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High School News
“lireaihvs thew it girl with pride so
«loud. ‘
Wimsv chm-ks m-re never touched!
with red
Whose.» nose has lost its virgin shine
\thso lips were never touched by
Uh, lip slick !"
We are patiently waiting until next‘
week, when we will be free. School
will close on Friday until December
3. Teacher's institute will he held on
Monthly. Tuesday ulnl \\'ednesdny of
next week. On Tuesday, the Girls
Glee Club will go to Okunugun to sing
ut the institute.
Last Saturday night. Mr. Bullock
entertained the shorthand classes at
his home. Fifteen were there. and all
reported a fine time. Each was dress
ed to represent some character. Velma
McKinney impersonated Dorothy
Match. Kathleen Grant was dressed
as Velma. Kate Noyes as John Emert.
Maybelle Johnston was indeed a com
ical character. representing “Hunk
Safety-Pin.“ His wife was Arnelda;
Clark. The two children were Dorothy
Mutch and Maud Noyes. Ross Griffith
was dressed as Maybelle Johnston.
Mrs. Bullock as Reginald and Idella
Scott as Reg” Lily Hicks as Virgil
Piper. Mathilda DeVon as a dirty
bachelor. Virgil Piper as Mr. Bullock.
Reg. Stuart as Mrs. Bullock and Mr.
Bullock as Mrs. Soot.
The Football Game!
’l‘he (irovilie Hornets took the sec
ond game from Oinuk on Friday last.
and placed tinnselves several points
nearer the county championship.
()mak was hindered by the loss of sev
eral of their players. but they put up
an lntt-restimtr fight for all of that.
They are a game little bunch and we.
wish them well against Okunogan for
the last game of the season. The two
teams fought hard. with Oroville
the best. possibly on the aggres
sive by reason of her aerial
attack. Ervin Curtis carried the ball
over for two of Oroviilc’s three touch
downs. ()mak made here traditional
stone wall defense against the Horn
t-ts when they threatened the Omak
goal and finally punted out of danger
when ’i‘om lost the hall on a fumble.
The game ended to the satisfaction of‘
both teams by a score of 19 to 6. By
accident or coincidence this is the sec
ond time Oroville has beaten the
down-river team by that score.
The Tonuket Game.
A hully cnntestetl game went to the
Hornets on Monday when the Towns
ket. Tigers fell before the stlngs of the
plucky Oroville eleven. Outwelghed In
both the line and back field, the Horn-
The Odd Fellows announce a blgl
dance on Thanksgiving night. Thurs
day. November 29th. The Oroville or-i
chestrn has been engaged for this oco‘
casiou. A “Yankee" lunch will be serv
ed at midnight. Tickets for the dance
will he sold at the usual charge of
SI.OO n couple. while the Yankee lunch
charge will be 75 cents a couple.
Chas. A. Graham is having an ad
dition lmllt to his already spacious
garage and repalr shop. Merrill 8;
Johnson are the contractors.
T. ’l‘. Sullivan and family arrived
recently from Chewelah and are oc
cupying the ’l‘nlmun cottage on Main
Bill Barry made a business trip to‘
Spokane the latter part of last week.‘
A directors meeting was held at the
local bank lust week. Directors J. E.
Forde and Arthur Lund were present.
The fumily of S. A. Gillette has
gone to Missouin. Montana. where
they will make their t'uture home. Mr.
Gillette preceded the family several
mouths ago.
The Community Christmas commlt‘
1% held a meeting last Saturday at
the Library building and appointed‘
various sub-committees. The entire‘
committee will meet again on Satur
day afternoon. December lst. at 2
o‘clock. to see that every detail of
the exercises will he made complete.
Mrs. Grace Eastman was chosen sec
retary; other committee chairmen and
assistants will be announced later. It
is planned to hold the exercises in the
big new hall and every one is determ
ined to make this the very best
Christmas ever.
Walter J. Mom-«house had the mis
fortune to get one of his feet entang
led with those of a: sharp shod horse
with the result ihnt W. J.. had to have
his injury cared for while he himself
was put out of commission for several
J. l". and Claude Masters. fnther
and brother respectively of Elmer E.
Masters. are recent arrivals here and
will spend several weeks vlsltlng.
A hnsl of Loomlsltes attended the
funerul scrvlces nt Enterprlse this
Monday. conducted over the remains
of Elder M. F. Wands, who was accl
dentally kllled a few days previously.
Members of the “Brethren" church
church were present from many parts
or the state and the nervlce was in
ets aggregation dug'down in the crit- ‘
ivul moments of the game and held the
Tiger eleven scoreless until the end
oi the first half. With blood in their
eye the Oroville team started the sec‘ ‘
and half with a rush that carried To
nasket or: their feet. and at the he
giunlng of the fourth quarter scored
the only six points of the game
through a 30yard diagonal forward
pass to Ervln Curtis with the
end zone. Several protests were made
during the game. but on the whole.
the relative standing of both teams
was shown by the score of 6 to 0 for
Oroville: ‘ \
'l‘he Hornets are hard at practice to
win their remaining game of the seas
on. that at Tonasket on Thanksgiving.
Heavy practice is the order of the day
and the fire in the eyes of every man
of the team reflects the determination
or “They shall not pass.“ Darrell Ir
‘win. out of the game Monday on no
count of illness, is back in tackle po
sition. His size and weight will help
much against the Tigers on the feli
tive day.
We sympathize much with Marian
in not being able to find a suitable
rhyme for “HOrnets” in her songs. We
know how it feels as we had a very
hard time to fit ‘"l‘lger" in with the
scheme of things—lt she had let us
a know earlier we could have supplied
a very suitable rhyme. namely:
“Our Hornets sting."
0 O 0 0'
Mr. Glover. after u geometery ex
amination said: “That’s a fine paper.
Joe." .
Joe Taylor: “The pape'r Is «I! fight
but what‘s on It Isn't."
. Last week the seniors were treated
to an exam In physics. English and U.
s. history—all the same day. It's a
"great life. If you don‘t, weaken.
Monday noon, before the big game“
Several business men, representing
"the Commerclal club. spoke to the
rftmttnull team and said that they were
behind the boys, whether they won or
lost. The club wlll glve the team a
banquet. after the season ls over. It
surely encourages the boys to know
the town ls backlng them up.
A large parade wué held before the
‘gume. The Oroville hand was out full‘
force. and led the parade. Immedlnte
1y behind them came the 'l‘onnsket
lfootbnll tenm. Tonasket motors. Uro
‘vllle team. and Oroville motors.
The real test will he Thanksgiving
day. when the two teams moot ut. To—
nnsket. Evéryhody who can possibly
go. should be present at thls wry Im
portant contest.
impressive and sad one. The bereaved
family have the heartfelt sympathy of
of the Loomis community. lnterement;
was made in the Mountain View cem
‘ The directors of the Whitestone
lirrigation district held their monthly
>meetlng in the district office here on
the 13th.
(,‘lyne Dexter, hrmhvr of Mrs. Fred
and Floyd Hill. arrived from British
Columbia recentli and will visit with
relatives for several weeks.
F. S. Emert. publisher of the Oro
‘viiie Gazette. accompanied by Sidney
Jackson visited in Loomls last week.
The visitors inspected the new Odd
’.F‘eliows hall and expressed great de
‘iight and satisfaction over local con~
‘dltions and prospects generally.

Traveler: This traln ls ,lnte Isn't It?
Conductor: Yes slr; the train before
Is a bit behind. but it was often bo
hind before hesMes.—Boys' Llle. ,
_ o, R. CHALKER _
Oroville, Washington
Meomfv DISTRICT Haws.
Robert and Donald Mohler and
Dunlel Srern entered Oroville high
school lust week.
Lyman Metzger and tamlly und‘
Elmer Brybulser and family motored
up from Wenatchee to spend a few
duys vlsltlng at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. C. V. Stern.
Messrs. U. V. Stern. Blocker and‘
Spurgeon went to Loomls Monday to?
attend the funeral of M. L. Woods
whose sudden and tragic death is may
roundly regretted by many friends In
thts communlty. Our slucere sympathy
goes out to the bereaved family.
_ Mrs. J. E. Sesser who has been aer
lous|y 11l wlth pneumonia ls reported
to be recovering slowly.
George Stern shlpped a car load of
alfalfa from Cordell sldlng Monday.
The Haley boys shipped a car from
the Peterson sltlln'g last week.
The farmers are taklng advantage
of the flue weather to complete their
prepurntlons for wlnter. and snow on
the nelghbo‘rlng hllls shows that Mr:-
ter ls ready to pounce down on us at
any tune.
Three of the four state parks in east]
ern Washington are expected soon to
come under the supervision of the
board of which Treasurer C. L. Bah
cock is chairman. There is a move
ment on foot to have the state park
committee take over Mt. Spokane
park'and also to ask the government
to give the stute the site_ of. old Fort
Spokane. A state park in Douglas
county In the Grand Coulee and ar‘
other on lake Wenatchee, are. probable
while State Representative E. 1“. Ban
ker will recommend another in the
Methow valley. The only East side
'park under state management now is
Crawford pnrk in Peru! ()reiiie county,
procured through the efforts of Fred
it. Wolf. publisher of the Newport
Miner and former president of the
Washington Good [toads association.
FREE BOOKLETB son manna!
If you are a mother do you know!
the most scientific way in which to!
dress your child? Do you know how}
to make the most comfortable gar-|
ments in the easiest way? [)0 you;
know how to arrange the baby‘s room
,so that it is convenient, well ventil-l
ated and properly lighted?
Health of the babies, in all of its
laspeeta. is discussed in “The Washing-E
‘ton Mother and Baby Book". the RFC"
and edition of which is just off the]
press. This booklet has been arranged:
by the Division of (fhlld Hygiene oi"i
the state department of health in col-‘
laboration with the children‘s bureau
of the li. S. definrttnent of labor. The
book will be sent without charge to
any mother in the state who makes
application to the State Department
of. Health. 220 Douglas building.
Dr. Herbert Coe. chief of the child
hyzenlc division. compiled the data-
The first edition of more than 6,000
copies was exhausted one month after
It was published.
For children of Dre-school age. the
pamphlet on “Child Care" suggests
A. M. Bennett, Prop.
dlet menus. Including mlpta. pattern:
for necessary clothing. varieties of
play and exerclse; methods of dlsclp—
llne and educatlon; and health traln
lag. Thls booklet has been compiled
by the chlltlren's bureau of the U. s.
department of labor. They are dlstrlh
uted by the state department of
health without charge to all mothers
In the state on request. as are also‘
the pamphlet on "Infant Care”, and
“Prenatal Care", complled by the
mme government hureal.
Workmen tor the J. C. Biies Lumber
company discovered this week that
they were not the only builders of
dams on Umak creek. In clearing tor
the‘raHWay right of way up Omak
creek. the crew came agross a beav
‘er dam that stood in their way. They
proceeded to demolish it and go on
‘their way rejoicing. What, to their
dismay. they found upon returning to
work the next' morning a higher dam
than the one they had torn down.
They proceeded to wreck this struc
ture but when they came the next day
following and found that the beaver
family had again built still a bigger
‘dum. A call to the county game com
]mlsison has been made to remove
these busy dam workmen. The sug
gestion has been made that Commis
sioner Fruit should set them to Work
at their special line of construction
and let them out on contracts where
modest sized dams are in demand.
. Provided. of course, that they would
. all quality as members of the dam
\ builders unlon.—-omak Chronicle.
Gazette "Want Ads" pay.
Hall’s cum]:
' lo a Combined
ued‘me Treatment.both
local uni intend. and has been nucceu
ful In the treatment of Clfll’l’h for over
forty years. Sold by all dmggim.
P I. CHENEY G. CO.. Tnlrdn' “Hr
Tan ”28‘ ollTElecmfl-w '.'—caml—iAchievement in Growth ot
W' Mil tAm ' ’ V T I h S
we cage 0 enca 5 ast ean one ystem
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) 7’32" /‘ ' ~‘ ' ' ////T’///'///// ./ M ‘
i ‘/’V,,, r. ' ’ .‘:. /.1 Ziff/V ’ ',
I ; "2; ' M -__...“ __._./(Z/ zi/7/
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, ‘/ -, -"?‘?~*7.-é.ar,2~::; res; ; -————:_;l>’—::"/”4 I, *
x , I “’¥s”’//7/ _mi a ::f~_J-;g:-Z {7/ C 5,“ ,
/ w’fl'é‘f’g‘fiw—p ear: 27" ' ///,-./
[3‘6" 7'?" {xi—{i’jfr'r‘W/Tf ' 0 ~N ’/ ‘ l I ' ' '
my {39/3 2ca or“. we fl“ ” ” / ’
93/, —/. (59.31,; ‘.‘d‘ m 7/ / .‘ /
”VI/j], f// ”"9553" .h:. x //, . . , '1
I/ " I; //,/-‘lr‘ . I. .1.".‘.‘.': |‘ “’1 ///// - "if ‘
L, m , /. .':)?€i\-’2"'f-’5 - "7' / f 'l‘ ’ ”In" I
/),,. lAt ' h...?.e0 ..’ ///I/V / ‘f ...1 ..._ I
. I‘m] // ’t. w“: ‘4’ / /, J i'.}... .
“tiff .‘ . ..'». n ' :9 -£‘ ///,/‘ ,{/ , 7: «3215:333‘ / \
I: w! :w:- *3 ,74 --’ .-: ,1i I
"I I«a as e, , , - I , V
. \‘l ‘ I _J' ~' .'3.-‘.'.- .Q/ . , //
\\\ H\\ ~:‘-. ~ ..,'-.-.' “the: // /. <
. \ “MIK H“ .’:-6:}; -.':::..:.. ...-...?” / 1,/ , .'
\'< \‘NC‘E Wipe?“ ‘(i'g't‘e'o‘ffi'xi’i 4' . /
5 w --='~;g§-,*3':;!-'-"-" . / --
\, \_\\: 5“ - , . , ~/ ~
\'_/ ’ ~ y .
_ ‘' ’ ”’", /
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/' I
15‘ TIMES 150 3' / ' " ,1 /
// , / ’l’/(77
ll| I m / I ‘.'
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111111111111111 so'
1111111111111111111 25
1900 1902 1904 1906 1908 1910 1912 1914 1916 1918 1920 1922
If all the teleghone wires in the be crossed 154 times by the telephone 19“ b 19”. Judged by El!
United States, 6,848,000 miles of wires in the United States alone, if diner, comparison the mileage
them, could be strung between the they could be so placed. No one can Whale wire was already larg
moon and the earth, they would spun ponder this statement without some 1 . when it would haw rem
the distance 154 times. The vastness realization of the stupendous extent perhaps a dozen times from the n
of the distance between the earth and of the telephone net-work which to the earth; but its rapid and
the moon is so great as to be prnc- spreads and ramlfles into every town tinuous growth until. in 1922
ticolly incomprehensible to the aver- and hamlet of this great country. equalled 154 times the distance
Age mind; our illustration conveys The nhove chart grnphimlly illus- tween earth and moon. is one 01
only a faint idea of its extent. Yet trates the growth of this huge romances of modern, elect
this huge interplnnetary void would spider's-web of telephone lines from achievements.
A pollceman shot a burglar 19 New
York. Perhaps he will claim he dldn’tl
know It was loadedJ—Ellensburm
Evenlng Record. ‘
Oroville General Hospital
Open to an Members or the
Oroville, Washington.
The Rent You Pay
$25.00 per month for rent for 10 years ........$2,500.00
and all you have is a bunch of receipts. No home, no
lawn, no fence, no trees, inconvenient, and moved a
couple of times, which has cost you $250.00 each
time or a total for rental money of $3,000.00 which is
all gone.
$25.00 per month in payments for _ten‘. years-7 ‘
$2,500.00 plus the $500.00 you have saved in mOney—
s3,ooo.oo and you own your own home, your flowers,
your garden and are contented andhappy.
Let us help you and estimate the costs. for you. Our
service is free.
F. R. Woodbury Lumber 00.
“I'll non anlw
Hot Drinks
Graco Hot Chocolate.
Tomato Nectar
Ice Cream at All Times.
lbs Casts

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