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VOL. |. NO. 178.
Bryan Wins His Point But is Bitterly Assailed by
Senator Daniel and the New Yorker—Wrangles
of the Platform Builders Again Delay Con
vention—Announced That the Committee
Will Make Unanimous Report
Tonight at 8 o'clock
ST. liOriH. July — (Bulletin,
2:45 p. m.) — is announced that
Hill and Bryan have compromised on
a platform and no minority report
will be made. 'SJ&'
The unanimous report of the com
mittee will be submitted to the con
vention at 8 o'clock tonight.
ST. LOOK, July B.—The commit,
tee on resolutions at 5 o'clock this
morning by a , vote of •85 ! to 18,
Struck out the plank declaring the
monetary system no longer a politl-
Congressman J. R. Williams,
of Illinois.
cai issue. The fight was led by Brjr
an, who was assailed by Senator
Daniel. The senator questioned the
propriety of the man who had twice
led the party to defeat again at
tempting to dictate the issue.
ST. LOUIS, July 8. —The resolutions
committee met in full this morning
and a hot session followed, during
which Hill, of New York, and Bryan,
On the left is Congressman W. D. Vandiver of Missouri, the man
who is mainly responsible for the nomination of Folk. He is talking with
Secretary C. A. Walsh of the Democratic national committee.
the leaders of the two opposing fac
tions in the democratic party, in
dulged in a wordy and bitter contest.
Gold Plank Eliminated.
The committee after eliminating the
The Tacoma Times.
sub-committee's plank, declaring the
financial question out of the realm of
politics, decided to leave the question
of forming a satisfactory financial
plank to a sub-committee composed of
Bryan. Williams and Hill. Before this
move was taken, however, a sharp
debate ensued between the two fac
tions, the Hill continent contending
for a specific declaration in favor of
the gold plank.
Bryan Is Scored.
"By what right." said Senator Dan
iel, "and under what pretense does
this man come to instruct us on an
issue which led us to defeat twice.
This man, whom the democratic party
has twice highly honored, has seen
flt t opiek flaws in every candidate
proposed for office to which he twice
unsuccessfully aspired. If we are go
ing to wait for presidential candidates
until we ftnd an angel, we had bettor
adjourn and go home." Bryan, who sat
on the opposite side of the table, flush
ed deeply and his tightly compressed
lips bespoke the effort he was making
at self control.
Daniel Called Down.
"The gentleman i 8 out of order,"
sharply Interrupted Acting-Chairman
Til I man. "we cannot permit such per
sonal allusions or vituperations."
Daniel persisted that he meant no
disrespect. He declared that he
thought the time had arrived when all
loyal democrats should be actuated by
the purest motives, and their actions
should be open to the fullest criticism.
He had favored free silver, but right
or wrong, he thought the exigencies
of the situation demanded democracy
to bow to the wish of New England
and the great empire state. "An he
roic situation," he said, "demands iie
roic remedies."
Doesn't Want It Mentioned.
Shively. of Indiana, pleaded that no
mention of finance be made in the
platform, asking, "Why raise the ques
tion again to cause a rupture in the
party.'' Fleming, of Wisconsin, de
clared he was there to oppose any
specific declaration on finance. He
said he had great respect for Hill, but
could not let him lead democracy into
this act without a protest.
It Would Lose Maryland.
Pope, of Maryland, declared that the
committee should remember the ef
fect of such a deliberate refusal to
incorporate a financial plank in the
platform would have. Without this
plank Maryland's vote could not be
had. He asked only that committee
give the great interests of the coun
try the assurances they would not be
disturbed and declared Impressively
that, if the committee failed in this
duty, they would lose to democracy
the electoral vote of many states.
Hill Makes Strong Plea.
Hill made a strong plea for the
plank, declaring it was in the interest
of good government and argued for
success In the fall.
Parker a Brave Man.
Drifting from the plank question to
Parker, Hill declared be was an able
and a safe man, and not a coward as
some would have us believe. "Parker
lias ever supported the party's nomi
nees," Hill declared, "and if this con
vention nominates another man. I'ark
er would support him. and I would go
back and work for Parker's choice."
Victory for Bryan,
The vote on the plank resulted in a
decisive victory for Bryan. At seven
this morning the committee was still
in session and Bailey said it might not
complete its labors in many hours.
Bryan's Income Tax Thrown Out.
On the income tax plank Bryan re
ceived a setback. Hill opposed him
and proposed the plank be withdrawn
and though the question may be re
newed in the fight for the reaflirma
tion of the Kansas City platform, Bry
an was ignominiously routed.
Wins on Trust Question.
In the trust and tariff planks tho
Nebrankan won a notable victory by
securing the tuloption of amendments
Which make the declarations on these
subjects more emphatic and strictly
in conformity with his views. On the
trust plank Bryan's proposition for
prosecutions was incorporated by a
vote of twenty-three to twenty.
The Labor Question.
In the labor plank he and Ex-Gov.
Thomas, of Colorado, stood together
for an amendment covering the Color
rado situation. There is to be no spe- j
clflc reference to Colorado, but the
declaration guarantees the right of la
boring man to work when and where
he will, but declares that tiiere shall
be no infliction of punishment save
by due process of law.
Statehood Plank.
One of the early morning events ni
the defeat of that plank declaring for
liberal appropriation! for llu j navy. At
8:30 the statehood plank was perfect
ed demanding separate statehood for
Arizona and New Mexico, and state
hood lor Oklahoma and ndian Terri
tory without specifying whether sepa
rately or jointly.
Trust Fight Renewed.
Shortly before nine, word < anio from
the committee room that the trust
plank had been taken up again and
that the committeemen were In an
other snarl. The trust plank had (teen
settled upon earlier in the morning,
but a resolution was ordered which
made it compulsory for corporations
befon doing business in another state
to file a statement to the effect that it
did not purpose to monopolise. This
brought on a new wrangle.
Knife Eeach Other.
Senator Tillman left the committee
at 9, saying "They are at the trust
plank agaiß. The platform will be a
mile long. Mill and Bryan knifed each
other terribly. It was awful."
May Make Minority Report.
"Mill is trying to prevent Bryan
from putting in a minority report »o
the convention to preclude a fifclit
there. Hill lias kept remarkably cool.
I am tired of all their talk and am not!
going hack. Hill and Bryan have been |
saving this spleen for years and now |
they have lei it out. They will not
along better togetler."
Some Warm Repartee.
In the talk be|toeea them during
Hie discussion of tlio proposed gold
plank, Bryan r<—mri<t>d, "Well, sena
tor, 1 m glad to SBB yon so honest
Immediately the .Ww Yorker Jumped
Champ Clark, I'erinuueut Chairman.
to his feet and dpclared defiantly, "I
do not like the imputation made by
tho gentleman.'' "Then I'll withdraw
the words and say Tin glad to sec you
so frank,' " respotMttp Bryan.
Like Excite* Geese.
Stiekeney of Wyoming, coming from
the committee room, said that Bryan
and llillli as clashed a half dozen
times. Hill's suavity and his wonder-
Leading Democrats Sketched In the Lobbies At St^Louls
ful clevenipss as a manager Impressed
Stickeney who said that Hi* commitee
reminded him of c. lot of excited geeae.
"Aftually, 1 could not tell what they
were talking about when I left," aaid
ST. LOUIS, July B.—At m o'clock
the committee on (resolutions, for
the first time since early this morn-
ing, showed some indication of
reaching a definite conclusion.
Ka< I ions Make 4 'oni|»i <<»iniM».
The trust plank, which was al
most unanimously adopted, declares
against Interstate traffic in "trust"
made articles. It f« authoritatively
(Continued on i'a^o Three.).
Sixteen Million Dollars Is the Estimated Loss by
Floods This Season-Railroads DemoraU
lied and Thousands of Acres of
Farm Land Under Water
KANSAS CITY, Mo., .Inly —Not
less than $16,000,000 is the esti
mated loss caused by the floods hero
Leap* Into Channel From *,Eleventh
Street Bridge anil Trie* to
Fight Off KcM-ueis.
About 7 o'clock last night, Tham
as .Moore attempted to commit sui
cide by jumping from the Eleventh
street bridge Into the water. When
boats were Kent to Ills rescue the
man fought off Hie boatmen, and for
a time it was feared he would drown
before he could be taken from the
A few minutes previous to the
time the leap was made the pate on
the bridge had been' closed and the
draw opened to allow the tug Falcon
to pass through. Quite a large crowd
had gathered to see the operations,
The 7-year-old son of Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen H. Smith, 1203
South M street, who has been lying
unconscious at It Joseph's hospital
for the past seven days, died at 1
o'clock this morning.
In attempting to crawl through an
open window the little fellow was
caught by the sash and nit mother
found him a few minutes later, bang*
Ing by his neck.
He was taken to the hospital In
an unconscious condition, and, save
for a few minutes on the second day,
never seemed at all conscious of his
The funeral services will be held
at Mellinger's chapel. -
' Nearly all the troops will have ar
rived at the American lake camps by
tonight, and tomorrow morning hos
tilities will commence. Three prob
lems in the attack and defense of
outposts are set for Saturday. They
will in carried on probably at the
same time in different portions of
the field where topographical condi
tions are Ideal for working out the
game of war si* i! would be worked
out In actual hostilities.
The troops will be divided into
two divisions, the Blues and the
! Brown*. The army of the Blues,
I which will Include the Washington
this season.
The Kansas river continued to rise
here this morning and relief from
when Moore came running down
Kloventh street from Pacific avenue
lie climbed over the gate, and, with
out preparation or demonstration of
any kind, leaped i"t>> the water and
disappeared, tteasrs. Crawford, Bird
and Bartrett, who wore ut the time
at the city bout lion-,e Mtlending to
I heir boalH, at once wont to the place
where the mail was laHt He.en, and
when he enme, to the surface, by the
aid of a hoalhook, he wan rescued
and drawn Into the boat. Thin wa«
nol easily dbne, iu>w*'ver, as \foore
seemed det ernilne-d to die au«l
fought hard to get. away.
Moore was then taken to the city
boat-landing and closely watched un
til Captain Lawrence placed him un
der arrest. andi look him 'to ; the ■ po
lice' station. >..j Hhe made several at-
troops, will be on tin- defensive. It
Is to Imagine that the army of the
jirowiiH is moving on it In force anil
that Colonel Noble of the Browns is
a hard man to deal with. There
fore the Bluet (tost outposts, sending
them out at 7 o'clock Saturday
morning, the outpoiti consisting of
infantry und . some of the Meld ar
tillery from Hawthorne's battery.
The army of the Browns, meanwhile,
is In motion and moving forward to
the attack. •.-„■
j It will come down the road, possi
bly by Camp Murray, and a study
of the topography of the | country
■bowi that it h advance will "come in
touch with the Blue outposts prob
abl) in the defile between ■ Gravelly
and American lakes, two and one
eighth miles northeast of Murray.
I Infantry and-artillery, will form the
defense of the outpost. If three field
pieces are placed wisely they can
command every road In the vicinity
and throw a tin- Into every body of
j troops that may attempt to march
through .the.defile.
Monday has been set apart for
three Interesting . problems the, na
ture of which ; ha& aot bfen made
public. , <iV
The state board of pharmacy la
holding a three days' session in the
Taeorua hotel, examining applicants
for certificates to practice pharmacy.
A class of 22 students from all parts
of the state'are in attendance and
they were examined yesterday jin
toxicology, pharmacy mid materla
nwdica. The sessioa of the . board
today was devoted to chemistry and
I the identification of drugs.
While the state board Ik In session
tomorrow the names of five phar
! macists will be selected and sent to
the governor, and from these names
» successor to I. Korn, a member of
the board, will be chosen.
One Cent
the flood * conditions Is not '• expected
until tomorrow.
The day dawned with another tor
rential rain. '
■ Seven thousand refugee! nre now
the ' objects of systematic ,relief . work
in KnnKHN City,' Kan.
• .Traffic" on - all the railroads, ./ has;
been still and thousands of Here*
of farm lands have beon flooded;';*
tempt jitfi again jump into the,watev
while, at* the landing, but:, was. kept ;
from .doing so by tho men«. who had
saved.j him. ;i; : '..'■-:■'-', ■ ' "-.";v.<
--.y Moore is 'about- 315 year* of .; age.
Ho says he Ib a; logger, ; but' has re
fused to give any reason for. the at-
tempted suicide. He has been drink
ing heavily during the. past few dtivn
and .it is thought he was under 1110
Influence of ! liquor '• when i the,; le&p
waR made. '■'. *
«' Kenneth Klrby, of. the Inland : Nnv- '
iKittion & Excursion : company, butt
the,;man, leap 'from Iho bridge, null '
at' once started Ito go;, to his j rescue.;
In Retting into' a* boat ■ Kir by ' missed
hi* footing 1 andf fell;. headlong' ■ into ;'
the buy. He:was.rescued by : fellow
boatmen: at sthe | company's»dock. , V >
*„ Moore will be taken before 'Judge
Griffin 3as noon ' an he; recovers'from
the effect* •' of % his * attempt Jj at ?: self- ;
destruction, 5; and s measures will 7ho
taken to;prevent, him from doing so
,_ Tacoma' avenue is to \ have another
brick : block. Work' has i been : J com-','
menned' on the; foundation of a;; new ■
building to fc be:, er«cl>sd jon ■.-; the i cor*
ncr of Tacoma >' avenue 1 and ; 'I'hlr
teentn streetV for S Captain^ UoreMi
The building > will ii be.:, three siorlew
high, of *; pressedy brick, ;;■ with ;-»ton« ,
irluirnlngH. \; ;- * '';- ~ "'*;,';'■;.',"■";■
This'^will: make r, th<> second nor
block to be; built on Tacoma avenue 1;
this season: The"first;'one,:wu» •tail
ed several 'weeks '■■ ago mid :Is now;,
Hearing icompletion. ,
Tin (mm avenue iis ' fast - taking on
a metropolitan ' appearance, ijs, Cement I
sidewalks t are taking the place of '
the few remaining plank f walks and
there is' an air of , business { life and
hustle alonsf the street.;,
A feature • that,is > becoming very:
popular with the public is the S.ii
urdny night bund concerts' lnaitßu
rated by the TaCOmB avonne' busl-;
ness men. !j During the .hours the
concert is in progress ' the street Is
tilled for blocks'-with' a well pleased
crowd.y ;
nine ivies
'LONDON, July: B.—Word was re
ceived her« today,that I!) more \ sur-.
vivors of the Norge disaster ; were
picked up and landed at Thorshav( .'•
on the Faroe islands.
No matter how much the commis
sioner of public works desires to see t
all the it reel i of the city graded,, its'
seriously objects to, interfering-with'
the dead to accomplish "these; im
provements. f A petition; has \ ben' re-".,
ceived ;at the city hall 1 usking that;•
Alder street from Fifty-second, to'
Fifty-sixth street be Improved, • but\.
unfortunately It lies partly in Oak-*
wood cemetery. .
"I (fraw ,the line nt raising . the.
dfad I,' said Commissioner Welsn
when he showed the petition to a
Times reporter this morning.
City Engineer Davis estimates;"
ilia' to pair and paint engine house
No. is, -' South 1/ and Forty-third
streetH,, Will .cost $1,1
'me resident! of that part; of the '.
city have been anxious for some time
to g*t their fire tlghtinß apparatus'
increased and toe opuncllmen from
the Fifth ward' will now ask;'the,
council to ' make; the appropriation
for the. repairs and additional ap
paratus, j .. ' '
Moving on. Port "Art hill. -
CHBFOO, July ,S.-~-A trustworthy
Chinaman who has arrived here
from Port Arthur says s the: fort on;
the main line of the Russian defense:
was' captured by the Japanese 'Wed
nesday,- The- Japanese have, now
reached the northeast slope )of the ;
Takusban,mountains, less than three
miles from Port Arthur.
. - . ■■.';., -■■:.■'

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