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in Ail Things
VOL. 1. No. 114
Claims That He Shot Barnes and Holland In Self
Defense-Would Hot Have Shot the "Stout
Man" If He Had Known He Was
the Sheriff
Lying on n cot in a cell in (lie county
jnil. with a bullet hole through hii right
hand and liis face and body filled with
birdshot, Bob Taylor, the murderer ol \\.
W. Barnes, who came near killing
Sheriff Denholni and Richard Holland,
Barnes' companion, was interviewed by a
Time* reporter. At first he refused to
tall<. but linully was induced to answer
Rome questions.
In a weak, trembling voice, he tolil that
he was born in [ndiana, lint refused to
say in what town. His family moved to
Winnemac, 111., when he was a young
boy. He went to school I here and was
graduated irom the high school. Ann
thai he iveni back to Indiana ami worked
on a farm. He stated thai he had worked
in Colorado and California. "I worked as
« farmhand," lie. said, "and I always
worked hard.'
He was asked about his relatives and
KIMMSWICK, Mo., April 30.—The Iron
Mountain express, enroute from Hot
Springs to St. Louis, was ditched near
here this morning. Six coaches were over
Nine bodies have been removed from the
The dead and injured will number 50.
The train was running 45 miles an hour
when it struck a switch too hard.
' Five were killed outright and ten fatally
Thousands of people were at the water
front this morning to see the boat race
between the cutters of the first, tecond,
third and engineer* division of the SruiiM
Taconia. A* this wai ibildran'g day on
the cruiser, many build reds of the little
one*, accompanied by their parents, viewed
the race from the cruiser, while many
other people gatbsre along the Northern
Pacific and Commercial docks.
- It wm about 10 o'clock when the four
outters, eack wanned by eight brawur
saUora and a coxswain, lined themselves
beside the tug Fearless, stationed in front
of the Commercial dock, and made ready
for the race.
The course v.as ab*ut two miles in
length, extending from the Fearleu to a
ve-«»l stationed in front of the coal bunk
ers and back again.
The lace w«b close and exciting. The
first division boat covered the course in
It nrinntes and 25 Kcondti, and came back
to the starting point jii6t live boat lengths
ahead of the Mcond division boat. The
engineer's division came in third and the
*iv-i'd divikion •■■*• iuLii'.U.
replied tearfully: "Father and mother
are both in heaven. J have one brother
living ai least, lie was alive the last I
heard of him — but I don't know where ha
is. [ Mill leu alone.''
He said that he came to Pnyallup la-t
winter, and, as he had no money, moved
into a ]«>k bouse on the reservation, which
appeared to have been unoccupied for :i
long time. He had done but very little
work while he lived there, he said, ami
bad gone to Puynllup several timea lo beg
some loud, "Sometime* I became verj
hungry," he concluded.
He ;it liist denied all knowledge ol
Barnes &nj Holland Thursday aft
ernooii, but n.i- finallj induced to id
alionl it.
The Murderer's story
"T»u men came to inj cabin," he said,
"and tried to ge( in. It was raining ami
they said thej wanted shelter, Inn there
were other ciibins within IAO feel of mina
and I told them h, go I here. Thej Said
Fifteen sustained minor injuries.
Among the dead are Engineer Bailey,
Master Mechanic Taylor, Mail Clerk Groot
and Edward Beisbarth.
A reliei train with physicians aboard ha*
beei hurri«d to the scene of the wreck
from Si. Louis.
KIMMSWK K. April 30.—At 2:30 this
afternoon the number injured was -tatcd
t<> be 26, half a iiuzen oi wkich will prob
ably die.
The train was reduced to scrap iron.
The first division boat took the lead at
the start mi maintained it to tlie finish
of the race. Although it was a very
small lead in the beginning, the crew
managed to add to their distance with
every stroke.
The sailors used .i fust stroke, making 28
to the minute, The oars moved back ami
forth with an accurate and steady motion
CHICAGO, April 30.—Capntin .T. Healy,
president of the Alaska Exploration com
pany, was to have been taken to New
York thin morning to answer to a charge
I of alleged «wbmk>ment of *H,OOO, but his,
The Tacoma Times.
they wor'c! not go there, hut were oom
ing into in.v house. They bothered me
until 1 m alnio»t crazy, and when they
began to pound on the door I wan afraid
they wanted to come in and kill me. «o I
■hoi at them. They didn't get in my
In telling about shooting Shetifl Deil
boln he naid:
"Some more men came to my houM and
bothered me. They said they were going
to take me away .mil 1 didn't know what
for. I was afraid of them. When they
began to break down the door, one of
the men shot through ii Crack and the
bullet went through the hand that wan
holding my pistol. The pain made me
crazy and then I shot through the door
nnd hit the stout man. I wouldn't have
shot him if 1 had known he was the
He Wan Half Starred
Taylor *,iid the reason he didn't shoot
when Hindi and Hanker were after him
was becaune hi- hand was -o wort it made
him sick. "I only had a couple of bullets
left and I whk sick and didn't want to
fight any more." he said. '"They mn*f.
have shot hi me 50 times. Rome of them
were not vn good marksmen."
Taylor said hi* principal food during
the winter and spring had ben pota
toes and -:ilt. When brought to the jail
he appeared to be half starred, and the
first thing he asked for alter being placed
in the cell was food, [1,. was given some
bread and meal and two baked potatoes.
!!<■ ate heartily of the bread and me.it.
but the potatoes he put on the floor in
om nei- of the cell. When he had ap
parently satisfied hie hunger and the jailor
started to take away the remnants of the
food, he said in a childish manner, "Don i
and showed that their -Uill ba« be< n
n.lined through practice.
The winning crew «-a« given a loving cup
a- a trophy.
In the incorporated town- and gome
outside precincts throughout the county
Republican caucuses were held last night
for the purpose of selecting name* of per
sons to be voted on at the primaries on
May 3 for delegates to tin- county con
vention, to be held in this city on Slay 6.
There are so many candidate* in the
field, many of whom have no following to
■peak of, not even in their own precincts,
that it is difficult to tell.the pouible re
suits of the primaries at this time. With
the exception of the offices of superin
tendent of schools, assessor and surveyor,
there are two or more candidate* for every
county office.
LISBON, April 30. The reei nl illnens
irf King Carlos is now believed to have
been due to an utterapt to R»*at«sinate him
h\ |ilHrill|i |piiit.Oll ill Ills food.
The kind's secretary and aide, «-ho wen
ill nt the s.iiik time, are known to have
been given anti-poison treatment,
attorneys obtained .1 writ of habeas corptll
and overtook the hurrying officer* and the
prisoner before they reached the depot.
Heal) declaret that hi» axio>t was due
10 «i>ite work.
take ii away: my tongue Is so sore tiiflt
I can't eat much at a time?, Leave it here
v,, that I can eat »ouic more -when my
tongue frets better." Thc'jorwioM in his
(Continued on Page Four.)
HAL!FAX, V. S., April3o.—The schoon
er Onora, from Porto Hieo/went ashore on
Dublin's reef this morning.; All hands wave
lost. The vewiel ib a total -wreck. »■,-;:
Chris Poison of Taeonia defeated Duncan
McMillan, tin- lumvirt nubtchm.in. of Si.
little, ,ii the T«coma theitcr last night, in
one of the prettiest ciml fastest wrestling
matches ever pulled of! in tln> city. The
match was for a -i'le ht't k of $100 and GO
ami 40 per mil of tin i^ito receipts.* Mc-
Mill,in had agreed.to tb<i« Person three
times in 90 minutes,.bill'one of the con
ditions of the match w.i, that it McMillan
! was thrown once,'. IVlsQii would win the
match. . !V;.'?V;^'> : . .-'.-.
McMillan won; the first bout with .1
half-Nelson and ciutrli hold in 20 minutes
anil 50 seconds. The'ii£flond bout wns it
warm one, the >triiK|it4 being so severe
that both men were. br^«ttiing hard from
their exertion;' within a^eouple of minutes
alter time wan culled.-'After 16 minuten
of terrific work Person iineeeedinß in put
tins the Scotchman's slioujders to the uiat
ami was awarded the inniii •>
The Hist preliminary*; consisted of ,1
ma toll between all Miiphli-nlil vi< Ii ami
Archie Stewart, both nl 'l\ii'oni.i. Mmlilni
biuch -ieeured two straight falls, the first
in eight minutes and " the second in a
little over nine minute?, 1 '"
.lohn Bern of Hflliiigham, who hail
agreed to throw Charley Berg of Tacoma
three times in HO minu_tes, failed to live
up to his contract.. lie secured two falls,
but was unable to land'his man for the
third time within the* half hour. The
match was a very pretty one. but the Tn
eonia man was hardly? a match for the
man from Hellingham.'•!-■;.",
engagement on the Vain is reported. It
is stated that 16,000 Jftnapese crossed the
river on Thursday and attacked 30,000
strongly fortified Kussiuiii, , „.l ;v ,■
It is rumored that tUe Japanese, with
reinforcements, are contj^iuing the battle.
Japanese sharpshooters killed many Huh
sian officers.
. . i
WASniXOTOX, D. C, April 80. -State
department officials have been informed
of a big battle on the/ Vain river, result
ing in h Japanese victory, They decline to
■. i
give the source of their Information.
LOXDOX, \]ui Mo. -Kh confirmation is
obtainable of the report current this after
noon to the effect that'there has been 1
batte on the Yalu. ■ The Japanese minister
lias received no information to that effect,
and the Russian embassy states the same.
The last new* from the Yalu, they lay,
was contained in General Kuropatkin'j re
port to the czar statins that all was quiet
along the Yalu yesterday, ■
ST. PETERSBURG, April 30.—An offi
cial dispatch received here today reports
thai Japanese column*.are marching from
Yongampho toward Wiju. A small force
of Japanese has crossed the Yalu river.
Good-bye Old Muu
Band Master Innes Badly Injured
In a Collision Outside of the
Fair Grounds-Fifty Gallon Tank
of Coffee in the Inn Explodes In
juring Four Persons One Fatally
ST. LOUIS, April 30.—The Louisiana;
L'urchase expedition, popularly known an
the World's . I'aiiy ~wai* ■ formally opened
toilny with elaborate curemouies,
The weather \VH« fair and pleasant.' All
Hie arrangements I'm 'handling the crowd*
were, excellent. The gates were at/no .time
choked and l.iii.oim people entered; the
ground* with 'less' trouble ill. is often
experienced at a theater <>v other „j(lnc<t
i{ amusement. . The "crowd itn>lf \vn*.,u.
good-natured one. Aside Horn the foreign!
.1-. who, after nil, formed lint a small
fraction of the great throng, the bulk of
the multitude was made lip of St. Louis
people. | Thin was In be expected, consider?
ing the fact t li.it most of ill. hrqipactlya
visitor- from other states' had long ago
made their arrangements to reach St,
Louis lifter the exposition should lie fully
under way, St. Lout*. however, hud cvi T
dently resolved to tHke a day olf in honor
tit' the event, und the attendance] was
highly gratifying. Neighboring eitieH and
state*) were not by any mean* nnrepre-
Rented, however. Bpecin] trains bruui^f/t
into the city thousand* of iightMear* from
lowa, Illinois, Kiinnao, Indiana. Kentucky!
Arkansas and states even more distant,
and lll('<r viVilor* helped to Mtell the
Ilirong that had gathered from nil parts
of the Mound City and it«; raburbi to
join in the opening of the big show.
Throughout the gorunds were diftriliuled
the World's fair, police, „leffer*on, OnaidH
(Ik they are called. ■ They were of value in
directing the movements of the crowd
when a blockade wan threatened, »nd their
service* were occasionally called into requi
sition to clear the way for h |iii<~inj.' ve
hicle connected with the hospital service,
the police department or the xanitary de
partroent of the .exposition. Several aoci
limes Badly Injured
dents of a wriotli imture occurred. Bund
master Innes w«» badly hurt junt before
entering the ground* by his carriage com
ing into eolli»ioin with a trolley ear,
An explosion of » AO'gaiion tank of cof
fee inside the Inn fatally injured Charles
Goodrich mid hurl three others badly.
Ii is true that Hie exhibit* arc not yet
complete in all their details. The] have
not arrived so rapidly us was expected,
and the work of claa«iAcAtian baa been
aomewhat delayed. Still, with the»e draw
bad the attractions may lie -aid to *nr
pass those of Bnj previous exhibition in it*
completed state, Satisfactory an this con
ditioin of affair* is. yet, contrasted with
the display which will greet the visitor a)
week or two hence, that of today wil) 111
remembered only as a prologue to one of i
the. most instructive and bewildering spec
tacles in the history of the world. Ii ii)
safe to say, however, that none of the
visitors today wan dixaatiitfled with what
hi saw. From end i" end, throughout
every part (if the great tract of 1.240 acres,
there was a iuccChklou of range and novel
sights, moving multitudes and ii display of
the resource* and product* of civilization
such as has never before been collected In
one place.
C»r(*.iiiniiii*K Won' Simple
The opening ceremonies were »o simple
and so plain that they were in perfect har
mony with the method* 'if Prcmdeiit Fran
cis and his .'ifli' "'ill aids, but. tins were at
the name time very impre^ive, and madft
a fitting prelude to one of the most mem
orable event* In American history. Th«
dedication rerenmiiie*, a year ago, vert
attended by a military jiiigcunl that rat
1 significant of tli nation's prowess, | and
after tin' baptism of aim* rd'iM- the sweet
presence of an. ami science," and the forma)
opening today wax'marked by the absence
of soldiery in uniform, -, .v,.-, ■»"••.••'
'The place ofrendezvouswm tin 1 grent
plaza to (In.l north <>( tin' ('mud JiaNin and
in the shadow of! the inij-'i-iiin - Louisiana
I'lirehuse .iiiiimiiiii'iii. At 0 • o'clock . tin)
Wwtl.of. ■••directors of - tli<* fair,' 1 ilir mem
■ hum of. (In- ; niiiMui.il cominUxinn, the board
uf lady managers mid other officials un i
in tin- Administration ..building.-., .where
there was an. interesting little ceremony
us .1 prelude to ill,- more important events
of the day.'This eoix<Uti>rtof the presenta
lion to President l''ranci« ,«l v gavel with
which to i all to order, the a^einlilage of
iiotiililcg. ' The ."gave] wax mmli 1 ',( ninny
piecen of wood taken friiin varioiiK trees
grown in the Fore») I'm I, |)»ltion of th«
exposition grounds, '
President I'Miui-, mid liU |>»rty were
escorted from the,Adniinistnition building
to the wen* of the J*y'< asremonieii, where
they were joined by the foreign coinmis
tioner*, wholiiWHKWPiiilihsl earlier at the
British pavilion; and the governors of
Ma ten ii nd state comtnia lain tod commit.
teeß, who had rounded up »t the United
States Qnvemmeßl h»ildirii|. Secretary
of War 'I'ati. the representative of l're,K-
Hent; Roosevelt, »,•'- -escorted, to • the
ground b by a military guard, mid proper
escorts were ii m-li,',| ultn the memberi
of congress and other *p«cjully' invited
gueHtß. ■ ', 'Ui'y'itf)
Opened nl 10-..U) o'Clock
Promptly at litili-|,:i-i ten. th« exercise*
of the day began. There we little formal
ty, hardly any display in uttriu't the Heek
en of the picturenque, aiid still tln- pr •
pin wai carried out, amid mrroundingt
and in a manner in all way* appropriate,
The ceremonies were opened with. an in
voetion by the Rev, Frank W, Qunaaulm
of Chicago. The invocation m followed
by the rendering of "America" by the
bund*, and an sddnwj by Hon. P. 11. Frun
cis, president of th« exposition. President
Francis srai given a givnt ition, In a
bejef address he reviewed the hinlory of
the exposition enterprise from iU incep
tion to the supreme moment boh at hau<l.
eulogizing the work of his colleagues and
praising the public spirit of the c itizenn of
St. Louis in general, lie lei forth the
object* of the exposition to be to com
memorate the past, present the advantage*
of the present, and inspire hope ("- " ■
future— the pant, the (jresentj the future of
Amerien and the whole world. l<oud and
COntlntiOOl cheering followed the concinatoa
of pre*ident Francis' remarks^ nnd. ilm
band i i ml; up "The Btai Spangled It.m
nor" amid tumultuous cheering aud waving
of hat* and handkerchief*, -
William 11. Tliompiwii, cliiiirman of the.
committee on ground* mi.l buildings,
stepped to ihe front of the npeiikdr's stand
and introduced inane L. Taylor, director
of works. •An m iUoii m tendered to Mr,
Tnvlor, who had, niaiißKed a great part
of tlie I'"." tuxk" nC pr<"i>iiiiiiK the expo
-iii<m .mil had done; runny Hunks that only
a man <>f remnrlwMfl vw«/itility, con per
form. ITeTTafd i li.it he li.ml h 1,, k..' many
month* on lii« hijwrli, nix! II ,i in deliver
inn it he would deliver the key* >■' the
building to President I'YamU, u-|iii 'p h"
did. The .trnnsfor ■ <>f ;tlie fxhilii* pi(?nrc«
to T* 1. J. V. Skid', director of exhibits, wn*
then made. -Mr. Skiff deli irtd n Inief rd
■l > —:. and wiih acror.'Ud « ioihiii^ vwpj
ion that tti-lijicd the pofiple'/Tfjipjwc'B-
" * ' . in. .. . I, (
One Cent
11 •> 11 for Ins- invaluable work in making the
vxpoiition a. •»iK'fc««.' * *
*,rAddre^f« iollowud;by..'ni(iniaß ll.'(''iir»
ter, 1 |ire»uh'iit ,of the untioniil conunimiwnj
E.' ■ ll,' llaitiiiiiin, ". Kpetklnf \on * behalf «ol
dome-tii exhibitor*, and by ropiv««nt«tiv«»
of-, lie .oinriesi.irili.il ami '• otlim ', eDiniiiit
(hat have had much to do nith'lhe aHuiis
of! the 1 ntel |i»iM\ •■,''.•/;> . ;' 4
OvMlion <o H«M-'y Taft
. V, *"I . Tl'l;||V ■ Til ft ( •tippedi, forward ■• id
deliver iln oration of;the day il" 1 M>!iMnf
of npplau*i< shook the vury lirniumunt, mitl ~
it w.i- nt once vei.n Ituit the nitiltiludt.- i«
(fi)i(lcil tin- i*eretitry of.war an the .'imiii..!
figure ■ of. the „,day'*l «scrritici|;^'.',S«crat«iy
I.hi'-, address wnn brief «nd very chare* V
tfriltir of the man, lu> ii known to be ay-/
modest ns be it able,""
„WASHINGTON*,- D.'<C,;'.A))iil M In
compliance.«itli: th(< rwjiiMi 'of.; tin tlitro
torg of i In- L(nji»inna!l'urchM(ie;exi)o«itioni t
the president* oiipiiotl ;the eKponition li»"
wire from the \\ hitc ETovm nt'l:ls o'clock /
lu.liiv. The nrrnng^mtnt* war n\tnp\e In
dotail.; linnitHliHtcly.' upon'the; completion i
of the " wile circuit; intox till' l>X|n.!<l(li)ll
grounds the iirmiilent, w»« notHled, ami ht • ■•*■■'
repaired;, to .tlib! Kant" room, 1 ' whipre ""> thcr« •
were nvM'inbli-il ili« junlU'i-m of 'th« United ,
State* *\i])K'iue couri, the inemhar« of-th« ,
diplomatic I coip» m\A .a '. ntimbpr '. of' othef '£
guests of. nut*. C , , . V)" .
': The ; ; niriingcniciits t con tempi" I(m t •",',*7-l
prompt niii)j of the exposition'»t iiHoa,
eentr«l tinie,' but; there were a few; ma
ilti'V debtj i" nmkiuf ; the filial |.ii'|.iiia- »
tion*...". r-'.'.i'ti."-7 : '■■■' :'■', '■ '■",;' ..'■i";;',v.''
■ I'rcmilcut .•Hoo»ov«Jt utoml «1 the key,
chatting ; with*. thb»c 'nb<)ut liim. ; In the
course of the i-(iuviM'»iiiioii lip *xpi('«»ii'd
regret iii lii- Inability to be pre«fnt«t th«
oi>ening, of the expo«ition', in barton, but' ■
•>niil -, lie hoped he., miltht »l>lo to .visit ,
the great fair later in the yew.
, , KoOSUVCIt'I'I'eMHQH Illlttoil
A few miiinti'H after. 1"o'clock a im;fHii«» '
from ' President ' Ki.imi«. Mijring " that ■ till
I'tiini'iy of the exposition be 'wired," whs
ehihery of 1 lie- exposition be nt«rte<l,:wa»
ticked oft; the' wire "and I banded to11'renl-
dent Roooerelt. ." Mr. Roti*e.velt then" gent
ly, prMMd on the Morn : key, whifh'action
in -ial\ gave the lingal to the ; Bt, Louie
i-ml ana at 1:15 p. m. put in 'motion th«
whole of the esponitloti, ; ;
: A few miimtcH ■.later a mewage of 'con
gratulation" wag ocnt by. the Preniilent and
1 n reply wiir received from Mr, Krancln say-
I ing.thatnhe progrmii nra* earned out »no»
I cessfnlly .m.i everyone wan in a wild laic
c nih pver iln opening. 1
The Poor War Corresponont;
SAX FRANCISCO, Apjil 30.—\V«lcom«
Botkin, ill" divorced husband of Cordvlia ,
Botkin, the ronvkted murdere**, died thi«
morning of ll»ftH fIf«MH«. ~
KILKENNY, -/April 30.— [Clog IBdn'M* ;
nnd Queen Alexandra received much at
tention today from van ; crowd*'} whiwk
had gathered hi greet them.
ST. I'KTJIHSBUBG, .April 30.—The air
ship con*4ru'ntc<l Cuptain Rueten»ki \ w.i«
I'aii l.\ 'and »uo<i-»ir)uH,T ' tried .it - Vlotith*
(jhovi, ti4T<illug'oo-miUi »n hour.
Coiiii'liiinl kiii l>«!ii made to air .that
pome nf the '.-niii.'ijiie* uking nominationa..
from the, couhitig" K«|nit/!ii county cot)*
v%nt!'ji'i ml using ' M a heading on fhtj»
DiirajiU tiallutn, "The Cu»hmau-Fo«t<>i':Dai.
i-jate»,"'r; . „ , ' i , j ■
Mr. C'uihinsin and hi* manugemest want
it understood tint! tbi» i» being done wilb
our hi» «r theii (am tiou. We took tli*
position in the baginning, which we still ■
maintain, that CSMhmsn would in no way,
HB*i»t or interfere with anyone* candidacy i
for a county ofticc, '
A* all «if In- loyal friend* that l>.iv«
bcr'n named at the iauci)*i"S; We ask' Ihat
local caudiiUttet <>ri not bead their ticket*,
or oiln'i\ii-c in liny iniiniH'rmake it np«
I>efr that, Mr. ( iiiuii.in or lii» iionnnitlut
are .|ii(k'. Ik and fhooi ing iiih.li.' friends ia
tli:^ i!t;it(<r. ivh'.'io m> til my other mm*
inluistn .hi' directly involved..*".- '
Cliuliiuuu Cuahnmn Conuuiltco/

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