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VOL. 1. No. 14
WASHINGTON. I). ('., Jan. B.—At the
conclusion of Key. Ilale'n prayer at the
opening of the senate at iicxm today he
requested the senators to join him in re
peating the Lord's prayer, but no voice
responded front the floor.
A resolution was adopted directed the
commissioners of the District of Colum
bia to inspect all places of public amuse
ment in the city to avoid danger of a
repetition of the Chicago disaster.
Morgan's resolution declaring that ft
state of war exists between Panama and
Colombia and that the president exceeded
his powers in recognising the revolution
ary government, was taken up in the
house today.
I'nanimous resolutions of sympathy for
the victims of the Chicago disaster were
In the senate Lodge made a vigorous
speech, lie defended the administration's
action at Panama and cited authorities to
show that the president had precedent for
the recognition of Panama's independence.
DES MOINKS. la., Jan. s.—While in
specting the ruins of the state capitol th!s
morning Supervising Engineer C. L. Lind
ley fell 60 feet and was instantly killed.
MONTREAL. Jan. s.—The Mount
RoyiJ club building burned this morning
with ii loss of $100,000. One fireman was
killed by falling timbers and another in-
JU ' ■'
COLUMBUS, 0., Jan. s.—On the
ground that he believed W. M. llahn in
nocent of the charges made against him,
the governor has revoked the extradition
warrant on which Hahn was to have been
taken to New York to stand trial on a
charge of stealing $39,000 from the Man
hattan Insurance company, of which he
was an officer.
NEW YORK, Jan. s.—At a meeting of
the United States Steel Corporation di
rector* today they passed the common
stock dividend, but declared a dividend
on the preferred stock. The net earnings
for the past quarter were put at approxi
mately $14,800,000, as against $31,300,000
last year.
BKRI.IN, Jan. s.—The foreign office has
received advice* csusillg a most favorable
view of the Far Eastern situation. Offi
cials believe that peace will be main
LONDON', .lan. 5.-~The Korean charge
d'effaires today stated that Japan's pro
posals are much more favorable than l!us
nia's in regard to Korea. She said Korea
would never agree to Russia's iuggeation
that the third country become a neutral
zone. He believed no war would result,
but in that event Korea would remain
SAN FRANCIS!'(). Jan. s.—The police
today notifictl the Grand opera doom
management that no one would be permit;
ted to stand in the aisles during tlie Patti
concerts and no chairs would be allowed
in the aisles Every patron must show
his seat check t<i the police before enter
ing. A determined enori is being made
to prevent a possible repetition of the
Chicago panic.
The city Y. M. ('. A. is increasing its
membership by a novel plan. Two mem
The Tacoma Times.
bership teams, the Reds and the Blue*,
have been choaen from the members. 'Die
team that bring! in the moat BMUbtm will
lie awarded a i>rize.
- "... • • % . - - ■■ ■
Tacoma is to have one more church
added to her long list of places of wor
ship The Norwegian Lutheran Free
chunk people, who have been holding
their services in a building at the corner
of South X and Sixteenth streets for many
months, have decided to build a church of
their own. The new edifice will be erect
ed on the corner of South X and Fif
teenth streets. It will be 46 feet long,
44 feet' wide and 16 feet high. The church
will have a corner entrance and the pulpit
will be In the diagonal corner, having the
seats arranged in a semicircle. The cost
will be about $3,000. The entire amount
is expected to be raised by the subscrip
tion committee in a few weeks.
LINCOLN, Neb., Jan. s.—The charred
body of Night Watchman Crawford was
found after a fire in the Cushmaa Motor
company's works this morning. The po
lice believe that robbers attempted to loot
the place, that Crawford resisted and
was struck in the fight. Someone kicked
over the lantern, setting fire to the fac
CHICAGO, Jan. s.—The first suits
against the city and the Iroquois theater
management were filed today by Ivy
Owens, whose mother and sister lost their
lives. Damages of $ 10000 are demanded
in eacb; case. ; ; £'-.'££ £_ \j, '-..,» ?■* ■ • - ji, —.
David .Jones, superintendent" of the
Fuller Construction company, which erect
ed the theater, and who, after the fire
was extinguished, went to the roof and
broke all of the ventilators, according to
charges made by the police, surrendered
to the authorities this morning and is be
ing held pending formal charges.
The coroner has announced that every
thing is ready for the inquest on Thurs
day. Witnesses to the number of 140
have been summoned.
CHICAGO, Jan. 5. —Josephine Spencer,
17 years old. died last night from iujuiicu
received during the Iroquoia fire. This
makes the total number of victims 591.
She was removed to her home after the
fire and died there. The police did not
know that she was in the list of injured
until this morning.
George Duzenbury, the head usher,
charged with being responsible for the
locking of the doors of the children's gal
lery when the fire started, was arrested
last night. He confronts one of the grav
est accusations of anyone connected with
the theater. This action is mid to have
cost half of the lives lost.
If the coroner's jury returns a verdict
before the gland jury adjourns the evi
dence will be immediately presented to the
latter. The coroner's jury today issued
100 summons for witnesses.
. Later.—Duzenbury has been held to
await the action of the grand jury under
$5,000 bonds, which was promptly given
by the theater owners.
BIRMINGHAM. Jan. B.—Tha Post to
day tayi that China has replied to the
Anglo-French inquiry regarding her atti
tude in the event of the Russian-Japan
ese war. The reply was not published, but
on good authority the Post says that
China makes the point clear that she will
protect Chinese interests in case they are
endangered by either party.
LONDON, Jan. 5.—A serious explosion
occurred at the government dynamite
works at Hayle, in Cornwall, this morning.
Four persons were killed and several in
NEW YORK, Jan. s.—Among the
-'ciH on the gteamer Caracu from
Venezuela wen- American Commissioner
Bainbridge and Secretary Doolge. Bain
brfclge .-aid that of tlie eleven arbitration
commissions the American was tlie la«t to
finish its work. Its claims involved larger
tmounts than most of the others and were
delicate and complex. There were 55
claims, amounting to $11,000,000. Of these
33 were disallowed and $381,000 awarded
the others.
CORVALLIB, Ore., Jan. B.—OreffieU
and Brooks, loaders of the "Holy Etollen,"
were tarred and leathered last night by a
citizens' posse. Tliey had been warned to
Imvs the city, after burning up nearly all
the household effectl of (). V. Hurt, a re
cent convert.
They did not leave, but MQNtod them
selves, holding secret meetings, where
they rolled about the floor praying.
Last night they grew bold and held
a meeting in a convert's house. Their
rantings were heard for blocks.
A posse of citizens formed and raided
the house, took the leaderß outside, strip
ped I (jcin and covered them with a heavy
coat of tar and feathers.
The "Holy Rollers" fled and are still
BERLIN. Jan. s.—The National Zeitung
prints the statement that a rebellion
against the Turks has broken out in the
Yemen provinces of Arabia. Four thou
sand Turkish troops sent to suppress the
WASHINGTON, D. C, Jan. 5.-l'rime
( upicl, the Hawaiian delegate to congress,
was in the police court this morning,
charged with being intoxicated and with
disorderly conduct. He paaeed the night
in a cell, having refuHed to make any at
tempt to give bail. This morning he al-
An alarm from box 9 brought all the
ipparatue in the city to the Wheeler, O»
--gixid & Co. sash and dour factory at 9:30
o'clock this morning. A lantern used by
one of the workmen in the dry kiln ex
ploded and net fire to one fide of the
building. While the alarm was being ißnt
in the factory crew got out two tin
hose and before the apparatus arrived the
Stanley W. Martin, alias C. H. Wilks,
the boy burglar, who wan captured by
Chief Faekler and Detective Fitzgerald
while entering the skylight of Hoinvman
& Posner's store several weeks ago, baa
been'given his liberty and is now (DGPd
ing on his way to Chicago.
.. Some days ago the father of the boy,
% member of the board of equalization of
the city of Chicago, appeared in Tacoma
rebels have disappeared. It i» FtUnored
they haw been destroyed. It is al-o
stated that rebellion is rife among Arab*
in Turkish provinces along tlic Penian
Theee rebel-* attacked the town of
Aincli and killed nine Turkish offloeTl and
■ill H..ld:crs.
NEW ORLEANS, La., Jan. 5.-W. D.
Brown, the ltadei of the bull ring in cot
ton within the past four days, had bought
125,000 bales when the beam attempted
to break the market. The rise today alone
nets him half a million dollars.
Brawn was even more bullish today. He
says cotton will go to 16 cents.
Before tomorrow morning Taeoma it ml
Western Washington may be covered
with a ooating of downy white snow.
Weatherman Cover eayi it may be light
rain, but his practiced eye can detect
something that looks like a snowstorm
coming tnhis way. From the character
of the approaching miniature storm the
foreman of the weather works would nol
advocate the purchase of any sleighbells,
but nevertheless he will bet even mousy
that the snow is coming.
lowed ii friend to deposit $5 bail. Kin
trial was set for Thursday.
The prince made a good fight in a
saloon and it required the effort* of sev
eral men to nubdue him, according to the
statement of the arresting officer. 110 is
a nephew of Queen Liliuokalani.
fire was out. The only damage renilting
wa.s ■ burned sjiot one one Hide of the
dry kiln. lint for the prompt a< tiun of
the employva in i^ottin^r oat tin- boee a
very aeriouf fire might hare occurred, as
tlie kiln ua« full of dry lumber.
< Ine hi the bardi i lire the department
evei bad to contend with wae at tbe same
,'ilacc about a year ago, when the main
factory building vrai destroyed.
in behalf of hi Bon. He went to the
different firms from whom his mm bad
stolen various article! and gave back what
he could and settled all claims before be
sought the boy's release. He laid that
his son had never been away fron home
before. He waa very much surprised when
he heard the boy had committed a number
of burglaries. Be told a friend that he
would not have been more! surprised to
LONDON, Jan. s.—The Central Neva
says it in understood that Uussia'g reply
to Japan was delivered at Tokio today.
.<. ■.■■■.,■.. ■■. ■ ■ ■ ,■ ...■■-. ■
'llh' Uniform rank of the MaccaWs
01 Seattle will arrive on a special In
terurban train a 1 9 o'clock to attend
the installation of officer* al the local
lodge tonight. A (pedal train leaving here
at midnight will lake the Walton Lome,
The steamer City of I'uebla. duo hero
this afternoon from San FrnncißCo, lias
200 tons of copper ore and 100 barrels oi
"•Weeping!" for the smelter. r^Vt
The municipal oampaigo >" Tacom* is
now on in all its glory. A. V. Kuwcatt,
have heard that the mother or Bister of
the boy bad been charged dimilarly. '
Those ivhoss places of business were ca
tered by the boy were willing to have the
court dismiss the case.
It is understood that other persona who
were acquainted with the conditions eig
nijied their approval of the court dis
missing the case. Deputy Prosecuting At*
torney Harvey said that because of hi»
being just too old to go to the reform
school and almost too young to go to
the penitentiary, the case mi a. Lard one
to settle.
.fudge Snell, after thinking the matter
over, decided that it mi ont of thoaa
■■Inn- g boy had dune wrong, but
that a severe penalty would not work out
any good.
The boy'l father wa« willing lo can
for him and it. m thought beet to allow
tin- boy to go bark hmm.
The young man poKHeiswes a college edu
cation, Imt hi?, mind mia perverted by
reading traahy novels.
The state medical examination com
menced in the Odd Fellows' temple build-'
ing this morning and will continue for
three days. At present 83 applicants for
licenses are present, among them being
four women. , They will write on four
subjects today. This morning the sub
jects concerned the diseases of women and
The members of the board who are pres
ent arc: Dr. F. H. ('oe, Seattle; Dr.
('. W. SharplM, Seattle; Dr. C. B. Gove,
]Bj)okaue; Dr. <■. W. Overman, South
limil; Dr. 11. A. Wright Wilbur: Dr.
A. K. Btuha, Oolfax, and Dr. P. B.
Sweaiingen of South Tatoma.
who is a candidate for the republican now
ination for: mayor, has opened temporary.
headquarter* in till- Fawcett block/ corner
Fifteenth' and; C., streets. .; ' ■■-'I', _) • >*"..';
When ; seen! by ' &%. Ham . reporter thin
morning Mr. Fawcett said: ■•■;>
"We have just "opened a room here for
a':few,' day* where a mMthig ran In- held
occasionally ; to make | plans and | talk | over
the campaign with mat Jof' my > friends.'
So far, however/; there, is nothiiiK:-to nay,'
in regard to what our plans »ill bo. I. ;..
■ Meanwhile, Mayor, Campbell : i» keeping
Ins ear to the ground ami ; watching de
WASHINGTON,']). 0., Jan. 5.-Among
the president's callers ■ today was Senator
l'latt 'of; New > York,'; who' assured; Itoose-'
volt of } undivided republican nupport■<ln|||
1004/ ami said thai only would New York
state send; a '/Roosevelt delegation '■ to the s ■
national convention/ but could bo depend
ed upon to give a handsome majority at ••
the election. • '^£@g|Sg&lii&MMßHll
PHILADELPHIA,' Jan. 5.-Six hundred
girls were rescued aad some injured-on
are escapes at Smith & Son's mill* today.
At no time did* they; get into la i panic.
Loss $25,000-.
T< IKK). Jan, S, A pnt hip ro
garding the morement* <>) troopt and war
*lm|ps luik been eitablithed.
PARIS, .lan. r>. A diipatoh from Tokia
snys thai preparationa tor the embarks
tion el' two division! <>f troopi continue,
The troopi are to go, presumably, I"
touthem Korea.
. WASHINGTON,. I). ('., Jan. 5.~-The
house today, voted down: a ; motion *to ap
point a committee; of jHvoUolinveetigulo ,
the charge! that; congressmen ' wen : con- J.','
nected with the postal scandal, : :' " :
Tlic resolution/ for r ; investigation was '
.then.referred to the committee on ■ post-V
offices. ; •',. > . ".
BCRANTON, I'a., .lan. B. Umpire 0a»
roll l>. Wright decided todas In favot of
the operaton and against the tainen <>n
the Saturday lmlf holiday question,
NKW Yolik, .inn. B. -Minister Bam
pre an Ired froni Colon todaj, Se deolined
to <li»<'iish Colombia affairs except to *ay
there waa ■ bettsr feeling,
WASHINGTON-, I). ('., Jan. s.—The
pointment of ' James ' Tanner,votherwise?
known m "Corporal" Tanner. I as; regis- 1
trar of wills in the District of Columbia;
is announced at the White House. .He if "<
to succeed Dent, who enters the consular
service. ' ; , ' _____r.
.: ' -MOUNT VERNON, Ind., Jan. 5.—
The towboat j, Gleaner, with: 30 barges of,
Holt * coal, «as ; caught,, in . the lot below
here and ; all areibeing i destroyed. : The
owners : are s Pittsburg • capttulißt». i The S
probable; loan ; is • $130,000. • —•«■,' • -»•
CHICAGO, Jan/6.—Rendered desperate \
by. their ineffectual strike,'' the skyscraper 1
engineer! (today] issued aS call | for ithe en
gineers in f. many, West : Side ~, factories -to
join in the strike.;; They threaten to order
( a general strike if i tlii; is i noti sufflcient.*
-'l'lic excuse for calling out the factory en-;
gineera is that they are employed by mem-;
berg of the Employers' association,.which;.
is aiding the managers of downtown build
ings to secure non-union engineers 'to takes
the places of the itriken,
HAMILTON, 0., Jan. S.—The circuit
court lias granted Strangler Knapp ,i new
trial on account of an error in the previ
/ins 'trial. Knapp jLh now.under, sentence
•>t electrocution on January 11, .
OMAHA, Neb., Jan. 0. The hearing of
(he Dietrich case ; wag postponed '■' until
Thursday to allowed . th« arrival of At
torney K. Buchnell from' Attorney General
Knox'a office in Washington. '
WASHINGTON, I). C., Jan. 5.~-Nearly
the, whole time of the cabinet meeting to.
day uiiM occupied in " discussion' of the
gravity of the Far Kastern nituation. The
cabinet generally believes there will be a
war. ;•" ■..■., ■ ■.■'■ ■ '■ ■ ■■' "
County Commissioner Kundle. Maid. Huh
morning that Ilic work on; Lin now coun
ty hospital | had been , eutipencled < for * the
peeent. The frame of the ' new building
is up, the roof on, and ii is plastered
throughout, but on account of the injury,
to Contractor t Johnson New Year**'. day,
no work is going on ' at ; present. ..;■: John
son fell from his buggy New Year's duy
and broke several rib».
The ship Alsternixie shifts to the West
Coaat Lumber comnany'a dock this after
noon to finish loading.
The steamship Serbia leuves this after
noon for Port J'.iai.i-i, -i, where she com
pletes her cargo of lumber. . v
The schooner Kennedy is taking on flour
at the Taeoma flouring mills for Port
Townsend. ■ ■
Th« icvi'iiuc (■tin i. Captain
radtrned from up Sound tliis morn*
On account of a weakened cable those
citizens who are compelled.", to patronize
the cable tarn are forced,- at this season
of the year, •to ride ■on the i Jittlo I open
' dummy*." The heavy, cloned cars have
been put in the bain and the light open
on eg re now used exclusively,
In speaking the matter Manager Frank
lin of the company iaid; "We are mak
ing repairs on the cable and one strand
has had to ba taken entirelyout. We
have telegraphed . for another strand ■to
"•plan- it and: that in on its * way now.
When we have the cable jn shape again
we will be able to put (ill (I, larger car«,
which are closed."

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