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ST. LOUIS, May I— The center of at
traction at the world"* fair is the Filipino
tillage. Thousand* of people visit it daily,
just to eaten a distant glimpse of these
■traaaje people. Few are allowed inside.
but. peering through the bamboo walls of
the village, the Msitors get a fleeting view
■of the native*. And it'n well worth wading
three miles of mud to see.
Of count), interest centers in the savage
head-hunting lgorrote*. There are eighty
oi thene naked brown people here, and of
Ihesr thirty are women and children. They
are now building their own huts, black
smith shop*, rice mills, and planting iweel
potatoes and rice.
Their village is rather ghastly. About
100 human bead* decorate tlie pole* Of their
huts, and as many steer head* ornament
the nnle post-. The heads are tttOM ol Fili
pinos who tell victim* to their prowess.
Kach -kull is polished bright 1) and glistens
in the sunlight.
An Fgorrote trarrior'i prowess it meas
ured b\ Ihe number of human heads he
He it counted of no worth in
battle unlil lie ha- taken one. As a result,
the IgOKOte II- not |>f>pulrfi with his broth
er Filipino*. Many of the [gorrote* have
«»o bead*. The constabulary and Macabee
kfp scouts know (his. They also know thai
the head-hunter hasn't any conscience
when he sees a chance to get a head. So
the civilized brown man with a KragJoT
gensen rifle in his hand keeps a close watch
over his pagan brother.
The lgorrote builds his house quickly.
Be plants bamboo poles in the ground and
tie* the tops together. He uses logs for
Walls, and for a roof uses thick thatches of
hay. tied in bunches and put on much as
We put on shingles.
fc-onie American lumber is being used in
the liuiise for the white 'men in charge.
The [gorrote never saw an American tool
until he came here, but he began to use
tinsels. >-aws and hammers as though born
with them in his hands. He has to be
sratched, however, or he will use them oa
bi^ comrades.
Hun. Francis W. Cuihman arrived in
laconia at half past one this afternoon
lioni VVaabington, 1). C,
While walking up from the depot the
Congressman w»< kept busy' turning from
right id lefl ihaking hands with nic Ta-
Coma citizem who are glad to sec him
Inline again.
In speaking to a Times reporter he said:
"1 ma) lihvc miid tome very hollow thing*
in my life but there is one thing I will
iay with all sincerity, and that is 1 am
flad to get back to this state again."
WASHINGTON, D. ('.. May The di
factor of census today made a statement
regarding the Chinese in the United States
based upon a comparison of the census
returns with the report of the commission
|r o5 immigration, in which he says that
the results of the compilation shows ♦hat
uf 8,672 Chinese males reported as bct-n
In the United States probably 2,231 were
really bom here and 4,426 were cases of
false returns. The true number of Chinese
Immigrant* into the United States will
probably reach R r,301 instead of 80,853 as
reported, the difference bei'ig due to :alse
Through one of those unfortunate errors
which sometimes git .into a newspaper,!
"ike Times stated yesterday that the com
oJttee on street! and tUejrs had turned
down ,i remonstrance against the propou
ti*n to pave E street. What the (■cniiiit
tee d;d turn down was the petition asking
for the improvement and an unfavorable
rvi'oi! will be made on the petition to
' V.lit.
The head hunter is a quarrelsome chap.
He talks all the time and each wants to
boM all the rest. Their .quarters arc the
noisiest on the (round*,
After hi« house is built, he puts up n
few strange, grotesquely-twisted wisps of
•traw, to keep the demons off. puts his
human head* up On polai where the)' can
be seen, and he's at home. His arm* are
a (pear, bolo and a club.
The Tingsnnc* are as silent ag the Igor
rote* are noisy. They luiild their houses
like thoee 'it the IgorrotM, except they use
palm strips for thatches instead of hay.
The] dd not like clothing either, but wear
bamboo hats. The Ifangaan and i**n«e>
am are limuar m custom, and appearnee.
The Negoritos are the smallest of the
pagan tribe*. Few of them are taller than
I Kit (i mi lies. Tliey have curly wool and
are very dark. They reaemble diminutive
negroes, from whom they get their MUM,
They cannot stand the ooW, so they are
kept shading, with a lot of small monUeys
in tin. overheated room* of the Guartel.
WhOe the men work on the huts or
building*, the women and children tie
■traw thatches Or weave breech clouts.
j They have primitive looms for this pur
lint work deftly and well.
L\Mivone smoke*. Even n two-year old
boy—an Igorrote lad. when tendered n
cigar, seized it. bit off the end, lighted it
and nat down for a good smoke. Women
and children smoke big black cigars which
they brought with them. The women
seem to smoke all day long, but the men do
not while working.
They are industrious and honest, faithful
to one another, and are very hardy. They
obey white men when the latter win tin ir
confidence. But the white man must be
firm and whip them when they are stub
burn or disobedient.
They were so anxious To get their hu(s
completed, one day last week, that when
the dinner trumpet was blown they didn'l
want to quit work. The white men in
charge had to drive them to the mess hall
with whips. But then there was no dog on
the menu that day.—W. B. Kenny.
TOPEKA, May 4.—Eighty four machin
ist! and apprentice! went to work at the
Santa Fe shops this morning. The com
pany will bring in men to take the strik
ers' placet immediately. Third Vice Presi
dent Buekalew of the Internationa] Ma
chinists in iii charge of the strike on the
entire system, and will make a tour of the
road. Picket line is established today. The
strikers are orderly.
WASHINGTON, May 4.—Minister Con
ger informs the state department that the
portrait of the dowager empress of China,
obtained by an American artist and ul
timately intended as a present to this
country, is first to be exhibited at St.
An amiable settlement of the di cultjr
at Whitworth college seems to be near.
In response to a message from Rev. M. A.
Matbews/ one of the trustees living in
Seattle, President Gault went to Seattle
last night and had a conference with Rev,
Muthews. President Oault was assured
that a satisfactory settlement woul£ be
reached at the next meeting of the trus
tees and nothing would be done to injure
the prospects of the college.
At chapel this morning President Gault
addressed the students on the result of his
visit to Seattle and stated that the mat
ter would be amicably settled next Mon
day. Notwithstanding this assurance, the
students' committee will attend the board
meeting in Seattle just to show how the
student body regards the matter.
A-< a result of the present trouble Pro
fessor E. 0. Workman resigned yesterday
and has left the college.
WANTED—Traveling agent, salary $20 per
week anil expenses; either woman or
man. (all at 1108 South E St., M. A.
The attraction at the Tacoma theater
Friday. Saturday matinee and Saturday
night will be "Mi Kiidden's Row of Flats.'
direct from its recent run in all the large
cities. No attraction ever presented to the
public has ever enjoyed the same degree
of popularity as has been accorded this
very tunny musical farce comedy. A big
■ ast is announced, which includes many
well recognized artists.
"A (lirl From Dixie" will be seen at
the Tacoma theater on Sunday and Mon
day nights. It is more of a comedj set
to music than a musical Comedj . though
soin,. hi its songs, it is promised, are ex
ceedingly catchy. A s its title suggests, it
is laid in the South and it heroine is
a daughter of Maryland. In the superb
cast will be seen Beatril Bronte, 1). 1..
Don. Thomas J. Kcogh. Charles K. French
Charles H. Bower, Charles Schcffer, F>ssie
Lyons and Yietry Gale.
One of the attraction* to appear at the
Lyceum theater thi* month is Mark K.
Swan's popular piny. "lirown's Tn Town."
I In- play is now OB it* way to the COMt,
A number of new musical feature* have
been added to the play recently,
The Irish comedian, Tom Rowley, and
hi K partner. RotteHe, present "A Widow's
Courtship" at the Edison theater this
week. Anton Van Gobre, the strong man,
will appear at every performance. Charles
Cameron and Marry Toledo preseni "The
Enchanted Grotto," Emma Cottrely will
appear in a hoop-rooling and juggling act,
Thomas Annand sim;* "Your Dad Qare
His Life for His Country," and Bam and
I'll Kelly will preseni "The Dramatic
When the result of last night's Republi
can primaries was made known, the anti-
Mcßride men began to throw their bats
in the air arid claim the Pierce county
delegation solid for the railroad lobbyists.
Their claim is based chiefly on the fact*
that the slate approved by Stanton War
burton, a leading Mcßride man, failed to
no through, and that W. H. Paulh^mu*.
a McßrJde lieutenant. lost out in a fierce
fight with C. L. Stewart at Puyallup,
Mcßride men gay that when the con
vention meets Meßrid? stock will lie at
par and the other fellows will be clamoring
for a chance to make terms.
They admil thai the governor <1 i< 1 noi
gel as many delegates a* they might have
had, l>nt claim thai the result ~o far is
nnything bul a throw down for the
champion of the railroad commission,
Mcßride supporters point to the fact
that the oppoKition ii disorganized ami can
not agree on a candidate. So tur it has
been "anything to beai kfoßride."
SIOUX FALLS, S. D.. May 4. -The Re
publican state convention to choose eight
delegates-at-large to the national conven
tion at Chicago mid to nominate two can
didates for congress, candidate for the
judiciary and a full ct.ile ticket., met al
noon today in thin city. Frank Crane.
chairman of the state committee, (ailed tTie
convention to order and introduced the
temporary chairman. The opening address
ea criticised the Democratic ntate and na
tional leaders, and declared thai if the lie
peblicns did their duty a> they did in
19IXI I here can be bin one ic-iilt, the tri
umphant re-election of President ttoose
Official circular! hue been issued by
the Northern Pacific announcing the up
pointmont of E, J. Pearson as chief en
gineer to succeed W. I-. Darling who re
signed in August of la>t year.
A. B. Smith lms been promoted to the
position iii assistant general passenger
agent. The circulars weir received yes
terday by Genera] Agent Tinling.
Ride on the fast Str. Greyhound when
going to Olympia. ■*'
Polite? Oh. yes, tv his betrothed or to
another man's wife, or to bit stenographer
or private secretary^ Bui who ever beard
him mj "Thank you" to his own wife!
That i- the man of it.
He'll stand on a cold corner with hit
hat in his hand tor ten minutes talking to
a woman he chances to meet: but how long
does he keep his hat off for hi, wife?
He prill watch the plate of his (air gui -t
guest and anticipate hsr every wish; but
how many glances of interest does he cast
to the plate of the little woman who poor*
the tea? She has a tongue! One might
imagine that the guest had no tongue.
He will start out on a shopping tour
with his wife and ride up and down ele
vators from morning until night and never
think of removing his hat. Hut let an
other woman enter the car and off come*
the derby with a flourish.
He will step by accident on the tip of a
damsel's boot and will profusely apologize.
He tramps on his wife's pet toe, with a
perfunctory "Did I step on you?"
When on a wild rush to catch a train
he will atop for five minutes to explain
to some pink-cheeked stranger how stupid
it was of HIM to bumy again*t HER.
;?V •■;■
ST. LOUIS, Mo., May 4.-Th» twenty
fire general conference of the African M.
K. Ziou church began its sessions in the
Metropolitan church today, with Bishop J.
W. Hood of New York, the oldest negro
bishop in America, presiding. The con
ference is composed of 350 ministerial and
125 lay delegates, 25 of the latter being
The Zion A. M. K. church' was organized
in 1700 and hag grown to be one of the
largest negro religious bodies in the United
States. The connection claims 550,000
members, 6,000 chnrbhea, 4,000 ministers
and nine bishops, as well ai 17 college* and
schools. j, 1.
The present conference will be in ses
sion three weeks. The moat important
work will be the readjustment of plans for
the extension of the educational work.
The health commissioner's report for
the month of April shows that the death
rate for Tacoina is very small. During
the month only 4,> deaths reported of a
population of 60,000,: which shows that
the health of this city is good.
Ten of the deaths was due to consump
tion, three to Bright's disease, three can
cer of stomach, three pneu monia, two
appendicitis, two enteso colites, two ty
phoid fever, two septicaemia and the re
mainder to various other causes.
During the month there was til births,
of which 37 were boys and 27 girls.
T\>.O Won. Lost. Pet.
Tacoina 21 12 .630
Oakland 20 15 .571
Los Angeles 20 15 ,571
Seattle 17 14 .548
San Francisco 16 19 ,457
Portland 7 26 .212
SEATTLE, May 4.—There wan a disap
pointed crowd in Seattle yesterday when
the game with Tacom* was declared off on
an omit of a few drops of rain. The
ground was not wet onough to have inter
fered uitli the pane to any extent, but
Wilson felt that his men needed a little
rest nliii the week's brush with Oaklund.
OAKLAND, May I.—Tha San Francisco
men bunched their hit* in the firts and
eighth inning! ye*h>Mav and won from
Los Angeles by a I score of 6 to 2. The
»cor»: R. U.K.
San Francisco. .3 0000 00 3 •— fl 10 4
I.os Angeles...o 00 0 110 0 o—2 6 1
Battriei ferkei and Leahy; Baum and
PORTLAND, May 4.—ln an excitinK and
well played ten-innintr jiaine Oakland de
feated Portland yesterday, Both teams
played ipectatcular ball. Druhot and Bu
ehanan pitched n<>nd I"1", the latter strik
Ing out eight men. The Mora; K. tl. K.
Portland ....0 0300 00 o 0 0-3 7 1
Oakland 00 no I'o 11 0 I—4 11 1
Batteriei Drnhflt and Bteehnan; Buch
anan and I.oilman.
Won. Lost. Pot.
Boi c 5 1 MB
Spokane 3 3 .500
Huttp 2" 3 .400
Suit Lake 1 4 300
BOISE, Idaho. May 4.—ln the fattest
gunie of ball ever played here Boise won
If turning ■ corner in hix own hall he
knocks ■ pitcher at water from his wife's
band, he exclaims, "What on earth art
you doing!" SHE in the stupid one in
that ease.
There are two kinds of politeness—the
kind that gives something and the kind
that bring* something. Man's politeness
is the kind that brings something, and
that something is the adoration and ad
miration 01 women. For, no matter bow
much of a woman-hater a man may claim
to be, he likes to have the comfortable feel
ing that the "more he hate« them the more
they tumble over themselves to please
him." This is one rcatton why .he in a
If politeness gains something, why is
man not polite to his own wife? He flat*
Ut» himself that he secured h«r admira
tion long ago or she never would have mar
ried him, and he never thinks it possibia
to lose what he once possessed.
If politeness will win anything, bring
anything, drag new conquests home, then
in man polite. When nothing in to be
gained, nothing to be added unto himself—
well, watch him and nee.
from ' Spokane rnterdajr. The acorei
R. H.E.
Bo!** ..........0 0102020 7 2
Spokane ......100020100—4 0 2
Batteries—McFurland and Hanson; Hogg
and Stanley.
At Chicago—Chicago 11, Pittsburg 3.
At Philadelphia-Brooklyn 9, Philadel
phia 3. /.
At Boston—Boston 4, New York 0.
Won. Lost. Pet.
New York 10 3 .760
Brooklyn 8 5 .«15
Cincinnati ..-■ 9 7 „583
st. Louis 7 6 .588
Chicago 7 6 .538
Boston 6 8 .420
PitUburg ..'.-5 9 .357
Philadelphia 2 ,10 .107
At Boston-Boston 4, Philadelphia 2.
At New Yoik New York 8, Washing
ton 2.
At Cleveland—Cleveland 10, Detroit 2.
At St. Louis—St. Louis 2, Chicago 1.
Won. Lost. Pet.
Boston 11 3 .786
Philadelphia 7 5 .583
New York 7 5 .58.1
Chicago 9 8 .529
Detroit 7 7 .500
St. Louis 6 6 .500
Cleveland 3 7 .417
Washington 0 12 .000
AUBURN, May 4.-John North, who
killed Charles Paulson Monday evening >n
the woods near here, has been exonerated
from nil blame. The jury found that
Paulson came to his death from a gunshot
wound inflicted by North under the di
rection of the city marshal of Auburn.
Several letters were found in the pockets
of the dead man's clothes. One was fioin
a sister in Oakland, ('a!., and there were
a couple from his mother in Sweden. The
remains will be held here until his rela
tives can be heard from.
John Anderson, a companion of Paulson,
who was arrested for the assault at the
McNeil place, was released, as the wit
nesses testified that he took no part in it.
This evening there will be a special
united meeting at the Salvation Army hull,
corner Twelfth street and Pacific avenue.
Ensign and Mrs. Goodc, with their soldiers
and brass hand will take part. A good
musical program will be rendered and
ice cream and cake will be served. Every
one is cordially invited to attend. Ad
mission free.
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