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VOL. 1. No. 117
Staring Death in Face He Writes
to F. B. Campbell in Tacoma
then Turns on Gas and Dies
The grewsome fait has developed that
11. W. Unwell, the well known advertising
writer, made deliberate preparations for
suicide before asphyxiating himself with
gas while in Portland two days ago.
On May 2, a letter written by Qowell
evidently a few hours preceding his death,
was posted to P. B. Campbell in the Cali
fornia building, Taeoiua. It read as fol
lows :
F. B. Campbell, See'y M. W. of A., Cali
fornia building, Tacoma:
Dear Sir: — will probably be neces
sary for you to take charge of my funeral.
It should be simply a burial—no expense—
a simple coffin —no prayer, no ceremony—
no crowd. H. W. QOWELL.
The letter was written with a lead pencil
in an easy flowing hand without the slight
est indications of nervousness in the style.
The postmark shows 'that it was re
ROUE, May 4. A Tokio dispatch as-1
serts the latest attempt to block the chan
nel of Port Arthur -was successful. The
vessels, the telegram says, now lie in the
harbor entrance.
SEOUL, May 4.—A Japanese dispatch
from the Yalii states that the dead have
been buried and the wounded given medi
cal attention and the army are ready to
continue the advance. The message adds
that many of the enemy were found hiding
S the underbrush and taken.
BERLIN, May 4. A St. Petersburg dis
patch states thai three students, sent
to Siberia in 1901, pardoned and sent to
There promises to be things doing
on the reservation as a result of the
primary held there yesterday. It is
charged that the regular caucus was not
told but that the candidates for delegates
to the convention were selected by one
man. When the time for opening the
primary arrived Samuel Mettler, who is a
candidate for county commissioner, ap
peared with a bunch of ballots on which
were printed the names of eleven candid
ales for places on the delegation. As that
was the exact number of delegates to which
the precinct is intitled the voters had no
choice in the matter, Pome of them were
so disgusted at what they termed an at
tempt to thwart the wishes of the people
living on the reservation," that they refused
to vote. ut of a total of nearly 250
votes less than 50 were cast.
A resident of the reservation preeint
made the following statement to the
"To say nothing about not having a
caucus celled, we object to some of the
names that were*put on the ticket and
rather than endorse them some of us re
fused to vote.
"A feature entering Into this fight about
which the public has not, been informed
is this: A man named Kopp is running
a saloon jii>t outside of the city limits.
So far as we know he has no license. Be
ei'lc>> that there lire two suits on file
against him at the county clerk's office.
Neither of these suits have been brought
before the- court although we have asked
the assistant prosecuting attorney to Rive
the matter his attention: ne of these unit"
was put into the hands of one of the men
who is now running for the office of prose
cutinjr attorney. What we wanted to do
was to elect a delegation favorable to a
candidate for prosecuting attorney who
would do something with the Kopp case
jr.d bring other violators of the law to
"We also want good roads on the reser
vation and we do not think that the dele
gates elected yesterday will do much to
secure either of these things for us.' 1
It was stated that the seating of the
reservation delegates in the convention to
morrow would be contested.
The cruiser Tacoma lias successfully com
pleted her gun test at Port I."- Ang( les.
There were some misgiving* a-- lo the
strength of the Tacoma'i upper
that is us to then substantiality with
The Tacoma Times.
ceived at the Portland poptoffiee on May
2 at 11 p. m.. whereas Qowell'l dead body
was found on the morning of the same
day. Whether he dropped the letter in
Rome postoffice box. thus delaying its de
livery to the postoffice, or whether he in
trusted it to a friend to mail, are questions
hard to answer.
Certain it is thai the letter was genuine.
Qowell'a handwriting was well known in
the offiCa of The Tacoma Times, as he
had written numerous local advertisement*
which have appeared in the columns of
this paper.
According to all obtainable facts Qowell
had been gambling extensively and had
met with reverses. He had also failed in
Carrying out successfully a scheme for a
World's Fair publication and had lost
tho front, have been hanged for attempted
betrayal 01 Hus-ian cause.
LONDON, May 4. -A Reuters Port Said
dispatch report* that the Oriental liner
Oscis was stopped bj a Russian warship
and the mail gone through in search of
Japanese letters, but the Japanese mail
at the bottom of the huge pile was mil
touched. The Oscis was nine houn from
Brindisi when stopped by theblank slmi
ii'oiti the warship Kratzri and waa detained
two houn.
CONDON, Stay 4.—Reuters Tokio cor
respondent also Mates that the Japanese
were successful ill an attempt to bottle
up Port Arthur Monday.
reference to withstanding the wicm bes
and strain consequent upon firing the
heavier guns. All 'nuch doubts, however,
have been removed, as a result of the
practice. 'J he test proved satisfactory in
every respect. Had it resulted otherwise
the Tacoma would have returned to Ban
Francisco and had her upper decks
itre'Sithenld. Now, however, she will pro
ceed direct to Honolulu and then back to
tli,' California metropolis.
About the first of next July, according:
to rumens now afloat in local naval cir
cle-, the Tacoma is to return to the Puget
Sound navy yard.
Tin' cruiser left Pugel Sound early this
morning on her trip to Honolulu.
Time. Height.
2:56 a. m 2.8 feet
0:51 a. m 12.5 feet
4:40 p. m 3.3 feet
10:17 p. m....... 11.5 feet
The City of Puebla arrived in at 9:30
o'clock last night with 550 tons of general
cargo for this port. She took on about
400 tons and left for down Sound ports at
7:30 this morning.
The Ming Chou i* all ready to load but
will have to wait until the Tremont tails
before she can take cargo.
The collier Mackinaw is loading coal at
the X. P. bunkers and will probably leave
for an Francisco in the morning.
The big liner Alaskan is taking coal from
the Gravity bunker and loading on lumber
hum scows.
The work of loading locomotive boilers
money on it.
By a singular coincidence QowtH'l Vt\H
in s,aitie had sent over to Mr. Campbell,
as secretary of the Taroma cninji of the
M. W. of A., the premium due on a $2,000
lite insurance polk) held on Oowell'i lite.
the money arriving on May '2, just before
the suicide occurred.
11. W. fiowell wa* widely known in both
Tacoma and Seattle, having resided in
both cities. He wrote advertisements [or
.several Tacoma business houses up to the
time of his death. For several years he
was the advertising manager of the Bon
Marche in Seattle.
The body has been shipped from Port
land to Seattle, where tile burial will
take place tomorrow.
Whether or not Qowell's writ en request
will be observed that no ceremonies be
held over his remains is not yet known.
Secretary T. H. Campbell, of the Wood
men, says that the camp here cannot un
dertake to follow the wishes of the de
on the P. S. Tremont for Japan commenced
yesterday afternoon, two being taken on
in less than an hour. Six will be loaded
today. There are eight boilers in Seattle
to be loaded on the Tremont and they
will have to be sent here as they cannot be
handled in Seattle. The Tremont sails
Friday for Sea tile.
William Welsh, commissioner of public
works, stated after his return from the
city wells at South Taeoma this morning
that the official test was progressing satis
factorily. The three wells are giving forth
a splendid stream of pure water without
seeming to lessen the depth of water in
the pipes. Bo far the wells have been
equal to all thai was expected of them.
The pumps are being run nt full speed
and the test to which the wells are sub
jected is a heavy one.
The Tacom.i Riding and Driving asso
ciation held its annual meeting at the
i'acoma hotel last night. The following
officers were elected for the ensuing year:
President, J. H. Scott; vice-president, S.
A. Perkins; treasurer, Frank C. Mart;
secretary. Victor H. iMalstrom.
The members of the association have out
lined a plan of work that means a great
deal of labor on the part of every member
of the club as well a- considerable expense
to the association.
It i* also the intention oi tU srgaaifsv
George Xicols and wife of Orting have
been charged by neighbors with letting
their three-weeks' old baby die for lack of
nourishment. The child died ■ about 0
o'clock yesterday morning and Nicola in
tended burying it three hours later in the
back yard but the neighbors interferred
and the burial was postponed until Deputy
Coroner Mellinger, who had been notified,
could reach there. i
Mr. Mellinger was seen this morning
and he said that he hadiallowed the child
to be buried, but that there would be an
inquest held later. ;
Nicols is a veteran of'ihe civil war and
is well known in Oiling) >
LONDON*. May 4.-Nothing further was
received concerning the'capture of New
chuang up to 3 p. m. ? [The accuracy of
the report is doubted. 5;.]
lion to sprinkle Yakima Avenue from Thir
teenth street to SoutS Twenty-sixth street
with oil. It will also endeavor to have
Center street and the other street* maca
damized far enough to conned with the
county road leading to Edison.: Part of
the money for doing tin's' ike association
will ask the city to furnish and the bal
ance will be raised among the members.
The association has about fifty members
at the present time but, it is the inten
tion of the new officers to increase thai
number before the Wmfupr is over. The
next meeting of the association will be
held at the call of the president.
1)1,s MOINES, May 4— When the Demo
cratic state convention assembled at 2
o'clock thin afternoon ■ Hearst «as the
master of the situation and it was a fore-
gone eonclueion that lowa'i twenty-six
delegates to the national convention would
be instructed for the New Yorker.
The opposing faction agreed to abandon
it« plain for a rump convention out of
deference to the wishes of < ongre»«man
Wade of the Second district, who It the
only national representative that tow«
Democrat a have had m a dozen yen re.
Wade is personally opposed to (leant
but in agitinst bolting.
! In Ins addrwe a* temporary chairman,
Cullison didn't enter into factiomil differ ;
Ex-Congresiman Bailer wax chosen per
manent chairman. He nbouted some for
The resolution committee by « vote of
eight to three, reported a itrong Hearst
Sixteen out n( twenty two district dele.
PANAMA. May 4.~T1.e formal act of
turning ovtr the Pan.nm Cana] to the
I'nitcd States government pas performed
with much ceremony At T O'clock this morn-
ing. The canal wan received by General
Brooks and staff on behalf of the United
State*, (omul General Gidgcr «nd other
prominent Americans witnessed the cere-
mony which concluded with the raiaHftg ol
LOS ANGELES ('«]., May 4. The Gen- bled Methodists! It is Impossible for any
era! Conference ot the Methodist Episcopal students of social and religious growth
church began Its quadrennial sessions here among our people to Uil to understand the
this morning. The delegates number 750 tremendous influence of ' Methodiem In
and represent 8,000,000 church members shaping this growth aright, and 1 therefore
scattered throughout the world. on this occasion congratulate not merely
President Roosevelt sent the following you but all our country on what you hay*
telegraphic greeting which was read to the done, and wish I oould ( M with you in
conference soon after it a--emiiii.il: "Per- person as lam in spirit. ■■ ■ _
Mit me to extend greetings to the assem- Dr. J. W. B. Bowcu, colored professor
gate* and each of the four delegates at
large were named by the Hearst forces.
'I In latter are General .(nines 11. Weaver,
,i. W. Parsons, Judge K. M. Curr and S.
1!. Wadsworth.
Employe* at pumping station A, which
is located in the bottom of ■ deep gulch,
are complaining of an attack which the
boys in the neighborhood made upon them
with stones yesterday afternoon. It seems
that the boys take n. greut delight in
throwing the stones down at the men, who
look like pigmies at the bottom of the
gulfh and their Attack* have been so
furious lately that the me n fear serious
damage IM] be done unless the alone
throwing it, stopped.
The matter «as rejiorted to the police
this morning and an effort will be made
to corral the youngtteri and put a stop
to their dungoroiu tport.
SEATTLE, .Way 4.— Every pool room in
thin city Mao clom-d Im-t night by order of
Chief of Police Delaney, and city official*
aver that th« placet, are out of bueintM
permanently; or at l«*init mi fnr a» tHe nu
ihoritie* are concerned. The proprietors
of tin various placet, including the Totem,
Clancy*, the Senttle liar and the Standard,
are bald to be tousitkniig the pOMJbility
lV> Am. ii< .in flag,
WASHINGTON, :D. C, May 4.-The
president today received from' Attorney
(lencrul Knox a letter reporting that hp
had Blade arrangements with the New Pa-
nama Canal company an.) Morgnn & Co.
whereby lie ;latter were designated. a§
agents to mnke a transfer of (lie money
due by the United States to the Canal
In reference to the refusal ■of •. Cminty
Treasurer Reed to have school warrant*
issued for the Tourist hotel site- County
Attorney Campbell Raid today: "A« legal
advisor under the law, I told the board of
education they had a right; to'purchase the
hotel property and I aUro advised Treasurer
Read to endorse the warrant*. H» de
murred fn'the ■ '■ •;■■• ftfttiinlifd him and
the inntter was taken into court on a writ i
of maiKiuinu* cud tlia. wkwl held that
of instituting ■ leK.il fight, but when asked
for an explanation they declined to diacunn
the proposition, Clancys' place has been
closed for some time, : but the three re
maining houses were in full operation un:
til the order oarae to cease, and immedi
ately the playing stopped' - ;
Both ihe mayor and chief of police ex
press a determination to i radii ate all forms
of gambling In thi« city, •> tar a» they are
able. They emphatically declare tlia't
there is to-be no "squaring" or half-way
measures, but that gambling is closed, and
it is closed to stay.
'■ Ar long m I am mayor there will be no
more pool room . ' explained Mayor Hal
linger. "The gambler* have been told that
I will countenance no form of gambling,
and I mean exactly what I gay." '
,T. ('. OoldricTc, kjed 87 <■-'''. died at.
his home, 2314 North Twenty-eighth atreet,
]„«! night Death was due to .old age.
Nine children survive him, nix sons and
three daughter*, lli« funpral will be keld
nt 8 o'clock Friday morning in St. l'at
rick'a 'lunch at Old Tow«. Huriul will be
in.i'Jc in the Tai-oina cemetery,
Clias, W. Mat»on »nd wife to Julia
and Ui-lia Whiting, lot» 12 to 15 iric, I'Uw
rence ml. Tacoina, $800. .' .' ;
elms. 11. Moore mid wife to J. K. K.
Coldyv-ell, )oU 18' an.l 17, block 8027, To'
co'ma Land Co.'* Sixth nd, s.loo. ■ • • -
Jiiinrt Campbell •ad wiia'ta Matthew
McDowell,'263 iieri,"*,.»ectioii 10,: tnwiiahip
20, range a ea.»t, #783. ....'■
'Lam O. .Thorpe" Vn<l wife to Matthew
McDowell, lot I Motion (8. township '-'!.
rfiiiMe 3'enist, coiituiiiinu 3*>.80 utrcn, $1,01)0,
Thomas .1 i-'ii <-tv am! wife to L«iln
C, Cailyle, lots 1 aufl;2. anJ the nl/j of
lot 3, block 4118 '"■»}■ 'of" N«w : Tucoma,
One Cent
company. ,The forty millions, arc to;b«
deposited with ; Morgan immediately upon;
delivery by , the ,', Canal company to . the
United States of nil property Included in
the purchase by - tha ■ French', interests,
which latter will accept this deposit as an
equivalent: {oi.pay incut. -■■
■WASHINGTON, May 1,-•«. W. Davis,
governor 'of the Panama canal «one, accom
panied by a corps of American engineers,
will : leave New, York, on Tuesday and on
his' mrival ;at ', Colon will assume , the ■'. en
tire control of the canal property.'V Seven
fen hundred' laborer* now, employed will
be, continued in their; work,' ;
OBBBXINQ, May 4.- Sum Park*, tbe
walking delegate of the lloiwesnHth's'j, union
of N»!wiYork,i who was;convU;tcd ¥ fof ex
toi lion in eoßßeotton with building itrike»;
died ■'« 7:15. thin; morning in the prison
hospital.•'. He was sentenced■ for "<»: year
and six' months.: '■'■ Parks failed': in' health
immediately after; he fell jinto the iclutches
of the law. - Tuberouloeii caused his death,'
he iruut endorße'the'-wnrrant*.. Sinca thai
time the county' attorney* office has not
been consulted in; the .matter,' nor had the
treasurer been advised by any one connect.
Ed with the county attorney'! off ice regard*;
ing the i?Rymont" of (lie warraiits.,j
-: rWhile the vt!'e«sui"er. did Inot; follow, the
advice given him by . thin office I formerly,
und hng /not nought for , advice ,from" thin
«flic»:iß;iesHrd,tij!i)?yiilK'the wnrrants/]!
will »«>• that I believe 1»«"'tt >n i'***wMlj?**'
m'ieiiti<'Ui(:in the stand he ha» taUen ."
bicloric'al thVology damon Seminary, South
Atlanta, 6a., taid't6day'that the colored
delegate! to, the Methodic conference! will |.
make -i hard fight" to »ecut:e the election
of a ■'.. colored ' bishop. : lie. «aid that the
colored delegates .will stand for the re
tintion oi the present ', iiinuscment;claiue.
'Ilie bread men's aid society cahdidate« .tot
colored bishop .Are Dr." Bowen/Df.'- If. 0.
I). Mum.m and Key. J. B. Scott. ; •'.,•'•
. There li considerable, complaint among
lumbermen in Tacoma over" the action of
Addisrm & Hill, the contractor* who_hav4
undertaken to ; build ■' the addition ■' to ilia
Lincoln •< boo! and who have, it is claimed,
gone outside of the city to get their lumber
for the school contract.
The" story. i,. tliut Addismi & Hill have
made a deal with thesiiwmill mil on ilia :
Interurban-for cut-rate lumber, while th«
mills, in Tacoma, which employ Tacoma
labor and pay taxc» here,' art left out io
the cold.* -■ -■ :. ■ '.; <*' *
Considerable indignation is expressed. .
BUTTLE, May Fred Updiba, wb<K
Hun been rooming at the Great Northern
hotel in 'J'iiconia, strayed over to Seattle
yesterday with $83 in «'■""'. hard sash in
hi» pocket. . He went down, "below th»
line, ,and while chatting, with a colored:
woman entrusted tho $S3 to her for ' tem
porary 7 «afc keeping. '■'•*' Ah th«:'Bs plunks
looked Very good to the recipient Mhe da
tinnirn'<l to keep them us a permanent
loan, .'At least that is whntthe T<tcom*
m,mi claimed in telling bin' «tory to the
. i:'»Mi:. Ma) 4.—The pop* stated today
that be would not take any definite action
town id thc'treution of another American
cardinal,' : -' • t

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