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VOL. 1. No. 120
Russians Attempt to Blow Up Wrecks Which Ob
struct Mouth of Port Arthur Harbor—
Admiral Togo Reports On Recent
Desperate Fire ship Attack.
BT. PETERSBURG, Mhj T. :. »I 'arn-j
ed that the government is rrtunnin to
concentrate a huge reserve arin< , liar
bin, to lie ready in August.
When this force is gathered die csnr
himoeli will visit the place to inspire th«!
men with ,i resolve t<i drive the Japanese
into ihe sea. Until this army is assem
bled it is probable thai Knstia will aban
don tin whole of southern Manchuria with
the exception of Port Arthur.
Blowing Up "Wrecks
CHE fOO, May 7. —Chinese coasting
Vessels report a succession of tremendous
explosions at the entrance to Port Ar
thur harbor. It is evident that the Rus
sians are trying to dear the channel of
the obstacles and mines placed then' by
the Japanese near the point where the
cruiser squadron of the latter, is watching
the harbor to prevent a sally of torpedo
boats .inainsi the Japanese transports lying
along the peninsula.
Togo Tells of Exploit
WASHINGTON, I). C. May 7.-The
Japanese legation gives out a Tokio cable
gram stating that Admiral Togo reports as
follows on the Port Arthur blockading op
erations on -May 3:
The gunboats Akagi, Chokai, the 2nd.
Diver A. McL. Hawks made two trips
to the bottom of the sound yesterday in
search of the Northern Pacific sate. lie
didn't find the safe but he brought up
a number of other things. Among the
collection that he piled on the wharf was
a barrel of plaster, e«veral shovels, grate
barn and a pair of trucks.
A box of globe valves valued at $150 fell
into the water from the Commercial docU
Thursday and yesterday it was located
by Mr. Hawks and teeovered.
He proposes to continue his «pnrch foy
the Northern Pacific safe, conhdent that
he will be successful,
About fifty High school students from
Olympia came down on the Greyhound
this morning to witness the ball game
between the Olympia llmh school team
and the Whit worth college team. The
game was called at 1:30.
Portland, Ore., May 6. —Jake Thiel
man is one of Manager Ely's main
stays in the box for the Portlands ,
&i» Reason. He has speed anil con- j
vrul but hasn't got over the habit of.
kav'.ng a bad inning now ar;! t':en, j
■*««t often enougn to keen him from!
The Tacoma Times.
3rd, 4th and sth torpedoboat destroyer
flotillas, and the Bth, lmh and 14th tov
pedoboal flotillas, with fire-stearaera start
ed out Miiy 2 for Port Arthur but strong
winds soon arising greatly hindered the
movements. Togo therefore commanded
,i cessation of operations, but the order did
not reach the boats in time, consequently
eight steamers dashed into the harbor.
despite the enemy's searchlight, fortress
tire and mines. Five gained the entrance
to the mouth ot the harbor ami sank, One
broke the harbor boom and went tint her
1 inside and sunk. The entranre n-as ef
fectively blocked to cruisers and tmttle
ships. The flotillas remained till morn
ing and rescued half of the crews of the
sunken tile .steamers. Torpedoboat 07 had
a Bteampipe disabled and was towed away.
The port engine ot' the torpedoboat Aotaka
was damaged. Japanese casualties, three
wounded; two killed.
Russians Falling Back -
ST. PETERSBI "P>(;, May 7.-A tele- (
gram from Port Arthur contains an order
issued by General Stoessel. It readi as
"Iteur-thirtj p. m.. May Ist. The enemy
crossed tlie Yahi river in greal force. Our
troops fall back on positions previously 8 e-
being one of the best in the business.
He is one of the best batting pitchers
in the coast league, his average being
close to .800.
Thielman formerly played in the
National league with the Cincinnati
It was decided at the meeting in the
city hall lust night to carry out .Mayor
Wright's suggestion and have a big Fourth
of July celebration in Tacoma tins year.
The celebration will commence on Bat
urday, July 2nd, and will last three days.
On Saturday there will be a rose carnival;
on Sunday baseball games and on Monday
the bin celebration will tke place.
A committee of five «a» appointed at the
meeting on permanent organization, They
were K. T. Messinger, Mayor George
Wright, John Donnelly, Colonel C. P.
Kerry ami George Shreeder. The com
niittee will meet in the Donnelly hotel
Monda] afternoon and select officers tor
what will be known as the Fourth of -Inly
( eh brati<hi associal ion.
Pomeroy, Wash., May 6.—A Riant
tooth from the jaw of some prehis
toric animal, presumably the mam
moth or mastodon, was found here
last week and has been the center
of attraction for hundreds of people at
N. 01.O 1. Baldwin's office all day, where
the find is on exhibition.
The tooth was found by Dave Greene,
a painter, on the premises of Will
Waugh, on the foothill slope on the
south side of town. Waugh had exca
vated to a <iepth of three or four feet
for the rear of his house, and the
tootfa had been thrown out with the
dirt, and would perhaps have remained
unnoticed had not the morning sun
light falling (in the ivory surface of
the grinder given off a glint, which
caught Greene's eye.
The tooth is the back tooth of the
lower jaw. and is finely preserved. It
measures 7x7x4 inches. The top, or
Is slightly longer than the base,
being about Bxl inches, and is corru
gated transversely instead of longi
tudinally, and lias a surface of the
hardest ivory.
This great grinder is firmly imbed
ded In a piece of the jawbone and
v.i i^lis (inlit pounds.
Remalrs of the niasVxlon abound
ill slopes of the valleys of
. i. Several yean ago Charles
leoted. The enemy effected on May ">th
aii important landing on Lisa Tang pen
msulu soulli of Pitesowa and in tlio vicin
ity of Kin Chow bay. Our work i* be
ginning. Naturally the enemy win de-
Btroy railway communicationi ami drive
our troops back to Port Arthur and be
siege thin Fortran, Russia's bulwark in the
i.m east. 1 will defend it until the arrival
of troops which are ooming to relieve u~."
Heavy Louses Reported
LONDON. May 7.- A Seoul dispatch .11
linns the report thai Feng Wang Cheng
lvi- Fallen with heavy losses on both sides,
Seoul traces the report to Antung.
Jap Cruisers Watching
Arthur dispatch dated yesterday states
that six of the enemy's cruiser) are con
tinually in sicht.
A parade of the garrison was held yes
terday in honor of the csarjna's name day.
General Stoesse), addressing the troop-, al
|4uded to the new phase of the war where
by Pori Arthur i- threatened by land. He
expressed confidence in the endurance of
the defenders. The soldiers and sailors
cheered heartily. Itoease] said to the
"I call on you to display unceasing vig.
VlnnogarloE unearthed a tusk nine
feet long near the mouth of Alpowa
creek, Sixteen years ago workmen
excavating for the foundation of the
First National bank block found frag
ments of monster leg bones. Many
traces of these leviathans of early
ages have been rioted along the course
of Meadow gulch, eight miles north
of this city, but Jh most cases the rel
ics found crumbled to chalky dust
when exposed to the air.
ilance and caution. Youjmust lie ready at
nil times ami demean yourwlv,■-. with the
dignity and order becoming the glorious
troops of Russia. No; Matter what hap
pens you must not lose your heads. Re
member everything is pbtgiblc in war, We
will be able to rope with;the arduous task
imposed upon us." ftjg
Harbor Bottled Up
TOKTO, May 7.--Admi4l To*, repot
■•-. fjsp ■
that Port Arthur is comuletelv bottled ex
cept for Mil,ill boats. :;•■ The Japanese did
-•• " iX*£k.l ■■■■ '■■■ ■
not lose a single warship in the last at
tack on the port, although it was ex
pensive as regards loss of life. •'
Russians are Routed
WIJU, May 7.—Word "reached li'tp to
day of another Russian repulse in Man
churia. One thousand Russians forming a
rear guard made a staid, at Kemmetaugo
on the l.iao Yng road. The Japanese
Charged and after, a bVicf'fight the Rus
sians spiked their guns and retreated.
Four hundred and thirty rive Russians
were captured. --v;* ;= ■
Japanese Are Active
ST. PETERSRURO, May 7.—The news
paper Viedomosti today • reports what is
believed to have been.'*' Japanese attempt
to destroy the governmental lion at
;|,'-'- ■
Kronntaill where large "naval supplies are
stored. The same pap»r urges an al
liance between Russia niiil Turkey. '
Admit Jape' Success
LONDON, May 7.~tWk'ißl admission
that the Japanese c<*iAtired Feng Kuan
Cheng is made in a or. 'i Petersburg dis
patch. -..""■ ,'■;■/• l,\ M , _„,*/
Harry l^umont, a ladf-of 17 yearn, wan
arrested I hi- morning oil a warrant charg.
ing linn with breaking « window ill the
residence of a Mr. Sadler of the Sixth
addition. The complatfftant cllegcg that
the boy make* the night and diiy hideous
for the residents in thnl imrt of tljp city
and liftK gone ho Air .r.-.i f-to Ihrow -t'uii ■•
through the . window*.''a , ',
JMis.B Agmis Elisabeth, Kkstraml,, aged
16. died toda>- hi 3301 South X street. s*>'
wan ■ member of tin- Ttcomi High school
Fuaernl gervic«« will be vomluclcd by
Kov. .John (Hall Tuesday, 2 p. m. at the
residence. Burial will be m OtiUwood
Members of the . Grand Council of the
United - (VmmeHMHl Traveler* began to
arrive in Tiiconm last night to attend the
annual meeting of the council which is in
session today at the Taeoma hotel. The
meeting was opened (it 111 o'clock this
morning and will < lose with a reception
and banquet tonight.
The purpose of the organization is to
aid the members socially ami morally, and
to provide for the widows anil orphans of
commercial travellers. Our of tin proposi
tions to be considered at the Hireling will
be the endorsement of the Benevolent
League of Washington and Oregon Travel
ler*, the object of which is to provide im
mediate relief for tile familie* of commer
cial travellers who are left destitute.
At I In- banquet tonight 380 will be seat
ed. Besides the members of the organiza
tion there will lie preprint the wives of
many of them and a few other ■«••<*,
Tomorrow afternoon a baseball game,
will take place between teams selected
from the Taeoma and Seattle travelling
men for the entertainment of llioe-. who
remain over Sunday.
The game will take place at 3 o'clock at
the Eleventh street ball ground.
While they arc in the city the mem
bers, of the organization are the guests of
I Taeoma council No. 124.
Leo Bereni has made application for the
second or third time to the county mm
niis-ioiici- for n lioenM to «ell liquor on
the reservation, lie irivhee to buil<l a
saloon al the forks of the roiul near the
Mettler pla.ee and h«e ahray* been turned
down before. The commiesionen beve not
considered tht present application,
l/.y .1. Leach al«o made application (or
a license to ,el| liquors at Kibe.
This ii city pay day at the city hall and
Treasurer (has. 1). Atkins was kept busy
all morning cashing salary warrants. The
amount of the pay roll in $20,311.64 and
of thin sum, $3,32(1.51 goes to the employes
in the police department, 14,023 lire depart
ment; $4,696.70 water and light. depart
ment; $1,189.25 park employee, and the
remainder is divided among other, em
, \\Y.illui forecast for! Nimljiy— anil
warmer. *
Young Lamont wan iii'.ilgiicd thin aift«r
noon. Me pleaded not guilty and bi*
cum.' wan continued until in.vi I ■|nu>iliiy
The Hun MaUo Hirivtd In last night
from Sun Muteu. She will load coal at
the Electric t)unk»T» for San FranciMO.
St.-uinci- C.ipiil Tranvit arrived today
with ,i cargo of Roobe limber )im« /or
Delegate to National Convention
etiil Jame* M. Ashtou,
COUNTY I'iruru.s.
Judges of the -.Superior Court* H.
; Bnell, I'hiid Uii^ion and W. 0, Chapman.
Sheriff— Janet A. Denholm,
Auditor—Captaiu 1. \l. II ell,
Treasurer—H. M. L*W«. ■.
County Attorney—Chu'lus'O,-Bates..
Clerk-A. M. Banks.
Assessor— Edward Muuili.
. Superintendent of Schsols— 1.. 1.. Ben
bow, ; . ;. ' - .. , . ",,
County Surveyor George Thornton.
Coroner--Dr. F. 3, Stewart,
Wrcckinaater— II 0.. Oilehrjst.,
CommiiHiionu-, First • District —• Simon
Met tier.
Commissioner, Second Disitriot—William
11. Dicknon. . .:
Justices of the P«ac«—.Tudae.H.'F.'Gnr
retson and Judge V. K. (iritrln. '
Constable—,).M. Dulej-. '
Twenty-Fifth Dlstrlit— 1 any L. Stew
Twenty-Stxth District—W. li. Bronton.
Twenty-Seventh District—Walter Chris
Twenty-Eighth District—Lincoln -Davis.
Thirty Di<itrlct-Dr. 3. H. Sheets
and Dr. 8. W. Roberts. . ,
Thirty-Sixth District—David Levin and
Lee Van Slyke.
Thirty-Seventh District—Fred-Eidmiller
and (icorge T. Held.
Thirty-Eighth . Diitrict—K. B. MoNiaol
and 8. A. Crandall.
Thirty-Ninth District—Thomas Hamilton
Mud Jesxe Poynn. 'i;^?/"^'
The Pierce county Republican convention
did not get down to tin' nomination of
county officers until after 4 o'clock.: The
ticket was finally put up at predicted
several days ago but there were some
close and Spirited. OOtltMti .
Sheriff Dstiholm won out on the flr»t
ballot by 17 vote*. During lie , day
Morria developed considerable . strength
and it was anybody's race for a while. At
the oloaa of the roll call tlie vote stood
388 for Denholra, 248 for Morris and M
lor llußgimi. ■ Ah the - number ' required
to nominate was M 3, Denholni wan safe by
live votes, but one of the. precinct*;that
had given 12 vote* to Morri* changed to
Denholm. This waa the closest contest of
the convention and one that-wag apt
looked for. A strong sentiment '■ suddenly
developed in favor of iMorris and Den
holm's supporters admit that.the "only
thing that saved him from defeat wan his
encounter with Bob Taylor near Puyallup
hint week.
Captain. I. A. ITowell had an easy, p»ee
over Erickson for auditor. Hill and Lakin,
candidates^ (01 treasurer,, kept jcloßei'to
gather for a while but Hill , won eriHily at
the.finishr.' '""**.*?'"""■'.■.."''•'*''*•."*•"?***"''—**
v". -i The, (M«i te»t ifot" treanMw: brtw "f'n 7..il;in
■ and lilt! i was | 1.0 j have been the \»g fight
of -■ the ■ convention. ,■ There.*, wan a good
deal of entiiniriaroi mau'ft't>sti >il' by. anp
portera of both candidates during roll call
but the contest toward the ln«t wa« not:
LOS ANGELES, May 7,—After a two
boon' discussion on the qiueeWon to redls
trict the annual confarenpes yesterday, the
delegates' diwovered that the matter wan
one which could only be considered by the
committee on boundarie*. \\'h»n " that
ruling waa made there wuh a I""1' »♦ v«xa
i ion unit diigutt on the luces of the dig
nitariea who for two hour* 'had struggled
in settle the question before the confer
At the cloM "i ■ lon| addreM Biibop
Mi ii ill aeked 11<.-11 bin reaignation I" 1 ai
cepted. M wa« referred to the noramil
tee on spin opaoy,
WASHINGTON, D. I. 1., May 7.—Admiral bemoan «ill drew a warrant for forty'
Walker, ehairmi of the [«thmian canal million* in favor of th* Morgan:company v
(•otnmiaaion, bad a Jong conference with the for, the, Panama ■ canal, the,largest mngle '
president today. Seoretarj Shaw thii af- warrant ever drawn on the,trea»urj\• ■
The' committee of the chamber of com
merce, whioh was <ilifl*eii to ■ wait upon
Mayor Wright and explain to him the
aecmity of battening completion of the
Pnyallup river bridge called - upon the
mayor at his office in the city hall' thin
iii- ■ i nine.
The I'uyallup river bridf* should have
been completed and opened for traffic
uhout ■ month ago and the lotig-continjied
di'lay h.i- i,..-(ii robbing th* Tacoma mer
tbnntH of many ihouHund* 'i dollar*' worth
of bilililCM)
Mayor Wright nn*nred tli« committee of
bjj hearty cooperation in th« .work and
jjromiu'd to bring all po*»ible pressure to
Mar. upon the contractors to hurry mat-
Urn. , . . .
The committee wa» cOnipoMi] of Jo*hua
Pcift'e, T. B. Wallace and S«"i retaiy White-
Uuited States Mariihftl Crosby tool Al
bert E. Bell to Seattle thismornitiß. ll;1
will be tried there on the cltarge of ro}i
■ bing the United stilt, in. .1.
One Cent
olo*e. Lekin had 406 votes and Hill 2f>B.
CO, Bate*, (i. W. ll.'Davis an.l \l. L,
Clifford were in ]. the ' mnfWt ,; for .'. county
;attorney. Clifford did not hay much ' of [
» following although it was supposed that
II fight; would be made for ] him '. in' certain";
precincts^; Da via developed considerable,
strength but' Bate* had! tinl lead and, wop
by ;' « wife "'■ majority , before \ ►lie roll'; can ■
was ;■ finished.*; \ ; '
". L, I. Btubuw, county superintendent of
schools.; "-' Edward * M<?ath,7, assessor, i and*
George M. - Thornton, surveyor,', were am* '
hinted liy ii' ' 'Initiation. . '
After,' a close ! content with Shaver' anil
Harrison, Dr. Stewart was nominated' for;
coroner. ■ H (}, ; GilchvUt was the success*"
mi camr)(t;it(< for wreckmaster. ■ „
Th( ■"'• on county-commissioner! foe 1
tin' first district wan a* follow*: Mettle?, ,
446; .Van Katon; 104; Stewart, 90. In the
Ri'iiniil district \ there were font 1 candidate* ■
—William H. Dickaon, A. Wood worth; 11.
11.1 Winner and John .B. Heed; 1\ Pickioh i
hud the Inifde track. In bothUhe.rity.anil
country :>net hi»' nomination vmis made
unanimous, ' 7'■
For, juatiaen, ili« preneni . incumbent*,* H,
F.: O»rret»on •, imd ;! C. R. ■ Oriffin, '} had •■ no ;
trouble in securing a; rehominHtlon. ■'. Con*
»tahle (krrvti loot out. to .1, M. Daley. '
The three niperior. eour( judge*'\V.H,
Sncll/.Thad iHujiton, and \V. O.i Chapman,:
had no oi'i" 1-11"11 «nd were nominated by,
' l)flti/»ii'= : to the' ftat« convention were .
elected ;an follows; '■."■'■',
„-,■ At - large X.' R. Cuthman.-AV,,E.• nron*
•on, J. }I.*A«hton, Arvid'Hydntrorn,*; Jo»»
epb I. Mitchell, .1. 11. Daria, Ralph, \l«t- :
calf arid" L. D. 1 Campbell,
Twenty-Fifth ? District—llucklejr, F. W.
Frame;: Car>>onii(lo,:i f., \V. Duvlcs; - Fair- ■
fas, Walter McNeil;' Orttng, J. C. i'ayl«f|
I'u.vallup, H. Q. c Howland and :'.T. 155 Stev«
entonj! Jte*ervation, '• Henry Sicade; * Smith
Prairie, Charlei Bennett; Sumner," William .
Ilummon*;. Willceson," E. E, Brebm. : ;
f Twenty-Sixth Dintrtct— V, M. Rom, \V«I
-ter M. Harvey, H. H. Ulhman, D. Phelp*,
E. F. Benson, Cnarlee Bedford, 'Di I,
Warren,*! \\. K. White,- O. H >r^snvicU #s
.1. If. Mounti, ;'i -„"• ■'.-■■'
.;.:■ Twenty-Seventh Diitrjct—o. ■B {■ nut low,
ieoond precinct: of Second ward; tNcwtott,
Peer, third precinct of Second; Fred Eidi-'
miller,^ fifth ;of the Heeond; T, * V. Kelly,.
sixth ': of th» Second; ?Walter j Christian,
second of th« Third; W.^V.'Hawley/nintli'
of ;the Third;. B. A. Growl, " second' of .the;
Seventh; Den , Hancock,", tenth -of . th«
Third; J. H. Read, twelfth of the Third.
Twentj Eighth District— S. K. Moyef,
.T. « J\. i Agner, " W; ; K.", Crow well, •, V. D.
Wilson, W. W. Tfionpaon, < William lies*
ring, W. 0. Coatei, John T. Campbell,
I? W. Clnrk and D. P. Day.' ' .' ■ ". -
Twenty Ninth . Didtrict—J. IV Parker,
11. S. larrikin. 1-I F. Mend«. 11. ;M. Key*",
F. S. Stein, .1. M. Arnston, .1 B. Thomp
son. V It. Keith, R. .1. M««th and Thomas'
Sammon*.'.; •■.-'..;.':-:" : -■>_„-:. r iliUV'.^-'.it:
**lf'h<»""n«»>»«-»/«,,Cluv*iuwc^,3rcBi'iile was
not ■i,m«ntTon»s!l*lnXthß; convcntloir**?'ic:
in \ the' corigVf*»mau's J addres*.' ;i ,i Who i thft
county,.;.will • support ;' for ' governor I* k
problem.' .ofar,the ; opponent'of i'«v
ernor Mcßride have not ' been able to get
together. ? ; ;■■;•■. . .
By a rlting vote ■ the conference thta
morning peaaed « resolution ■ appointing a
committee to prepare a memorial to I'icsi
dent McKinley. > , >
' The' molutton in regard to the new
evangelistic movement'to »*oura ■ million
toula for MftlKidiMin annually irai adnptedi
An important; matter that will * comA
before * the conference ;it the <|ue»lion ql
the re I'rliililiHliiiictit of (lie time limit, T, tt
in undemtnod - that tin. ' aomnu'ttae on Jit in*
•■liiiy favor*'a corisci'Viitlvp move in thai
direction. The movement will be itronfl
)y opposed and will probably:develop into
one of the hardest fight* of'the conference,
VICTORIA, May 7.—lt i, f«ared. that
the »ealing schooner Umbrina ha* b*t»«
lout.. Tlic vaaMl ha« not bean teen nine*
the bip btorin, Munli 19.. The iohoon«>
Triumph in alto long overdue, .. The oonv
iiiiicil ticw»< of the two schooner* number
about fifty,
Chas. Brown, who wim arreatcd on^tlle
ehdi ge of KtruliriK ,i buggy from Fred
Muritz, a bUiiktiiiiitli. wr.s araigiied 'befol'4
ilui'pu''^il'ji .'of. tin* police court- Uii*
■it • ...'„ , ■ lli.)i 11 ;■'*..• ';,.: ,-vit Ruijty_;/iiitl"
-«ne •»• .-Hi!' ••!'•: iTntl|? Jloiu'a>snf-^
I' .

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