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Puget Sound herald. [volume] (Steilacoom, W.T. [Wash.]) 1858-1864, April 02, 1864, Image 2

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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II III“ tvrvy I.l'l‘l'l|lln\l‘ HOIKIKO. It
.5 pct ”mun, ply-hie In adv-nu: au
-11l nun-um ”I single twpiu. a.) "“1...
“we caplet to one nun-I. OM.
t!‘ n. mlnwv 4:f a» I'z'utrmtzvn ”Mum:
an o]va Mmmmunlwlflane on all vow-lion A] public _
policy mu! lulu-MI. and w mime, c] all lidnq’i
1W gin-“ml em]! I.- frnly kuml; but our]. commn- i
lilo-rue». «u tll‘r M! q! a gnwml pnble'n' umur- .9r rm!
Intended for w‘lnrlhrmm-e 0/ Individual tulle, will:
autumn! an mlrmleommle. 7'“ rule will in no'
«u- loe via-mod from. i
”- Gmmunlmrlnne fluorlphra or the Murmur and ‘
Wen-me] na‘ullflre 1» tie Territory, [ln lmlu-emmle
they pm! fir Ullletueufldnmm “(cited fruvl Ur"-
tn/orma! were".
I" Mu filling at We «five. on mm Matinee nint- i
M. toll! plant member llml Al I: «value! Me "In fl
all prlelluo W “mom Mereln I- load durum-lone I
era-wreath». ll'e deem our filmed. vemlly to
bear am In mind.
[l' Men on ”meal mature. mule-lug «mt». nn- ‘
even, when lluylau no Iva-ace to our helm, will
Medea no attention. i
Intuit}. Apt“ 2. 18M
DISMISSAL or Mei—6.. 0. BALL“.—
Wc hue received from ill-j. Heller, long
I leeident of end lhvorebly known on Pn
get Sound, I copy of the defence published
by him on the occasion of hie late diemieeel
from the Inilitlry service of the United
am The dieloyel sentiment which he
h chewed with uttering. and to which he
one hie diemieenl, is the following:
“-Hen’e to n Southern Confederacy. end I
Northern one during the ndminietrntion of
Lincoln." Thin he deniee having uttered,
Id nddneee emple evidence to cumin hint
in hie denial. Lient. C. H. Welle, the
penal chasing him with ueing the Inn
‘nege quoted, the Major nllegee, he re
cently heenodiecherged hon nu inane;
qllu, end etill continues of unsound;
hind. A per-eel of hie defence can}
fiercely NI to may every nnprejndiced‘
lied of hie innocence of the cheese ple
‘elled. Reputed clone, directly end in
directly lede, leil‘ed to peoeure him e heu
lngetthe Wnr Dept-meet, end he he:
Motel-epithliehed hie defence in pain
phlnt fem, he .eil'eulntion mung hie per
.dbiendgwith who. he evidently de
hie-Indwellne eleyel eitinen. He
Mint-e en intention ol econ "turning to
hie-nu. #7” 7
Vlcrox Stu-n VI. erz Humm—
Vim Said, on;- : Washington [other
write, in Ilod with the U. S. Attorney-
VOOlanl ll uppliontion for the nmonl of
W Juice Haviu. The chugg- upon
gm»:- Ipplicnfimillmml um am he
(lip Kevin) Inn, in Iron] imam,
”dual-t the United 8m in emu
”mm; on. «Me Imm
flan In decided in (not ofone
m, 13.1 mm!» n notion W
“dorm-Io H and upon tho
“Gm of Sutton, «Pots An
m‘m‘gfiw lynch-I. Bmm in n
' ”butan—ne We: fink,
'm ' “Shayna lino. by Cunt.
“"1530. Job! WW I" “h.“
moi-d by :1» U. & nun-I at
“human-u Inn, m.
uua Way In! a Pad-u. at.
A {pron-Milena!" mt;
mt?“ bhflhndvimu,
«HI-n. annual-gum, by
”mam inn-Myth
M ~ knfiuh‘gflfll thvln
gww 191 nah-1 h
«firm: ,: —--.--
9a FWD!!!» Burundi
#4, Mm‘anuagr-u u
Oblivion. mmwiuqnih
mnflfilbflfiigm rm
. fifiuiwfid 035; uni-r
A fiifiuiuflqfiufllhma
nus-mu. Pan... ab. 9 a.
. qfi'wa cu blah-uh,
d ,firmdum,
, , thml-w
“I ‘ ‘Mnd Mulchin
h, Than-chm byikndvenl
.Hm‘fl-‘ub il- il M
Him-Mm m at tho
“(firm net. It I.
WM clinch rum.
nbsr—lr-efihv-vm M»
was...» ma, ~ ~
any walker. '
‘Ufiv'l In! I WM, 0!
P“. lulu-ekumhudmkn IQ
up” .Bhw-nludu-hmmo.
vim-lymph- rial of m
In“ Mmmumw
Ink“. «is non-uh. We mic.
[email protected],m.us,
mm; Immune-alum
atrial-fin!“ dong“
L’ uni-3*.»
t»! “at. lii Idol Yum
Hub-dud (I. WW
i I'IJOI'I' noun l'l'lll:
i halt: the above head the Sun Francisco
h Bulletin publix-hoa the following:
From private correspondence received in‘
[this city from Wmhington. we extnct the
{Eulluvaingitem of news relating to Puget
..oun :
‘ " Government lma bought the new steam— ‘
er George S. Wright, mm It Puget Sound.
to be used as n revenue cutter in that vi
3 “The nle of lots It Port Angelou in to
Jake pluce on the first Wednesday in May,
‘ the same to be mule by auction.
"It is determined on by Government to
make contracts for delivery of Atlantic snd
Pacific coast mails at Port Angelou three‘
‘timu per month. the name to be carried on
other ports on the Sound by the Giorgi S.
| Wright."
Taking it for granted that the ehore is
correct, though it yot leeks confirmetion,
this news muet prove in tho highest degree
{gratifying to our. citizens on the Sound.
‘An ocean mail «mini: 3 ant eeriquly
felt here since its euepmion, some three or
four you! since. The George 8. Wright
in emptibloof .oonvereion into 3 very el
perior revenue cutter, end, if pieced in the
‘ mil service, (which we question) willdonht
leu discharge thnt duty utiefectnrily. But
‘we do not full, credit these ennonneo
\ menu.
FEMALE Commane.—ln n lute dh
emion of the subject of employing {melee
to let type. the editor of n NIP. (CAL) pa
per laid: “We have two daughten, end‘
intend, if they live to n pope! ego, to nuke 1
them both neeompliehed competitors. A‘
libero! course of type: will teeeh them meny I
thinp better worth knowing then how to:
murder Frenehortottnroe piano. If theyi
have my bnine, they will be proud of bee
in; both independent and useful ; lf nnl'oe-1
tun-tely they hove not,wo can rotten them‘
to the onewmery employment of min-don
—worhing ted-mud dose, chattering
noneeneeondepoiling voter colon.” Typo
eetting hln oeenpetion well enlcnlnted for
females, is not no nnheelthy or laborious ee
eewingornehing elothee, midi-clone.-
tune to elente end inetruet the mind he.‘
yond eny employ-at not: followed by fe.
‘m There i. no why it mu
not he no” “km“ by then
ithnitllnt pinned». Mull ofthe eon
‘poeifion intherEngh-d Stetoeienow
‘pd‘uned hyfennlee; itlgenenlldoption
thythenln'thelorger eiti- ofthe North
jionld tendgleetlyton-elioeetethelreon‘
dition. We decidedly femthelrintmlle
the en pal-ten.
Limo; Wsu. Pun—Thu it no cou
mththynumimofchh labor.
hllbil Mr... hvo «3 Id h It:
“HIM-am 7|“.le
ighrp-nunbndulouh {null
Mouhthhmty. IIMWW‘I
“Igniting,“ 'mldlhdrunim
dqubbpa‘ulr A
‘ Ina. Gunny—lr. A. IW,
‘Wd We quully 111-bot nil],
‘ hubmmsqnlihhi (Ila-I,
finial-Id, W tho noun! a!
mom-gun, min Wain uill will
unfi- ”kWh-vies,
admit I out till. uh. huh:
80nd. Mr. PM W 111 the
W.MW,IN Ind-en that m
“Human-Jui- Intru
all]. Thmmhdouuhn
Ikm“ den '0 hp. lon to
Mame-Minn of I|th
Mao-flunk K
} -—-'.
[“nybluiou no human
inumhthohnfidch poop].
11:01:10.1.“an will pun-oilfi
€W meat of“. lain...
to expo-o lain-alt We My lii-uh
m‘ii-n dly long" “In they In
mu - l
now I'oqu an Runs-In Pto-1
”Juli-lint!“- cu fill. mi
“unpaid“ no the in, than In
Int. hill. 'OO. hallo-l, "8"
play. Bony-fllbmu um lot
Ind-u «(Hi than“. kin h,
ddhuh-dufluhun, .d .0
lush-u. . .
“Amu n: “MIMI"
mum-u. Ithhm.w,
Journal. Mk. . ,
'l‘lll GERIAI Inllsotluo.
All know that the Danes, (lemons and
Austrians are at war, while but few are ae
quainted with the causes lending to the
war. The fiillowiug brief statement of
the diflieulty will doubtless enlighten many
who are now in thedarlr. The death of King
Frederick VII., of Denmark, which oc
curred on Nov. 15th, 1863, brought on a
crisis in the Schleawig-llolstein question.
The two duellies of Schleswig and Holstein
hare never been integral parts of Don
mark, but they were independent duehier,
whose dukes happened to be at the same
time kings of Denmark. In Denmark
proper. the crown of the monarchy wns
transmissible tofelnalcs; in the two duehies
the Sallie law prevailed, seeording to which
the crown can only descend to heirs male.
‘ln consequence of this difl'erence of the
law of succession, the connection of the
two dnchirs with Denmark had to cease
with the death of King Frederick ; the
Prince of Augustenburg being the lawful
successor in the two duehies. and another
relative in Dennurk. In order. however,
to secure the integrity of the Danish mon
archy, a Conference of the great Powers of
Europe. held at London in 1852, and in
which England. France, Russia, Austria,
Prussia and Sweden took part. undertook
to change the law of succession both in
Denmark proper and in the dnchies, desig~
nating Prince Christian. the father of the
Princess of Wales and of the new King of
Greece, as entitled to succession for the
whole monarchy. 0n the death of King
Frederick. the Prince of Augustenbnrg
claimed the succession in the two duchics,
on the ground that the Conference of Lon
don was not authorised to dispose of his
rights and the privileges of the people of
the two duchiss—thst neither the Diets of
the dnehiea nor the Federal Diet of Ger.
unny had given their consent to the proto
col of 1852, and that it was therefore nt
terly invalid. The claims of the Prince
were stones recognised by a number of
the Gerunn Princes. and sustained by the
German people generally.
The doohy of Holstein k exclusively in—
habitsdby Gmmaadls apart ofths
Gianna Confederacy. Ia Schleswig about
145,000 inhbihuta are speaking Osman,
83.000 Frisslan, 135,000 Danish, and 85,-
000 Danish and German. Bohleawig does
not belong to the German Confederacy, but
by virtue of treaties laconneeted with Hol
stein. The twodlohias (together with the
dish, of hunbnrg) have a popnhtien a!
W7B sslh, while Dal-uh proper
h IMAM. .
CAMA.—It in a united opinion in
111. has: ilk-nod olrcbulviu England that
m an In W n the an a!
GM fa- lulis. have it. h- min,-
«I W emu-ting from hunt-on
bb luau and other «runes, ton: to
M by "mum, floating with every turn
of an “do lulu die during-mun window
of'tibeiq of photo—lla! only gna
put I- 0-“ cl [uh—ulna unpack. [I‘M
null. duos-hm foul dain- ml open
um yell-h by patrolman the drinking
van, mace-mum by dalmatian we»
a. pure Ii! 0! Ito-vol. Thi- bring: to
mind do quad", a! flu school dim
in u min run! district, than a vicio
juvenilo collected W I pi]. of deal
mo 60 schoolhouse at the dad uh.
Town DiIIflw—COIIPHIO int-d. in
mdfiofllfihimdm "It
o“qu MW"! stagnation of
Maintain any «(the tons, mo!
whhmnflhbonpidly banning de-
W It. an. o! slui- b Illll"
mbfiomnhahmubo, whith
«mpwplcnn lockinghm ollpuu of
(mam. O-tIIiI-nbjoua he Stew
mull-pail”: "01th Naomi-g
Mud-bullion!" the can“ «-
hntbndmrymwholm property In
ihll‘Stm,udwho inund- to uh chl
lhmbao. Ricki-:Nonmor
Wilt-I'M. with Flap MI
dau- uupdo- ml.- Macho,
Nuubfihbi‘olufl land. than an
Moving-alias]. The. Inn
affiomfllfim has lilo. won
ulllihudbdluudhlldhlnu, m
”flush-I‘d, Ii“.- 111-Ml.
WMWm-Io porn-in
duo Mario! when. The Shoo a
Much has , whik
ilwodlh. Such command-bin in
d Win-Ting: u pgnu in this
t, V “)0” M ”I‘M v
rin unwind and hayuvmhildm. 11.
t he lulu-did“, on who yo. 11,
Plo- jn David Alpha, in In nulls-t
r lud- lath, Grok sud um,
inutuhnjhrvigh‘h-gdpn In:
3-9.. mvfihlpH-cddmud
mums-Mb tu- ol In. in:
WW3. Cuio-uthhuu
uymhblimllllgm We do”.
dull-in- I wands Inland" dour
oil-ahflwlhpmunlond mild-eon
link—B. P. BIMI, IM. M,
Miami-hymn, (lap-yin) h
Jun 33:13me With, In
oo—und ll Noni Curd-uh"- hw to
«nu-nu; Mufti-Mudflats
Ibo Inu- uni olfldm. The new
unmoved“ ‘
l rou- AMfiLu’i lumen.
i To flu: Killer ofua Puget Sound llmxld .-
l‘our AHOILIS, March mm, ‘64.
‘ Having: leisure boom-um! thinking how lone
now we uhoulil [eel without. the ma. ly appear
unoe of your welcome paper. I thong! a few
limo from lllil me purliou of I Sound
would find space in your columns. From some
unfommcu or unavoidable mule. our mail: fail
muwlimu to reach us when due; butqu.
Kmh luu unilorml bud the mail» delivered on
puncluully us windy-mi tide would pomihl
nuprnue we will [love to he “micron: enough to
Will-I himflbe‘twr luck in! futurg': _ _ . _ _
Home little anxiety ia Inanit'eetal hy the citi
ucns with regard to the removal of the Custom
House. it seems that Cole has thiiiiiul his
promise to line his beat endeavors to have the
Cuatnm liouue moored to Port Townsend, but
i am afraid the poor soul hua rte-ironed without
his host. as the matter h.ni mlved itself into a
qnunion. and is referral to the nncrring judg
ment of Mr. S. P. Chane. who in well known to
he too leuloua a aervnnt oi the Government to
am: its ilnuuciai interests autt‘er to grutily any
petty purl; clique. let us look at the geogra
phieul [mention of thia place.qu unit any unpre-
Judiced mind if thin ia not the place for the port
or entry. Here we are aituated iu the throat of
the Straits of Fueamhern we can on a line day
look into the harbor ol‘ Victoria. and see o'er:
tail that nausea the ruliel line. where every
venue-l can hem-orig,“ iwmtul that my
be bound up or due the Sea , where etheient
ulicera will not allow the revenue to he plun
dered by amugglerc. la-t me ask one queution:
Supra-2 a man I'll trying to cateha thief;
won I! he not tulte a position that would com
mand every [loanible advantage? Certainly he
would. 'l'hen nut-h iu the ition 0! Port Am
Kola. Between here and Fol-t Townsend there
ma coast of perhapu aixt miier, which would
be entirely un rotccted, when amulrgling could
he [a'rpetrami’ with impunity. and the Revenue
low made a decided fem. imtcad of u self-cup
porting institution. It would ha well for the
unhnrlunatee to turn: a committee and ironic a
memorial to the Government. and entrant it to
the mm of Mr. Cole-and. if rouihle. have Con
grats pull a hill making tic ports on Puget
Sound free. Thia will dispute with a Coatom
ileum. and create a good fellowship with all our
neighbora and we will contribute liberally to
amat those to more down who no doubt lit-I
uatieiied that Port Townsend hu unwed in. and
must ive the recedence to the that improving
and uftlmau-ly iz-adiug cit‘ of Port Angela.
We are atitl living in g orinue anticipation ot
“ something to turn an" lhare littleor no new.
to communicate. an t rant tow dayl have been
unuaually quiet. The I typing lute-rent hua also
been exceulii ly dull of late. for we feel ahao
lately Inppihtul when I: cannot no live or
six lame weld! in audamund our mutlful hun
bo'. It in the general impresiorr that the (la!
ia aot tar dimm, when thin harbor will he fat
0‘! bus] lite. for ‘tolht'ehceiluiid air-loom that Poke;
Wuhan bout itat t are mean
on the Paeiilc count. Such wu Gen. cou'a
opinion when he an on thia coaut. aomo hw
year- aluce. He was ao atruck with tide place
and lie MIMI)! advantage: om all othm. that
he chriutemd it “ Cherhorg." and propried
that title would be the It'im'loiil 0! and
Sound. Strumhow anon hie prulietiou uhould
can to pan!
Olar either- are ”aiming an. linbitlm
eat n t a chin tiou.
moo-cod aatl Junction. omin“
runner-thawing. ltbiuaouwpiacer.
All that our cit-aunt tohuvetbarkht
la la my“ )lr.C.l.Brutl-w,
uurluta utthalafialaNmaahuna
kw dapaiucemud it nut ra beau filtering
I. hi- to receive the cheerful cnapratuiutione of
hi- Mende. 0a Frlrbflnthc 11th. the citilu
coward u ww- .20th “lambd
mm. .0. .. ire-m '1"
' to l '0
”pain. Irma" wan appointed dair
qun. and Mr. Chili» Warm the
north; wan called to order. Ir. w wae
rcqututd tomhul‘addrmwhleh hedldmueh
to the lad-faction of that peanut. Mr. Bugle]
no then called upon. and woke at mm length.
giving hie ritual viewawhich wuuwaruty
received. I e wau ”lowed by Dr. (launmho
w the lentil-gut aunt-laud Mr. Iliad
rhaw iu W 1... Jud-m. lined and
High la amnio— unheard“ hlmli
uuuiuuu to ”it“. intricate of the [amt
Administration. .. 8. W Brown waa
ra-xt called upon to make a to: rec-aria. which
{’o Idid. and Whig" «tug-033ml
uon champion. 0 high party
in it- eariien law. and bin-elf endure.
coulddiowecura übtaiuedin thou-nice the
State. Ir. Hachttuad uthwa apoke. or
it. that-drum iu ihvoroith uiou
caaaa lull-nu ml: cceaaion to expre
mieheticu'h Whom: the “mix. and in
m raute aa
Hr; tower with the. (lac hora.)
A at MardudthunhtollrJLM.
MW nth M
? Aurel.
A Sunni-null Bum—An enn
«diary hula In. jut hie: plroil the
lam of Paris. Taking dun-goof the
M, which drive- thin Mommo into
court, the own" inviud n Chi-mu My
h put-hot tin-polio! mkilliug All
(MN ”on m drim in one dine
dol tiflnflllomof nu, which fought-mug
Win- lih Mun-they won hum]
dug m collect“ in fin loge dnin
by tho hid” of Anion. Pony dogl
liudcnheo the mud af-
Mllglnwllel Mod 45 ninuuynd in‘
which four dog! "In killed and tone bliud- ‘
d, Del-Ib- “MIMI-humidit-
UrmPASethkNu-yedm never
line Utah udddbfiedomiuof our
final“. Undo Ben-e] did the City of
Bel-awn!“ I huge pil- of “tran
nion! meant " new. The genme popu
htian hngouhrlhl done of the duel.
epic-tub; Mb, they have got the
ml fever, 11l they are deily die".
cringe“ Inked, led mince, im nines,
eon! should du'l nub.
Hmon- n Rout—The Rm corru
pondeflolthelmdon flute-yew It.
the Hell-II ‘fiAeede-ie Pension" 0f
fie pen Oath-lie Culley. of In Pup.-
vent-o upon, njoleillglu them-m of
WI. Bunk 111 John Provost. Their do
ling all mafia-m MI, and eulled
ford Hello! ”111-e even in I climb.
1 CA‘IIOLIO halo!- Ono-um I'll
{blunt—Dish]; Dnggn. of Chicago,
hum chm-pleat Binhqa Wood,
‘of Philndilplah, In denouncing :ho Fenian
(BM, .‘u dined-g m. cm
Earn INN-3h (h wick the awnin-
mu Hutu-“MIMI! dCotli-o m 1
fouddeduhfinnlh-um'u lau
nary. Thom ended intone
udmgnhludfivod ulnypun in
“honing-dun" bun.
' 050th Mm m’oftlle Inuit
Nuploooudfifldellpknpnln ‘
mid-:u‘nhovu IEWI nun.
The Sum tn of Maine willbe $700,000
this year.
The rebel Congress cannot agree to con
ucrip! negro soldiers.
The New York city and county tax this
year will be 814,000,000.
’ Richmond wcielv in rcrrennted u terri
bly domonliuil. We be ievc it.
Jenn Lind is giving concerts in London
for the henefit of poor clergymen.
‘ Empress Eu-vcuie has insured her life for
. million of dofim. Loni: ply! a» policy.
A large numhcrof Sioux lndinna have
perished of cold thin winter on the pniriu.
Hartford will give a piano-{om made
{ram the Chum Onk to the N. Y. Smiuryi
‘uir. ‘
Letter postage fanny (finance in the
Confedernm Sum in ten cents for etch
half ounce.
The annual expenses of the cit-y of Philn.
dc! him are now over five and s quartet
milrion of dollars.
‘ The Maine soldiers in the field have ul
lottcd to their Emilie- tln past year the
Inn: of $428,857.78
No liquor can he vendod in the Heine
‘wing of the OIPiIDI It Wuhingwn. Spank
{er Colfax won t have it.
‘ The negro who mined President Lincoln
‘during his ntteck of vnrioloid is dangerou
{ ly ill with the small-pox.
} A penis“, insane mun committed suicide
‘nnr Sacramento, 1 few days since, heeeuse
‘of the fencied oifenechneu of his nose.
3 Fear- ere “gassed the: the water will
give out n che ‘ee mines. There in more ‘
cuuee for fear that the nine. will “peter."
i A queer old gentlemen being Inked whet
he wished for dinner, replied, " An I vpetite,
fined company, eolnething lo en: mi e nep
‘, In."
1 It in rerrtcd the! Vellendigheln, thmu h
‘hie frien s, inesplyingfor e pardon. \g'e
illiope the l’mi em will perdon Jefl'. Davie
\ I“.
i A British soldier was flogged in 3 public
inquire in Toronto, recently, with so Inch
i brutality tint n physiciln Interpooed 00 note
‘hiu life.
A Springfield paper uh who! military
orderia like u lady crossing the street on I
wet day? Dress up in float and close up
In the rear.
The Boston Poul lays, "u we hue an
exceu of 87.616 female- in MAI-chute":
Above mler. when can bachelors find I
bomr mnrkc' l"
A Donnnrls paper I‘- England'n in I
morality of guinea:— or policy am of
ohop-kurm—both well nproooutod by
Lord P nor-100.
Savor-l (lava-omen: ml- molly cold
a Buick. Coluforlfiy dollul (in leg-l
condom) out. Thy «remnant thou
WI doll-I opiooo.
h '- exocedingilibonl In I Iloou
loeportoodverfi-o ”thou of lay pu
mvllo my denim it. an be no! home
on I them-rm! guru.”
lavenwonh. Kong”, in aid to be grov
l‘v mun rapidly 111-n any other plan in the
odor- oon-Iry. It lion 8 pop-minor
Minn or “only dual-ml people.
A nodmh degree of Milling should
nth" be onooungod than thought ill of
in I married would, u o flight tin-pour
(ion for tho flattery Ibo In! loot.
Bu Francine claims to coo-mo more‘
animl food (but “K other cit of in lilo
in the ommtry. It uloo,oosiuhobihnta
who consume daily 07,852 pound- of meat.
Some of the 03d Fellown’ Lodge. on
muting prop-lotion tow-rd oelobncing duo
Amhonoivemry of tho Orderio the Unilod
‘Shficl, to uh phoo on tho 20th of Ayril.
\ 1! your bum chm. that God clue
Ihe «loos-1'! moio. If he ohm nod awoken,
plank God elm he doesn't an Inn". I!
he don 11l than, thunk God that. he’ll not
‘livc long.
{ M o ooncon "may. It the concloalon
of the con; “ Thcn'l I Good time Coming."
1- country former Jot up and «chimed.
“‘ Miran", you cool n‘t l: the data, could
There in o clan- of good woman who have
no right 0o lorry good Ml. fit the; have
.tho power of nving thou who wool so my
rain but for the guiding providence o! 3
god who.
‘ AI Bum- rII that Soon
Chou bu become I’l'ilb dim of:
missionary society. Wo think Elm. the no
voidy ohm-kl have moo hill fiooocid .301“
Land (too-um.
A no". lovdfioudouh by poison,
win 800 mubuhadoy.udnhud
‘to pay the doctor Ibo-“ed bin, who. In
‘tlmotoood wiggle-under: but-uh nd
Inner, if In ' M ouuo donning him.
‘ Polioolnlo Yuma. of Sn m,
Jul reached intelligoueo of u legacy of
{£2,000 If.“ :0: by the rigid Chorla B.
1 uoo, to coo-nod n we .
‘onon («Illumination MoipWhadEg
11850,"! mun-ado, the «floor, who
Will” Mo on life nod “Md reward.
‘Tllls II To CIR?!" "A! um All!
In ducal-bulimia" Audubon-unqu
I. 0. .AIAX.
“can, Inch [5 IBM. 103
TI IC-CIIII' m on- A m
mun. “ramming-unintu
Mmu...............mm.... 0‘
z: .. ..................‘....... I:
”Him In W .Ltkr
“nu. "'.2“'"'::::'.::::'.'.‘.'.'.:::t‘ll:22:? {a ‘
M. .. . """I'ilil'i'firm
m, V. I'. land I“ la“. I'M
I'ull' 111-“3:33-
“mm“: ... ...:‘z'.
mgaumnhrm“ mm a on!
“haw-um...“ I. ‘ -
I I min.
gm”: " "Megan-...”; “2
I'll ”Wm «DA-1... um
limhholovn m“n—m—v.'.f..u
1-...” «1n... In. ”'3‘.“ but.“
mmfim" ' lon-l from" hQMth-uu“.
V .... ... ... nun-u“... ... .
Inlay-unmlndlklldhmul—‘ah- 11l
“1:“: '}W gum” ....22: :
Win—manna...- -
3"“.- nun'ml‘ '
in... manta-. 00“ " v. 5
‘ manua- covu-r train.
1!! Diltricl—At Willa Will], on the flu!
Mondny of April Ind October of each yelr.
2d District—Al Vancouver. on the «toad
Monday of March Ind the third Monday of
Oclolwr; Ind It Olymph, on (he an: Mmdly
of May ind lecond Mona-y of November of
rich ynr.
8d District—Al Perl Townlend, on tho lec
}oml Maud-y of June I Id first Monday of 82;»
Member; It Said: on the fourth Monday of
Jun. Ind «mud Monday of October; Ind n
Steiluoovn on the third Monday of May Ind
first Monday of November of each year.
-8"!- Vletorh dlllv EVENING IX!!!” cannula
lino mm mm. Cancun. 11l Cour-d Km up to Ila
tour a! plug I. ma. Mu. It. nnly "cola. up" pub-
Mud II mum. And having u elm-Mm! «all In In]
other mm! In KM (Hon. ll vlll N M an “cello-I
Imm u uuhln «mu-m u. hm. IMIr anu Mon
”to MI. 1! ' 1
no u- .“ Mum-l M
I cum. 1. r. Alum.
‘ll up In halt“ a cum: bet-«I lklluu- m All
you.» Imam-l mwufilm.
\ mun A k cam-m aw Howl"!
‘ MI. ud Caunlvy Find-a. fur 'l.ch a 1:. m hill.
"nodu- unto-admon- no not smm by that!
III] and on tho sound. mum Ind an 11l be
”If. “cm"ym‘r'flm" mu, :0 n o In.
-' I f . I! I 4 I
“ANION. a: I'ufluuon. in “-0.27.
MM CAHAIN. all had.
u Gnu-la. um" cm: the Inn 3nd lo: 006!le
by Indl. Goo-Inna. l huh: a noun 1. IV Moul- nu
NJ": ‘4: mild "ml 3 IE man. the hull“. 10h
31.!23’32.” some. utuuuuplm nio-
'wfiwoé‘l' :«Tv amine-I l-m no. lunleu d m
mu. m Imp-ma. con-hung I: M at
Dry Goods,
Ladlu’ Dre.- C: nods,
Clotllng, nan,
Boot- nml slou,
- Groceries, kc.
New 00M- Il'll be m mm to Ila. added 1n thou. u
m "auburn-“ Tn. AM elm palm-ml!
napalm": mm
Moll-M. luck 11. I”. “ah
Brown’s Bronchlul (tn-octet.
1M“ bun-p 0 In "mm! 17-.- . highly also-Id rr
up luv mum. marl Alum-I. nah-o. Ila-ur
s73sM" “In. and man-- or unnu- 0! IN
y m MA.“ A” 'WALUH '
'IIMIIr-NMMIHI mmmmmm‘
In. or ninth-haul "Mala; an "Iron! In" 111, Inuit!
"mm o' I ml Off-111. hull-l Arthur mm
“KM” Cm uh t~ II
I 0' I
n 53" nun-mm: a 0n...” rum.-
0' "RICE. 11.-‘II|II mu lurk! .1 Hu11..-
lon Tammy.
u. I. mu. Mill. um: omin" Inf. bo
mm—cm am... I. a. Dam on I- ‘m
grunt-M'IMWMJ IAIN-malfun
kflluoil IAMNW: You In hub It.“
”It": In fled-cumin “magi-u“
omm 11l cun- n 5 Incl an IM m 0:
II»: MAJ“ mu con-m- ung“?- “I. ”111
math-It'll Ind Mmry.lh. nun-lu- 1-
nmut-um-u u-muhunrvl 111-lulu
unfit-tut w my" man! ma.
mm... M man-H W Islam-h-
HM mlmgnhm’J'Elp-u "lawn-m
Dhtlinn I'll." hlhlflfilmhflll.
[MW-hilarious! on numdM ll all-a
zit-"L mun-I‘l- mumsmmmaw cl all
at o.
W M 'O. an. Inn.
"fl- "AII mil. HII'I Any. 1
' na-mAunAw'r. I
OLYMPIA. W. 'l‘. v
' ~. V "...“
....""’m".'.'.'.".“:.".£ cramm'ummmrm' ':
=y'cbnbou-lulhm. mmwuwa
let]. M I o‘.” 'c'q 1n...
. armam mmmau "WM-.32":
elu- MI. and veil-undiluted not-u.
" mmmnmlMh-flth-Mu.
I'M w
um um num- II
3001‘?! AND SHOES.
HATS, Elll. ETC.
villi-Imb- mun-mum.
cot-or I‘m mad Whitman.
Ital Via-h. V. I.
vnouuu KAI-ll I! ' .. -
mu. muons. mum. Gilli. WISE.
11l CUB. m. '
00le I?
I‘ll sum: lllllfl.
moon, w. 'l‘.
Tnu “WI Will. (mu
m In loll“ .Jnury Oh. II“. VI
l'llll In ”mm:
In: Ind-ll Mk- mmd clou- “uh-...“
I“. rut-L.“ ......» .....u..-....-.
than. N ..........................n ”I
lulu: 1|»: .... . .....-............... ll'
km in hull M “mud n m... Ir
In" M M? WU:
new». pry-uh a duo- Int... “mm-...“
Gl‘ml: INUH‘I'WNI:
“mam .um'wgr.mumm
m..." ~ ”.m-m-am“: ”v- m
mun. nu chug-I h- Ihuduor um...“-
lnnn-Ou. Vth- I" ROOM In mum-nun u- “3
umumuuuumu um
”1... AI WIND-HI“ I. It. Milo-cl 111
nth-nod nun-I1 “anion-I0 Clam-I
M Ibo «lute-- camel-a n! In sum-lanai.
In ml. huh. ovum tun a! nun-m... Id
......'-- “afl—rnzzmm "mm:
a... MI: “I! In luv-ml, «Wait.-
W .1 cut van-r.
' .
..rm-zmmtugm'm “mm...“
mama-“mam “puns-um;
on than and Mn Mu! well; um. film.“ If
«manhunt-finding: mum
mwmamm ”mum-u mn- ”...,
"an man In": v-In 0! than. M til-v
“mtg-m. Inn-bud“. a“
m ‘lb m 11. “In. My
' I. M “may,
U MI I M" M m
“as. M. 111-I. Vlmg'rhhfl. 111 m
.3: 32:2 353:. :1." rm,“ ""'."..':'.:
can”! whim.- utmmWfl unl
h 1*”. ”huh-NI M IIIQ- 0|
W. 3 «HI mm m not mpg-u by
Madman."- Ihhu. Mus-Inchi- u
"um. up” "mmm‘hnur IIACII
.I new. "in. u henna-. 2 or I. m. czwxgfi...‘
W - ~ ' » J
Sfizsrrllmm Sdmflsrm
a v A swarm-1m comm. com
“I"?! x hut-w M' In. firm. i! Ila-d fl:
Blflllllfll. mm ‘l3-:- gnm mm 5....”‘"::! ...
c I u an,
1'00"!“ Innn lc,‘ 3JI host-m.
”I wont Inc“; M a d ‘
“I'm“ 1111111 l Uni-«Illa nlk'. u
‘ “I. Ahllhgil. finnnh, and gum.“
‘ up! .
M”. M. at": 1.12..» Iran m "‘1
In? ad rut-nim- Ihe vo'n. nun-r, film . ,‘
dlerl who unmx lhe "kc. an! In «W h“
chann- child an I'ul. Ohm! only II» “-
“ Iran‘s anchlnl 170 cm” hum-l ml M
by I Int .I Many "In. an NIH: rec: amend“
scribed by Huyllcl-m and luvmm In I)» ‘m].~-
"S“!!! '“!!"‘l"'"".'.'°' "."".‘.' *."‘"“." EL"; .
mm“. .t..............‘ ...... TB; in“? We?“
‘ :31: m: .21."'.'§§:..;:.u m"; ...”:3
“El "u" i" c'nn’l'iidtox a can" I:
Momma! NU'I'IIIII! Ilo‘l’uml ,
| 'm‘l MI :1 pneu- In. WIN
, Icahn“ Syrup M mun-4111““
. ulna“. pnmhuon u the prescription! o', ad a! .1
, 11ml: phyllclnu ud aural In an United .9111.
t tan-been M hr may year-WI mar-m“ .
, nd mum by nlllhul o! llolhm Ind whim. 1...
hem. Inf-M 0! on not old I. the “In.
I: not on" nun- an and M - 11mm 1.1“
tho I'D-“h and bank. unm- "qu. ”I I".
all new to a. not. lying. II will that
Pull"! BIIHSO I! ‘llll mm Ind I'm) m.
'0 II I". It ".1 Mn and um "Ind! II It. ”5
11l cuc- ol hymn" up! Dhrrlm II cllldnl.
lumnufutunguwflh'um 7
run dlmllonl In um. um tee-Irvin! em "
new York. II on tho "I“. mm. ,1
w bun mm mum. Macon J... a“
thr Yum
rm only as our NW
mmwenxsx... ,
i-lm fl. Ind ‘ls Front I‘M“ In C. .:
“2&0“ CLO Tfllflg ;
. 'l' 0 11. 11, ,
ITEILAOOOM, w. 'l'.’ '
I:an m .1
TAII PLIAII'II u "vol-mo til
pal-he h [cm-l [MI they in. "It"! My
0! humu- to flu all and 0' , '
”LC“ A Vim
when um- I". on In“ I well-m ma 0'
owl-ma. v w,
DIV 000 M. Alt) "on ‘
mu m 0H; '
Crockery. Gm."
hum-111 Dunk [ln at h"
count-o. an» nu ma. .
full ‘39 m “If. 2‘
Map. Ann. lull. “iii-all. M 1;
WOW “ah-1 .0. NW;
thlwoohr fund-u mwmpmn w
a country rod-oc. Id ~33! r
you nut—um cu Ina-Ind mu 1n ‘ I "
‘ s: I. u and: my. MW
lam";- MST-1:" '- 1.013.
Human "48'. "at M m 4?”
A, Fun. printed 0. ”Mn It In” hum-d b
In. In an «ion. .1 It. Duluth. M:
Munro-t. - o - moon ,3
“Imam“. a l o - lilo."
"mam. "- 0 - Ohm ~
Magnum-1.. - - - D-"%‘
‘ with". manna-1.1:... “h. 53
um I.llpm m...“ 'u" 17:51.11... “'3:
cm mum. to- hunt... - ‘l'
mun Ii? mm." Tm.
in an n _ u.- .y
MAJOR J. amount. :5 . 1
l. I. o'.” V“ and lub- -._
V . h 'l’.“ ' . :11 ,1
Ann 11. l.—M [m h It.” .;
nu loam. Guardian-I mm {l}:
Ari-hi“! 1b... .4. ....... ... u... , '
m . A lan-II“? nu
n-nuhmlcnnuz. “11.0.1“... ./ .
anmsmux-l all-UM”;- :
cl Antlery.muhvd h- «h hurl 'l3‘lfls
I'll“ ("chm-Ind I'm-um: 31' ,
, mm. nun-. 1 Dialer-IIII'U m 1 ,2,
ml. lvdnmvlhflw ”......g. ' 1';
All" lit-If?“ “fl-Ll: ”MIN-.... ..
unuflwiann-wlm _r2 1
«a a... M , ~
when? “Rm-u M) rm: ‘
f 0...---....-- n -I« - onunnnuucu
381334. o.—A¢de:l~h-s4 M
II . m '
I's. nun-mum Mun-7...! vim 1' ‘
I‘M-‘13.? 6:11 ......‘._Z._..m......._....é.....mg R“ i.
U!!! M M ..- 'A‘
humour-£171“ . 3.1.51 M,‘
mum-u: ”unfit-at:
111-M lam an.” . Ina-lul- ,'
Ilou Hahn: 0.11 m: am an. Inc-E; hi“
mmpmnvdmmn ””1:
“‘m:":.**..=....~w *
"mu-igdlhxbr. .... t";
was 12?: vaunmumm ”1g;
, n r! '
lit-111 I 111. 111 01 I m OI fl .
Int-I7 um I- n...“ ‘ ~~. L
In lunar-om mama-outfit}.
‘ mm. :4;
Mal-" Hum ' ,-
Al IM- d‘ In no.“ mo: clan
lam “1 M 33 IM u ...“!h In.
N"! dul.‘ Own-null. 111-111 w '
' 1.1:" 1. :35 £5! ,
MIMI! All mm: m
IAN mucxoco. '"a Q
IDIII ”I m M .
9&2.“ all “stumbling-w
amnunammmm- “a"
am I» I'll I-luul .1 Hub n 1 uni-fill! ~u
mdlmd and-n I- m II- nun-11¢ - . q
nutuuuuymw-uu-m ’.
M‘lw.mmflnnm .unl ;_
“HM “In-um A.» I- m... :
«whammwmmd, ‘
um mum-hu- uu . . x. ‘.
”ha-m Int—ub- M .1 .1
'-.P.tohn|oo.. MRI-aha; :
:3. 11. Can-m a 0-. 3 3“
a% “2"?“ = “j
”timylfifflu “may ?
.mm “2......” fit}; a
lull. Inn-um Want-I. an», 11. m
u b) will-dun 1"!!- h Pb.
cm.” rt,
‘ Ont-I" I-umo’n M
-3" ' o. I. In]. B n M
£5.13": khaki-3.... Mal-:37.“
'0 in! ' 1.; man. rapid
vm um um i. :3
gmwfi I. It. I.
Mn .1” mm. Duh: n
encnm. 111111. mum m may
Pan TIM “.11 A“
Auxun-n “I'm
"Action. Icon-mu.-
nm In»: up Mun-a law
m w “...-1%“.
In of cm: W flag-7";
3.11%.!“ lulu-lamina omin. Lb” ,
Inna: cm
ATTORNEY AND covnsnwn AT Ll'r
ovum-cum“ Will u M
mummJ. I-II .
o. emu. r. m ‘f
o. mount a cow .
Inn. ll '
onocnnmk momma alumni!
ND mm (mum.
‘ Hz" 1" W'n'r. W- "'

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