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VOL. 1. No. 118
LcTc t Despatch From London Denies the Report
That 17,000 Japs and Russians Were
Slam-Rumor of a Naval Battle
LONDON, May s.—According to dis
patches received from the front this after
noon an engagement between the Japanese
and Russian land forces is expected at
Fenhianh Cheng at any hour. The early
morning rumors of a bloody battle having
already occurred are discredited.
Russian reinforcements have been pour
ing in along Lia Lung road and it is pos
sible that General Kuropatkin personally
will command.
._. In 1 In* «v«nit of detent tlir Rwmtana will
probably retire to Motieng Ling, 35 miles
down the Lla Yang road where they will
make a final stand to prevent the Jap
anese from reaching the railroad. Motieng
Ling is narrow pass which compares with
"Unless Mime unforeseen circumstance
should arise General J. M. Ashton of Ta
coma will be a delegate to the Republican
national convention," said a prominent
Republican leader today.
"Either General Ash ton or George Kan
dle would ably represent Tacoma," he con
tinued, but General Ashton is slated for
the place, We want him because he was
a delegate to the last convention and
known the ropes,
"Four years ago Genera] Ashton second
ed the nomination of Theodore Roosevelt
for vice-president and was the first dele
gate from went of the Missouri river ever
beard in a national Republican convention,
We feel that lie would represent' <>■'* Bee
tion of the Northwest as a new man could
not. I think there is not the slightest
doubt of General £»hton's election.''
Prior to the receni municipal election
Controller L. G. Jackson made .i state
nieni to the citizens of the Fifth ward at
a rally held on the evening of March 28,
■which was a* follows: "The city i- in
better financial condition today than it baa
been for fourteen yearn. When you talk
about bankruptcy you are knocking your
own bomei. There is bo more danger of
the city becoming bankrupt than there is
that Mais will come and blot out the

•Some people may wonder how he
eiles that statement with one he made to
the council last night when, in opposing
the appropriation ol &«* for world's.fair
advertising, he aaid that "at the pi
rate there would not be enough money in
the treasur) m a few months to buy hois,,
The Times asked Mr. Jackson for an ex
planation and he said:
"The city is not hard up. but it. is not
in shape so it can spend money to ad
vertise the city or send people to the
world's fair. There is 190,000 or $00,000
in the treasury, lying idle now, because we
can find no place to invest it. The general
The Tacoma Times.
Ihe famous Shika pass, the scene of the
bloody imi^ acre in the Rusao Turkish
LONDON. May B.— The Central News
St. Petersburg special says that a minor is
current in the Russian Capitol that a buttle
was fought at thing Efaitfen, twenty milei
south of Feng lliang Cheng, in which the
Russians lost seven thousand ami the Jap
anese were driven back in disorder, lusing
10,000. There is no confirmation ot the
Arthur dispatch states that Japanese ships
last evening were seen coursing tar out
at pea and a fresh attack on the port is
anticipated. The message contains infor-
OLYMPIA, May s.—The Democrats
state convention was called to order this
morning by Charles '■■ Beifner, the retir
ing chairman of the Democratic state ecu
tral committee. In a lengthy address he
drew applause from both factions of 'he
convention and proved himself an oratoi
of no mean ability.
The temporary officers recommended by
the -tate eeniial committee were seated
without a contest. They were as follows:
I hairman, Henry Drum, Thurston; sec
retary. l\. K. Purdin, Kitsap; sergeant-at
armsj E)nune| Holmes, Spokane.
After appointing committees on plat
form, credentials and order of business, the
convention adjourned until 2:30.
It Wai expected thai the convention
would adjourn about i o'clock this after
noon but there ara now indications that
VANCOUVER, B. C, May 5.— A skele.
ton was found today in an old cabin in
the outskirts of the city. Beside the re
mains was picked up what was thought to
be a roll of refuse paper black with dirt.
This was being soaked in water when it
expense fund i> low Imt in every other
respect the financial condition of the city
M better than it has been in fourteen
When tin- levy fu made up, *60.000 was
apportioned to the genera] expense fund.
ri.H money tot this fuod is raioeU by direct
mat ion confirming the Japanese contention
that the harbor is sealed op. Twelve "tire
ships" participated In the recent attack.
Eight have been located. The position of
two is unknown. The remaining two re
treated. The average tonnage of the vei
ieli was two thousand.
ROMB, May s.—According to a direct
communication received by the pope from
Russia the czar, notwithstanding the ad
vice of his ministers, is determined to go to
the front and command hit army.
LONDON, May s.—The Central News
Agency at Tokio wires that telegrams re
ceived there state that following the sink
ing of the Japanese fire ships last Monday
the Beet bombarded the forts. The bom
bardment was resumed Tuesday and con
tinued yesterday.
CHEFOO, May s.—Chinese junk* report
that a fleet of forty Japanese warships
and transports are oil Wei-llai-Wei steam
ing northwest,
TOKIO. May s.—General Kuroki, com
manding the Japanese in Manchuria, re
ports two hundred addition killed and in
jured Russians as being found on the first
Yalu' battlefield.
Jlezobrazoff departed from Port Arthur.
The battleship Orel was released today and
taken to Cronstadt.
ST. PETERSBURG, May s.—Persistent
reports exist here of a naval engagement
between the Vladivostok and Kamiiuuias
squadron. There is no confirmation of
th« Mpil*tl
ST. PETERSBURG, May 5. —It is an
nounced that General Kuropatkin will him
self lead the Russian army in its next bat
tie With the .laps, which is expected to oc
cur within the next 34 hours.
the .session wdl be prolonged.
The following slate was agreed upon this
morning as the national delegation and
.111 effort will be made to put it through as
a whole:
] Frank B. Cole of Pierce.
L. C. Oilman of King. ? \'
•"John V. Terry of King.
Frank B. Hogan of Spokane.
A. J. Bplawn of Yakima,
W. 11. Dunphj of Walla Walla or M, M.
Godman of Columbia.
C. A. M,inl/. of Stevens.
James E. Dailey of Thurston.
Henry Bluckman of Snohomuh,
E. C. Million of Skagit.
It is predicted that an effort will bo
made by the Hearst forces to ]iut through
a compromise slate. Thin will lie the sig
nal for a fight in which the oppoyi'.ion
will be led by ex-Senator Turner.
separated and turned out to be 1200 in
United Btatet bills and several savings
bank deposit receipts on the Puget Sound
National bank of Seattle. When the
almost obliterated name on these receipts
can be deciphered the skeleton's identity
will be known.
taxation. It happens at i)n« time that
< > 111 \ about sixty per cent ol the taxM
bare ban collected, leaving nun pet
rent tliat will come in lulu 1 to replenish
the fund. Of t lie sixtj per cent that bai
been paid into the fuml ull Imt about
$20,1100 bat been expended,
"I nm a blessing frojn God," replied
Joe Young, when .Indue (iiiffin denounced
him in the police court as a nuisance.
Joe i* laboring under « cut mental diffi
culty and believes that he lms been sent
into the world us a reformer.
Joe pleaded innocentv « the charge of
vagrancy, and when the judge inked him
if he had anything to iw . he replied that
his friends hud advised; Kirn to come here
and work for the moiaj aiihuildinn of this
city. lie --ays he ha-t fetter* from Gov
ernor Mcßl'ide and in*hj leading men of
the nation, advising him to carry on hi
mission. Among his vwe collections ho
says he has a "beautiful Setter from Sena
tor Foster." %■?,
Judge Griffin sentenced him to 33 days
in jail. This is the third time Joe* has
been in this city on that wonderful mis
sion and each time th« police ti.ue stopped
his work. • j 'v4,
All Russia is Wild With Enthusiasm Over the Sinking of th« J;i]> Transport.—News Item
ST. LOUIS, May 5.--TWatraing weiUh
pil today kept the attend* ice at tlie world's
fair down, which fnct worked no a help to
the continued installation of exhibits. The
French section of the lace of fine arts
was formerly opened this afternoon, while
the German pavilion will lie the center for
l)avi<l It. FraiH-U President of the WurldV Fnir.
LOS ANOELEB, \l.iy I—The mead
■ession of the Methodist conference opened
this morning at 10 a, m. with bugle calls
of Evangelist Bell. Buhop H. W. Warren
presided. The last of the delayed dele
gates due to the Santa l'e wreck arrived
this morning, Every delegate, lay and
clerical, was seated at the business session.
Organisation ol committees of the church
wu taken up at 8:30. ■). A. Pnttoo was
elected chairman of the book company,
one of (he most Important offices to ba
an iifliciii] , r«c«ption from four (o six
o'clock i Ins evening.
Work on the exteriors of biiildingi pro
gre»«en. (Scaffolding is being torn down,
revealing added beauties. , Lit tauranl men
Hie complaining ol extortionate phargei for
er>n«Mnons, thus making high prices to the
public neeeHMKry^ ;
filled by the conference. The evangelistic
moveiucnt is tho keynote of the 1904 con
ference. 1: There is great rivalry existing
between th« PreKbyteiian and Methodist
bodies on the evangelistic movement. A
plan is on foot in the conference to adopt
the revival method accepted by the gen- ]
cial Presbyterian a»ncmbly last" year at
ii- annual session in Los Angeles to create
a general; revival fuud and appoint the
most able members of the clergy as itiner
am tvangahita.
, WASHINGTON, Kay 8.-A \ lurprlM
i was sprung on the government in the T.v
. Ncr pOlttoffiet IBM tins 'morning when
■ ' Hayes Morgan, formerly the "fraud order"
■ clerk of the postolfiue department, lenti
lii'il that lie himself was the author of
j ■ .me of the letters complained of, wherein
' I hit U charged with favoring get-rich
i|»i"k concerns, He iiiid the practice 01
t li« .legal branch of the poitoffice had al
wayx been to give concerns against whom
charget of fraud had been made a chance
to reform. 11,. liad -, informed the iii
pecteri who had interviewed him previous
to the indictment of Tyner, but strange
to My he wan not ,»]]«(] to testify before
the grand jury.
< Jin AGO, May s.—The oi itll«( nation
.' convention thin al'tcrnooli nomiimterl
Kugene V. 1 >ebb . of Inilinnu, for prcnidrnl,
and Ii• -• t.j. If-iiiinnl of New York for vi»e
president. 'I bey .i I-. > udopUxl M platform
uiong uxuul ROcisliatio linw.
I'llll. \DKl.flll \ Ma) s,~T»velve fire
men were injured i'avlj iliix " morning tv
an plosion M gyKoltiie Htorcd under
ground liv .tli« l'«;niii.,vU')iiiia milioud "near
\V<'»!, : rini;n!. if ift/ilion, . - .; , ■..
I During .1 liic hint .iiinhi i liliond deti c
tivcb eu3< ■'■ 'i "'I to .cjuci.fwo Italians who
One Cent
LOS ANGELES, May s.—The work ol
the first session of the .Methodist general
conference • yesterday Van delayed! by th«
fa<*t that • many delegates did: not arrive,
owing to belated i trains. • , Tilt- afternoon
gcsKion was devoted to reading resolutions
and referring them to tin; different coin'
mi tires anil the election of »' conference
secretary..'After three ballots', had been
taken \this ! honor fell to Rev.. .Tames B.
lliißeley • 0f,.; the V liinnMoti eonfurencei
Bilbop M< riill presided.
were traapataing, when one ahol Detect!v«
Conner in the abdomen*. ,The life irai ex
tinguished without much damage. * When
the firemen went to make ,■> final examina
tion with a torch the explosion of R««olin4
followed, enveloping the whole company.irt 1
a sheet of flume," j
nrisiu May; >.— Wilttani I. Hart.
ley (white), and Jumen Bdwarde (colored);
were ■ hnnged at the jail this morning.
Hartley killed Ernest Johnson. Edwarde
murdered Clinton Dauks,': -
WASHINGTON, D. ('., May ;>. A'.i.jt
Chairman Payne hag issue 1; a call for : a '
Hireling of the Republican national com
mittee at the Coliseum in Chicago on June
15 to determine contests an, l . prepare, a
temporary roll ,'of the delegate*. ■''■'■: ,:^
CALAIS, May s.<~The 1!,.-! ciprew:
we* derailed near Nesle today. Five pas-,
•engen and the train guard were-Imdjfr
injured.. r
, BERLIN/ May TugehlAtt'■*)-■ -that
'■ : , ■■■,','; -■.-'■. .. ' ■ -.'-.' •" ' ■ '■■;■
Russia ha* purchased fight steamers of the
(ford Dcitoher line and three ship* of the
*f M ■ . . ■ •■ ■ . ■■■ ■■' " .." ■'■■' >/. ■'
llnuiliurg packet line. * '/,'■;'■':■
HESTER, May The Dtapaiefc
print! a report' that John MmOcv. th»
eminent Liberal member of parii'iuient/
who hitherto w«h thought to have 11 'tun
ing toward the Voltaire philosophy, has
joined flic Catholic church. ■'
' BAN FRANCISCO, Muy s.~Cinfcinnati
wns K'li'tted today as tin- next meeting
place ''i the National Rela.il GroeeiV-u'mo-.*:•■'
ciution. * " ".
LISBON, May 5.-rThe German nail iin
■r Knifirnt from Zanzibar, in atkor*t no'rtk«.
of Bagree, ' < ■ -li*
BERLIN, May C—Frankfurter Z<'itung
reports* thnt Rumlh ha» ordered ■ the ex- /
pulaien of 119 Jewiab families,' numbering '
»-ix hundred pereboa, from Klfcelek . prov-'
ince in Tchernigoff which, ii within the
"pale," hence the espuleion i» illegal and'
00NSTANTINOPLB, May 5. — Th»
Turki«h" eruiiter Abdul Moiljifl, American
built, recently arrived from Philadelphia,
in Hfiiorc. She wan en route for Smyrna
in charge of TuikUh officer*.
LOJTDON,'May s.—T)ie king and mum
linve landed at llol.vhe.id coming from their
11 ip,
I'Aiiis May s.—Former Premier Wit
lctksßofinc.au: wan operated on thin morn-.
for liver trouble. ir ,
• "-'" * ' ■■'■- ■ ■- ■ ' : , ■ . ■ ■ r-^
j Mr«. Kd.ith Kean was committed to th«,.,
'innance BBylum today. Failing health and
twIJJM i,ll huKband' brought »uil ngaiM
her lot divorce.are laid to be responsible; .
ti.i her mental coiwlitl"n. . The mm vra«
a peculiarly lad one and it was after a,
thorough exmif.atibh'and long.'delibertion
tlmt, Judge '. Chapman, finally■ signed ths f
commitment." Wiili 'other. »urrounding»
liiid happy marital rel(itioii»-"phy«ician«'
thitiK her iire»ent conditions would never
havc-rcsultrtl 'fro'iniiet failing health. ".
l!,rrnl]> 'll . Keon become violent •mil
!h. i«',4'. days, ago, made',an attack on her
ino'lher, "wlioV was caring for 'her, \

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