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VOL. 1. No. 6
. BY f»Y!
Terrible Accident to Grover Ashcroft at
Cannon Plant—May Die
While working at his regular occupa
tion yesterday afternoon, Grover Ashcroft,
of 2411% Pacific avenue, -was caught by a
belt at the Carman manufacturing estab
lishment, on Puyallup avenue. -His clothes
were torn from his body as he was
whirled in midair. One foot was crushed
bo that it may have to be amputated, and j
the large bone of -the lower right leg was
broken just above the ankle. The right
hip joint was also broken, and his arms
were almost wrenched from his body. His
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 25.—Con
sul General Hughe9, at Coburg, Germany,
has resigned and the place will be filled
by Henry Sayler, at present consul at
Dawson, Yukon Territory. The secretary
of state declines to discuss the resigna
tion. Some time ago charges were filed
against Hughes,'- but almost at the same
time a press dispatch from Berlin stated
that the cause was of a family nature.
Sayler, his successor, is from Pennsyl
WASHINGTON, Dec. 25.—Brief funeral
services were held at noon today at Sen
CHICAGO, Dec. 25.—Blinded by a bliz
zard, a Pittsburg, Fort Wayne & Chicago
passenger train crashed into a Chicago &
Milwaukee freight this morning at the
southern limits of the stockyards. The (
caboose was telescoped and the locomotive j
Baseball talk v> already beginning to be
heard in hotel lobbies and about the cigar
stands. The prospects of Tacoma having
a team next year are good, but of which
league is a question.
Mique Fisher has been in the city with
a view to bringing a team here, and Pres
ident Lucas and D. K. Dugdale, of the
Pacific National league, were in 'i'acoma
Wednesday looking over the situation.
"About $8,000 would be required to start
a new team here," remarked a baseball en
thusiast yesterday. "New grounds will
have to be secured and the buildings put
up. The old park has been put out of
business by the grading of a street at the
side of it. The question of which league
will put in a team here will probably be
cleared away when the coast league di
rectora meet in San Francisco January 2."
The officers of Fairweath°:r lodge, No. 82,
F. & A. M., were installed in the Masonic
hall last night by the M. W. G. il., C'has.
D. Atkins. There was a large attendance
of members and all enjoyed the session.
The presentation speech of W. A. Fair
weather was the finest ever delivered in
a Masonic hail.
Fairweather lodge has enjoyed a very
Fifteen unfortunate prisoners spent a
dreary Christmas in the tanks at the
county jail today. The jailers did what
little they could to make life brighter for
them, and a. few tried to cheer up and
have some sort of a Christmas day. Songs
were sung, but the life in them died away
before they were half finished. A few
gifts of flowers and some delicacies were
Kent to the jail by charitable people, and
these were thoroughly enjoyed.
The dinner that wa*> served far sur
The Tacoma Times.
head was frightfully cut and bruised. Ejre
witnesses say he escaped instant death
miraculously. When released from his
awful situation he still had strength left
to raise hit arms to his head, revealing
the great holes immediately under the
shoulders. The poor fellow was conveyed
to St. Joseph's hospital in the police am
bulance, which responded immediately to
the call. This morning the physician at
the hospital said the injured man was in
a serious condition. His injuries may
prove fatal.
ator Hoar's residence previous to the ship
ment of Mrs. Hoar's body to Massachu
setts. President Roosevelt was among
those who attended.
WASHINGTON, D. C., Dec. 25,-lt is
announced that Professor John Hill of
Connecticut will be appointed consul at
(irayson, Nicaragua.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 25.—An of
ficial announcement was received by the
state department this morning from the
London embassy that Great Britain had
formally recognized the new republic of
Panama. The state department also re
ceived a consular report from Gudger,
Panama that the volunteer department of
C'auca province, Colombia, had been dig
demolished. Frank Boothwick was prob
ably fatally hurt, S. Stacker, the fireman,
and George Longwise, freight conductor,
serious injured, and Engineer Whitmore
had both legs broken. Several passengers
were slightly hurt.
prosperous year, and the new Masonic
year starts with very good prospects. The
new officers are all young men, with the
interest of the fraternity at heart. The
following officers were installed by the
grand master:
W. M. —John B. Morria.
S. W.—D. W. Perry.
J. W. —I. E. Hoska.
Treasurer —W. D. Robertson.
Secretary—A. F. Hoska.
S. D. —James J. Glen.
J. D.—John Ellis Gallagher.
Marshal —Thomas Desmond.
Chaplain—W. 0. P. McGovem.
S. S.—Jay J. Foster.
J. S.—C. G. W. Abramson.
Tyler—J. C. Weatherred.
After the installation, P. G. M. W. A.
Fairweather presented the retiring W. M.,
W. C. P. McGovera, with a fine Masonic
charm from the members of the lodge.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 25.-
Christmas was celebrated quietly here to
day. The president spent a great deal of
time with his family. There were no
gucets at the White House.
A heavy rain has been falling all day.
At the Australian and German embassies
there was a most elaborate observance of
the day.
M. C. Conley, an employe of the I'uget
Sound Electric company, was held up and
robbed of his watch Wednesday night at
the corner of Nineteenth street and Jef
ferson avenue. The highwaymen told him
to "shut up" when he begged of them to
lave his W&tch, which was a present to
him. Neither of the robbers wore masks.
passed the usual fore, but tlie big turkey
was missing.
In the city jail a dozen hobos and
drunkards are upending their Christmas. A
few have spent Christmas behind the bars
many times, and to them the situation in
not a new one. There are a few, however,
to whom it will be an everlasting disgrace.
Many common drunks and small offenders
were turned out of jail yesterday. Those
who are still locked up wUI be given *
good, substantial dinnw.
A. E. L*w, assistant general Mperin-
Undent of the Northern Pacific, i* back
from St. Paul. He nays that many in
quiriM are coining in from architect* who
wish to make bids for the erection of the
new railway hospital to be built here.
A building committee will be first ap
pointed, which will have the power to ap
point a superintendent and let the con-
Stories of Christmas days ashore ana at
sea aie going me louuus on the water
tront toaay. JLhe sailor loves to Ix ashore
on Uhrißliiuib, but wnen lie is, lie tells 01
the tunes lie haa spent on that day at sea.
i'o a group ol oid seamen the lollowmg
story ww loid by a master who sailed one
01 the lirst ships out ol Fuget sound:
"It was 25 y_ears ago today," he began.
"1 wm in tne -neuiicrrancau sea. it luid
b^en thick, na-siy weather anil we hadn t
seen the sun tor a week, i was worried,
ana one allernoon told the old man —1 was
mate —that v lie kepi on me course we
were on ihen that we would go ashore
ueiore night. lie soon toid me to go be
low, ana 11 1 came around again to con
sider myseit under arrest. 1 told the
second male to Keep a sharp lookout, an
we were going ashore beiore 3 o'clock.
Then 1 went below and turned in. ' .
"i/hey called me in a short time, and
when 1 reached the deck 1 thought the
jib Doom. was tucking into a mountain.
"We got ihe wneei over and brought her
partly auout. The old man wanted to know
of me then it' l thought we couid have
her, but not a bit of satisfaction did lie
get out oi me. We got some sail on her
and got oil, but we were beached again in
a minute.
"i had made a run for the rigging, and
one sea caught me there. That sea struck
me so hard that 1 thought my arms would
pull on", but 1 managed to stay with it.
i noticed ait that it wasn't so bad, so 1
got there. The old man was there, and 1
offered to help him, but he wanted none
of me. The old ship began, to break up.
She parted amidships lirst. Our old stew
ard, trying to come aft, got caught as the
decks opened up and a sea lifted the ship
so the break Closed. He was pinched in
two. Half his body was above deck and
half below.
"Then she broke up aft, and with the
wreckage 1 went into the *ea and under it,
of course. It was close breathing for a
minute while - climbed and swam out
from under the stuif. Then a sea carried
me away from the wreckage, and when 1
got back the remainder of the crew had
managed to crawl on the floating pieces
and were hanging on like rats. There
was hardly room for another, but I
thought I'd try for it. All of the lada
washed off before 1 got to the float.
"I wac over and under a good hit of the
time. Finally i got a hold on a piece of
drift. They say a drowning man will
grasp at a straw, go 1 held onto this. I
rolled about until I saw sights in that
i foam that I'd never saw before. After a
while a breaker carried me ashore. Aa
luck would have it, 1 was thrown into a
small hole in the rocks, and the set fol
lowing threw a mass of wreckage and made
' a kind of breakwater. That saved me
until I could get my wind again, tnd then
I started for help.
"I ran across some poor folks. They
didn't kave much, but managed to get me
tract for the construction of tin- kotpitfeL
This, however, will probably not b* doM
before spring.
Walter Higgins, a darks' transfer
driver, is held at the police slut ion on a
charge of fast riding. The horse
which he was riding is noted for running
away with its rider, and in the one which
.some good hot milk and an old pair of
shoes. 1 had started out barefooted. Then
1 got word to the longlish consul, and he
got me a place so 1 worked my passage
"ies, 1 was the only man in the crew
who made shore. This happened ~-> years
ago. That was the year before 1 was
For the past week the little children of
the Orphans' Home have been playing at
Christmas tree. They secured a small
evergreen tree, from which they suspended
broken dolls, pieces of candle and any
other plaything they posnesnied.
.Many of these children have never hoard
about Santa (laws, or have a very vague
conception of what they name means.
Nevertheless, they enter into the tpirit
with childish glee when the Christinas tree
■nd Santa Claua are explained to them.
This morning while the children of better
homes were almost wild with joy over
their gifts, the little orphans were alum
ing their presents, for a number of Ixjxef!
were yesterday consigned to Mn, Wool
sey, 1215 North J street, who is matron at
the home. Out of the thirty-five children,
eighteen have no parents, at least none
of whom they know. The other nevenii<n
are children of parent* too poor to care
for them.
James Jenkins, a well-known stationary
engineer, whose home is at Buckley, wan
struck by the 6:15 Northern Pacific train
while walking on the track near the depot
la*t night. Bo far as is known there were
no eye witnesses to the accident. The
man was not seen by the engineer until
too late to stop the train. He was thrown
from the track, striking his head and caus
ing instant death. His left foot was
crushed by the wheels of the engine.
Jenkins m about 45 yean of age and a
member of the Masonic lodge. He is hut
vived by a widow and! two children.
■. .i ■•',■■■'■
Large crowd* assembled at the postof
fice this morning, waiting to sec what
ran awny with one of lilt' members of the
national guard at' their ' annual ' enenmp
niiMit ■nt American: lake.
A gold-headed ebony cane was presented
to A. M. Bulks, sPierce ', county;clerk, '. by
his staff of deputies yesterday," r
- Mat Carlson ami ; Km Sweet are booked
nt the police;stationJ for ■ fighting. UTliey
■will spend i the day I in' jail,; M i the' police
court will not be in, session' until • tomor
Santa Claus, assisted by Uncle Bam, had
sent them. At !) o'cloCK the line reached
from the carrier's window to the door. At
10 the tile extended to the walk and down
half a block on Tenth street.
The postollice was open for a little more
than an hour this morning. Two COUao
-1 tions were made in the biminetts district,
and but one in the residence portion of
! the city. No mail iv being delivered by
carrier* today.
Circular letters lia\e been sent out by
State Grain Inspector Anasniith to the
county assessors of I lie Male, Baking their
nice in the compilation of grain sta
butica. The plan it for each county ag
io provide ipecial apace in hi«
book* for grain, so that the deputies oao
find out at any time how much the Carm
en have planted. Jn this manner it will
be possible tO estimate with accuracy the
yield of small grain under nil circum
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 25.—News
of a complaint against Admiral Wise and
officers in charge of the training squadron
at New Orleans has reached here.
It is alleged by the men on the flagship
Minneapolis that Seaman McDonald was
; drowned 'Wednesday morning and that lit
tle was done to recover his body. Admiral
Wine and his staff made an unofficial reply
in which they staled that McDonald DM
fought with another seaman over a bottle
of whiskey while mi a launch, lie fell
] overboard and was drowned. An attempt
was made to get the body, but the current
was Ho swift that it was impossible.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 26.—A
heavy earthquake shock was felt this
morning at 9:45 o'clock. Several build
ings wart shaken. The shock was felt
throughout the city and caused great ex
SAN FRANCISCO, De«. 25.—5. H. Lyer
& Sons' Price extract* factory burned
don this morning, The low* is $75,000.
PORTLAND, Or.. Uec. 25—Forger Par-'
ker^was j captured this j morning I near: Con
don.^ Parker., is tho man who 3 yesterday,
jumped from a' train while on ; ins way to
Portland in charge of i Detective "Joe bay.
The officer woa asleep at the time.
<! INDIANAPOLIS, tad., Doc.- 25.—Pres
ent Hell shot i and fatally ' wounded % .Abe
Welch this afternoon In a drunken street
quarrel, • Dell I held a large ■ crowd" at •' bay ;
while he reloaded - his revolver, c* He (fired
on his pursuers as he ran, > and * lUOOMded ]
i j nescaping' to', the j fields. Officer* are; in
pursuit,* and >: it is expected > that -ho will
be' taken,' but not without a light. '
Sylvester - Farrell, 5.; a gripman ■; employed ;
by. the | street I railway, company^: who' wan;
injured some time ago in an accident, died?
lout; night i ill. •a ', local '\ hospital. • 5 The ? de-J
ccaMd : wag,2B ; yean ;of <ago.** A mother,"
sinter: and several ;brothers survive liim.
11.- resided <at \ 2211 ?< Norths. Twenty-ninth \
street. >J Fan*ell, was a.member of (In- local;
Carmen's union. ;.'. •• ".
Sylvester Farrell was well known to pat-:
rpng of. till' street car lines in Taeoma.'.lloj
was a gripman on tlve cable line for two or
three years. :;. The accident,w Inch was the |
cause of 1 his ;■ death was not > considered
very serious until Wednesday night, when
he grew rapidly 'worse! and \ was 5 removed
from Ins home i to; the (hospital, ■ whero he
died. ;'• :y ■ ■/--:. ' ■ :, ■„ ' -.-l,:^ \'U^
■ Parrel] was „hurt' about.; a: month i ago
while < waiting ■; at 1 the 1 corner,* of < IClevctith
street and Pacific' avenues until i: time |,to
proceed on the way up the hill. The car
gave, a ■ sudden: jerk, 1 caused by a broken
strand."; >> In * the tall rhe f struck his i knee
on ] the j brake." He '• suffered' a"' good | deal '
of pain for a while,'but it nearly left him
until Wednesday,; night," when tit \ shifted
from the knee and affected his heart.
The United States cable ship ■ Burniide, ;
which discharged cable in iTac-onia \ a•■ few >•
days ago,';luis received orders to go to the;
Philippine! by way of Honolulu, instead of
Nngnsaki, an was originally, intended,
:; This; change f is; thought '. to i- have been
made on account of. the conditions in the :
But, and that the United States still be-1
lieves' the troubles between Japan : and 5
Russia far from settled. ■'
It li iindi i tood that Ru»tia ■ has had \
secret agents hero and • In J San | l'Vanciscos
try ing, to : get supplies for . that I country,'?
and to have then delivered 'at. Port :Ar-':
thur. ■/;;':; ■ x;-,..■•■=•.■';• "y-'Z^-i/Kr^UM ;
Dealers are awake to the situation,'*arid-5
nil forage is away up. Outs from '$20. to i
|Sfi a ton. Timothy hay also .very liigh.
i The Japanese m this country are of the'
patriotic order, and If war comes the Japs
will start for homo in'short order 1 Many/
have already gone. '
I 11. Hunter was sent to Kteilacoom asy
lum yesterday by Judge Chapman. Hun
ter', homo hag been ? in; South i Prairie,
where he has been in the habit of yelling
at the top of his voice nights. .He holds
revival services in the wood* all by him
-1 •elf. ,',■;• . '.;!;:>., 4
,' ' While being examined; by! Judge Chap
man he informed him that he had a box
at home in which he could take himself
or friends on any voyage they, wished to
; undertake, the 5 moon (note haired :
CHICAGO, Dec. 25.-Attircdi a* Santa
Ulaus, with flowing robe» of red, and car
rying a huge pack, Dowio, the; "Becond
IJ| i'lllJ distributed gifts to thousands of
children in Zion City today. 11,. was fol
lowed about the streets by crowds of men,
women and children, notwithstanding the
blinding snowstorm, , .
■ .The grand ball to be given by the fire
department f Wednesday evening,"! Decem
ber so, promises ;to >,be, a miccem. The
ball is to be given for the purpose of rais
ing money to swell the funds of the Ffre
men'g Benevolent association; i The, Ly
ceum orchestra has been »ecured for the
evening, and good mu»io can be expected.

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