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VOL. 1. No. 3
Three Masked Men Rob the Olalla Post
master ot Eighty Dollars—One
Shot Is Fired
Three masked men held up and robbed
John Martin, postmaster <>l Olalla, and
hits wife at !> o'clock last night.
They fired one shot that just missed
Mi>. Martin and made their escape with
$80 in money.
No trace of the robbers has been se
They came to Olalla in a naphtha launch
and got away, outdistancing all pursuers.
Shortly before 9 o'clock the .lrce
masked men, all dressed in oilskins, rub
ber boots and sou'westerns, landed at
Olalla in their small namelew naphtha
They tied up their boat quickly and
at once went to the postoffice. They
probably knew that at this season con
siderable money would be kept in the
The three men entered the office at
once. At the time the postmaster, Martin,
and his wife were the only ones in the
"Hands up," was the command.
Mr. Martin did not at once comply, but
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 28.—Gov
ernor Taft's tentative agreement with the
friars for the sale of their Philippine
lands to America has been approved by
the president. The price is $7,239,000.
A conference was held ut the White
House this morning between the president
and Secretaries Shaw and Root for the pur
pose of making arrangements for the issue
of bonds in payment for the lands. The
administration plans to resell the lands to
natives who are now holding the same as
tenants, extending the utmost liberality to
them in the shape of long payments.
The president today appointed Lawrence
Murray of Chicago secretary of commerce
and labor.
The bonds are to be issue<J in the name
of the Philippine government. General
instructions were cabled to the Philippine
commission today in regard to the form of
interest and other necessary points. The
bonds will bear 4 per cent.
D. Dowden, a Union veteran of the
Civil war, who t\as charge of the elevator
at the city hall, had a musket ball re
moved from his right hip last night. He
was founded at Bald Hill, July 22, 1864, on
the same day that General McPherson
was wounded. Dowden received two sabr£
cuts in the same fight. He belonged to a
Wisconsin regiment. The musket he car
ried hangs in the Ferry museum and shows
the sabre cuts he warded off.
The city fathers will meet tonight for
their regular weekly conference. An ordi
nance will probably be introduced appro
priating $2,100 for the sprinkling of
Wright park. Stuart Rice, president ol
the park board, appeared before the water
and light committee yesterday and urged
that they make a favorable report to the
city council tonight.
A resolution will probably be introduced
by Councilman Hawley, chairman of the
streets and alleys committee, to construct
sidewalks on both sides of South D street
from St. Helens avenue to Jefferson ave
nue. Ah this is a needed improvement, no
doubt it will be received with favor.
If the condition of the steamer Grey
hound is as represented Captain Wilson
will accept her. He is in Seattle today
looking at the boat, which is on the
ways there. As the Greyhound was re
cently overhauled it is safe to say he will
soon be her master.
He intends to make two trips a day be
tween Olympia and Tacoma and connect
either with the Flyer or the Interurban
for Seattle, probably the latter.
Captain Wilson is backed by Olympia
people. They will have strong opposition
on the Olympia run, as the McDonald
company threatens to put on another boat
to cover the Greyhound's run.
The collier Leelanaw is due tonight or
tomorrow morning from San Francisco.
The collier Mackinaw arrived from San
Francisco last night. She discharged 2.500
kegß of powder at the Oriental dock. Part
of it is for the Roslyn mines. Her cap
tain reports fair weather up, but strong
southeast winds going down. The Mack
inaw owing to a scarcity of coal, may
not get away for several (lays.
The French bark Eugenic Fantrel ar
rive 4 from Seattle last night and is di.s
charging cement and brick at the Commer
cial dock, consigned to F. T. Crowe.
The steam schooner W. 11. Kruger will
■get away for California this afternoon.
The Tacoma Times.
a shot brough him to his senses. One of
the thugs Bnd a shot ;it Martin, but
the bullet imbedded itself in the wall a
few inches from Mrs. Martin's head.
While on a of the bandit* kept the two
I victims covered, the third took the $80
from the caeh drawer.
I'art of the money was government
funds and the balance belonged to Mar
tin. No stamps, registered mail or other
j valuables were touched.
After the hold-ups had finished their
work they went to their launch and were
noon out of sight.
A boot started after them, but it was
of no use to follow, as there was no boat
near fast enough to catch the launch.
Olalla is just over the line froir Tierce
county in Kitsap. The sheriffs of that
county and King county and the United
States marshal have been notified of the
robbery and a lookout is being kept.
The Tacoma police will make an effort
to apprehend the thugs.
None of the men could be recognized on
account of their disguises. AM had hand-
The liner Centennial, Captain Strand,
is iinishing loading her general cargo at
the Northwestern dock. Her whole cargo
of 1,200 tons is being taken here. She will
get away this afternoon or tomorrow
The steamer Majestic, which has been
undergoing repair! at the Quartermaster
Harbor drydoek, is to come off on Christ
mas da;\
TOKIO, Dec. 23. —The newspaper Main
ichi today asserts that Kusttia is preparing
Antung and Kyongwan for defense and
has been employing 200 carts for several
nights i«i«t bringing provisions and muni
tions of war.
And Served Fifteen Years
to Pay For it
SIOUX FAIXS, S. I)., Dec. 23.—After
having served 15 years' imprisonment, less
time allowance, for the theft of a two
cent stamp, Ellsworth Defrance was lib
erated today.
He held up a mail carrier in Nebraska
and, although it was shown at the trial
that he secured only a two-cent stamp, he
was imprisoned for life.
President McKinJey commuted the sen
tence to 15 years.
In the back room of the Salvation Army
hall at Twelfth street and Pacific avenue
are bundles and boxes enough to fill a van.
It is the intention of these people to
feed as many poor people as possible. Some
linns have not sent in tneir donations, but
they are expected this afternoon or to
morrow. The Christmas tree exercises
will take place Friday evening. J'lwwnts
for children nre badly needed. They can
be sent in Friday.
The Merchants' Delivery company will
take all donations to the hall Friday. Al
most one hundred families are on the list
of needy now. To each of these will be
given according to needs. The provisions
have been apportioned to each family as
follows: Meat, 5 pounds; coffee, 1 pound;
sugar, 3 pounds; tea, '/£ pound; corn, 1
can; peaches, 1 can; flour, 10 pounds; po
tatoes, 10 pounds; butter. % pound; ap
ples, 5 pounds; bread. 2 loaves; 1 mince
pie and a bunch of celery.
Secretary J. M. Pattullo of the Young
Men's Chrigtiao association has filed. ;i pe
tition in the city clerk's office that will
be acted upon by the council tonight. He
asks that the city engineer be authorized
to present to the association one of the
recent maps of the city, similar to the
one in the city controller's office. Hun
dreds of strangers go to the Y. M. C. A.
for information of this city and a map
of this character would be a great benefit
to the public.
CHICAGO, Dec 23 — The grand jury
this afternoon returned ten indictment*
against union carmen, charging assault and
inciting to riot in the recent strike.
! kerchiefs over their faces and all wero
dreaaad alike. The three were almoet of »
size. Little was *i<d by the men, who
appeared to be old hands at the busine»».
Olalla is a small town about 17 miles
north of Tacoma on the west side of the
Sound opposite \ a slum island.
PUEBLO, Col., Dec. 23—The police '
here beliere that Peter Niedermeyer, the
Chicago ear barn bandit, was "guilty of
the murder of C. Bishop and Or. Turner
in an attempted hold-up on the night
of March 15.
Niedemeyer was in Cripple Creek two
days before he reached Pueblo and in his
confession admitted 1 one crime committed
in this state.
ST. PETERSBURG, Dec. 23—A tele
Chas. M. Schwab Emphatically Declares Himself to be
in the Shipbuilding Matter
NEW YORK, Dee. 88.—Charlei M.
Schwab hae filed an answer in the United
State* Shipbuilding case, denying tliat he'
was one of the promoter* of the Ship
building company. He alwo denies thai be
conceived a scheme to transfer the plant
of the Bethlehem Steel work* to the com
pany at an exorbitant figure, lie says
"I admit that I am the owner and hold
er of upward of $9,000,000 of the $10,000,
--000 of the preferred and upward of $9,
E. M. Carter Discovers After Leaving Tacoma That
he had Also Left his Money
In order to make his money eecnm 11
-" Carter, who occupied a room at the
Donnelly hotel Monday night, placed an
envelope containing |180 inside the pillow
slip on hi* bed, then threw himself down
tor a good night* steep. On arising
yesterday morning, however, be forgot i
about the newly devised wife dcnotul vault I
', gram from Vladivostok today nayg that
j Admiral Alexieff, viceroy in the Far~Kaat,
is ■ authorized to settle 'on " the ; spot, .ill
questions concerning neighboring .- ttatoi
and to < take all measures which appear
expedient, i
PORTLAND Ore., Dec. 23.-S.WV
Parker escaped from Dcteetfv'e Day early
this morning at ; Umatilla and it is sup
posed took an outgoing train from there.
Parker is the son of a wealthy Deer Lodge,'
Mont., mining man, and was being taken
to Portland for trial. He passed four
checks here and did similar tricks through
out the Northwest last November. His
father hag settled part of the claims and
is trying to settle lie balance. The father
is said to have given a large sum of money
to his son before leaving Deer Lodge with
the detective.
and 1 streets and' immediately south •' of
McKinlcy ;■ park.»; The ; deed; filed ■in j the
office of * the county ". auditor ;. yesterday
The contract plans for the new I'uy- conveys the property to A. 'v Law. and
allup. bridge have been revised so the old B. S. Qrosscup, representatives the ■■■
embankment | had' to be torn down. The ; sociation. , The consideration m ; $10,000.
contractors eommenoed their work by driv All is in'readiness to start work'on the
ing the piles for the new structure. new grounds, but it has been thought best
-000,000 of the $10,000,000 of the common
■toch i>i the ■Upbuilding company, issued
(or the stock of the steel company, but 1
di n.v that any associates of mine are the
owners of the remainder of the preferred
and common .stock so issued for (lie
at the Bethlehem Steel company, exoept
that I sold and transferred some .of said
bondl and rttocks to third parties."
Proceeding, Schwab avers that Vie never
did a tliinf? in relation to the shipbuilding
company that wm not eminently proper
and right.
and left the hotel without taking the
money with him. Yesterday forenoon he
purchased a ticket for San Francisco and
had gone as far as Wmloek, Wash., when
it occurred to him that his much treasured
gold lay hidden in the pillowslip at (lie ;
Donnelly, lie immediately communicated I
with the police here and Chief Facloler I
: WASHINGTON, D. <\. Doc. Mini*
her Irishman cables; from ■, Constantinople
under yestoixlfty's' dato thai Consul Davis
has arrived' nt ; Alesandretta; on the, Sau
Francisco.* ' The local. governor made ,an
Property Near McKinley Park to be Used for New In
stitution of Northern Pacific Benevolent Association
A Bite for the new hospital to be found
ed here ra secured yesterday,; by • the
Northern. Pacific Benevolent association. 1
The property acquired is between East 11
went to the Donnelly to nee if it had been
found. With tin.' assistance of Mr. "John
Donnelly: the room was searched, but"no
envelope, containing money wan found. The
chambermaid hod changed .tho, bed
clothing and the chief, with his associates,
next searched the bundle" awaiting the
laundryman. Here was the money, which
would soon have been in boiling soapsuds.
Mr. Carter, after' informing the police
lure, took the next train back to Tatfoma.
He was given his money, and took the
evening train for the southern city last
Two Tacoma Misses Found
by Chief Fackler and
Sent Home
Two girls, aged 22 and 17 years, who
left their bom* here Monday night, cau»
ing their parent* a good deal of anxiety,
were picked up late - last night by Chief
of Police Fackler. Their names are with
held by the police on account of their fam
ilies, which .iii- among the most respecta
lilc in the city.
A thorough March of quetftionable re
tort* and places of ÜBUMEMnt was inarle
last night until the chief found the girls.
They were not booked «t tin- police sta
tion, but given a lecture and rent to their
Olaf Jansen, a Norwegian Bailor, who
spent lost night. ashore, attempted to
board hi** ship -, by going ' w<>m a float,
lie brought up in the bay, but managed
to get out with a little assistance,,
I be loss of lii*. handbag and a thorough
ducking mm the only damage " be •un
abject' apology; and 5 expressed i the \ regret
of f the 1 Turkish : government \ for st^je ** -
untilt on 'Davig; iii ; a'J mimiHT thoroughly,
satisfactory * to ,■ the j American!represenla-j
tive. ".Tlie; San IVancinco! ha»' returned to';
i Beirut. ' ; '■
to wait j until spring before ; Blurting ' the
building. :.
. At the present' time the Northern Pa
cifio it ■ compelled to r ' send *■ it» • injured, to
public hospitals/*: especially ion J the s, west
tide of the mount a» the nearest com
piny hospital is at Mimoula, Mont; Plans
have not yet been drawn for the building,'
but ', tin' ■ architect. will; receive, instructions
to anticipate; future J extension. >, The;' site
delighted . President f Elliott, who 3 spoke
very enthusiastically in regard to it. Whe
ther it will bo a' brick; or, frame i building
has. not (been' decided,', at any rate sit will
be equipped J with I all { modern I BppH*nco«.
It is expected ■ that it :will'be• one >of \ the
most up-to-date hospitals on the coast, >
WASHINGTON", 1). C Dec.' 23.—Post
master General Payne today appointed C.;
.W^ s Water» ) at New 5 York < superintendent
of i salaries: and; allowances 'in * the i place';
formerly held 'i by i Beavers; Waters«has
been acting in that capacity since March,
being' called' from " the' head -of i the \ Colo
rado division. KHe linn been in the service"
ten years.-: The «alary is $4,000 a yetr.
V TOLEDO,' 0., Deo., After a': fiv«
weeka', Maeion a special ■ grand juryjtpdajr t
returned ?19 • indictments,.; chiefly * against \
ex-city officials charged. with soliciting and*
accepting bribes?.
Refuses to Pay for Meal,
Now one is in Jail and
Another in Hospital
One French sailor > in in Uio Fannie; ('.
Paddock hospital with ■a; broken leg, ■ and
another, is in . the city jail' a* 1 the I result
of an attempt made lan night by ■ crowd
of Bailors 'to paint; the town' a. deep rich
red.- '.; ■ ;•".•;"-'.-: -'.:'- "■. ,.1.-.'-".- I.','. :■;; ■. ■.- -..-. ■
They tUrted to ilrink all that their
money would buy ami iH'cfiini' engaged in
numeroua ii«liiM among themeelvee. Karly
(Imh morning all but tun of them treat
1..H kio iin- mlh|,h. Tin. two wlio remained
<iii- ni b bad lix.
They ■ walked; into '■ (lie IhilHtcad ; house
at Beventh street mid Pacific avenue about
5 o'clock to get a meal..', They ordered'the
beat; they . could; see on the > bill of fare
and then nearly everything else. '
When their appetites had bean appeased
they started. to leave.; When the cashier
linked for the pay tor the meal the Bailor*
refuted to give up; . They iwere; penniless
and no money could be gotten from them.
Someone started to lake it out of them'
with a good beating and a small riot start
ed, In the melee one of the sailors'had
his; leg 1 broken * and ■; the . other was.' much,
the worse'for wear.
After Eleven Days Vacation
for Holidays, Study Will
be Resumed Jan. 4
All of the city schools close today after
having finished the firtt term 'of tlicir
work. Clotting, exercisn will ■be i held in
almost all of • the v schools, 'j conducted by
the pupils; and some very good! programs
have been prepared. The schools will re
open January 4.
. The commissioner Jof public works will
receive bids for. the* South Seventh; street
grading December 29. A roadway 40 feet
wide, cement' sidewalks,' plank curb* ' and
gutters are to ) be. put in ; from " N street
to Sprague avenue.

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