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VOL. 1. No. 19
WASHINGTON, L>. 0., Jan. 11.-Ad
vices to the state department this after
noon are more warlike. The mikado's gov
ernment has seized twenty merchant yes-
Nels for transports.
A report from Seoul states that the
Ruaria guard there is being constantly
The Japanese minister called at the state
department this morning for a conference
with Secretary Hay. After his departure
CHICAGO, Jan. 11.—A collision oc
curred this morning between a trolley car
and a Milwaukee &, St. Paul train "aI Ir
ving Park boulevard. Charles Fagin, mo
tornian, and George Walker, a passenger,
were fatally hurt and twenty others leM
seriously injured.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Jan. 11.—The
cases of August \Y. Machen, former gen
eral superintendent of the free delivery
service; Samuel A. and Diller Ji. Groff oi
this city, and Mr. and Mrs. George K.
Lorenc of Toledo, all of whom are charged
with defrauding the government by !q4>i
gpiracy in connection with the sale oi*i>ox
fasteners to tfie postoi'fice department,
were called for trial today in the District
of Columbia court. Many witnesses}] are
oil hand and it is probable that the trial
will proceed without further dela>.
Perry Heath was.called, but did nqjt ap-
CHICAGO, Jan. 11.—The testimony'in
the lroquois inquest today was similar to
that given before. One witness lon
fied that she appealed to an usher to assist
her to escape and he threw her off.
Fifteen members of the "Mr. Bluebeard"
aonpany, who have been held under arrest
by tlie coroner, were released, their testi
mony having been taken.
(>ne death in a hospital this morning
brings the list of dead up to 570. Several
others are in a critical condition.
TRENTON. N. .1.. Jan. 11.—The annual
convention of the Bricklayers and Piaster
ii> International Union of America be
gan here today. Bishop MoFanl offered
the opening prayer and Mayor Katzenbach
welcomed the delegates. The annual ad
dress of the president and reports of other
officers and committees followed. These
reports showed the affairs of the union to
he in splendid condition. A number ot
matters of importance to tH<* two crafts
are •-' heduled for discussion during the sev
eral days the convention will be in session.
John WhittakiT was arrested this morn
bag at 2:30 o'clock by Officer Westover.
An ugly-lookine stiletto was found on him
and he wan booked on the charg ! carrj
ing concealed weapon*. Thin aftamoon
The Tacoma Times.
'"'• latter stated that the chances to avert
a war at present seem to be slight.
TOKIO, Jan. Zl.-The cabinet and
.statesmen are meeting this afternoon.
•PAX Jan. U-—Advices from the for
eign office state that Russia's reply to
Japan 1 note while recognizing Japan's su-
Premacy m Korea lnsists on the establish
ment 0 a neutral zone in the north and
along the coast of Korea. Russia is will
ing to recognize Japan's trading rights
in Manchuria, but refuses to permit the
e«tebli«hment ° a Japanese settlement
Judge Griffin lined him $05.
-Vis .Julius Edward Olson, a native oi
ninmark, declare.! his intention <Ji becom
»a citizen of the United States today
and was given liis lir<| naturalization pa
]-. A. Nickleson of Nickleson 4. Bullard
lias been appointed city engineer and will
assume office tomorrow morning.
Mrs. Gander, a well-known character
about town, is again confined in the oily
jail for being drank. She can nut, ap
parently, resist the temptation to net
tipsy when occasion presents itself. Some
months ago she was ueclared an habitual
drunkard and saloons were warned not to
sell her any liquor, but she gets it, from
, some source.
She is said to have had a good home, but
•in account of her habit* she and her hus
band drifted apart.
WASHINGTON, I*, i .. Jan. 11. Large
delegation* are arriving bare today to ai
ti'iicl the meeting of the National Demo
i-ratio committee, which begins tomorrow,
Harmon; js the watchword. Gorman and
Parker are mentioned the most for prari
dent. William? is also given an ooca
mention. Hearst is seldom heard of.
Chicago, St. Louis and New Yuri
all opened headquartert and are after the
Colonel James Hamilton Lewis, former!}
of Seattle, will do the oratorical si nut be
fore tin- convention in behalf of Chicago.
For Taconu and vicinity: Tonight and
Tuesday, occasional rain; fresh westerly
WASHINGTON, i>. C., Jan. 11. The
house today, without debate, ananii
adopted b resolution ealli
torney general for a lull report on the di«-
I position of the half a million dollars ap
propriated by congress for the enforce
ment of the Sherman anti-trust law.
Sl'Ok \\i;. Wash., Jan. 11. Spokane is
entertaining the annual convention of the
Washington Si ale Federation of Labor,
The gathering was Eormallj opened toda)
With an attendance of delegates represent
ing Tacoma, Seattle, Everett, Olympla ami
numerous other cities. Reports show a
gritfying increase in the membership ol
the federation during the last twelve
months and the outlook is bright for the
ni.i-l successful convention in its history,
PORTLAND, Ore.. .Tan. 11.- I
emh annual convention of the National
Live Stock association opens in Portland
tomorrow and several hundred delegates
ale already in (lie city. The visitors ar
riving today included many from Wash
ington, Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, Tex
as, Montant, the Dakotas, l Ttah, Wyoming
i and Oklahoma. From all indications the
convention will be the largest and like
wise the most important held since the or
gamzation of the association nearly ten
yean ago.
NEW YORK, Jan. 11. According I"
word received here, Ben Jordan, the Eng
liah featherweight champion, will pail from
England for America today, prajared to
tr'- conclusions with the best Yankee box
era in hia class For international honon
ll is understood thai Jordan prefers Benny
Yanger or Abe Attell if they "'ill agree
to come to his weight, which is 122 pounds.
Sporting men arc somewhat skeptical re
garding Jordan's visit, as he contemplated
coming here before, bui at the last mo
anceled the engagement without any \
plausible reason. .lonian's representative
pays, however, thai the foreigner will sure
ly sail today, a.s he is anxious to iiglil and
corral sonic of the American dollars the
native pugilists are earning these days.
is at large
A warrant has been sworn out bj I. .1.
Leach charging that Mcl Deneen of Elec
tron is insane. Deneen was until a few
days ago a teamster employed by the
Columbia Improvement company on its
work at Electron. He is said lo be run
nih!! aboul in the woodß minus all clothing.
Whisky is supposed to be the agent of
his undoing menially.
Mil Deneen ie well known aboul Ortlng,
having lived in and about thai place for 14
years. The officers went out to get Deneen
today and will bring him to Tacoma.
Tile steamship Oanfa was shifted from
ilie Electric Bunkers to the Beifour 'lock
by the tugs Falcon and FeWess this
morning and will complete her Tacoma
Cargo there.
The 'I. C. Reed had a carload of tele
phone wile and 40 boxes of fish for Ta
cotna today.
The collier Mackinaw, loading coal at
tin Gravity bunkers, will get lo sea to
oight for San Francisco.
The steamship Ching Wo, Captain Park
inson, will finish loading at Ihe Pugel
Sound flouring mills today and will gel to
sea tomorrow morning for Hongkong.
Percj Cole .engineer of the tug Elf, in
attempting to board the step ncr this morn
inir lost his footing .and Falling, struck
heavily on Ills shoulders and was seriously
injured. Members ol' the 'Tew look him
to his home.
The Vancouver-Tacomn steamer Ramona
dock undi rlit re
pairs. She is due to get out tonight.
Tlie Methodist Ministerial auwviotion
met todaj at the I niversity of ;
Sound. Tin' tm is t important matter
brought before ihe meeting was the ques
tion of holding mar; conference
in Taeoma ju-i before tin 1 annual confer
ence. which l.os Angeles in May.
mv people in the Puge! Sound
i v. ill be unable to go to California
and th tion to hold the mission
.,,,. conference here for their benefit has
bee n lUgf(< sted.
There in very little oppowtion to the
ore than likely liiat Ta
ooma will be called upon to entertain the
early in May.
CHICAGO, Jan. 11. Dr. Emma Nicker
.ill 'or $100,000 I'm- mcd
tate of
today by the payment o Both
■ and jjaticnt are dead.
No casualty in rot cut years has caused
such universal mourning in this city as
the week of the steamship ('lallaui, when
five Tacoma people lout their lives. All ot
the victims were well known here and
have friends by the score. AH save one.
Miss Ethel Diproae, had families here and
were intending to return.
Probably the best known of the victims
was Captain. Charles W. Thompson, head
of a Dumber of mining companies and one
of the best known mining men in the
slate. He had resided in Tacoma 12 years
and had been actively identified with the
business interests f the city. He was i
abut 50 years of age and leaves'an in
valid wife and five small children.
At Captain Thompson's office today his
business associates said that UP to a late
hour the body had not been recovered. A
careful watch is being kept for it and as
soon as it is found arrangements will be
made for the funeral. in Tacoma.
' Professor W. 11. Gibbons was best
known as the organist of, the First Con
gregational church, and his recitals drew
people from all over the city. ■ Although
having lived in Tacoma but two years, he
had become one of the most popular mu
sicians in the city and his reputation as an
organist had spread over the slate. ■
About a month ago he was elected or
ganist of one of the Episcopal church of
Victoria and has been offered the position
of musical director in a college there, lie
assumed his duties in Victoria the first
of the year, but had intended making
weekly visits to Tacoma to continue his
work as director of the Ladies' Musical
club here. So great was the esteem in
which he was held by his musical asso
ciates that they had planned a testimonial
concert for him to be given February 3.
At the Congregational church yesterday
the organist from which Professor Gibbon)
had so long drawn I music that attracted
people from far and I near was draped in
mourning. ■
The body arrived on the Flyer at 1:80
p. m, today, in charge of Robert Barclay.
The funeral will take place Wednesday at
2 p. m. from Trinity cnurch.
A widow and three children survive him.
Bruno Lehman; customs inspector on the
Clallam. lived at 204 North Tacoma ave
line and leaves a wife and a brother, He
■was one of the last to.leave the vessel
and worked heroically to help save the
lives of those on board. He had been in !
the customs service about five years ann i
was known all over the Sound for his
bravery and daring, At the time the King-!
ston was sunk by the Glenogle in Ta- i
coma harbor Mr. Lehman was .on the.
Kingston and at that time distinguished .
himself for bravery. The ; body: will be >
brought here for burial. ■ 1
• The fourth victim was Miss Ethel Dip l
'i-yes.-iwTiiitSJV 'lie L'anuie I'uddocU hos
pital. She was on her way to '• Victoria -.
■i' . .-,..- ,•■;■:-■• ■ ■ -.:■■■'■■ • ■ ■
The Clallain ' disaster is the main topic
of conversation among local steamboat men
today. Many of them, with the vague facts
at hand, are unable to account fop it.
The deadlight question is laughed at,
all agreeing that then was more serious
trouble than a broken deadlight.
Mr. Heath, the builder of the Clallain,
says from the reports received he is un
able to account for the ship filled with
water. She was well provided with pumps
and the rudder was in perfect condition.
The rudder on the dock in Seattle, he said,
is an old one taken off about three weeks
ago, when the ciallaiti was on the dry
dock, and with her new rudder the vessel
handled well. The deadlights were three
feet fcboyeithe water and were about six
inches? fhWuiameter. the glass being five
.eighths of "an inch thick. I ■ .i.V
1 SonW Suggest that a heavy piece of drift
carried by a sea struck the' vessel low
down and stove her planking in.
"We can't sit mi: I lie dock' and say any
,thing about it,",Raid,^.|Pjpi)nindilit skipper.
'•Captain Xi >li< « I - ii- as good a man .as
there . tig on, the coast,, iy.li"ii '. tl comes In
handling.,«,, vessel, uud I think he did
Speaking today of the situation in re
gard to county road work and the new
law governing the same, Commissioner
Handle said: '■■„■
here was approximately $30,000 levied
(or road work last year, and that the road
supervisors of the several districts got. an
a rule, a good percentage of it as their
pay is not denied, but the new law will
not help nialtoiAi any in thai respect, I hi
commissioners of this county, however,
fought against the law that was pawed by
the last legislature reducing the number "I
county road districts from-fifty-nine to
four, but the legislature could not take our
view of he situation, hence we have the
law. The work of repairing roads all over
the county is done almost at the same nine
every spring, and the districts we so large
that a supervisor can not possibly coyer
the territory lie is called upon to go over
in a .lay in order to keep the men at work.
I-.,: example, one district takes m Meila
coom the smelter, Gig Harbor. Fox inland
and Balch's cove. District No. 4 com
mences at the reservation and takes every
thing eastward to Buckley. 1- it possible
for one man to cover that territory in
a day? Of course, it is not. and instead ot
the supervisor looking after the worn
there must necessarily be foremen a P'
pointed who will receive the way that here
tofore has gone to the supervisors, winch
m» $2.j50 per day.
"The tools which the districts haw cred
ited to them are for the most part worn
out Shovels do not last long where they
are' Died among rocks, scrapers are hooji
worn out, and the other tools go (•coord
ingly. Some of the districts, not -having
sufficient implements for road ' worts, bor
row from neighboring districts, which ac
counts for the tools of auch district* being
lo upend her vacation with a sister there.
Alias Diprose was loved alike by the hos
pital -tall and patients and there is genu
ine sorrow over her untimely death. A
dispatch received at the hospital this morn
ing said that the body will be taken to
\ ictoria lor burial.
W . R. Etaokjedee was on his way lo
\ ictoria to bring home his wife and 4
year-old child, who had been visiting rcla
cives there since the holidays, Mi. Rook
ledge W»s an employe of the Standard
House Furnishing company and had lived
in Tacoma hut two years, coming here
from Los Angeles. Up to a lat« hour this
afternoon there was no report that his
body had been recovered,
A diligent search is being maintained
and as soon as the bodies are recovered
they will be brought here for burial.
VICTORIA, \i. C. .lan. 11.- The in
quest over eight bodies recovered from
the Clallam yesterda] is being held today,
Kigi<l iiKjUiries are being made as to the
seaworthiness ( ii the steamer,
A licet of half a hundred war Vessels,
tugs, steamers and small boats arc now
petroling the vicinity of the disaster,
searching for more bodies.
PORT T<»\\ \SKXI). Jan. 11. The Im.il
ics of Mi-. Mary lieyiiolds of Seattle and
Mrs. 11. \V. Laplante of Friday Harbor
have been recovered near Victoria, Party
one victims are still missing.
nsnnk i ri n
■ ill ' I llimi i
I According to an estimate made by Post
master Cromwell there ore between 60,030
. anil 78,000 people in Camilla. '." I'ostoflice
I officials arc in a position to make a fairly
close mate, and the probabilities;, art
j that Postmaster Cromwell lV'n'ol far out
I of the way. |On the basis of j his estimate
T-ftComa hn* mad« n Kniujluring the y*M "I
! not far from 10,000. *" , . 'r> f '
Ilie be*l he could under the circum
.\ steamboat officer who was oul Friday
Dight and passed inside of Smith island
said they saw no sign of the disaster and
that ih: night was no worse than tninht be
expected during the storm's that strike the
given reyes
WASHINGTON, D, <'.. .lan. 11, Secre
larj Hay lih.s scut a second Hole in ie
to (Jesnral Iteyes, in connection with the
i olosnbian I'anaina matter, In brief the
Hecretsryi.tells the snvo] thai the United
States lias nothing to arbitrate and that
h Panama incident, is clossd.
Reyes pwpOSSS to leave for Colombia
H it liin ten days.
in bad condition or worn out when they
would otherwise bo n't for use. The $10,-
COO or thereabouts which has formerly gone
as salaries to the supervisors will now go
to pay the commissioners appointed for
the four districts into which she County
has been divided, and the foremen of the
crews working various places in those dis
tricts. So the situation has not been bet
tered to any extent."
SAN DOMIKOO, Jan. 11. Revolution
ists continue to make demonstration!
citj . l.a-.l niL'hi a number Of
I, II were thrown, one of which fell near
ihe American legation building, but did
hide harm when ii exploded. Another
i rack Hie i itj hall, doing coostdera
ble damage.
CHICAGO, .lan. 11. The special cum
mittee oi aldermen and experts to which
unfitted the preparation of B
building luw governng tlieaters and pulile
ijsrvErEjvvEjVT iM
buldngs. wll , report ■to ,• the i city "council
this * evening. ~ 11; is ; eXMOted t that; their
ordinance will be adopted and that within'
ten; days; all» <>! a the: theaters * in: the: city j
except three will ;be permitted ito j reopen;
their; doors,,'provided i they!,in {the' m—n
while I conform" to | stipulations J and | ii«r<-e ]
; to make all necessary changes by October'
l next. ■■-■;•'•■•..-„ " ,; ; ; „■'-;-:'-j."i"•:£
Umafe p«llerie« will be htnk oloMd,
Three theater* «ill probamy not \»> d,
lowed to reopen und*r any clrcumataneea,
owing to the danfarooi nature of their
count ruction.
LOWRLL, Mam., Jan. 11. —St. I'atrick'a
church «U Ihhikhl this nmrninij. The \a*tt
is $100,000.
i WASHINGTON;- D. c., Jan', ill.-Uen
ii.il «; Keyes this: morning, MDi n * letter. to
the f state I department^'saying he is about
to leave, for Colombia an j intimating that
hi* mission; has proved fruitiest.fit is un
derstood, however, that one cause of I hi*
departure at J this time is-his :invii(y !('
--gunling the action of the board bf elections'
in > Bogota. : IK' fears his absence will ' en-;
danger his. election, to the ' presidency of i
Colombia,\; '-';•■ v ' t • ; ■ :■■ ■.
SAN FRANCISCO,. Jan. 11.—Ex-City
Treasurer A. ('. Widder wan released from
San i Qucntin' this ; morning ; after! serving
five years (or the embezzlement of $118,000
nf city; funds. \ Hi' had ' tubatitated j silver
for gold in: the i coin; saeics and \ spent ;■ the
money in race track gambling.
CHICAGO, Jan.-11.—Another day bin
passed without adding any juror* in tho
car barn lmndit*', cage. Mont hi may ■ clh|>»« :
• before a jury is secured,
--.-■ ' ■■ ■■ , ' ■ ■ ■ •,
.; CHICAGO, Jan. 11 .----The house today
adjourned out of 'respect; to 1 the death ■ of (
UepreMentative; Skiles of Ohio."Fifteen;:
hi ben were appointed to attend the fu
neral. «:v. ';■•. -V • ■.■■.-:;•■■■■.■■■; ■ ■:'■%■;', ' ■'. ■:• "
I he house committee on appropriation*
todup reported the, legislative,' executive
and judicial appropriation! ' bill, currying
10,000. ....■".; ■ ;■■••- -.. ;;.■•,. , \.; ... .-,. .
Sluirllv 1 after the opening of the senate.^
today Morgan presented .a. resolution call
ing on the president to reopen negotiation*
with-Nicaragua for the construction of an
Isthmian canal.'-' It went,'over.v „. „' •
The senate confirmed the nomination of
William Buchanan to be minister,to Pan
ama, This constitutes a formal 1, recogni
tion by:the senate of the new republic. /
'.''The jury in the case of Miirtiiin Bailey :■.
itfcninxt the Cascade Timber oorapany " de
i mlcil for ili.' 1 plaintiff, allowing him #0,000
(lililiage*. 1 •■ 'I'liiw Judge Htiell held to be an
iinrtfhionablfl finding, and itated ; that the -
■mount should not exceed $4,000, but that
the verdict could not be chunireiLwithout
new trial. 1 asJs«f..^ '■' •> . ,:<%~, '■ ',
f. It, is Hiiid that intereited parties will
attempt to effect a fiettlemeut «atinfactor]r
to lioih gidea.
11. A. Dun mill Martha Whitakw, <\ .).
Franklyn and FenuCada Ooatello took out,
marriage lienuM today.
The painting! of ; Washington ueenerr
that have adorned the Carnegie library the
pant two weeks will be removed thin eve
ning. They.were painted by Aim. K. It.
Hill of thi* city for the Great; Northern
railroad and will be used in its exhibition
at the St. Louii fair.
Alfred Stark, a"• biiiklo man, died yes
terday in hi* roomg at 733 South C street.
lie wag a member of the Fraternal Order
of Eagles and of the Red Men. -The fu
neral arrangements have not yet beaa
The Mini-li ri;il Allianet of thin city
held it* iiKiial Monday morning Hwioa i»
I lie Y. M. ('. A. purlorx thin morning.
Henley of the Yakima Arenue Oon
pregational church read an exceptionally
interesting paper on "Necessity of Iridi
ridiuU Bible Sludy." A diMoutwion fol
lowed the reading and was participuted in
liy the various members. On neit Mon
ii> Rev, Tonga ot Puyallup will n
paper before tUe ulliau«* " ■' '■ •#

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