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The Oroville weekly gazette. [volume] (Oroville, Wash.) 1905-19??, June 04, 1909, Image 3

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I flbccvlcss Dotel I
Recherche Accomodation. |vj
All Modern Conveniences. IP
N Maas*** H|
■Tilley = = = (proprietor, i
1.1. PRANK & SON ■

fHc'ti! Liquor Dealers. ■
2Me Agents, Budweiser Beer. ■

B ■
■HIT. OROVILLE. “And tier Name Is Maud.” J
- ■
■nkand smoke
X- - -vj' l
■lpkA '&.• '
mtvilie Transfer Co. \
Bml livery, feed and transfer busi- I I
Bimi claps line of drays. We have on I N
I SEED GRAIN which is ex- I I
By good, and clean, and the price is I I
B We Imy and sell grain of all kinds. ■ I
!uf a writ of execution
upcrior court of Uka-
Wu.sh 1 HgU'li. holding
said cun my. on the
d i me directed ami
•m rendered in said
\phi. 1 un. in favor of
ust 1 d Morin, tor the
lit >i iid hIMI'U dollars,
' oi Ihe action, I h ve
le, i n(crest and claim
mi I to the following
y acres of land des
i : North hah of the
tion tlitecii, and (he
itli, Ot range twenty
mo nliail. in < >kunug
:hat t*n Saturday, the
■fc a icn o'clock a, m. ot
right, title, interest
Mmin in and to the
"i so tin ret I
ID M|t Ist jdailitifl's claim
ai-rming costs,
pitc >
Con ui'illy, in <ikanugan
bing pH S' ic unction
to t highest and he.si
Jfiii v. r.-n*.
I U l» I Mi •It I*.
IT to ilc term ot tliicc
tng J I > l ami
II v»t is
inn :tn
... I no
V . n
•JO Oil
10 IKj
:.'t" m
ico ii
$ noy in
n it titling i*- true and
t. in i. dgc mid hcliei
\ 1. 1 *I: low n i lei k.
i\. |it ,i.
vs, Mayor.
lon I ous I . llondrlJ
i: t;aii. -tale ot IN ash
olli his applicat ioi
Mcii.' "I "ft i ions J3o'
t i the < plied 'iaie'
»ml. \ i *.
h i be >t mi hw est quar
ic- township lortj
n • ust ot \\ lliametu
N Hshmgion, t oniaiu
tinning adversely th<
li_ If "bjCl l I C rtllH
.if (he land, ui lor an;
i'l'osal to applicant
6 ft protest in tins oi
And Dressmaking. Complete new
stock of latest style Millinery. Next
door to Bartcll & Co.
Mrs. Anna Mitchell
Serial No. 06243.
Department of the Interior. i
C S l and office at Waterville, Wash., >
May 1. 1909. >
Notice is hereby given that Earl E. Crist of
Antoine, Wash, who, on made
homestead entry No. 527 (C. 8.)—05243 for w*.«
aw 1 * sec 33. twp 38 n. r2Be wm, iwhnw 1 /! lot 4
see t. twp 37 n. r 28 e w in, has filed notice of
in ention to make final five year proof to es
tablish claim to he land above described, be
fore Fred .1 Fine, I’ S Commissioner, at hit of
tice at Oroville. Wash., on the 9th day of June,
claimant names as witnesses: Daniel Moffatt
i Miver Moffatt, John Barrett, Newton Dawson,
all of Anglin, Wash.
W. F. HAYNES, Register.
Remnant Sale of Post Cards
at the
Oroville Pharmacy.
Ask About Digesto.
* * 4. .5. 4. *4.4.4. 4.4.4.
I <Xity> Bakcw anb i|
I Cafe. i;
X < -
• >
f Fresh Bread and Pastry {J
always on hand. Meals !!
I< >
at all hours. Opposite j •
The Hotel Radbourn. ] |
| Oc o. Stolts, proprietor.:
A Few Things Seen and Heard by the Gazette Reporter.
West Bound (to Keremeos. )
Leave Arrive
8;oo a m Oroville 4:30 p m
East Bound (to Spokane.)
6:30 a tn Oroville 7:35 p nr
J. M. Pitman, of Loomis, was a vis
itor in town Tuesday. He is interest
ed in the new river bed placer mining
process that is to be tried in Che Sim
ilkameen river as soon as high water
is over, and was here on business con
nected with that venture.
Cool nights during the past week
have in some degree checked a con
tinued rise of the Similkameen. There
is a big stage of water now, however,
and should it turn off good and w arm
for a week the rollicking old stream
would be bank full and then some.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Judd, of Loomis,
were visitors in Oroville two or three
days during the past week. Sunday,
In company with Mr. and Mrs. Albert
Smith, they drove tip to Falrvlew, R.
C., one of the most delightful of the
many pleasant drives out of Oroville.
The game of ball between Conconul
ly and Oroville billed to take place at
Oroville Sunday, has been called off.
The date will be tilled in by a game on
the local grounds between a nine made
up from Nighthak and among the rail
road boys and the regular club. It will
be worth seeing.
Hon. J. H. Gasterday, of Tacoma,
was in town Tuesday night while on a
tour of the county. Mr. Gasterday
served on the tax commission for a
time, and resigned to run as a candid
ate for attorney general at the prim
ary election last fall, being defeated
by the second choice note provision.
Services will be held as usual in the
M. G. church at K p. ra., Sunday, June
6. Special music is being prepared by
the choir. Duct by Mrs. Follis and
Mrs. Mitchell. Address by Mrs. Thomp
son. Subject—"They shall be mine in
that day when 1 make up my Jewels."
Mat. 3-17. Sunday school at 11 a. ra.
every Sunday morning.
M. D. Stewart, the well-known rail
road contractor, came In from the east
Tuesday evening and exchanged greet
ings with his old friends, of whom he
has many among the residents of this
ploce. Seeing him around so frequent
ly strengthens the opinion that there
Is soon to be something going in the
line of railroad construction.
Quite a number of people will go
down to Riverside today to witness the
contests among the pupils from the
various schools in the county. There
will be numerous athletic contest s dur
ing the day with an oratorical contest
in the evening. This will be the first
general school field meet in the county,
and will hereafter be a feature of the
school year.
About midnight Wednesday night
the electric lights went out. High
water was the cause of the eclipse, and
as the swell is just fairly commenced
the prospects are that the power plant
will be out of commission for some
days. This is a condition that could
not be guarded against, and no blame
can be attached to the company oper
ating the plant.
There was a large attendence at the
Sunday school picnic held in Smith's
grove Saturday last. Besides tlie bask
et dinner there were a number of con
tests among the boys, girls and grown
people for prizes contributed by the
business houses of the place. While
some rain fell in town none tell at the
grove, and the event was highly en
joyed by all present.
Our efficient ifiid popular assessor
C. D. Kloppenberg, came in from t'on
conully Monday evening on business
connected with the work of tlie office.
Mr. Kloppenhurg has systematized the
work of the assessor's office and Intro
duced some new features that only re
duces the labor, but veiy materially
improves the method ,of keeping the
records of the office.
Philip Lenz, met with a painful ao- j
cidenl Sunday, resulting in a broken
wrist. He was starting up a gasoline
launch when the wheel used for turn
ing on power suddenly reversed, strik
ing the right wrist a blow severe
enough to crack the bone. Mr, Lenz
has his person ornamented with a sling
in which he will have to carry the in
jured member for some time.
If no unforseen break in the weather
or accident intervenes the local ball
club will meet the Conconully team on
the Loomis grounds Sunday. Should
the game come oft, and that is alto
gether probable, it will be a pretty
contest, as the home club will go over
full handed, and report comes that
Conconully has a very strong aggrega
tion. Quite a delegation of rooters
will go over from here.
W. T. Hunter, of Greenwood. B. C.,
stopped over in town Wednesday night
on his way north. Mr. Hunter has for
years been engaged in the mercantile
busiuess in British Columbia towns,
and of late has dabbled extensively in
mines and timber lands. Bring a man
of keen business sagacity Mr." Jinn ter
has profited handsomely in all ol his
ventures. He is out on this trip chas
ing down investments that look good
to him.
A nine selected from tie hand met
the professional men, who have in en
throwing the harpoon into t lie business
men on the diamond, Monday and
again were th< pro!* saionaL victoi ions
by a score of Into 1.1. Those profes
sionals coiM through every timi liy a
narrow margin, and the succession of
winnings has swelled them up so that
they are anxious to go up against the
Chicago cubs,' or any old thing in the
way of a ball team.
Next Friday evening the essay con
test for the McMahan Uexon . igqdal
will take place in Sigrist hallo'll yy ill
be remembered I hat t hose enterprising
gentlemen offered gold medals to,t he
pupils yvriting the best essays upon the'
subject "Opportunities of Washing
ton.'’ The contestants will read thrir
productions at the time and plifcoiWten
tioned above, and the award will lie
made by a committee selected for that
purpose. No doubt a hyigt; r.ruyv-d will
he present on the occasion.
•fas. B. Adair, editor of tj»©tN'ort,hr
west Mining News, puhtiltWd"’at Seat
tle, slopped over Tuesday night, in
Oroville, and woht over To' •Loomilv
Wednesday morning. Mr. Adair is otp,
for the purpose of sectoring datH'for-a
write up of the several mining dis
tricts in the state yvhich is to appear in
in his paper and lie 'distributed ai’the
Seattle fair. The object is certainly a
good one, looking at. it from the v iew
point of publicity,and Mr. Adair should
meet with every encouragmenl. in liis
One of the most severe, even if brief,
electric storms experienced in (his lo
cality for years blew inahuut 7:.'loTues
day evening. The clouds drifted up
the valley fiom the south, and looked
ominous long before rain began to fall.
Lightening zigzagged in eveyy direc
tion, followed by heavy crashes of
thunder. While it fasted theVaju 101 l
in a torrent. The ”hnd hern hot,"
close and sultry, threatening a storm
of the character of The one that de
veloped. No da magi was done by the
visitation so far as known: f ’ •
Mrs. Geo. Whistler met with a pain
ful accident Tuesday evening-. During
the heighth of the storm she was driv
ing home from town in company with
her four-year-old sun. The horses took
fright at a sharp flash of lightning,
starting forward suddenly with a jerk.
Both Mrs. Whistler and the child were
thrown violently to the ground. The
lady had her left, shoulder dislocated,
and while the wheels of the vehicle
passed over the childs logs, he seems
to have escaped without injury.
CTLee* .■fS~~/k UM ~
F. Bartell & Co,
IN the Superior Court ol (>k anogan county.
* state 01 Washington.
C. K Johnston. I’laintirt,
F. L. Barnev, Defendant.
The state of Washington, to K. I. Barney, de
fendant herein
Yon are hereby summoned to appear within
s xly days after the date of * lie lirsl publica
tion of this summons, tow 11 N' iihiu sixty Hays
after ihe 2 d day of April. P.HUL uu i defend the
above entitled action in the aliove entitled
court and answer upon th<* undersigned, at
torneys for the plaint ill, hi iuc offices and post -
o1 ce address below slated anti in case-’of your
failures' to do judgment will be rendered
against yon according to tha demands of ih**
complaint, which has been tiled with thederk
of said court
This action is brought for the purpose of col
lecting a promissory note t. ni ing dale .Inly 11.
11)08, payable .lanuary Hth drawn b> de
fendant above payable o plaintilV. and to foie
close a certain chattel mortgage of same date
as the above note and given as security for the
pavment ol the said note.
Attorneys for Flai tiff.
Offices and post • dice address Oroville. Wash.
Rami Estate.
|J. F. Sargent - Manager.
The best aml cheapest chunnerfin ma
tenal known. Mahufactifrea and Tor
sale, ready to set up, at jl per toot, by
IE. McCammon, Oroville, Wn.
C. C. McKay, the accommodating
local licensed dray man, can lie in
trusted yvilh any manner of freighting.
Just leave your order and he will do
the rest.
. Notwithstanding the tremendous
losses recently sustained I he Okanogan
Nurseries are prepared to till all or
ders for trees for next fall, or spring,
delivery. If you are a lover ut beauti
ful flowers, remember that Lite Oka
nogan Nurseries have the most com
plete home groyvn stock ot flowers and
ornamental shrubs in the Pacilicnorth
west. Mr. Evans, the proprietor.keeps
in close touch yvilh the nursery busi
ness throughout the world, and his
importations this spring include many
rare varieties of both fruitsaud Mowers
which will be ready for his customers
the coming season.
Farmers are requested to leave or
ders at the Creamery for separators as
Soon as possible.
J. Fiuih, Manager.
A- good partly improved IMO aero
| ranch, near Whiteslone lake; all under
lirst-olass fence; water on the place;
h’>7 awes of plow land, rest timber:
wiH raise 40 bushel of tv heal to the
acre, For terms apply at this office.
... .. .1)11. VIMON I'llMlMi,
Dr. Vinton, of The King Co., will he
at the Peerless hotel, June I.land 11.
For Sale —A piano. For particulars
inquire at this office.
■'■ For Rent—A choice farm, excellent
improvements, living water through
the plaice, 80 acres ol plow lanti, hunch
grass hay can be cut from balance,
six miles from Oroville. Good open
ing and liberal terms to right man.
Address Chas. U. KUNE,
Wehesville, Wash.
One dozen seamed hemmed bed sheet s
72x110 $4.00. One dozen pillow cases
45x110 $1.20. Good quality. Address
Johrt-F. Davies, 202 Willoughby avc..
Brooklyn; Neyv York.
. . Doing fine business. Price $7,000.
one-half cash balance to suit. Would
take small Oroville home, or acreage,
value SISOO to S2OOO, as. part of cash
payment. For full particulars address
Josephine M. Del’k.w.
Okanogan, Wash.
nil. VINTON CO>l I NO.
Dr. Vinton, of The King Co., will he
at the Peerless hotel June 1.1 and 14.
Will he at his home ofliee in Oro
ville, ist to 7th of each month.
I ()flice in \V. C. Co. Hl*u-k
!J7 0. LIMBACH, K. M.
With Palmer Mt. Tunnel Cm
Custom Work Solicited.
i Loomis - - - - W ash.
j(? P. WEBB. M. I).,
Office overhead Bank ol Oroville
Obovillk, - - Wash.
Civil Engineer.
I Office oyer the Bank ol Oioville.
Oroville, \V ish.
Counsellor -at-Law,
Office at Residence.
Physician & Surgeon.
Office over \V. C. Co.
Residence, ist door south of hospital
Oroville, Wash
Notary Public
Irrigation and Alining Law a Specialty
Oroville, Wash.
Counsellor-atia \v
S.‘rial No. u.ViIS.
1 >Cl'arl m- ii i ; .- I (i' ■ ; . f
I' S Lund »ifhcc at W :.lorv i • . Was-..
M. > I '
Ni i h lih
«. vunKi.i' i.. Mki ii\ kv «• i A mil in. Wash .
w ho, oii M a 1 I eitt n
No. c ' '•j " 2is t■ i «•’ nc? 2 n\v , ne*, m l . v
li vv* , i»Mi IT. tow UNi(• "7 n . i a ngc win .
ting llHit lintbe •'I his i iiriili-". it* make lilial
live year |nnnt, to Cs' thlish > lahn In ilu* In 11 ‘ I
lltmve tlfM riln i, Im In' !:•’ 1 I llin, I > < nlli
inissionei. at hisoilne. it oin\» n , Wash.,on
the t»fh ‘lay «.i June i
» laimaiii mi as aitm . -
riareii* o Bon t urn n nr.' i Ne a inti H. Paws*ll of
Anglin, W msli L.iti :i.i J.tiL! ir t.Tial.oi
\ntoine, \\
\V t :I A V \£rf, hcgtelcr.
1 1 we., llii' .mi i \peril uoe to
Mrs. Ida Soper 1 > fice death.
"Fur years ;i >v< re lung trouble
gave nit 1 inteiisi ring. she
writes, “and evi rat rnes nearly
caused my death All rernt 'lies
tailed and doctors said 1 was in
eurattle. Then ! Kite j New
Discovery brought (puck relief
and a cure so immanent ttiat I
have not le ;i ir,Milib‘d in twelve
years.” Jlr : per live; in Big
Fond, t’a. It . ,>rl s wonders in
Coughs and ( elds, Sore tilings,
Hemorrhages, LaCrippe, Asthma,
Croup, Whooping Cough and till
Bronchial alVeetions. .’iCe and sl.
Trial bottle tre 1 hy
Oro\ die I *hannae\.
Serial N*». til.
NOTH’!-: I '* It i*l KMCATMN.
Depart rm*i of th Interior. i
V. S. hand • lh •Ht U icml'o, Wash,, /
M v 1 . 1
Notice i* hereby ; ea that
Dam Kb M. lit thd'.ni Ha \iihi h, Wash.,
who, on Jti.’.e 1. la • . n.ade :n t,D st end entry No.
. . i .■ 1 •••. : k seel ion
14. town-hip ■> 1101 I!;, . i, c ' e \\ in.,
hss tiled notice o iiiin.ii, i> !*• make final
live year jiroof. to ■ stab! - , h claim to the
Ininl above de.osihc i •• ■ I J. : inc. I . >.
(.'onniii-siotier, at his (C.p •• at (troville Wash.,
on t h't M h da y of June. ' '.*>•'.»
(’laimam mi c.i-■- us wit m e>
John K. K» ese, Drank ■■ hitler, Benjamin F,
La mil ec, Thomas La v if. nenr, all ot liavillah,
W ! .11 AVM S. Register.
Kcrial No 03d io.
Dcjinrtinent of th Interior 1
F S Laud Oflieeut Waterville, Wash., ,■
Mar 1, 1 hiu. »
Nolle is hereby giv• u h t > iHiencelb N T o>gs.
of Orovllle, Wash., who 1 l'.» B 0«
hom ( 1 0 11 , 1 ' 1
■ c l, n ii \v in,
han ti ■
years proof Jo (-' > 1 'he ! a l a •» 1 v u
described, beh I iOo .is 1 n«
cr, at his olio ■ * , . W. -h on the loth
day of June, lyo',*.
( laiinanl name* as \vll ■ s< • Fla ID rahber
ger, W lll In 111 1 1 ■ ,I» v I • .NU I a >llO ugh
lleiebbei et, all • 1 '' > 1 'it.
U. 1 . HA'i NKS, Kegialer.
NOJ Id-, lei; 1 1 -! I< ‘Al luN.
Dej*a i
\ H 1 and Olli c:• 1 V\ . • 1 , ilh-. Wash., !>
1 i . 11..-*I 1 ..-* )
Notice is Ini' i-iv. 1 ' .' «” Ia \ I Icrshbergcr
1■ 1 ' 1 ne 7, liHiti, made
sec Iftl • 1 , 1 n im f ■ 52, t vvp to n, 1
cwm, h i t! i* • t 11 ■. ; . • "1 1 . 'Mi: i,.n to make
liuul tin ye 1* |- • ; •■' ; h claim to the
laud aimve dev; • 1 .■ ‘, « 1 • I led l !• 111« . S
( .on. other at Orovllle* NN aih..
on the 1 h I I 1
( hiiiiiai.it n ini ■ 'villi • ( Inn m e lb
Nu,»• . v 11i•m (i 1 '.ongh’ llersh
hergci. 1• W ):.!• . ‘ will*, U ash
u . 1 . li aA m . Register.
A 111«■ 11■ ill ~1 ' 11" in'i* i;A I>| >«' M
iliril i- with tii:i■ vi' 1 iinKill
l)i'. Kin:; s >. • , i, i'■ I 'ills kill il
hy pivvi’i ion ••• illy siim
ulato sl nd bowolu,
I > \ min I in! ■ mia I lint in
vites appiMidicilis, eurin£ t'misli
pation. 1 >ili iisncs , < hills. Ma
Uria. i ion.
J'tr ,‘il Oiovillc riiarnm^y.

I>o purl ii. e<ii .. !) . nil*’ mi. i - Land ofTice
m Wait*! vi; ir. Wu- ii . i'ii".
Nut ii-«* U J-.i-M •> t,i. • ' i*i 1 1
i . 1,1 b l(amlul|ih
mi i •. . n u -li
who, on I cad euiryJNu
, i - 1 • . k iie 1 1 nw* 4
him* M, tp :•'» n. i ■ *•
iiuH liu-d iiwt hi-•> i ~ i n I’., make final Hv»*
vmi pi.M.l iii . im to Ihn lain!
Abo m <!♦■.*- , i ■ • < 1 1 K < • rnh! in mi,
I . s.i .nun ‘ . ii.. e at l.uoinift,
WHah., on ih
Wm i i .| > \’> uni I and .toe
i i
\\ i, iiaiN LS. Kegiater.
j Sv lit: M(• I’ ...
Nirrn i; mic itr.uratiox.
h i ;i in < i • ■ r ■ /
I I ••i •» • ■ N\ i’ * 11., .
Nut i-T i> )i< r< > i;r. ■ n '*
Wm iI a M II 'I- I• a I I W n«'i .
wl»o, mu . ii i, i i ■ •• in 'i iso id entry
>. n... I*S Mjii •1m » ’ : ■ , »■ :><’.! 1 ' < 11. r !■ i* ■\\ 111
has tiled i hi
l, , • : I tO thO
landniiovc • ■ . ■ Ilnry li.' ialll
until, • • • . - I. • it 1 IUU 111
I*, W jiS.I.. "Il ! I
(Muit mill !. *. "• i - v, . u<-‘ -■ s :
< .'til lit.- mu, il 1 . • in. l ie*l Jhkblwlft,
|| urn. *- Hi m na. i m . •. Wioh
i a i. , lUglHter.
Contra ; tor and Builder
Estimates and
Plans Furnished
Orovillc, Wash.
V’i’V • ■ >**♦ VVVVVVVM VV
I E. McCanmion, I
❖ *
% t
;j, I3s tint ate: and Plans ;i;
* I u: aiMicii. %
iIOROViLLt * - WASH. %
■!❖ . *
*♦•••■•» .• • -

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