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Puget Sound herald. [volume] (Steilacoom, W.T. [Wash.]) 1858-1864, March 18, 1859, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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ll puma ova-y mm“ uoxxxx'u. u :7 7n! 1?“er
Oi hull nouns. In mum; Irv'u cu ;w~-‘ 2'. mm.
M'Mnu.hillflninlcfllnn uh .. vl. «yam-um
huh-Mun. hm I'm-Au «1 sad. um.
.. __ w W ,
1- Manu-a llkllhlehu‘u lheoflrcnhur
w mums" ”mm”
m.u n 2
33'. um“ ' un:
'l Wan—u w at mul- m J 0m...
it... will: am of m [ln up. n u nx'plmllmu
5-1-7 _..._
- - - ' ’ ’ 1.. P. FISHER,
231.]? I“ Inn mud-to.
h t- not .- Mum o 0 why-poo II: m-lvh-x ml
. Whmt‘mauaw‘
M wen-m; M IM me,
"‘ " - all. noun. ‘
M vii; nun". Ihcii IS. Isis}
_.: I ma annuals». 1
, “It ”who! Wuliixigm Territory law a
my W amount, if my I! 111, uf thunk” or
m in halo! upon the Idlliilliolrniiun. thus
.l'. “Jams Buchunn. After assuming the
nut pummt, an Pmidcm lost but Hm
“I II nailing as u now governor. Fresh from
'fllilngton. null scuru-ly cooled ofl' {nun (hr ‘
W of an gm“ triangular cvntul which
I“! in die chain: of his run, he cnxnc among
an.“ upon an dildnrgc of his dut‘u-s
N t .0 member the first speech he made
‘5“; an! In“ do wc Luow Ilia: not
. ‘ .9 ”Mind dueling hope: with which
”W h M of hi: unsophiulicnwd
r! be hm luliud. HQ tony-unmet}
’UJ’IM Bushman was President of the
WM I“ dill. In: Ind I Guveniur “ha
*3 Ennis-a, u nll u that or utmost
min'lil unkind. He made il as
r ,‘ N. locury mu! within his hearing,
I“ tum him relative to the “lan
“Id", nu minim“ to their being
“L AW but I {w hours Imong us‘
film “and into our cause and inkr
*l‘Mflfln M to which our lit-am
W. Chow debt wu nudim', a n 1
W‘flfi VA“ 0" RI spudy pnylneut. Thu
mafia” ‘ru lent packing out or
_ Infillbutcflduniwuiwm.
Aw u'munchhomwmto
4' ,W ‘ , mule-um- lan-u
st 5 u big-euphtk,qmd,m
-'l;th raw-u;
" um. m on induip In.
4F» " 'By having-fling st nu
'VJ u ‘ ‘\ ##“mmmmw
m .‘mum dun n thou
1‘ ‘m- m R “will! “ti-obi:
. h ,V; dwa
,.\,‘;j,.'f:?‘,3‘“'. : ,fllptql‘noflhn
- , m...» _ ”X chm Ino
'‘w MW“- ‘ “fl:
‘ ___ ‘ ’ I ‘ V .
.A. 1:. If flies-Mm .Wo'
4 A .. ~ In mycom
5 ”J. , “.o“th
~ > .3 m f. .' ‘lntlpouemd
‘3‘ “ , I?“!nonuu
r’ 3x], it “3‘”
, . K ‘ . fl -. >
m in. . huh-x 1
, twang.» “M
i : , h . 'J . . n».
i ' : rw W»:
, 4' ‘7 _ ”KWIJH.
. ‘ ”filth-ll
p .v «r .m ' ~' u
‘ v.l "no,” "m.“
i w‘r‘vfiv ‘ i. ; sud
, -ix (2" VP?" ”finwf'.”
* yup ‘ ‘ HEP-9W9,
~vM—‘u-I-I‘J pub-Hip.
. _,. .. ‘h ~ gun"...
i“ A, I ,‘ ‘ H
i - '39 «9‘39”; "1
. ;. Lin-mgr- ‘ - » 4.“ ‘
; rs . wan-tat” ‘ h:
7 . ’1“ WWW
E ~ 4.: flip-Envy. w-w.
u ..,L.. y‘w‘f‘ “4" , ‘ i:
4 - -- 'O'vav , , -
s', ' ‘7" "f'b‘w , ' =
z: . 3’" 5+,» “9,;
% an m .5 4...”; n ‘2 $1
3‘ "‘ «ur— .
i' l' 0%" 1,21 U'. W
1‘ is ”g. i fif'afin'v
7 ~o:%:»:giM-qfl
K V M. V
J c, . .. .iwm . ‘ -
‘ r" r ‘l. m,‘
‘ f . . sir-" 3“!" - Jinks!-
: , w: .& i“
V 1 . m fwd! ‘Vv'frud
7 44min; .
1' .7 L:",“ ‘-
p/ _ 4: 'Hi'fffifiur‘; L
'4‘ - , ! v . “is.
:- . ..,,., ant-9
‘i‘i'r‘mww :3
:5... v; I. "
. 2, , vI“
; ~ a». 7.4 m.» .‘ "I
.. ‘l. “,3 ‘' v ' ’
> _ ... ,3
j - 3' wt - I;
. - -I . u. . .
_, "VIE final-s
‘ .4 5.1% ..
i‘ ' _.: I-.I“ V .
l’l.‘(ili’l' SUUXI) HERALD, STEILACOOM, W. T., MARCH 18, 18:39.
Mumm—ln Ibo inter par: of Jmmnry lasv
Mr. E. Sslimtor an Shim. mm for Port Town
‘ Imd, in the sclxoonu ISL-z Ii?" s'. Cum floml)
Some six or seven “‘t‘l‘k" have paw-d alllcc ”It'll
departure. during which time nothing lm lien.
Men at heard of «‘thrr the vessel or any one on
board of her, am] serious nppnhuui ms are lil
‘ tor thuir nt‘rty. An Indian arrive-l in town
lhl Week nith a rqmrt of the «in. trin liun of a
sun-ll vessel, and murder of those on bound, In
In inlet on \'a.~hon‘u Islam], in rctnlintion for in-
Juriel sustained by the Indians. How much;
truth in remained in this story, we are unable
to any. Mr. Selina-r is an old resident of this
'l't-rritoty. and in lin‘umbly known to all l-emns
doing bin-fines. on Puget Sound. Should he in
deed be lost, :8 fund, feeling“)! regret unnot
bul be kit by I“ who knew 'ltim. At difl‘un nt
period: he bu raided Ind been cngngul in bu;-
lneu in men! towns on the Sound, but latterly
Steihooom In: been his home.
The mother of Cnpt Stowe“ miles It WlM
cmn, md is ulunlly in gm: dim-en and in»
puns calm-ruin; her son. Any infonnuion re:-
uivc to the mining schooner, uldreuul In Mm
11. Stove" or S. W. Herring“ Wink-om, will be
lunnkmlly received.
Puma Sou: Tamar—This unludy, which
two or three yen! ago wan so pruulom and fatal
ln Wifonis, destroying entire Ihmiliu in same
nus. we grieve to m.- quite prevalent. lately in
Oregon and porfionl onhia Territory. In Oregon
nanny have died of it, and in am: family fwr
children I'm wept “my within n lortuitht,
we belicw; while in Ih2|rsmn county no lea».
tum, bu mended il. Our cotemponry ll
Olympi- almost weekly mahins announcement
of deaths from thin cuts, and Inn, paint-u
bcmvemcnu law occurnd there durlng (1w
Ilnlcr. Myst we hm no‘ hard of I mingle
can laminating {rally in this county, though
any have been quit» nummu Two cam
have oecurml in our own Emily; but, being
then In hand I! 111 only Inge, cures were cull)-
cfl'ecu-d. Tho plum-of the dim i: very
rapid; wally lupin-ting in doth within
Mainland-on RIM. W 0 dolin-
I! “and w lamb ml other: the Impor-
human-alkyd unkind-y“ usually
”kw (In with 0! 111. Int filial
.""."‘~"'-:5- ~A -—.-o: , , ’
Sm: Tm Wam.—For some weeks put,
the lumber [mines-on the upper part of the
MM! In: lufl'ol'ed seriously for Inn! of l slum
14‘1“”:th We huroonphinubom ”lum
hunt-lb has-bonnet liability to (Mo-wing;
whloll-Wofoclak Andi-Imm
admit. The Inn“! lhouanop-lnou
M hump-don of fiction the part of
«with. M I. In on the Sound about
alum all: in ull,‘ with-wincapuifin muting
from eight!» My or tiny thou-ind {Jet ouch per
any. Alloltb-nmnhmorkn Ming-ml
none Mn Inuly madam work to Imp mum
tugs oonnhmly’dfifluyod. his found to be ex-
W Mbkmm with figuring
W hlhiirunhcr. sud 411 ml mm.
In Main; lg. “kayak-Mu. W. m
and umuu— numuy and
WWme Mum and
WM} {9030! Wain; ml: vault
. nothing in In“. «It at two new
:Mlnndun. Tho run paid .0 ‘OS
gag-“ Wham «has. with; dip:
manguh'th'nlma Surmaco,wlm not
(“he of In this.
A Boo:- Cunt [quinine-Xe! long line,
,mfio WM Stu, Cm undo (all
Mia-W. , ,m‘ latfimomdd right‘o
Ih} Will-I.omm ”Mannie any
”,th ingho, hulking "Huh:
my fm '. 1|: ‘1; “wow
, h Wummmmw
wulhdy guild": qua-uh.
,N a , . moan-mam 14“"
M ' mmwMu-mmw
Wmewwdu-n Mr
W iym'lr-h a" Nani
wwm .m.:;-~.....~;:
Hmbflgnianw .K- ‘
firm/l 'u 223*41‘ 2 ‘ “u '1 _r. H
P‘ “PM. .49” MW.‘
My. ”album-yum duh;
WM ”1‘- “If Wk
“ u“ «1*: me-vw
M . emu Mum:
( .3.“ an ct n W
Mawwmfi m
R It‘ll .y. W‘ffihiwb
«W ‘ '3” mm. um.
an: :' .‘M‘ ‘
M awn m,»
bmumwfluumadj bin-nu
tum": 1‘! ‘ (“‘- W l
(J'l’lfifimmt I'm-«MI afl
‘ ”hm” Wan-« Soul
“Whmfiom mu
-1., Why-u WP when. Im
nun-I‘m- ” wild la oqr M huh,
alga—q. Buhalfluudhuy u
"I 0 H. an“ in» will In
« 91“? “in; i na- in vain.
.m—lh-Nt. liming, whom- I).
~hh Mumn'm, II lan
,fl'flm‘m W6O mu, (hp:
'H- "WEI whit-lads)- bo
‘ hint-ll I“!!! he min Ind, “510'!
_I-"- All had- awed.
T: r Noun—A pocket nmnunl at rural archi
t‘chnv; or, how to bll d ronntry houses an.)
01 -‘vuildin;s: cznlrnwiug t‘ie «u-iflgin nml rimming
.1 the house; lhe art of ho ianuuilling, im-lud’ng
plunning, ttylc, and romtrm‘timl; designs .lan
than ri; lions of COHXISI s, fill’ln‘llonfl'f’, villus, and
unt-hzdlvlings, of rm-‘ous cont, and in the dill'tront‘
st) les of. urehilc~ture, etc. ; and en appendix,l
cmtuining recipes fur paints um] “In," s', >l|l('t‘l), l
rough-cast, elm; Ind iI-strurtions [or rooting,
huilding with rough stone, unburnt brith, bnl~
loon fumes, And the concrete or yard wulL By
the Author vi “The (:lhlt’ll," “The Farm," etc.
With many origiml designs. New York, Fow
lcrand “'clln, publishers. 308 Broadway. l’rit‘e,
i.» pnpt r, 30 eta; in muslin, 50 cents. This work
(uses the popular series of rurnl manuals to
which it belongs, and we greatly mistake if it
be not destined to command even in more gener
oul patronage and n wider circulation: then those
fiworites of the public, “ The Garden,“ “ The
Penn." Ind “ lknnestlc Animal-n," which have
proched it. It ix. like them,n thoroughly prac
tical Irorlr, written for the people, in n style
which the people an understand, and while ron
mining everything that one will expect or derive
to tlml in ouch a work, in brought, by its site and
‘priee, within the rmh of all. The hints on
mouse-building. contained in the second chapter.
‘ Ire nlone worth mnny times the price of the whole
l book. The delignn, commencing with n log cabin,
{embrace homes of oil degrees of cost; partieulnr
nttentlon being given to those of low price, such
on the greatness of the purple meet rant, and
of every desirable style of Architecture. It in
‘deaignerl l'or n‘l part: of the American continent,
‘ and l o thins Sou hero on well In Northern hem
ill-ml. stables, walks-WI. Plum uh
? hm, ice-houses, Ind other outbuilding, here
‘nlee very properly. place in this little book; and
noun ulmlreble designs, especially for harm and
Itahlcl, ll“ given. Xe one who ever expects to
build, it It be only In ice-house on cistern,
ehould NI to eenenlt thin annual. It mlght
well have been ntltlt-tl, “Every “an Illa Own
Architect." The eerieeol' “Run! Murals," to
which this belong—3‘ The Bonn,” “ The (inn
den," “The Pen.” Ind “Domestic Adonis"—
wlllbehmllbedto nbocriben ordering them 11l
“Mil "peril". bobbin-SL7IS. The
M'“ been! h m hep. Madmen flit
with; *tho title d“lllllllnhd But-ll
Muh'pfiyhhdfiwflfl AMI-Ml"
e won. one mm. New York.
Tu: Pouuxcvn. Jocux.LL.—”l'hc hut mil
111-mud)! unVol. 2, No. 0, of Iquulcrly mtguSnc
boning th- nlwvn am... It [Minis-ml to Joni.
in n aha-p and convenient hm. militia tor
Inning ch Fundy Spun, [Minn nnd Ger
m: “Club My 111-M b
the madam. will“ Bil to be entertaining to flu
light, m b wwlu lineal! Eur pnhlhfinu
un ch best pnductiom of the lending writer
ot Europa. Thu nunbor hm no in printed in
hatch and Swish: I‘m-Nina's Tuvalu in
[um-his duel-Ipm of Bone and Nlplns and
Mutilul story of “ amen," occupying the
flmmlnh’ench; Ind Dumas"fliflmyol
qu,” in smut; nub; an us About
one-third of tho Ihoh unpain- lill be in
Much, and I'll be W to sum up
mid, Infants rye-r. 11:. who or u»
"in. mph!» is a par mum. In adv-nee.
lib-i: 0. Souk. 885 Mm. New York. in
mm and Mr In when «aim mun
lin‘ whirl-ad.
“"0, run WALLA-I'ALLAI—AIn-nly them is
uni] conflict-bl; emigration flowing int: mm
rich “I” 111. Oregon Standard, whith
bin, by G». lhrwy'l will policy bun thrown
up": “aluminum «lanai-{lg alum.
“o‘29!” m MI Mil. Ibo Swing
mum. chi-fly col-pond ofnddonu 0|
WI. ‘ 11:0 WM Iqu will be “long"
Whamhundflmk, and In
lqunlhlm of our citizen: will
[an Pom.“ “flu-In m a» hub
flak Min: Inn haul in un Wdh-wallr.
hmnwumhmflw bulliol'
MMMMW sum In! I. my
WWW l! m Mo: yen um
“91'“!in with tho ml
"in. m of Oman h lull-hon md
and: tubing km. upon Ilu Pulfic‘ Ilopo._"
.:.. DIN-'- “vb—mu: w
chum [mu-A, w. dd and mm
imfi‘mmhfiflvm WWW-r
bum th‘m,um to
mama‘s-numb“... on. d
“Mums-tenth m nit,
amu-mwwxm mm m.
”In annular-My. 'Dr-W’
11‘:thqu well
«film MMlWbythhum-fl
tun Wk. .‘h’wlmu county, Cnfllx-nh.
noun, “I. Humming Minn,
BM (but non. Motheriwmldmpmy
' . -—.—
Pm—‘wot o.o;Hnlht,«hlnhnu7.
‘-——.- ~
”WM-numb non.
meWhOßm it public
‘h . u. flick-0.3M”.
Hm WWII-dunki
-3 “Wm: :32?)
mmufldh! .Wlol-Oooulmndiu
nut! "“233 max F“-
W mu,
”.v‘ the politcnms of Mr. Saunders, of this
ylnvc, we art: in pout-salon of :1 private lulb‘r
thud 7th )llrrh, from I friuul in Victoria. “hu
‘lcfl Sluihcuom about I fortnight liucc. Wu ex
tract from the letter the following :
‘ " Ned McGowan, an Bnnly md 01hr”. ar
rhud hem lam night (lith inst.) from Hill‘s liar.
Ned in bcund for Sonou by the fins! Vusm'.
when: he goes (0 mm his son George MM lownu,
who is en rank for Sonora u bcuer at dispnch~
us. Ned reports (notably of the mim-s; but
hrnring n mun gun is one thing, and seeing the
|hduct of h's labor in another. I luv the Inner,
wllivh nmonmnlo “.7000. I" indust. l'n-ll)’
gum] for In 01d man of 50."
Slnrxuxr or (lol.bllt'sl-.—\\'clla, Purge & Co..
says the (1:124 (It of March sth, ship. ed ptl'
Isteamer Pacific, fur Sun Fruncisco, )‘csterdly.
026,000 worth of Fraser river gold dust. This
is the third shipment of dust. Within the [uncut
month for San l-‘nnrisco, linking an lggrt-gult
of $87,000. In addition, the same honwhu‘c
shipped $5,000 worth to Olympit, within the
put two wwlu.
com—w. clip a... following item from M
Gazette of Much Bth : ‘
‘ “Objections have been u a us! Speaker
1 llelmcken‘u mpond planrfsrdnflvin" the In
‘dians tn San yuan Island, on the {Mani that its
{pox-lonian is in dispute between t Io British and
‘ American Govmmmuhl, and a step of this kind
might. rinse a actions complication of national
‘ u would be strongcvidenco or . woeful luck
of intelligence, on the put of the ciduns of
\‘ictnr'u, not In urge objections :51th such 11l
ill-advised pmlmidon. We seriously (Mutt, on
the put of the people of this Territory, to such
5 plan, .nd would warn the luthoriticl of Vul
couvcr‘l Inland, in I spirit of friendship, wins!
eomummaling my such act of toll}.
in the House of Represent-liven. when the
Conuuhr Ind Diplomatic hiil wu under omnid
enlion, Mr. (lumen, of Virginia, moved an
amendment on strike out the nppmpriuion for the
mission in Home, which wu carried. Ir. I'fll
shown that (in! min-ion win of no earthly bone
flt no the minty—nailing. in fact, huh "pin
uui. berth” in wl.ich in now “way some polit
lcal Emma of tho Adlnlniulndon. We haw no
train with the Emu-mi City to spent of, uni. nc
‘ooniing to the "patent-lions of Ir. Game",
‘ our imp“ consist only of mntinl oil: Ind mgr.
i _.._
i At the Prinkn‘ [mini st Chvoland, Aim: r
in- and i'm Hana (lucky, with the follow
in; sentiment :
711 p. Meml~ikalined to butter the Vita 0!
Will). and peanut. ch. viuk of Summi
‘thn—inho mm ofdukmn nfiuo uh.
item-no, lot n] he nude for it. with ducting
[ltickn ‘
”W My.ln.nh Hum.
ham, to mum-y mm "mm. turn m m m: nlru u
Ithmml-h-I. “ohm-mind!" n
fi—uJ-d m-nluumlmu ”hunch
“flibrpuhfnulum Wemo'mfdlor-
mum-"crumb” humdhwfiluu
Paw-. 1.- I hut-"unaunnl T;
.MIB .doih
”nun—u. My O. ..u............ 0
hut-.dun.pc1u..........|! r.Ko.an-.......Jn
loco-.whcl «1r.Ku.1d0.,..........N
1mnw1b................1-‘osunbatvflu. d0......,.93
..........‘.......1.‘ 11.- nu.-
...~.‘.‘. I .0.... I
In. ""IT-o'iiiffiififilo'i'; 1011-u" ' .....‘3.'.'.'ll.'ll.'.'lm
“mbWJ. . .....lw
“Mnbmm.” .l-‘II-1".......u
m'WE’w-‘.........M “'“ug'fiflzzxi‘aflfi
”WE-a- - Warwxzzzzzx. 9:.
nun. ......'.'.'ii"im "I‘m.-
mfimkwrhf‘ufl n11.prkq,........."M
mwpb’m'fiahq :
Mfi'fi'fifijfijffi’. Iva-mun!“ no
maunnnuuul , 1amin
m:..y.‘............u} 1flw.n1.....‘=:;:
mmwztzxzxzzztz. m.'.""‘.....t'.’.'f..u.m
3W 3%“.
VII-ll hwmufimmhwm
I. ‘l’llll: "0
dbl-. 03. "bu-”IN Infill,“
by..l-uhofhmdmo.f. Ink-bull.-
h-flvmumunlflua‘. [III-nu
I“ mm m
mun-a "1... Winn. A.“ 1..-
m. l. I.
- V‘ Ct " “ll! a
~.":"&’é£"~...« 5a- m; Tm
‘ s '.
mar...“ water 9.3;"- m:
wry-a ‘y-u. 147.954.! m I on.
MEIWAEk-Fh Polo. w. rum
mflfik‘é‘u‘fiW-n gr:
Minivan-Inn 12.5 w“ Wot-r
“gs-111- wary Inch. ho Viv-{2l7ml};
«- ~ W Inn. ”a”
nil um "flank-d. I 2:
whzwza- army; "Ix-x. ~
M amid win-Indy“): [rd-flun- lnl n
100 fl?““..l‘»§’°""' "m” °' m"
ml s': mm
, . . .
\ Bugrt 501mb Shipping sls!.
‘ .. V...-r ‘
‘ ITIIILACOOM. \\'.'l‘n. MARC" 13. IUMI.
‘ Arrival. ' ' "
Much nu. -flhur ("I-villilll|lun.oo\’f. (m \‘lctorl- um! Inter.
mulinll‘ llurld; l'S “all, uxulpnn.
[Th—4km Ikllpu. Alum-non. nu Olimplu; Inn!" nu!
m nee.
"mu—mu- )hry l‘ Ell-k. Crown. (In San hunched; Ida:
In Ith-h u u rth r.
sum (mum-nun, (love. I’m pom thin um Mud; C!
“All: Ind luau.
I l'h- suur t‘unulllunon. Cow. pom-loin MM.
lflm—N-hr Melly", Burnzmu. Penn'n Cow.
fink—sun: Communion. on. (nymph.
Mun-h ISIII «Muse It'flllon. Bthnl‘. H; 1M lan rum-Mo; ‘
‘ mm w u um, man, do do; ham u-ry ram . Craven.
‘ ——__._—_
l-‘Oll HALE—J Ila-"e In-I In» In «1.. lan at
Hrilm‘lwlll. "IN-nut: for I noun 9! vault-cv
l'or lvruu Indy lo
A. 0. IAIA‘II.
52:“ No. I Oomnmlal Incl.
Exhalmellafitc‘. If. :nm-ou mm mm w.
. “I'. ‘lw II
ob‘.\'Eß.ll. Mth'llJA’Dlslf,
Their Ilotk column at
m mm,
OILS, 6m, sm, sm.
‘ r-n Ind In
\ war J. n. Intxln a lons.
v - . .
‘A 32:51:33. °' 1:" m "u
mt nut“ A row.
‘ comm:
‘0‘.:m.2::.5m523w m" -- W
11:31” "W , umn A low.
‘ TOOI6.
‘ \Xll. CWUT All) "All! IA“ flu.
‘ " Ira-«I Axel, Mn. It
‘ Mn! Inn 3 mu.
All‘l‘l 0 cm “a. I! ’
Pum ' 11., Inn Amt
800133 All) 83028.
A OND IUI'PI-Y 90-"le 0' “MD.
MM “ll" O ”NR
32:" my: I ”8!.
_______ ———___.__
m mm
‘VILI. FIND All. 'l'lll um IOI'IOII
hr It: «.de Hunt-b 1... at
Ma! In“ I HO3l
STEEL AND cm PM)" It I. -u
5'22" mu I m”.
m am
All) GAME! mu u
M" umn I muss.
ATOM lull!” A!” m. m I!
B m: ' um: A km.
IROR! 13.0! I.
A cool) UM? 0" ROI, WAGON I 01".
Aux. twill-Ill: on In! 3!
59:" 7m , m I w.“
iii-“influx- kun no mxx um. n I
1.. :‘f-IE‘L _-_V ._._- -__!E'Ffl'iflfi’;
Something New! I
300 E, STATIONERY, TOYS, 61.0., ‘
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Quinta and an. N: n
Millet and any “I" "ml“.
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ammo-luna- u
Iron Cunt-11.
Ill! W.
lun- lull-wt.
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II madly-9M!“ and MI. nun-uh
and loan. All It I'M h- m plan.
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Idvery Stable.
finch-treat, nou' Oomnoronl.
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land chin, W H ‘
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E‘z-w-v-‘ifi mama,” efi
no out-pu- ' m '
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zulx L's-AER : {fin-Twiggy};
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mutually Ind Ilrlmlly In 111 who. Mun hunt I ‘
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A Putt; ”IV.“ on It. 111-HI Innu- AI Ib-
M I I m . .
Hill A WHITE In the an! A" bit- fi‘
Ihould In' Iddreuul. , u. ‘ w
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l-plirl'en. “moan-W.“ let-ll “at“:
ALI. VALUAILI I'A‘l‘zfllfim‘Lflxfl. WAIKIKI.
m WIII-lngion u..on.£'.n. 'm Mung!» 1n)...
_.._ . ‘
Rethink—The nary-11l 0.!“ C “Q.
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bran: In IMK‘IM. imp-mix “I Ifl lo hm
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«minute. I'm-kl 11, I 111 on". (it I‘M-M hh
Ihm mm nah day. herm- uIII; u." horn H
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1m- _. _..-3- 't-"mn-rint-QE,
numu‘oou wool. 10. a. ' '
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mI; "m up: "or, III!
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m unmet. I‘ll-d. u u i :1. man”. I.
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Ant-kn In. In! um but
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MIMI; “In or": an“
All-Imba- Ithl Ink: In [lnd I. I
luv“ In mend. ‘ 7mm}!!! 5 .
l. o. o. I'. V
I 111-m0! ‘ I*. “I. A
IIMIM om'Uou‘u'uun
flurry int-MI: owning. II crab...
[MW‘M In.“ by in. Mulch
cul cl "a “vii-[lon 111-M.“ h * a. k
AI In “ M "W I“
111-I. a. a. unduly. my ;
v‘- ‘ V H
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at n: ,
Imam“, w. I'.
(Jam or mu lqu'l OAK new
am" Ibuuhelflhd Jun-n; with
ROLOAJoImu-mfleud My; 111-p
o(th whoom'l'OASDA. lo mun-w
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I'Mn numb-11. IIIII'II. h- [hull
dim; ' Ila-h“
qudollgt- mil-3W“
"low-bu AID tam-In.
firm-h. “an -‘ .1"-
Bhutan-per In! do". a.
no ‘o' a «3.0.1.»
a. 22-2: ~ :.:- .. a...
Do «aw-uk- Do a. 4'." '4-
Do do (7mm hmnhnlu
(gm-Ind “I I.“ "11.21. m:- Nun..."
I%"qu Bur-anyhow. Inn-I
m at.“
I Doha-u .. Sada-lion.
‘Bbl-oon In! lump.qu
Ymfllm M emu-ml
3:... w- "r"- - =
A o-ldoaln‘gl-
Modal-m Btu-ma. do it
Buulmdi- ”naval.“ '
Willow w.
Bit-Una Vaughn—l.
Marginal-dull lan . , ~.
[ln-h- ‘ Cochin-dam -
wtuacmmmmvmm .
mun-r. ‘~
0!“de Milk-Inn
woomnnll. _
Moth-hill Ml . 4
ll‘mhu— ”W..." ’
\ Him ‘
Du LaflV'
\ mm“ W, 3%‘m I"
“111-“ I.
I“ In. M“
”Em-b- ”when“ ""
:3.» ~ .. ”._bp-pmha
Us a: Rana”, : a.
> tun- Inn.» win-Mun“ II
, H, PUG“ mum."
at “"1:
P”..m"""“mu.‘:‘..°“'"“‘;z°"l"’v -
. 1 “no“.
HAY-10. “amumihnfln
u—u ',. ‘ :i'&' “if.
AMBI- nd Much-ll”!
nun-l nu
1:? “v " r."-
L 391 ”mm" I*. Incl

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