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VOL. 1. No. 96
ST. PETERSBURG, April According
to the wishes of General Kuropatkin
preparations are being made to rush
troops to the front In large numbers. A
hundred thousand have been ordered to
mobolize for Manchuria service. Quarters
are being hastily put in readiness for them
here. Kuropatkin has demanded three
hundred thousand reinforcements by May
and half a million by August.
GLASGOW, April o.—Japan has placed
contracts with the Clyde shipbuilding firms
for the construction of two battleships to
exceed in power any now afloat. The
ships cannot be delivered before the term
ination of hostilities.
LONDON, April 9.—The Central News
at Irkustk states th.it ninety-five Japanese
prisoners arrived there bound for Tomsk,
where (hey will remain until the close of
the war.
LONDON, April 9.—The Central News
at Yankow wires Unit a Chinese report lias
reached there which states that the Jap
The report of Harbormaster J. B. Clift
for the month of March shows v decided
gain in both exports and import! over
the same period for the year 1903. During
the Bret three months of last year the ex
ports amounted to .*.■>,«:>;),loti, while for this
year during the same period they were
$0,087,115, an increase of about 14 per
The imports for the same period show a
much greatei increase, due principally to
the increased trade with the Orient and to i
the fact that Tacoma is gradually taking
this trade away from the southern cities.
During the first quarter of 1903 the im
ports coming into the port of Tacoma
amounted to only $2,581,481, whereas this
year they reached the nu mof $4,10G,564,
or an increase of nearly 45 pc reent.
Of the merchandise imported the great
William A. Johnson, vice president of
the Love-Johnson Grocery company, died
at 2:35 o'clock this morning at his home,
313 North I street, of blood-poisoning,
caused from a scratch on his arm made by
a cat about ten days ago. The scratch
■was not a severe oue and Mr. Johnson
paid no attention to it at the time but it
became irritated and spread, then a
physician was called in. Despite the ef
forts of both Dr. Love and Dr. E. M.
Brown the man grew worse and death re
sulted this morning.
.Mr. Johnson was 35 years of age and
came here from California four years ago.
When the Love-Johnson Whole-ale
Grocery company was organized he was
FORT WORTH, Texas, April B.—Later
reports show greater loss of life from the
cyclone in Limestone county that was at
first reported. The known dead number
ten and over twenty are badly injured.
Mos.t of the injured are negroes. The
destruction of live stock was great.
Twenty bouses at Prairie Grove were
blown to pieces-
David Dowden, of this city, after a
■earcb covering forty yean, succeeded yes
terday in locating the last resting place of
bii brother, Andrei* Dowden, who was
killed in the ci\il war during Sherman s
nareb to the lea. The long sought in
formation came in the ihape of a letter
from J. A. C'ommerfield, superintendent of
the National cemetery hi Marietta, Ga.,
saying that the body of his brother rests
there. It was during the engagement that
jrrested ktianta from th« Oanfedcncy tliiit
Andrew Dowden wai shot. Ha fell in the
hcii: vi battle pierced by a d0p7.11 liullPts,
, few second* later David Dowden
fell with h bu&et in hi.- leg.
Thinking only ol lii> brother, David
The Tacoma Times.
iitiese army has crowed the Valu and that
a ckirmish has occurred with Ruwlan
tioo|is at Tntungknu. General Kuropalkin
has finished his inspection of the New
chwang jiarrison. Ten thousand reinforce-
niciiis are due In Newchwang tomorrow,
while fifteen thousand are within ten days'
march. The Russians now claim to have
four hundred thousand troops in Man
chin ia, which they claim is more than
enough to outflank any Japanese force that'
will advance.
General W ogaek has succeeded (General
Krondovitch in command at Newchwang.
ST. PETERSBURG, April I.—The gov
ernment has ordered a large number of
armored automobiles for use in Man
churia. An edict was published today in
which the czar directs that the staffs of
the Baltic fleet be brought' up to full
strength at once. The czar has also or
dered the immediate mobilization of the
marine and naval reserves. Employes of
technical establishments and those now
engaged as volunteers with the Russian
eat amount OSVat from China and Japan,
those countries furnishing cargoes to the
i value of $964,681 during the. month of
March alone.
In the coastwise trade Tacoma shipped
5,903,000 feel of lumber during the month,
01,909 tons ot' coal, 88,600 bushels of uiie.it
and 10,280 barrels of Hour.
The largest items of export, were 220,809
barrels of barley, 61.832 barrels of flour.
-28,182 Urns of nails, 15,539 bails of wire and
11,477,042 feet of lumber.
During the same month there was 08
deep sea arrivals of a total tonnage of
79,112 tons; there was 75 departures regis
tered at a total of 71,746 tons.
The inward bound ships brought 21!.4.»l
tons or about one-third of their registered
tonnage, while the outward bound ships
took 116.86S tons or over one-third more
than their registered tonnage.
made secretary and treasurer, which posi
tion he held until the first of this year
when he was made vice president of the
establishment. Mr. Johnson whs a thor
ough business man and aided materially m
bringing the Love-Johnson company up to
the prosperous condition it enjoys at the
present time.
The deceased enjoyed a wide acquaint
ance in this city mid was looked upon as
one of Taeoma's most enterprising joung
business men.
The funeral will occur at the residence
tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Burial
will be made in the Tacoma cemetery.
Deceased leaves a father, mother, broth
er and a sister.
picked up Andrew's body and attempted to
carry it from the field, but his (strength
failed him and he fell to the ground un
conscious. When he came to his senses
again he found himself in an army ln^
pital. After being dismissed from the
hospital Mr. Dowden endeavored to find
what had been done with the remain- of
his brother, but nothing definite wa* learn
ed until yesterday.
Joe. H. Bronlette was arrested ycter
day afternoon in the Warwick pool-rooms
by Detectives Eaaaon of Seattle and Uoran
of the local police force, for having panned
numerous worthless checks on Seattle sa
loon keepers. lie will be charged with ob
taining money under false pretences aj all
of the checks that he passed were signed
with his own name and drawn on the
Dexter llorton bank. The checks 10 far
presented at the bank total $160.
Whan Broulette was arrested be made a
complete confession to the detectivi
took him to Seattle last evening.
The funeral nf W. H. Oribbie wai held
thi>: afternoon at Roberta' chapel, 1
was in the T.icoma cemetery.
Funeral 01 lira. Arthur Berlin* wai
held at - o'clock thi>. afternoon a| M. II
inger'i chape] on Tacoma avenue, i' ■
v\a.-, in the Ta( Vrr.
fleet only are exempt.
BTi PBTEHBBUHO, April 9.-It has
been ascertained that forty Wanhipt are
ready to assemble at Knmstadt (iull, Fin
land, on the 17th for equipment. Captain
Kudghiske, naval specialist, made a report
to the car urging thai vessels be dispatched
to the Far Ku-st by the northeast passage,
thus saving two months' time. Taking
this route they will pa*s through the Baltic
to the north of Russia, through Behring
Straits and down through the Pacific.
The suit of the Philadelphia Mortgage
& Trait company against Charles T. Peter !
son occupied the attention of Judge Sncll
yesterday and part of today. The suit In
volves a two-story building, occupying lots
6 and 7, block 1304. The property is In
the hands of Mr. Peterson by assignment.
When the property WU turned over to
Mr. Peterson it was agreed that so long
The match factory case has been trans
ferred from Judge ton's department to
thut of Judge Suell. In the first place
the action was commenced before Judge
Snell but he characterized the whole thing
m a fraud and denounced the concern In
plain terras. Hi« opinion was published
nil over the United States. The suit was
then transferred to Judge Huston's depart
ment and he has dealt ii several body
blows, 10 that the case has once more been
transferred to department No. l, where it
was commenced.
The Match company has been endeavor
ing to prevent the appointment of 1 re
ceiver and was granted the li^'it by the
supreme court to tile a luperaedeaa bond
SEATTLE, April 9.— counterfeit 10
--cent iii< ' •■ lias been lidded to the list of
spurious coins which have been shipped
into this country from China, and although
but a few have been discovered in this
city as yet, it i« probable that there are
many in circulation. The coin, which
was unearthed by Captain B. \V. Bell, of
the United State* secret service, in one
of the best counterfeits ever made. The
only difference which can be distinguished
between it and a genuine dime 11 that In
the bad coin the letering iv a trifle dim
mer than on the inone.v of ' 'nele Sam's
mint, niiil (hat the coin in di»hed some-
as it was kept up •lul't-enfcd the mortgapc
would not be ' fori'MosWti,;" Thwi agreement
is said to have l>een,i(|i*ored"and. tin M»rt
gage & Trust eompanj'llww sued: to fore
close their claim a'jt:iiiv«t the properly. Mr.
Peterson and his altoVn«yg contended that
the statute of limilatmiui prevented a trial
of the case, but the court ruled adversely.
Yesterday theeomjiAny was given judg
ment for ijiSO.OOfi. fjlheVcase will be ap
Action has been bright• in the 'federal
court by John>Kt;e£cAuMt the Continental
Casualty company, t*siuse;the eompnny
refuses to honor his"j»«tkiy. , The plaintiff
alleges that-he tookiJDut an "accident In
surance policy and un November 11, 190.1,
his armwwarg r injured t» Such Jan etxcnt as
to result in amputMtini The company re
fused to' make a Wttliiicnt fand he now
asks for damages to (Ih- extent of the face
value of the policy, *2,500, and interest
from March 3, 1001, i
■ •_■«■.- .: ,v i
VANCOUVER, A f>rilß—Much money Is I
being spent by. the United' States govern
meii in improving Vancouver' barracks.
Two gunsheds are now tender met ion
and about completed, tlieir cost being over
$20,000. £ Oilier buildings being erected and
Hearing completion Br*<i' hospital to cost
$57,000, built i by : Lister A Nott, of Ta
coma; one artillery, barracks; two double
infantry barracks;.:. on« ? bachelor officers*
quarters; one guardhouie,; and two work
shops, at an aggrej?ate*«ost of about $250,
which ejected Frank Cole, who was ap
pointed by .Judge Huston in the cane of
W. 11. - Kerwih and ofhera against the
Washington Match Factory. Since that
time another suit bM been commenced by
11. I). Campbell and other* against ttic
Match company and Judge Huston afi
point'ed Sheriff Denholmns receiver. lie
has resigned, .mil this morning Judge Rnell
appointed Il'. 11. .Mini:, to succeed him.
In the interim between .the acceptance of
the nu)>ersedea» bond and dismiexing Frank
ole, it i* naid that the office furniture dis
appeared from the Swell company's build
ing and the utotkho^lerit in determined
that' the Match rmn'jpauy will not again
be allowed to have control ii they can
possibly help it. .
what, an if the die had struck If to*
heavily. As far.'an the Actual value of
the counterfeit in metl i- concerned, it
contains practically the.' (ante woinht of
silver us good inonej-. ' The average lay
man, if he was not familiar with the de
fects of i lie coin, nine' times out" of ten
would swear that it «'«h all right.
SK \TTI.K. April P. Judge Bell in the
Superior court yesterday.morning held that
tlie mayor and council of 11 city or town liaa
a legal riirlil to %ign 'cuntructx for the
liglitin of titrcetH without advertising for
| bid*. Thin point w»» ra!*ed in » case
- t>ui!i by Brifaan & Eoaka, <>f Ta
, It is expected that the improvement*
contemplated will: aggregate $1,000,000.
When they arc completed Vancouver bar
racks will be the most comfortable and
best arranged of any in the country.
LONDON, April 9.—A British force pro
ceeding against Okpotos of Nigeria en
countered a force of (he enemy and I
battte I'iiMicd in - which the British loot
four killed and forty-eight injured. The
British fund the head of an English officer
who had been murdered.
A. V. Mills' name has frci|ucntly been
mentioned tka pM( wick uh the next,
lOinniissioner of public works. To several
of nix intimate Iricmls Mr. Mills tin*
slMlcd that he is not MlUllg the position
and does not want it. At present lie is
connected with the NwthWMt Brldgt com-
) >.lll\ .mil if Air. Mills should take a inuni
ripiil olliic. Ins eoiupany would be barred
from working on city contracts. The
Northwest Undue company already holds
sevci.il city contracts ami for that renson
it w not it all likel ythat Mr. Mills will
be the next commissioner of public works,
so his friends state.
brought by E. L, Tanner, a taxpayer of the
town of Auburn, to restrain the mayor
and council from carrying out a contract
that they had frigned with the I'uget, Sound
Electric company last May to furnish the
lighting for the streets. As soon as the
council paused a resolution giving tlie
mayor authority to contract for lighting
this agreement was entered Into, no call
tor bids wan made nor were any persons
invited to compete.
On the ground that I lie rates charged in
the contract were exorbitant, T;iiinci asked
the court to restrain the m.iyoi from let
ting this contract privately, on the ground
that it would cause an unnecessary in
crease in his taxes. Judge Bell held that
the statute which provides that munici
palities cannot let any contracts for work
of more than $100 without calling for bids
and accepting that of the lowest bidder
was not' comprehensive enough to cover
electric light contracts. The point hat)
never before been railed in this country.
SEATTLE, -April 9.-A verdict for the
defendant! was rendered yesterday in the
superior court in an action for damage*
brought by Corincah A. Stanley against
Collier IlroH., saloonkeepers, on arcount of
the death of her bneband. Stanley, com
mitted guicide while in a lit of delirium tie-
The widow claimed that the lalooo of
Collier Brotliern was the one frequented
by her husband, arid >-li<? brought' her
action under the law which holds that na
looukeepen are liable in damage* for any
injury done by intoxicated perHons, whone
intoxication wan caused by drinking
liquort in their resorte.
It took the jury twenty-four Lour* to
agree upon a Tfrdict.
\K\V YORK, April. o.—Armed •'. 1,, the
teeth, James W. floodinan,', of ; Arloznn,
came down town lhi» morning with W. C.
Green,, president of 1 tie Green Consoli
dated Copper company,. mid nfter along
wrnnglo on the street threatened to-kill
Qrttn. The police ■were called and arrived
NEW YORK, April 0.-Rev.' Joseph S.
Long, Hged 70 yearn, a member!: of: tinl
.Methodist conference now in scwion - here,
was asphyxiated by gan In Ul apartment
in the Miller hotel hint . night. He was
found dead this morning with one of Mm
gaR jets partly open.
Members "of the' Taconu Retail Grocer*'
Protective association held their third an
mini entertainment 'at ICa^lo«*' hall' laaj
night. About 810 panOßi were present.
At the conclusion of. the program refresh
ments were served " and following! the re
freshmenU a dance program of twelve
numbers wag given.V '
Preaidenl .1. H. McDonald and otlior
prominent membcri of the asiociatian wara
pretest, The credit for mnkitig the social
a luoeata is givan to the wivee of the mem
ben «f i lie iMociation,
'I'lie next, big event to lie icl.ln'atcd by
(lie grocen ik the annual picnic,
,1. 11. McDonald. 0. Rbart, C, 11. Plom,
.1. A. Bproule and <.'. Jl, Buelow «ili n°
WASHINGTON, April 9.—Lnv«e crowds
were attracted to : the gnllerlet of. the'
house today by the previous announce*
merit that Uotirke Cochran, the Now York
Tnmmany orator, would talk on his reso
lution culling on judiciary committee ■to
investigate the right of the secretary of
the interior to issue the recent-pension
order. As he arose ho was received with
npplauße from both sides. 1 It was his de
sire, ha Mid, simply to vindicate the dig
nity of the house.'Ho wanted to see
generous provision made for the old sol
diers in their declining years, but wanted
11. C. Hater was found dead this morn
ing in his room at the Chatham hotel, 17U3
Jefferson avenue. B«k*r hud not been
■MB for eoveral days about' the hotel and
it was thought that posnibly he had left
town. This morning Charles \ Itiunbucli,
proprietor of the hotel, went to the room
occupied by Baker and knocked on the
door, but received no response, lie then
proceeded to remove the door, 1 after which
be and a brother-in-law entered, only to
find their roomer lying upon the floor cold
iii death. How long he had been dead
is not known. , ■■:■■;
Mr. li.irnliiicli immediately notified De
puty Coroner liillinger, who went down
SIOUX (TIT. April 0. ].",,r twenty
hours a Great Northern passenger train
v\,ih imbedded is kuow in a cut near
McLean, Neb., while green fields were
showing around. It' ii the belief that the
train balked at four feet of wet «now
packed bard. A Milwaukee '"' St. Paul
paaaengsr train was abandoned in a drift
near Lane, South Dakota. Slock Ii suf
fering greatly.
DES MOINKB, April After a heated
discussion the senate lliU morning voted
The cars of condensed mi!!: en route
fo the Orient were delayed in the wa*h
out* iii Montana. On this account the big
•toamtbip Pleaidcs m heH over < here
three days awaiting their rival • The
milk arrived this morning and fa being]
in All Things
just in time to prevent Ooodraan'nxing his
revolver. • Goodman mv placed under ar
rest fid locked lip. •'. Two ' thirty-dght
caliber revolvers!, were., taken ; from * him.
The .nature •of \ the, dispute', i» mot known"
but' ii i* supposed to have related to «om«
mining; claim*. J All f Goodman ■ would »njr
mi-, that Green had done'him-dirt.
a*'delegate* to Stan Franvwro to attend the
National ■ 'Amociation.? of Retail " Grocers,
which! convenes .therefrom ■ May '2 to 8.
'I'lic wives iii the delegata;will accompany/
them. ' .Washington " will. probably .'■ have
one of the large** delegations at the con
vention.* '
Tho big liritixli ;' freighter -'.'Agamemnon '
li.i" arrived from; Europe by ;way of too :.;'
Orient. '$. The 'Agamemnon V left•; Liverpool
January 8 tad had on' uneventful voyagw, ■,
calling at the Oriental port* of Hongkong.*!*
Nagasaki, Robe and Yokohama.' She Nailed
March 10 from the latter, V.JNo war. ve»*els
of ■ any i description ! wore ". encountered |In
Oriental waters, »nd Captain ' Day,! nay* to V
outward appearances iYokohama, a the laHt i/i
port made in Japan, "■■> giving little heed *£'<
vi the conflict B°'ig on" between thai n>nn-»'
try and' Russia.; , ' ' '"'
('rousing the Pacific ;no vessels were •'
sighted by . the Agamemnon.',,- She"reached*:;
Victoria ■. Sunday,; and: dincharged ■ more jor :',
1 less"freight there and at Vancouver, i l«»v
--ing the latter port yesterday! morning, she J
-1 mude the' run to Port iWnmd ;In six
i, hours'and twenty minutes, unusually, good "
lime. '[ . •■ \ •,,,.-,.
. The Ocean Steamship company, of Liver*
pool,'own* the' Agamemnon. V She i.- a steel
vessel, 444 feat . long, fifty-two * feet J nix
inches beam, iiinl thirty-five feet nix inches
depth of hold, having a dead weight carry
ing capacity of 8,300,t0n5.' - ;
ill! dona by 'congress and not! by any self/
j constituted '. authority. (Democratic :. ap« "
plau ■ '.■;",<■;'•! 7:;' '•■.'.■'.; .'. V" jj ■•-;. ? v ;■■.;;•
.; "1 f,, th is money ; is paid', on > such order '
what shadow of power ia left, the house?"* :
said the speaker.. "The purse Is held by
tin' constitution to be under the control of |!|
congress. Thirty million*" taken' from ' Urn I
treasury;, bj the. stroke ■of the pen of ail
executive officer indicates that', wo are: at.,'
the parting of the ways.".
, lie advocated [ repudiation of the Hitch- '
cock order as a measure of safety, to the
country, t which f sentiment i brought ; forth
thundering Democratic applause. *
and made on Investigation. lie found the
man': lying;with the left tide .of hi M baa ' 4
on the floor in a pool of blood, v Hi* de-*•;.
oision wag that' death was-due to the rup.
tine of a blood teasel In the head. i-.':i:\ t
Baker wat addicted to the use of ,il«o> \
hollo liquoi'H ! and > had j been ' on fa i. spree '■'
most of the- time for the part"two inontha.
He was a; plumber by trade ,and ; had 3
workt'd in Seattle ■ for a plumbing firm, '
acting in the capacity of laleunan part
of I lie lime. He worked for a plumbing'
firm on C.street after coming to Taooma.
Baker was . about 58 years .of age. vHe :
is said to have belonged 'to', the" plumbeii*'''*
union in Heattle. ' ■
again*) granting a pardon to Mr». ; Sarah'
Kuhn, a-beautiful young convict '.who; H
serving a ■ life.',. sentence . [or Hi., , alleged
murder of her. husband; The bouM Imd
previously given*'an overwhelming vole: In
favor of ■ pardon, She linn tetrad three
years and lium just, turned twenty. Her
supporters hold her guiltli Conviction
wag due to her maintenance of IkiKons.
J'AKIS, April t, F0n.,1. ,).,lla
of Bpaio died this moraiiif.
SCRANTON, April 0.~-Tlie . father* of
Btate Senator Hill and three other persona
■were burned to death this'morning by lire
which destroyed'the senator's [Wdence.
HOME, April D.—The pope in paring
a list of all foreign candidates I (or lied
Hats. He lias requeiited that all availabl*
information be,sent him regarding 'Arch*
bixhops Ryan, Ireland, Parley '. and ("ha
loaded. The stenmfchip left for Seattle late
this afternoon. '[email protected]
The shipment - was consigned Vto Naga
saki, .Japan. It will probably not be far
out of tin- way to guess, thut dome, of the
milk will find its way to the Japanese com"
u:irt-iuy department.

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