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"Every Evening Except Sunday by The Tacoma Time* Pub. Co.
Entwed at th« postoffice at Tacoma. Wash., >• second-clan matter.
On« Ceat a Copy, Six Cent* a _ dgffffc- * Cents a Month, $3 a year,
;\Veek7 by Carrier^ or by Mail. °^^^F > by Carrier or by Mail.
A ChtfAgo cltib woman wants the Illinois Federation of Women'i Club* to de
mand of tlw legislature a law-requiring husbands to pay their wives a regular salary.
Xine-tcnth* of the wives of the country are home women, declare* the thai of
tl>i* proposition, and have no property rights whatever,
lite woman who has property right* is protected by law*, hut tin- home woman It
Hi the mercy of her husband's generosity. The husband can dictate just him- much
l>lu* shall ppend.
If the husband into to buy • pair of expensive trmiscru he can do so without
consulting his wife, but if the wife "wear* the trousers'" the himhand reserve* the
light to regulate the cost.
■ i
Manifestly this U unfair. It take* the spirit of independence nut of a nil.in.
She tnnj-, ir«ieed. get along vei \ well in '..- home, where in i intere»u and tlio«<>
, Of the si'ltish brute »he lives with are. in common, .mil where. Tbe niuat be decently
i liberal Hi be comfortable.
Hut without money of her own to spend at she pit ■■-. md, above all. without
absolute independence of her husband's domination, she never tan bo a nun among
men in th« women"* clubs.
>lie never •-.in go gadding about to conventions, demanding tin' emancipation of
Women who do not want to be emancipated from that sweet dependence of love
which is the Kncrodesl part of ■ woman's nature.
She cannot cut her hair and (split In i skirts find "t.iml before the world an an
cxnmpU that woman is equal to man in all thing*— not while the intuit km (■• her bus*
baud for [MnaJaafoa to buy ■ pair of half-ho*e 01 a red cravat.
'■Formerly," urge* the author of thi» proposition, "hinbandu were In 111 by beauty
and sweet dicpofition. While those 1 attributed were commendable, the husband today
•wanl* -"iiielhirnj mole lie wants his wife to know who is mayor."
•■■■ It would be interesting to have an extimiite. of the ii-kh),u iauiry supposed to be
required by a woman to enable her to know who in mayor.
It would be even more interesting to know whythe beauty and sweet Itupoi-ition
that MM held htiKbanda MM now to lie deemed insufficient.
Possibly the women who demand laws for the subjugation of their husbands
neglect to cultivate the sweet disposition. Certainly they haven't any iweetnesi of
disposition that can be noticed at this distance.
An to beauty—Well, "pretty ii an pretty data," There in no beauty can gild over
complaining discontent. ", >■
hen women abandon love and their own natural graces .1- their instrument of
power over their husband*, and resort to lawn, they must we to it that the laws
if ROIII and gtrong. ' •' *.•
Smdv the mobs.
uff fThere was a bill before the Xtnv York senate making the docking of horxes' tails
• crime in law.
There I* no question about the moral'slatus of the case, li it i.- right to dock .1
fcorse's I. ill, it m ul«o right lo cut of!-its legs, or both earn. One might go so far
M to advocate destroying a horse's ilght, on the plea that 1 blind hone get* over
the ground very well, and i* seldom frightened M anything.
The great hum of people could not object to the proposed law, The; do not
own. horses; or, if they do, they have not reached that stage of culture and »nob
bUhiicsii where it i* deemed stylish to mutilate the aniniaU in order to make them
look showy. -,
'V Bo llione «ho favored the defeat of the lull could not, by .my possibility, be In
•: the majority, nor could they offer an argument that would stand in favor (if dock-
Ing.-,; ' ' „',, ;. • ,;}'. ' ,■",•,
"It was a simple matter of fashion, backet] Im men whn (jnyj; njutnev. und
-Their power In the Now York senate, and nearly every other legislative l>otl'y in, Hie
country. seems to be stronger than decency or humanity. The fact that the governor
01 Ken* Jersey- had called an extra session of hi.-< legislature to enact .1 law prohib
iting the shooting of live pigeon* by gun club*, and did secure the panoage of -in a
Jaw. had no effect 111 New York. , ':V
is the itory oi horse legiahition in New York, Between the line* you can
riad the itorj of The Snob,
An editorial in "The Tattler," published by the students of the West De*. Moinea
high' school, reads its follows:
"It has been suggeitled thai when we see a professional thief ,ii an ex-convict we
tonally experience a certain fetling of pity or disgust for the man He seems sri
"different, and m far removed from our social sphere of existence. Yet, why i* it
that in.my of us feel M twinges of conscience, or feelings of disgust, Di self-pity,
■when we find our»elve» copying problems 01 inventing remarkable, stories to (it the
circumstances, wearing decorated cuffs and fingernails, and making u*o of the many
other little devices which are co often helpful in -i "light place"? Why not be honest
cl«ar 'through?''
Good! •*
The young editor has struck a fundamental: the indivisibility of moral conduct,
•You cannot be honest in one thing and dishonest in another. You are either honest
or dishonest—"clear through." It is not ■ part of your moral nature that is warped
by dishonesty, but all of it. .
The student who is dishonest in petty matters It likely to end up by being dis
honest in the larger affair* of life—dishonest clear through. >
Do you see, boys and girls?
The rainbow trout of the Pacific coagt
differ from the steethead trout in that ■
they are smaller fish and have much larger
■cales. They are found in the mountain
dreamt* of the Coast range.
Generally the largest rainbow trout tak
en in streams weighs up to three pounds,
although they range from half a pound to
fire or cix pounds. Many anglers look upon ',
SAX FEANCIBCO, May 2.-The aer
mill annual convention of the National Re
• tail Grocers' association, which opened in
San Fraucisco today for a week* session,
is the largest meeting ever held by the
association. The opening session was held
tins, afternoon in the .'- pavilion,
the rainbow as the (jiinic-t of all li.-h.
In beauty of color, gamene»<. grace and
liveliness in the water, the daring dash
with which it goes after the descending
fiy, the'rainbow forces itself into the re
spect of every fisherman. The (ish takes
the fly readily, even greedily, and in ad
dition favors grasshoppers, salmon eggs
and other natural bait. >. < . .
Charles R. Lott of Chicago, president of
the association, presiding, l.arge delega
tions were m attendance from Illinois, New
York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, .Georgia, Mia
nesota, Michigan, Missouri. Tennessee,
Texas and numerous other states.
The bu»iue»s sessions of the convention
will be devoted to a discussion of various
questions affecting the retail grocery tra>le,
including matters 01 legislation on pure
food and other subjects. The entertain
ment program prepared by the local asso
ciation is an elaborate one. The visitors
will be taken on ■ trip to the Swiss-Italian
vineyards, to Oakland, Alauieda, the. l.'ni
versity of California and other point:! of
iiiUrat in the vicinity of S*u Fiauuseo.
The Household Vests
BY PROF. It. D. GOULD, I! C. s . M. S.
. n. . i . i. I, i .. ,1. , ...... „., I, , ..,„ |, ■ i „ f „
Hugs and bees, flies and fleas, ami count
los other denizens of the insect world
conspire (o wake life miserable to long
suffering humanity, an. l it 1- tin- purpose
of a -I.'M t series of articles to point out the
cause anil cure for those petty annoyances,
,iii.l Incidentally to rue from these lowly
sources lln leading facts illustrative of
their habits Hi life and the marvelous pro
\isions of I'lividcnce for their existence.
IHkIiI here rises the question] why do
they exist? and then comes the answer, to
preserve the balance between the con
•tractive force* and the destructive forces
of nature. It' then were no inaecta. plant
life would -10011 overrun the earth. In
sect* keep down the plants. Hut on account
of tin- extreme productiveness of insect*
they would soon overrun the earth, and
plant nor man nor l>ea»t could exist, were
it not for other illicit- that prey upon the
plant eaten and for parasite* that prey
upon both. This 1- »by
Mrs. "Brenion's Grey
Crepe de Chine
Martha insists that 1 tell about my new
gray crepe (l« china gown. I'm willing to
chatter about other people* clothe* Mid
tell what other people are doing, but it is
haul in t<'H about one's self. Some might
call thai gowiip, but how is a body to keep
from talking? It a bodj talks sh,. nual
talk .ilicint what shr knows. |f she knows
anything it moat be what she sn.s. \w\
1 never say anything mean about any
woman unless it's for her good, it' it should
happen to get back to her. My dress la
of a soft gray crepe de chine, trimmed
with gray velvet ribbons put on like lattice
work. At each point where the ribbons
join is a tiny white French knot made
of silk floss. The yoke is of simple crepe
folds and the undersleeves are the game.
The girdle it ■ bias fold of crepe and the
skirt la footed with three stitched fold*.
The underpaneli are edged with stitched
folds ami the upper panels are itched
and set over, though they are tacked firm
ly .ill along the skirl. My bonnet is a
deep gray Napoleon straw with toft pink
roses. 1 thought pink roses a little gay
for ■ woman of 85, but they are soft pink,
■nd Martha insisted on some color. Gray
hair, gray clothes and gray complexion
certainly do ihhil something to break the
"Beauty Gornfort
|!V M.\li: FAI.I.OI'I'K
Dear Madam: '"There are .1 Dumber
of us who would like aonte suggestions to
help us through the spring, without having
to take tonics constantly. Wo appeal to
li would seem hardly nrrrtmnj to re
pent what you have undoubtedly been told!
so often, 111.-11 you must take plenty of
exercise, breath* ooreetly, have well ven
tilated deeping nnh, regular hours for
sleeping, lie careful as to diet, etc.. bill still
all depend- on these precautions. If the
diet and atmosphere were perfect, with
proper exercise, other things would take
care of theni!*«lves.
The real question* are, what is proper
exercise, what is proper diet? There can
he no general rule, but classification may
be made. All should take plenty of exer
cise in the open air. but only the stout
girU should take the very long walks, the
Till: TA(OM \ TOfK^
"I. ice have other lice to bite 'em.
Ami lie,l- have thas ad infinitum."
All tree Insecta pas* through three stage*
of exintenoe-~the larva, the pupa and the
adult. Nearly nil the so-called worms
.He but the larva or lir-t stage of sonic
'I lie three stages are shown in tlie ic
companying cut in the development of the
owlet moth. The change from tlic cater
pillar to the butterfly is the name.
The caterpillar'!* body in a series of rings,
always 13; examine a butterfly; theM 18
rings are all there, but they are inserted. l
That is. the biiterfly's body i- "cut in" no'
a- to divide it into three distinct sections,
licnce the name "inwect." The three sec
tions are the head, the thorax and the ab
domen. The Brat ring of the caterpiilir
is the head of the butterfly, the next three
Constitute the body, each ring bearing ■
pair of leg* under it. and the last two rings
bearing each .1 pair of wings over it. Thus
every true insect has nix legs and four
wings. Bach of the body is the abdomen,
consisting of nine rings, making the 13.
The caterpillar is the larva. The but
terfly is the adult, but before the cater
pillar can become ■ butterfly it must wind
itself up in a shoud called a cocoon or
chrysalis and take a lone sleep. That i
the pupa. While thus incased its organs
develop into new forma, its wings sprout
and it- mouth and digestive organs are
modified, and when all in ready the de
spised worm walje^ to a new life and
emerge* fratn itsHojnb a thing of beauty.
In order to stui|y {intelligently the cause
and cure of insect depredations we must
consider the external form and style of
existence, the internal structure ami the
habits of insects, 1
An insect that "feeds only on the inner
Mini'- of some plant will not oblige us by
swallowing the arsenic we place in its
path, neither will ;m insect that is in
cased in a heavy'-(thell be at all inconven
ienced by the gasoline' that would instantly
kill a •tag. 'c ' *
__________ l-< i- ■ -
active out-of-door^ sports, etc.
She 11 he stout'{girl) should carefully se
lect her food and dat Just enough to satisfy.
Overeating makes one sluggish, and should
he especially 'avolifccr 1 in the 17/Miig. At
this time of the yen the horseradish,
mustard and cross-salads should be freely
eaten, as aids to the liver, to ward off
The stout girl should avoid oily foods
and starchy vegetables; she should use
lemons, tamarinds, limes as a help toward
clearing the system.
Ripe tomatoes and ripe figs are good for
the stout and the thin girls, as Well, Near-
Iji iij tj,)j!i -- » hen thoroughly, ripe have
lincir".r'»ri. 1 . :m»^gSre mote wholesome
St. Louis, May One of the prettiest
bit* of sculpture tit the fair is the heroic
<-«>t called "The Miner and His Child." It
i» the work of r'harlea J. Mulligan of
i h'eajto.
Mulligan went to the anthracite fields of
l*cnn*yh'an*» and took his studies from
, life. He w.lched the men at work in
the bowels of the earth. He saw them in
; their homes at night. He noticed the ca
New Management.
If you wish for all be comforts of ■ home, without he annoyances, go to the
Roche»t«i Everything the best. Families given weekly or monthly rates. American
pliiu. Mrs. Elisabeth Forbes, .Manager. F. J. Carlisle, Lessee.
when eaten raw, and before the meal:
eaten after a warm meal they are apt to
cause indigestion, especially if a half-hour
or »o has elapsed and the process of di
gestion is interrupted by sending another
supply into the stomach.
In spite of care, some find it necessary
to cleanse the system every few month*,
in order to feel well and look well. An
old rule for cleansing the complexion (rives
powdered charcoal (a teaspoimfid at a
done) mixed with honey, to be taken three
successive nights, and followed by a simple
purgative. Tin- is simple and effective.
Unless the impurities are removed from
the hystem, no amount of tonic will give
lasting benefit; it will ad only as a
Nervous girls should eat lettuce in place
■ii fiery salads, also fish, egg*, soups, etc.
These foods supply the strength without
being no bulky. The charcoal 1 tile i* bene
ficial to all, for the blood needs cleansing
at this time of the year, whether one be
thin or stout.
In addition lake the plunge bath in the
morning, and the sponge bath at night.
The temperature must be regulated accord-
Ing to one'a needs and comfort.
: Social and •
• Personal I
Dr. J. li. McXerthney returned last
night from New York.
Mrs. C. I!. Hurley, Mrs. C. M. Seeley
anil Mr*. Everett Griggs gave an informal
dancing party at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Hurley, 808 North Yakima avenue, !
Saturday evening, in honor of the officers
of the cruisser Tacomit. The house »a«
profusely decorated with dogwood blos
soms. About 50 guest* were present. At
12 o'clock supper was served.
Mrs. William Jones, 601 North Vokimn
avenue, was the hostess at an elaborate
dinner Saturday evening. The dining room
was handsomely decorated in red, Covers
were laid for twelve guests, They were:
Commander Nicholson, Mrs. 11. C. Potter
of New York and the entertainment com
mittee for the cruiser Tacoiua.
T. M. Langan of Dea Moines, la., is the
guest of his sister, Mrs. M. L. Card, 301
North (J street.
The Washington Camera club will give
an exhibition of lantern slides tomorrow
evening in the Kerry museum club room.
The public is invited to attend the com
plimentary entertainment given this eve
ning at (Jermaiiia ball by Tacoma lodge
No, 72, Order of Lions.
Mrs. ('. I!. Ferrell and daughter Minnie,
of Columbus, Ohio, who are on their way
home from a visit in California, are the
guests of Dr. and Mrs, LeCrone of Steila
The engagement of Miss Joseph in Long
to Rev. Charles W. Wishart of Pittsburg,
Pa,, has been announced.
Miss Dora F. Wohlmacher of Xorth
Thirtieth and Starr streets will entertain
the members of hive No. 4, Ladies of the
reusing greet ing! the children gave their
father ;i> l»' came from tlu> pit. He
mw the anxiety with rhich the wife ami
little onea raited for the miner to come
up out of ill.it shi ft ol death.
The recall \a "The Miner and Hi- Child,"
wliidi fttanda in front of the Mines and
lletallargy building. It i> |al ir'« own
Bonameni an.l it., only piece of nulptura
at (he fair.
To Raise Money
from farm or garden, good tools are r™"™""" I ■-»««■—■Haa^HM*
requi«itt. Tin hoes. cant iron rakes, j* mm
brittle steel forks and spade* are ysf •
useless and very expensive. Better >£\^ v. o^l*
spend a little more at the start and \ y£ iSi
get something tit for the work. That \ f !wV IBrA\
little will be ' A fif\ ft- C\
Very Little V r J %%)
ii v"ii trade with 113. Wo handle \ ff IF\ \\ 1
an immense quantity of garden' // 111 \ VL \
tools. People who know, pay it's Jl /2tz^*L \ JiVtW /If id
because they are thoroughly relia- jMw v^^^^i \\JB Hi
ble. A.-.i because they are cheaper $? i^ jji
than they can be had elsewhere. _€.«»■»»(— &*
11. W. Myers & Co.
Dealers in Hardware and Furniture
Phone James 2576 Corner 11th and X

Must ~Tell
Now is your chance to buy Wall Paper, Mouldings and many other articles
to decorate your homes. Having decided to close our retail store we are
offering goods at 50 per cent of former prices for cash.
'Pacific Glass and Paint Co.
1305 Tactfic
Maccabees, and their friends on Tuesday
afternoon From 2 to 5 o'clock.
The Arequipa club met this afternoon
with Mrs. L. H. Fisher. Mrs. A, Warner
eras chairman of the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. W. I!. Pease of 814 A
■tree) bad 8a their guesta over Sunday Mr.
and Mrs. T. J. Thoraen of Seattle,
Mrs. 11. B. CaMwell and children have
started for Kentucky, where they will visit
for several months.
Tomorrow afternoon the Cosmopolitan
club will be entertained at the home of
Mr-. V. A. Leach, 3918 north Stevens
The f.allies' Auxiliary of the Brother
hood "i Railroad Trainmen will give a
card party Thursday afternoon from 2 to
5 o'clock. Cor the benefit of t lie Brother
hood home. All friends of the order are
invited to attend.
Mrs. p. T. Babcocb left last night for
Minneapolis, where she will visit for sev
eral weeks.
The Ladies' Auxiliary of the Catholic
Onler of Foresters will give a ball in Elks'
hall on Tuesday evening.
John Miller of Pennsylvania, brother of
Mis. V. Suiter, has arrived in South Ta
c-oma and will look oxer the country with
a view to entering the lumber business,
lie is an extensive mill owner and op
Mrs. s. 15. Cowlea will entertain the
Ladies' Aid society of Asbury M. E. church
at luncheon next Wednesday.
A visit to the cereal factory shows the
construction work of the plant about com
pleted. The owners expect to begin the
manufacture of their cereal food. Crespo,
in about two weeks, and will employ 33
School supplies, office sup
plies, stationery, books and
art goods. Street car ticket
with every dollar purchase at
Kaufer's opposite new library
1117 Tacoma avenue.
The First
Whiff of Spring
Makei everyone long for the fresh greens
that (oine in when the frost is gone and
the first green comes on the trees and
tiel<l>. You will always find the early
Spring Vegetable* in our store earlier than
anywhere else. Your orders for Sunday's
dinner wilt have our prompt attention.
232353 M Pacific Aye. Tel. Main 613.
Don't Do It
Don't Drug Yourself
Don't submit to surgery, don't tolerate
any rigorous treatment or appliances, and
don't believe it if anybody says your case
is incurable. We b«ve tsueeesffully treated
several so-called incurable case» of Rheum
atism Constipation, Catarrh, Asthma,
Neuralgia, Insomnia, Xervous Debility and
Stomach Trouble*, and cured them of tht
drug habit at the same time. Consultation
Laboratory of Fine Forces
The Hyson.
I'liouc Main 032. T. Clouston. D. M.
Prints LSD
at Night [TJ7]
Best Paper I |\j^ I
on the IU © A I
Market I vy f
6ailey Supply Co.
The Kodak Store.
019 Pacific Avenue.
GIRL lor general housework and to take
care of children. Apply Mis. 'L, U.
Hunter, 1014 E. 30th St. . ,
For Rent—First floor, 4 rooms, bath, hot
and cold water, So. Tacoma Aye., $14.
For Sale—Team horse* and harness,
weight 2,800.
Grocery business, with or without prop
erty, good business.
5 choice lots, corner Center and Alaska
streets. ' .' . ■
4 lots and 4-roora cottage, new, $800.
424 California Blk.
GENTS' TAILORING, and all kinds of
cleaning, pressing and repairing. 1311
South C Street. Red 6851.
7-room house and 2 lot?, all impts; fruit;
a. nice cor. in North End, above grade,
An improved business corner in city of
North Yakima, \Vn., would trade for IV
coma property.
5 choice lots. cor. Center and Alaska Sts.
A good grocery business, with or without
Team of horses and harness, weight
2,800 lbs.
Will exchange lots for clearing land.
Room 424 California Block.
FOR SALE—No. 5420 So. I St., four-room
cottage, new; city water. House and
four lots $750, or with seven lots, $900.
Close to school and street car line. Terms:
$200 down, bal. in monthly payments H.
G. Palmer, 5402 So. I St.
$735 SNAP in lodging house. Parties with
the cash can get a bargain. G. B.
Aldrieh, 52."> California Bldg.
FOR SALE—Small 4-room house, 1% lot*,
graded, planted in garden, for $600. 4319
So. Yakima Aye. On Puyallup and Span
away street car line.
ALL kinds of second-hand clothing bought
and sold. 131 i So. C St. Red 6851.
CIGAR and fruit stand in heart of city!
f party going east. Enquire McKee
Candy Co.
~FOR~REXT. """
House, seven rooms, 2813 A street. "
Suite of four rooms", 1921 Yakima,
Suite of seven large rooms, 1021 Yakima
avenue, can be occupied by either one or
two families.
Suite of three rooms at 618 So. 13th St.
Suite of five rooms in Grandin Apart
went*. 919';. So. C street.
LARGE STABLE, cor. 20th and Pacific
JOSHUA PEIRCE, 726 Pacific Aye.
FOR RENT—An attractive suite of four
rooms in the Grandin Apartments, 9'OVi
C street. Joshua Peirce, 726 Pacific Aye.
W. T. and Bertha L. Thomas, Osteopath^
314 California Bldg.; 4 years of success
ful practice. ■ '4
TO LOAN-SI,OOO or less on real estate.'
J. A. 'I ro»r. 524 Cnlifornia Building.
RAG Carpets and Rugs. Rubs made from
old Ingrain or LrusseJs carpets. Uoli
IWs.. 717 So. 11th St. Black 2325.
OWKA!. & X—Carpet Cleaning, up.
boUtering, furniUi'a repaired, Uathen
renovated. 108 So. .1 St. °H6"e M.in 323.

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