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Puget Sound herald. [volume] (Steilacoom, W.T. [Wash.]) 1858-1864, February 20, 1864, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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II I.“ eu-ry EPITRDA“ MORKIKG, cl ‘
.5 Pf nun-n. POT-Me In uqlvnnux for ‘
‘1 I'M-l. .3! null: coma. ’35 col-11. ‘
Flu town to one adds-«u. law. 1
-—o——- i
3" 7’“ Wm" (WM I'I'GETSOI‘Xh mamm‘
an upc- Io (“maximum on all 7140110»! If («Mr ‘
pun-yam: cum-«lmm w mlrmn-y q] nu urinal
m 0m dull In [~va Ami-J: but Ml" mum"-
nballouaum uotqla unwrul lmhllv- ualuu, mum
(Month! hr flu flrlhrmm q] ImIIrMM! Mu, «a:
“We. aIIMI-munn. TAB rule trill In no
tau N dlmrhd from.
U' Cmuhvrllm dmrlplite q/ (14 Man-d» and
Mme] u- .Illllu in Me brrtlory. Ihr (.m‘wmwnta
M ”and [or with "mu, an, '1» MIL-m H [mm ml].
(Von-d my.
"- Per-nu calling at! Mic rfia, on any bmlw "hul
"4091”):th min Mn! (1 .‘u nanlnd [ln "In q]
a" (mail; you lat-yum m. In low) :la'oruulm
ova-Win. Il'e I’le mlr [Hond- mmlly to
W I“: In lull.
H' W on puma! m. mutt-lug «mun mu
alnumha Ny Mm no rqfima to our Mum. cm
Saturday. Pom-r! 20. 186 i
Tho-m Am—“ It never Him but it pours,"
km Milne Ila! applies with name (one to the
MUCH”! of tug-beau on Puget Sound.
Until: fer month. up. the only tug-boat of
uluc on the Sound urn the Radule, belonging
to Mr. G. A. Help, of Part Mulnmn. Eccent-
Iytbm nut but. (all of which hive been
“flowed in then column») were brought. into
lan-100. nlldeslgned for towing; and In not
quof a fourlh About to be bull! by find for
“it Pm! Hill Co. The mlchlnery of one of
“I. Columbil River Ilcnmcrl ha: been pur
clluull’or this purpose, md 1m lhipped a few
‘.’- dnu It Porlllnd for Sun anciu‘o.
whence“ Is to be shipped lor Tet-Inlet. We Ind
that br‘otun Wriglll‘l new bolLlnuncl-cd
wlthln tln put yur,nnd 1110 dulpod orl‘ln
III], In belie", for loving. Th 3. with the
on- In proton at conmnnlnn M Tuck-lot.
m an»; in .n; enough for an pnum‘
Wm of lowing logs. This well" well (or‘
a. (Indium of Ill! lumbering lnunu hero.
which numb. in I Wlfl mm M give‘
employment to lo nun] mum-n l
. 'I'II An Pu" Mann—Our citizens nil]
Number the clreumunu of tho killing of
tho lulu of lhn blrqul Au Parry. (thou
body In interred I! the unison cemetery)
by I nilor, Ind the refund of the apt-In w
III" the nib: In chug- of our llw olllcen,
from (on at hil mpo. The following. from I
In chllco plpcr. Ihowl bur thl prtlin
‘ had then with his 11an “Bonn! momhl
Ipflnhlrquo Ann Pen-y am Into port from
P 1" Sound, Mnml llilor ulmld John
. Iqmy In lmal I: I'll “10‘“ um while ll‘
Inéhar in I harlibr on the Sound. “my Ind ‘
hundmvudmppdhl fighydur
‘uuhlcl I. “1M NI “brain out the
:dbdiholllp. vhhfliuou I Imlll boa;
my I“ M W 0n 1111 Irriill
_‘Jmté u- um um nun-a am.- Com
“ln Hydo. ibo held him to Imel.
-hoUuudJ-rymu munch-mar
”W; I“ than... up In an
ftp” _ WW I: MIL 'AI Icon
4“qu , xlllrnldtllllbetl,lulu
rifl- ' on Am «- um
”lu- Iho on" N' mm m
hum". Hui-alumna. In I [mm-I.
'-W.lhoapm I! an and, who;
“I d finding 111 who. our to tho In
‘WU Wm inflow}. Inc-hull
“MW ll- uodtbnh, who" he
jun» [l'd-d." ‘ ‘
-~.,u‘.,.=."\ tuu'_, RAH-. - r
W quail: up, ’lnd 910 mm Iprhn;
.IfiWl-vbnnnfldh the interim, I»
W‘RHI'M country mafia}, on-
I ml- prdonin; w! hmlng madam.
' mime- «:qu hm but: .1.
w”! plum. I“ M mm «mm.
i-NV‘AH lonian-cynical town In
hula-high. IlrJomLmluinm.
.mmw «w M!" awn-n:
.DllMpdn-un dull-[Wain-
«huh-urinal” Ruin pro
-M 301.“qu mu
”Mouth liq-.11101-pmd
‘Wpflmfln M limb on this
‘M'wdwfi ' who Mum In
"W' Min- phnb, _wugt m ho‘oam
MW“ ..,...u “M ...
mhMMwflifi'n “'o‘
MW mm M! oft-l w!
3:! ISM“- '“;‘W 5' “I; “b
' I' Mlf M M
- ' «Immune-Md. WWS 00'
ammmmm Ayn-mm
a In plan I. M m 1“
”pm“: to mail;
.4 ‘AM ”New tho- In an
”“finfi Mai 'ls! ml will»
Innu- qumvlyin adv-pa Sum
ung-jun.“ bun-_thhln nlnd. No Pon
"‘ ' ‘ h'nuio‘flud nod-11mm to .5-
IIrMI-hqh m In pnpdd. Pu»
linens-nu... onmph¢hn~
' Mam—omubuxundn (aid:
"9'“, ,Wh an Ihlpmnc affords:
M flu-WV; L. to Burr-nah»,
Oollcctorlunlh- mauddup'lmlupw
”pct-om.) OI: hug-nu plyilglbo
rmfii‘flm A um ynuh will In
‘Mummw Ink-t nu;
:‘_ fl": Luann—Ann nun: nil»; ind-11.
:fipwmmmwbmbwu dds:
m A M. Irvin] It 8m Panda»
Wyndham-nu. and (him In
MMVIMUIM «mum! and dc
Within mama“.
at PM m [- pnml «bu. whh a
‘O. Haul-mooning“, In
.... . *
.. Yum-u Firm—Capt. Pinch In at
Whlhqmetwhpmluvhkh we
‘ The member: of the eleventh session of our
I'l‘enitnrial Abseuibb' ”I! “r 1“.“ cinitn the
distinction of being the best abused body of
'logislntnrs that has yet conrencd at the ('an
tal. The wholesale denunciation indulged in
:by some of our ootemporariea may be deemed
good policy, but we are compelled to confess
our ohtuseness in discovering either the jus
lice or policy of each a courae. What ia the
end to be accomplished? That there were
some measures enacted only calculated to ben
ieflt the few, and many of interest to the Terri
tory at large posted over, [I doubtless true;
but what legislative ‘body in free from this
charge! Hal no good “ come out of Nazareth i"
if the Legislature eli‘eeted no other good, dur
ing the aeuion, than arreating the demoralirlng
efi'eotl of legislative divorcea, it would, in our
eatimation, have merited the thanks of the
community. The record, however. oontaina
evidence of the enactment of neural monomer
of general utillu and importnnoe.
We think our law-maker: erred in yielding
their privilege to elect a Printer; but we .can,
even in thia matterl tind aome extenuating" cir
cumnt-ncaa. Secretary Evana had, none time
previona to the meeting of the Aaaernhly,
usurped the power of removing the Territorial
Printer, and appointing in hia stud a pereonal
and politiul democratic friend. The Secretory
notified the Amnihly oi liia notion, claiming
that it VII by inatruetions from Washington ;
hug-from the correspondence aa puhliuhed in
the journals; we hold that they were not aur.
ceptible of any such construction. and thnt at
lent I men at dillcn-nt p~iitienl principles
should have been aelwted. Of course, thu-
Seeretary'n appointee Ira: hailed with open
arms by hia political coworkom and the Inenly
efl'orta of some of the Union members failed to
prevent aevml defectiona in the Union ranka.
[Act the blame reat on that ofliciai, who haa an
completely afliliatad with the demagngneo who
on ere nothinggood in the preaent National
Adminiatrotion, and who” Influence, judging
iron- hia aeta, waa thrown agnlnrt the Union
organiution in the Assembly. We claimed a
Union nmiority in the lower House. and we on
mateined in our usertion by the panage in
that body of a aet ol' patriotic Union leu
tlonn: and we have good renown for attribut~
in; the foilure to elect the Union nomineu for
Territorial olieea, in joint convention, to the
no. intriguing influence. that controlled the
Printing nitration.
We believe that thia Adminiatration will in
airt upon fealty to the Union organization by
oil It: oilieera, thin the higheet to the lowest,
and thot, when deception in aooght to be
practised, the remedy will wittly follow. To
all those Union mornhera who lived and noted
the faith within them, regardin- of official
blandiohment ordietation, we any “ Well date."
The nnlaithful low we commit to thee-huge et‘
“conductance at the next oleetion. AI
ngardatheOopperheada, they will he wept
loathe-unlit“ otrong Union ourront
“my!“ volume throughout
mal- Aim“ ‘
Sines the flood. tbc “IBM'M of which
were act-it'd In then columns ulna "ch
up, w. hm Item! but littlc of Port Angola.
Print. letters repreuut the [when I: quit.
lively at present, Ind u having nurly MW
04! M the hm, blow lnflicted by the {nah-t
--l'nm A letter dated the oth inst. we utrnct tho
knowing um showing tho progre- talking
in rebuilding tlu ton: '
, Thu hukin mids- h'll’dl
tho torn-m of ling-m line. the flood.
Dr. Gnnn bu, by In mytlfln. “mint-glut.
Md In man; u very cumin! 'tlt- Illh
mtton Cm Boon. whack ”who”:
hub with, tut no! that our chmcurluo 111
cm at ”KTMM man. Thi- Dip
trlctlnu-Mll WM». to such
All-:1: dog-u tho nmm' knflifluuou‘ dun-ad
ed tlu on“, and tho ovcnnnnt ha in no
mitten n mfltfiM one». or on. entitled
to l lug- lb” of In mucus.
' A. 111 imitation n! th- eatery-in dour
m 1 Indy tutu nut dun In eonddmblo
amus- In tinned-t at Wu. Tum
.«I V an m Wu. Gov-pinion.—
lost of tho buildinp m dodgnod [or 'hhkoy
by- ‘M m mum unmbm any
‘ 0.01“,“an lob-um or
:dgbtrnn nun. A him today”)-
rmflyhmmmmmfln q in
} «tho mutt-mant- topm hm wlth trun
”my Wham: to I flap;
‘ t onto 11l 0 I and». uptu
> wm:mnnmtm timothy ruin-l
. [M * .
= n. U. 8. Sham NW Mt till:
91th l‘nncineo on Sunday morning,
. th but.» ‘dnylight. W 0 very much ‘llll—
’ 5.13,)“ th- dmmimndfiflin‘. morning Ind
mat-m...” Intercom lrflof
‘ tho gnu Auction autism. notwithmd n; tho
‘ "nag? l mt? fitmlm n
. ‘.' I a ‘ u
mm mm“ Inn-9:00 .or archway?
> body look: ehunnllnd hip”, and m indulge
‘ WI m '3 Ih. Mum >
, 1:») ”..,. . . “20.0.
‘l'n CIAIOIIO Saturn—Tho he! that
”woman-min W I- an chum In
‘vnflmfifith. kahuna, bun non-pl!
lot! in n remark-bl. mum. TIMI have bun
maul diction- tor “bill of Pullman,
1”“an "rim wad “chiming-nah
nary hum tho tin] ammu- qu you
hit. (boy-cpl. ”kl, on the American qua
-660, ii billet VIII! win 111. loot! Intercit
iii-id It i ndfyln‘g to km um In our,
out the nun who noted him-alt a friend of
mm mm Nb: ‘6: (Mupuh
Mala oh tho mu Manchu of the Englhln
mph tovnrdu u’a. eputitry. Ith nfluoémy
my yup-Mu with he South, In: tho [nu
11. of Basil-hm II" Manda of the M
Henry M an! M". during M- M I!” in
Inland. did - good dnl a. hip "all Mn».
slang. Mhmloanrnelwmhrlquh
nl betwm Imhr and dunghm. Blood I:
am thu- m, w app-unin- in our
111-um whb lulu-d hu- m and
h M It. 0H Mao._ - *
(In. Gunny I‘ll Putnam—A [on
tluun In Washington in mind I Mm
from Gen. Grant, in which In nlludol lo the
.- III” II daily Mn. undo of Mn mm In
much flu: Ibo Money. [lt In].
my! 0-9 pm that ho don not mm-
M pro-hon: pollfichno, naming him
ufidfm fl-hhhunplbdm
motile-land. wlm In ”1,1.de
int-lilo. “ Whoa an nbollm human-nod,
Now! “I"! Inna.” In a. an.» al
dlor, “ It will be than om‘h u hit upon that
‘ —-*‘ ‘
Sunni—Tho I'm-gut Linc Yul-n, 'Wn. ll.‘
Datum, soiled thin. mooning!» Sun Pun-1
duo, hd'ép wills lumber.
w. I'. l.\' ('0!0l£&l". 7
From the luteat mlvicc-a. it would seem that
“on. Geo. E. Coleis not wanting in attention
to the interests of his constituents. Though
Congress has hnroly cntnlnenccd its labors, and
as yet perm-ted no loginlminn for the country
at large. ht- appears to have funnd meana to
introduce to its notice sevcrul measuremand
among them the following:
To endow 5 military professorship in the
University of Washington Territory: whit-h
us read a first and second time and refurred
to the Committee on Military Atl'airs ;
To amend In act entitltd -‘ An act donating
public lnnda tn the several State: and Territo
‘l’it'l which may provide colleges for the bandit
‘of Agriculture and the mechanic arts.“ apa
["o"de 2d, 1802; which was rend a first
\and um tame, and referred to the Commit- ‘
the on Public Lands; and ‘
To create an additional Land District In the
Territory of Washington.
If he will follow thia up by continued industry
in behalf of hi- eonltituenu, there will be “a
right Inartohanee" of hia re election. By bia
worka he will be judged.
The citizens of East Bannock. in tell-defence.
have been compelled to organize e Vigilance
Committee. The Bret intimation we have of
their doing- ie the hanging of thirteen Cop
perheadn. and among them Boon Helm. lately
uceped from the Olympia Jail. All that we
have received of their prorccdlngs in the fol
lowing, n Inch enmn-e by telegraph and mill:
Gum-r SALT Luz, I-‘uh. min—Last evening
the Bannock express arriu-d in 13 days from
Virginia City, and [ruin the i't'alette we learn
the tolloling in ri-gnrd to the doings _of the
Vigilance Committee in that region. in rlddtng
the country of the band of outlaw» who have
no long inl't-sted it.
The flmtllliltce is composed of upwardsot
1000 pt‘rnnmt int-reusing jurisdiction over the
whole range . Inbracing \irginin, Bannock. Nor
vndn ("ity, and the nurr mulling region. Below
ia a list of tho men hung and the ylaece where
executed: __ _ _g __ __ ....
Geo. lvu, It Knud- City, Stiuiing Water
diggin t—l.
Al. filllllock City. Henry l’lnmmcr, Slwrifl';
Ned Ray, In unwed convict from SI". Luke
Ponilel-qiury. Buck Slinwn, John Wigner,
aliul Pub-h Job!) Ind .fpnuMn Frank—s.
At sum. g er. Rim Ind mun—s.
At Virginil City. Jack Ulllnghcr, Gm. Lane.
«lulu Clubfom. Hue Lvom. lluon Helm. and
Frank Pgrribh—b. In all. 18.
Wu." w: m: Plan-rm: NIL—We In fight ‘
in; hr Louiuillu, says the erynvillo Anna“
for which we paid, in 1803, the mum ol‘ $15,000, ‘
000; for, Hands. fur which Spain charged \II‘
$5,000,000; for Tex-s. which out In oven
“0,000,000; fur New Mexico, which can lll‘
“5.000.000. besides $100,000,000 for tho u-I
tinguhhmem of Indian tides; for Arizona, for
winch we cubed up “0.000.000. Some uy
we did no! ply thi- uwney-lhu the South‘
paid hull of It. Let Mm: From 1701 mi
1850, the amount [aid Into the Palm! Tun- :
ury {m the {m Sum. cu, lcu than or‘
pow: of colleflin‘, $932,232.01“ [mm um
um sum. mmmeu-givin‘ on than}
an “on. of “79.014 4|. l-‘ignm don'c lb.
WM! olu II" we fighllnl In! For the all;-
nity and unity of the nation—for the limin
may of (In Fodml m (In heinous domino
of sun. Rights—tor Mums» princlplu.
La! thd I‘ll pm. ‘
Tu Como IDl—Thc Immigration huh
urwud flu comm. mu, In law “may“
Mpdvuh km will b. hrs. beyond pm
am. All through tho Minlulppl'smu. an
”:50,ququ or Cnllfornin fun you
n-uthonludn. The St. Joueph Herald of
Doc. am In: “Associations 1n fuming In
Initial-lining mum! proluction to thou
bundling lo vin‘t the nnrlfemu region. of
Idaho In the Spring. Sin-illn- ICCOIIMI In
ndvd (to!!! All along 11:- hauler, of prep-r.
Shun-Ila. hum no on new El Dot-ado.
Tholdmhdofuqulring well i h In In
Hyundai; I laden greenback It looked
upon um: contempi. our, nun lacing dined,
to the hap. and in 091] concerned with how
he lb.“ uénn (human hum of his
”moth “handout In thy mum."
Swamp-Tho Mentlno Jam, lbw-d.
on the “It ult, when belting out ol’ tlu hur
boy of San Francisco, Ind hugging tbs shor
chub, Inland inn and ”want uku- oa tho
North new. not: Ila Imm Th "-1
W a “BLM though all on board um
and uupt om pamnpr, named Oncood. Ind
and th- mw. Shun ownod by Pop},
Gem-110m Bum—Under tho «I.
mini-traitor: of til. now Bah Panel-co Comet
ot. Gama) alum of :ode M vlohtldlu of
menu- llwl- m of Inquent occurmm.
Incl: eve-ti. and tho mu ulna of the
goods “H In contidcnblc. . .
. thlllml'l. Durant—loud” put
Ming Wuhlnflon‘u WIN-y, a union! nint
wmpwutlmswkmutm Some
of our oltinm «mind “bought of getting
upvghslionthmdon. but :- yvt um
u’lndicqtlo- of pupa-tin fur Inch 111 "at.
. —.--I i
A low (in sth! lilo battle cl Chance“
tho rebel commander, In“. «at to Grunt I
hd‘me'ndviuinghiu tint it would In pru
dent to "no" non-emulation who milht be
am in Ohm-mm. Grunt undo no npiy,
but woe-odd to mm. the rebul comb-tum,
In tint mint-hunt- night muh without
finbofy.-oneoftho Chapman pinteq imbal-
Wad by the Praideut. John Brightinur
udd'br 111. a labor, “I a British-abject,
Ind humor Sumner, to tfiom Bright npplled.
mmitod with Stator Connc- and Justin
B. J. Hold, who muted tint thc pudon
won" not}. improper. ‘
Ir. Semi. of Ohio, tin-Sleuth gumbo"
of Conan-u folio": Pint. that ("wins
carrying on the war Sound. than not in MOI
of putting down tho "bullion at all. I'll“,
than in but at putting .don the nhoiiiou.
New “wand-Win. it.
lthubulthoqbtmt people-u dunno-
Mmhuunthqdomlvo- long to in
tho dun o! Methanol-h. But them in. ny
tho Bangor Whig. provisions an a bid: no
bodyutd‘ildtniin an Inn; at current
prion. ‘
'l‘lnnlrl 10mm mu: in light!
M Wuiu. Quito enough to kick up maid
gano that I! W W. Than In
an hm who talk by MW a (hut
BIN-n; than who hit by mu I" "(and
lama. : '( ‘ '_ >
lIICHLLAII-Zolll NE“’B [l'le
Tho Marysvllie Appeal recently completed
its oighth volume.
The new king ol’ Greece is about to ndopt
the religious faith of hi! suhjecls. ‘
Gen. Grant has been elvcted In honorary
member of the Cincinnati Missionary Sm-iuty. 1
Another nugar refinery has been inmrporn-i
ted at San Frnncisoo. with n capitol ul‘ 0250;?
000. i
The Fenian-Ia Argus rakes under itn mllm- ‘
rinl howl, “ lor Prvuident, 1864, Abraham Lin
A magnificent silver service has been pre
scntod to Gov. Johnson, by the loyal men of
Ono of our batteries In Wiginia shelled n
negro funeral—thought it I'll rebel- throwing
up works.
The " {also lulr merchants " of London in:-
port annually et pro-ant no leu than flu tons
of maidon loch.
Whit (In tho poor rebel Conhdcmy do
now—moneyleu, snitleu. runlcu, hopeiou,
lawleu nod (10-lieu!
The Brooklyn Common Council hut [mood
I in! thnl no permn nhnll be required to my
fire on any hone-cor unluo burnished with a
neat. “
Were the life of man lwolongrd. he would
hccome such I proficient in rilluiny thnt it
would be nwesnry Ignin to drown or to burn
the wnrhl. >
The Bank at Franco bu hitho‘ to had noth
ing in palm of a les- denomination thnn twenty
doll" not“. It is now thou: to lune notes
of tan doll-n uluc.
Two hundred tons of white buns wero re
cently shipped from Sun anciscu to New
York. where they commanded thrice the price
ruling in Sm Francisco. ‘
Chocolltc, the floor of the conco- nut, wit
flrnt introduced in filglnnd from Melina in
152". And soon become a favorite hover-u in 1
the London com-e houm. ‘
The widow of Senator Dough: in It [mutant 1
in Washington city. ans-sud by 59¢!le y ‘
Chum u clerk in tho Treasury Dulutuwul.‘
She in Ivhlom seen in public.
Jifl‘. Dui- nid nt the beginning or the war:
" All the unborn blood tlmt will be sh“! in
thin It? I an hold in tho hollow of my homl."
Let him look at his hind: now.
A conflu- of browns which mmhled At
Cincinnui round] pound-unint‘wn uttering
.500 [or I Inklimto for rain. which in now
media the Michal thnhmll.
A club-y [am but been omniud under
the comm-ml of Col. Lowell. of the 8d 111-u
--chateau, to "tell the rebel fame“, who let
u guerrilla under Ila-by it night. ‘
A Column yonnlludy. of high hm", con
uctionl. ha been mmnnd to A month in?
primnmcm, for pulling fathom from I live on
trick In tho imb‘icnl Gardens a! that clty.
A M 0! brand It one of tho flunklgiving
dinncn In New Yuk wu clown feet, long,
an inches thick. twenty two lnuhn wide. Ind
nqulndurholc hum! of flour [or in con
A conclpondtnt of tho Boaton Trawler.
with Gen. )Iclde'l army, aaya that the North
Carolina prinonm raptmod during tha latc
IdVlncc actually danced for joy Ind kil-etl
their clptol’t
Tho lute Print-c Albert smoked tobacco and
probably wound mny a curtain lecturv [or
It—-lmt hla com. the Prince of Wain, has been
dimtod to Abandon tha practica in \Vindaor
Oaatlo or incur hia mothar'a ditpluaure.
Recently two lug: trnnh, filled with fine
tooth combs, were aim! in “‘auhiugton on
their Ircy ta Dixit. That Ital too land. [I
I‘ll cruel. It In rcmonalru. Do the L'nlon
authotltlca luau tint tho "hall shall l» aatan
Bianca mad. of mono hua Mn intro
duced It Quebec. Thay an laid to throw out
I mallow" and nor. uniform haat than lam;
the mattritl oi which they are made in very
abundant in tha minc'ral region aonth of the
St. lawman.
.. Tha Gov-nor clout of Alabama, wen-ad oi
fivd‘tia‘ mtmtiou. n“ in I lata ape-oh:
“Ila ahoaid haaluut aahauwi to on him
aol! aa Ahhatnlan if he holiand' than tan a
man in the But. who would I‘M to tho rc
comnctlon of th- old Union ."
Mr. Robert Bonner. of the New Yuri ledger,
claim that ha ha paid the largest incomu tax.
the thcctmantyaar,ol' any waekly ncwapaper
publiahcr In tho Unlhd Stataa. Thla in tho
iagitinata vault of tha antarpriae, tact, liher
ality. with which in bu alwlya conducted hiu
haninau Ia publisher. '
Eon. city. :30 I but Ira: nixed at Adam‘
Expu- on». in Washington, in which wen
a numb" of «uhbclkd wmlpal and picklaa.
Thin ho: val adduced to a printa in the
army of tho Potomac. inatcad ot'hoi" tilled
with manna, thay wen full of vile whiskey,
which ran vary ytopnly mum-d.
A London prom lututcd mntly on
manila-tuna at“ bod. Ha hauled around color
which wan moaned ash-“ant. than mid tho
Indiana that My bad haon ”pied with a
mum of h‘ullueh‘a blood. chicory, nhwp‘l
livu dried, unfold Mu much. 1h 3m
than aplt‘l port», too. mad- at Iplrltl of mm,
gum arable and hunt-agar; ‘
A Down Bantu WI of a‘haavy fu‘ In hio
beauty. li- llya ha hind a man to uhlu‘lq
l ham. At noon tha nah complain-d that it
lucmfiblaiongham.h ho had been at
work 11l tha morningand hadn't [at om unit-p:
laid. in aflcr' diam! ha want to an that
h‘d maintain, w “and hc- had' Illinglotll
manna hnndnd’ leat‘r‘ightlaut on thl
A nit-r, pill-din; to thc tqndcney of tho
titma to adopt calico ix maryhaea'nuvith dloar.‘
lan: “Orco'nmutoonucalioo in m
and expat-in; tho indict Ihh b I." '.‘i M.
I'm thautohaanddcn Manila tho lack
dnh-nduuwhwthmhu doubt the
dwmatuuamidiulatoh clothing that
ativaain that Icrlptnlll. Ht at M not
panic“ nyl'a d‘ print.” ‘ >
Hutu-Gonna Tho-ca ha- and naval
m Wily Gianni-ditch onion-I, two
match. attach mun. twtnty-six ilcntonanta!
Ind inn surgeon, for vcrloua' ofinoaa. including
(thalamus. twist-ed lichen. apuadinj bloc
maul-a. ”wilting“ upland". duh-huh:
“ M “ ‘l'm'rm‘wd... and
‘. - “(W
m.oflccu [mm ' .
l 1011-olt'rsu' To LASD runny”.
The Suient flint-Imm is informed by Mr.
‘ Sinrkn‘rotiter, Register of the Land Office
. Oregon City, timt n colthitlel'lblt! portion of the
’lllilll clsitns in Oregon do not conform to legal
‘ suhtiirixions, nnd consequently no potent will
be issued to such Cinlnlnllli until their claims
sro nun-mini nml llllltlt‘ to conform to the re
quirements of tile inw, whether they Ire ft'l'li‘
lied to or '.ttil.
Tilt'nt‘ ilh gniitit n, as explained by Mr. Stork
weatlter, are gent-uni all over the flute Ind
Washington Territory, and will involve grest
diflleultiel il‘ Attempted to he ehlngt-d into lu‘gsi
form. Mr. S. thinks t'mt n lnll‘ representation
of theme dimcuilies to Congress by the citizensi
of Oregon and \l'lshingtnn Territory will le-‘
cure In set of relief, and prevents rsst smount
ol‘ trouble to the people interested.
The inform-lily most general in I square
forty lying on both sides of I section line, and
I long forty, one-eighth mile wide Ind I hult‘
mile long. neither of which in sdmissibie. It
is easy to see thst I chsnze of ths lines at this
time would involve universal embarrassment
snd considershle loss of lend. The attention
oi those concerned is culled to the necessity of
petitioning Congrerut immediltely for I low is
galizing such claims In hue been mods.
DEATH OF “toms con.
1'11:in HERALD :-l)ur'nig the warm days Of
last summer. the hero of the following poem.
being very much disguattd with the monotony
of newspaper life. was frequently itnown to visit
the fol ll nt Tntnwater. and other places where
the tinny tribes were known to abound. to while
swuy n few hours in hooking up the small try,
something roller the style of Cleopatra. Upon
one occasion. nltt‘rhuriug fished along time with
intiill‘ertmt mecca. he wit a bite, but unfortu
nately not at the end of hilt rod! The monster.
being very hungry, hnd mode an attack upon hiol
flank. and. before he could recover his eqw'ii.
i briutn. he fell prostrate on the bench. llis rom
. pnnions. swing the danger in whit-it he was placed.
ihosteued iminediuteiy to his relief. and through
‘the iutlttenoc of o stitnnlnting beverage (not
known where the gentleman now residue) he was
restored unconsciousness ngoin. lloioobtd upon
his (*lth as n mirnele. nnd decided at once to
close out. his institution in the n'iiderntu. and
‘llltn't! to n ittrge city down the Sound. where he
would have s with field for his Imagination.
‘nnd be nhle to manufacture gas in larger quan
‘titia out of the coal taken from the sable bed
;oi Squnlt. "in plans were carried into etl'ect,
‘nnd every breeze tbnt now blows from the north
smells of cool.
Dull: of Thu-II (‘.‘.
gin Puget dough remote“ :3"
W.Pl'\ltlntll was wont stay
To hob Iwhiic for study cod—- .
A lively turn {or nit-h n snob.
He tunes is lay with honest pnise.
And mourns the In- ot bygone dttyl. -
And ehsnts the runes of other times.
An bells pmhim their monrnlhl chimes;
"in songs mod tron pole to pole.
While bobbing deep in tlsncy's Hole;
Thus he whiien the weary hours away
By hooking up the tinny l’rsy.
Ye fishy tribes. why do ye bite
The innwind hunk of envious spite?
Bo not itrduood by wormy hook
'l‘hnt trails within the pebbled brook;
Although you are I only tish.
At but (on nuke u wholesome dlnh:
I'l‘is lhn or rogues to pull you out.
A snhnitutc for taper-b ed trout.
Nun eumos the tumours Psrrott Unn,
Who swears he'll hove s little litn.
Amt. with iron room-d stitt' sud strung,
Dot-s up sud down the live day long:
While musing thus. the monster come.
A welcome glll‘l'r—" I have my game!"
He quick! pnll‘d his rumrod out.
And tonal u erub instesd of s trout.
No eslsmitzohsd yet htvn felt p
'By time I bohb‘d tor end and melt.
I‘til bold Watson. In fiendish glee.
tisnght the shurp nibble oi s tle'n.
He stood Jun, but tottering i-il,
And on thus. little turns of hell
'l'blt. but his nervous system shnlten,
While trying stole nosnwkd bacon.
Alusi thntoneshouidbuorot-yhold
As to drop his book into. hole.
And let I lit le block blood-Inch!
Pisa him in this note! poets.
Eves now 'ttrss thought his soul ht! led
To shed holds. home of the deal:
When dinney to the metre ale,
fflrltuui hero of Olympic lune;
e eliled on Jeans Gus and Prey
To toms his bland-stained shirt sway.
But. 10l the bonnet 'l‘hotnsl (fly
fled pinn'd his shirt fast to his y:
A smelter slmhoi soon did restore
The some of this editorial hem.
Who swore its ne'er min would slsnghtc
J‘he mly tribe- sround 'l‘utnwnter.
One thousand grit-homers I“ It nun ‘
Wen skin to [lcilyt simple dance. . -
And Myanmwmbronzhtinplsy‘
To erisptty the «may;
The hissing sound t mono hrs,
And my eyuwen wet with tents '
While hone“ Wanton told the tale
lluw Jenni: swuilnwod the whole.
Just then n stnrry light was out
Twitch-ta the mystic screen:
A forth bold Watson trinmphuul “use,
Restored minute-s ones lots. '
He loch s mots nonmtsl shore:
Them, lost to honor. spent his tltne
On I llithy sheet lovstrhy-nine: .
For others' hulls he‘s bean) to mo,
But nercr thinks to mend his own.
Thus ends rny rh me. I lshy theme, .
luq‘flred by poutii: onsets
0f \Vstsou. who, in sll hil glory,
lnvolgiod the trlbu ol’ plseutory. -
Brmooou. Feb. 19th. 1864.
In tho Unlud B|:ch Bonn of mm
tlvu. on Month], Doc. 514, Owen lam-Joy
hula; uld nun-o Administration Ind bun
Io unlul II the pro-Inc to Ibide by tho Con
nlmdon Ind thl II". Slclulon 00!. Brooks,
Wad & Co. llughod llofl‘l. Ind Lonjoy lid:
" Gambian». yml would In" hushed mother
u, had (he Comtilulion Ind lIvI ban on.
(omd upon you!
. ...—....
Thl MI King of Denwk divorud two wi‘vu
who did not lult filo, Ind lam-ind angina:-
lullly. Indllilmudl comicasly.ldomol
-11110 Loulll Ohm I Mum-eh, I lllm-Il like
Mull. Thla lldy lull pmbu‘uly been I gov.
one-I, I ballot dang" Ind I mnllner. Shl
bu! I llf‘. flock of mm nun, however,
Ind who» Ileuwl lo the rink of Queen, in
"no, plpeq tho good'wifl Ind rupee; o! 111.
. Thl unfit of. Ullilornll loldlcn now in the
influx! the Gout-nun“ h HAW—two cu
“l7‘th Ii: lll‘lnuy ,ngimnu, on. nu
uvo Oll‘ilnmb rl‘iml, Ind on Radio! ofi
noun-Wu. __,._"_ ‘
A~Glugov mp 9! Innohhm “ Fbr ale, IK‘
plan ”in, tho wonderful or.“ of Jamel?
WI", chl lnn'nlor of mum, and. by hi. own‘
Elli”, b: lill 011 Imn'un'unl', {I 111. ell, of
gig-3M! nfiyl, ogolgmdmd’ynrl In."
nml'l.a'l'lols rem Litu‘ II 'nu-i mo
(‘lan at! neural-1.".
]. All weekdays of Lent from Ash “Walnu
dny (10th of February) inclusively. till Easter
Sunday exclusively, are testing ilnyu of oh‘ign
tinua, an which nnlt' one full "will is nlltiWed.
.\ cup of ten or rull'ee, with a small piece of
dry bread. is allowed in the morning, um! I
Inmlernte eulizltinn in the owning.
2. The precept of fasting implies that of ab
ntinence from 11-vsh meat. But, by dispensa
tinu, the use of iil'h‘il mmt is allowed in thil
(linen-w. oner- a «My on all Munuluys, 'l‘nesllayu.
,ami 'i'lun'minvsui‘ Lust. exn-pt lluly 'l'hllmlay,}
'qul at etery Invrll on ml Sundays. "_v the
Intriguing (ilallv null-m. then, there renmtn only ‘
three days of ehstim-nce every Week of Letit, ‘
the Holy Week excepted.
8. The rules of faxtlng would be broken by
taking the full meal any considerable time be
ioro noon without sufllcient cause.
4. The use of [loch neat and flash at the same
meal is prohibited.
5. There in no prohibition to use eggs, bu‘ tcr,
chcelo and milk. Lard may be used in pre
paring tlah and Vt‘flelwblt’l on all daya of Lent.
'l‘hie diapenuatiun extend-I to all dayl of abui
hence throughout the year.
0. The Church diepenm from fat-ting (but
not from abstinence. except in apeeial eaten at
lickueae or the like) the infirm and vuletudina
rlanl. nurse: and pregnant women, those who
are not twenty years-n! age, such uare obliged
to make long and painful journey: and voyager.
and all who, by fasting, would rendered un
able to diecbar e the dutiel of their employ
ment or wouhi endanger their health. All
such personal, however, ought to aupply the faint
‘ ingrh ' good works.
. ii‘he spirit of the church la. that tasting
Ind abstinence he joined with almll, fervent
prayom and good work». according to (melt
one s ability. For “ i'rnyeria good with fasting
and alum, more than to lay up treasures of
gold," "till the angel to Tuhian, JUL, 8. Thu
praioeworthy practice oi saying the Henry
every day in each family is particularly recoup
8. Fasting and ahatinence ought to be ob
serVed with i penitential spirit: that hi, with I
deep sums of the guiltof our aim and ohearty
I sorrow tor them. with a hincere desire to return
to God, and a rt'ldillt‘nt to perform the satisfac
tion we owe ilim fur all our new-panel. Fut
ing and Ibhlillem‘c in this spirit cannot fat. to
more God to men-r in our regard.
i 9 Acrurding to an indulgence of our Hnly
‘ Father the Pope. l'iuxlx.. the seamen and en ~
‘diere in the U. 5. service hav“ on]: nix day: of
abstinence during the your, \‘iL : ~h We-lnel
day, the three lust dept of the li oly “ eels. the
"‘9'“ ol‘ the Aqumptiun of the B. T. 31., Ind
the vigil of Chriatmu.
‘ ' Vaxcoevzu, January Isl, 180%.
la. M. A. BLANCHE'I‘.
Illahun oi Ninqnally.
‘ ”'s' El‘l‘l'hl‘u—Came to who when et m.
‘m} nub-emu. eunnpcow I» ha been run
_mnl with I, cattle tor the lul In years. and
‘ ta at prnem In my pa-ture. with her Incnuue:—a ”how
burr three year- alto "ladle bull twu year. old. and a
your-a "fl aboul a month old. The cow II a brindle. with
32:!“ ea In: alike. and three notches la lelt car; no
The «Inn Ia mun-ted to prove 5: ML!” char...
all talc than away“! they will 5:555: mire.
Incl. Plen- Oouau. V. I‘.
Wm. M. "to. to“. ' llzt
PORT Towxsnxo;
wnoLmu Dull! I!
WINES. HQIYORS, 'l'hMl‘fO. HEARS “Mill“,
m, B“ 50011:, EN.
v- ‘ ‘
PR!“ IDBAC la SClllllll,
concern: It '
I'll smm 0! EMMY.
n-rmooou, w. 'l‘-
1 mum on NUNDAYJum-q uh. ISM.
Imm mu ”AIDE-I 8:
For Dun-l and ‘l'uluou lief qua-ul- or than Inn. ...w
Put \\ unhin. per qua-run... ... . )0
Verbal-ll“; do t
For Hula: do .................... la
luluuc- In for I“ no! mlmllled I! uommeucemtul... 6
firms run DAY scuoumy: ‘
ht ‘l'ulllun. per gunner ol Ilr'rll Ink-n .... ...“
M- the day 0 mini-u I. an nation. In July am.
no llama 'lll b- ushland um»! In an. 01 mm” “luau.
No pupll um be Idlnllled lot I Illurler NM “All I quar
lu. untnu «owu-m II“ D. much luv an ha a gun-r
no! mplrud. Mk Ill] be «ulna pl u “up. lunu‘
nun-v. main-«I lulu-dual MILO-m hum.
MW. Vllho m cont-II I. nun-lulu“ on only
he mule by {ln-1- nd (Indian. or "non. nth-Mud
wilt-u. A mum-ulna! h Ila unfunn- at no
3:. we in .1 nulformll] “a mm. m the "pun '1!
IN!“ Ihe vellum: ran-mu a! m stamina-I.
lot clulhlu. Moll. or «he "111 0! “111-11. Io Illa
unu- wlll be mile 9: the “amnion. To me: ml "-
"""" h““'§£‘"m'u?‘£'m'§‘mm' ”“h‘ "t
sum. [- I V M
_ ”31’0le - '
11. nlhn calm-alum hunch-who no.
Nu. alum-ad Wu I—II dim I‘ll Nu 111. Ill‘luda
vhl: mud-nu. and I low up. or the 111. mum-l:
on: 'MII 3nd on. blue! "1!; lim- ugh Inn-I. 11l rh
ol sown MIC. 11l 0! rook- dlm. no put. at nu.
In «nu Inland on: Malta. It torch. m alumna.
I'd" WM. lint ”In of MB. Iluu fl..-
emunl on will: maul.
Dunn-u. Don-hen! 6:04!
Blk-Eom Market.
IAIKII' anion-In. lmh‘. um. In line Imrpoue a!
Inn-Om: u. com-nu: n lug. Illa J Ilndl n 1 chow!
‘M ”I. love" mild pike- hr cuh. lulu. In?!“
1 Cum”. Hutch Ind hum-n can nl Ihelr lunilu ll nun
null“. And NV! Ihuu put ll,‘ In hull-mud Ilylt.
; LlL—Unv- IDIN'mH mulch. Hunt-m. Illlon.
1 In]. Immune." I cry.
1 049:" MOWNIIY h INITI-
English Almanacs for 1804.
T fir IBM col-lulu- map. a! fruit It!" III!- mu
DIl-uuc- ” 11. I. Hulk. and Maw-Ilium [fluid In M.
with Imnullnn Ik‘crllulnnl. nul Ina-y buuuM In An
lulu-um": I'd" urllln-I Dalm- u India'- h the
Gil-ml". uhl I uu “mum nl lunch-l m IMM |l
hmlllnu—nnderluuhv Imam-aw IA! don Almanac u
once gluon «um: Ind «kt-u! .CM’IDIOI (at. Ll- ‘
tang. Mullah. at Ih'll’lfl' mm. [hull run. 08! ”o|.-
t‘AIIII‘I lunngayrun ”Aslt FOR
‘ In I but-Illa“: “and cover. coal-lat mud. of 28
‘lphmlhl Inn-“3r. In mum". In lhe ulna! mun-um
‘ Chi-I'd lllu-Iru Aim-nu IM- yuv nwflu hush uln
lhl: winning» "at unloi be obi-Incl :ln‘hfl. lu-
MII pm." Vcm
0-.qu the Urinal W. rum-nut ,Cwl. Out
IM Golan-l Cnlnuanr. firm-h Armv nnl {MY} Du. "all":
um um: «I "111-Il- lllHflurll um ulher mun-nun.
mu In“ In other puNlc-Uuu. NI pun. Mull prlcc.
um cuts.
II "T uC-mlolu Max-bum: huh mm
My“! IS“: by rum-If Ikllll pnee. fl (‘an '
IAIVKIEL‘I Pnomlu’rw WAC m
lat-n prl-aJ’U‘H mu. .
""" amt? "a.“ "i!" run...“ """‘
mn- u c m u-c nu: ‘
:m u ht". .m'u‘lhl. mu. ‘ '.' ' 's'“
lead I: r a mu m u
“km W" . mm.
In Mo.
" . ~ ‘ . . . ‘ , - “"
kUR b llhlblll UR (.IIARIER.
fl Moon-calm.“ mm.
lac Tm Cup-cur.
(‘lfir WI. “10-non,
[- I, for Ml or mmr MIC-u “HIM-ml Ind nl-l
rm“? Pun-I hand. Vumvu‘n l-hnd. uni ambl
u m.
In ILYISG um- ln '2“ min-um to e-rrylnl Liv:
Itackd‘ur which unde flu.- mn orl‘lnnlu nlc-Ignul. uxul x
.lvlypnfldod um: nllnru w a-mre Im- u-lely u! uule
In “I t‘ufhul nulur. Ihe lo lull-Me (or all Illuh cl
mum. I cr mm. mom-mun..."- m- n... "mm“: |.,
u... than, van-l ul Iln lounl. Wright II“ be “In M
u nun-Nu um u h; nay owu Mud.
mammmm ...- hunk. ...m, m nnurxmcn
01 11. V. MIL“. Iklluoum, or I 9 150 CAI-um..-
Wfl . I I‘M;
. .
gfllsrcllanwus Sarrrtlsmmh.
: ' 'f::_‘l" —. "z *' '_""—*‘_‘_—.‘,.~
W.“ 8 “mm”: or Hon nmu. I! awn}:
HM“! “HI. iulrl-Ir. ru;ulu :n "I‘lullllh Pulmonary Bro.-
‘ v -HI I: An I -
“‘o“th 1}..c.....':..'.. n‘JJEJ’. unfiu'u'fiw
'3': . hurl. (“rally “:3 unwed m, u".
NIH“ Mme-n Immenllnte mm. Hr arm-rum.
no lA-umm. Calurrh. Ind (,‘muwbn-M
. . lme Tnu'hrl um uwlul. I k: 1n»...
unis. 1...“: Hum: nhunhl have me rm... to
clear In I'renxlhru Ilm vuh-e. Mllnnry one": and u.
ldlrn who own-n: lhe vulva, and Inn “poised to In“.
v clvnnivn. hhrvnhl n-Ae Iln-In. mum. only ah: “fill",-
" Brown'- Ilrnuchlul Trovhel" hum-r prnvrd lhtlr M
by -um n! runny yen-n. no Mum: rerommonded “I ‘
nrrflml by I'luy-lcium and Furmm- In the Army. In.“
I m-rm-d lurllnmlllull [mu uu-nv uulnem mn. ‘
t Imm by n" Drum-u- uddm-lerl, In Wm hh.
l‘ulled 111-In nml mm! lots-l cannula. alum"
has. A‘euu fur Cullfnnvin.
9:4 111-IIJINGTOS l: co.,snn land-u.
ZW' ”you“ ml to procure Mn. Wyn-“i
Mu... syrup nu- Chllclreu Teething—li“
"Inflow-Imm- II the Muno- cl card It: I.‘
fuliuk phyllclual Ind lumen In tho Drilled Nun. nu
hu been not (or «any yeln rub nova-ulnar um
Ind macer- by nllllou- 0! mother! Ind «pm-en. in. H
mm. Inluu d on 'IEI on u the ma. A
u not only rah". lht all” from pan. MI In“.
the ton-gin In! burgh. com ncldlu. ”it". b,
And our“ to thy vhglc mum. ll numb-nu:
"um anmxn m In: norm mmp 091111. .
W. bulk-Va It the but and lure-t remedy II I). In“
all um a! Dyunleq uni Din-thw- In manna»:
II uln- lrom Tequila. or u, on." nun. . .
M almum- hr all“ will luau-pony out“
Imoenulno unleu mu “mimic-«ovum Arm;
N 1! York. In on me ouklde I'x nmwr. '
‘ loll! by all Ilodlclne mum. Windy-l can. “In,
llree!.Nrw York.
l’rlce only H mm per bottle.
BENNUTON I (70.. ,
did And as From 11. an: Punch“. ‘
Hal 0 Anna for mun-u.
- 'l‘ O a ll 0
humus m
‘Tnn: PLEA" nm In mmnnmo "II
n. mammary; "...... ...»...
‘ .. _ new} n {Empty ,A' '
whrre may have Jigh‘ {wed-11:“; flock of
‘ mm All) om.
crockery. Gnu-ware;
Foreign and ”null: Wlm Ind lahll'l,
'I'O-ACm “all. All. MI. -1
con nm "In on. _3_ ,'
um um nocx nu. >'3 ,
Cordage. Ann, lulu. Wanna-nil. M
‘I'IIh-I'III. k... kc}. 5.
Which n «car to: at. n 32m1: ruined who I. d
or enumry product. an
um nun—nu; m “and mu aim-
I nun-Me [hr mllnuwluh (w null-Ivy. -
Amy u 3M- ‘ec. . _ ‘
AMIJHCAI FLAGI. Im- Ml con-pl“ I!
Bun. winged w nullln 4. lain. lull-Ila. Cl ‘1
In. In an anion. u nu lelh'lu 10l pnm:
s|". I Fool. - - - II “111 M
Manila". - .' - - flurry
Mu. :1 Fr". - - -' DOO In!
at“, 4’: In!“ I - anoN ’n ‘ I
xMm. nrsnxo tuna a! .u flunhm on out.“
I I.
”° .... mama-Imm
Mn Km mm. horn-cut cm 'fih‘. all
Eluuxme pun-u. ha Pun-duo. #77” 7 77 , A.
~ ~::v...__..--‘._-. ,
NI! ML! BY -
I. I. col-nu \Vnhl-m uni 1n"... t
I.- Fund...
ALLES 11. IL—ncnrnuu Instr-um: I. lit“
"no Hid-u. Cum-nu. ud Ban-nun. VIII In?!
Ann. I vol “an. .. .. ....
Alnux LI. A IL—san-n-hlp. no! I‘- W
[mun In meat-l Slur I m ”mm... 11.
ASDEIH‘DS Gen 'c—lvo nflonl I! Held mum
ul' Anna-1. Inn-Ind Iron Ibo Inn]: “I It
nnrd In! “.2 Amy and Imu- I' [h CHM
u-m. I’m-[Md a an!" «I uh. I'u Boun
mrm I Valli-o. dummy». cloth”... I .
BARSMID. l-lov LIL—SM:- an In Cog-IMO“. _
enmllilul a! nu can [Mule-lion. Bolus-u a
"31°“ and Guam-x bum-um] vol M. .-
wnzsms J. (L-A Cum n! 11-tneilu I- m
} ....1 nunmy. compiled 'or m: In: or (‘ldttlll
\ lhr l'nlkd sup Mun-r: Auden]. 1 vol Gvo Ill! .
murncm .. ......... .................... U.
IIFMIUMAN (‘IM M \\'.-flw lulu-nah M 3. 1
ind Ivoflhy vzsimut n link-r; lam
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