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VOL. 1. No. 115
TOKIO, Ma.v The first pitched battle
on land between the Japanese and Russian
forces occurred on the bank* of the Yalu.
Sunday. The Japanese were victorious, al
though they. lost TOO killed and wounded.
The Italians tire reported to have lost
from 800 to 900 nun.
The Japanese raptured 28 quick tiring
guns, 2ti officers and 800 men. The Rus-
sians nifde two stands, but were beaten
back finally and fled,
The Japanese captured Chin Tien Chang,
which whs regarded a» the key to the
Russian position on the right bank of the
Yalu. .
The P.ussinns abandoned Antung yester
day. They burned the town." The Japan-
The Tneoma Times lias scored (
three big acoopa over its two eon- 4
temporaries in tins city during the i
last »i days, i
The tint was on April 5, when i
i The Times published exclusively 4
an account of the identification and i
1 confession of Albert K. Bell,' the i
famous mail robber and bank thief, i
. who had committed a serifs of bold i
• crimes both in Europe and Ameii- I
, ca. •<• , ' i
The other daily papers published <
in this city gnve their readers, on' <
the same day. a long account of how <
1 ] ;. "an unknown man/'., supposed to -I
be "it celebrated crook," had been 'I
chased ~ through- the streets the- <
night before and captured by the <
police. The Times alone told it* 4
readers who this "unknown" man t
was, and secured his complete con- I
fession, since substantiated in its de- t
tails. Bell confessed to The Times, I
among other thinps. that he had I
robbed the United States mail at <
Seattle. He now lie* in the county I
jail, awaiting trial for this* crime. I
The second bi({ scoop came last i
Friday, when Bob Taylor, the mur- I
derer of»W. W. Barnes, attempted i
to kill the sheriff, and almost sue- i
eeeded\ shooting the latter through 1
the neck. The Times gave this news 4
to the people of Taoonia in two ex- I
tra editions, the first appearing on i
the street* one hour and a half he- $
fore tlie first copy of its afternoon i
contemporary Tras printed. The C
sales of these extras were vary I
large, indicating the great public in 4
terest taken in the shooting of 4
Sheriff Denholin. I
The third scoop followed Satur- 4
day last, when The Times exclusive- 4
ly gave to the public the facts con- 4
cerning the trouble* which have de- 4
▼eloped in Whitworth college, lead- 4
ing up to the demand of the trug- 4
tees for the resignations of the pies- I
ident and three instructors in the I
Institution. This morning, two days <
1 later, the Ledger appears with the •
1 facts given by The Times last week '
1 If you want to read the news, <
i while it is. news, read The Taooma <
i Times, ' <
I i.
FORT WORTH, Tex.. May 2.-The
worst hail storm that has been experienced
in thin section of the country for years
swept this and adjoining counties last
evening, The fruit crop i» reported to
be ruined.
Ball* of ice five inches in diameter
crashed through the roofs of hollies, and
trees were uprated by the wind.
No lives are reported to have been lost,,
but much stock wi'e kflled.
WASHINGTON, D. C, May 2.-Jame»
Tyner and Harrison Barrett were placed
on trial today for connection with th«
frauds in the postofflce department. Ty
ner was assistant postmaster general, while
Barrett was a law clerk in the pout office
esc now control the estuary of the Yalu.
Previous to the' decisive battle of Sun
day, the Japanese had for rive days en
gaged in severe skirmishes with the Rus
sians, finally capturing two islands in the
Yalu. The Twelfth division of the Jap
anese army then crossed the Yalu on •
pontoon bridge.
LONDON, May 2.—The correspondent of
the Central News at Seoul wires that the
Japanese victory on the Yalu Sunday was
most complete, the Russian lines being
thrown into confusion and retiring in dis
LONDON, May 2.—The Japanese min
ister, Baron Hayaihi, today issued the re
port of the captain of the gunboat Majrft,
which acted in conjunction with the land
forces in the attack of the Japanese on
the Russian line on the Yalu river yester
day. The report confirms in a degree the
report that the Russians burned Antung.
A Japanese detachment, comprising the
Captain John Truebridge, one of the best
known deep-sea captains sailing into Puget
Bound, and formerly in command' of the
steamship Victoria, left thin city yesterday
for New London, Conn. ; to take command
of the big transpacific liner Minnesota, re
cently built for use in the Tacoma-Seattle-
Oriental trade.
The immense vessel, first of the
• l.iiiii J. Hill and the Northern Steamship
company, will sail from New York city
July 4, arriving on Pugei Bound 80 days
thereafter. It will be sent from New Lon
don to New York immediately after its
CHICAGO, May 2.—May day strikes
here today were comparatively unimport
ant, Seventeen hundred picture frame
workers, 4.000 boot and shoe workers and
500 Imker* are on strike.
NEW YORK, May 2.—With the excep
tion of s strike of fi.ooo wagon and car
riage makers, the May day labor situation
in Gotham in one of Mace this year.
BOSTON, May 2.—There were no !«eri
ous labor disturbance* in New IDngianfl
today. Not for many years has the labor
situation been so peaceful <m May day.
WASHINGTON, D. C. May The at
tempt to extradite Thomas Walshe, or
Lynchehaun, who in wanted in England,
failed through a decision of the United
State* supreme court today. Lynchehnun
was sentenced in Ireland to lift impprison
incnt for assault and battery upon an
English woman of noble birth.
He escaped from prison, and wa* arrest
ed in Indianapolis. The supreme court
reaffirmed the decision of the Indiana court
tint Wali-he should be given an txamina
The Tacoma Times.
gunboats Maya and Uji and some torpedo
boats, ascended the Yalu mid bombarded
the enemy, silencing the enemy's artillery
fire after a severe engagement lasting 30
All of the boat* returned to Yongsmpho
with no casualties.
Four armed launches reached Antung the
same morning and repulsed the enemy's
infantry ami artillery after 30 minutes'
sharp fighting. < -
Fire was seen rising from the town ami
the natives reported that the Russians fled
after netting the place afire.
ST. PETERSBURG, May 2.—The new
battleship Orel ii aground on a sandbank
in the Neva river. It is feared great dif
ficulty will be experienced in floating her.
ST. PETERSBURG, May 2.—lt is ru
mored here that the Russian plans of mo
bilization have been Bold through the
treachery of a Warsaw official. New plans
How Winning Ball Affects Tacoma Citizens
The Minnesota has a carrying ca
pacity of 28,000 tonK of freight and her
officers and crew In point of numbers
would do honor to a naval cruiser, she
wa* launched last year, and since th.il
time a small army of metrhave been ai
work putting the fininliinn touchen uu the
immense vessel and working on the in
terior arrangements, These arc almost com
plete. During the two months he is in
the East, Captain Truebridge will select
a crew Eor the ship and pick out her
complement of office ps.
tion before turning linn over to the New
York authorities, and ordered him dis
charged from custody.
The ciinic for which Lynchehaun was
convioted was an incident <.t the hisli land
riots and il was claimed in hi* behalf
thai the offense, was really (if a political
This morning the removal from the
warehouse of mum oatg that m to
go on the Tremont to tlie Philippines
caused an exciting time. On taking
down the large tiers of sacks there were
found downs* of nits. Every sack moved
appeared to be alive with them. There
happened to be two dogs, with record* aa
rodent-killer*, on hand, and whenever a
rat made a sprint for the open it win
giabbed by the nape of the neck and given
a jerk thai usually unjoin ted it> neck
and sent it tumbling through the air.
The dogs appeared to enjoy the affair
hugely, and after putting one rat out of
commission, would be ready and waiting
for the next victim.
ST. LOUIS, May 2.—The beautiful wet.
tlier continue* and the throng! »l the fair
grounds increased in »ize today.
The stale building* of Michigan, Penn
nylvania and Ohio were dedicated toduy. I
have accordingly been made.
LONDON, May i. ' Japaness Minister
Hayashi this aflerncton faMued a later re
port regarding the Yalu fight, dated Kieii
leng Cheng. Manchuria, northeast of An
tung. The report rends:
"We advanced May 1 along three roads,
driving the enemy before us At Bp. m,
we captured the line from Antung Sien to
"The Imperial guilds Krrounded the en
emy on three sides, mid after severe light
ing we captured tht-ir gunw, besides burses
and carriages.
"The general reserve corps is advancing
along the Liao Yang rotul with the enemy
fleeing toward Feng Huang Cheng.
"The booty captured includes x large
quantity of arms and ammunition."
Captain John A. O"Bri«n, who is well
known in Tacoma. ban been appointed to
the command of the »teaniMhip Olympia by
the Northwestern Kteamship company.
Captain O'Brien ha« been at sea for
37 years, und at 23 took command of
his first ship, the bark Edward Jamex,
running from Portland to China. Since
then he has been in command of many
ships, both sail and strtun, among them
the Alden Bewe, on Ui« Chin* run, and
the Alice ('. Dicker-roan, from the count
to Europe.
In 1884 Captain O'Brien was mate of
Between watchingl Bol»by Keefe white
wash tbe Oaklund«s und visiting the
many points of intfr««t nearby, tlie
people ol Tacoma aenrlj deserted tlie
city yesterday. TVinl Defiance park
attracted its thouapids at usual, Bpan
way lake lured many t" iit pictur
enque banks, the Smth Tftcoma prai
ries attracted thoa< who have nol for
gotten their hoiuea in Kansas or North
Dakota, and Steilaefcta, the oldeit town
oo I'liK^'i Sound, cnoe in for its share.
This phi' p. ivitli itj mi rks of the early
history of the Htate, ami aliiiost surround-
the «.t<<Hiucr I'nwtilht. when she struck on
LnMtilla net, Captain O'Brien brought
her into port With the »id "of'two sailor*,'
In Vim,! Sound and Alaakt water* he has
been in command of th» steamship , Pre
mier, Metunxhip ■ ltumlie. and in 1001 he.
brought the •ttam*hip .' Dolphin ' around
from New York. l^t fall Captain O'Brien
was muster of the steamship Kurekn when
she puked up the disabled »tearner Meteor
in Bering sea. • !
• WASHINGTON, D. C. May 8, The
United State* supreme court todaj divided
that Judge Wing, of the Northern district
of Ohio, was in error when, after ordering
the discharge of a number of Chinese who
had been ordered deported by the immi
gration department, lie refused to nllow a
bill of exceptions to be filed by the United
State* district attorney.
Commissioner of Public Works Welsh
received bills this morning on forage for
the month of May, and awarded the con
tracts. John B. Stevens will supply the
city with ootn. at the rate of $27 per ton;
P. J. Franeioli, timothy hay. $21.78, and
William Birmingham & Co., bran, $20.
There is probably no greater sport than
trolling for Ralmon. It is one of the
gamest of fish and a fighter from the time
it takes the hook until it is landed. One
man trolling in the vicinity of brown's
point yesterday landed 87 pounds in a
short time. Needless to say that hix hst
woe about two sites too small after that.
Trolling for mlmou is becoming a fa
vorite sport with many lehernaen who
formerly got their sport tishing tor trout
or bass.
Ed by the placid waters of Puget Round,
is increasing as a point of interest and will
have its share of visitor* this summer. It
is an ideal camping place.
WASHINGTON, I). C, May 2.— The
resignation of Melvin Grigsby, United
States attorney for Nome district, Alaska,
1 baa been accepted by the president. No
intimation has been made as to who his
successor will be.
Attorney General Knox a year ago rec
ommended Grigaby for dismiKsal for leav
ing hi* post without permission.
CHICAGO, May 2.—The morning session
of the. Socialist national convention waH
devoted to a diicuuion of the method of
adopting the proposed platform by clauses
|or us a whole. It is itiipeoted that a
, "rider" might be inserted.
PORTL \M). 0r... M.iy ?,-M. \V. (iow.
fll. one <>i the wi«li'«t known Rdreri
ili»ti .vi ilm coant, win' for ji i
tin advertising man for various Inrgt West
era department stores, committed nuicitit
lliix i morning by gat. .-. Financial vcveiw
Tin' storm Hint li»s been gathering over
hit worth college grOWl darker and s.njir
of the friend* of the hist ilut ion fear for
its safety. Students an ready to revolt
it the very thought of having their an ttae>
merits curtailed, and members of he fac
ulty who were not deposed threaten to
resign if the board doeg not reconsider it*
summary action ot last week.
"The real animus'of' Ilia whole affair,"
mi id a prominent Prt'*hvten»n, ' mLi tig
to The Time*, "in Hint the directors have
[ determined to dictMe the policy,ol'tho
institution, even to the smallest . detail*,
They are good enough buiincM men, but
they don't know what education mean*.
The director* »rr supposed to look after
the administration ot the tlUlt fundx and
hiivo general «ui>ei-vißion Jof the (iniuicia!
end of the institution, lint instond of »top«
ping with (lint they have at tamped to ill,
tate to President'Gault, even in the mat
ter of hiring teachers and a houßclireper.
I] the directors propose to continue this
interference and keep up their destructive
policy, there is going to-be 1 trouble of v
"KfivrTtiHt tnrrimt town Mnti im."
Henry Longstreth," one of' the tin->irc^.
who haa a copy of the resolutions intro
duced at the meeting when the four mem
bers of the faculty were deposed, had no
thing to say about the affair.
A majority of the students, it seems,
are not pleased with the action of til*
trustee*, Rev. A. H. liarnhisel, of the
First Presbyterian church, wag present nt
the meeting and attempted to have the
board modify its notion, and to «how their
appreciation of his efforts the students
made a rather sensational demonstration
yesterday by attending the church in r
Elsv. Mr. Barnhlsvi urged the student*
t.i be patient and oai do a.n/thing thai
niit'hi injure the college, and in speaking
sl'(»K \\i:, M.iy a.—Driven crazy, it i«
luppo cii, l>y Itek '■! food and th* care <>!
nine rliililrcn on a join my iioroxs the
continent, Hr». Mary Hgletki threw lier
WASHINGTON 1, D. C. May 2.—A kcii
eral strike of the fnachinißt" eraplo; on
the Simla IV tyittem hau been ordered by
President O'Connell of the ■International
AltOcfatlon of klacbini<tt«, to take elftct at
0 i lock tint morning.
The Itrike will affect 6,000 members, «nd
may result in bringing out the boilermak
eiH, Usinitbi and core workers in »yin
pal liv.
h'brecaiting the probable extent' of the
utrikr, Pretident ooaeli said 15,000 men
would be affected, .
There Ii no pro»| I that the transporta
tion department will be crippled fit pres
Third Vice-Prm»ldcn< KendrieU of the
Santa Fc lins expreHMd a determination to
fight the Htrike to a tinidli,
CUICAGO May 2.—Vice-president Wil
ton of the International Asxotiation of Ma
chiniftt, when seen here today said:
"A tactful policy on the part of the
company would have ■ averted the ctrike.
The ittuggla will now be ■* long and bitter
One Cent
■ ■ ■', ;; :■'-•■ ... .. . „-..; „-.-. .' .
1 nre believed -to; have been It" 1 cnuse,'
'I.- Kit nr note" »uy ing'til* t; h« l«*t
-1 fie !.'- .ii many' th'oumhdti'. dollars gam
bling and Ii i.I no hope of recovering:any
.1 ii. ii. »aid i he ; believed th« snraMan '
<^\<vil wan well known in T.con«. t\
of the HOtioil of the ttiißtPf*. Hfiid:
T'"" ha** ' )>«• most " confidence in : the
bo»rd, and I believe th«y intend to act for":
thebpHt intvientH of 'the school.;T regret;
lil.li thry have, listened to the whispering!! '
of |ir«jiulived people. and . iii contequenea *
have liilten a stand thftt I hope they will
noon (■!>«■. 1. If they, are not'willing :tti
do to, the future of Wliitworth college '■
nothing," *„-'■ •'-'■?*s*
; Then In another side to the »tory mid "
it is Kiiifl by those who profess ■to - kno\»* [
that the mere fact that some of the ntu
dents netd and played cards was not th#
»olf. renson for the action of the board.
It iii charged that the attendance at tho
i ulli'iii is d("cic.ii»in(? because of the'uun*
oaement of Prmident i Oault. In*ta?i(
«re ; ulli'gid whera *tudt>nt*' have been,-fij»''
inov«l from -the nehool because'•, of ":- hU
alleged overbearing attitude. It i H Mat
ed that on several occasions the preal
dent . lma lout hii temper in the;! dining
i •■'.'.■ . "i
room and liiih at times subjected thii house
keeper to severe find uncalled-for criticisms
{n<the'prt>iifhce'of the, student*. • '< \
j ' ,■-■«>,-.<•.*.. ■ ■ '•■
•^-PmiiiUmV (Jault la nut being intewi cv. f il,
'but;<his:iriendß. indignantly deny that hi.i
conduct lias ever been Anything but'wbaj
one: would expect. from a'; cultured ■ gentle*;:
man. . To corroborate this alntemcnt thejjj
point to hi« past record, and especially' toi:;
his career In this city during the piistiW!
years.•..Malice and jealousy, they nay, is bli
the bottom of the whole affair. ' <■
It was Mid at ilit« odllege today, (hat i.
revulsion of feeling hud taken place among
the trustees and that there was 11 prob*> •
bility that matters would be amicably »<[
justed at the next meeting.
. Another report is to the effect that licv.
A. C. Flulchinon, president of the board of
trustees, in being pushed for Prtsideal '
Oault's position, Hi* friends, it is Btn'ted^
are among those who are after President
Qault's soalp.
four-montlm-old baby through the window
of a Great.Northern train near, ColumbHk
Fall* last night.
She tried to follow, it, but withheld
by passengers.: The train wag backed up
ami the infant «as ' found.
Apparently it had fallen noon rubbery;
and rolled into a mud hole and wt praC"
tieully unharmed.
'IIh 1 mother wai linniglit to a s.
boipital, ~ |
lie . believe*; ; the affiliated unions will
lake a haul in the strike,
TOI'KKA, Kan., Apr!) 2.—Right, lain'
dred employei of the Santa Fe shop* wera
locked out thin f morning when they re
ported for work. A high fence emlos,ea
the plant. The men were taken by sur
NEWTON, Kan., Mn.v2.-one hundred
ami fifty machinist* were locked out-by;
the Saudi Fc company ; this morning. No
body in allowed on tho roilroud property. ■
OTTAWA, Kan., May 2.-Between 100
and 200 Santa ft men are out here.
TOPF.KA, Kiin.', May 2. General Man.
age? Mihlk<- of the Santa Fe laid today
thnt.-the lockout, of the machinktti was
for tin purpose of-giving the men tinio
to think over the situation and to prevent
damage to the■ shop, ', Hp Huid he would
mi el 11"' pmployei this afternoon to leara
whether the wanted to return to work" or

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