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Puget Sound herald. [volume] (Steilacoom, W.T. [Wash.]) 1858-1864, October 03, 1864, Image 4

Image and text provided by Washington State Library; Olympia, WA

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thence nlunu Ni'w ll’llllpb’llll‘t‘ uu-nue tn the '1
Circle. Aim, :5 double or singli- truck ‘1
branch railway, minimum-lug at. the inter-l
sec'iun‘ot‘ 1) street north and New Jenn-y ‘
avenue; along New Jam-y tin-uncut Mm
euchum—tzs avenue to Militant-inmate nvvnuel
tn ll street no th; and nloufl ll strut-t. north
t ) Seventeenth street west, itttrrwcxing tin-l
doubletrnck mud. Altmadunhle or ninule ‘
track mad [mm the intersectiunut‘ l’iftwnth I
street Wf'sl. and I Itreet north, connoclingl
with the duuble-tmck ruad n' Fillet-nth
t-trcet west; along I street north to New
York avenue; along New York avenue to
Ninth street west: and along Ninth etrect
west to the Washington cattel'. with that
privilege of extending the aid branch mad
It any time along Ninth street wear. to M
street. north, along M street north to Tweifih
street west, and along Twelfth street west
to the \Vuehiltgltm ennui and Maryland av
enue to the Potomac river. with the right
to run public carriages thereun drawn by
hum power, receiving it rate at fun not
exceedinifive eenta u plunger, for any
distance etwcen the termini of either of
the said main railway. or between the ter
tnlni of either of said branch fillwhyl, nr
lit-tween either termiuvta of aid main reil
wey end the terminua of either of aid
branch railweve: Provided. That the use
and mtintt-muee of aid road shall be sub-l
ject to the municipal regulations of the cit y
01 Washington within it: corporate limits.
Sec. 2. And!!! it further enacted. That
aaid road: aimll be deemed real mute. and
they, together with nther ml property and
personal property of Ilid body corporate,
the“ be liable to taxation, an other real e«
we and perwml property, and to liocme
for their vehiclea or earn. in the cilia. afore-
Ittid, “cert u hereinafter provided. and
tint ail ot wr eor ratora in tho Dietrict of
Columbia heretolhore organized for like pur—
pose: shall be uni-ject to ply license,“ pro
vided in this notion. _ _
Sec. 3. Am! be it further enacted. That
the mid nilwuy Ihnli be laid in line centre
n! the “canes Ind amen. (excepting New
Jersey avenue, and there it uhall be laid u
hereinbefon provided furl“ near u may
be, witlmut interfering wit or [tuning over
lbovutor or cu pip“, in the most ap
proved manner ndnpud for ntroet niiuyn,
‘wilh Hill of the must approved put emu.‘
to be detrrmmed by the Secretary of the‘
Interior, It'd upon In oven nurfnce with the
pawn“ of the «min; and the Ipm bo
tween (In two trucks shall not be lona than
four feet nor more than nix Test; ad the
cal-rings Mi not bv leu tlun nix loot In
width. on gauge a: coin-pond with that of
tho Boltimou nod Ohio rnilrold.
Soc. 4. And be 0'! {art/tar enacted, That
the raid corporation oreby created shall
be bound to tarp laid truth, and for the
are. of two feet beyond the outer mil
t and, and also the space between thel
trash, at all time. well paved and In good‘
order. without “was wtha United States;
or to the city of nhlwn. ‘
See. a. An“: ilfiu ' flaunt, 11m
nothing In thla act ahall prevent the Gov
ernment at any time, at thalr optlon. fl'om
altering the grade or otherwiaa imgrovln‘s
all ava'nuaa aad atraatl ooeaplod y In
Morita dty ofWalllagton from no
during or Improving aaeh maul ava
naaundtho mtharmlumy'ba
aadtr fltr mpaulva'authority and con
trol; and |a mutant ttallall bathodutf
of I" company to change Mr said rat
roadwa- to cotton; to Inch grade and
'la'e. QAMII “man-cm.“
all In any at aaz’tlzba altarad. mm:
or. W W o! t
“I!“ m A A ' A A _ _
8&7. Mb “finder-am“. That
m h‘ at. a Chll In no onlu‘ruod us
momma body corp-mo Io lum
ny mud. dub, lama-aw.“
due: 0! (Huh he .6 u I annoy.
«pad nook tom
Mia-thatwommntan’ln hun
drdm Jollu‘lnd M ch mot
nhll ho divided Into M of fit, dulln
ufl ind-hull In “and pom-l prop
ony Mk II not mueru m by.
ha of Mid mp“, magma.
Jutldh-flfiur mm:
Ihould my skull plus Involunt
onuu railways. m. .u a. modern ml
pun-luau fix the cot-mime. sud com 1
and mutt-II run and there-'1
allied-flit tyn- ofln u ovary four‘
Mn shim tun uh Coplwl, vi.
dqmmmkfiulo; undo-a unnum
mn- Ilh- dam-nah way. on!
“Muffin-w u «nan-nov
or, hit but; ad Elam-gins day Ind
W Jamil/wrung“ Th:
.m]. pawn W
mun-.,malhu. nu... md dopou 3:
Mr... It. balm of an nilmad
ad. Jumbo. Milka public may re
«l%., Adfioufl com, la touchy
Malay-uh rall- leu‘h ungu
vu-nrothnmuu any In ueormry
fill mun-Iv. ”rpm-of «naming the
uldlbbhlluddepou with cumin Inch.
And would W] bhroby- "hurls-d
tu punk; or ”malaria-. 0! building:
u N _ my MI"
mm “eta afloat, mud, and do
‘s3:?“er fur maul. 3
' .\ 0'! lla
sll mklgto‘l ulna [in my I). 111-darl
mflth—layof Ibo-n orothervehl
older lb) .W‘Jflul bot-ha to
lM'priuirlm‘ mln I book
’ ' ‘0 ' . l
'a . l
with]: Eh do” with?” d an.
m. the common mum! In the fin loo
ciongouhujofllyor Motif-:1 Man
or um? to net, than n mjority {ln re
mll [dull cum book-ofnbw-i don
to the uplul met at aid compuny {a In
Wad hp: om In somo cannula»
d' i Junta (In on, of Wash
W’ «in noo‘olook In the founoon
‘lvo'o'éloel In an album. (or. pork
than two days, (unless the who]. stock
111-ll In winch-uracil): for.) Ind nld
W n la noun, I) ll
fathom ln 61‘0“pr publh‘
In the city of Wuhn‘wn, of“. M
wheunndtboplaavhn Inldhooh‘lflll
momma; Anal 0-2::- 15:11me uld
: m ecu I d I mmpun
shall be' told mph: Imholdcn: Pun-VJ,
Tim nevi lulncrlber shall pay I: the um.
of when“: in; [wally-ll" pot «mum of
the'amoum by lulu: whlcflbod ta th- tru
nimr polnted by tho m‘rponum, or him
ghlmlgllw dull be null md' with PM.
6M, furnllr. 11m nulhlng shall ho uh.
t‘cid‘ll in payment nt' (in; unruly-live pi-rl
‘crniuin at "I" uni.- ul' ..uim: ibing except
i nmin-y: l‘loi-iilul,_/nrtlier. That no person
‘.‘hilii III! nlluoul in sulm-riiic for more than
lil‘l-wn th.uii<:iliii «lullurn. And when the
I lmulh nt' aulmi'lptiun to the on 'vitul stuck
of mud company nhnll be ohm-ii, the cor
l purilturs limited In "I" first auction, or n im
jnriiy of them, and in case any of them re
l fuse or neglect to net, then a majority of the
I reiimiiider, shall, within tn enty days there
nt'ler. call the first meeting of the flock
holders of said cum nany to meet within
ten duye for the cilnioo of direct-ire. of
which public notice shall be given l'nr five
“My: ili two public newslmpere published
(hilly in the city in Win-hingwn. or by
written personal notice to each ~tuclihulder
by the cloth or the ourporhtiun. And in
all ineeting- ot' the .im-khuldern each share
shell entitle the hiildur to one vote. to be
given in person or by pmxy.
Sec. 18. And be “further enacted. That
the government and directinn ul‘ the amine
of the company ehull be metal! In ii hoard
' of directore, heron in number, who uhiill be
stockholdere, end wh-i .hell hold their ufl'ice
for one your. end till otht-ru are duly cloned
and qualified to take ”lt'll‘ place: in direc
tore. And the said diwetnrii (ii mejurily
‘ nt' whom. the premidniit being one, ~hall be
i a quuruni) shall elect. nine of their number
to he presldeiit of the boar-I, who shell
also be president of the emnpuny ; end they
illull elm choose a treesurer. whu ahall give
bond- With uiirt-ty to and oiiiipeny. iii suili ‘
‘ l‘llll 88 the and direcinni may require, lur 1
the faithful discherge nt' hlu tr it. In one i
v of in “alley in the twain! of direeturu by i
the death, reaigiiiitiuii, "7 otlieruimiil‘ any i
dlmtur, the vmucy occasliuned thereby 1
l hhfl" be filled by the remaining direct-urn.
I' See. H. And be “further enacted, That
- the dil‘uctnl': illmil have full powu to umlw
and prescribe such by-luwa, rules and regu
lations us they ehelt deem needt‘ul and pm
-1 per, touching the diupoeitiun and «human
l meat of the unlock, property, em!» and of
' t'ectwl' the company. not contrary to the
I charter, or to the hive of the United Stltee
and the ordihlnooe ol‘ the city of Wit-hing
' ton: lhwided, Thnt there shall he no reg
' uletion excluding my peinun from my oer
lonaceountol‘cphir. A _ __
.Scc. 15. Audbe ilfurllur enacted, That.
tin-re dull be u: maul meeting of the
Midday for choice of directory to be
holdon at such time and pine, under welt
condition, and upon such notion, u the aid
comp-nay in war ivy-Inn Elf proactibo'.
And uni dirocum sir-ll smmni y make- no
a); in writing oi their doings to tin nook
Sec. 16. And be “further enacted. That
ll:- uid company shall have 11. I“ times
the froo nud uninterrupted use of the road
ui. And if my person or penan- ulull
vil full; and innocent-wily olmruct or im- ‘
pod. the pang. on or over uld nilvmy.‘
or any port. thereof, or dull injure or do:-
my the cm. depot. manual 0! my prop. ‘
on] belonglh‘ to said railway oompux. (In
porno or Mlle ofl'emliu' dull rfeiv.
and ”f for every such ofl'eule tho sum of
in do Inn, to I). mound uni dirponed
of u odm ino- ud populac- in and mum,
and dull "min liable. in addition to will
finally. fix- my loan or «lungs «scammed
y “I. her, or [hair act, .- amid; but
no Ink 111-ll he brought unlun «unmounted
within any days IMI' web ofl'unu nlull
but how comment.
Soc. 17 And be “I"er cmcud, Thu.
‘unlul aid oorpontum dull mulls Ind num
{plou their aid nilnyl bum the Cup
‘ it»! and Seventeenth urea wars: hin foul
ruin- mouth um 111. company Ihnll hue
been org-mud. um! uh. nilvllyu ou the
«that mum Imam dumbed wizhin «no
nu- nlgu- th.wmpuu uh“ hue boe'n
axis-d. than than-m. dull tn null null
v and!» right.- vhuuuvuulull he»
quad nod-u it.
One. 18. And 5‘ “further uncut, 11.»
ml pol. Ind pan- of W herwJoN M
which II'I inn-amt with an) of the pn
vlaionmf :5“ not no. fin- th- pur ul
{lbmhnby rap-domwlluu 5.. mo.
m moon-um benwlth. 7 A
Sun. 19. And 60 1'! fimhr «and. That
«(it at tho Inukbuidero of the Metropoli
un Rolland Company shall inimiividuoiiy
liable hr 11l tho debts Ind lilbliitln of
aid oompony, to on onmmt oquni to the
.Ith of “not hold by sub ntuukbolden.
809. N. And ‘0 s'er “and. That
the odd Rulirood thinplny Ibuii keep in
good Mr and in clean condition the ting.
ntouon or emu nib lending to. upon. and
om- tin'u- traolu It. the trunnion-tr the
nvml “recto, which inturuot I r rail
rood, roar-vi thenhom wow and ion. a
woii u JM'ltfirt. or other nanny-"cc; and
MI forth. winning:- noun-I7 in my
dot not-b emu-ing- dry ad c. moment. rain
or olunto tho ammo nufiicionll fur tb-t
put-pine, Ind nbuliodjint tho-dinning pave
ment to u tu mote it convenient fol com
tn uid «uni
"an. 4|. All“ “fimr mound. Tim
for «ch and every vmintion ut' the I‘m-ego-
In; provision. the aid company nil-ll fon
(uit and po'y - am out ic- tbnn five dun-n
and not um than one hundred duiinru,
which my booth-mum, with until-f unit
can luiot any nut-in ,inm
court 3 ampot-t Sfildm in tin Din,-
tflot of lomliil. Bod! Iction my be
m“ '”.ua“'o..u"'“'r °§ 3m” x.“
W- o
Imuoddoiibofm-tbo ouofth city
of Washington. and the other half for the
not thumpinimtz Wham,
Tit any party comploinont all."I befinn
com-main; nod untimilo with tin Clerk
oftbolupnnn Goon oftbo Distrietoi'
Oohnblqoboudtoboappmod by uid
M, Ind iaopwuityof mbnndrod dol
lan. conditioned tint the complainant shall
wolilod tniy lon botanic-o, ond Indem
nity the aid city splint tbo "Luann of
oil out: old ell-rp- which lii-ii mov-
In tin mm at to pmeoutc or
mint-hi Ili- nid mplaim.
Bot”. Awhilfiu-lkrmud, Tbot
tbnoidniimod eompox shall, by tin nt‘-
towntbdoy of hungry. or tbocotopletiun
of unwound-noun, on orbofiwctbn
doy than". inn-nit to Congra- u full
uponoi them-in, balm-I, Ind nondi
tiul'of the mid company be (be your tor
mllg Ike-min thirty-om procedl
mum-odmmam benign-3
aid-won» by tin providout and tho
moftbooompxymrby ouujorityof
tbodimood inpooi y tbofiuiiowin'
noun: Pint, eupitoi stock, fixed by ohm.
Mupitduoek nimibed ondloto-‘
oily paid in in cult. Third. Dividond- I
tooth to “holder- on the upitui Iwek
oi tb- eompooymnd when (nude. Fourth. I
Tutsi capitol nook It the termination of the |
provioun year. Pink. Fund“ debt of ‘
tho company, vui-i in what way WIN-4. 1
iSlxth. Floating debt of the company.
[Sow-nth. 'l‘utnl indebtedness of company
exclusive ot'cnpiml ; cost nt' rend. Eighth.
Total mst of ruils. ehninl, upikm, and other
irun uscd nu mnatrnctiou. Ninth. Total
cost of ties, slrmgers, and other wood or
timber used in construction. Tenth. Cunt
nt' paring atone, gravel, and other mate
rial used in cunntructlon not. above enu
meruted. Eleventh. Cunt. of labor in the
mmtruetiunot'the mud. Twelfth. Co“ of
engineering and slurios paid to omm. and
agent: ot the company. nud discnuut on in
t.-re.~t paid on loans. Thirteenth. Amount.
expended 11l I'l'Pall's nt‘ mud; cm! of equip.
ment. Fuurteenth. Numbrr and ('ual. of
our”. Flttt-entln. Number of homes or
mules used in the service of thy mud, and
root. Sixteenth. Coal ot' hnrnos-J And
other nppointznvntn. Seventeenth. Cod.
ol mob. and fixtures, including furniture nt'
nlfices. Eighteenth. Cost. of [PM astute
In-| xmpruvenwnts then-on by the company;
elmrxn-terlsties. Nuneteemh Tomi length
of roots mea-ured an s|"qu truck, includ-
III'; witches and turnoutr. Twentieth.
Weight and character of rml. Twenty
first. Nutnherot pnsecnglncarrieddnrxug
‘lll"'l‘llr. 'l'wenty-aecoml. Average num
her of passengers per trip. [name of
road. Tweet '-tlnrd. Total row-pm from
pavehgeri. 'B'Wcuty-l'umrth. Tomi receipts
from other mum» and who! murres. E:-
penu: qf operation and nwmh'nuure of
rotul. 'l‘wrnty-lillh. Amount of N|ll|fao~
Im] to ofliveru of the rumpnny. Twenty.
mx'h. Amount nid (oomph-yen— It'lltne
nun 'lM'l' ouch nt' clerks, mnducturs, drivers,
«anon keupet'i, nod lulu-rerun. - Twenty
.wvelull. Ann-not paid lor tnxewf I” kllldl.
uud insurance. wenty eighth. Amount
mud for reconstruction of and I‘t‘putl'! to
I m-k.turtloutgnndothor elrllcturm. Mir
rt-llautoua. twenty-ninth. Amount ut‘duv
nlends pm] during lhu preceding yenr m
euah, and dividends in stock to Itoekh ~lder|
‘ nnd pun cenmge of ouch. 'l‘hirtieth. In
crensn of capital stock. it‘ any, during the
your. 'l'harly-flrst. Number of per-now
‘ killed or national) injured an the road dur
ll? the pruviuuu year, end the clumthero
o .
‘ Sec. ‘33. And be “further matted, That
‘il shall be the duty of said company. when
‘md rum] is completed, to have prepnred
Links“ (at passage on Ihenr cars, and to
I(er them It. their office for sale by the
‘pnc ago of Manly five or over at the raw
of twenty-five for tha dollar.
1 Appruvod, July 1, 1864.
Ax Act to inaugurate the Pawnmc Ferry
‘ unpany.
BC it enacted by the S mm and Home 9]
Representative: of Mo United Slam: uf
Austria: in Caugm: mmblod. Thu Ilen
ry D. Cooke. John B. lluwhiumn, U. C.
l‘uhmtuck, Thumu Ulyda. and Willi-m
11. "etch, and dwin- uuociuu- and unseen»
oort, or n mujnrity of than), are hereby
crack-d and minutes) A body polillc and
corpomo by m nuns and ulyle of The
Potomac Fez? Company.
See. 2. A 6. it further meted. That
the upiml stock of aid o-mpony dull nut
I). Inc than we hundred thnuuud dullm
nor mun than five hundred leusaud dul
lnn, :0 be divided hm: sham at one hun
dro}! dollar» etch.
Sec. 8. And be it further waded. Thu:
MM company in nulhosm-Il and mnpuwerul
to oulablish and run I lino or Inn» of vea
neln, prupolled by Mum or other “war,
bemoan the cities of Alexandra and «who
|ugmn. Ind uthor purl. In the Sum of Var
‘mln, on tho l‘olmuo nver, Chesapeake
guy. or the mbuuria uf llle ulna. ‘
Sec. 4. And be it further enacted. That
aid cum ny IO dunnutlwnxud lo patella-o.
hum, annual. and: real nun I! [my be
noon-my!» wry mm calm the pur um
of thin let. an! to build .11 uncanny fileku,
whmu, uzd building: tho-eon I‘m- thur
on: an; my trawpon pan-engen um
l‘uth. ul‘ ovary dwipthm, ”Inject tn the
Inland regal-nuns and lu- ol‘ the Uniwd
Sula; any um um) be wed; may have u
wmmuu It'll. and manually may nnvu and
m the right. and wink-ge- «wally:
pouch-ed by slunllu' mrwnflonl. ‘
, Sec. 5. Am! 60 it further cuelod. Thul
tho dim of hlld company nluul he mum‘
Aged by such unicor- u the Imeltlnuldorl ln
guml meeting shall elect and such quat
u any be Ippumled b the hand at dino
km. The pen-«mu named tn the first two
lion of this um, or u nujuril of them, my
all I meeting of tho Indium“: Cur the
purpoa uf organizing aid c-nnpuny It Inch
tim- md plug: as they may delenmue upon,
All" advertising Ih- um- nnd place as they
any dolermln-- upon. an...» ulvcnuing the
than and plates 3: they. nay dOM-fllllm
upon. an" advomnlngx um. ud plus.
of null naming or um a.” In one or mun
luv-upper» publluhed in the city ”r WNI
lu‘tun. Tho uficoru of an] onmpwy onus
aloud shall huld thelr "filo-u unul thall
“guitar; graph-non.
8-0. 6. AM! be it furmr amid. Tho
lho uid board pf duruchm may unite in
not-enumerates and by-lam for the tram
l'er of I 'ltuck Ind the mam! muuagw
than! of thc hunlnn-u ofwnid cumpmy;
ind «eh Itockhulder in mid company uhull
be individually ltlblu- for I" china: uguin-t
lln n-ma‘u. on lime web 01-im- woo.
Etc. 7. And“ it firm:- nuclei, Thu
till not. shall be enforced from a» puny.
Sec. 8. And 60 it [amber enacted, That.
(humu- my a All? time 50mm: Alter,
wand, or repeal ll: c not.
Approved, July 1, 1804.
Jam Emma: «cherish lbs Secular, of
the Treuury lg ulna our'uln punk- I‘m
Imam. or yum of «lulu und poulun
linked the Sonata and Hunter
Reyna-3mm: lb (lulled Rule-g AM ‘
‘OO 11l 00am annual, Thu! ll:- r,
of the Tnuury h and h. inhunh mum.“
to uku- nmldhclm'o the with Nation! Pair,
usually held u Cum at In! M I“ III
hill? hmhh'imunod hr or on Account of
Int “I sold M and Mug uctm without
Ihnuwumpqmdot m muopuymt
of All lien.- in. mop dudes. or milk-In
mrnd 57 m o! u» lulu limo-la.
AM Jun 80, no;
Jam Blame: to rid. hr (he publlulhn
of I (all my lull-(or.
haw» 11. Soul: cad Eula
WOl IA: Unv'ld Suu- q/ “mg
(a in Lumen-nailed. That thou-rm",
‘of With-Jud ha imminent!“ and
nqnlnd In cumulon- Imh Anny W
for flu ya: olghkon hundred Ind tiny-tour,
aunt-to hurl-dud yublinnnd n lhll roo
hror lull of M. lino. Ind M one." ul
volt-Mur- who in. boon in th- may or the
Unit-d Snu- linen Ibo beginning ol the pro
mt rebellion, showing rheum- c an yet In
an nuke, or In" bun dilehgq-Jthonfmn.
Ind giving «mulle- Ind other ”plan-unn
prom rm tug-l, a raglan: \nd lo dollar In .
whole or in put the expense: of this publicl
‘lion m edition of “RV thounml copies of such
ionlnrm-d rogister nhnll be published and any
{be sold to olliceu, mldicrs, or chimml. It I
3pricc which shall not more thin tour the ac-
Hml cm! of paper, printing. and binding, Ind
huh.“ not in any can «zoom! one dollar per vol
"'"Sizpmved, June so. 1864.
AN Aer to "full" the veto pawn-r in the Ter
r tor, of Wuhlngton.
Be it mac/«l by (he Sandi: and (Inuu (y‘ Rop
mmlauru 91‘ the United sum (5/ America In
Congress mmblal. That every bill which shall
‘hne pulled the hginlnlin- Ann-Inbly of Wuh
ington Tcrrilm-y Ihnll, before it lmconlr u law,
be wen-null In the UoVernof. If he Ippruvc
he shall sign il, but if nut lu- shill re‘urn 11.
nllh his ohjmiunu. to thll lluuu in which it
uhnll have origin-ml, who shall ruler the ob
joulium n large on thrlr journnl and towed
to rommnidor it. ll altrr such rcmnsitnmtmn
urn-thirds nl' thnl llnuse lhl“ lyre. to mm the
blll, n. Ill!“ belong together wllh the ohikocliollu.
to the other lion», by which 11. 111-ll ikuwhw
be mnnnldu-n-d, um! I! approved hy two-thirds
nl' RM "oqu it. ulnll bnome a lot. But In
all uuch “It” the van-- of both llonun nhnll
b 0 determllml by ye“ Iml mm. mm! the mum
of the much: vmlna for and again". Iha hlll
nh-ll he enter-d on the Juurml of etch Houn
n-lpuctivdy. If my lull ahnll nut lm n-mn-ml
by Ihc Guvvmur uilhin llve dnyn (Sand-ya»:
neulvd) chr it nhnll hlve been renamed to
him, Ihr name shall be I law, in HE.- mlmwr u:
if he hm] planed it. unlwm ll".- chiulltlre As
uemhly luv Ih-ir mfiuurnmrm prowl-M in re
turn, in which on. it 111111 l not In I law.
Appruved, June ”.1864.
A: An- tn elnpnwer the Superannuatml Fund
Sm-iely ul‘ the Naryhrml Ann-tit! Cnnfi-rrm-t
--to huh! llrnlwrly in ”It Ilixuict nl (‘ulu-nhi:
and In tnken «li-visi- under the will of the
lllh' William Doughty.
Will-r 1!!! a ci-uuin William Dnnuhty, ul
Grumman-n, in the District nf Cumming.~ h)
hia hut will, hearing «lulu on the twenty-ninth
day at April. eighth-'9" limnlrwl and lll'tp' tum,
duly ailmiucil m probate. dt'Vill‘d and br
qu--atln-d certain rral nu-l paw-nu] pruyu‘rly
and ”Intro-[lnt tin-not to tnltu- . fl'm-t at hip
death. and the rrxi-lm- at the Ila-ml: "running..-
of hia widow—ln amwty inmrpnrnted by act
of the General Awmhly of Marylin-l. by the
name of“'|‘ha Swennnnateul Fund Sol-icty
ot the “arvland Annual Caml’rrrnee." and
called in «aid will the Sulwnnntrntcd Fund So
ciety of the Methodilt l’mtesteut Church [or
the District of Maryland; and I'ht‘r-‘u it ban
been questioned wluther tllu ill-I corporatinn
can lurl‘ully take and hold the aid pmperty,
in vlrtneo raid last will. without the lure
and amnt of Congas: Thur-torr—
Be it enacted byllw South and How qr
Repmmlnlirar nt‘ Ma Umlad Statue} Amer-mt
m Comma crumbled. Thu the aaaent uf Con
greea is hereby given to all and every the atom-
Ina'ntloned deviant and bequentlunto “The Sn
pennnualrd Fund Society of the Maryland
Annual Cuiferenea" aforesaid; and the uni
miety end body mutant: la herd? (all; an
thor-laud and eminent-ml to take an hol the
raid property am mu deviled and beqmatln-d
to ltu alone-id. agreeably to tha ten-w and
prnvlnlona of the laid laat will. and In dinpoau
ul and «any the name to every Intent Ind elk-ct
an if the u d lociegl had luau originally incor
porated by act «I menu.
See. 3. And be it farther enacted. That the
add corporation la hereby uuporcrad t 0 hold
reel and peraonal [property Inc-ted In the Dia
trict of Columbia acquired or that nun be ac
quired by gift, pnrchaao, devil-w. or Ineqnaat,
and the same "Vow. rent. Iran, or can't-y. at
plum", n truly I! an mraon or body eur
rorata can du: M 31141 That the net yearly
nmtut- therw! ahall not exceed twenty thou
“Italian.” _A , A _ _#7 M
“831.8"454 50 it further enacted, Thu this
let Iholl Ink» fleet m the fly of It! pu
Appmvcd, Jun: 17. 18M.
Ax Auto run the right of preemption to
corp-in‘uqler! an ”:9 gang!» Bolu- d 9 'l‘»-
main. in the But- of Cniilorniu.
retaliation V “a UM“ Sun (I Auriga 5t
Cour-u mud. Tim It may and almil hr
IIIfuI hr the Omani-loner d the GIMP-l
[and Olin. to «In the iim of thc put-lie
“may: to in “toad-d «or the Inn of coun
try kmtu u the Ranch Boi- do Ton-Img In
Mnrin county. California. the chitin to rhioh.
by James D. Gnibrlith. MI ban luau-lbw! in-
Valid by the Soprano Court of I v nitevl
States. and to hm applaud plain tin-snot duly
"'.qu in the proper «li-trim hm! our. : PM-
W Tint tho mun! cult of In 'II mm, and
planing lii-ll first In paid Into the lunayln‘
fluid by u'tlt-ru, Min; to the requirement:
of the tenth auction at tho act oi Conra- 11l- }
‘prnwl thirtieth of my, ctghmn lui ed Ind
titty-two. " to radon the upon... oi thc lur
-330 In: all. of th- publie ltndl In the United
See. I. And b: “fir-Mn ended. Thu Ini‘f
th- mum of mch’moved plm lo the div-trial
all”. it In" and be 1.7 M (or individu
als. nettle" upon (In aid Rambo Bola do
Tumult-g lo Inlu, according In tho line: 0! the
public «new, It on. dollar and twwqdln
mu par are, the had lulled upon by them
to II». rum! to Ihlch the lam haul lmm ro-
Ilm'orl tn Wu ll the line 0! mild IdjudM
«(In of aid Supreme Court, Jain: .nu'ln luv-1
lnx Idmlulblo by mminnu propriclon, Inl
owl" that their named" hon-«lulu any lu- ‘
adjust-d In accordance with llwlr uvonl pow ‘
We _. _ _ _ __, ..
Sec. 8. Ami 100 it furt'ur art/Idol. Thu ol!
cloimn within tho pun-aw of thin act ohnll he
prmntod to tho rvginter Ind recuircr within
twelve month! oiler tho ntnrn at lunch rurveyn
to tho diotrict loml omen. nocmuponiod by proof
of lottlnmwut, md the extant to which tine trot-tn
ohimovl hod boon . rollumd inm woe-him It
tho the. oi aid «limitation; and thump-m
nah eon oholi no llUudgod by the h-ginler Mid
net-inf. under ouch infirm-lion» u lii-ll he
8'“ bath- Cot-mill" o( the timer-l Loud
‘ flee. thornlho‘prml' and nflndiutlon uhnll
ha "turned l 3 tho ioeol land o no, and no and
]oiliootlon oh ho Incl nntii conflrmoti by tho
wold Countiuiomr :‘ mud. Thot the con
ilmtiott by cold Cumidomr oholl In con
cioolvo and and ht-twum eotetmiuoao rroprio
taro, and the oorroetno- thereof ohni not he
won to conintltion in on, lotion ll low or
lull in oqnlt bottom than or hetwun pot-tin
, chiming “ML? thorn by title mlluocqmnt: And
guided, flutter. That any claim not broufiht
foro the ngiotor Ind receiver within two re
nor-tho. M nfimuid, olnll In bonod. oml the
’ londo cororod tint-eh], with my other tnctl
within tho limit: of aid nacho. tho titloo to
which on not utohiiohod undu- thll act, Ihnll
ho dull. with an other public 11min, hut whit-ct
to tho Mlludlutod houndorlu of tho cllunl
which on promoted within tho limit of tho
‘ timo proocribod u choc-id: Provided. Thot
no t-Orlon under tho provlolono a! thin Match-Ii
ho olio'od to enter A [router quonttty of loud
than “Iron hundred Ind ttrnty um.
Approved. Juno 17, mt
Al Aer utondlng' tho tirno for tho completion
of tho layout“ Ind Ontonogou nilrood, of
tho State liohlgon.
‘ Bait ”to.” “a Home and "mm 13’
Mint o/tb United Sumo] Amrioo
in omm our-told. Thittho timo limited for
tho mplotion oi‘ tho In netto Ind Golan-m
nilrood. of tho Stat- of ukh‘llfl. ho. And tho
am in limb]. oxtoodod M the turn of live
{an beyond tho tin. and {or it: completion
tho net of W of Jon third. A. D.
dime-n hnndn-d and fifty-111, ontitlod "An
out nukin o grant of morn-to notion: of tho
public ions. to tho auto of liuhlgon to old it:
tho eonotruction o! sort-in nilroodo in laid
Sate. and lot other pox-cu" Pro-idol,
'l'ltot tho Into 6! liohlpn ll hon the mat
-contrnl_ over the sold grunt oi‘ landq horn-by ex
(ended for five years, for the benefi: of Mid
nllroad, which wu given to said Sam under
said orlglnnl net 0! Confirm; Ind suld State
may prescribe Ihe time within which the seven!
lectionn of said rold shill be completed.
Approved, June 18. 1864. 1
i or run
‘(Endomd by th- lie-unlit (‘oulr-I Coll.
III!" of III: Territory.)
; The fllidt‘fliig'lt'd proposer to publish I
weekly newnpape" It the Cu -itcl nl’ \"ltlltlng
-Iton 'i'erritun'. to be styled “ Tun \Vunmzrux
Dnmmn'rf‘ tins ilrht number to he lowed on
or about the lint at November next, or an won
on 000 Auhwriheru are obtain“! thereliir. Sand
new-:peper will be printed with new type, upon
I “ uuhle medium" sheet, containing lwuly
rig/u colnmm If reading matter, or twice the
clnuunt of unm- Ind three times the oluount at
other newnpolwru in the Territory. and tilled
with the Intent dispatches from the East, lureign
and domestic Intelligence, inlrltet Ind morine
ri-poru, iml newu itemn, ngrieulturni, niechonv
irnl Ind veiuutilic knowledge, mrreopundence
from lever-i important cities on the Atlantic
rout. Ind uiso from difl'erel t ri-rtiunu on the
Pacific slope, including the mum: of Idaho and
Dru-l: Columbia, choice selections of liter.-
turr, Ind in I'nct evvrything ulcnlnted tointrr
col. inutrurt or benefit the monl. mill ulni
tmillll‘li privileges of the people of Warhingtnn
'l‘un \ 'anmsrrrnx Dcxoctur will he devoted
to the diuwlninction of pure “ old time Democ
r-cy."-—ihe cdhmte oi jutt print-ipien initial-1'
upon I strict Adherence to Cnllttlltlliiouli righil
and - Illlr u] ph rim-on ni libertv rrgn-lted by
in w,-—lunmmlllnnmlly Uninn in in ntilnent—mr
changeable .n purpose, ion-l unwulmluble by tiw
ituilrniri of any corrupt nectmnul fiction or ult
crented erup. Standing upon tho hrnad
plutl'urni «If civil liberty nnd rqunlity, ne Ihnil
nnt'url our banner to the breeze. inu-ribml
iherron, in h-tteni ..r living light: " Lluuurv
nr L‘lt‘ist‘lldh’crt, i‘inmnnl ur ’l‘nm ..nr, As»
I'l um nr 1m: “ALLII‘I' flux." Ihm ahnil h.-
uur mono, un-i by thr help at U ul and em
with untinng ill-votiun. we uliail maintain it mt
lung Int We are zihle tn wield a pen or an arm to
nlriho in It: defense. We want no belting
crow-d the hlnlhl lmt I frank. nnnly, open
uvuul of lilllwipirn. Ind I square, honest de
clorotion of them before the people. If we
connot triumph lay ouch I cournel we will It
In!!! i-nvr done our win in duty Ind pri-uerved
nor ultra-open We yet believe in the cure
it, of the people for self-government, on in
the [in ted States the people control the gov
rrnment-olliey rm lice ruurte of all pddiailpower,
hence, if our belief in not innndui in error—if
the people on: capahle of self-gorernment—
they have cutlieient intelligence Ind honesty of
purpoee to unite correct and just decisions on
I" public question: when hiriy preunted for
the r comm-ration. We imma- the people hove
been deceived. grossly misled, by the «or-horri
ing lanolin! who now hue control of our; no
tion-i nflhirn. bringing desolation-nil confuoinn,
bordering on chloo Illd ruin, to the Union of our
fatheru. Ind unten- I change of odminiuntiru
policy in soon made-uni"; the people line in
their majeuty Ind emit their power in the n:-
movcl and overthrow of had men uni their vii»
lent Inc-aura. the government cannot be per
petuated ; it molt usuredli fell; for no power
on urth an pin together y bayonet: lunch a
government on thin. Therebre. let no call upon
the people to one Ind rdlect ; let marge them
to roturo to En principlel, for if theLw-mld
prone". republic-n institution“. thin nd; it
they would bequeath liberty to their children ;
ii‘ they would an. the Union oi our when. they
moot ouch. nod thlt upeedily, to the danger
thnt rut-round them. 0 thin nod the W Acu
llml Dnocur will he urnutly devoted. by
the nu oi 111 honorable means within iu power
to occur. the triumph ol the rundown-unto prin
ciple! oi‘ quci rights. mini justice, MIG".-
tivc pollt; and dancer: privileges. an enun
ciated by Jefl’emn and liaison, endorled by
Jarkonn, Clay, and Poi: and recently reiter
ntod by the Chic-go oorontion which hu
nominated for Chit! Atalanta (loom: li. Ite-
Ctpun. 7 7 7 7 ,
RITORY! An upwnunilg lI nclr pmnud‘
to you “to Ihw your hil hi your work."
Do you “In I luhununl. I'lil l’ul, Ind nlhblul
hm rump-spot? Do you um I "tremble“
Inflow-HI! Ind efl'ectin jaunt-l In Id'dfllm
your an. Indore the poplar In I word. do‘
you I’ll“ I true. positive Ind ml Macmir
newly-per! We propane to ‘lvo you Inch I!
Input; but in on!" Io do In In and have (hr
malarial aid. WI mum: Ind will not Illmnpl‘
an enterprise without Incl: lid. The publch
Ilou ol‘ Illch I newlplper II In propane. gun!
to would nut an" In Inylhin; luv) I“ be
luendod with can-fienblo oullly Ind much
upnm; the price of 11l kind: at printing nu
urlll on lhla Cont in now wry high In rllll
rising. Ind nmhlng an In bungln except the
mall “comp-lulu m. order; "melon we mun
hIrI lho call to Ills! Us ln Ibo Mart. We
know IIII! “ hlnl film-I“ pru- lmvlly with
nlluy «Jon, yet no “I‘m. then In but 111
who can mu Iflord I» ah and pay/or I! m
on copy ol' our "par, WI Irv Inn your
mom: 00an In boner Iponl, Ind we ridge
mr but .Ildl‘l'm to Mom you full VI no re
mind. Wlll you Invm in an enlorrlu, or
doyou pnhr ”hi “thou! the prlvi [I Ind
ham-ill. to my noel: n; of the mutation If“
«I, In luring I MI'WIW of your own for
yonrull Ind hilly lo md and learn uh“ I.
gala; on ln tho world wound you ! lamember
In: cannot e unmet-cc with I 1111 nun-her null
000 lll‘nfl'lbvl'l, In I kn number Irlll M! ju-
Illy an In um umkrulslng; but we hue um;
‘ hurt-I um nurllu wlll (Ir exceed Ihll number;
In In Inn it will ll‘ prop" exertion lI nude
‘l-y our Mun lI In dill‘ennc pm.- of tho Torrl
‘lury. Skull we Inn-I with new. or flu“ we
mm? WI Ink your Imwor.
1 hm “ lain-ml.- u
ISln’lo copy. on: yur. ply-bl: in advance, ”.00‘
‘ " six month, “ “ 8.001
Flu copies to on» nddnu, (u-hcn hkon 1
to send um of the Tet-filmy) . . . 20.00‘
Ten mph-I u» on. Adams. . . . . 80.00‘
A llbml per «man will be nllowod cm
"nun. (incl-huh lulu! It current ram.
Olympia, W. T., awn-ml»? 11. 18“. ‘
fill .TLURLN'S‘.
uI-r lime. hull: Mon mom”: mound and
"nut-mum. u now prepared to omen-In mm In
m." «ohr! III! II a mu unnamed-Inf IIIIIIH‘M
uylathlMul-lhpluu. n. km 11l bound-owl
lull an" I o'clock nu. Inn.
A- «lulu-[coma In to. lend IM unusual."-
Ham “min cam ...-..de Illh ludglng. pod
dun hula. uml nil-nulflnul nor-a.
3" Cull and 1“... an mm M "I! nan..-
13:“ Ml".
Milly Man I' m Dually. V. 'l'.. VIII aux-d
”chinks-ll- Iln ll m. Al Nun-law
... In an vim" Ira-pl Attention.
film. min B. I”. In!
Alnllcnl maul. will Ml mum-em n'
flan. mud n Idlln dc hlno. Imitation at hunt
llml-M-Mu mwmkiprlul:
lulu. - - - floor-Dun
Mire-t. - - - - Ellyn-Dulu-
Imam". ~ - - prnlhun
IMGIIMMI. - - - “cumulu
‘s... Ilntflla I‘Mul u nll llu-I. rm- to enl- I. 0|
J. "RAH“!
Mum IrII rumm- Anfievy.
hpln New Dry-M. marlin-0 urn" Wuhlnj'cn ml
Fun-vim; numb. i'zn l'r.|w‘---n.
nisullamns advertimrnts.
-..-__.___..._W._;_ .V .
‘ emu-An ”008.
‘ (um I? m not.» cum)
‘ $2,000,000!
, WIT! I'll! PIWILFGI 0F “I‘ll-MS!“ I'o
, . $5,000,000!
Inn Fund-mu
D. 0. “ll". A. J. Pnl'l.
WM. 0. ”mos. HERMAN mums.
I. a. ram. ran-Lulu!“ mamas.
.1. 11. 'rllmm. «mm: H "own",
man: McLAXI. II I. Incumtcnn.
Au 'r. uwros. A. lukun.
wu. u. Mnnox. Nomi nus,
mm. mm. A. a. menu".
JOH.‘ 0 KARL. I. ll JIIJL'P.
MI. Roms. sown Kslofl‘l'.
.v. wnmn. n. A. e. um".
o. I. uunx, J. c. “Lumma.
WM. Au’olm.
mud. 0m!
"(30' nun.
n. o. m1.L5....................rmiam
WI. C. RALSTON. . . . . .. . . . . . . . .Cuhlcr
”Calm u Kn Yun—Lfllt WALLII. No. a!
33%m ll hum—BANK or low.
Till UNDER-[fill], GIVE mmcu THAT
the 11-on “and amt-Illu- Ru boon «mulled M
the yum-e of turning on the linking ml link-nu- bu
nlnnu. In 111 111 branch”. In IM- neuy llnl II". (he Inkrkur
M I”: than. the nrllhhnflnl Fine and Term-mu. and
'llll Ilrxlm; nlno II". the Mllnlh‘ cltlu. Europa. Chlnn,
Am! Ihe [mun-1m; fnr which they no pmvhh-d with llll
ple fucllflla. and In mum!" with the unit!" 0' navel--
nun vlll WWII!!! npenllom on 111. on: a" of Imm".
all the hunklnx hot-u uni orcnpled by band-no, II on I
Can. "mm 01 Win-Multan AM Murry Inc".
Wm: "a 7k. a! min: In the helium I! the muo
n‘l m eMclenr! and prmnplumle M I prlv-In bani-In. Inn.
Int-Uh»! with "111 mldrnllfl lulu-lon o! punk huh"!
lumen 11l mlly dulled. the hnuodmo mun-ml
n' 11. .131"! u- com-Iliad eululvely I. D. 0. 111-u! '..
0. RIM-m. ll 'lo.qu and Gnu" raising“. lo M
at either 0' then. (be mor the hi uni! on
all Ind-u- m Hum-«lnd 111-code!
111 mm em an [aim may.
‘ 'l'he underlined «he. I! ndvmbh In «all puma!" Il
«an». In the HWnsrc-Ihmln 0' 1“! with.
which an MlnlyMn [lan all It who":
\ Inn—hm a! 111 cum-I lit-ck m bee-Med only I'm
‘ due Inn-lumen! h: Rodin-Mm Ideal“ To! that meld
pun—o; and the 'l'nllm cl m Cumulu- In". II an
nut. (M HIM u mummy-o 1 the "owl I'IWIH
at tho Int-mm. In! the hall 0! the Iva-lulu 1ud
"53:1 filo rumma- II muted mel- WI.
0 M.‘ .
Elwin—hun- cum-t be M u swath-Mm. except
urn coll-unhothr Ihn their Ihm In the o:l2th
0 ul- Int.
\ “.0 111-11. I. I. THOIAI. 1
I'll. noun. A. 1. NPR. ‘
‘ loll! 0 IAIL 0. l'. (HWIN. ‘
\ w. o. uumu. i
‘ fin l’nmdnm. limo 18.11“. ”in ;
‘ ___—“___
11l ”Am”? I! 111 IAIIIKG ICIIXI'I
her-Inlet! mum Mm Mm lily. l' ll- my
M In rm. and J A. Bamako. bun-Jul
In? I. MI. d In all" «- in- an»: a
w an: NIH-I & Nu!" Ink.“ mono: 111.-
HON A 00.!“ hummus-cube“ dud
H]. M; Inn-o lulu-I I” A. M.- w».
mm In. an em
11-min hauls! In Nah-thyme Hal}.
and II M Dru-chub"- 12. kahuna and 11. I. M
bullion-« Wanna IIMM Manor
w’zgom k" )
. . m.
WI A: mxouo‘.
a 1!. Intros.
In Imm. In. 28.13“.
Tn: vsnnnoxm. 023 m A'l'l'mlol 10 I'm:
Ibo" «M; gm nulua Ihll on Ind In" the lru an
of July It”. the! III! mun“ “I. buine- .1 IM above
«paint-hrs; "but luicrl'lli-tl;.fi:tr&_ LEEJIM
has: I! Mun-Jamal: A C0..1u 111-cumulus: thir- ;
lllttf l'lll'l'l I mum. “a ":Bqu Mum
lunacy of “curl. Lm I WALL", So. I Hm In“ :
“Mound-II" mmunvuy-m. 1iq...-
mhu VIII D. 0. Ills. J. I. I'M-nu. hul- Idaho. All
'l. I‘m-.Wn. I lulu.” “Jub- Whit!“-
North. 1. Whitney. In. 0. I. 1n... A. J Pow. Ila-n
lflchb. mm I'll-p. Gum 11. "mid. 11. mm
Inn”. A. lured. lan am. A. I I‘m. I. ll‘
J”.I‘I-I lulr-I. A. c. ”an. lam-pl
in. Mme? lan M Indus-hint. u M
“.°'“. huh. Inc-In In that may but.
mud undw I). In- ol m. Sui-am carry-n thin-I
nna Dull-llama n-rmhnmum-m‘
puma-1w thus-twandlr-IMMd‘
Icon-“Murmmmnhrlhuud ‘
n.o. Hm-MI’IJL “LIN! what-“m
IN am of tub-In- o! m cup-nil...
WI. 0. “ml.
I. 3. nm ‘
Inn haul-00.!“- 18. nu. m ;
___—___.“ ‘
II I I ‘1 I I 111 1111111111 IIII'I
o&l.ng "ICIIAII 0" In.
by Ihe “half-. 4. 't "I m .
A m l nbwdomtnm.ul um
nnhthchMmWh-f “In.“
mil-M flml h Inn-I m collie-co If m
II II con-Muhammad u mop-nine.
lon. that: lit “my cl 5 Mull-mu II- I:
be boihn I porn-ml um I- when.
“IN! a. uvmufin MI mm; ”I'M
humanity". Muhllnlmohllh'p-nd um
Mr «ml-bu “WI!-
#w-uhmmm It: Mum at.
Mao-ml; man-u. monk. IN wall
ulna: n
W-J. Cob-n A 0... In Mud-n:
sum”; 3
111-Lmll, c..' “
In "11-:nnh' . 0.. 2
mummam'w “'"
m .
ILL—OM”: M Infill". “MI. was
Guru Infill-n. Witch... Md". n. will it um
.. ’... uni-In. firm. an.
I I m
”I 'uunfla ut. up u'nm
Moth. Iluuln‘u Oprn at...“ W. .
mun It was 1

[O. ML! I! 1
I. l. (flu-nu “hm-gh- uul nun-p at...
In fill-clan. 1
“.th 11. "Flu-nun human- In the Inbound
the laminae-up”. nml lan-Ila. ‘III lan-alt!
Ann. I vol 111-w... . . . ..... .... O 15‘
All“)! u. A IL—lullnnhlp. and “I Anulud ‘
hulk-I- (In Icy-I lam I vol "-0.... 150
ASDIRION 0c- IAN-Iv ”on cl M unem
ol Ankh-1. tun-laud fun: It. Wench all I'-
nnpl for “It Any and Illlllu of IN "um“
um... hm by win 0! n. In Donne \
In». Ivunm-nmuw mm... ISO
ARMY lllfilfl'll. Mel-hm: lulu. I‘ll"... I.
.IAINAID. lulu “ham. 0- luuCol-I Duh-co. ;
omllllnl o! lo- cal: Wilma. It. Illu- ‘
within“... and Out-an lam I vol In. ‘ ~‘
nut-mu i: a:-=Kb.n:md WI-(Ifill'o'o
ln-I (hum. «an hr 111 In of MI 'I .
Ihl‘uMß-ul uqtufi-anlho-lt
mvmdg..fimw.mfi ..........'......... I U
. . . .- I “um
I“ Wévlm u “WW I:
live-111 mum-d, 11l
111-um; "I.“ Int-In All I! It.
Fund luau Anny; Inkm lull-l 0‘ MI“-
flo- Ilutvu: coup-yd nlhvlmnh:
It:h Idlllon. II“: I vol lilo. M I. *MI.| 16
[NR "mo—Tho Illa-u Minn-II: m
} I «salmon or lhnl til-nil. rum I- ull It:
“an I 'o‘ Ihalmud. h I O
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. In: "no. bun-“...” ' . ........' M
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