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Puget Sound herald. [volume] (Steilacoom, W.T. [Wash.]) 1858-1864, January 16, 1862, Image 1

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

Persistent link: https://chroniclingamerica.loc.gov/lccn/sn88085145/1862-01-16/ed-1/seq-1/

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wwwz-H-——: :3; ..-:—-__.
23“"!!! x. :z x: x':: :2:'13
MIG m : .0
~wm‘" arr-m 33:...
Amm- "autumn-«mum
flWth‘rfl-muumunm 1
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guy...” ~....w.:-::--.....~...=
Immum («expu- mnemon-
Mon MI (I Id.
”alumna—allurmlummmh m
Him-gm uh- m
“Quaint“ hufiy-n‘tficvfi
ulleu-Ihlluflflumu dun
Hint-Edna mnuubnuuu-muu-m
immunity." h mummm
vacuum minimum-I'm
Whitman's-uh. mun-. 1..
mu. limb-" Maw
0-“: ”MD d
f... ‘l. Marin-dew
PR! N'l' I NG
ormooou. W- '1"
'~ v. - cmnnoauss.
f‘ max 'rlcxlm. 6mm.
x Hunk-film“
ova—lii '
mu um um
“..;-.... ......u...~ human-nu.
{ . . f Rém‘iiqfl
a . 'l‘ ' I.
impound. '
._ 'n'i‘~..i.::: ; 4 V K _
:.;w- - _ J ‘ 'umo
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fine My
Llnyl M ham-u he, mm;
In! not b any. halo-I‘- lulu.
All they-renunh wean-11m
loan!- at Ih Illu
Inn-l nth-yu- -
umlmm.mm I
The Guiana.
0 m
Ind-ink! at will"
“wimmmm; '
uuumunhl-m. I".
no Rodin-0.
MWinh-vuldl' 111.
- “(uh-unl
mm?"f.":"’ nkrpazdw
m .-
Broth“ on. and tho am.
mun-um mmwumgammu.
lowing wooden-I huh-g artful -:‘C:l|M
mglmmo map, 1 11, lu
tncing nu Anti-fiction with which docidou- in n
on. nun-mum mum-mu,
wnnlowdwimmouthu I comm M.
Mull-admin," Mandy Into" tho
Court: in utter: of civil suit. Tm Edmo- of
momhuiubomuhml, yum-d
won bacon Whiu. 89'4"?”le Oopuln
Rudd—mm“ (Mmymimmmhm.
l‘ta-uuuunmhmqmmud cupid I
MAM-Nu In, “Mahala: dawn
ulna. to Giles Whoa thin diction."
mundhmwybdl I. eh
m?“ Damn Wflhmndnfl:
“I: HOMII. um ull mu. 0! the 1mpetu
“"""°".....";'..."““" m-"zam
to m m um par
min-u»; Mn- ho «mum-d with huh-3‘
do!» our duty, nndnodn 111 than i- . Chris
The .loormthen opened”!!! Wflfla‘
mulkdlnwium‘rm Deacon'hlte
sumac-d thy-7.1m II: _ _ _ . ‘
" Brother Gila, n In" ntlon Ind "an! 1
duty; Ind we have m a. wink mun—
wo m pnyarfnlly—lnd up» um our 111-I i
on, .
I Then bllowed an delinrin‘ of (In
the bill of cum, Ind the mien-n mlinJlrm
in their chur- m 111-10. th- up-d mm.
(films—who, when newton wind. could be 0»
most pnlitn of panama—moped hlck with
qniuv. dignity In] M, lino-i hi. in and w
very gracious, in ukmldkncm of 111 mu
mu lonic-1 th- nl'enol. Ind mind mud:
an door—they, munihflo, filing an lam
Innnl utiafitction, M the m M blown
our. But. Ila! It m I aim MMIMM
Ind an ramming form of old Gilda unwind
through the lair-alum! door. Plain; I hut
uwu the able. Inlefluu Murder-d tho refer-u:
“aluminum. '- am my to what. un
sl-nm. hum-hull. II I Murphy I
‘ mm.
‘w“%mw you but 111-ad tlul. [lt
ran i I not huh! ll] an to you
your M [will mum-queu-
IM benefit by It. .
" rim-41m WM“, you In I M
“s3”;th thawuflhhlud
I nor pun—you In I W
Yon vii lune! hide your mum In mar.
unlinkhoulnbhhnof iii-VIM; yoqldn
" YII. ‘Squln Try Lola” m.
Man m an I unn
frol; ynn mun-In, hm It Min.
visit. you. tor l Hardin than II b.
you; you In opcn and din lnlqully.
" And, u for you, (potndn; hi: lug". Ind
with hotel MN: "100“ M. you
munddfnol.!obon¢dubwl by In and!
‘Kndmmndnl-IIM WWII-graph”
\ ylor." ‘
A cw-dmdhbummb H)
hll lawn I May dly. II I In! week”: In;
mfl lnqulndhvnudlofhin II'H build
_'“-Fnlflt.mpt ”ddhr " hind
m, mu .n .521" ' u 1-
Pumhddmloknov m a.- “ told a“
film: pound by tho drum. how amu‘
milthpriuhrkldinm VIM wwld
A unofnriflom w n of“
tint-:30! hrhdvuom’uy ”Sag. u.
anally mmhod MI macaw: wry brink of
”mun-Laudduncoofly commanded than to
with u nan-v mag-now. humanism!
got-dot. -
Umdmramfltdoddmlthdmhy Ila
awn—ll‘Wuu-um F 4 Inn-y;
wfivmnm Ind”. and“;
“Wham-...!- in tho:
.0- - “In-
Lug-u .‘lt. ‘ - ‘
- ~ \
m up In M .- end- .1
t... . V ‘
Hibachi—bung. ‘
The Brave Boy. ‘
I shell never torn-t e lesson which Ireneived
when quite e on; Ind. in the Audemy at B. 1
Antoni‘ my kiwi-fellow- were Hartley end Jean 1
non. hey were mnewhnt older than mynelf.
end to Jemenn I looked up en 3 sort of n lender
in nutter: of opinion I: well uof I nrt. He
we: not at ell melieioun, but he hed e £olinh em
hltlen of being thought witty, end he mede lilm- .
nelf feered by the bed hehit of tnrnlni thing: I
into ridicule, end being ever on the 100 out for
matters of opinion.
‘ Henley wan new Icholer, end wen little known
‘llllbn‘ the ml. One morning, us we were on
n the way to nol. he was driving A new along
the marl to e neighboring field. A grrmp of boys,
‘unong whom wee Jemuon, net hill übwu
; ruins. The opportunity weeenenot to be lost
y Jenn-on.
‘ “ Hellel“ he exchimed, “ what‘e the prie- of
‘rnllkl What will {on teke for ell thegold on
her-hone! Boye, rye-went Menthol-tut
Perle style. |n It It thnee boots"
“lll'tkg' waving hie hen-i to un with n pie-lent
«mil-mu drivi the now to the field. “dawn
“guber- chafing-tee. I'l' he:h ugly In the or;
he I then, ttngnp e rye-nun
enters. the eehoonlth the rend ne. Alter
united, in the Afternoon. he let out the cow end
drove her off, no one knew where. And every
111 for weeks he went through the name teak.
\ it. heyeef B. Academy were needy all the
‘met weelthyperenh, endmenftheu.
I:l3me wle Jeneon, wen dunne- W
to down with unrt oftliuleln upon n It
who heltodrlueeew. ThematJe-uen'
were eeeoedlngly often renewed. manna
thepleethethedld notliketheoderotlhl'l.
"refit! to :it nan :‘n Henley. Gen-loudly he
wen i uree er eeow'lheelth,pmnd‘ u
the .073 flaw: that the menu of W
eonntx people.
“WI flair-hie goodhmrédfidflerfiey “he:
5 these 1 won ennoy .
I do not mm wee em neehetnyed
“I euppeee, Henley." “Jenna-eta
your y un- to n
" Md nah nit-not)".
“Why not?” aeted Henley.
“oh. Wmmnlydon‘tleevemehntwh
themeheryonrlneethm; thet‘l-l."
Theboylhnghed; endfiertleymotlntbelenfi
mortified. replied:
“Neverleer; lteverl Mldrleeto heenl'lk
:3! l‘llfireyenpod-nenrqendyeed-fl,
‘ Tho nut any. «an ¢MI mun-Mon. the”
; 111 0, public examination. at which a lumbar of
bori hm .
rk um untied by the Principal of flu»
Amharic"! both B““.pr Jenna nuiyd ‘
‘lm'dill number; kin rupee: huhdgfib
than two boys m about «and.
AM the omm of Mum. tin Prin
cipd Marni-amount prim. ecu-In
lng of I go“ will. whlch wu uni, ”uni-I|.
not no music- uoountdilu gun “that
boa-o in km m an villa W
It- Mom! pm. hum cups-had”
Inn. The In 130va roe-Ind one um you-g
Mum who. three yen- Igo. mud I blind
Elfin “a.“mm'” “" 5"...“ "”‘ '2.“
w coupon ~
val-u- w. y
“Noihngwlua, m ”Ml-rim flying
klte In ch. mgjunncmbwhmhd
m; ”mkxfifi film H. 013? ‘
t o . n Inn y
lo Ill! boll. Offluldlolmwho had uni-hu-
mm um. Iva-add boy. Than-um
now. Mmmhhddmwflhw
M Adi-ulna, pin anal, nub-uh lu
qnlriu, but land to under when.
“Thin Inhohrmnlnmdthuvdnvmdd‘
ha mm Wanna u ”radiomnluu-J
II :I:me lunlliunh-nlk olnflm‘
wu- or which she wu flu «m. ' ‘
“Abal‘lt? mldahednlhglhodzuofllud‘
hm. I gm, on w «paddy
toddnbumlothpumwuu hid-but,
untidy helplen. ‘
“ Nam mind. good woman," Ill! be mid-r,
“la-dull" Imm." .
With hl-lnpmd MI Mold wann
and mom. Buthhkhsdm- mam”
hero. "May's-walnut! to gut ankle- in;
die-pathway. ‘
"lhuo mmeymn-ntumb‘
'anirdhuuwlm, bu I mbwhhom
“ml: awhile." -
“0. no," mid the old Imn. “I cgn‘! comm
IMMLM have I- n‘palrol‘ law M‘l
boo-mt hr Henry, who can't "I . "you ‘
u only buy than. giving an me they cut,
'flflfifiw’h they
‘ M 5 III’II an.
album up Ind-lulu. %
ol‘ the many that nut who!" 111 In the habn‘
haul-ht Id vltlbub. 111. unfill- bonll. h‘
rrflwm,m::lo ‘wthdlm Inch:
“NW W“! - MW
manning man «win. a. until-aw
and T 1»: :l: Illozihmlw In t:
W In light. ari not
I“ the jun Ind meeting“! could ham
‘3. never unknown! to up!“- Ill! both"- A‘
urn-Jovian- mlncllnedtomn onnunul‘
lu- «Mu-mu. mum; mt! kahuna-Jam“
bar! In. lull no “mp-thy Gull ”nib”
that amid look down with ridicule on my Ml
«nylon-um. "I. bymmldmuhuhl
mm M W Ind ”lids-bl wu yum,
diwmnd by hi- W.
“ And m. Indian Ind panama. law-I to \
yawn-(um. mt was hemlun in chiubny'n;
minim-t? Nl]. Ila-hr “Inky. do not hide out]
our: behind [III black-bud. You If. not
I ' Hm; yonmuumtbuhunfpnlu.
WWMMI, lumidwudflmky,‘
nurl In In In your tumult he." ‘
An tinny,th mam»; cinch. and. mu
“W. wI-n a mum! «fix-plume. In which ‘
Wilt mm find. II o the gmnl
Wind him “ml-diam afi‘
zmwxmh-wm ....|
an v m
...-dunk oy- uul supra! Nth-nth
“Mina on "inky- H mud 3‘
‘W&M~~.m'fl huh-u‘
an ‘
H; ___ ‘_ . ‘
‘ 1n... 1"“de
J“ Emma—u.“
‘bfifidhfin‘h uncut-y.
" Think no mm of it. old fallow," dd ""23:
"lot 111 I“ go and hue I mnhk in Vb. I
”can" 1" bmk "9 '3“.Y‘°.‘f.‘°',"". . ~ ~ ~
l The be”. one And 111. folbwod Jen-Inn‘s ex- \
maple. and hen Mont torch. woodn. WIN a 1
baggy day it Ins. ‘
ys Ind girl‘s, never dupho Hunter who my ‘
be more glut-I, nhd than yourselvca. There I.
munynno lobe-I1 underarm-patched garment.
i If you IN “lurked to I'm: lawfully uwn on.
‘inpoororplundrus, kofluhrflwud
Hunky, the brave boy, Ind his gold nail. ‘
Wand to bow ‘
San film since I link hidden: "unwind in
1 Ih. town of Sand, Hill, N. Y" which Ifl‘onhd
1 nouns "noun-om to II» Mm It the time,
‘ Ind (luminhwl find [or ennui-lentil. gouip than
mm. It manila olmvdx on one of those
3:0“: ...er wa? mvgl "flu:
in u on
um poo- Ind the dog “noon “0 guru-m. ‘
lihmh-bouumwhowuhdmh hurled h
c I: ~ '
Th. um mieo had «do! all an en
‘ m m magi-g Mutants ha
-lodietimuvhnnn» flu gnu ma Ind
; mm d an a. girl
‘ Knot- Win tho No the“ ho
w.nd-id,hnal-.dluvdul' we
" I‘M-o Whh-fldhhflyhfl
of mum-pg w maul-lurid." 4
AM: Ila-W, lull our (In all
mmuflg by m not! 00‘ 1b
uilk, u up. my [H n a": m
M hip-don h «It ti. on via! a
duo cough 0 h uni-i. l. m, m
a“ * WW“ .‘r: “at...” ":2
I W‘ '
I'm-“ 9:? 0' WW
1 “7" 137%” "2m; NEW}; {II-753i
} bowls of llltflmy mu Mud."
Still no one aim-d. The films hug-o II-
M nMihlpJud . mum aqua o! IEKM'
L neuron. those present I’ll an. ISM} ”you;
\gontlem-n, whom-19M 1 75am Int n th
\ milliodndn‘uuuniu, daily”, ml
‘dolib-Ihl ww;%mu%um£
m‘ood dill-d. I. ,
amp-aid h: flunk. When he Ifl'l'd
within I ramble dm 0! din Mun.
"° ”mmfl: 33"}? WNW
om t m or
normdudl am It ”"3. d
“535 W baud pound for a» mu.
whomhom paedia- y» m nrfivg‘ud I;
mums-And comp-m; pad-mu in II
n: :
nag? alt, hm.“ V
mm: 'm'" “”mm' “'m' " J 5.
wan-9*: '.. T. ;_: ' ;.;,-,;-'
‘Tii'Eiw-u mammal-m "in
Mulkmdywhb'nml m
in ”WHO!" hymn-ll.", .
51:",th Emu“ non warmer “M
to M can u ”pm,
1 (Mum '34";- md ' bk Kuhn“):
ml. .
% “ Did an In to wad aho
:wgrszm . m
:W a," his M ‘
' M H I"
ma Lint?’ "I
“ImmWM-ylly‘h‘ “I,"
vulhpnMyT-c. _ ;
“Thev|,qir,mu l whymlnhwgnd‘
whyyonuiuuixolumu‘um «(than
Hw"-H.m-Wm3m .‘
‘lme,dr.dnplyhauu you Ind-i II
Mtbhlngkhunitdluthhd bad- of
murimonyhlupmm;udl {upon-Ho
enmuu'nmhl-llh. lmva-fizmhflo
nilundefllmdzn,d'. “I‘m w you I
"sllole ‘ w ’
hm upswing-dun“,
ngofthe 11:31:51“! I, .z
nhmhwu‘ekul, got on
‘lrc‘mthn‘uo “111
‘IV nah-dumbing“ ‘wmulu
on wu‘ I . n I
inlarwlwy‘bund-ofmflmy. I Q: ‘
I“. Irg ‘ "our, . .
‘bfie ‘ , ~ ‘
lcntlumm‘ 1h ‘ Mud
I HIM!" ' ‘
unemumlnvmmmfi: I
“qr-nu, 9:31!» vinyl. m M
I‘m-ho, ' _ to
m...» WW m
Mancini; “human 1“
””“‘ "mm '1'?“
mMflbyv-11, “mad .:
«um nannthghvi-gwb‘g "
M [mambo-nun. " *
My infirm-pl. nu PM M ‘f
chum-in Mal. o uni-II fir»
consul-MO: mmthvunuhdlm
map-atom um: sun-m 0:
“MM warm.” It
umumm hull-It. rub :-
mmudimdnhhh um 0.
Juana-mum Mada—ll um
cmhvuldnlynpon his cull-u d Juk
'mluu|mnru of m and: any
\mhhmbiutandde In our
1 “ya-mmduyu-nlhwwfl.
Dr. Dcwm. ho hum: Germ-n Biblical
....."M" 16% ""' "“'" ““‘ """'L‘mm‘“ "
0' was. on ‘
‘li'm bun-In; in Mn and . In in. him
m «more lur u
‘ h than MIR“ diaducflyfé
numb-Ni m hav- "qu (In «tulle
’lMM'M out.“ hour w “to windy,
lucked the door Ind pl“ the key in MI pallet.
whbhmpou “Mariam-ilfi-nr has
\iu‘AWMw wood" by VII“ new: Ind
.“ «Int wnm any on. my“ have intend
meptulvddnm' ot- per—
mppuuuy wan-MM numbing in I to
‘mm. Supposingitwlmulumhr 0.-
w'luycdinrifliug 101 l trunk. he an won a.”
\yh-tofnhmiu‘lhcl’dia thunk-mu ul-|
Irdblhz'mndUlJml-‘ILIEI. “It" lor‘
nun- M 111
«#2... sham-3n and». mm. min:
moo—hi. height. dun. lon. Ivar—ht M
WI loan. HIE-Mm. ”HUN“. ...;
mm... may m—dulump. u-ulrmn. Id
mail. "yd-huhton up an will?!
} I. u m: in. ‘3‘ .
‘D-Wduhgmh’J-lh at h m'
'M—lfiy,h“s§ when]; in! TM
$003: “If"??? pvndwhi‘lmbody at!!! Ili
um I!" tri imu ,vi we 0:»!
tests of self-consciousness Ind ideal ti. don tful
if he muld believe his mum, and Ink were
not white. tint he loam existed his formal all,
and stood {9112123041. bewllderzkmd eonfnmdtd.
gain; at In otherlikeneu 1 infi «to! tho
window. Upon the person‘s ml: :1; from the”
:Jndow, vim Meant: In I I: momenta, I);
«no ml not w l on o
:3 .i... ”m: m m‘
in A an 9 out. oppo
site, wheflficqmint-m raided, he medv
permission to rem-in o'er night. ' }
The chamber occupied it: him col-mad a
' full View of the Wot in library. Ind Ic
’ the window he mold m M! othcr “I! w
‘in mud Ind mediation, 09w wulkiu up Ind
' down lie mom, lumen-led In lhought. m {hint}
to much hr n volume “3:oan book Mu;
.md imiutingin .1] up“ pain hum
or thngmtdoctormntpd at work‘md buy
with oogimiom. At as“). when nth.
dnl‘clnck had Inhbed hulking “W"?
[our-ml than chm moist. In 0m m‘
ammmwm mag: -
r tyq ‘ ‘ Im.
took out N: w- thm . . \
m oth‘or m'fit‘m‘e mug». {id .32:
m I "In! mt uh MM- WM“
Ind mod it up, mmwdmm
in, one to thc window. a» numb;
und int In Imam-tn thqlkht WW
[)on numberone,nl¢h"n Iltflt mu. til
animal tht n 35"? hail-pond M
ugmuhwhunmuouh-n. ' 3
inning the next morning. he “Mpg
ml "and up stair-to II'I lllmry. The
In W; hWtIuMnQdH, Ind
cute-ad. {in on mvthunrmap
ruled In pncholy the-Inc ”dumb um:
e an m n “133:? with” (,3:
on 9mm m 1: ‘O W ‘,
gun, flaunt-.63. ‘ nu I'M“
en not , um
filing Jami gdd'tu ho kirk; fin m
‘lhm unmifinflom any mo
Int but» In tbs non; 'M It 1“
Who-fight WI: 11. u “MID
'l3. fining Wh‘u~**‘
1- noon-huh; u; . g .m
leached, snd it On- .«y’fln’fix; ‘
Ilia-d any I“ night" Ind- '
mm wg§~ ' ‘
hm. Mann w yup-ma
m “Mint-Mt "I! I M 90-”
um baa-ll t- w m .
opud mum-Ho ..;" I‘ ‘
"flaw m “at: -- > ’
mm flak ""- "I:
”“'. :5 ‘ “.o'l‘ll's9lh'l‘fi‘2p4 ~ w
‘ Tholmut. when. . ‘ V
a.» mph». 4% ‘2‘“;3
‘lddd. flin- ouhdlup“%dn’vht‘ W
“”“- Tu” WWW ““’ “1.4
ma up ' ,',,. ' ’.
muum gr u I mi";
MW. ““3“”;
Mdelhpfiu‘v‘T F
' ' . / ’ u‘ wash my” W 9: ”4 .
- » v , Wm! 3 ; ,I»an
nun-n «Iliad “I“ ~
"all" u’ um- V
w M “o‘qu I
of Inning uni-hunt _ ‘
wmfiuw-mI-LW‘H . ,
ung- Inimla.‘ mmu H;
round out of flap ,~. .1“
hula-unhin- Mt " ‘ ~a
m.«..m a.“ a w
“I“?! .. ‘~ «9‘ m 5
’ the, ~ 4“,": ,‘
mwitfi" & ‘ "?""" J»
In, u‘ ‘- MUN - _ a
flc‘lu “I. I“ '3': m ,
i 3; mag! HM' ...
th 'o' ‘ ~ i 13"” {tum-:2»?
fiwfluflfl pin-15
. . w
Mfi‘wflld’lh'hfifi "Hfltfimw
{my aw , ".IHI‘G“
uummumm fl bud-“M
Mum'hhhtwwq'uk but OJz
..nn (MM IH When“ «‘9l?
up. (Minna! mm- m uni-rm ...}
ml and was law‘s m
lmhfidnm‘w I'm,
mytmflnlgflllhdifl 11. 10““
man thumb aim-W
«mm to uh “M W m H- H
pile. I an!" In, 1w w
Md column! Mann“ 'W'“ db
uitingl uI M 590. ,de
hm MCI. m'ckly Hawdhgl‘fiq 1m
'ooth merge! “in with C («vhf uni”
The [min and “:3; M m
OHM. W 1‘
ml? .douly 23% '4 a. “m.
Thanh-mus all. '1 linux
mhuMmWMh‘m Ino
aon. amu- In .- an doc-pun aM J
lon-m and confident. changed to on ”,nl'
m mam fear. Ht thunk but. man! u
a. ground. ml windy “Mud m In; M
then-nanny! by In sum-ll that. M
uponhm. (on hlnbphmd Mm
on m. '9“- When thy swam
they wheeled mound. flanged ink 00”.! ‘
diam-and; within flu minum of their In:
type-rule: nut I wolf VII lo bu MOI. Tho
elem-l hum pmu-l (it oh!” I» Lb b-i,
Ind 111-Mud um kind l'mvidnufl IN“ N hi.
thorn u» an him a.» hay. Tm hoymmtr].
in; IiII he nu nary. hm! laid dawn And kn
Neel». and in um pin-lion an wolf HO hind
, him and amend him lith hung in!“ ho mil
|brinlhillumla to (b Ital; but and:
i Ind furnished mo "1n...
Ammmfio-IJ UM
kin-“d W I?
manual] for nil. M m ‘
manhunt-(NI ' Wk
Inflow-d.“ .li-Lh' ..J'.
jenny-link! lby-ka-C I
wro "motor-v I“
‘ n .ma .. ‘
“xuh” "an ‘
~ ”mantis-p w
.. h '1 , imam; «
11.;me . may! d- . '
Thenhulonlbmbu M: I: ‘
of w china-d: 3' ””’?
mmfid'burollma ll£g y'ILL"
oeruinbillotuuinlun ‘ , . "'
courts of the place. whlcb bu, ~, 2“} { , ‘
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