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~T the la» d of
S '' """
• passed off vrrj
JL ~aS

—T„ has been f:>ir
c^-- r ' lur """
■ 1 ■ Yakima vis-
XL Sister" is billed 10,
■U fc tbecityy to* «,,k
L m. L BrMfn" came dv ""
KJ l ««<Wj^ ,i,ll ' M -
K a g*ler.pent.f>- '"
flLVNtftb Yakima on bus,..--
Ite Christmas and A H-ippy
K't..'tfce readers of n '
111 fiettta more LndisposLd now
EV-» several weeks
Ellensburg peo-
KgjadiM the holidays out of
IsjMl Ettas has >P ent > msl
fcatewrtoa visiting with her
If*. BMP tad wife are spending
Kfckkn vita relatives and friends
■M Bnubear of the fire de-
Etirott out into the country
tit Hut; is in the city to spend
Mini with bis parents anJ
psksb ol the city were dis
p ratal afternoon until Jan.
Vat »w.
UK ease of Crawford
found for Crawford, a
firiaau window dressing in
4tk stores are exceedingly
ml fuse aad would do credit
sal krger city.
ai Hn. D. L. Jenkins will
tattt tor thanks for a nice
ha imtat (a box of candy
I ska tad wife.
■el. Jieoby and Miss Myrtle
ItHtßtrried at Hotel Hut
hakf tuning, Uec. 18, He v.
las] sffieiating.
Elltratr went down to Top-
Mi; evening to visit a
ttttwith relatives and to
last btuineu.
HBhks .who is at the hone
B*ka io Sooth Kittitas, is
■Ike with kidney trouble-,
yjaa tar aeveral days.
gfcsai, editor of the Kitti
P*aa, tad hit wife were
tad were guests
"kfrtini and wife.
* * fcrt Knuckles came
■Wat Rapids, Saturday,
j«st finished up the
aafcr contract.
and stiffcr
«ts quality det<
S* 11 we are lan
|J* to colds, lack
jgjp and .ambition,
SWm decline a
i 2L proni P t an;
lOTOrt ne cessary.
EJJoI cannot mat-
Eg* * avoided.
I , who:.:
Bfcst: %: 1 ' ' * - :
For great efforts arc ! de in
this vicinity to seli baking \:c ' sof
inferior class, made from alum acids
and lime phosphates, both undesir
able to those who require high-grade
cream of tartar baking powder to
make clean and healthful food.
The official Government
tests have shown Royal
Baking Powder to be a
pure, healthful, grape
cream of tartar baking
povr.ler* of highest
strength,, and care should
be taken to prevent tlie
substitution of any
other brand in its place.
Royal Baking Powder cost;, only a
fair price per pound, ana is cheaper
and better at its price than any
other baking powder in the work!
The demand for wood and coal is
a little more brisk than it baa been
before thi* winter.
Edward Pruyn made a nip to
Norht Yakima, Saturday on business
with lie l .S. Land office
The jury in the c:i-- of Alfred (Jay
vs. the N.l', railroad company found
a verdict for Day for $4,500.
Howard Bench came over from Pull
ban to spend tie holidays with hia
parents. .Mr. and Mr-. John t Bench.
Jasper N. Standby who live- in
Wilson canyon -plit hi- mot wilii an
ax whit cutting wood a few day
W. B. Dunaworth let! Bunday foi
an extended visit with relatives ami
friends in Illinois, lowa, aid Min
n< sot a.
Rev, William Tuoker, who i- aaaist
ing Hey. Yager in lie- protracted
meeting in Kittitas, was in tic- city,
Monday .
Mrs. S. M. draft of Seward, Alaska,
and Miss Henrietta Hamilton ot Seat
tie are guests of Mrs. A. 11. Btutfauth
this Week.
Mrs. Boyd (.live, entertained at
dinner. Saturday in honor ol Mr. and
Mrs. S. .1. Miller and Miss Effle Pur
geon of Sea ttle,
Wilbert Slemmons ol tie State I n-
Iveraity, i- at home to spend the hol
idays wuth hi- parent.. Mr. and Mr-.
A. L. Slemmons.
Most of the Kittitas boya attend
ing the state college at Pullman and
the University in Seattle are at home
for the holiday-.
Rev. Youngs sermon last Sundaj
night is said to tie one ol extraordi
nary ncrit and has created much
favorable comment
The snow fall of Sunday night was
light and was 100 little to afford
any comfort to sleigh or cutter usera
teas than two inches of snow covering
the ground
The Christmas exercises war - ion
ducted at the Christian church last
evening. The program was a most
excellent, one and was thoroughly en
joyed by all present,
The Christmas program ol the M.
E. church will be rendered Fridiaj
evening. it will he a most excellent
one and every member should be in
attendance to Witl it.
Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Standby of
Wilson, canyon, were in I be city, Mon
day with some fine apples and poul
try which I ley had no trouble in
ditposing ol al fair prices.
Croup is a terrible disease, it attacks
childr.-ii so suddenly they are very
apt to choke unless given the proper
remedy at unci'. There is nothing
better in the world than Dr. King's
New Discovery, Lewis Chamberlain
of Manchester, Ohio, writes aboul his
children: Sometimes in severe at
tacks we were afraid they would die,
but since we proved what a certain
remedy Dr. King's New Discovery is.
we have no fear. We rely on it tor
croup coughs and colds." So can
you. 50c and $1.00 a bottle should
b'; in every house. At all Druggists,
H. X .Buoklen & Co., Phila., SI Louis
Stomach, liver ami kidney I roubles,
weak nerves, lame hack and female
ills disappear when Electric Hitters
are used, Thousands ol women
would not l>e without a bottle in their
home. Kli/a I'ool. ol Di pew, (ikla,
writes i "Electric Bitten raised me
from a bed of sickness and suffering
and has done me a World ol good, I
Wg|h every suffering woman could use
this excellent remedy ami find out. aa
I did. just how good it is." As ii
baa helped thousands ol others, it
surely will \iill do the same lor you.
Every bottle guaranl I. 50c andgl.OO
At ail Druggists. 11. E. Bueklen, (k
Co., Philadelphia or St. Louis.
E'ri.'-s |Ui.OO and up. We teuoh 11 ■in
how to make pictures right.
Pautske'a studio.
The delivery of Christ ma- goods in
parccla i- exceedingly heavy at the
post office, and the carrier—motor-*
cycle i- well loaded down on every |
trip out through the city.
The Dawn is rather ahy of news
tbi- week, Two lick printers and
the holiday, mayy be oharged up as
the cause. When you can't ilo a
thing, you can't, that's all.
Our issue of today on Christmas
and next week on New Year's day
must neceasarUy make both issues
a day late. Printers enjoy a day of
resl tic same as other folk-.
The Ellensburg Telephone company
la extending its line iiuitc a distance
in South Kittitas precinct, giving ser
vice io several farm home- who have
long since bei II ill need ol it,,
Judge Kauffman'a decision in the
ease of Mrs. Geblem ami heirs in tie
matter ol a will made in lowa before
his death in this state, was affirmed
in tin- supreme conn a few days
since. The ease was carried up by
her attorney A N. Streff.
Frank Puller and Miss (Catbryn
Maxey were married Saturday even
ing! Dee, 2n, 1913 at lie- residence o(
Mr. and Mrs, W. 8, Dyer, Rev. Jonn
Young officiating. Both I be bride
and groom are well known in this
city and they hue a host ot friends
who join The Dawn in extending con
gratulations and well wishes.
An auto struck 0. 8. Palmer's bug
gy near the V P. depol a few days
since aud threw him out on to the
brick pavement on his head and hurl
11iin rather severely, but we under-
Btand he i- able to be up and around
the house. lie bad driven down to
tie- depot to meet Mis. Palmer and
daughter who who were returning
home from a visit on No, l-
Mr. and .Mrs. B. J. Bprague ofOcean
Park, who are spending the winter
wth Dr. McCauley and wife are re
ceiving the hearty congratulations of
a host of friends on the celebration
today ol i heir Blsl wedding anni
versary They were married in
Toronto, Canada, December 24, 1*52.
.Mrs. Bprague will be 711 years old
next Sunday and a month hence Mr.
Bprague will be B3 years old, B"or
20 years Ihi'y have spent their win
ters with their daughter, Mrs. J. C.
McCauley, and family, In this city
and of course are pretty well known
Among the rest The Dawn extends
its greetings and best wishes.
No. 'J 12.05 a.m.
No. 0 8,86 a.m.
No. :IIK S.JW a.m.
No. :t:io 1,00 p.m.
No. I i 1.80 p.m.
No. IS 0.10 p.m.
No. II 2.45 a.m.
No. :U7 8,40 a.m.
No. 8 5.40 a.m.
No. 386 12.40 p.m.
No. 1 11* p.m.
No. 5 5.00 p.m.
No. I takes on passengers tor Son ml
points in parlor ami observation oara,
No. - lakes on passengers for Missoula,
Mont., and points easl thereof where
regular stop is made.
Weslbound, Numbers 41, II and I.
Bastbound, Numbers 2, HIK and i
No. 18 Columbian 12.01 a.m.
No. lti Olympian 2.50 p.m.
No. 17 Columbian 6.00 a.m.
No. 15 Olympian 2.50 p.m.
Judge vi superior court— itaiph
Joint h- iiitor—c. 11. Flummerfelt.
ltcprcsciitalives —P, U. Adams and
E. X, Brawn,
Sheriff—B. H. German.
Auditor—James Heron.
Clerk—William Newstrum.
Treasurer—Fred, (jilmour.
Assessor—li. C. Km rem.
Prosecuting Attorney—F, A. Kern.
Superintendent of school*.— Mrs.
Mary C, Boedscher.
Surveyor—C. T. Jordan.
Coroner—A. J. Hose.
County physician—T. S. Wasson.
County commissioners—M. C. Hal
lard, U. G, McNeil and Louis Larson,
Justices—W, w. Bonney and C. It.
Had ley.
Mayor I. A. Mahan
Trea mrer A. M. Hall
Clerk Fred. T. Ilofmann
Attorney 11. W. Hale
Councllmen, First Ward —
w. .1. Payne, Wm. Luff
Councllmen Second Ward—
J ('. Bench, Samuel Kreidcl.
Councllmen, Third Ward—
.1. \. Buroh, Peter Garvey,
Councilman-al plarge—
A. V. Bchults.
Governor—Ernest Lister.
Lieutenant governor—Louis IT, Hal I
Secretary ot state — I.M. Howell.
Treasurer—Edward Meatb.
Auditor—G. W. Clausen.
Attorney general— W. U. Tanner.
Land oommiaaioner—Clark V. Suv
Superintendent ot schools —Joseph
ine Preaton.
Insurance commissioner—H U.Fish
United States senators - Wesley L.
Jones aud Miles i'oiiidester,
Congressmen at large—J. A. Falcon
er J. W. Bryan.
Congressman, first district -W. E
Congressman, second district— Al
bert Johnson.
Congressman, third district—W. L.
La Foliette.
Justices supreme court—John F.
Main, Mark A, Fullertonl Stephen J.
Chadwick, M. F. Gose, George E Mot
ris, Wallace Mount, Herman IJ. Crow.
Emmet N. Parker and Overton G. El
! lis.
At least a month before due to
calve each cow should be given
a roomy box stall.
Be sure that the dairy' herd
has plenty of water to drink, but
not Ice water.
In feeding the cows do not
give them more than they can
use readily. Any feed that Is
left i" the mangers after the
cow- • through will naturally
represent a certain amount of
The heifer bred too early al
ways remains stunted In growth
and her milk flow Is shortened
for all time.
Do not turn the cows In the
open yard to stand around and
As a rule, the highly organized
sensitive cows are the greatest
producers when surroundings
and management are right.
The time lias come when ev
ery farmer who is in the sheep
business should preserve n part
of bis corn crop la the silo It
means much In the ellielent pro
duction of mutton
Sheep cannot eat sllngo In as
great proportionate quantity as
do cattle, though no one seems
to know why. However, they
do well on It. and It snves a
great deal of hay and other feed.
Sheep will do better on rough
land than will any other kind of
stock save goats.
Success In the sheep business
depends as much or more upon
the cure tnken as upon the
Ollmeul Is greatly relished by
lambs and helps greatly In ob
taining a tine finish for the mar
He sure the llock has plenty of
fresh water. If the sheep drink
from springs keep the ap
proaches dry
Corn silage Is n safe feed for
lambs when It Is free from mold
ami docs not contain an exces
sive amount of add
Banish the Sheep Tick.
Ticks arc reddish (troy Insects that
Nve on the blood slicked from the
sheep. One of the quickest ways to
lose money In sheep raising Is to nllow
your Mock 10 be half eaten by ticks
The very best treatment Is to dip
them, using a Rood commercial dip.
Friends of this paper will please
remember thai they have the placing
of their own legal notices. We can
do thin work for you and guarantee
it to be correct, a matter so essential
in legal notices. Please don't forget
no when you have an administrator's
Notice, Notice of Pinal Settlement,
Trustee's Sale, or Orders ol Publica
DON'T Q BIT POOLED, by travel
ing fakirs. We enlarge pictures in
all styles and finishes. We have
all kinds of frames, oval, convex —
flames and glasses a specialty and
savc> you 25 ami 5(1 per cent on agent
prioea and guarantee aatisfaetion.
Pautske's studio.
How to Bathe Baby.
TJse a handful of absorbent cotton
Instead of a Cloth the next time you
bat be the baby It has all the good
qualities of the sponge and, being re
Dewed eaeli time. Is absolutely snnl
tary Place the child In the tub while
tt Is empty, then gradually and care
fully pour the water In, and there will
be no more screaming with fright, tint
the bath will become a delightful affair.
We cordially invite
any one in need of
Job Printing of any
good kind to visit
The Dawn office
and inspect work
and stock before
ordering elsewhere.
We print Circulars,
Bill heads,
H»y books,
Milk tickets,
Scale books,
Letter heads.
Legal blanks,
Counter tabs.
Funeral cards,
Wedding Strtionery,
Loose ledger leaves,
Etc., Etc., Etc., Etc.
416 North Pine
Washington U. S.
M en's Half Sles, Sewed
Ladies' Half Soles
Ladies' Heels, Leather
Ladies' Heels, Rubber
Children's Shoes 35c and Upward
Owing to the reduction in shoe repairing, unscru
pulios parties are privately conveying the idea that
we are using cheap, inferior stock. I wish to say
once for all that our stock always has been of the
very best and will continue to be so. A trial will
convince you.
416 North Pine Street
The Iceboi Is Hie most Impor
tant part of tin tire household
equipment Upon Its cleanliness
depend the health of your fam
ily und the purity of the foods
you use.
When you have an hour to
spare take every article of food
from the box or refrigerator,
which we hope is enamel, porce
lain or tile lined Lift out the
rn"l«.s, the waste pipe and every
particle of lee from the lee
If possible move refrigerator
and see the condition of the
trap. Have a pun of hot wa
ter In Which Is dissolved it geti
erotm tablespoonful of borax or
baking soda. Sea hi all trays and
pipes, using H small brusb or rag
on a stick to clean out every par
tie!,, of slime If present.
ItinsM all parts well and cool.
Leave the doors and lid open
and do not replace any food tin
til the box Is cold and dry. Nev
er put bananas, onions or strong
smelling food a way In box. Nev
er, by any means, use paper or
rugs to COVer the tec. A ptaea
of asbestos la permissible Po
not put food in the Ice chamber,
but In the separate compart
ments, Never put warm food In
the box. Scald the waste pipe
nt least once a week. A piece
of charcoal kept In the box will
absorb odors.
One reason why the calf that
docs imt make continuous
growth fails to develop well is
because when progress has once
been retarded it Is Impossible to
resume at the old rate without a
Nothing win change one's atti
tude relative to 1)1* dairy cattle
quicker than the evidence given
by the Babcock test
Pew persons now think they
know all about feeding cows,
and those who know most are
the most anxious to leiirn
The exercise of good judgment
is most necessary lit handling
the dairy herd profitably
Good butler Is like a crisp, new
banknote it has a stuudttrd rati
ue everywhere A liitie trouble
perhaps, but it pays to take
Thi' more nervous the cow the
greater her capacity and the
more need for gentle handling
I'll)'amount of milk a cow will
yield depends us much v] the
dairyman as it does on the cow
hi rself
We are not infallible. No human is. But we have our work so
systematized and are so careful about .-very phase of it, that we certain
ly have teason to be proud of its clean record. Physicians who have in
vestigated our prescription counter commend our work most highly aud
gladly send us their prescriptions. We invite yours.
The Farmers Own Store
The Producers & Consumers Co
1114 Western Avenue, Seattle, Washington.
Ship us your Hay. Grain, Apples, Potatoes, Pork. Veal, Eggs, Poultry,
and all Farm Produce. We make prompt returns on all conaignmente.
We have frost-proof storage rooms for applea and potatoea, alao large
hay and grain warehouses. Phone Main 3689
H. S. ELWOOD thewKogSt
Try The- Dawn for one year.
Barbed wire and colts are a
bad combination
W hen traim'hg tbe colt see that
the straps and buckles are In
good condition
Irregular feeding. Improper
feed, changing Ihe feed or dam
aged feed will cause colic.
When the hoofs are hard and
dry let your horses have a good
run on the grass.
We do not believe In blinders
Teach your horses to work with
out them.
He careful not to overload your
team, Overloading Is the cause
of much unsoundness in horses
I'igs (lint have become too fat
by overfeeding and lack of exer
cise should not be chosen for
Sows kept for breeders should
be given lots of exercise.
When the? hogs come up to tae
I rough to eat look them over for
graybacks. If you find them,
thin some kerosene with water
and rub it along their backs.
There's money in hogs, hut It
requires Industry and gumption
to get It out. Hut. then, this Is
true of all business.
The returns from swine are big
If the management Is good.
Hogs use much food that would
otherwise go to waste Think
that over.
The bacon types of hogs fur
nish the largest litters and make
pork that brings the highest
Never allow a foot of barbed
wire within the reach of any
animal of the horse kind, old or
young. Many a good horse has
been maimed or scarred for life
and many others killed by com
ing lv contact with barbed wire.
Id many places the bull Is com
pelled to earn his beep by being
set to work. It does not hurt his
highness In the least. It Is v
mistake, however, to think that
it necessarily makes him more
The barn is a poor place for
the young colts In the daytime.
Let them out to romp and play.
You should raise the sort of
animals that your neighbor can
not afford to be without.
Irregular and poorly fed sheep
produce wool of uneven fiber
and poor quality.
Read The Dawn's bargain day ad.

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