellow's cemetery.
Notice of Sale ot Real Estate
laths Superior Court of the State of Wash*
ini'ion. In uml for the county of I'lerce:
in tbe matter of the eatats of Edwin Handi
Notice is hereby given thnt the undersigned
administrator of tbe estate of Rdwln itaml.de'
ceased, will on ibesthday or Murob, a i> won,
vi tlie hour of 10.(hi o'olook v. in., of Raid day. Nt
the frontdoor of the Court house. In the* ii.y
of ttllensburg, Kittitas oountv. state of Wash
ington, sell for oash to the highest and best bid*
der. the following described real estate, be
longing 10 t he estate ol said deceased, situate in
Kittitas county, Washington, as follows, towitj
Lots one (I I uml two (J) In block eighteen IK)
Electric addition to Bllensburg, Kittitas county
Washington, according to the recorded plat
thereof on file In theotiice of the Count; Audi
tor of suit, county.
Sealed bids for said premises may be mailed
to the undersigned administrator naddir rted
to him at ttllensburg, Washington, in care of
Oeorge Boylos, County Olerk of said Ktt'ltas
county, Washington, at any time before the Htli
day of March, A. 1). 1900, Said sale will lie made
pursuant to an order ol the above entitled court
entered In the above entitled cause on the ZlriX
day of November. A. I). 1908, directing the un
dersigned to sell said premises for the purpose
of paying all of tin- outstanding claims and
debts against said estate, nnd for he purpose of
paying ihecosis and expenses of administration
thereof. Said sale to lie made subject lo confir
mation by the above entitled conrc At leant io
per cent of the purchase prlceofsald premises
ii, lie paid at the time of sale, the balance upon
confirmation by the court.
Dated Taooma Washington, and \,
D. 1808, J- K. LIBBT,
Administrator of the Estate of Edwin Hand
deceased. Kcb 4 Mar 4
Good dry pole wood for sale near
Tjossem's mill, (-'all on Fltterer Bros.
One lijrht. spring wagon, po'e and
shafts, one single harnr-ss, one break-
Tog plow. Apply to
4 609 Ninth Street.
LOST: ( >iie reddish yellow foi bound,
white breast anc feet, white in fore,
head. will pay a reasonable
reward for its return. 4
For Sal* -Sixteen inch dr.v wood at
$",.(10 if delivered as hauled from the
ranch. Travel orders.
2 DR. Thus. It. Kitac;al.i,.
Wanted—A limited number of Leg
horn lions, an.v pure strain will do. Ad
-2 dress Box 604, Elleoaburg, Wash'
FOB BALI —A Case B» n k' plow- 12
inch, good shaii*-, will sell cheap. En
quire nt this office.
in the Supreme Court of Kittitas County, Stale
of Washington.
In the matter of the guardianship and estate
cil Mary' Ellen Green, Jesse William Green,
Kay Densen Green John Douglas Green and
Dura Lela Green, minors.
Notice is hereby given that pursuant to aa
order of sale made on January (8, mow, by the
above entitled court, the undersigned, guardinn
of the persons and estate of the minors above
named, will sell at private «ale, for cash, all of
the interest of said minors the same being nn
Ui divided one hair interest in nnd to the follow -
ing described real property situate in Kitntus
bounty, suite of Washington, to wit:
All thai portion of the northeast quarter of
the southeast quartet Of section twenty-nine
In township eighteen (IS) north, of range
eighteen (IS east of the Willamette Meridian,
bounded by a lire beginning at a point thirty
seven end 610 (87.8 feet west of the southeast
corner of said quarter of quarter section and
running thence north 87 deg. 80 mln* west, one
hundred (100) feat: tbence north 61 dog 15 mln.
west, one hundred eighteen and 5-10 01H.5)
feet thence south OS deg 80min. west, sixty
seven feet (07i feet: thence south U deg, so mm.
west, ninety live 08/ feet; tbence no r th 86 deg.
:lo mm west, one hundred twenty tive (12.5)
feot: thence-north 08 deg. in mln. west, one
hundred seventy nine (IT.i) feet; thence north
58deg. 80 mln. went, two hundred and ten (210)
fe t thence north 80deg. west, one hundred
and three (lid) feet; thence north sis dec. west,
foi i v six M) feet; thence north 81 deg wimin.
went, one hundred and ten (110 f.-eti thence
west one hundred eighty six und 15-100(188.85)
feet to th -west boundary line of said quarter
•>f quarter section; thence south on said
boundary line two hundred forty live and 62 ion
(846.8*4) feet to the southwest corner of said
quarter of qu <rtcr section; thence east on the
said south boundary line of said quarter of
quarter section twelve hundred eighty-two and
i in (lass 4) feet to the place of beginning; ron
talnlng I 68 acres more or less.
Notice Is further riven that bids or offers for
property muM be in writing and tiled with
Kovey & Hale, attorneys for said guardian, at
their otllce in KUettebUrg, Kittitas County,
Washington, or Bled with the clerk of the above
entitled court at Ellensburg, said County and
state, on or before the 18th day of February,
1000. after whioh date sale of said property
will lie made.
Dated January 87, 1000.
John L. t.Hi.BN.
4t2 Uuaruiaß.
Notice—Shareholders Meeting
Seattle. Wash., Jan. Id. ItWO.
To Shareholders of
The Lagoon Packing Company:
Notice Is hereby given thai a special meeting
of shareholders of The Lagoon Pecking com
pany will be held at the oftlce of the company,
Etoom tot Marlon Building, Seattle, Washing
ton, on February is 1000, for the purpose of
electing officers, considering the advisability of
a dissolution of the corporation and for i«uch
other business as may regularly come before
the mcctirg, D. B. PUTNAM.
Notice to Creditors
in tbe matter of the estate of joim Hurion
Presssy deceased.
All persons having claims against the de
ceased are notified to present the same wi.h
the necessary vouchers, within one year from
the date of this notice to-wlt:—February 4lh,
1909. to the undersigned at the office of L..'.
Vincent, in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, State
of Washington.
Administrator of the estate
of said deceased
- with the will annexed
Date of Drat publication Feb. 4, lust publica
tion March 11, 1000.
w»hßmr Suan'nteed lo pluto
H rianteriliouliltpM 111*
B7 luprrior of Our
Jn||fV BJ N'ortlirrFi
srsciAL offer
mt/7% FOR lO CENTS
wp will unlit postpaid ixir
I »hy. QftDiv Twntnio . • • • Sf*r
I |.Vf. PrINMH Ra«lUh . . • I 0«
I !■'««■ HHi-<iriiwi« Celery • ■
1 111* s Ferly «rr**r.fcea 1 . . 16a
f |.tv Fuller ton Mm k-t loim.* . . . 10*
iU» I*2 \hi iciirs I'butee Hotter r**-li • • Mb
91 on
Write today! Hand 10 rents lo fcalp pW rostifn cod
perking »nd Tecelvo the above ' Tamom Collection," to
cftttior with our New and fnntniL-tive Gvrlen oui4o.
1783 ftowe St. Rocltford. TlHiiola

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