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■ 'U"ith flags and banners flying and every
part of the vessel as clean and bright as it
could possibly be made, Che cruiser Tacoma
presented a gay appearance tin* afternoon.
In tact, the cruiser and the entire crew
were dressed in their Sunday best. The
occasion was the presentation to the crew
by the city of Tacoma, of a set of band
instrumental. The presentation was made
by Mayor Wright, who, with members of
the committee and a number of citizens,
went on board the cruiser at 2 o'clock this
afternoon. Although the hour was early,
a crowd of visitors thronged the cruiser's
deck- and witnessed he presentation.
, Tonight the officers and members of the
crew are invited to attend a reception and
concert at the Missions to Seamen insti
tute. Rev. F. T. Webb will deliver the
address of welcome and prominent local
musicians will take part in the program.
It will be a very elaborate affair. Officers
and members of the Tacoma's crew will
be seated first, and if there is any room
left the public can secure tickets at It
cents each.
Tomorrow night the presentation of the
silver service will take place at the Ta
some theater. The program will com
mence at 8:30 o'clock. Mayor Wright will
present the gifts, The silver service is
now on exhibition at Mahncke's jewelry
Everybody can ro to the baseball game
tomorrow, for, according to an edict issued
In Mayor Wright, tomorrow afternoon will
be a half holiday. The city hall offices
will close at 1 :.'!i) and everybody will turn
out to rool for the Tigers.
A nicies of incorporation of the TacOlßa
Biscuit &. Cracker company were filed
this morning, with Charles Hotchkiss, C.
H. Hyde nnd Christopher Chert as prin
cipals. The capital stock is $100,000.
The building to be used by the company
will stand upon four lots on Jefferson ave
mie just below Seventeenth Street. The
plans of the building are in the hands of
TRENTON, X. .r.. April 26. — Under
loud, awaiting the action of the -May
grand jury, is Enoch P, Eppock, alias
"Henry Enoch, the llunterdon county
Bee Man," who faces the queerest charge
ever brought against a man in the United
Eppock is accused of being a honey
bee Fagan. He is charged with having;
profited, by means of a hive of brigand ■
or piratical, drunken honey bees, to the
extent of $1.12 worth of honey, from the
hives of J. G. Bayless.
This is the specific charge. But' bee j
men belonging to the association from
which Eppock is barred believed he has
profited greatly at the expense of his:
neighbors. It is claimed that he sells more
honey than any man in the Delaware river
valley, yet han not kept a working bee on
his place for seven years.
For a dozen years bee men have com
plained of the "pirates in the profession."
City men hearing how the busy honey bee
made money for the honey men while the
owners slept, invested and owned many
hives in the district, but always returned
to the city wiser and poorer.
The foundation upon which the charge
against "Honey Knoeh" is based was
caused by a remark of a conference teach
er while ttoking here class out for a nature
lesson. Seeing a swarm of Eppock's bees,
she exclaimed gleefully that they were
of that rare species, spheeodis, which live
by plundering their fellows.
Among those who heard this was Holmes i
Bayless, son of J. G. Bayless, who fired j
questions at the teacher with the speed
of a rapid fire gtm crew working for a
record. What he learned he related to
his father and as a result a conference of
bee men was held, at which the teacher
explained the habits of the spheeodis.
As the result of the conference and the
knowledge imparted to them, the bee men
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store on Paeifii avenue, where it hat beta
admired by crouds daily.
Alter the presentation at the theater
the officers at the ship and a few other
guests will be tendered a banquet at the
Union club.
Thursday will occur tlie picnic and sports:
• I Spanaway lake. The program of aportl
has not been completed yet, but will be
announced tomorrow.
Last night Commander Nicholson of the
Tacotna, with seven of his officer*, were
entertained ai the Union dub. Dinner
whs served at 7:30 o'clock. The rest of
the evening and until a lnte hour the
company was entertained with songs and
stories. The guests of the evening were
Commander R. r Nicholson, lieutenant
Commander W. o. Holme, Lieutenant I".
T. Holmes, Surgeon M. K. JohnSOtV, Pay
master Kay Spear, lieutenant- "" I).
Leahy. First Lieutenant Paul K. Cham
berlain and Midshipman TXirrell P. Wick
The visitiiig hfiurs on the vessel are
from 1:30 to -V :;v> o'clock in the afternoon.
During that time the public is welcome.
Those wishing to visit the cruiser may
take launches ai either the Foss boat
house, the Commercial dock, the Flyer
dock, or the Eleventh street bridge. A
uniform fare of 2.1 cents will be charged
for the round trip.
an architect. The building is to be 100x100
feet in sice and tour -lories high. The
company will employ about 50 hand-. It
expects to begin operations by Septem
ber 1.
There will be a meeting of business men
in the court room. Chamber of Commerce
building, tonight, Tuesday, April 36, UM,
for the purpose of advancing the interest's
of Senator Foster and Congressman ( u-li
PRICE, I'tih, April 20.-Mother Jones
broke quarantine this morning and, accom
panied by a mob of women and children
attempted to break through n line of
guards to the Italians arrested yesterday.
She «•;:« arrested and thrown into jail.
She made no resistance and stated that
she was an arc that the officers of the
law must be respected.
decided to capture a lew of the pirates in
order to let the young woman examine
them and be in a position to speak posi
Bees, when on a Frolic or warpath, al
ways gather in a ball before starting on
their trip, separating simultaneously when
the- point til attack is reached. Those
I watching Kppoek's place had not been
waiting long when they discovered a swarm
preparing to do battle.
Straight as a die the mass headed for a
hive on the Havless farm and the leaders
j bored through the wax doors, killed the
sentinels and destroyed many of the work-
I en. Then, laden with the winter honey.
I the bees headed back for the Eppock
place, followed by the bee men. The
foregoing was related in court as a por
tion of the evidence against Eppock.
With this information in ha id. a war
rant was secured for the man who, it is
alleged, harbored the robber band. At
the preliminary hearing it developed that
the pirate bees were crooks by nature and
could not help stealing honey -in fact, it
was just naturally born in them.
.The question whether Eppock could be
held for the bees' crime then hinged upon
the interpretation of the state laws per
taining to the maintaining of "wild ami
domestic animals."
Naturalists, and etomologisl's galore were
on hand to prove that the honey bee is "an
animal" and not "an insect," but stand
ard books on the subject, introduced as
I evidence, proved that, anatomically, the
bumble bee is an animal, while the ana
tomy of the honey bee proves it to be an
Upon this showing the court held that,
as the .statute only fixed the responsibility
for the depredations of "wild animals"
upon those claiming the ownership of the
animal and keeping it upon their premises.
he could not hold '"Honey Enoch" F.p-
pock, for maintaining brigand l>ees, even
if tlio bees did steal for his profit, because
the honey bee, not bring a bumble bee, is
an insect, not an animal. Thereupon the
court discharged Kppock.
Discouraged, but not defeated, the bee
men, claiming they have made a new ami
more startling discovery, caused the re
arrest of "Honey Enoch."
They now assert that Eppock produce*
lii- brigands artilically —that is, that they
are not spheeodis by nature, but arc trans
formed into pirates and taugh to steal
honey by him.
This charge in the result of discoveries,
by naturaHnts, to the tffect, it is said,
th.it the alleged iphccodit wire in reality
honesl honey bees, lint tliat "Hone]
Enoch," by mixing apple Inanely with the
honey the young bet* live on. made them
listless, lazy, plundering beta.
Naturalists claim that apple or peach
brandy, mixed with honey and fed to
young lice-, mtket them worthless as
workers and transform! them into bri
guilds, such a- those which if i* claimed
Eppock harbors for the alleged purpose of
plundei ing In- neighbor*' hives.
To make the cane against the defendant
stronger, it is said by (he bee men that
Eppoch is not only guilty of feeding his
beea doped honey, Imt that he is actually
raising a distinct breed of brigand bees
which will iii time ruin the industry in the
Deleware river valley.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 26. Neither
side i" the street car controversy took
any action toda) looking t<> a conference
nnd the submission ol new propositions.
It is believed that a conference will be
held late thi> afternoon, but the railroad
representatives continue to assert rhat the
proposition rejected by the carmen yes
terdaj will not be modified.
SAX FRANCISCO, April 2ti, -De«pite •
close search in the hills near the Presidio
and vicinity, there is no trace of Lieuten
ant Victor Lewis, who disappeared altar
writing a note to a local newspaper inti
mating that he intended to commit sui
cide, and saying that his body would be
found near old Fort Point. Horsemen and
parties on foot began searching at day
light, but met with no success.
OTTAWA, April 38.— Tin tenure of of
fice of Lord Minto as governor general of
Canada expire! in June, and, no matter
what pressure may be brought to bear to
prevent it, he will be forced to relinquish
the vice regency over the dominion.
His time was really up hint June, but
1 such vigorous representations were made
' to the British government l>y Canadians
that he was allowed to slay over, on the
; distinct understanding that no further ex
! tension would be granted him.
It is an ' >i >•—«i secret that Lord Minto was
I sent to Canada to allow him to patch i■ |>
his fortunes, which were sadly dilapidated.
* He was poor for his station, according to
the English standard, and a few more
years at home would have left him finan
-1 cially stranded,
When be came tt> Canada he rented his
estates at home, and immediately came
into possession ol I Eree residence in llii*
country and a salary of $80,000 a year.
He has been a generous spender, but at
that lias lived well within his income, and
I will return to England rehabilitated in for
-1 tune.
lx>rd Minto has been a popular governor
general, for he lias been democratic, tact
ful and diplomatic.
Jjudy Minto has -,upei intended tlie social
side of their lives with the same skill that
her husband ha- displayed in handling
political affairs.
The earl of Minto's future title is Sir
Gilbert John F.lliot Murray Kynynmound,
I*. C . <i. C. M. <;.. Roxburgh; Viscount
Melgund. of ICelgond, county of Forfar;
Jtarun Minto, of Minto, Roxburgh, and a
baron ot' Nova Scotia. He is aB.A. of
Cambridge university; was formerly at
tached to the SeoU Guards, attached to
the TurkiMh army in Russo-TurkUh war,
1877 (medal), served in Afghanistan, 1879
(medal), in Egypt, 1882 (medal), in Cana
dian rebellion, 1885 (medal), military sec
retary of Lord Lanadowne, governor gen
eral of Canada, 1883 1H86; became governor
general of Canada, 1888; late captain re
serve of officers, late colonel and brigadier
general commanding Scottish Borderers
Volunteer infantry brigade; was burn
July 9, 1846; succeeded Ins father a*
fourth earl of Minto in 1891; was married
July 28, 1883, to Mary Curoline, daughter
of Gen. Hon. Charle* Gray; has two sons
Wilson* dancing sen. Tbur. Elks' hall.*
SACRAMENTO, CM.—Mist Florence Pardee, who h.-.* been ehoscn by lier father,
Governor Pardee, to dtristen tli«' new cruiur California, in ■ nil—nil. I'iflty miss of
16. She received most of ber education in Oakland, where «he was born, but is now
a member of the «o|>bonu>ri> clan in the Sacramento high setkbol. Mi"* I'ardee, who
i« of strong homo inclinations, is rather tall for her ng<> and decidedly graceful.
and three daughter*, j-j' f
Lady Miuto is iiHvinn ranch sympathy
just now because -,i on Accident she met
with a few days ado.^^VJiile enjoying the
last skate of the geastil^—while, in fact,
making the last round of the rink alone,
her skate caught in a crack and she fell,
breaking her right leg in two places, just
above the ankle, the bone protruding
through the skin. V: ''
A day or so later Government House
took fire and many of the inmates had
narrow escapes. The excitement and the
moving did not improve her excellency's
condition, and it is fe"ared that. she will
not recover in time to,participate in the
vice regal festivities which "usually; imme
diately precede the departure of a gover
nor general. . -;-Mj ■ .
Harry Mhunk, one of the funniest negro deti
end-men in the minstrel buiinens, will be
here with the A) G. Field Greater Min
xtrels, at the Tacoma theater next Satur
day matinee and night. Mr. Field know* 11
how much the public like* tin's performer, .
and he certainly v- him enough to do „
in the show, f.>r besides Ins usual work Oil
a- an end-man and several specialties, he
gives a monologue that in said to be one
of the funniest turns of a show that 6VI
abound* in laughs. —
Leo Ditrichatein, playwright and actor,
is responaible for the new comedy In
which Mary Murmuring in appearing this
season, entitled "Harriet's Honeymoon."
Tins clever author has;written many suc
cesses, and in the part of Harriet Hainl,
a young wife, played by Miss Mannering,
he is raid to have given her ■ part thai
is admirably adapted; to her ability for
the portrayal of light comedy roles. Miss
Mannering, in "Harriet's Honeymoon,"
will play an engagement at the Tacoma
theater Thursday night.
The Bennett sister* art* well worth the
price of admission at the Orjiiieum. ***! "
A business session of the Scandinavian
Social Reform dub will ho bald tonight
tit the Swedish Baptist church.
The meeting held by the society in the
Norwegian Methodist church Sunday after
noon was well attended. 'The Kncourage
mini of a United Effort to Purify the
city" wag the general subject for discua
tion. Addresseswere delivered by Key.
Siren Overlof of , the Swedish Free church
and Rev, Gearde of the Norwegian Luther
an Free church.' ','. Rev., Vestien, an ac
complmhed musicfan, rendered two organ
solos, and .Miss Vug contributed a guitar
CHICAGO, April 20.—Chicago has a
quartet of chop suey artists from the land
of queues, who are in Jeffries' class as fur
as the color line is concerned. The four
are Moj You, Moy Yon Kay, Moy Quong
and Moy Sain, all of the Moy family ap
parently. Because they refused to serve
two colored men, Dr. Cooper and Daniel
Hobinson. some of the mysterious coucoc-
Knormous flocks of tame ducks, num
bering many thousands, .ire to be seen on
all the waterways of China. These are
carefully herded by the duck farmer and
his sous, and guided by them to table
feeding grounds.
A recent writer speaks of peeing them
on the Yangtse in mid-stream, floating
down in compact 'manses with the racing
current, arid surrounded by their guardians
in tubs, who, armed with long bamboos,
smartly whacked any bird* that happened
to it ray, j, .'■;<•. -, ■:'/"• ■"''
In ie dinks always appear 'to be of the
«mc age—a curioim fact that i» explained
by the Chinese use of incubators on a large
scale. They are very chilly about revealing
details, but ii would appear that these in-
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The Leader
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solo to the afternoon* entertainment.
The interest in the meetings of the M
ciety is increasing. The subject* discussed
always have sonic bearing on the question
of social and civic reform.
\V. L. Bradshaw, the lineman for the
Tacoma Railway Si Power company ■ who
was injured last Saturday by a fall, in
doing nicely at the Fannie Paddock hos
pital. While BradthtW wan at work, string
ing wire 011 a pole, he fell and injured
lug back. ■<«;
A certain Bpecies of beans grown to a
length of a yard and a tiuartor, but 30
inches may be taken M an average.
The** new runners are really native*
of Japan and China, but an enterprising
ii, I net- in London, who received some
teed from a friend in the former country,
linn succeeded in cultivating » 1 30-foot row
of them, and his experiment will probably
lead to the introduction of a new kind of
vegetables for the table, M the bean* have
a delicious flavor. A single bean is more
than enough for one person.
When the seeds were planted the proud
owner erected I trellis 17 feet high, but
the runners had soon climbed to the top
and then came down the back, for they
will grow to quite 30 feet. The beans are
half an inch wide, and grow in duelers.
The blossom in lavender-colored, and
has a sweet scent; the leave* are large, and
grow in bunches of three. One peculiarity
of the blossom is that it last* only one
day: it opena wide in the morning and
drops off in the evening.
lions of the Orient, they were arrested un
der the Illinois civil rights bill. The com
plainants allege that they entered the re*,
taurmnl and asked for provender, which
was refused them with the beguiling »mile
which hag become a part of the Chin—*
character. After hearing the evidence, the
jury deliberated about five minute* and
then declared the accused not guilty. ,
cubator* are either made of manure and
lime in the open air, or are in room*
heated by charcoal Ires, the tiggs in thlt
case being placed in bankets covered with
sliaw or cotton wool.
To Illustrate the magnitude of these op
eration*, it may be mentioned that a'boat
on a river' will sometime* encounter a
floating man of egg shells, numbering ten*
of thousands, and coming from an incu
bator where ducks have just been hatched.
«. - j-giit-'TrijiJi<T imm 1
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perial Lime. Fuel and Ice. Forest Wood
any Length. i
Furniture and
Pianos Moved
Yard and Office, 1030 C. Street.
Tel. Main 589. 1030 C Street. Tel. 704. '
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1 all pain, our** wind 00110, sad 1* to* bete*
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K. P. Wharf, Tacoma, 8:33 a. m. and 4:3» ,
p. m. Leave* Olympic, 7 a. m. and 1:00
P. in.
Fly on the Flyer
Leave* boaltle—7;BO and 11:15 a. m.;
8:15 and 8:15 p. id.
Leave* Tacoma-O:2S a. m. and 1:00,
4:80 and 8:00 p. in.
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